Tina's Diapering part 3

Tina’s Diapering part 3

The lights were off, so she figured everyone had gone to sleep. Ashley went into her room and locked the door. She pulled out the diapers from her purse and placed them on the bed. For about a minute, she only stared at them.
“What should I do with them?” Ashley asked herself, “I’m not so sure I should wear them anymore.”
“But then why did you steal them?” asked a voice in Ashley’s head.
“I-I suppose I could at least try one on and if I don’t like it I can take it off,” thought Ashley. She took off her pants and unfolded one of the diapers. She took off her panties and slid the diaper underneath her. She slowly fastened the diaper up and sat up. She just sat on her bed for a while, feeling the diaper with her hands. She found herself getting turned on. She stood up and began to walk. Ashley found that she would have to walk different to compensate for the bulkiness. She walked around her room, listening to the crinkling of her diaper. Ashley put her pants back on and practiced walking.
“I gotta admit, this feels pretty good,” thought Ashley. She looked at the clock and saw that it was late. Ashley took her pants back off and climbed into bed. She pulled the covers up to her chin and went to sleep. She woke up early in the morning, but didn’t want to get up yet. She wanted to go back to sleep, but she really needed to go to the bathroom. Ashley went to get up, but remembered the diaper she was wearing. Ashley lay in her place and tried to relax herself. She sat for about two minutes, but still couldn’t pee. She found that it was much harder to pee her pants than she thought. She began to relax and relaxed her bladder as best as possible. Then, Ashley began to pee into her diaper. She continued to pee and the bottom of her diaper turned yellow. Ashley finished peeing and rolled over. She felt that the diaper absorbed her pee and she went back to sleep. Hours later, Ashley awoke. She yawned and got out of bed, but suddenly remembered she was wearing a diaper. She jumped back into her bed and looked around, but no one was in her room. Ashley got up and looked at her diaper.
“Wow, this is better than I expected,” thought Ashley, “I think I’ll change myself and go to the store to buy some more.” Ashley continued to look at her diaper in awe, surprised that it had not leaked.
“Well, I guess I’d better change myself so I don’t get a rash,” thought Ashley. She made sure her door was locked and grabbed a pull-up she had taken. She walked into her bathroom and located the baby powder. She lay on the ground and un-taped her diaper. She took it off and wiped herself down. She applied baby powder to her diaper area and slid on her new pull-up. She stood up with it and felt that it was much different compared to a diaper. She found that it was less bulkier and she would be able to walk with it much easier. She wondered if it would absorb as much as the diaper and felt her crotch. She felt that it was almost as bulky.
“I guess I just won’t wet it until I get home,” thought Ashley. She walked out of the bathroom and put on her pants. She walked around her room for a minute to get used to walking with it on and grabbed her purse. She exited her room and grabbed her car keys.
“Going somewhere?” asked her mom.
“Yeah, I just have to pick some things up at the store,” Ashley replied, hoping she sounded like she normally did. She walked out of the door and got into her car. She drove off to the local baby store, hoping she would find diapers her size at the store. She parked her car and walked into the store, trying to look normal. She entered the store and looked around to make sure no one she knew was in there. She didn’t see anyone and made her way for the diapers aisle. She walked past packs and boxes of diapers for babies, but didn’t find ones she could fit into. She continued on and saw a woman in a mini-skirt sitting down at a desk with some promotional items on it. She continued looking, but still couldn’t find what she was looking for.
“Can I help you ma’am?” asked the woman at the desk suddenly as Ashley walked by.
“Oh-uh-uh-uh-oh,” stammered Ashley.
“Please, don’t be embarrassed or nervous,” the woman said, standing up and walking over to Ashley.
“Um, well actually, I was looking for some pull-ups and diapers that I would fit into,” Ashley said.
“Ah, I thought so,” said the woman, “Here, let me lead you over here and show you the new brands.” The woman walked in front of Ashley, leading her to a row of diapers, and Ashley noticed that her butt seemed too big.
“Um, uh. Can I ask you a question? Are you wearing a-” said Ashley, being cut off.
“A diaper? Yes, it’s part of our new promotion at Baby Works Inc,” said the woman, lifting up the bottom of her skirt to reveal a diaper, “We have to show people how comfortable these are to wear by wearing them ourselves. And, to tell you the truth, they’re a lot better off than I thought they would be. And not just because I need to promote them. These diapers are very comfortable and going to the bathroom is much, much easier.” She lead Ashley over to brands of adult diapers.
“I would recommend Baby Works Adult Diapers, but I’m also here to help you with your other needs,” said the woman.
“Um, well I guess I could go with those, but I’d like some pull-ups too,” said Ashley.
“Ok, what size do you wear?” asked the woman.
“Oh, um, I’m not so sure,” admitted Ashley.
“Are you wearing one right now?” asked the woman. Ashley nodded.
“Okay, come here and I’ll check you,” said the woman. Ashley came over to her and the woman turned her around. Ashley looked back as the woman pulled back her pants. The woman pulled back Ashley’s pull-up to look at the size inside the back elastic.
“Hmm, it doesn’t seem to be there,” said the woman, “Would you mind coming into the back with me?” Ashley reluctantly nodded and the woman led her to a room in the back. They walked in and she shut the door behind her.
“Would you mind taking off you pants so I can check where the size label is?” asked the woman. Ashley was a little reluctant and didn’t move.
“Here, if it makes you feel better, I’ll take off my pants too,” said the woman. The woman slid down her skirt to reveal her full diaper. Ashley noticed that it was now yellow at the bottom. She gave in and took off her pants to reveal her pull-up. The woman walked over to her and looked at the front of her pull-up.
“Okay, here it is,” said the woman, “Size 6 it is then. Let’s go back out then and we can find your size.” Ashley put on her pants. They began to walk out when the woman stopped.
“Oops, almost forgot,” the woman chuckled. She walked back and put her pants back on. She walked out with Ashley and they went back to the diaper aisle.
“Okay, how many packs were you thinking of buying?” asked the woman.
“How much do they cost each?” asked Ashley.
“Ten dollars a pack, both for the diapers and pull-ups,” said the woman.
“Okay, I guess five packs of each,” said Ashley.
“Ah, thinking of long-term wearing, eh?” asked the woman. She grabbed an empty cart nearby and put the packages into it.
“Thanks again,” said the woman.
“No, thank you,” Ashley said, a little embarrassed over the ordeal. She pushed her cart fast, wanting to get out of the store without having to talk to anyone else. She picked up some more baby powder and some baby wipes. She quickly made her way to the check-out. She bought her things without a mishap or comments from the cashier and left the store. She hurried for her car and unloaded her baby things into the trunk. She went back home and sighed relief when she saw her parent’s car was gone. She rushed inside nevertheless and hid all of her diapers and pull-ups in her closet. She hid them underneath some clothes and walked back out into the living room. She saw that she would have to work soon and put on her uniform.
“I guess I’ll wear the pull-up to work too,” said Ashley, “No one seems to notice it.” She went to work and remembered she would have to work a 9-hour shift with only one bathroom break. The hours passed by and her bathroom break neared. She got a phone call and picked it up. She began talking to her friend and lost track of the time. Her supervisor came in and saw her talking on the phone.
“Hey! You know that that’s not allowed!” her supervisor yelled, “Just for that, I’m revoking your bathroom break!”
“What!” exclaimed Ashley, hanging up her phone, “That’s not fair!”
“Oh well, not my problem anymore,” her supervisor said. Ashley went back to her job, feeling the need to use the bathroom. Her shift was finally over and Ashley went back to her house to relax. By this time, she was getting very desperate. She held her crotch as she drove home. She made it home and ran for the bathroom.
“Oh, Ashley! Your grandparents are here,” said her mother, “Come take a seat! They have stories to tell.”
“Um, okay, one mom-” Ashley said, getting cut off.
“No, no come out here now,” her mother ordered. Ashley walked out reluctantly and sat down. She crossed her legs, trying to hold it in. Her grandparents and parent continued talking and Ashley could barely hold it anymore. She became more desperate every moment and realized she wouldn’t be able to hold it for more than a few seconds.
“Oh!” Ashley exclaimed suddenly as her bladder failed to hold and she began to wet herself. Everyone looked at her. Ashley stared at her crotch as she peed, surprised. She looked up and saw everyone looking at her.
“Oh, I forgot. I have a big project due tomorrow,” said Ashley, “Sorry I can’t talk longer.” Ashley hurried into her room, still peeing as she walked. She went into her room and locked her door. She quickly took off her pants, still peeing.
“Oh, this is the best feeling in the world. I thought I was going to explode,” thought Ashley. She finished and felt her pull-up. She felt that it was a little damp, but otherwise dry.
“I hope no one noticed anything,” thought Ashley. She went to her closet and pulled out a pack of diapers. She opened it and pulled out a fresh diaper. She grabbed her wipes and baby powder and went into her bathroom. She lay down on the floor and slid her pull-up off. She wiped herself off with the wipes and powdered her diaper area. She slid the new diaper underneath herself and fastened it up. She stood up, remembering the bulkiness.
“Phew, it feels pretty good to be back in one of these,” Ashley thought. She put her pants back on and noticed there was a slight bulge in her pants.
“I’m sure no one will notice,” thought Ashley, “It’s barely able to be seen, even by me.” She walked around her room a few paces, to get used to it once again. Content, Ashley opened her door and walked back out into the living room.
“I remembered, it’s due next week,” Ashley said, “I thought it was due tomorrow, but I was wrong.”
“Well, you’re back just in time,” said her mother, “We were just setting down to dinner.” The family all went into the dining room and dinner was served. Ashley ate her dinner and her grandparents left. Ashley retired to her room and locked her door. She took off her pants to reveal her diaper and lay down on her bed. She turned on her television and watched it for a few hours. After which, she felt a great need to poop. Ashley got up from her bed and went into her bathroom. She went to pull down her pants, but remembered the diaper she was wearing.
“Oh, well…hmm……I suppose I could try this out since I’ve tried wetting myself,” thought Ashley, “This shouldn’t be any different.” Ashley bent her legs slightly and pushed. She felt nothing coming out and realized it was even harder to poop her pants than she thought. She sat onto the toilet with her diaper on, but that didn’t work either. Ashley got onto her hands and knees, but that didn’t work either. Ashley tried a number of other positions, but none of them would work. Ashley gave up trying and went back to her bed to watch television.
“I’m going to crap my pants no matter how long it takes,” thought Ashley. A few more hours passed and it was late at night. The pangs hit Ashley harder and harder. She got out of bed and stood up. She began to push, but nothing would still come out. Suddenly, Ashley held her stomach, the pangs beginning to hurt even more.
“I don’t get it. I can’t poop when I try, but I really have to,” thought Ashley. All of sudden, Ashley lost control. She felt something drop into her diaper and she slowly bent slightly forward. Ashley held her stomach as she began to poop herself uncontrollably. She had a pained look on her face and bit her lip as she pooped. A lump dropped into her diaper, creating a bulge. She continued pooping and the bulge grew in size. Ashley finished pooping uncontrollably and took control again. She pushed hard and more poop dropped into her diaper. She grunted and her face turned red as she pooped. She continued pushing hard and began to wet herself on accident. The bottom of her diaper turned yellow and she pushed out the last few bulges. She stood up straight, tired from her ordeal.
“Oh, wow. I finally did it,” thought Ashley, “I must say, this also feels pretty good. I’m beginning to like these diapers more and more.” Instantly, she noticed as the smell began to fill her room.
“Well, I’d better get changed,” thought Ashley. She went into her bathroom and a thought hit her.
“Oh no! I have no place to dispose of this diaper!” thought Ashley, “What am I going to do? I really wish I hadn’t done this now!” She waddled around the bathroom and came up with an idea. She lay down on the floor and took off her diaper. She cleaned herself off and powdered herself. She put on a new diaper and took the baby powder into her room. She sprayed it around the room to take away the bad smell and threw her dirty diaper in her trashcan; she was planning on throwing it out the next day. Ashley hid her other diapers and baby things in her closet and got into bed. She fell asleep fast and woke up the next morning. The days passed by quickly and soon Ashley became used to wetting and pooping in her diapers. She wore them 24/7 for two weeks and using the bathroom was second nature to her. She barely even noticed doing it anymore. She thought her parents were none the wiser since she hadn’t been caught yet. One day during her third week of full wearing she got a phone call from Tina’s mom. She asked Ashley to baby-sit for Tina again. Ashley said she would, but immediately thought about her situation. She went into her room, where she had recently spent most of her time.
“I guess I won’t be able to wear anything tonight,” thought Ashley, “There’s no way I can let Tina see me in a diaper or pull-up.” Ashley took off the pull-up she was wearing and saw that it was wet.
“Whoops, I didn’t even notice,” thought Ashley. She cleaned herself off and put on some panties. She put on her pants and gathered her things to go to Tina’s house. She said good-bye and left.

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In my opinion, you have not developed the first character well enough to start a spin-off story on a second character. Based on story time two weeks have now pasted and we know nothing about Tina during those two weeks. You didn’t give the readers enough information about Tina and her situation with her mother before switching characters to Ashley. And your story is going way to fast and a little un-realistic. Ashley stealing diapers and Pull-ups and after using a diaper one time she goes out and buys 5 packages of diapers and pull-ups. Ashley starts wearing 24/7 as soon as she puts on her first diaper? Tina starts wetting and messing her pants with no explanation and forced into pull-ups and diapers by her VERY strong mother. Best friend, called to babysit, and shows no sympathy or conern over the situation. In fact, she manipulates things into being worse for Tina.

Sorry to come down so hard, but it had to be said.

Tina’s Diapering part 3

This should be Ashley’s Diapering

Re: Tina’s Diapering part 3

[Quote:This should be Ashley’s Diapering]
No It wouldn’t make sense If it was Called Ashley’s Diapering it would mean that someone put her in Diapers, But in this Chapter She Stole & Chose to wear the Diapers all by herself.