Time To Pay The Piper Chapters 1 & 2

Hi Folks,

This is an attempt at a more adult oriented story. These first two chapters are more of a lead in to the main story, setting the stage if you will.

Please don’t hesitate to offer feedback on these, as I am trying a different style of writing here.



Chapter 1

He met her at a restaurant. He had been having dinner with a business associate, discussing opportunities in fiber optic systems, when she caught his eye. Being a patient man, he didn’t hurry the meeting, but made sure to cover every one of his concerns before standing and offering his hand to his associate, thanking him for coming.

He sat back down as the gentleman left the table and looked around to find her. She was no where in sight at the moment. His mind’s eye saw the cerebral snapshot clearly. Her hair was a honey colored blonde. She was small in stature with a petite frame, under five feet tall. Her face was cute with a youthful look to it. He knew she couldn’t be more than twenty. The standard server’s uniform of black pants, white shirt and black vest flattered her diminutive form.

A moment later, he noticed her come through a door. Turning and motioning to a waitress, he asked to see the manager. “Mr. Wilkins, how may I be of service?” the Manager asked when he approached the table.

Charles told him “Can you, being discreet mind you, furnish me with that young lady’s name and address?” discretely indicating the lady of interest.

“Sir, we don’t make it a habit of providing that kind of information on our employees. Perhaps I could introduce you?” The manager said.

Offering his hand to the manager, he said “Perhaps you would make an exception this one time.”

The manager shook Charles’ hand and when he released it, he saw a one hundred dollar bill folded neatly in his palm, and slid that hand into his pocket. “Give me a moment.” the manager said with a smile.

As Greg made his way back to his office, he considered carefully whether he should actually give Mr. Wilkins the correct information or not. When he thought about the particular waitress Mr. Wilkins was interested in, it only took a second to make up his mind. She had been trouble since she had arrived for her first day of work. Sitting at his desk, he wrote the name, number and address of the waitress on a piece of paper and made his way back to the table.

Moving next to Charles, he offered his hand again and told him “If you require anything else, don’t hesitate to ask.” making sure to release the paper as he pulled his hand away.

“Thank you.” Charles replied. He stood then and made his way out of the restaurant. Once outside, his car pulled to the curb in front of him and stopped. A uniformed Driver exited the driver’s seat and hurried around to open the rear passenger side door. “Back to the house Grant.” Charles said as he entered the vehicle.

“Very good sir.” Grant answered, closed the passenger door and made his way back to his seat. He rarely said anything to Mr. Wilkins. He had been working with the man for seven years as his primary driver, but had a hard time relating to him. After all, he was one of the most wealthy people in the country. There was only so much you could say about the weather before both of them became uncomfortable.

The drive took about fifteen minutes. Grant pulled up to the gates of the sprawling mansion and entered the code that cause the wrought iron barriers to swing wide. Once inside, the lane was well tended, unlike the county streets, and they stopped before the entrance to the house two minutes later.

Charles observed the scenery as they made their way from the gates to the house. He was a stickler for detail, and even in the dark would notice if a hedge or shrub had been neglected. Satisfied that everything was as it should be, he got out of the vehicle feeling pride in the people he employed. They each had their duties, and almost without exception performed them beautifully.

When he entered the foyer, Charles removed his coat and Valeda was there to greet him. “Good evening sir.” she said as she took his suit coat.

“Good evening Valeda, I trust everything is in order?” he asked like he always did when he arrived home.

“Yes sir. Do you desire a brandy?” she asked.

“Yes, that would be magnificent, thank you.” Charles replied. Valeda was his trusted household manager, and had been for the last fifteen years, and the only household staff member that he took the time to thank. He couldn’t help but feel good as she gave him the gift of her warm smile. Her graying hair and kind eyes had graced his daily life for so long, he couldn’t imagine what he would do without her. She wore the same uniform that all of the female staff were issued, a navy blue dress with a white apron. Her black sensible shoes had tread many a mile on the old wooden floors. He had told her many times, to no avail, that she wasn’t required to wear the uniform, that she should feel free to wear whatever suited her. She had told him just as many times that it would set a bad example if she didn’t and that the uniform suited her just fine.

He entered his office and found the brandy waiting on his desk. She was quick, efficient and always of good nature. When Charles took the time to think about it, she was one of the few people that he could call a friend. She wasn’t interested in his money, of that he was certain. She had told him on more than one occasion, when he’d tried to make a generous gift to her, that money tended to change people and she liked herself just the way she was, and politely declined the gift.

Charles picked up the phone from his large oak desk, dialed a number, and waited. “This is Eric.” the person on the other end of the phone answered.

“Hi Eric, it’s Charles Wilkins.” he replied.

“Oh, hi Mr. Wilkins, what can I do for you?”

“I need some background on a person. An Abigail Stone.” Charles explained, then gave Eric the address that the manager had passed on.

“How detailed do you want this information to be?” Eric asked.

“Very. I have a personal interest.” Charles answered.

Eric knowing that he meant that he was interested in attempting a relationship with this woman said “I understand sir. I’ll have most of the information sent to you by morning.”

“That will be fine.” Charles told him. He had used Eric many times in the past to get information on people and companies. He had a gift when it came to sniffing out skeletons, no matter how deep the closet.

Eric hung up the phone. He knew better than to expect Mr. Wilkins to say anymore. Never in the ten years he had worked with him, did he ever say goodbye. Getting right to work, he began making calls to contacts, diligently rooting out the information Mr. Wilkins required. After all, he paid very well, and promptly to boot.

When Charles hung up the phone, he took another sip of brandy, lost in thought. He wondered what skeletons would rear their ugly heads in regard to Miss stone. With any luck, she wasn’t a felon, or into drugs or other illegal activities. While he hadn’t seen a wedding band, he understood that waitresses frequently removed them while working the floor to improve their tips.

As a young man, he had worked his share of waiter jobs, and he would always wear a wedding band even though he wasn’t married. Most men saw that and gave a better tip because they assumed he was trying to support a family. Charles had something going for him that most of the wealthy in this country didn’t, he had worked for his money. No trust fund, or dead relative helped him to get where he was and he was damn proud of that fact.

Later as he slipped under the covers of his enormous king bed, he couldn’t shake the image of Abigail. She haunted him. Her small lean body, her sweet looking face. Charles had always liked small women. On the infrequent occasion that he required the company of a woman, he secured the services of discreet call girls. The most important requirement he had was that they be of small stature.

Abigail was different. He couldn’t just pick up a phone and arrange for her to be delivered to his home, ready to perform whatever sexual services he desired. He was going to have to win this one. The challenge made the task all the sweeter. There were few challenges these days, and he welcomed this one.

The next morning, a package arrived as he sat eating his breakfast on the terrace. He pushed the unfinished plate aside, and opened the large envelope. Aside from several photos of this beautiful creature, there were several documents. A credit report, a criminal record report, an asset report and a report on residence.

The credit report showed her on the low end of average. This was no surprise to Charles with the economy the way it was. Unfortunately, people stopped caring about the future when the present became difficult.

The criminal record showed some juvenile arrests, along with some adult misdemeanors. Nothing that would cause him embarrassment if she turned out to be the one he was looking for to share his life.

The asset report contained nothing of interest. Her net worth was set at about fifty thousand dollars. Not unusual for someone in her line of work.

The last one got his attention. It showed that she had a pattern of moving around a lot. The longest she had ever stayed in one place was three years. It didn’t appear that she was one to put down roots. This could mean that she just got bored with things and moved on, or it could mean that there were other reasons, illegal ones that hadn’t gotten the attention of the law. When he saw the total number of moves she had made in the last six years, he ruled out illegal activity being the reason. “No one is that lucky.” he thought to himself.

Charles immediately picked up the phone and dialed his secretary. He asked her to obtain reservations at the same restaurant tonight, and that she should request Abigail to be his waitress. With that settled, he went about his day handling business as it came up, but Abigail was never far from his thoughts.

Chapter 2

Abigail stood in Greg’s office wondering what she had done wrong. When he entered, he said “It seems you have been requested by one of our most prominent patrons. I want no incidents.” he told her. There had been two since she started working there, one involving hot soup and a customer’s lap. “Believe me when I tell you, if there is a problem tonight, then you will be dismissed, period.” he told her, leaving no room for doubt.

Later that evening, when Charles entered the restaurant, he was immediately ushered to his table, tucked away from the loud noise of the regular crowd. His blood ran hot when Abigail approached his table with a smile.

“What can I offer you this evening Mr. Wilkins?” she asked.

He couldn’t help but stare. She was perfect in every way. From her cute dimpled cheeks, to the soft lilt of her voice. Clearing his throat, he answered “What do you recommend?” with a smile. He knew what he wanted for dinner, but he wanted to hear her voice again. He continued to become more and more entranced by this young lady as she talked, making recommendations for his meal. When she stopped talking, he realized he hadn’t paid any attention to what she had said. Not wanting to look foolish, he took the risk and said “That will be fine.”

“Would you like wine with your meal? We have several excellent selections.” Abigail offered.

Not knowing what exactly he had ordered, he couldn’t make an appropriate wine choice, so he opted for ice water.

“Very good, I’ll have your salad and water to you in just a moment.” Abigail told him.

“Thank you.” he responded. He didn’t want to attempt to say any more for fear that he would make a fool of himself.

Abigail left the table and headed toward the kitchen to place the order. She had been amused by the man. He was either an idiot, or he was looking to get lucky. When she thought about it, she didn’t care which. The gears started working in her brain and she saw a way out of her situation.

She was a month past due on her rent, and that meant that at the most she had sixty days to find another place to live. She was also in over her head to a Mr. Granger. He didn’t appreciate when folks owed him money and didn’t make good. Mr. Money Bags might provide the solution. While she hadn’t really done anything illegal, she had come very close to the line as she saw it. She refused to admit to herself that the law would see it differently. Making illegal bets with a bookie was definitely illegal.

When she had found herself in this position before, she always managed to get someone else to take care of it for her, or she quickly moved to another place. She had promised herself several times over the years that she would never gamble again, but somehow always convinced herself that this time it was different. This time she would hit it big.

Once the order was placed, she headed back out to the dining room, and found a spot that would offer her the opportunity to watch Charles without him seeing her. He was in his mid thirties she decided, handsome and polished. His suit was tailored, his hair was combed and perfectly styled, and he appeared to have manners. She decided she would use the innocent ploy on him to see if he was really interested.

As she approached his table, she put on her most innocent face, smiled to show her dimples and moved closer to him that necessary to put his salad and water down in front of him. Putting her finger to her mouth like a girl would, and with a worried expression, she asked “Does that look alright?” in a sweet voice.

When Charles would look back on this later, he would decide that this was the point he became enamored with her. She was perfect for him.

Testing her, he said “That looks just fine Sweetheart.” in a kind manner. When she smiled a big smile at him, his heart leaped in his chest. “My God she’s an angel.” he thought. The thought of holding her close, both of them undressed, caused a rise in his slacks that he was thankful his napkin covered.

“OK, tell me if you need anything.” she said, keeping up the little girl act.

“I will, I promise.” Charles replied as his heart raced. When she turned around and left the table, he watched her cute little bottom as it swayed. He knew then, if it was possible, that she would be his.

All through his meal, he watched to see if she was near, making excuses for her to come over to his table. A refill on his water, a purposefully dropped fork, anything he could think of that would be believable and get her close to him again.

Abigail was excited. He was falling for it! This was her ticket to the big time. If she had this guy in her pocket, she could bet more and make a killing. If she played it right, he would give her anything she wanted. As he finished his meal she asked “Is there anything else I can do for you?” with her big blue eyes looking innocently at him.

“No, I think I’ve eaten all I can. Please bring the check.” he said as he placed his visa card on the table in front of her, wanting to say more, but not trusting himself.

“OK, I’ll get your check then.” she told him and walked toward the waitress station. When the card was processed and the receipt printed, she brought it to the table and asked “You sure there’s nothing else?” hoping he would ask her out.

Charles saw the hopeful expression and threw caution to the wind. “Actually, there is. If you would be so kind as to spend the day with me tomorrow, I would be grateful.” he said with a smile.

“You want to spend time with me? Sure!” she told him, perhaps pushing the innocence too far, but wanting to move things along. “What are we gonna do?” she asked.

“What do you want to do?” Charles replied, trying to keep control of himself.

“Can we go to the fair?” Abigail pleaded.

Charles didn’t like her choice, but if it meant being with her, he would brave the fair with the mud, the crowds and the animal droppings. “Sure. How about I pick you up at noon?” he asked.

“OK.” she answered. Then quickly writing her phone number and address down, she handed him the paper and said “I’m Abby.” with a sweet smile.

“I’m Charles.” he told her, matching her smile.

“OK Charles, I’ll see you tomorrow then.” she told him and left the table, making sure to take her time as she made her way to the kitchen.

Charles couldn’t help watching as she left. She was just so perfect. Once he lost sight of her, he stood and made his way out of the restaurant.

He was smiling as Grant opened the door to the Mercedes. “Thank you Grant. Let’s get home now.” he said jubilantly.

Grant didn’t know what to make of this. Mr. Wilkins had never thanked him for anything before, and certainly never used the word “let’s” as if they were old friends. “Right away sir.” he replied.

As they drove, Charles asked “Grant, are you married?” with a curious expression.

“No sir, never been married, but I have a girlfriend. We’ve been together for four years now.” he replied.

“Hmmm, does she want to get married?” Charles asked.

“She’s hinted now and again, but I’m not sure that would make things better.” Grant answered.

“Are things bad?”

“No, it’s just, I have what I want without being married, why go through all of that.” Grant asked.

“Well, from my experience, she won’t wait forever, and might decide to look elsewhere for what she wants. If you love her and can live with her, without yelling and screaming at each other all of the time, then take the plunge.” Charles explained.

“Oh.” Grant replied worriedly. “I hadn’t thought about that.”

“Trust me, women are very interesting creatures. As long as you give them what they really want, they’ll give in on the rest. When a woman hints at marriage, she’s actually telling you ‘do this or, sooner or later, I’ll find someone who will’.” Charles offered.

Grant shuddered at the thought. Losing Amy would devastate him. “Thanks for the advice Mr. Wilkins. I think I’ll go shopping for a ring before the week is out.” he said gratefully.

“Not a problem, glad to help.” Charles responded. His thoughts turned to Abby as they continued the drive. He would need to be careful. He would rent a car and drive himself tomorrow. That way, she wouldn’t be attracted to money, but hopefully to him.

When he entered the house, Valeda was waiting as usual. Giving her a warm smile, he asked “How are you Valeda?” as she took his coat.

Looking at Charles, she smiled and answered “Fine sir, and how did dinner go this evening?” as she moved to the closet to hang his suit jacket.

Smiling, he answered “Absolutely perfect.”

Waiting until one of the staff moved out of the room, Valeda spoke up with a worried expression. “Who is she Charles?” she asked.

It was rare that Valeda used his name, and that got Charles’ attention. “How did you know?” he asked.

“Oh, I think by the look on your face, and the fact that your feet haven’t touched the ground yet.” she answered with a smile.

Chuckling, he told her “Don’t worry, I’ve done an extensive background check on her. She’s not a criminal and doesn’t appear to be after my money.”

“Appearances can be deceiving.” she told him with a concerned expression.

“I know. Don’t worry Mother, I’ll be careful.” he said with a chuckle.

“I didn’t mean to sound like that, but I do worry about you.” Aleda said with fondness.

“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to poke fun, but I am taking steps to make sure this doesn’t end up like the last time.” Charles explained penitently. The memories of Laura still hurt today. To think that he had fallen so fully for a woman that wanted only his money and his power bothered him. He hadn’t found out until after they were married, and while the prenuptial agreement protected his assets, there was nothing to protect his feelings when the truth was known.

Laura had stood before him at the end and said “I couldn’t believe how easy it was to manipulate you. You were so gullible, thinking that I could actually love you.” and then she laughed.

That one had hurt. So much so that it had been five years before he had even considered looking at a woman for anything other than simple sex.

“Abby’s different.” he told himself. She was beautiful, kind and had the innocence of a child mixed with the intelligence of an adult. She made him feel wonderful by just being around him.

“Alright Romeo, I’ll get your brandy ready. Please just promise me you’ll be careful.” Aleda told him with a grin.

“I promise.” Charles said as he gave her a kiss on her cheek. He really was fond of this matronly woman that had made his home warm and comfortable.

Abby looked at the receipt for Charles' meal and couldn't believe it. He had left her a two hundred dollar tip! Her thoughts raced as the potential for this situation became clear. She would have to take it up a notch. She was impatient to finish her shift, but finally it was over, and she made her way to the bus stop. Getting on the crosstown exchange, she thought about her destination. Living in the city had it's benefits, and one of them was stores that were open late.

Soon, she made her way into Target. While it wasn't Saks Fifth Ave, it had what she was looking for. There would be time and resources later for Saks if she played her cards right. Grabbing a basket, she made her way to the children's clothing. Looking through the clothing, she found a sun dress that looked childish. On her way to the dressing rooms, she picked up a package of girls briefs in the sweetest little girl print she could find, a pair of Mary Jane's, some frilly socks and some hair ties.

Looking in the mirror, she was astounded. She had made every attempt over the years to avoid childish looking clothing. Her size made things hard enough when it came to folks taking her seriously, so choosing her clothing wisely helped. This was the first time she had ever purposefully selected a childish outfit, and it definitely projected the image she was looking for. Lifting the hem of the dress, she had to smile when she saw the cute panties. The way she looked now, Charles didn't stand a chance.

Changing back to her work clothes, she kept the panties on, surprised that they felt as good as they did, and went to the checkout. Pretty soon, she was on the bus again, headed for home.

Charles greeted the driver and took the keys of the rental car, before signing the paperwork. The benefits of wealth allowed him to call and they brought the car to him. Soon, he was making his way to Abby’s and thoughts of her had his blood racing. He looked at himself in the mirror and saw the smile. She made him feel this way just thinking about her.

He had decided to dress casual today. This was not his norm, and had garnished many double takes from the staff as he made his way to breakfast and then out front to get in the car. It was strange what a pair of khakis, penny loafers and a golf shirt could do to the folks around him.

Pulling up in front of her apartment building, he was about to get out of the car, when the door opened, and she stepped out onto the stairs. His mouth became dry and his breathing quickened when he saw her. She stood in a sweet looking yellow sun dress with a childish floral print, that landed just above her knee. Her hair was pulled back into a pony tail, accentuating her childish face. Her legs were beautiful, ending in cute little feet covered now with pastel yellow socks and white shoes.

He knew she was dressed the way she was just for him. It both excited and warmed him to see her do this. “She’s the one.” he thought as he forced himself to get out of the car, fumbling with the seatbelt for a moment before managing to release it. As he stepped out, her dimples hit him like a hammer when she smiled at him. “You look beautiful.” he said, trying not to fumble his words.

“Thank you!” Abby answered with childish excitement. She could see he was captivated by her, and mentally patted her self on the back for having read him right.

“Are you ready to go to the fair?” he asked warmly.

“Oh Yes! I love the fair.” she told him keeping up the facade.

“Well, let’s get going so we don’t miss anything then.” he told her as he offered her his arm.

She put her arm through his and smiled up at him as she pulled closer to him. With his six foot two inch frame, he towered over her. Charles was caught then. Nothing in this world could have prevented him from smiling back at her. He escorted her to the passenger side, and opened the door. When she appeared to have a problem getting the seatbelt buckled, he leaned in and buckled it for her.

“Thank you.” she told him softly with a feigned worried expression, playing it up for all it was worth. She wanted Charles to see her as a girl that needed his help, and it appeared to be working.

“You’re welcome Sweety.” he said as he stood up. He quickly made his way around the car and into the driver’s seat. As he sat down, he asked her “Are you comfy?”

“Uh huh.”

“Good.” he replied, and then pulled up the destination on the screen of the navigation system. While he wanted to appear to be of moderate means, he had made sure the Chrysler 300 he had rented had a navigation system. The screen adjusted itself, and showed that it would be a thirty minute drive. “We should be there in a half hour.” he told her with a smile.

Abby smiled back, and then looked at the navigation system. While she had heard of them, she had never seen one before. Smiling, she said “Neat!” and watched when the angle of the image changed as they turned at the end of the street. The funny thing was, she was only half playing the role when she had said that, she really did think it was neat.

Charles chuckled when she responded to the screen that way. He saw many days ahead of showing her wonderful and fascinating things that would bring wide eyed excitement to this pretty young lady. The thought of that made him feel like he was twenty again.

Soon they had arrived at the fair and were walking from the parking area when he saw Abbey stop. Looking at her, he noticed an anxious expression on her face. “What’s wrong Sweety?” he asked in a concerned tone.

Abby wanted him to feel protective, so she softly said “All the people.” as she placed her finger in her mouth, acting the scared little girl.

Charles saw this and couldn’t help but move closer to her and take her hand in his. When she smiled at him, he loved the fact that she wanted him to protect her. “Hold my hand Sweety and you’ll be just fine, I promise.” he told her. He suspected that she was playing the little girl for him, and wanted her all the more for it.

They made their way around, stopping to ride a ride, or play a game when it caught Abby’s fancy. As they walked past a game involving popping balloons with darts for a prize, The vendor called out to Abby and said “Hi Sweetheart, don’t you want Daddy to win you a big stuffed animal to snuggle with?”

Abby smiled at that, glad that others were taken in by her appearance as well. Looking to Charles, she decided to push it and said “Yes Daddy,” stressing the name, “will you win one for me?” with an sweet expression.

Charles chuckled. He was surprised when she went along with it, but figured if she was game, then so was he. “Sure Sweety, Daddy will win you something, I promise.” as he reached down and patted her bottom.

Abby was surprised when Charles gave her a pat, but didn’t want to spoil what she’d worked to put in place, so she just smiled at him. When she thought about it, it was a good thing. She wanted him to look upon her as a girl that needed his help. How else was she going to get him to give her what she wanted.

Charles smiled at the vendor as he paid the fee and took the three darts. The vendor couldn’t know that Charles had won several tournaments, and would have no problem hitting the balloons. He cocked his arm back and, one by one, popped three balloons with ease.

The vendor, straining to keep his smile, told Abby “Your Daddy’s really good.”

Wanting to play it up, Abby responded “Yes, Daddy’s the best.” with a cute smile.

“Which one do you want?” the vendor asked kindly, resolved that he wouldn’t make money on this little girl.

“The bear!” Abby answered with a big smile.

“Here you go.” the vendor said smiling himself, not able to help feeling good about making this little girl happy.

“Thank you.” Abby said as she took the bear and hugged it close in both arms. Closing her eyes, she nuzzled her face against the soft material and for a moment, got lost in the feelings of a childhood that never was.

Charles watched her as she took the bear. He couldn’t help but smile as she snuggled it. When he saw her start and pull back form the bear with a guarded expression, he wondered what could have caused that reaction.

“Get a grip on yourself Abigail!” she thought to herself as she pushed the bear away from her face. “You’re not a little girl, and Charles isn’t your daddy.” she reminded herself. The words didn’t erase the hurt from long ago though, and she quickly got her feelings under control, scared that she had blown it. Trying to cover it up, she held the bear out to Charles and said “Daddy can you hold it?” with a smile.

“Sure Sweety.” Charles said with a warm smile as he took the bear from her. He took her left hand in his and they started making their way along the stalls. “Do you want something to eat Sweety?” he asked her.

Smiling, she said “Uh huh. I’m hungry.”

“OK, what would you like?” he asked.

Thinking about it for a second, she decided she really wanted a hamburger. Looking around, she saw a stall that offered them and pointed and said “I want that Daddy.”

Charles smiled at her continuation of their little game. “OK Sweety, let’s go get a hamburger.” and walked her toward the stall. They ordered their food and then took a seat at one of the picnic tables there. When he sat down, he was very happy when she scooted right next to him. Thinking a moment, he took a napkin and gently tucked it into her dress, laying it flat to cover her chest and stomach. “Just in case.” he said with a smile.

Abby smiled back at him. She was surprised to find that she was enjoying this little scenario. It made her wonder if it was the potential payoff, or Charles that made it that way. She had spent most of her teens and adult life trying to get folks to not look at her like a child, but here she was enjoying being treated like a little girl by this man. “Sorry Daddy.” she said as a blob of ketchup fell from a French fry and landed on the napkin.

“That’s alright Sweetheart, you enjoy the fries, and let Daddy worry about the mess.” Charles replied. He too was enjoying this charade. When they finished their food, he took the napkin from her dress, folded it several times, catching the ketchup inside, and then gently wiped her mouth. “All clean.” he said with a smile.

“Thank you.” Abby said with a shy grin.

“How about we go someplace else with a lot less people?” he asked.

Abby knew what was coming now. Every man she had ever had a “relationship” with wanted the same thing from her. It involved Daddy getting into her panties. This clouded the enjoyment a good deal, but she pushed her disappointment aside and concentrated on her goal. She was willing to put up with a great deal to prevent some of the dire things she had heard happened to folks that didn’t pay Mr. Granger. Forcing a smile, she said “OK.” and got up from the table.

Pretty soon they were back in the car and on their way to their destination. Forty minutes later, Charles turned into a driveway that had a sign posted that read “Meadowbrook Park”. A moment later, he parked the car and after getting out, he went around, opened the door and undid Abby’s seatbelt for her, helping her from the car. “Let’s take a walk Sweety.” he said as he offered her his hand.

She took his hand in hers, anxious of what was to come, and allowed him to lead her up a path to where a single picnic table stood in a clearing by itself. He took a seat and surprised her by picking her up and sitting her in his lap. She froze for a moment, but when he didn’t reach under her dress, or attempt to fondle her small breasts, she relaxed.

Charles felt her stiffen when he sat her in his lap. He didn’t quite know what was bothering her, but picking her up and sitting her in his lap was not over the line, considering their game, from his point of view. She relaxed a few seconds later and that made him feel better. “Now, I’ve seen the little girl that you enjoy being, but I am interested in getting to know the young lady that you are as well.” he told her. He felt her shift a bit, turning to look at him, and his body’s reaction was completely spontaneous. It embarrassed him that he became erect, but tried not to let it show.

When Abby turned to look at him, she felt him stiffen under her. Thinking to take control of the situation, so that she wasn’t forced into anything, she wiggled her bottom on his lap and said “It feels like Daddy likes the little girl.” with an impish look.

Charles’ reaction was swift and automatic. He didn’t think about it, he just did it. Quickly gripping her shoulders and setting her on her feet, he turned her and swatted her harder than he had meant to directly on her behind. Then taking her chin in his hand, he forced her to look at him and in a stern voice said “Don’t act like a whore Abigail, we both know that’s not who you are.”

The swat was quick and hard, bringing stinging to both her bottom and her eyes. She blinked back tears as she swallowed the scathing remark she almost made to him. Besides the pain of her bottom, she had the pain of knowing that he was right. She had crossed the line, and she knew it. Despite his means of getting her to see it, she was grateful to him that he had stopped her from taking things any further. She didn’t have many things in this world, but her self respect was one of them. After a moment, when she had control of her self, she pushed his knees apart, and worked her way between them and hugged him. “I’m sorry.” she said with genuine remorse. “I didn’t mean to upset you.” she added.

Charles felt bad that he had smacked her so hard, but it was an instinctive response. “I’m sorry I swatted you so hard Sweety.” he told her as he gently hugged her with one arm, and brought his other hand to her bottom, gently caressing it to help ease the pain.

When she felt him caress her bottom, she didn’t get the feel of being in the arms of a predator like she had in the past. If she had to, she would admit that his strong hands felt nice as they helped ease the sting. Much to her surprise, a moment later she found herself becoming aroused by his touch on her backside. “If you keep doing that, I’ll have a real problem, if you know what I mean.” she told him with her head still laying on his shoulder.

“Is that better, or would you rather I stopped?” Charles asked once he stopped caressing her bottom and began patting it.

“Yes, much better, and no, it’s comforting.” she told him.

“Sorry, I really didn’t mean to do that. It was just a reaction. I have nieces that would get the same reaction if they had done the same thing. In my defense, because I know only the little girl, it’s no wonder I responded as if you were one.” he told her.

“It’s OK, you were right. That’s not who I am, and thank you for reminding me.” she responded. “It’s just that in most other relationships I’ve had, that was what men wanted. Perhaps not so quickly, but eventually.” she added.

“I’ll have to admit, to me, the little girl thing is erotic as hell, but until I get to know the consenting adult part of you, I can’t let things go in that direction. That would make me a pedophile, and I’m a lot of things, but that’s not one of them.” he assured her.

She pulled back from him to look him in the eye. When she saw he was telling the truth, she smiled at him. “Most guys I’ve known would have me on the table here and my dress up around my chest, not even caring about the woman inside this small body.” she told him.

“Well, thank God I’m not most guys.” he told her with a smile of his own.

“I tell you what, take me home and let me get into some adult clothes, and we can go get some dinner and get to know each other.” she told him.

Looking at his watch, he noticed it was only three. “We can do just that,” he replied, “but not just yet. Come with me.” he added.

She took his hand and allowed him to lead her down another path further into the park. They emerged from the brush lined path into a playground with a swing set, a slide and a merry-go-round. There were several children playing there, laughing and having fun.

“Daddy isn’t finished having fun with his little girl yet.” Charles told her with a grin.

Abby turned to him and hugged him. He didn’t really want anything from her, he just wanted to enjoy the afternoon with her.

Holding her close, he smiled to himself, happy that he had anticipated her reaction. When he noticed her tears, he pulled her back from him and knelt to one knee.

“I’m sorry.” she told him. “I don’t know what’s come over me, but I couldn’t help it.”

“It’s alright.” he told her, having a good idea of what the problem was. “Look, I can promise you several things right now. First, I’m not like anyone you’ve ever met before.” he told her before she interrupted him.

“You’ve got that right.” she said with a smile, finally getting control of her emotions.

He smiled when she said that. “Second, I have no intention of controlling you. I’ll leave the decisions of how you want to behave up to you. If you call me Daddy, then I’ll treat you like a little girl, because it seems that makes you happy at times. If you call me Charles, then I’ll treat you like I am right now.” he explained and was glad when she smiled at that. “And third, I don’t want anything from you, but what you want to give freely to me.” he finished.

He had read Abby like a book. It scared her that he might know her true motives for pursuing this relationship. “No, if he did, he would have dropped me like a hot potato.” she thought, feeling better. “Thank you.” she said smiling. “You have no idea how much that means to me.” she explained.

“I hope to learn though.” he told her with a wink.

Feeling much better, she grinned and said “But that will have to wait 'til later.” and took his hand in hers. “Come on Daddy! I want to swing!” she told him with a laugh.

Charles chuckled and replied “Alright little girl, let’s go put you on the swing.”

Abby had done many things in her days, but never had as much fun as she did that afternoon. She gave in to the little girl and decided to enjoy herself and let everything else keep for another day. Charles, or Daddy as she called him, spoiled her rotten, pushing her on the swings, catching her when she rode down the slide, and much to her surprise, spent a great deal of energy making the merry-go-round spin at dizzying speeds.

After two and a half hours, Charles told her “Daddy needs a rest Sweety. How about we just go sit down for a while under that tree?”

After having so much fun, Abby pouted a bit as she said “OK.”

Charles smiled and said “Don’t worry, we’ll come back here again, I promise Sweety.” as he took her hand in his and headed toward the tree.

Abby was glad when she heard that. It had been one of the few times in her life that she didn’t have to worry about something, and when someone had taken the time to do for her without wanting something in return, usually something that made her uncomfortable. This wasn’t an exchange, this was something given freely with no strings attached. Because of this it was precious to her. When Charles laid down on the grass, she snuggled close to him, laying her head on his chest, wanting to show her appreciation.

Charles felt her snuggle close and held her. She showed no sign of anxiety when he began to pat her bottom, but nuzzled closer. “Since you’ve been such a good girl today, I think you deserve a treat.” he said and almost immediately regretted his choice of words. She stiffened immediately. Quickly, he added “How would you like to go shopping for a nice new outfit?” he asked.

Abby reacted instinctively when he talked about a treat, and became uneasy. When he clarified it would be a new outfit, she relaxed and smiled. “What kind of outfit Daddy?” she asked, once again comfortable with their game.

“How about an outfit for my big girl? That way you can look really pretty at dinner.” he explained.

“Really?” she asked with a doubtful expression.

“I promise.” he told her with a smile. “I will take you to a special place where they will help you pick out whichever dress you want. And you can get whatever you need to match.” he explained.

Abby got excited at the prospect. She heard the familiar warning bells go off in her head, but ignored them. Charles was different. “He’s a different kind of Daddy.” she thought and smiled at him, hugging him tighter for a moment. Then, sitting up, she asked “When can we go?” excitedly.

Charles chuckled and said “Alright, let’s head to the car. I don’t want my excited little girl to get too impatient.”

When he sat up, she hugged him around the neck and planted a kiss on his cheek. “Thank you!” she exclaimed and got to her feet quickly.

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Time To Pay The Piper Chapters 1 & 2

Well BB this is a good start but what else should we expect from you.(How about another 100 or more chapters of snuggles, hurry please the wait is unbearable. But we will gladly accept an scraps that you toss our way.) Keep up the good work.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapters 1 & 2

I think it’s an insult to call this “scraps.” I think it has great potential, and I like where it’s going. :slight_smile:

Definitely wanna read more when it gets posted. :smiley:

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Time To Pay The Piper Chapters 1 & 2

I really like it but I can’t wait for another chapter of Snuggles and Tears.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapters 1 & 2

a great story BB

You really personify the characters, and give a realistic feel to them.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapters 1 & 2

Didn’t mean in that way if you take what I wrote as a whole you would understand that. What I meant by it was that it was good but I would prefer to see more of the snuggles and tears. I have been reading this forum and the last for some time now and i have noticed that once an author starts posting another story that the previous has a tendency to get dropped or hurried to an unsatisfactory conclusion. Also I believe that in saying that we would gladly accept any “scraps” that BB was willing to toss us, I was complimenting BB"s writing and story telling abilities which when compared to many on this forum or others, I judge to be far superior. So please accept my apologies for your lack of comprehension. 8)

Time To Pay The Piper Chapters 1 & 2

BB: I hadn’t read your post on chapter 90 about taking a break on that story. I understand about wanting things just right. As I said before we’ll take whatever you offer us, but please don’t keep us in suspense for too long on the other. You keep writing and I’ll keep reading. Excellent job so far.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapters 1 & 2

Thanks folks for taking the time to offer feedback. This is really important to me, as this is a different style of story, and I want to make sure that I get it right.

I know that this is starting a bit slow, but I think it will help in the long run.

Don’t worry, I have no intention of leaving Snuggles and Tears as it is, nor would I ever try to rush it to a conclusion. That one is special to me. I just needed to take a break to allow time to get a clean perspective, and this story has been rattling around in my brain for the last month or so.



Time To Pay The Piper Chapters 1 & 2

Well it sure is different all right. The emotions aren’t as intense as “Snuggles” (yet) but it still captivates. You have two interesting characters moving towards the same destination from two very different directions, and won’t they be surprised at when and where their paths intersect and combine. Somehow I don’t see this one lasting over 100 chapters, though.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapters 1 & 2

I thought that was a great start with lifelike, believable characters. Charles thinks he’s got the measure of Abby, but Abby is playing an even more clever game…she thinks. What next?