Here is my story inspired by the series Dark.

Part 1:

Patsy Bennett closed the door of her small apartment, removed her shoes and dropped down on the bed. Her entire body ached after the long shift in the restaurant and she only wanted to have some sleep until the next shift would begin.

The apartment was small and shabby but it was the only place she could afford at her small waiter salary. Patsy grew up at an orphanage and she couldn’t get any decent education to get a better job. Sometimes she cursed her biological mother and the unfair fate. Why the hell couldn’t her mother keep her and raise her like any other one? Who was her mom?

Those thoughts kept occupying Patsy’s mind almost every evening before her eyes closed and she was dreaming of finding her mother and … and what? What would Patsy be able to tell the person who had abandoned her like an unnecessary toy?

Finding her biological mother showed impossible. Patsy had asked about her mother earlier at the orphanage but she only learned her date of birth - the 14-th of May 1995. The orphanage staff didn’t have any information on Patsy’s mother and they told her that the documents were destroyed when Patsy was released from the hospital. There was a hospital near the orphanage and Patsy guessed she was born there.

All of sudden a crazy thought hit Patsy’s mind. What if she could travel back in time and find her mother at the moment she was released from the hospital? Patsy tried to scare off that intrusive image but she couldn’t.

About a week later she was in a hurry after her shift and absorbed herself in her thoughts when she took a wrong turn and stopped in front of a shabby house. It differed from all other houses and looked like it didn’t belong to the present time. She didn’t know why but she knocked on the door.

“Come in,” a male voice called her and she entered the small house hesitantly. The voice that invited her belonged to a young man in his mid 30’s and he was feeding a baby boy. Another older man was sitting in a rocking chair. Patsy noticed an incredible similarity of all three men; they had to be grandfather, father and son.

“Sorry to disturb you but I was too curious and there is something odd that attracted my attention to your house. My name is Patsy Bennett.”
“Don’t worry, miss Bennett. I’m kinda used to this kind of visitor but they usually leave as soon as I introduce myself.”
“How so? What’s strange about your name?”
“It’s not the name miss. My name is James Hawkins, this is James Hawkins and this is James Hawkins as well,” he pointed at the old man and at the baby boy.
“Well, it is not practical but still nice if the entire family has equal names.”
“Sorry miss; you are wrong. We all are the same person.”

“W … w … what?” Patsy almost fainted and dropped down on the nearby chair. Was she dreaming?

“Well miss, are you about to run away now?”
“I don’t know,” Patsy almost jumped up and ran away but her curiosity was much stronger.

“How is that possible? Are you able to do your own copies or?”
“That’s a long story. Would you like to hear it?”
“Mister … can I say James to you? I’m tired just now but I’d like to come again tomorrow. I have a day off.”

“Of course, miss … Patsy? Come tomorrow and we can talk. I also have something interesting to show you; it explains the copies.”

Patsy couldn’t sleep that night and she had to think about the strange house and about ‘something interesting’. How was it possible to make copies of a person?

The next morning she hurried up towards the strange house and knocked on the door impatiently:

“Come in,” the voice invited her but it wasn’t the young man from the day before. The old James was playing with the baby James.
“Good morning,”
“Good morning Patsy. The middle James is at work but you are welcome anyway.”

The baby James smiled at her widely, waddled to her and stretched the tiny arms to be lifted on her arms. Patsy did it instinctively.

“He is very social, Patsy,” the baby James proved the words of his oldest copy when he hugged Patsy and cuddled to her. She sat down and turned to the old James:

“I can’t wait to hear your story; you also promised something interesting James.”
“Of course, Patsy, I show you it first,” he stood up and brought a small case and opened it. There was something like a big clockwork inside with several metal dials and two handles.

“Oh, what is it? I’ve never seen this kind of clockwork.”
“Miss Patsy, this is a time travelling machine called timetron. Let me explain how it works. You set up the date you want to travel to using these dials, wind up the machine and grab both handles. This is all. I don’t have any idea what’s inside and who built it but it does work indeed.”

“Where did you find it and how is it linked to the copies?” Patsy was curious and the baby James stared at the machine; he seemed to be fascinated. All of sudden she realized this machine could help her find her mother.

James watched her and smiled: “Looking at you I’d guess you want to try it out. I don’t know your reason but I have to warn you. Using the machine has unexpected side effects. Listen to my story first.

“I found it by chance in the loft in this house long ago. I was the first one who used it. I had an old friend and he died. I wanted to meet him before his death and used the timetron. I really met my friend but I also met myself and I brought that copy with me when I returned. The younger copy also was careless and met himself as a baby. I don’t have any idea what will happen next time.”

Patsy looked at James and timetron in utter amazement. She would like to hear more but it was too much for her and she desperately wanted to see her mother.

“James, your story is interesting indeed but it’s too much for me now and I come later again to hear more. Now I’ll tell you my reason; I’d like to find my mother; she abandoned me and I grew up in an orphanage. Maybe I’ll be able to change my past and grow up in a normal family. I know that this is a bold request but could I use timetron?”

“I think you need it for a good reason. Patsy, feel free to use it but be careful. Avoid meeting yourself in the past. If you want to change something in the past, I don’t have any idea of the consequences.”

“I do it anyway. Take your baby self please,” Patsy passed the baby James to his grandpa copy and turned to the machine:

“What time should I choose. I was born on the 14-th and I’d guess my mom was released two days later,” her fingers trembled when she turned the dials.

1995, May, 16-th.

She wound up the machine and grabbed both handles. Ticking could be heard and the world around her got blurred. Seconds later her vision cleared and she looked around. The old James and baby James had gone and she was alone in the house.

Patsy looked at the table and read the newspaper; its date was the 15-th of May 1995. She rubbed her eyes to be sure but the newspaper didn’t change.

“Wow, it worked,” Patsy hurried up towards the hospital. Two couples were leaving and the women were carrying their babies. Patsy stopped and waited. Suddenly an older woman left the building and she was carrying a newborn. A young girl about 17 was following her and Patsy could see tears in her eyes:

“No, no, don’t take my little Patsy away, no …”

The old woman ignored her and turned towards the nearby orphanage. The girl staggered to the nearest bench and dropped on it. Her clothing was dirty and ragged.

Patsy was shocked; she just found her mom and almost met herself. She looked away from the old woman instantly but she wasn’t sure if it was enough.

The condition of her mom revealed Patsy what happened. It wasn’t mom; it was the social service who took her to the orphanage. Patsy suddenly wanted to help the poor girl but she didn’t know how. She walked over and sat down next to the girl:

“Sorry to disturb you but could you listen to me please. Don’t run away.”
“Why should I listen to you? Let me alone, Who are you?”
“Miss, try to trust me. I’m sane, sober and didn’t take any drugs. I came from the future and I am Patsy, your daughter.”


Thanks for the comments and I tried to revise the first part according to them.

Part 2:

The girl turned to Patsy and stared at her as if she spotted a ghost. Was it possible? She looked in Patsy’s eyes to find signs of alcohol or drugs; unfortunately she was skilled at it.

When she found none of the signs, she spoke: “Well, you really don’t look drunk or drugged. But … how could you come from the future and how did you find me?”

“How could I come from the future? It is an interesting but not very believable story. I found a machine that enabled time travelling. Of course I don’t expect you to believe me but I add some more facts.

I was born on the 14-th and guessed we would be released two days later. As for the time, I was lucky but I could guess we will be released shortly after the morning round. I grew up at the nearby orphanage and I guessed I was born here.”

The young girl hesitated. Patsy was right and everything she said matched her theory. Who else would know and who else would look for her?

“So you are the same Patsy which was carried away to the orphanage? My mind refuses to accept this idea but everything you told me is right. Well, maybe I am crazy and accept it but … why did you look for me? Would you like to scold me for abandoning you?” more tears ran down her cheeks.

Patsy shook her head. Even if that was her original idea, she wasn’t able to do it anymore. She’s just seen what happened and realized that her mother was even in a worse condition than herself. All of sudden the emotions overwhelmed her and she hugged the girl: “Mommy!”

“Sorry Patsy, forgive your mommy but I couldn’t do anything to keep you. I don’t have anything but what I’m wearing. No money and no home. I live in the homeless community near the river. I even don’t remember my name.”
“How so? You had to tell a name when you were admitted to the hospital. How are you called in the community?”
“I read a name on a gravestone and kind of stole it. It is Cheryl Bennett.” Cheryl looked at Patsy and cuddled to her. The scene was quite bizarre when she was younger than her daughter.
“Patsy, tell me more about yourself please. My own history is short and boring. I’ve been in the community as long as I can remember.”
“Mommy, my story also isn’t very interesting. I work as a waiter and live in a small and shabby apartment. I didn’t get any decent education at the orphanage.”
“Even better than me; you have a home at least.”

All of sudden an idea hit Cheryl: “Patsy, you came from the future. Couldn’t you take me with you? We could live in the apartment. Everything is better than living in the streets.”
“Of course I could do it but isn’t there any other solution? What if we tried to reveal your past? You weren’t born in the community though.”
“You’re right. I came when I was about 10.”
“Where did you come from? Try to remember it. You had to live somewhere before.”

Cheryl shook her head: “No idea but … sometimes I have nightmares about a house and a fire. I ran away from the house.”
“What if we tried to find out more. How old are you?”
“16 or 17 I think.”
“When we find out what happened 6 or 7 years ago, we can find the house. I’ll go to the library and read the old newspapers. When did you come to the community? Was it in spring, summer, fall or winter? It helps me find the correct newspaper.”
“I think late fall. When I arrived at the community, the winter began.”
“Thanks, I do my best, mommy.”
“Okay, Patsy; you are a clever girl. I’ll wait for you outside.” Cheryl hugged Patsy tightly.

The local library resided in an old building. Patsy never visited it so far; she didn’t have any reason and her job was exhausting. She entered the building while Cheryl was waiting for her outside. There was a counter in the entrance hall and a librarian was sitting behind it.

The librarian was an older man and he somehow matched the overall look. On the other hand he was smart and his memory was like an archive. When Patsy asked him about old newspapers, he nodded:

“Of course, miss. The old newspapers can be found in the large reading room labeled C on the second floor. However there are lots of them available. The oldest ones are more than 20 years old but we have an archive if you look for something even deeper in the past.

Are you looking for something particular? Maybe I remember it. Despite my age my memory still is very good.”

“Yeah, I’d like to find out information on a fire about 6 or 7 years ago. A family house should have burnt down and probably a child go missing then.”

“I remember it; it was a tragedy. The house caught fire in the evening after the family went to bed. Father, mother and a son were found dead in the ruins. However a girl wasn’t found. Maybe she burnt or ran away but she never was found. The fire was very strong and the firemen arrived too late; the neighbours were not at home. Go and find the daily news from 20-th to the 30-th of November 1988.”

“Thanks mister; your memory helped me a lot,” Patsy smiled and headed to the stairwell.

She didn’t have to search for long. The old man was right and she found the article in 15 minutes:


On the 22-nd of November the fire service got a notice and two teams drove off to a family house in the West end street No 41. When they arrived, the flames reached above the roof already. There was no chance to get inside until the fire was extinguished three hours later.

When the firefighters and paramedics finally entered the house, they had to face a horrible finding. The charred bodies of Jason Merrill and his wife Erica were lying in the bedroom in the remnants of the bed. Their son Marcus was found in his room but the daughter Millie was not found. It is unclear if she ran away or got buried under the ruins.

According to the investigation the fire could be caused by a burning oil lamp in the living room. The remnants of the broken lamp were found there.

The incredible intensity of the fire can be attributed to the modern plastic substances used in our households. Carpets, curtains, tablecloths and even pieces of furniture are made of plastic and they are dangerous; the fire is very intensive and the smoke is toxic. The whole family inhaled the smoke and got unconscious before they could escape.”

Patsy didn’t need anything more and she hurried up. She stopped at the counter and almost hugged the old man: “Thanks mister; I don’t know how to repay your help.”

Back in the street Patsy decided to do a risky action:


Cheryl/Millie reacted instantly. All of sudden she remembered everything. The name was enough to let her recall old memories:

“Patsy, thanks; you gave me my past back,” she hugged Patsy and cuddled her closely. The kept hugging for several minutes and sat down on a nearby bench:
“You saved me Patsy. I’ve never thought that my own daughter comes from the future and reveals my past. You don’t know how much you helped me. I’m not homeless anymore. I’ll go to my uncle and I believe I can live there; maybe I can have my Patsy back … oh … there are two of you now. What happens to you?”
“No idea. Anyway you can have your baby back probably and I can disappear and continue my old life at worst.”
“No, never. I find you if you exist in the future and take you back. You will be twins.”

Millie hugged Patsy once more and she headed to her uncle. Patsy returned to the old house; she wanted to save more people. The old James was at home but he looked much younger:

“Welcome, Patsy. Did you find what you were looking for? Is it time to return back to your life?”
“No James, I have another idea and I can save my grandparents. They died in a burnt house.”
“Oh, I remember it; a small girl got missing then. But … it wasn’t you.”
“No, it was my mommy. I’ve found her.”
“How can you save your grandparents?”
“I know the probable cause of the fire; it was a burning oil lamp. All they have to do is blow it out.”
“Well, that’s a good idea but you are about to change the past now. Are you ready? Are you aware of the consequences?”
“I think human lives are more important. Would you hesitate to save your own family?”
“Okay, no more objections. Go ahead.”

Patsy stepped forward and turned the dials carefully:

1988, November, 22-nd

The scenery changed again and the old James turned into a handsome young man. Patsy sat down and waited until evening; she kept talking with James.

About 10PM she set off and headed to the address West end street No 41; she hoped the fire hadn’t started yet. Fortunately not; there was silence and darkness everywhere and she could spot a dim flickering light in a window.

She rang the bell three times until a man appeared in the door:

“What the hell are you doing here, miss? We are about to go to sleep just now. Begone from my sight!”
“I’m terribly sorry, Mr. Merrill. Are you Mr. Merril?”
“Yes, I am but who are you and how do you know my name?” he hesitated.
“You won’t believe me who I am and how I got here. Please do a simple favor for yourself and your family. Blow out the oil lamp in the living room. Maybe I will come later again and explain to you everything. It is important.”
“Why? Did we forget to do it?”
“If you don’t blow it out, your house will burn down and you will die.”
“Yeah, it would be possible. Sorry and excuse me.” he closed the door and Patsy noticed the dim light disappear. Two minutes later he was back.
“How the hell could you know the lamp was burning? We usually blow it out but we forgot this time.”
“Mr. Merrill, I come from the future and I am your granddaughter. Believe me or not but you blew out the lamp and this is the most important thing you did in your life. Good night.”

Patsy headed back to the old house and Mr. Merrill kept watching her for a minute. He was confused but he also was aware of the danger and was thankful to get warned in time. A cold chill ran down his spine when he imagined a fire. However he wasn’t able to believe what had happened.

Patsy was tired and she wanted to be back home as soon as possible; the next day she had to go to work. She turned the dials and wound up the machine.

2019, October, 7-th

To her utter surprise she wasn’t transferred back to her present time but she stopped in the middle of a fog and a voice asked her from nowhere:

“Patsy; you broke the law of causality and changed your past. Now it’s time to pay the piper. You will be split into three personalities.

The actual Millie will be accepted by her uncle and he will be able to get the baby Patsy from the orphanage. The house won’t burn down and the little Millie will marry and get children later.

You can choose one option; your actual life, living at Millie’s uncle or becoming a daughter of the little Millie. However each of the options has its advantages and disadvantages. I can offer you health, wealth or love but you can have only one of them and the remaining two ones can’t be assured. The choice is yours; either one of the life paths or one of the core values.”

Patsy was taken aback by the words. It was quite difficult to make the right choice and she didn’t know the core value belonging to the life paths. However she felt alone and abandoned and answered instantly:


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Part 3:

“Well, Patsy. you have chosen love and you move to that lifepath now. You will be provided the necessary memories and you will be able to find the other instances but it wouldn’t be easy. The other ones forget everything that happened.”

The fog dissolved and Patsy moved into her new life path … her new name was Betty Irwin, she was 18 and she lived in a loving family exactly according to her wish. Millie got married and lived in the house in the West end street No 41 along with her parents, her husband Joe and her children Marcus and Betty.

Unfortunately, the wish didn’t assure wealth and health. The family wasn’t wealthy even if they didn’t suffer from misery. However Betty was born with a serious brain damage and she lacked fine motor coordination. Her muscles were weak, her fingers were unable to grab a glass or pencil, she wasn’t able to stand or walk and unable to control her bodily functions. On the other hand her mind was intact and she was smart and intelligent.

Betty was lying in her bed and her mother Millie just left and switched off the light. The teenage girl was tired and her eyes were about to close. However she wasn’t able to find a comfortable position. Her legs were held apart by a thick diaper package and the weak muscles prevented her from turning to her belly. Her mom always used the thick cloth diapers for the night. Betty’s bladder was hyperactive and a thin diaper would leak during the long night.

“Mommy,” Betty finally called for help to get comfortable. A minute later the door opened and her older brother Marcus peeked inside:

“Sis, what do you need?” Marcus loved his sister deeply and he didn’t mind caring for her, feeding, dressing and even changing her diapers. He was her brave knight, her best friend and Betty could ask him for everything. Parents and grandparents were quite protective but Marcus didn’t hesitate to help her at every mischief. They had common secrets that their parents didn’t know about.

“Could you turn me onto my belly please? I can’t sleep and it’s uncomfortable to lie on my back.”

“Of course sis,” he walked over to the bed and turned Betty slowly and tenderly. He arranged the cushion under her head, covered her and stroked her hair: “Good night.”

“Thanks bro.” Betty smiled and relaxed. Her eyes closed before Marcus closed the door. She really felt loved by her whole family. Her mother homeschooled her and took the most part of the care. Her father wasn’t too enthusiastic to take care but he would give her everything; he purchased tickets to cinema, concerts or exhibitions even if it was Marcus who took his sister there as soon as he got his driver license.

Her grandma often took care of her when Millie was busy but Betty felt like a pet rather than a granddaughter. Erica used to spoil the teenager and she considered her a baby. Betty sometimes was glad to be spoiled but most of the time she reminded grandma of her own age: “Granny, I’m a teenager despite the diapers and feeding.” The usual reply was: “Forgive the old grandma that she loves you that much.” Of course Betty forgave it every time.

Her grandfather Jason was a bit strange. He loved her just like other family members but Betty sometimes noticed something in his eyes. He was staring at her pensively and kept silent as if he was thinking of something. However he always turned away when she asked him and never told what he was thinking about.

In the morning Betty opened her eyes. She could sleep well and didn’t remember her dreams; however she got a strange feeling about them. Hopefully she would be able to remember a dream later.

The door opened and Marcus peeked inside again: “Good morning sis. How did you sleep?”

“Thanks bro. Could you turn me onto my back again and give me a cup of water? My throat is dry; I probably snored in the night.”

“Yeah, I heard you,” Marcus laughed and went to the kitchen to take the cup. He turned Betty onto her back, lifted her and put the cup to her lips.

“Thanks bro,” Betty drank all the water and felt her diaper getting warm almost instantly.

“Rid me of the damn thick package between my legs please. It is full and wet and uncomfortable. I hate the thick diapers but mom insists on them every night.”

“Don’t wonder.” Marcus lifted her nightshirt and opened the rubber pants. The front of the diaper was soaked and heavy from the night wettings and the back was wet as well.

“Would you prefer to be awakened and changed two or three times in the night?”

Betty shrugged only; he was right. Marcus took the large wipes and started cleaning her crotch. Betty closed her eyes and moaned a bit: “More please.” She recalled her memories.

Betty was a normal teenage girl and she had sexual desires just like any other girl. Unfortunately she couldn’t have a boyfriend and have sex with him. Even worse, she couldn’t use her fingers either.

She felt an arousal for the first time about a year ago when she was messy and Marcus was changing her. All of sudden the rubbing was pleasant: “More please,” she collected her courage.

Marcus stopped first and stared at her; he didn’t get the message immediately. However he realized his own desires and masturbation. All of sudden he knew what Betty wanted him to do but he didn’t have any idea how to arouse a girl. He nodded and continued rubbing.

Since the first experience Betty preferred to be changed by Marcus and she collected more courage and explained to him where to rub and push; she experienced her first climax about a week later. Of course Marcus never considered his help a relationship and he had a girlfriend.

Unfortunately Marcus didn’t have time that morning: “Sorry sis, I have to go to school now but I promise to help you later.” He finished cleaning and put a disposable diaper on her. Betty sighed and nodded.

Marcus stroked her hair, gave a kiss on her forehead and left. About half an hour later mom appeared:

“Good morning, sweetheart, how did you sleep?”

“Thanks mom, I slept well but I don’t remember my dreams and they somehow were interesting.”

“Okay, maybe the next night … oh, Marcus has been here already. Let’s get dressed and start another wonderful day. The breakfast is ready.”

Millie lifted Betty from the bed, dressed her and put her into the wheelchair to wheel her to the dining room. Fortunately she didn’t have to carry her daughter as Betty was able to use her muscles to a limited extent; she needed support only to keep balance.

Betty could smell bacon and eggs before they reached the dining room. Her stomach was growling already. Millie fed her daughter slowly, piece by piece.

“We are alone today, sweetheart and can do some schooling until lunch. You have to get ready for your exams. The time is passing quickly.”

“I know mom,” Betty answered between two bites and smiled. Her mom also was over protective sometimes.

After the last bite Millie stood up and did the dishes. Betty relaxed and waited for the inevitable. Her stomach got filled and the consequence followed soon. Her bowels grumbled and she pushed involuntarily. The back of her diaper expanded and her bladder voided itself too.

“Okay, let’s get cleaned and move to the study then,” Millie smiled at her daughter and wheeled her to the bathroom. She helped Betty stand up and lie down on the large changing table and put her legs into stirrups. It was comfortable both for Betty and those who changed her. Millie removed the dirty diaper, cleaned the diaper area and put a clean diaper on Betty before wheeling her to the study.

Despite her clumsy fingers Betty still could use the tablet. She was able to touch the display and sometimes slide her finger. Millie prepared the learning materials and Betty could learn. Of course Betty couldn’t write so her exams always were verbal. It was quite difficult in subjects like math or physics but Betty worked hard and she really was good. She dreamed about being a writer or translator and focused on language study mostly.

“Hey, sweetheart, it’s lunchtime,” Millie interrupted Betty. “You might need something to eat and check your diaper.”

“Right mommy, my stomach is empty and my diaper is full,” Betty grinned.

Millie wheeled Betty to the bathroom and changed her. Betty recalled the morning but she had to suppress her desires. After the change they had a light snack and Betty returned to her learning until late afternoon.

“Hello sweetheart, I have a surprise for you,” Joe was the first one who arrived at home. About fifteen minutes later Marcus returned from his school and Jason with Erica were the last ones. Now the family was complete.


Part 4:

Millie left for the kitchen and Marcus hurried up to Betty: “Nice to see you again sis, how are you been today,”

“Thanks, good but challenging. I had to learn for my exams and I’m a bit tired to be honest.”
“No problem, we can drink coffee on the porch. I make it for both of us.”
“I don’t mind but you know the consequences.”
“Of course but you might need it anyway after the long day and we can have a nice evening.” Marcus knew he would face a dirty diaper after the coffee. Betty grinned when she imagined the cleaning.

He made two cups of coffee, carried them to the porch and wheeled Betty to the porch then. He waited until it cooled down and let Betty drink slowly while drinking his own coffee.

All of sudden Erica appeared and she put a small plate with cakes onto the table: “Have some sweets from Granny,” she smiled.
“Thanks Granny,” Betty and Marcus replied unisono and smiled back. They had to admit Erica always made delicious cakes.
“You’re welcome kids,” Erica returned to the house and Betty had to grin: “we still are small children in her eyes.” Marcus nodded and gave her a cake between the sips of her coffee.
“Marcus, I had strange dreams last night,” Betty turned to her brother. “Unfortunately I don’t remember them but they somehow were mysterious. Could you imagine I was somebody else?”
“W … what … somebody else? Didn’t you drink yesterday?”
“Of course not. Who would give me a drink if not you?” Betty carefully looked around. Marcus gave her a small drink sometimes even if mom and dad wouldn’t have agreed to it.
“It really is strange. Try to remember at least one single dream and we can talk about it then.”

“Okay, I …” Betty suddenly stopped talking and felt a cramp in her bowels. The cramp sent a large amount of mushy poop to her diaper and spread it from back to front. “Well, the coffee passed my body quickly,” she laughed.

Marcus heard the sound of pooping and laughed back: “Well, our bro has a lot of work ahead.”
“Don’t forget your promise from the morning,” Betty looked around again and grinned.

In the bathroom Marcus lifted Betty onto the changing table, pulled down her pants and put her legs into the stirrups. He opened the diaper and Betty winked at him:

“I wouldn’t like to fall down, Marcus.”
“Of course sis,” he strapped Betty’s legs to the stirrups and wiped the most part of poop by the dirty diaper. After that he removed the diaper and got a wet rag to clean her. Betty closed her eyes and waited until he started rubbing her crotch. Marcus removed the poop but he continued rubbing her crotch and Betty started moaning. Her arousal was growing and she almost screamed out of joy.

“Marcus, quick,” Betty moaned aloud and Marcus put a clean hankie into her mouth. She bit into it when Marcus pressed against her clitoris and the hankie muffled her scream. Marcus waited patiently until she calmed down, put a clean diaper on her, unstrapped her legs and pulled up her pants.

“Thanks bro; you are my best friend,” she thanked Marcus when he helped her back into the wheelchair. They left the bathroom and Marcus wheeled Betty to the dining room: “Let’s have our dinner now.”

Erica turned to Marcus: “Wheel my little Betty to me; I’d be glad to feed her.”
“Granny, I’m not little anymore,” Betty smiled at Erica: “Anyway it would be nice to be fed by you. Mommy took care of me the whole day and she might need some relaxation.”

Marcus smiled and wheeled Betty to the grandma. Millie put a plate of food in front of everyone and Erica started cutting Betty’s portion. She really liked taking care of Betty and remembered the old times when she was feeding the little Millie.

Betty was in a very good mood and she let granny feed her and even pretended to be the little baby and opened her mouth obediently. Millie and Marcus watched her and got amused by the scene. It really was cute. Joe and Jason were quite confused but they didn’t say anything and let the girls play the theatre.

After the dinner Joe turned to Betty: “I promised you a surprise, sweetheart. Here you are,” he showed her three tickets to the rock concert the next day. “It’s for Marcus with his Annie and for you.”

“Thanks dad,” Betty knew Annie and Annie liked her just like Marcus did. Even if Marcus would do anything for Betty, Annie was a girl and they could share girly secrets. It also was good when Annie joined them; she could take Betty to the ladies room for a diaper change.

“You’re welcome, dear. Excuse me and grandpa, a football match will start in ten minutes,” Joe and Jason stood up and headed to the grandparents’ room.

“Mom, help me with the dishes and we can play cards then,” Millie turned to Erica and they collected the dishes and headed towards the kitchen.

“Betty, I’ve got a new DVD; a horror about paranormal activity; should we watch it?” Marcus looked at Betty.

“Hey, are you still obsessed by the horror movies, Marcus? I wonder that Betty joins you always,” Millie sighed.
“Why not mom?” Betty replied, almost laughing “I’m not a child anymore.”
“Okay, okay but I wanted to bath you. Don’t stay awake too long.”
“No problem mom; I wash her and prepare for bed,” Marcus reacted instantly.

Millie shrugged and left and Marcus wheeled Betty to his room: “Are you looking forward to the movie sis?”
“Wow, it’s super, bro. I know mommy isn’t enthusiastic about it but I like these movies very much.”
“How many diapers would you need?” Marcus teased her. The horror movies made her wet herself several times but she liked them anyway.
“Go and take two at least, I don’t know the movie.”

Marcus laughed and left; he returned with three spare diapers, baby wipes and two cups of soda.
“No cola this time; we had coffee earlier and we should have some sleep tonight.”
“Okay bro. I can’t wait to watch the movie.”
“Wait sis,” Marcus smiled and reached to her crotch: “I think we should start with a dry diaper, shouldn’t we?”

Betty sighed; she didn’t like to be checked but Marcus was right; they would have to do a break shortly after the movie would start. Marcus lifted her from the wheelchair and laid her down on a couch.

“Bro, don’t put me back in the wheelchair please. Let me sit next to you and hold me,” Betty did her puppy eyes at her brother and Marcus nodded. When he changed her, he put away the wet diaper, lifted Betty and put his arm around her. Betty leaned to him instinctively and Marcus started the movie. Betty felt much better than in the cold metal wheelchair and put her arm clumsily around his shoulders.

About half an hour later at the first scary scene Betty giggled: “Your sis has just peed herself,” she found it fun and didn’t feel any shame in front of her loving brother. After the next scary scene Marcus paused the movie and changed the soaked garment. He also let her drink some soda.

When the movie ended it was quite late and there was silence in the house. Marcus lifted his sister and carried her to the bathtub just like he had promised. After the bath Betty made her puppy eyes again:

“Can I stay with you in the room and can you put the disposable on me? I promise not to wet your couch.”
“Hey, don’t make a promise you aren’t able to keep. However I can’t resist your puppy eyes and let you sleep in my room but I’ll check you during the night.”
“Thanks bro” Betty tried to lift herself and kiss him but it was impossible with her legs in the stirrups.

He lifted her gently and carried to his room, put her onto the couch, covered her and went to sleep. However he set his mobile to wake him up three hours later.

At 2AM the alarm clock went off and Marcus opened his eyes slowly. He needed a minute or two to realize what was going on. He looked at his sister while she was squirming on the couch.

Betty was having a dream. The 25 year old scene appeared before her eyes. She was Patsy and she was standing in front of their house in the evening in November.

The alarm clock interrupted her dream and she woke up. She also needed a minute to realize where she was: “Hey, it’s night Marcus. Why did you wake me up?”

“Sorry Betty, it was your idea to put the disposable on you. Let me check,” he stood up and walked over to Betty. Of course the diaper was warm and soaked.

“Hey bro, I had a dream and I remember it,” Bettys heart jumped while Marcus was changing her diaper. The alarm clock even was a good idea.
“Yeah but I don’t understand it at all. I was somebody else and I was standing in front of our house and talked with grandpa but he was much younger. I told him something about an oil lamp.”
“Well, let’s have some more sleep,” he covered his sister and returned to his bed.

Betty couldn’t fall asleep for another hour; the dream kept occupying her mind and she suddenly put two and two together. She had to ask grandpa as soon as possible.


Part 5:

Marcus awakened again about four hours later and he checked Betty’s diaper again; she was asleep and the diaper was soaked and almost leaking. He changed her quickly and this time she didn’t wake up at all.

In the morning Marcus opened his eyes and listened to the sounds in the house. It was Saturday and there was silence all around. He lifted Betty and carried her to her bedroom and disposed of the wet diapers from the night. He didn’t want to wake her up.

Millie already was awake and she was making breakfast.

“Morning mom.”
“Morning, Marcus; why are you awake already? It’s Saturday though.”
“I couldn’t sleep well mom,” he didn’t want to reveal the night events.
“Did you check on Betty?”
“Yeah, she’s asleep yet.”
“Of course, she had coffee yesterday and you were watching the movie until late night. Did you bath her?”
“Yeah mom.”
“Thanks; you are an extraordinary boy.”
“She even didn’t want to sit in the wheelchair and cuddled with me while watching.”

Millie nodded and smiled at Marcus. She realized that Betty sometimes lacked the closeness and physical contact. She felt a little ashamed she didn’t realize it earlier.

While Marcus was eating his portion, Millie headed to Betty’s room. When they returned, Millie smiled: “Marcus; Betty told me about yesterday. She used her puppy eyes again, didn’t she?”

Betty nodded and looked down.

“No problem sweetheart. I’m glad you have your loving brother. You didn’t do anything bad though. Marcus, go and relax for awhile. I take care of Betty. You have the concert ahead.”

Meanwhile all family members gathered at the table. After breakfast Betty turned to Jason: “Grandpa, could we talk? I’d like to ask you something; I had an interesting dream.”

Jason was taken aback by her request. Up to now he didn’t want to recall old memories but he also was curious about the dream. He nodded and wheeled Betty to the porch.

“Wait a little, I bring a cup of coffee for me,” he returned in about five minutes. Betty was waiting and the smell revealed what had happened.

“Sweetheart, wouldn’t you like to get changed before we talk?”
“No grandpa, it can wait,” Betty usually didn’t like to stay longer in a messy diaper but she got used to it and the talk was more important at that very moment.
“Well, go ahead. What would you like to talk with me about?”
“You often look at me pensively and you always turn away when I want to know what you are thinking about.”
“Sorry Betty. I’d like to suppress the old memories. They are crazy and I want to keep common sense.”
“Okay, I start then. I had dreams last few nights but I didn’t remember any of them but the very last one. I was somebody else and I was standing in front of our house and talking with you. You were much younger and I told you about an oil lamp.”

All of sudden Jason stared at her wide-eyed: “W … w … what are you saying? I remember it as if it was yesterday.”
“Did it happen?”
“Yeah, it’s 25 years ago. We were almost asleep when the bell rang. A girl about 25 was standing in front of the door. She notified me of a burning oil lamp in the living room. It really was burning and a cold chill ran down my spine when I imagined it could break and set fire.”
“Anything else?”.
“The biggest surprise was when she told me she was my granddaughter. You are my only granddaughter as far as I know. It’s a mystery for me but thank you anyway; I’m not crazy unless I could control your dreams which … which also is crazy. Did you have any other dreams?”
“Yeah but I don’t remember them; it’s frustrating but I always forget them.”
“Let’s look for some information on dreams; anyway I wheel you back now; you might need a change.”
“No problem, mommy does it,” Betty would prefer Marcus but mom had sent him to bed.
“Let mommy relax; I can change you as well; I did it many times before.”

Betty smiled; she didn’t remember when Jason changed her diaper; it was long ago when she was a little girl. Just like dad he wasn’t enthusiastic about soiled diapers.

Betty lied down on the changing table and put her legs into stirrups when Jason pulled down her tights and lifted her skirt.
“Grandpa, don’t you mind changing me indeed? We still can call mom.”
“No problem, sweetheart,” he opened the diaper and grinned.

Betty had to control herself and not to moan when Jason was changing her. He cleaned her thoroughly and long and wasn’t aware of her arousal. He still considered her a little girl.

After the change he wheeled her to the study. He started the computer and started searching.

“Betty, I’ve found something. You can remember the dream if you wake up from it. Your sleep is shallow at that moment. However I don’t have any idea how to find out the right moment if you don’t wake up on your own. How did you wake up this time?”
“Marcus set up the alarm clock; he wanted to check my diaper in the night. I didn’t want to wear that thick package and he promised to check on me regularly.”
“Well, it probably was a pure coincidence.”
“Wait … my diaper was warm when Marcus changed me. Did I pee at that moment?”
“The alarm clock was a coincidence but your peeing was not. What if you wake up when you pee?”
“How could we arrange it?”
“There is a bedwetting alarm available; it is used for toilet training but we can use it to help you remember dreams.”
“Okay, you can get one and we try it out.”

After lunch Betty got impatient; she couldn’t wait until they’d go to the concert. Marcus grinned at her: “Be ready for a surprise sis. Now excuse me. I go get Annie.” She tried to watch a TV show but she couldn’t focus on it. Finally she got an idea and called Erica:

“Granny, could we spend a nice afternoon until Marcus arrives?”
“Of course sweetheart,” Erica smiled and took Betty to her room and sat her on her couch instead of the wheelchair. They had several cups of tea and granny’s cakes. Betty split her time between Erica’s couch and the changing table; her excitement and tea made her pee herself several times.This time Betty didn’t refuse granny’s care. It somehow was calming her down.

Finally the door opened and Annie with Marcus entered the room. Betty looked at Annie in utter surprise. Annie was wearing a black dress with silver accessories, black fishnet tights and high heeled boots. Marcus pushed Annie forward and left the room.

“Annie, are you really about to attend a concert like this?”
“Why not, Mrs. Merrill? We aren’t about to listen to Beethoven though. This is like a dress code for rock concerts. Betty, dear, I have almost the same clothing for you and I also do the right makeup.”
“Wow, thanks Annie; it’s the surprise Marcus mentioned, isn’t it?” Betty’s heart jumped and her bladder voided itself again. It was the very first time for her to attend a life rock concert.

Erica sighed only but she didn’t want to protest anymore; she wouldn’t like to spoil Betty’s joy. She remembered her own experience and she was glad that Betty was that social and didn’t get isolated despite her condition. After all Annie’s dress wasn’t extremely short and low cut. It was extravagant but not provocative.

“Well, let’s go then,” Annie lifted Betty and helped her into the wheelchair and wheeled her to her bedroom. There was a nightstand with lamp next to Betty’s bed; Annie switched on the lamp, aimed at Betty’s face, opened her makeup case and started:

“Well, let’s have some dark lipstick, black eyebrows and eyelashes and black-silver eye shadows. Done, look in the mirror,” Annie held a mirror before Betty’s face.
“Oh, I look like a rockstar,” Betty laughed.
“Okay, let’s do your hair,” Annie turned the wheelchair and arranged Betty’s hair in a simple ponytail: “It would be comfortable for you.”

Annie opened the bag and pulled out the dress. It was a bit longer than Annie’s one. She showed it to Betty and helped Betty onto the bed: “It would be most comfortable for you. Annie lifted Betty into a sitting position, pulled her T-shirt off and put the dress over Betty’s head.

“Now lie down and I help you into the tights,” Annie pulled Betty’s skirt and tights down and revealed the soaked diaper. “Well, you need a dry diaper first.” She opened the diaper, got the baby wipes and started cleaning Betty. Betty was used to being changed by Annie already but she got aroused involuntarily due to her excitement and moaned.

“Hey, it isn’t the right time,” Annie grinned; she instantly recognized the arousal. “We are about to have fun at music today.” However she leaned down and whispered something in Betty’s ear. Betty nodded and grinned back.

After the diaper change Annie pulled the fishnet tights up Betty’s legs and helped her into the wheelchair. The dress skirt dropped down when Betty stood up and reached above her knees. Annie got a pair of boots and put them onto Betty’s feet. They were ready. Marcus appeared in a black T-shirt, black pants and also some small silver accessories.

Millie almost fainted when she spotted her children but Erica stopped her: “Millie dear, remember your own mischief. After all it is decent enough and they are about to attend a rock concert.”

Marcus smiled at his mom and wheeled Betty to his car. Annie was carrying the bag with spare diapers and cleaning utensils.


Part 6:

They arrived at the concert hall about an hour before the performance began and had some time left. Marcus led them to the small cafeteria and purchased a cola for everyone.

“Marcus, I’m not sure if it’s a good idea,” Annie objected: “I’ll have to pee during the performance and it would be hard to get to a toilet then. There would be a long queue in front of the ladies room. Betty would be safe.”

“Yeah, a diaper is an advantage,” Betty giggled. However she wasn’t sure if she would need a change. She drank the cola and felt her diaper getting wet.

Marcus didn’t worry at all; his bladder was quite strong and he was sure he wouldn’t need to pee until they’d return home.

“Let’s go to the family restroom now and change Betty, okay?” Annie wheeled Betty inside and helped her onto a large changing table. She pulled down her tights and opened the diaper:

“Oh, you are all wet,” she cleaned Betty’s crotch quickly and put a clean diaper on her. After that she sat on the toilet and peed but she didn’t pee too much.
“Aww, I’ll have to pee later. Wait … what if I had a diaper on?”
“Wow, it’s funny but practical, Annie. Call Marcus better; you don’t know how to diaper yourself. It probably isn’t easy.”

Marcus was amused by Annie’s request: “Well Annie, I can do this favor but under a condition. You stay in the diaper until we come home and I remove it personally on our changing table.”

Annie nodded and hopped onto the changing table. Marcus pulled down her tights and panties and stroked her crotch shortly. As Annie moaned, he diapered her and pulled the panties and tights back up her legs.

“Now I have two diapered girls instead of one,” he chuckled and stepped forward to find their places. The auditorium was crowded already and they had to push among the audience to their places. The places were located near the stage and there was a special place for Betty and her wheelchair.

The performance was a great experience for Betty; she was enthusiastic and enjoyed every song. She even tried to applaud but it was hard with her clumsy arms. Suddenly a young boy grabbed her arms from behind and helped her. Marcus almost intervened but he soon realized what was going on and smiled only.

“Sit her on your shoulders if it’s possible. She will see better.” the boy turned to Marcus.
“I can try it but support her from behind. Would you like to sit on my shoulders sis?”
“Of course,” Betty’s heart jumped again. Marcus lifted her and she wrapped her legs around his neck. Marcus pushed her skirt away and the boy stretched his arms and supported her from behind. The people around applauded and so did the band members between two songs.

“An applause for the brave girl; a wheelchair isn’t an obstacle to attend our concerts,” the band leader announced. All of sudden Betty became a star.

Five minutes later Marcus felt the diaper on his neck getting warm and soft. and looked back at his sister and grinned. Betty grinned back but she got a bit worried; hopefully she wouldn’t need another change.

During the break they stayed in their places and watched the crowd in front of the cafeteria and toilets. Annie was right; now she started fidgeting: “Oh, I have to pee like a racehorse.”
“Don’t worry; you have the diaper on,” Betty replied instantly.

Annie hesitated but she remembered Marcus’ request and she relaxed the muscles slowly and carefully. She let a few drops and waited but nothing happened. She tried to pee more but the floodgates opened and she wasn’t able to stop until her bladder voided itself. The diaper got heavier but not wet.

“Okay, a diaper isn’t that bad but I have to endure until we return home.”
“Why not? The diaper will hold even another wetting. Betty always has to stay in wet diapers until she gets changed.” Marcus explained.

The second part of the concert passed quickly and Betty could sit on Marcus’ shoulders again. The boy wanted to sit her onto his shoulders but Betty shook her head. She wouldn’t like to put the wet diaper onto his neck.

After the concert the band leader came to Betty and gave her a signed CD with their newest songs: “You deserve it for your courage young lady.” Betty thanked him but they had to hurry up. Betty peed herself again and there was a long queue in front of the toilets.

“Are you sure the diaper holds another pee,” Annie started fidgeting. Her bladder was full again and she wasn’t sure if holds it until they arrived at Marcus’ house. Marcus grinned only and opened the car:

“Betty, are you alright or should I change you before we drive off?”
“I’m afraid the diaper is full already.”
“Well, I change you better; Annie, pass me the bag please and stand guard.”

Marcus lifted Betty from the wheelchair and laid her down on the backseat. Fortunately the car was parked far from the hall entrance. Marcus changed Betty quickly and sat her onto the passenger seat like usually. He drove off and hurried up home.

Annie tried to hold and grabbed her crotch but the diaper was a serious obstacle. Now she was sure she wouldn’t make it until she would get onto the changing table.

Finally they arrived at the house and Marcus pulled the car into the garage. He got off, got the wheelchair and lifted Betty from the passenger seat.

Annie got off the car while holding her crotch with one hand and opening the door with the other one. However she had to walk. Two steps later a hot stream of pee soaked the diaper. Annie stopped and waited but the diaper held indeed; no pee ran down her legs.

It was a late evening but the parents and grandparents still were awake and waiting for the children. Marcus wheeled Betty to the living room. Betty was enthusiastic and proud of herself; Marcus showed the signed CD but he excused himself:

“I have to escort Annie home but I come back soon.” He headed to the bathroom and pulled Annie behind him.

“Well, your turn,” Marcus turned to Annie and led her to the changing table. She hopped on the table and Marcus pulled the tights and panties down her legs put the legs into the stirrups and strapped them:

“Hey, Marcus, what are you doing?”
“Changing your diaper, of course.”

His fingers slid up her legs until they stopped at the tapes and undid them. Marcus pulled down the front of the wet thing and took a baby wipe.

“Let’s clean your most important place,” he rubbed her crotch much more than necessary and let her moan.”
“Hey, you are quite skilled. How many times did you do it to Betty?”
“Hopefully you aren’t jealous Annie. You are my only love though. It is my selfless help to Betty; she can’t find a boyfriend and her fingers are clumsy.”
“Okay, okay; I know and I contribute to her experience. Untie me now; we can’t stay long here.”

Marcus nodded; she was right. He untied her quickly, she pulled the tights and panties back and they hurried up to the car.

“Don’t forget to remove the makeup Marcus. Betty might forget it; she is inexperienced. Mommy can help you at it.”

Betty was excited and she kept talking about the concert until she got tired. Millie took her to the bathroom and removed the makeup before giving Betty a nice warm bath. After that she put the thick cloth diapers on Betty and put her to bed.

When Marcus returned home, Betty was asleep already. Marcus also was tired, excused himself and headed towards the bathroom. After a quick shower he made a stop in Betty’s bedroom and stroked her hair gently.


Part 7:

Betty was quite curious about her dreams and Jason brought a bedwetting alarm three days later. It included a small box and the moisture sensor connected by a cable. The alarm could be set up to sound for two minutes or to sound until the sensor got dry again.

“Betty, it won’t be easy,” Jason read the instructions: “We can set it to two minutes and you will remember the first dream unless you get changed every time you pee. It also would work better with cloth diapers.”

“It probably is the best idea,” Betty nodded. “I wouldn’t like to be awakened three or more times during the night by the alarm. Let’s try out tonight.”

In the evening Millie showered Betty, put the nightshirt on her and lifted her onto the changing table. Jason brought the alarm:

“Hey princess; let grandpa take care of you and the alarm,” he smiled and put the thick package of three cloth diapers beneath her behind. He slid the moisture sensor under the first diaper, lifted the diapers and closed the rubber pants. Betty was excited and couldn’t wait for the first dream.

As soon as Millie covered her and switched off the light, Betty tried to fall asleep but she was too excited and unable to doze off. Instead of falling asleep she felt her diaper getting warm and the alarm went off.

“Oh damn,” she cursed quietly “it wouldn’t be easy. Hopefully the next night.”

The next night she fell asleep and didn’t wake up until morning. Betty was quite frustrated and hoped that the idea would work one day. After many unsuccessful attempts she had the first interesting dream two weeks later. It was a quiet evening on Tuesday and she already got calm and wasn’t as excited as before; she even was a bit disappointed and doubted about the alarm idea.

Another scene appeared before her eyes. She was watching a 17 years old girl in ragged clothes in front of a hospital and to her surprise she recognized Millie. An old woman was carrying a baby towards the nearby orphanage and the girl cried: “Don’t take my Patsy away.”

They sat down on a bench and started talking. Millie didn’t know her true name and introduced herself as Cheryl Bennett. She told Betty she lived in a homeless community. Betty’s name was Patsy in the dream and she was even older than Millie.

Suddenly Betty was in the library and read the article on the fire.

“… The charred bodies of Jason Merrill and his wife Erica were lying in the bedroom in the remnants of the bed. Their son Marcus was found in his room but the daughter Millie was not found … the fire could be caused by a burning oil lamp …”

Betty awakened when the alarm went off and she remembered the dream exactly; however it seemed weird to her. She was panting heavily, her diaper was warm and her heart was beating fast. The image of their house burning was terrible and Betty cried for almost an hour. She hardly could fall asleep again.

In the morning Marcus noticed that something was wrong when he peeked in the room.

“Betty, sis, what’s going on? You look like you spotted a ghost.”
“Bro, I had a dream but it was terrible. Our house burnt down and our mom was younger than me. Even worse, I saw myself as a newborn baby.”
“Oh, I feel sorry for you; you had a nightmare rather than a dream.”

Marcus was in a hurry and he only stroked Bett’s hair and gave a kiss on her forehead before he left for school. Millie appeared about half an hour later. While she was changing and dressing Betty, she listened to her as Betty narrated the dream.

“Betty, I guess it is not a nightmare for sure; we could try to decipher it. You were a girl in both of your dreams and it was the same girl probably. My dad told me about your former dream and that dream matched reality. He was talking with a girl about 25 and she introduced herself as his granddaughter. I know it sounds weird but your last dream has got some similarities. We met, the girl was about 25 and I was about 17 and she was sure I was her mother. However there was another newborn baby and the girl said it was herself. It really is weird. Did somebody meddle with time?

As for the fire, it could break out if dad didn’t put out the lamp and it was the mysterious girl who notified him in the first dream. There definitely is a link between the two dreams.”

Millie wheeled Betty to the dining room and started feeding her breakfast but she still had to think of the dreams.

About an hour later after changing the messy diaper Millie and Betty were sitting at the table and Millie tried to assemble a timeline from the events she knew and from the dreams.

“Look, Betty. The upper timeline is the actual one and the second one matches your dreams. However some data are missing in the dream timeline. I know it’s weird but let’s suppose you lived a different life in the second timeline.”

“Mom, look at the dates in the second line. There was a newborn Patsy in 1995 and you stated she was your daughter in the dream. If she was born in 1995, she would turn 24 now. Right?

It’s quite interesting that the girl who met you was about 25 and the girl who warned grandpa was about 25 as well. Was it the same girl? It really is crazy but let’s suppose she found a way to travel back in time.”

Millie nodded and added a few arrows to the picture.

“Bingo! Everything fits. Maybe we find more connections.”
“Yeah mom. If I knew about the cause of the fire, I would warn grandpa.”
“That’s true and easy; however … why did you come back and meet me?”
“Sorry, no idea. I don’t know what we were talking about in the dream.”

Neither Millie nor Betty were able to advance in their investigation. They needed some new information, advice or a clue to be able to continue. Betty tried to learn and divert her focus from the mystery.

Marcus returned from school, Betty told him everything but he also didn’t have any idea. It was Erica who provided the right clue:

“Children, your threads of thoughts are focused on a loving family. It’s obvious. Betty has been living in a loving environment and she has got all the love she can imagine. Millie, you also have had a good life and didn’t experience any serious troubles. However, Patsy grew up in an orphanage. Her life was or even is quite different from yours. She hardly got a decent job and she lives in misery.”

“Is it a reason to return to the date of her birth?” Millie asked
“What would you do in her condition? We are sitting and looking for an explanation,” Erica replied: “Did she want to find a cause of her miserable life?”
“Well children, let’s stop for awhile,” Jason interjected: “We built a house of cards. Everything fits together if we admit time travelling and parallel existence.”
“If she didn’t warn you, the house would burn down and the life would fit all my dreams,” Betty objected.
“Okay, but we hardly find out more just now. What if we wait for your next dream?”

The discussion ended; they didn’t find out too much but there was some partial explanation of the dreams and Betty wasn’t afraid of nightmares. Anyway she didn’t want to use the alarm until the weekend. She had a plan ahead.


Part 8:

On Friday Millie drove Betty to her physiotherapy. Betty attended the rehab center in the hospital every Friday. She did exercises to strengthen her muscles even if her coordination still was very bad.

After the exercise Millie wheeled Betty to the cafeteria; Betty was thirsty and Millie desperately needed a cup of coffee. Millie got the juice and coffee and sat down to the table across Betty. She held the cup and straw close to Betty’s mouth.

All of sudden Betty turned her head and looked at a boy in the nurse uniform. He was the same boy that supported her at the concert:

“Hello,” she hadn’t asked him for his name earlier so she didn’t know how to address him.
“Hello, brave lady,” he replied and smiled and walked over to Betty.
“Good morning, madam,” he addressed Millie politely; he almost did a bow.
“Good morning,” Millie replied and looked at Betty; she expected an explanation.
“Mommy, this is a very nice boy. He supported my back at the concert so I could sit on Marcus’s shoulders and have a better view.”
“Let me introduce myself; my name is Thomas Anderson and I’m a nurse.”
“Sorry Thomas; we didn’t have time to talk together; my name is Betty Irwin and this is my mother.”
“Nice to meet you, Mrs. Irwin. Your daughter is a very brave girl.”

Betty blushed at his words “Really?” She looked at Tom and felt butterflies in her guts suddenly. He was a handsome boy and he had been very nice to her.

“Really Betty; I had to admire your courage to go to a concert despite your … sorry.”
“What despite? I’m a teenage girl and like rock music.”
“Betty, I have to apologize for my words but I was taken aback. How can I make up for it?”
“Well, what about a flowers bouquet?” Betty grinned.
“Of course I bring you it but I’m at work now and I hardly can buy flowers here. I work until 4PM today and I can bring the flowers then.”

Millie smiled only; Betty was getting an adult girl.
“Tommy, Betty can’t go out alone; come to us in the afternoon and bring the bouquet, our address is West street No 41,” Mille reacted instantly.

Betty blushed even more and her bladder voided itself. “I’ll … I’ll wait for you,” she stuttered.

“Thanks for the invitation, madam … and Betty,” Tom blushed as well and hurried away.

“W … w … what did you do, mommy? Is it a date?” Betty stared at Millie in utter surprise.
“Call you a date if you want to. He is a very nice boy indeed.”
“Is it normal to arrange a date for your daughter?”
“I was amused by your idea about flowers and I helped you a bit. Of course it would be natural if you met somewhere outside”
“Well, let’s go now. Give me the rest of the juice please and I need a change then.”

In the family restroom Mille laid Betty onto a changing table and changed the soaked diaper.

“Mom, I’m a bit afraid.”
“Don’t worry Betty. I also was afraid when I met dad for the first time. Relax and everything will be good.”

However Betty wasn’t able to relax; how would Tom accept her diapers? It definitely was embarrassing.

In the afternoon Betty asked Millie: “Mommy, could you put the thick cloth diapers on me please? I wouldn’t like Tom to find out about them. I want to avoid a change while Tom will be here.
“Betty, are you sure? He eventually would find out and he is a nurse though.” However she put the thick package on Betty and covered it with a wide skirt.

Tom appeared at half past four and he was carrying a big bouquet. Marcus opened the door and smiled at him:

“Welcome, Tom; my name is Marcus and I’m Betty’s brother. She seems to have an admirer and a support; I mean it literally.”
“Nice to meet you Marcus,” they walked over to the living room where Betty already was waiting.

“Here you are my apologies, Betty.” Tom stretched his hand with the flowers towards Betty. but he realized she couldn’t take the flowers and passed them to Marcus.
“Thanks, Tommy, take place please.” Betty already was calmer. She was sitting in the wheelchair close to the table and Tom couldn’t see her diapers.

“Coffee or tea?” Marcus asked Tom before sitting down. There was a tray with cakes on the table along with small plates and cups.
“Coffee please,” Tom replied and sat down next to Betty.

Marcus poured coffee for Tom and tea for Betty and himself. He was about to help Betty but Tom was quicker:

“Betty, would you mind if I help you? Don’t forget I’m a nurse.”
“Oh, really?” Marcus was a bit surprised “Are there male nurses?”
“Of course; it is an advantage if you have to deal with heavy immobile patients.”
“No, I don’t mind,” Betty smiled at Tom widely. There was something in his face and voice that calmed her down.

Tom was skilled at feeding Betty and he even was better than her mother or Marcus. He leaned closer to her and she felt his warmness. It suddenly was different from mom or brother and she got a pleasant feeling; she wanted him to stay longer.
“Tommy, you really are good at taking care.”

When they finished tea and cakes, they started talking; the first topic was Tom and his job:

“Tom, do you like your job indeed?” Marcus asked him.
“Of course; it is more a mission than a job; you can’t imagine how good it is to help others. Every day after my shift I get a pleasant feeling even if the work is hard often.”
“Where do you work?” Betty was curious about the workplace.
“Mostly in the surgical department. There are many immobile patients here and my main job is to care for them. However, let’s talk about you. Betty, how’s your life?”
“I do my best to study, Tom. I’d like to become a writer or interpreter. It’s quite possible even in my condition. My working tool would be words and my mouth is intact as you hear.”

Tom laughed; Betty really was an extraordinary girl and accepted her fate very well.

“Betty, I have to admire you; maybe I’ve told you it already but I have to repeat it over and over.”
“Thanks Tom; don’t compliment me that much; I’ll blush.”
“Why not? A girl like you deserves even more compliments. What do you think, Marcus? MARCUS?”

He looked around but Marcus wasn’t in the room anymore; they were alone. All of sudden Tom got uneasy; he also didn’t have much experience with girls.

“Hey Tom, what’s going on? Are you afraid of being alone with me?” Betty also realized they were alone. She was calm and she got some calmness from Tom.
“No, why do you ask?” Tom involuntarily put his arm onto her shoulder. Betty turned to him and smiled.
“You looked scared.”
“Nope, I’m a man though,” Tom tried to get his courage back.

They got silent and Betty somehow enjoyed Tom’s closeness; he had the same feeling. No words were necessary.

“Can I take you for a walk tomorrow? We could go to the nearby park.”
“Well, that could be a good idea,” Betty nodded.

“Tommy, would you like to stay for dinner?” Millie peeked in the room.
Betty startled. She has managed to hide the diapers but she could mess herself after dinner and it would be too embarrassing.
“No Mrs. Irwin; I troubled you long enough for the first visit but I take Betty for a walk tomorrow. Hopefully this wouldn’t be my last visit.”
“Of course not, I’m looking forward,” Betty felt a big relief. She peed in the diaper for the third time when Millie invited Tom to the dinner.

“Betty, I can wheel you to the door.”
Betty almost shook her head but she decided to accept; it would be suspicious. The diaper was hidden beneath her skirt though.
Tom grabbed the wheelchair handles and drove her towards the exit. He noticed her legs in the spread position and knew what it meant but didn’t say anything. It wasn’t the right moment. He thanked his intuition to refuse the dinner.

“See you tomorrow and thanks for everything,” he said goodbye and left.
“How was the first date?” Millie stroked Betty’s hair.
“Was it a date, mom?”
“Maybe and maybe not. It’s up to you sweetheart. He really looks like a nice boy. You might need a boyfriend or a friend at least.”

Millie wheeled Betty back and changed her before dinner. Betty was hungry but she couldn’t forget Tom and couldn’t focus on eating.

After dinner Betty asked Marcus to wheel he to his room:
“Marcus, I need your help. What should I do? What do you think of Tom?”
“Betty, Tom seems to be a nice boy and you might need more than me and parents. Look at me and Annie.”
“I’m worried. What if he finds out about my diapers; it definitely is embarrassing?”
“Betty, he is a nurse and he faces diapers every day.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah, I am. I’d guess you could tell him.”
“I don’t know bro.”
“Okay, Wait until morning; morning is wiser than evening.”

Betty nodded. She also had a plan to catch dreams; however she was too excited and decided to postpone it:
“Marcus, I’d like to catch more dreams the next night. You put the bedwetting alarm on me and change me every time I pee. In this way I can remember every dream. Now I’m too excited and it would be difficult. However, can I stay with you tonight?” she again made her puppy eyes.

“Of course sis. Anyway you will wear the thick cloth package; we need a good sleep before the dream hunt.”
Betty sighed but she had to admit Marcus was right. It was the second time she had to deal with the discomfort that day but she did it willingly in the afternoon.

Later in the evening Marcus showered and diapered her for the night. He wheeled her to his room and laid her down on the couch. She closed her eyes immediately and she looked relaxed. Marcus covered her and switched off the light.

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Part 9:

On Saturday Betty was excited and nervous again. Tom would take her outside and they would be alone. However she still was scared about her diapers. Despite a good sleep she still didn’t have the courage and hoped that he wouldn’t find out; at least not immediately.

The thick package would be conspicuous so she took the risk but she made another mistake. She again chose a skirt to hide the diaper but it was cold October weather outside.

Fortunately she pooped after lunch and wasn’t afraid of a messy accident. Before Tom arrived, Millie prepared her. The welcomed Tom and Betty was waiting in her wheelchair already; she was wearing a warm pullover, knee length skirt, thick tights and an overcoat. Millie also put thick socks on her feet but no shoes; Betty hardly could stand up outside.

“Betty, you look gorgeous,” Tom stared at her; she looked happy and smiled at him.
“Thanks, Tom, let’s go.”
“Don’t forget a blanket; it’s cold outside,” Millie covered Betty’s legs.

Tom wheeled Betty towards the nearby park. The park was somehow familiar but mom or Marcus usually stayed closer to the house. Tom, on the other hand, headed deeper and they got to a nice place among trees. There was a playground there and several small children were playing in the sandbox.

The cold wind got even under the blanket and Betty felt a cold chill on her legs. The tights weren’t a sufficient protection against it.

“Tommy, could you wrap the blanket around my legs please?”
“Of course Betty,” he lifted her legs and wrapped them into the blanket. He didn’t reach under her skirt though and wrapped the blanket around it.
“Thanks,” Betty smiled at Tom.
“You’re welcome, Betty,” he leaned down and stroked her hair involuntarily.

A minute later Bety felt the familiar pressure in her abdomen and a stream of pee soaked into her diaper. She startled; it was too early.

Tom stopped at a bench and sat down: “This is a wonderful place, isn’t it? Let’s sit here for awhile and talk.”

Betty nodded but she hesitated if she should ask Tom for the same favor she did Marcus. However she collected the courage.

“Tommy, could you sit me next to you instead of the wheelchair please?”
“Sure,” he lifted her and sat her onto the bench and put his arms around her shoulders to hold her tight.

Betty leaned to him closer and felt his body heat. It was very pleasant.
“Tommy, tell me about yourself. I’d like to know more.”
“I’m afraid it is very simple. My father is a doctor and mother is a teacher and I have a younger sister. Dad wished I would become a doctor too but it was too difficult for me. At least I become a nurse.”
“What about your sister? How is she?”
“She is a pretty girl and she is much better at school; maybe she would become a doctor instead of me.”
“How is your relationship? Don’t you argue?”
“Usually not but sometimes we are stubborn; either her or me. Anyway it doesn’t exceed the siblings pettiness. What about your family?”
“My brother loves and protects me; he usually feels like a brave knight who had to protect his princess.”
“Well, I understand it; you might need protection.”
“Hey, Tommy, I’ve told you I was a teenage girl and don’t need any special protection.”
“Sorry,” Tommy laughed “What do you think about me; would you like to be a princess for me?”
“Why not but don’t be overprotective; one mommy is enough and I sometimes have to ask Marcus not to be that brave knight.”
“Well, can I hug my princess at least?”

Betty nodded and Tim hugged her tightly. She couldn’t return the hug properly but tried to put her arms onto his shoulders. Their mouths got closer but neither of them had the courage to kiss the other one.

They stayed in the hug for several minutes when Betty felt the urge and her diaper got warm again. She was worried about a leak.

“Tommy, I … I … have to go home now.”
“Why Betty? Don’t you want to stay longer? Did I do something wrong?”
“No Tommy but …” she still didn’t have the courage to admit what happened.

Tommy looked around carefully; he didn’t want anybody to listen when he leaned to her ear and whispered:
“Do you need a diaper change?”

Betty blushed and almost pulled away from Tom.

“How … how do you know?” she whispered back.
“Betty, I’m a nurse and I face diapers every day. I saw your wide spread legs yesterday and I smelled the urine reek at the concert.”
“And … and you don’t mind it?” Betty gave Tom a scared look and he could spot two tears in her eyes.
“Why? You told you were a teenage girl who likes rock music. You attended the concert despite your wheelchair. Why should a diaper be an obstacle?” He reached to Betty’s face and wiped the tears away.

“What do we do now? A spare diaper is everything we need.” Tom switched to practical problems.
“W … what? Who changes me?”
“Do you see anybody except me? Who changes you at home?”
“Mommy, Marcus, granny or even grandpa.”
“Do you think I don’t manage it?”
“No but it’s embarrassing; you took me for the first walk outside and you have to change my wet diaper.”
“Nope, consider it a friendly help. Let’s look into the bag and find an appropriate place.”

Tom opened the bag on the wheelchair and found two spare diapers and cleaning wipes. He looked around and spotted public toilets: “Hopefully we find a family restroom there.”

He wheeled Betty into the building and they found a family restroom indeed. There was a large changing table inside.

Betty still was blushing when Tom laid her down on the changing table and pulled down the tights. “Hey, your legs are as cold as ice; we have to wrap them tighter afterwards.”

He opened the diaper and Betty closed her eyes; she still was unfamiliar with the idea. Tom cleaned her and he was able to do it without unnecessary rubbing. After that he put a clean diaper on her, pulled up the tights and wrapped her legs into the blanket.

They returned to the bench and Tom cuddled with Betty again.

“How was it? Are you still embarrassed?”
Betty shook her head hesitantly: “I was afraid you consider me a crippled creature.”
“Why, you are a princess though; a diapered princess.” he leaned to her and their mouths touched this time. Betty pressed her mouth against Tom’s and kissed him. Now it was his turn to blush.

“Tell me about the patients; do they need diapers indeed? Do you change them?” Betty got curious; the word diaper wasn’t a tabu anymore.
“Well, many patients have to lie down and they even can’t sit up after surgeries. The female patients have a serious disadvantage when they have to pee. A bedpan is very uncomfortable and they have to lift their bodies to be placed onto it. Many of them prefer diapers. Moreover, patients with spinal injuries often are incontinent and need diapers.”
“Is it your job to change diapers?”
“Not only; I have to position immobile patients, help at eating and much more.”

Finally Betty relaxed and they could spend more time in the park talking. Tom wheeled her back home at dinner time when it was getting dark. Millie and Marcus noticed a big change in Betty’s face; she looked happy and so did Tom. Betty winked at Millie and Marcus and they winked back.

“Tommy, do you stay for dinner tonight?” Millie invited Tom for the second time.
“Thanks madam; I stay if Betty agrees.”
“No problem, Tommy, I’m looking forward to being with you.” Betty smiled widely.
“Hey, you are advancing quite quickly,” Mille grinned but she looked amused rather than annoyed. She somehow liked Tom from the first moment.

Tom sat down next to Betty and he fed her in a skilled manner. Millie and Marcus had to admire him but Marcus wasn’t surprised anymore. He had watched Tom’s skills the day before.

After dinner Betty got curious and asked Tom: “Tom, do you believe in dreams?”
“How do you mean it?”
“I had strange dreams before and grandpa told me one of my dreams matched reality.”
“Why not? Dreams sometimes reflect your memories.”
“However that dream couldn’t be a memory. The event happened many years before I was born and I saw myself in the dream and talked to grandpa.”
“It is strange indeed. Did you have another dream?”
“Yeah but it was like a nightmare. Our house burnt down. And I warned grandpa in the former dream and asked him to put out an oil lamp. The lamp apparently was the cause of the fire.”
“Wow, this is interesting indeed.”

Suddenly Betty felt the cramps in her bowels and she sent a big load of poop into her diaper. The smell spread across the room. Surprisingly Tom wasn’t taken aback and Betty surprised everyone when she turned to Tom instead of Marcus.

“Show me the bathroom please,” Tom replied.
“Betty, are you sure?” Milie was taken aback. Was it a good idea? Tom and Betty met a week ago. However Betty looked comfortable.
“Yeah mom. Tom changed me in the park already. He is a nurse though.”

Tom wheeled Betty from the living room and she showed him the bathroom. Tom was surprised when he spotted the changing table:

“This is a very good idea, just like an exam table.”
He lifted Betty onto the changing table, pulled down her tights and lifted her skirt. He cleaned Betty’s crotch slowly but she moaned anyway; Tom’s touches aroused her despite all his skills.
“Betty, did I arouse you? I didn’t intend to do it.” Tom blushed; he felt his own arousal.
“However you can,” Betty grinned. “I know you can’t do it in the hospital but don’t have to be worried here. Marcus does it to me and it is pleasant.”
“Okay but not just now; it is for the first time in our … relationship?”
“You’re right, we should be back already.”

Tom finished the cleaning and diapering quickly and wheeled Betty back to the living room. She was smiling again and Marcus winked at Tom. Tom didn’t react; somebody else could be too curious and ask them.

They kept talking for awhile until Tom left. He wheeled Betty to the exit and gave her a kiss.
“See you later; I call you when I have a day off and we can have a whole day for us.”

When he left, Mille walked over to Betty: “How was it, sweetheart?”
Betty didn’t have to answer; her eyes and face revealed everything.


Part 10:

Betty was in a good mood and she asked Marcus to prepare her for the dream hunt. He wheeled her to his room first and his face revealed curiosity.

“Sis, how was it with Tom in the park? Did he really change your diaper?”
“Tom is a very nice boy. We talked about our families but I peed in my diaper twice and was afraid about leaking and wanted to go home.”
“He asked me directly if I needed a change. He knew about my diapers since the concert. I was shocked first but he somehow managed to calm me down. He reminded me of my own words and wiped my tears away.”
“Wasn’t you afraid of sexual abuse?”
“To be honest I was a little but he acted like a pro nurse; he even cleaned me without arousing me then.”
“While he was cleaning me here, I got aroused despite his skill; it was different with him. You should have seen his blush when he found it out and the bulge in his pants.” Betty laughed.
“Sis, I also got aroused many times but I tried to hide it. However it’s different between him and you indeed. It is okay if you both get aroused.”
“Okay bro, let’s get prepared. You know what to do.”

Marcus carried Betty into the bathroom and showered her shortly. After that he carried her back, put a nightshirt on her as well as a cloth diaper with the moisture sensor inside it.

“Try to fall asleep sis; otherwise you need a clean diaper before you close your eyes,” he covered her, stroked her hair, switched off the light and went to bed.

Half an hour later the alarm went off: “Oh damn bro; I can’t fall asleep; sorry.”
“Don’t worry sis,” he changed her quickly and went to bed again.

Betty finally fell asleep and could sleep for almost three hours. This time she saw a small cafeteria and she was a waiter. The scene wasn’t very interesting and she had to serve several guests until the alarm woke her up.
“I was a waiter in a cafeteria,” she told Marcus while he was changing her.
“Okay, it has to be important. Try to memorize the interior; what if we find it. I’m sure the cafeteria exists. Was there any interesting detail inside?”
“Yeah, the bar looked like a pirate ship.”

Marcus finished changing her and returned to bed. Betty snored quietly. She slept for two more hours when she had the next dream. She left the library and addressed Millie by her true name. Millie recalled her past and left; she was heading to her uncle.

Marcus startled when he heard about the uncle.
“Oh no! Uncle Fred is the black sheep of our family. He is grandpa’s brother and there are rumors he is a criminal. We don’t keep any contact with him. If your dream is true, the poor Millie jumped out from the frying pan into the fire.”
“Well, let’s have some sleep without the alarm; I wouldn’t like to have more dreams like this.”

Marcus diapered her without the sensor but Betty couldn’t sleep: “Poor mommy.”
Marcus lifted her and carried her to his bed and cuddled her close; she fell asleep in his arms and could sleep until Sunday morning.

On Sunday Betty asked Jason about his brother but his reaction was the same:
“Fred definitely is a criminal; he is a wealthy man but nobody knows about the ways he earns the money. There are rumors about him; he could be a pimp or drug dealer but the police never found evidence. Why do you ask about him?”

“Grandpa, could mom know about him when she was about 10? In my earlier dream she ran away from the burning house and in my last dream she went to him when she was 17.”
“Absolutely not; we told her when she was of age. She only knew about his existence but she sometimes was curious why we never visited him.”
“What did you tell her?”
“Something like he didn’t like us.”
“She couldn’t know how he was when she went to him.”
“Nope, she couldn’t have any suspicion.”
“Poor mom … dream mom. However we can’t do anything.”
“Of course, it is a dream after all. Do you think she exists?”
“No idea.”

Betty also tried to decipher the first dream and asked mom first:
“No chance Betty; there are dozens of cafeteries in the town. Where should we look for it?” mom was skeptical.
“Wait mom. Annie’s dad is a police officer and he possibly could find it. According to the description it is no classy one and police raids sometimes would take place there.” Marcus interjected.
“Well, you should found a new Pinkerton agency or would you prefer a new Sherlock Holmes?” Jason laughed when he listened to the conversation.
“What about Ghost Hunters or Dream Interpreters?” Joe added.
Everyone laughed and Betty was amused: “Well, let’s found the Betty Dream Detectives.
Marcus please,” she soaked her diaper out of laughing. The party ended when Marcus wheeled her to the bathroom. However they advanced in their investigation.

Annie arrived after lunch and Marcus with Betty told her about the dreams and their request.

“Why do you want to know it?” Annie was confused.
“I was a waiter in the cafeteria in my dream. We can find out if the girl exists. She would be my sister though.” Betty replied instantly.
“You have a point there,” Annie nodded: “However I’d add more places. Try the orphanage, hospital or even churchyard. You can find a lot of information there.”
“Annie, you should become a detective,” Marcus grinned at her.
“You can find out how real your dreams are. If they are, the data exist in this world as well.”
“Okay, we arrange a mission next weekend, maybe Tom joins us.” Marcus proposed.
“Tom?” Annie didn’t know about him yet.
“Oh, sorry, he is the boy who supported my back at the concert. He is a nurse in the hospital and he is a very nice boy and … “ Betty blushed.

“Congratulations,” Annie smiled; Betty’s blush revealed much. “All four of us can do common activities.”

“Let’s change the topic. Betty, I promised you something,” Annie grinned and reached into her handbag and pulled out a remotely controlled vibrator. Marcus stared at her wide eyed.

“Marcus, you help your sister a lot and I also would like to contribute. Put a CD into the player and turn up the volume a little. Would you stay or would you prefer to go out for awhile.”
“Annie, I aroused Betty many times and I’m a bit curious.”
“Okay, bring two diapers; we put a clean one on Betty before and we need the second one after.”

When Marcus brought the diapers and put the CD into the player, Annie wheeled Betty to the bed and laid her down; she opened the diaper and rubbed Betty’s crotch with the tip of the vibrator until Betty started moaning and love juices appeared on her sex. Annie slowly inserted the vibrator into Betty, removed the wet diaper and put a clean one on her.

“Let’s have some fun now,” Annie grinned and switched on the vibrator on the low setting. Betty’s moaning got louder and she started squirming on the bed.

Betty felt like in a seventh heaven; the vibrator inside her was much better than plain rubbing her outer lips. She squirmed uncontrollably and Annie had to hold her. As Annie raised the speed, Marcus helped her. He knew what would follow and put a hankie into Betty’s mouth:

“Bite into it and don’t scream please.”
Betty nodded and bit into the hankie when the vibrator pushed her over the edge. Annie and Marcus were holding her on the bed, she bit into the hankie and experienced the massive orgasimc cramps; her bladder and bowels emptied themselves into her diaper.

Annie switched the vibrator off and waited until Betty caught her breath and stopped struggling.

“Wow, it’s been great,” Betty grinned “now I need a change.”

Marcus carried her to the bathroom and he strapped her legs to be sure. He untaped the diaper and started wiping the poop. However Betty started struggling and moaning; she still was aroused, the vibrator was inserted in her body and every touch was like an electric pulse.

“Hey Betty, calm down please and try to control yourself.”
Betty shook her head: “Bro, please, the hankie.”

She bit into the hankie again; Marcus finally wiped away the poop and pulled out the vibrator when Betty struggled in another massive orgasmic cramp.

After Betty relaxed and caught her breath, Marcus cleaned her gently and put a clean diaper on her and untied her.

“Thanks Annie, it’s been really great,” Betty smiled widely as Marcus wheeled her back. She was exhausted and tired.

“Betty, you should experience it with Tommy,” Annie grinned. It was safe; a real sex would be a big problem. Annie gave the vibrator to Marcus to hide it for now.
“Well, let’s watch a movie now; I’m too tired to do anything else,” Betty turned to Marcus: “Could you sit me down on the couch, please?”

“Of course,” Annie nodded and helped Betty sit down between herself and Marcus. They had a nice afternoon until dinner.


Part 11:

The next week passed slowly. On Tuesday after breakfast the phone rang and Millie picked it up:

“Hello, Millie Irwin speaking.”
“Hello, good morning madam. Tom Anderson speaking. Can I speak to Betty?”
“Wait a moment.” Millie walked over to Betty and held the phone at her ear.
“Hello, Tom; how are you?” Betty’s voice sounded cheerfully.”
“I’m good and I have a night shift today; we can meet if you like.”
“Of course I do.”
“Where do we go? I know a rock music museum in the nearby town.”
“Wow, it’s a wonderful idea but I think Marcus and Annie would like to go there as well. Let’s do it on a weekend if you have a day off. However I have another exciting idea.”
“Oh, exciting? I’m all ears.”
“Would you like to become a detective? Do you remember our talk on dreams?”
“That sounds interesting. What would we do?”
“We could go to the orphanage and ask about Patsy and we also could go to the churchyard.”
“I don’t know exactly but Annie told me we should try to get some information there.”
“Okay, I’m on my way. It would be an exciting day.”

Tom arrived about half an hour later. Millie dressed Betty and they could leave immediately.

“Hello, detective Betty,” Tom leaned down and kissed her; she returned the kiss and smiled widely.
“I packed several spare diapers into the bag. You can stay as long as you want to.”
“Well madam, I will take Betty to a restaurant to lunch as well.”

Tom wheeled Betty to his car and helped her sit down on the passenger seat and buckled her tightly. He put the wheelchair into trunk and drove off:

“Betty, what are we looking for in the churchyard?”
“I don’t know exactly. There was Patsy and Millie in my dreams. I don’t know if they exist. However one of them or both could have died and we find the grave. That would be evidence my dreams are true.”
“Of course; you have a point there Betty. The same idea is valid for the orphanage: I also could try to find out something in the hospital. Maybe there are some documents. I have contacts and will do my best. Wow; this really is a detective mission.”

They parked at the churchyard and Tom wheeled Betty to the entrance:
“Oh my gosh; we can spend a week here to search all gravestones and there are two more churchyards in the town.,” Tom shook his head.
“You’re right; let’s try to find another way then. I think there has to be a database of graves. Wheel me to the keeper office.”

The churchyard keeper was a nice old man: “Of course we have got a database. Many people come here to look for their late relatives. Let me show you how to search,” he pointed at a computer in the corner and instructed them.

“Well, let’s start then,” Tom looked at Betty.

“Patsy Bennett, born in 1995.”
Tom typed the name and waited a few seconds: “No record.”

“Mildred Merrill, born in 1978.”
“Yeah, she died on July 11-th, 2000.”
“Oh no,” tears appeared in Betty’s eyes.
“What’s going on? Who was it?”
“My dream mom.”

“Let’s go better Betty;this is hard for you.”
“Wait,” Betty calmed down; she could try one more name.
“Fred Merrill, born about 1945.”
“Yeah, he died on March 13-th, 2001.”
“Okay, let’s go now, thanks mister; you helped us a lot,” Betty smiled at the keeper and Tom wiped away her tears.

“Tom, take me to the library please,” Betty got a new idea. “We can find something on uncle Fred. He probably was a criminal and he died young. There should be some articles in the newspapers.”
“Well, we have enough time,” Tom wheeled Betty to his car and drove to the library.
The receptionist sent them to the reading room C and Tom found the newspaper dated March, 13-th, 2001.

“Bingo,” he showed the paper to Betty.


In the morning a shoot-out took place in a family house. Two rival criminal gangs fought about their territories. The house owner F. M. was killed in the altercation. He was a well known pimp and drug dealer.

The police found several girls locked in the basement …”

“Oh no Tommy. In my dreams she went to him. Five years later she died. Was she locked in the basement too?” Betty cried again.

Tom leaned down, hugged her and wiped away the tears. “It isn’t your fault, princess. Let’s go to the restaurant now. What would you like to have for lunch?”

Betty shook her head; she still was shocked and couldn’t talk about food. Tom nodded and wheeled her out of the room.

“Princess, are you wet?” he whispered in her ear and Betty nodded. Her overactive bladder worked well and she was soaked.

In the family restroom Tom lifted Betty on the changing table, pulled down her pants and opened the diaper. As he cleaned her crotch, she moaned. Despite his skills she got aroused when Tom touched her. Surprisingly it helped her recover from the shock. Tom put a new diaper on her, dressed her and washed her face:

“Are you okay princess?”
Betty nodded and grinned.
“Betty, it would be hard to change you when you moan at every touch.” Tom grinned back.
“Tommy, I can’t help; it is that pleasant.” Betty even looked forward to getting changed again.
“Tommy, let’s go to lunch; I‘d like to have chicken fillets with pommes frites.”

Tom nodded and wheeled her back to his car and drove off to the restaurant. He also was thrilled about his new experience; he should feed Betty in public.

The waiter was confused when she spotted Betty and asked Tom about their order. Tom ordered a beef with potatoes and a cola for himself.

“And what about miss? what would she like to have?”
“Chicken fillets and pommes frites and fruit juice for me,” Betty replied instead of Tom: “I’m quite capable of ordering a meal.”
“Oh, sorry miss,” the waiter apologized immediately.

Tom looked around nervously when he started feeding Betty but nobody turned to them. Betty ate the fillets quickly; she was quite hungry. When they finished eating, Tom held the juice at Betty’s lips.

Betty felt her diaper getting warm while drinking the juice; it definitely was a reflex of her bladder. Now she waited for the consequences of eating:

“Tom, let’s wait a little.”
Tom almost asked her why but he stopped in time. He paid the bill and wheeled Betty out of the restaurant: “We’ll wait outside better.”
“Okay, it wouldn’t be a good idea to stay inside,” Betty realized he was right. About ten minutes later she felt cramps in her bowels and the back of her diaper expanded. Tom wheeled her to the family restroom and lifted onto the changing table:

“Betty, try to think about something else; I really have to clean you thoroughly.”

He untaped her messy diaper and tried to be as gently as possible; however Betty moaned again but she tried her best to stay calm:

“Tommy, you should provide me some pleasure; I’m getting aroused.”
“Wait Betty; we can do it at home, not here in public.” he leaned down, kissed her and put a clean diaper on her.

At the orphanage they faced an unpleasant secretary:

“Why should I give you information? Who are you? We don’t give any info on our inmates.”
“Please miss. I’m looking for my lost sister. We don’t know anything about her and she probably was delivered to your orphanage long ago.” Betty tried out her puppy eyes.
“Well, do you think she’s left the orphanage already?”
“I’m quite sure.”
“That’s okay then. What’s the name?”
“Patsy Bennett, born in 1995.”

The secretary opened a file and browsed it. “Yeah, she really lived here from 1995 until 2013 when she turned 18. She left then.”
“Do you have an idea where she could be?”
“No, she never showed up since she left.”

They didn’t learn anything more but Betty definitely was satisfied. her detective mission was successful. Her dreams proved real. Patsy Bennett existed and Betty could try to find her. Tom drove her home.

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Part 12:

When Tom and Betty arrived at Betty’s home, Marcus had come back from the school already. He welcomed Tom and invited him to this room. Tom removed Betty’s overcoat and shoes and wheeled her inside.

“Hey, detectives, what have you found out?” Marcus was quite curious.
“We were quite successful, bro,” Betty replied immediately. “My dreams are real.”

A knock on the door interrupted their talk and Erica entered the room: “Hey children, cakes for you. Would anyone like a cup of coffee?”

“Thanks madam,” Tom nodded and Marcus did the same. Betty shook her head; she rarely drank coffee and didn’t want to face the consequences that time.

Five minutes later Erica brought coffee and juice for Betty. Tom sat down to Betty and fed her the cake gently while eating another piece.

“Marcus, we have found a record on Patsy in the orphanage. She lived there until she turned 18 but they don’t know about her,” Betty started the conversation when she finished her cake and drank the juice.
“Anything else?” Marcus got more curious.
“My dream mommy is dead; we have found a record in the database. Uncle Fred is dead as well; he got shot by a rival gang.”
“How did you find it out that quickly?”
“Tom took me to the churchyard, to the library and to the orphanage as well.”
“Wow, you are a detective indeed.”

Bety nodded but she felt the familiar urge and her diaper got heavy and warm. It was the second wetting:

“Tommy, please,” she winked at Tom.
“Hey Tommy, you would be busy when together with Betty,” Marcus laughed.

Betty suddenly felt an arousal without any touch. As Tom wheeled her to the bathroom, she moaned slightly.

“Hey Betty,” Tom smiled when he placed her onto the changing table. “Should I strap your legs to the stirrups?”
“Yeah, Tommy, and have a hankie ready.”
“Why? You are wet only. Okay.”

He pulled down her tights, lifted her skirt, strapped her legs to the stirrups and untaped the wet diaper. The love juice smell hit his nose.

As he touched her crotch with the baby wipe, Betty squirmed and moaned louder. She kept squirming and moaning. As he touched her inner parts, Betty moaned louder: “Hankie please.”

The next touch pushed Betty over the edge; her body convulsed in an orgasmic cramp and a stream of pee escaped her peehole. However Tom was skilled and caught it with the diaper.

Tom put a clean diaper on Betty and dressed her: “It would be a challenge to change you, Betty. You have to control yourself better. What do we do in public?”

Betty already caught her breath and her heart pulse decreased to normal.
“Sorry Tommy. I desperately needed that relief. However I have to train self control.”
“Okay love,” Tom lifted Betty and held her in his arms for awhile until he put her back in the wheelchair. Betty cuddled with him and kissed him passionately.

As they returned to Marcus’ room, Marcus looked at Betty and Tom and grinned; he guessed what had happened in the bathroom; they spent more time than usually there. Hopefully mom didn’t notice it.

Betty was happy but exhausted; she almost dozed off while they were listening to music and doing smalltalk. Tom and Marcus sat her on the couch and she was sitting between them. She really felt like a princess and loved both her brave knights.

Millie called them to dinner about an hour later. Tom again fed Betty and they kept smiling at each other. Millie was watching them and she was glad about Betty; her daughter really needed a friend and Tom seemed to be a good one.

After dinner Tom stood up and kissed Betty: “Sorry; I have to go to the night shift now but I will call you soon. Thanks for the dinner madam.” he turned to Millie politely.

Before going to bed Betty asked Millie to put the alarm on her; she wanted to try to catch a dream. She was lucky and fell asleep immediately. However she overslept the alarm and woke up in the morning and her diaper was soaked.

On Wednesday Annie arrived and she had new information. Her father found out the cafeteria name. It was easy to find out and it was Captain Redbeard.

“Thanks, Annie. We can arrange a mission there, would you like to join us?”
“Of course, we can go there with Marcus and Tom.”
“I don’t know when Tom has a day off. Maybe we can do it without him. Anyway he would like to visit a museum of rock music and we should go there together. He would miss the cafeteria mission for sure.”

At that moment the bell rang. Millie answered the door and Tom was standing in front of the door.

“Good afternoon madam,” he greeted her.
“Come in Tom. Betty is in Marcus’ room with Annie.”

Tom knocked on the door and entered the room:
“Hello guys; I have important info on the dream mommy.”
“Welcome Tom; I’m all ears,” Marcus again was curious.
“First things first,” Tom stepped forward and kissed Betty; she returned the kiss passionately.
“I asked my friend in the archive to look for some files on Mildred Merrill. She was delivered to our hospital on 2-nd of July 2000 in a serious condition; she had gonorrhea and pneumonia. The paramedics found her in the street. There is rumor she was dressed like a whore. Nine days later she died.”
“Oh no!” Betty recalled the note on the girls in the basement. “Uncle Fred!”
“Sorry to have brought that bad news Betty. I feel sorry for the poor girl. According to our findings she really existed.

Okay, let’s change the topic. What were you talking about?”

“We found out about the cafeteria and can go there; hopefully we find Patsy.”
“As for me, I have the day shift tomorrow and on Friday. However I have a free weekend. We can do it together and I’d like to visit the rock music museum. Hopefully you all join me.”

“Of course we do,” Marcus and Annie replied unisono.
Another knock on the door interrupted them: “Annie, Tom, do you stay for dinner today,” Millie was standing in the doorframe.
Annie and Tom nodded.

At dinner Millie turned to Marcus: “Marcus, can I ask you for a big favor? Joe purchased a voucher for a wellness weekend for dad, mom, me and himself. Would it be possible to leave you here? Do you take care of Betty?”
“Of course mom; we handle it without any problems, don’t we?” Marcus winked at Betty.

“Sure bro,” Betty winked at Tom.
After dinner Marcus took Betty, Tom and Annie to his room: “Hurray! We have an entire weekend for us only. Change of program! Tom, we will do the mission tomorrow and arrange a wonderful weekend.”

“I have a better idea,” Betty interjected. “If we find Patsy, we take her by surprise and bring here. She is my sister though.”
“Okay, it’s worth an attempt,” Annie nodded.

Later in the evening Annie and Tom left and Marcus prepared Betty for bed and put the alarm into her diaper again. Betty was happy and tired and she fell asleep easily.

She was standing in front of an odd house and knocked on the door. Two men and a small boy were inside and they looked like copies of the same person. To her surprise they told they were the same person.

She was in the house again and she was talking with the oldest man; he just told her about a time machine when the alarm went off.

Betty opened her eyes but there was dark in the room. The alarm kept beeping for two minutes and then it got silent. This time Betty wasn’t sure if that dream was real. All former ones proved real but a time machine? On the other hand she appeared in different times in the dreams and there has to be a possibility to time travelling then.

However, the house was a mystery. Identification of the cafeteria was easy but how could she find a house with two men and a boy inside? Police wouldn’t help this time. The only chance was Patsy. She visited the men though. Patsy? Why didn’t she come if she knew the address?

Betty got tired and her eyes closed.


Part 13:

Thursday and Friday morning passed quickly. Millie took Betty to her physiotherapy session but they didn’t meet Tom that time. Betty was tired after the exercises and she even dozed off after lunch. It often happened and Millie put her to bed with the thick diaper package. She slept for almost three hours. Millie checked on her; the diaper was both wet and messy but Betty didn’t wake up.

When Betty woke up, Millie was ready to depart; everything was packed and she only waited for Joe, Jason, Erica and Marcus to come home. Mille just finished showering, diapering and dressing Betty when Marcus returned from school. Jason, Erica and Joe returned about half an hour later. They packed their luggage, said goodbye to Marcus and Betty and drove off.

“Well sis, what are we about to do? Annie will come soon and I’m sure Tom won’t waste time to be with you as soon as possible.”

“Yeah, we should have a delicious dinner. Did mom prepare anything?”
“No idea but Annie will save us for sure.”
Marcus wheeled Betty to the kitchen and peeked into the fridge and pantry.

“Mommy didn’t cook anything but granny didn’t disappoint us; look,” he brought a big box full of cakes. “Would you like to have one?”

Betty nodded and Marcus gave her a small piece. Suddenly the bell rang and Annie arrived:

“Hey guys, we are alone here, aren’t we?”
“Yeah, alone and hungry, Annie,” Marcus teased her a little.
“You guys always need a female not to starve,” Annie teased back and kissed Marcus. “I make sandwiches for dinner, is it okay?”
“Of course. Take a piece of cake; granny always spoils us.”

Annie smiled, took a piece of cake and started browsing the fridge and pantry to find everything necessary.

“Betty, is this the first time you are alone without mom?” Annie turned to Betty while making the sandwiches.
“Yeah, it is and I’m excited. Tommy will arrive,” Betty smiled at Annie and she felt an itch between her legs already. It really was the first time when Millie trusted Marcus and left him alone with Betty.
“Well, you have a real boyfriend now. I think this weekend would be great. What do you say Marcus?” Annie also was getting excited.
“Yeah, my little sis is getting adult,” Marcus stroked Betty’s hair and kissed her forehead.
“Marcus, let Tom kiss her,” Annie laughed. Anyway she wasn’t jealous and considered Betty her little sister just like Marcus did. She loved Betty from the first moment she met her and she admired her courage.

Tom appeared before Annie finished the dinner. He grinned and showed a bottle of wine.
“Well Tom but we still have to be careful and responsible,” Marcus warned him “No alcohol for Betty.”
“Of course Marcus; I’m a nurse though. It could have severe consequences.”
“Hey guys, do you consider me a cripple?” Betty protested. She felt adult and she was a bit curious. “What could happen? I can’t fall down from my wheelchair and I’m not sick. My medical checks have been okay so far.”
“One cup at most Betty and you don’t tell mom a single word,” Marcus sighed. He had to admit she was right: “However you don’t have any experience.”
“Let’s look at the hero. Which experience do you have bro?”

Marcus got silent; he also didn’ have much experience. In either case one single bottle of wine couldn’t do much harm to four people.

Tom resigned and nodded. They sat down at the table and Tom fed Betty. She leaned closer to him and felt like in heaven. Tom poured the wine into four glasses and he let Betty drink slowly, sip by sip. Betty was surprised by the taste and she suddenly got a bit tipsy; she laughed aloud.

“Tommy, I’m all wet,” she announced when the wine made her pee in her diaper. Tom wheeled her to the bathroom and started changing her. Betty still kept laughing but she also moaned at every touch. Tom had to strap her legs to the stirrups.

They returned to the kitchen but Annie and Marcus had finished dishes. Marcus took the cakes and walked over to his room. Annie and Tom followed him.

“Let’s plan this weekend,” Marcus announced when the wine wore off a bit. Betty also got sober and could join the discussion.
“We know about the cafeteria and we also want to visit the rock music museum.” Marcus started.
“No problem; we have two days ahead.” Tom nodded.
“I think we should start at the cafeteria. Even if we find Patsy, she might be busy and she could join us later.” Annie added.

Betty, Tom and Marcus nodded to that idea and Marcus moved to the DVD player: “Let’s enjoy this evening.”
He chose a romantic movie.

Marcus and Annie cuddled to each other and their mouths met in a long kiss when the movie started. Tom looked at Betty and lifted her from the wheelchair and sat her on his lap. She turned her head and kissed him.

To be honest, none of the four watched the movie; they kept cuddling and kissing. Betty enjoyed Tom’s closeness; it was much better than the arousal on the changing table even if she wanted more arousal. Her arms were useless and the diaper prevented her from rubbing her sex.

As the movie ended, Tom lifted Betty and put her into the wheelchair: “We should go to your room; Marcus and Annie want to have privacy.”

Betty nodded but Marcus reached into a drawer and passed the vibrator to Tom; he also whispered something in his ear. Betty’s heart jumped and she felt wetness between her legs, different from urine.

Tom headed towards the bathroom first, undressed Betty and laid her down on the changing table:

“Betty, Marcus told me to put the thick diapers on you now. You might pee a lot.”

He untaped her diaper, cleaned her quickly and inserted the vibrator inside her. Betty squirmed and moaned when the vibrator touched her vagina. Tom put the thick cloth diapers and rubber pants on her but left her naked otherwise.

“Up to the bed,” he lifted her in his arms, carried into her bed, undressed himself and lied down to Betty. He hugged her tightly, kissed her and switched the vibrator on the low setting.

Betty moaned, returned the kiss and cuddled to Tom; she tried to wrap her legs around him. The vibrator buzzed inside her and she pressed the legs together; however the diaper package kept them wide spread.

Tom got aroused as well and his erect member pressed against the diaper package and he also felt the vibrator even if the thick package separated him from it. He raised the vibrator speed until Betty convulsed in an orgasimc cramp. This time she screamed in joy; nobody could hear her except Marcus and Annie.

As she calmed down, Tom switched the vibrator back on and brought Betty to another climax; she was panting heavily and Tom kept hugging her until she caught her breath and calmed down:

“Would you like more, love?”
“No Tom; I’m exhausted totally.”

“Excuse me love,” Tom had to run into the bathroom and masturbate to get his sexual relief. After that he returned and carried Betty to the changing table. As he opened the rubber pants, the mix of urine, poop and love juice hit his nose. Betty’s crotch still was sensitive and Tom had to strap her legs to the stirrups. Before he pulled the vibrator out of Betty, she exploded once more. It was a great experience when she didn’ have to control her screams.

“Betty, you have to drink a lot of water; you are dehydrated. You also need the thick package for the night.” Betty nodded only; she didn’t mind the extra layer Tom put on her.

Tom put a nightshirt on her, carried her to her bed and brought a bottle of water. Betty drank it up quickly; she was thirsty indeed. Tom lied down next to her, turned her onto her belly and placed his legs over her spread legs; he hugged and covered her and they fell asleep moments later.

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Part 14:

Tom awoke in the morning; Betty still was asleep and the smell of urine hit Tom’s nose immediately. He reached to the diaper package and found it soaked. She was lying on her belly and the diaper front was wet and heavy.

His bladder was full; he stood up quietly and hurried up to the toilet. Marcus and Annie were awake already and they were making breakfast. He heard them and stopped at the kitchen:

“Good morning, our sleeping beauty hasn’t awakened yet.”
“I don’t wonder,” Annie laughed. “We could hear her screams yesterday.”
“Hopefully she got her relief now. She squirmed at every touch when I was changing her diapers.”
“I think she needed it desperately,” Marcus added: “I helped her often but you would be better probably.”
“Isn’t Annie jealous?”
“Why Tommy? She is his sister and I even brought the vibrator to help her,” Annie smiled at Tom.
“Okay, nice. I go check on her and change the night time diapers; she seems to be soaked.”

Tom returned to Betty’s room; she still was asleep and Tom decided to remove the wet diaper anyway. He turned her over gently and opened the rubber pants. As he started cleaning her, she smiled in her sleep and peed. Tom again lifted the diapers in time and Betty opened her eyes.

“Good morning princess; it’s time to get up and remove these nasty wet diapees of you,” Tom leaned down and kissed Betty.
“A wet princess,” Betty grinned “Good morning, my brave knight; you have a hard task ahead. The princess likes the changes if you do it.”

Tom cleaned her and put a clean diaper on her; this time she didn’t squirm. He put a homewear on her and wheeled her to the kitchen:
“Good morning,” Betty’s voice was cheerful and her eyes revealed happiness.

During breakfast they discussed their plans:
“We will drive to the Redbeard Captain and try to find Patsy,” Marcus started the talk.
“Who?” Betty was curious.
“Annie and me. It wouldn’t be good for you to go to that kind of cafeteria. Tom could stay with you and tidy up here. Tom, can you cook?”
“Yeah, a little.”
“Well, take care of Betty, house and lunch. I don’t have any idea how long it takes until we come back.”
“No problem, Betty would be glad to be with me,” he winked at Betty.

Betty was a little disappointed but she had to admit Marcus was right. The whole morning with Tommy was a nice image as well.

Marcus and Annie drove off after breakfast and headed to the cafeteria. However it was closed and they had to wait until almost lunch. Marcus invited Annie to another bistro and they had a cup of coffee; after that they walked an hour along the river side until 11AM when the Redbeard Captain opened.

They entered the cafeteria; Marcus grinned: “Well, cafeteria is a bold name for this … smelly pub.” He led Annie to a corner and waited.

A minute later a girl about 25 arrived at the table and Marcus almost fainted. The girl looked like an older version of Betty. He stuttered when he ordered two cups of fruit juice.

The girl was surprised by the order; she was used to serving alcohol mostly. Anyway she nodded and left for the bar.

“Did you see, Annie? It’s her for sure.”
“Of course. She definitely is real.”

She came back and put the glasses onto the table. Marcus looked around; the pub was empty except the two of them, Patsy and the bartender.

“Patsy?” Marcus addressed her and she stepped back:
“How do you know my name? I’ve never seen you.”
“Patsy Bennett, right?”
“Yeah but who are you?”
“My name is Marcus and I’m your brother.”
“W … what? How’s that possible? Do I have a family?”
“Yeah, you have but we needed a long time to find you.”

Patsy was shocked. She didn’t have any idea about her family; her former memories were erased by the Timetron and she knew about the orphanage only.

“Why did you come here?”
“Patsy, we want to help you and provide you a better life than a waiter in a dirty pub.”
“Are you serious?”
“Of course, we have a house and our dad has a good job. Our grandparents live with us too. It wouldn’t be a problem to accept an extra sister. Come with us.”
“Oh, it’s hard to believe it. I have to work until 9PM today and I have a day off tomorrow.”
“Well, I come at 9PM and take you to our house and to your new home if you accept it.”
“Okay; I need some time to process what I just learned.”
“The ten hours are enough, aren’t they? What can you lose?”

Patsy nodded and left; she didn’t want the bartender to notice her talking with guests. Marcus and Annie drank the juice, paid the bill and left for home.

After lunch Marcus considered the museum visit but he refused that idea; it was too late to drive there. They spent the afternoon playing a turn based RPG; Betty could join that kind of game when Tom acted according to her commands.

After dinner Betty got excited; she couldn’t wait to see Patsy. Marcus drove off before 9PM and he arrived at Captain Redbeard when Patsy finished her shift.

“Ok sis, are you ready?”

Patsy was surprised by how Marcus addressed her but she nodded and got in the car. Marcus hurried up home and ushered Patsy inside:

“Patsy, this is our home,” he proceeded to the living room: “Let me introduce your sister Betty, my girlfriend Annie and her boyfriend Tom.”

Betty and Patsy looked at each other and they immediately realized they were a family. However Patsy was quite uneasy. Will the family accept her?

“Where are the parents and grandparents?” she asked Marcus.
“They arrive tomorrow afternoon. Don’t worry; they know about you already.”

Patsy almost turned away and left when Betty stopped her:

“Hey sis, what are you about to do? Don’t run away please. I couldn’t wait to meet you finally. I dreamed about you and I was you in the dreams. Now I see you in person. Come and touch me; I’d like to know you are real. Please.”

Patsy hesitated and walked over to Betty. She was shocked by the wheelchair a little but she leaned down and took Betty’s hand. All of sudden she got overwhelmed by emotion and hugged Betty.

“Are you real? Are you my sister indeed?”
“Yeah Patsy; I am.”
“But … how did you find me?”
“It’s a long story Patsy. Sit down please and have a piece of cake and tea or coffee. Annie makes it for you.”

Patsy was taken aback. Up to now nobody offered her cup or coffee; she always had to do it for others. She got impressed and sat down: “Coffee please.”

While Annie was making the coffee, Betty turned to Patsy and started explaining:

“Patsy. you won’t believe me but I started having dreams shortly ago. In the first dream I was talking with grandpa and warning him; he should put out the oil lamp. In the second dream I was talking with mom when you were born.”
“What? I’m older than you.”
“Patsy, it definitely is a mystery. I was you and I was talking with mom at the same moment when an old woman was carrying newborn you to the orphanage.”
“Are you sane Betty?”
“Patsy, it was a dream though.”
“Okay then. Why was I carried to the orphanage? Why couldn’t I stay with mom?”
“Mom was homeless; this house burnt down and the grandparents died but she ran away and lost her memory.”
“What? They are alive though.”
“Patsy, it is another mystery. You warned the grandpa before the house caught fire.”
“Did the house burn down or not?”
“Both. In another dream I read an article in the library and learned about the fire.”

Patsy looked around to be sure she was sober and sane but nobody laughed and nobody looked drugged.

“Betty, you said you were me in the dreams. You read about the fire and warned grandpa. But the warning took place earlier though. How is it possible?”

“There is only one explanation possible. You had to travel back in time and change the past by warning grandpa. Marcus, look at the shelves please. Mommy drew a sketch with two timelines.”

Marcus found the sketch and showed it to Patsy.
“It is crazy, there are two realities according to this sketch.”
“Yeah, it looks crazy but every fact has been proven true.”
“The arrows heading backwards are time travels then.”
“It looks like that. Patsy, do you know a house where two men and one boy live together? They are the same person.”

All of sudden Patsy started recalling some memories. Her memory wasn’t erased completely and Betty’s words reminded her of some pieces of memories.

“Yeah, I know the house and I visit the men sometimes. I have a vague memory about a strange machine. I’ll lead you to the house but I’m dog tired now. I should go home.”
“Home? This is your home Patsy. Stay here and we’ll visit a rock music museum tomorrow.” Betty used her puppy eyes; she was quite good at it.

“Okay, this one night but …” she still wasn’t sure if she belonged to the family.
“You can sleep in Betty’s room; there is a spare bed there. However I’m not sure if you fall asleep after the coffee.” Annie smiled at Patsy.
“No problem for me,” Patsy smiled back and she suddenly felt good when everybody was nice to her. She missed a loving family for her entire life and now she found it. She wasn’t able to believe it was true. On the other hand she was a bit afraid to be together with Betty in one room. She’s never encountered a disabled person.

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Part 15:

Tom wheeled Betty to the bathroom to prepare her for the night. He undressed her, showered her and put the nightshirt and the thick diaper package on her. Betty stayed calm; she wasn’t as aroused as before after the wonderful experience last night. Tom carried her to the bedroom, wheeled the wheelchair next to her bed and made the second bed for Patsy. He then left and lied down on the couch in the living room. Marcus gave him a cushion and blanket.

Patsy entered the room but her heart was beating quickly; she definitely was uneasy. She didn’t know how to talk with a disabled girl.

“Hey, Patsy. Why are you that silent? Don’t worry; I don’t bite.”
“Betty … sis … I don’t know what to say.”
“It’s easy; tell me about yourself. How’s been your life?”
“There isn’t too much to tell you. It definitely is miserable. I’m a waiter in a smelly pub and I feel abandoned and alone.”
“How so? You have us though. You are a part of our family.”
“Sorry, I still can’t get used to it. I haven’t known it for a day. What about your … our mom? does she accept me?”
“Why not? You are her daughter though and you saved the lives of grandpa and granny and our uncle Marcus senior.”

Meanwhile Patsy undressed herself into her undergarments, switched off the light and lied down on the second bed.

“Sis, how can you …?” Patsy didn’t know how to ask Betty about her disability.
“How can I what? Live in a wheelchair and be unable to do anything on my own? Sis, don’t be shy; I’m a cheerful teenage girl, like rock music and have a boyfriend. The entire family loves me. Do you join?”

Suddenly tears appeared in Patsy’s eyes. Betty was right and she had all the love she could imagine. It was a wonderful life after all. She stood up, walked over to Betty, sat down and hugged her tightly.

Betty felt a tear falling onto her face: “Don’t cry sis. Everything is OK. Wipe away the tears; I can’t do it.”

Patsy really wiped away her tears and another vague memory appeared in her mind. Love, wealth or health. Who asked it? How did she answer? She missed love. Betty was beloved but she missed health.

“I join sis,” she lied down to Betty and hugged her even tighter. They cuddled to each other and kept silent for several minutes. Patsy felt happy and calm.

“Sis, could you bring me a cup of water; I’m thirsty.”
Patsy nodded and brought the water.
“Help me please, lift me.”
Patsy lifted Betty and held the cup at her lips.

“Thanks. Could you turn me over to my belly? It is more comfortable for me to sleep on my belly.” Betty asked Patsy for help as if she did it every day.

Patsy nodded and grabbed Betty carefully as if she could break in her hands.
“Sis, don’t be afraid to touch me; I’m not made of glass,” Betty laughed.
Patsy turned Betty and noticed the thick diapers between her legs but turned her eyes away immediately. She covered Betty and arranged the cushion under her head.

“Thanks, sis, good night.”
“Good night Betty,” Patsy stroked Betty’s hair involuntarily and almost kissed her forehead but she stopped; she didn’t have courage enough. Instead, she returned to her bed and tried to fall asleep. However her mind was occupied by thoughts about her new family. Was it true or a dream? Finally her eyes closed about an hour later.

In the morning Patsy woke up early; it was dark outside. She heard the light snoring and needed a minute or two to realize where she was. She looked at Betty; the girl was sound asleep and there was a smile on her face; she looked happy like a small child. Suddenly Patsy felt a strong emotion for Betty; she loved her sister and wanted to stay with her. The willpower and courage of the disabled teenager was incredible. Patsy got up slowly and quietly and walked over to Betty’s bed and sat down.

Betty opened her eyes and turned her head to Patsy: “Morning sis. How did you sleep?”
“Not very good; I couldn’t stop thinking of my new family.”
“That’s good that you call us like this. To be honest I’m glad to have another girl in the family. Even if Marcus is nice and attentive, you are different though; we can share girly secrets. Annie also is very nice but you would be closer.”

Patsy leaned down to Betty and their cheeks touched: “You are a great sister,” a tear appeared in her eye again.

“Could you turn the great sister onto her back please?” Betty grinned.
Patsy pulled the blanket away and turned Betty over. A smell of urine hit her nose and she pulled her head away a little.
“Hey sis, this is a wet diaper only Your great sis peed in her sleep and she might need a change. This thick package is a bit uncomfortable.” There was no sign of embarrassment in Betty’s voice; it sounded like :”It’s Sunday today”.

“Betty, aren’t you …?”
“Embarrassed? No sis. I’m a teenage girl who needs diapers for her entire life. You pee in the toilet and I do it in my diapers. It is natural for me to get changed. Unfortunately I can’t do it on my own.”
“Who changes you?”
“Everybody in the family, Annie and Tom. I need it though.”

Patsy shook her head; she wasn’t able to understand Betty how she spoke about diapers.
“Okay, I try to understand you but … I don’t know how to do it.”
“Haven’t you babysit?”
“No, the staff was doing it in the orphanage and the smaller children were separated.”
“Well, I’ll explain it to you. Look into the commode in the corner; there are diapers and cleaning wipes in the bottom drawer. Take the wipes and a diaper.”

Patsy nodded and returned to the bed, holding the diaper and package of wipes.
“Now unbutton the rubber pants and drop the diaper front. Use the wipes to clean my diaper area.”

Betty had to smile when Patsy obeyed her commands clumsily. She looked like she would be afraid to touch Betty.
“Go ahead sis. You should do it more often in the future. Sisters help each other though.”

Patsy nodded and cleaned Betty more thoroughly. Fortunately Betty wasn’t aroused; it would distract Patsy.

“Well, now pull the wet diapers from beneath me and put the clean one below my behind. The front and back side is labeled. Pull the front between my legs and tape it shut. Be careful to pull the tapes tight so I don’t leak.”

Two minutes later Patsy finished her first babysitting action in her life. Betty giggled a bit:
“Your great sister needs to be dressed. My T-shirts are sitting in the top drawer in the commode and the socks, tights and bras in the middle drawer. As for pants and skirts, you find them in the cabinet. I think I need a long sleeved T-shirt, tights and pants; we are about to go to the museum and it’s cold outside.”

“No problem sis. It would be simpler than diapering you,” Patsy found a warm T-shirt, matching pair of pants, tights and bra and dressed Betty quickly.
“Now help me into the wheelchair and we can go to the kitchen. Maybe the others are awake already. Take the wet diapers and throw them into the pail in the bathroom.”

Patsy wheeled Betty to the kitchen and disposed of the wet diapers but nobody was awake; it was too early.
“I’ll make breakfast, Betty; after all I’m a waiter and can cook quite well.”

Patsy really was skilled and the eggs, bacon and toasts were ready in less than fifteen minutes.

“Patsy, I need help at eating, would you feed me please?”
Patsy smiled and nodded; she sat down next to Betty and fed her gently. To her surprise, the care for her disabled sister was pleasant and Patsy felt more like a family member. She ate her own portion when Tom entered the kitchen:

“Good morning, ladies. How did you sleep? Oh, the breakfast is ready, thanks Patsy,” he sat down and started eating. Minutes later Marcus and Annie joined them.

“Well, we can drive off soon,” Marcus announced. “However we could use two cars. Tom can take Betty and I will take Annie. Patsy, what’s your choice?”
“Betty,” Patsy replied immediately; she wanted to stay with her new sister.

Betty smiled at Patsy: “Thanks.” At that moment she felt cramps in her bowels and pushed involuntarily. The back of her diaper got filled and the smell spread across the room.

“Betty?” Tom turned to her but Patsy reacted surprisingly: “Sis, do you think I manage it?”
“Why not?” Betty grinned. “Tom is busy by breakfast.”

“What? You?” Marcus looked at Patsy “It really is a surprise. You know each other for twelve hours only.”
“Betty is my brave sister and sisters help each other though.” Patsy used Betty’s words. “Finish your breakfast and do the dishes meanwhile.”

Patsy wheeled Betty to the bathroom and Betty showed her the changing table:
“Wow, it’s a perfect changing table.”

Patsy lifted Betty onto the table and pulled down her pants and tights and pult her legs into the stirrups:

“It is comfortable for you Betty, isn’t it?”
“Yeah and there are more advantages,” Betty blushed a little.
“Should I ask you? You mentioned Tom shortly ago. Did he change you here?”
“Yeah. He is a nurse.”
“Wasn’t you afraid of him when he changed you for the first time?”
“A little but he was very nice and gentle.”

Patsy opened the messy diaper and started cleaning Betty. However Betty moaned slightly; the rubbing aroused her.
“Oh, I see sis. If Tom was changing you, it would be more pleasant.”

Betty blushed but Patsy smiled only. “Don’t be embarrassed. It is natural to get aroused.”

Patsy was getting skilled and she changed Betty fairly quickly and wheeled her back to the kitchen. Everybody was ready to leave.


Part 16:

Tom was driving towards the nearby town and Patsy was sitting on the back seat along with Betty. She was eager to learn more about Betty. She didn’t have any idea where Betty could have met Tom.

“Sis, forgive me my curiosity but where did you get acquainted with Tom? I can’t imagine how …”
“Patsy, don’t you remember? I like rock music and we got acquainted at a rock concert. Do you think I know our house and hospital only?”
“Sorry, it’s hard for me to imagine; however I have to admire you. Before I ask you the next impertinent question, tell me about your everyday life please. It helps me a lot.”

“Okay sis,” Betty smiled at Patsy: “I spend a lot of time at home at homeschooling; mom is an excellent teacher. She was the best student at the college. However she couldn’t go to work when I was born. Anyway she sometimes accepts small commissions. She is an accountant and tax advisor.

Dad often purchases tickets for theatre performances, concerts or exhibitions and Marcus usually takes me there. Since I got acquainted with Tom, he has joined us so we are two couples.”
“Well, your social life is much better than I was able to imagine. However … How can you learn without writing notes? Are you ever able to use computers?”
“My fingers are clumsy; I can’t unbuttoń my shirt but I can use the touchscreen. I can even play games except action ones.”

Patsy was thunderstruck by Betty’s words. The disabled girl was unable to walk, unable to eat or dress herself, she needed diapers but her social life didn’t differ from any other teenager. She even has found a boyfriend. Patsy was quite curious about their sexual life but this definitely was an impertinent question.

The rock music museum was a great experience for Patsy. She listened to rock music but she never could afford to visit a live concert let alone drive to the museum. They spent about two hours browsing the expositions and Marcus took them to the nearby restaurant for lunch.

Patsy watched Tom as he was feeding Betty and took her to the family restroom afterwards; Betty really was a happy and beloved girl. Patsy tried to recall the vague memories about love, wealth and health but the memories kept slipping away.

When they arrived at home, the parents and grandparents had returned from the wellness weekend already. Patsy again got worried about their reaction and her heart was beating fast.

“Good afternoon,” she greeted them politely. Jason was the first one who reacted; he recognized her instantly:
“Patsy, come to me,” he stretched his arms towards her and hugged her tightly as soon as she got closer. “They’ve found you though.”
“G … g … grandpa?” Patsy stuttered in utter shock. She also recognized him even if he was much older. Old memories appeared in her mind: “It was you in the night when you forgot to put out the lamp.”

Jason nodded but he realized that something definitely was wrong. They talked 8 years before she was born.
“But … you were born 8 years after the day we were talking on. How is it possible?”
“I found a strange machine and was able to travel back in time.”

Meanwhile Millie recovered from the first shock when she spotted Patsy. An unanswered question occupied her mind:
“Patsy, we revealed a lot of Betty’s dreams but why did you travel back in time for the first time? I only can guess the reason.”
“Well, I wanted to find my mother and ask her why she had abandoned me. My life has been miserable.”

“And?” Millie didn’t have the memories from her second life.
“I didn’t have to ask when I realized what was going on. It wasn’t her who abandoned me. I felt sorry for her. Her life was even worse. However I found out her true name and she went to her uncle then.”

“Patsy, we know it and we also know what happened later,” Tom interjected. “Uncle Fred made her a prostitute and she died five years later.”
“W … what?” Jason got angry. He didn’t know the latest news yet. “I’ll kill the beast!”
“Too late, Mr. Merrill. You needn’t take the risk of committing a murder; he is dead already.”

“Well, let’s change the topic,” Millie stopped the unpleasant talk. “We can switch to present; our Patsy has been found finally. Welcome to our family,” Millie stretched her arms and waited until Patsy came closer to hug her tightly.
“Patsy; even if I don’t remember you and you were born in my second life, you definitely are my daughter and part of our family.”

“But … Mrs. Irwin.”
“No buts and I’d like to hear the word mommy.”

Patsy suddenly didn’t know what to say; he hugged Millie and tears appeared in her eyes. Millie kept hugging her and waited for awhile until she wiped away her tears:

“Come with me and help me prepare dinner,” she pulled Patsy away to provide her an opportunity to compose herself. It was a good idea; Patsy could do something familiar.

“Thanks, Mrs… mom?” Patsy was glad she was alone with Millie. She felt uneasy in the living room.
“Don’t hesitate to call me mom; after all I am your mommy,” Millie turned to Patsy and stroked her hair. “Let’s make a delicious welcome dinner.”

Patsy calmed down while she was making dinner along with Millie. When they returned to the living room, a festive table was ready. Marcus and Annie led her to the table and they sat her between Betty and Marcus: “The siblings should sit next to each other.”

The dinner really was delicious and Patsy enjoyed it very much. It was the first time she had dinner in a company and not alone in her small apartment. However she had to go to work the next day and return to the apartment and she got sad suddenly.

“What happened sis?” Betty noticed the change in Patsy’s behavior. “Why are you sad?”
“This is a wonderful dream but it is Monday tomorrow and I have to go back to my work and apartment.”
“What are you saying, Patsy?” Millie was taken aback: “Of course you stay here and you go to school. My daughter needn’t be a waiter in a smelly pub. Don’t worry about money. We are not wealthy but you can live here.”
“Sis, would you like to leave your great sister?” Betty used her puppy eyes.

“Patsy, you go to the pub tomorrow and quit your job. Marcus helps you move from your apartment. I guess your possessions fit into his car. You share the room with Betty and we equip it.”

Patsy’s view slid from Millie to Betty and back. Was it real? Did she find a loving family? Was the miserable life over? Patsy suddenly wasn’t able to handle the change and she broke in tears. Millie walked over to her and cuddled her tightly: “Shh, my Patsy; it’s over.”

Patsy turned to her mommy and kissed her: “Thanks mommy. I don’t know how to repay everything.”
“No problem, do your best at school and dad helps you get an appropriate job. If you are too embarrassed to attend a high school at your age, I can homeschool you. Now let’s finish the dinner.” Millie wiped away Patsy’s tears.

After dinner Patsy stood up immediately: “Mommy, I can help you with dishes.” She quickly collected the plates and cutlery. Millie smiled only; “well, a hand is always welcome.”

When Patsy came back from the kitchen, Marcus left to drive Annie home and Tom left as well; he had the day shift on Monday. Patsy sat down to Betty and turned to her: “Great sis, we’ll stay together from now on.” she leaned down and hugged Betty. Now she felt the love she had been missing all the years.

As the smell spread from Betty’s diaper, Patsy smiled only and she reacted quicker than Millie: “Come sis. I take care of you.”

When they left, Millie turned to Jason: “Dad, we really found her and she seems to be a good girl. She deserves a better fate.


Part 17:

In the bathroom Patsy lifted Betty onto the changing table and undressed her. After opening the messy diaper Patsy started cleaning her crotch. Betty moaned again and Patsy stopped.

After cleaning Patsy helped Betty into the bathtub and started showering her but she again was very careful not to put water onto Betty’s face.

“Patsy, I’m not a baby; you can wash and shower me thoroughly.”
“Okay sis but I have to get used to it; I still don’t know how I can handle you.”
“Imagine washing yourself. I’ve told you I’m not made of glass and don’t break.”

After the shower Patsy gently lifted Betty onto the changing table, dried her, put the thick night time diaper package and the nightshirt on her. Betty had to instruct her several times but Patsy learned quickly.

While Patsy was wheeling Betty to the bedroom, they stopped at the living room: “Good night,” both girls said unisono and left. The parents and grandparents smiled: “Good night.”

Patsy put Betty to bed and returned to the bathroom to shower herself: “Hey Patsy, put on one of my nightshirts,” Betty smiled at her when she came back wrapped in a towel.

“Thanks sis,” the nightshirts were a bit short but Patsy didn’t mind it.
“Sis, I’m glad you are here with me,” Betty started the conversation when Patsy switched off the light. “I had to sleep alone unless I asked Marcus to stay in his room.”

“Did you do it often?” Patsy got curious.
“Yeah, sometimes I slept in his bed.”
“It was a bit strange sis; you had to look like a couple.”
“Mom never found it out and Marcus still considered me his little sister rather than an adult girl. Of course the diaper prevented us from any silly ideas.”

Patsy suddenly felt love and she recalled the important memory.
She faced that choice shortly ago and she chose love. What did it mean? According to the mysterious voice she split into three personalities and she had to choose but she didn’t know which personality would get love, health or wealth.

The flash of knowledge hit Patsy like a hammer. Betty had love but missed health. Patsy missed love and wealth but she was healthy. Did she cause Betty’s condition?

“Betty, sis, do you remember your entire life? I know it’s a silly question but it is very important to me.”
“Of course sis. I remember everything since I was about three.”
“Have you been disabled since then?”
“Yeah, I was born like this. Why do you ask?”
“Betty, I’m afraid we are much closer than sisters. I suppose we are the same person. Don’t laugh over it; the time machine caused it when I changed the past. You didn’t exist until then and neither did grandparents. My mom was not your mom and she was homeless.”

Suddenly Betty laughed but the reason was different: “Sis, if I understand it, I’m just talking with myself and I showered myself shortly ago. Wow, it’s exciting.”
“However, you remember the time when you didn’t exist!” Patsy was taken aback.
“I think the time machine could arrange it easily.” Betty shrugged.

They kept talking for several minutes until Betty yawned: “Sis, I’m a bit tired already. Turn me onto my belly please and we can have some sleep.”

Patsy smiled and turned Betty onto her belly, arranged the cushion and covered her: “Good night, sis.”
“Good night,” Betty closed her eyes and fell asleep almost immediately.

Patsy kept watching Betty and thinking of her decision. Did she make a mistake if she changed the past? If she didn’t do it, Betty wouldn’t exist and Patsy would continue her old life. Betty was disabled but beloved. Now Patsy could share the love. It was her last thought before her eyes closed.

In the morning Patsy woke up early; she was used to it. She got up quietly and hurried up to the bathroom to have a quick shower. Millie already was in the kitchen:

“Morning, Mrs …. sorry, mom. I haven’t gotten used to it yet.”
“Morning, Patsy. How did you sleep?”
“Fairly well and much better than alone.”
“Nice to hear it. Breakfast will be ready soon and I take care of Betty then.”
“Not necessary mom. I do it and I like to do it.”

Millie smiled only when Patsy turned away and headed to the bathroom. Patsy took the shower and returned to the bedroom to wake up Betty. She met Marcus in front of the door:

“Morning sis. I’m in a hurry to school but I wanted to stop to greet Betty; I do it every morning.”
“Nice. Now you can greet both of us.” Patsy giggled.

Betty was asleep when Marcus stroked her hair: “Morning sis.”
“Morning,” Betty opened her eyes and gave him a wide smile.
“I hurry up to school, see you later.”

Marcus left and Patsy took care of Betty; she was getting skilled quickly and she felt happy at it.

Later that day Patsy tried out the homeschooling; Millie showed her everything and Patsy realized it was a good idea. Before noon Patsy left for her work to quit and after that she packed all her possessions in her apartment. They fit into two cardboard boxes.

Marcus arrived at her apartment early; his afternoon lessons were cancelled. He packed the boxes and drove Patsy home.

She put the boxes on the floor in the bedroom when she heard a car horn. A delivery van was standing in front of the house and the workers were unloading several boxes. They brought them into the bedroom and Patsy’s eyes went wide:

“Patsy, you might need some equipment at your new home,” Millie explained. The workers started unpacking and Patsy stared in an utter amazement at the new commode, worktable, chair, a large TV and game console.

“Thanks mom; how can I repay it to you?” tears appeared in Patsy’s eyes when the workers left.
“Patsy, sweetheart, you already have repaid a bit; you became a good and attentive sister. Also, make good use of this worktable. It is important for your future life. I think Betty supports you.”
“Oh, where is she?”
“She’s learning in the working room. Don’t disturb her now; she doesn’t like it. Unpack your possessions better. If you want to, I can help you.”

The unpacking was quick and Patsy joined Millie in the kitchen: “Let’s have a cup of coffee and relax.”
When they finished the coffee, Millie went get Betty. Patsy followed her. They wheeled Betty to the bedroom and she also was surprised. Betty focused on her learning and she ignored all noises.

“Sis, it’s great; we can watch TV and play games here. However, what about Marcus? I always watched TV and played games in his room.” Betty was confused a bit.
“No problem, we still can do it and we also can invite him to our room.”

Patsy lifted Betty from her wheelchair, sat down on her bed, sat Betty onto her lap and hugged her tightly “I’m glad to have family and that amazing sister.” It was Millie’s turn when tears appeared in her eyes.

Tom arrived after his shift and he joined them for dinner. After dinner they sat down and talked about Patsy and her schooling. Patsy preferred homeschooling and Millie promised her to arrange it as soon as possible. The school year had started earlier but Millie could start homeschooling anyway and adapt the exam schedule appropriately. She knew a lot about homeschooling; after all Betty was in her senior year already.

Millie still couldn’t stop thinking about the fate of her alternate instance; would it be possible to change it?
“Patsy? You changed the past but I’d like to help my alternate Millie.”
“How mom?”
“She went to uncle Fred without knowing of his criminal activities. However she could return to present and stay with us using the time machine”

“I don’t know mom if it’s a good idea. The timetron would cause problems. I had to pay for it and I’m afraid that Betty’s condition was caused by Timetron. Don’t ask me anything please.”
Millie and Betty were taken aback but they kept silent. Maybe it was a secret they needn’t know.

“Hey, I’ve got an idea,” Marcus interjected. “I don’t know if it works but the alternate mommy could return home. If the Timetron takes us to the changed past, she still would have her house and family.”
“And our mom as well,” Betty realized the possible problem. “Two Millies would meet at the same age and at the same time. What would happen?”
“No idea,” Patsy shrugged “but I think it could work better than taking her to present.”
“Well, who does the attempt?” Millie looked around.

“I do it,” Patsy reacted but Millie shook her head: “My Patsy, it’s dangerous. I wouldn’t like to lose you now.”
“No Patsy, I’ll do it,” Tom replied. “I’m ready for everything and I promise to be as careful as possible. Patsy will lead me to the house and wait for me. I ask the alternate Millie to wait until I’m back to minimize the risk.”

Betty startled first but she was a courageous girl and supported Tom: “Tommy, you would become the superhero for both mom and me.”



Tom started his mission on Thursday when he had a day off. Patsy led him to the house where her adventure had begun. Both men welcomed her heartily; she had visited them several times earlier. Tom explained his idea and James nodded to it.

“Mr. Anderson, I think your idea sounds good. Patsy changed the past and the consequences affected many people. She literally resurrected deads and undid the fire. She had to pay for it. Your mission returns Millie back to her original life. However your safety measure is good.”

“Okay, let’s start then,” James brought the time machine and Tom turned the dials:

1995, May, 16-th

He wound up the machine and grabbed the handles. Ticking could be heard and the world around him got blurred. Seconds later the blurr disappeared. Patsy and both men had gone and he was with the old James in the house even if James looked younger.

Tom hurried up to the hospital. He knew exactly when Millie left the building and waited for her. When she collapsed on the bench, he approached her.


The girl turned to him and stared at him in utter shock: “How … how … how do you know my name if I forgot it?”
“Millie, it is a long and unbelievable story. However I have good news for you. Do you know your address? Wait here for about an hour and go home.”

“W … what? Our house has burnt down.”
“Millie, it is a mystery but something has changed. Your parents are alive and the house is intact.”
“Mister, are you drunk or drugged?”
“Neither nor. However, come with me and look rather than waiting here.”

He stood up and waited for Millie. She hesitated for a moment but she followed him. Tom led her to the house and stopped in a distance about 300 feet. Millie almost fainted:

“It is intact indeed. Who are you?”
“My name is Tom and I’m the boyfriend of your daughter.”
“How so? Patsy was just born two days ago.”
“Not Patsy. You return to your old life and will have two more children. However you won’t lose Patsy either.”
“How did you come here? How can you know about the future?”
“I come from the future. However I have to return. Wait please until I return and go home then. If you want to, I will show you how I came. Come with me.”

Tom led her to the house with the time machine. Millie didn’t believe her eyes when she spotted the Timetron. Tom turned the dials again

2019, October, 30

He wound up the machine and grabbed the handles:

“Millie; when I disappear, you can go home.” seconds later he really disappeared and Millie hurried up home but she didn’t know what to expect there.

Tom really returned to the right time and Patsy hugged him: “Welcome back. Hopefully it will work.” He said goodbye and drove Patsy home. He also was thrilled.

Millie turned away and wanted to leave the house when her vision blurred and a voice spoke to her:
“Millie, you are about to enter another reality and you meet your alternate personality. She is a successful student. As soon as you encounter her, you become one single person with the memories of both. Choose if you want to stay or if you pass your memories to her. Go and find her at the Crown’s high school.”

Millie’s vision cleared and she left the house and headed towards the Crown’s high school. The students were leaving for lunch when she spotted herself. The same girl, the same face, but she looked younger because of Millie’s hard life.

“Millie.” she approached her copy.
“Hey, who are you,” the student Millie stopped dead in her tracks when she spotted her exact copy.
“Millie Merrill.”
“What? I’m Millie Merrill though.”

The other students left and they were alone. Homeless Millie stepped closer to the student Millie when their vision blurred and they found themselves in a fog.

“Listen carefully plase,” a voice from the fog sounded. “You are the same person in two realities and now you should merge. It is easy but you have to choose which one stays and takes the memories from the other one.”

“It is clear,” the homeless Millie reacted instantly. “My life is miserable and I’m homeless. Millie, stay here and take my memories. It is important.”

The student Millie listened in an utter surprise but she nodded: “Okay, I take your memories. Your idea is right.”

The fog dissolved and the student Millie was alone. She hurried up home as if nothing had happened.

Tom and Patsy arrived at home and hurried up inside:
“I think it worked,” Tom announced instantly. “I sent Millie home and she should get there every second.”
All of sudden Millie looked at Patsy; she got the memories of her alternate personality:
“Patsy, my little Patsy,” tears appeared in her eyes.
“It did work indeed mommy. Tom saved you in the second life. What happened?”
“I met myself in front of the school and took her memories,” Now she remembered both her lives. She stepped forward and hugged her three children.


Patsy graduated four years later and Joe found her a job in the company he worked in. Betty’s condition never improved but she became a successful writer and translator. Millie kept taking care of her. Marcus and Annie got married and Betty with Tom were their witnesses.

Tom and Betty got married two years later and Tom promised Millie to take care of his bride until death would do them part.

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There is a lot here, and I only read the first few parts. I’d have to echo Baby Anna’s first point, a few things seemed to flow odd or a bit confusing. The “Suddenly she got an idea” thing was a bit strange.
However, despite that, it is a fun read. Keep working at it :slight_smile: