Timmy to Tammy

Timmy to Tammy

Timmy woke up and he rubbed his eyes.the 18 year old was ready tp begin his new college life. he got out of his bed and while he walked to the bathrrom, he noticed that he was walking slightly different, he stood more straight and more slender. he figured he was still a little tired becuase he had been out partying since he graduated high school last night, he and his friends were all out partying because they were leaving for college in a weeek and a half and he was looking forward to it.

when he got to the bathroom, he opended the door and turned the light on, he got the shocl of his life, he did not have his regular boyish body, he now had the body of a teenage girl. his blond hair was now in pigtails on the side of his head, he looked down to his underwear and saw he was still wearing his boxer briefs, and he then looked at his chest and saw that he now had mid-sized breasts, his lips were thinner, and he noticed his ears more now piericed with small diamond studs.

Timmy was now freaking-out and he was becoming very scared. he then heard a voice from downstairs, “Tammy, come downstairs, it’s breakfast time, get yuor sisters too.” Timmy was now very scared because he knew his name was timmy, not tammy.

He cracked the bathroom door and saw his sisters, savannah, who was 20, and emily 13 run down the stairs to the living room. savannah said, " Hey Tammy, come get yuor pancakes, before Emily and I Eat them all."

Timmy was now very scared because he knew he was born a boy, he had been a boy all his life, but his family was calling him Tammy, obviously a girl’s name and he did not understand what was going on.

He decided to put his robe on and go downstairs to figure out what had happened to him and if her could fix it before he goes to college.

end of part 1. let me know what you all think

Timmy to Tammy

Bobby, this is the third story you’ve started and the third lousy story. Enough is enough already. Start working on making your writing better before your proceed.

Timmy to Tammy

You should really proofread things before you post them. There are numerous spelling mistakes which could have been caught with a quick read-through.

Please use capital leters at the beginning of each new sentence.

Timmy/Tammy is leaving for college a week and a half after graduation? I guess, if he/she was attending summer school…

This is not even a good introduction. It’s too short and you don’t tell us anything about the main character to make us want to read more.

Timmy to Tammy

Look we all enjoy decent stories, even if they are short. HOWEVER you need a plot, character definitions, and grammar. You need to use spell check. You need to take your time and work on 1 story at a time

Timmy to Tammy

It honestly could be a good start. At first I was thinking…. he’s already a girl? That’s way too rushed. But then I realized that perhaps the explanation of why he’s a girl would be explained later.

Then I scroll down and realize I’m done.

So you need to add more before posting. Every chapter needs to have some sort of internal plot that progresses the story. Right now you’ve got a good intro.