Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

They spent the rest of the morning and the afternoon at the park. Charles was very happy to see her running and playing with the other kids, as a little girl. While she had started out tentatively, she soon gave in to the little girl and was swinging and sliding with abandon, giggling all the while. He hoped to spend years taking time to play with her like a child. While she obviously knew what to do, she behaved as if playing happily was a totally new experience for her. Every now and again, not more than thirty minutes apart, she would run back to him for a hug, as if she were making sure that he was still real.

Abby was really enjoying herself. She and Denise were swinging together, giggling as they tried to go higher and higher. After twenty minutes of this, Denise said “Let’s go on the see-saw now.” as she slowed her swing with her feet.

Abby liked the idea, and said “Sure.” Once she stopped her swing though, she looked over, saw Daddy sitting there watching her, added “I’ll meet you there.” and jumped off the swing, running to give Daddy a big hug. She just knew that at some point he would disappear and this incredible time would be over. She would be forced to face the empty life she’d known for so many years. “I love you soooo Much!” she told him with her arms wrapped around his neck, feeling him patting her bottom. She loved it when he patted. It made her feel like warmth and love and kindness were enveloping her whole body at once.

“I love you too, Sweety, very, very much!” Charles told her. He thought it was cute that she needed to “touch base” with him every now and again. A part of him didn’t ever want to get to a point where she didn’t want to do that anymore. A second later, he said “Someone’s getting impatient Baby.” as he heard Denise call “Abby! Come on!”

Abby quickly kissed his cheek and scrambled down off his lap. She was at the see-saw a moment later, straddling the seat and holding on with both hands. She smiled when Denise sat down and she felt her feet raise up off the ground. Pretty soon, the two girls had gotten their rhythm, and were chatting again.

“Why you keep running back to your Daddy?” Denise asked with a smile.

“I just like to give him hugs. I love my Daddy.” Abby said, smiling for all she was worth.

Denise thought that was funny. She started laughing and as children often do, she was mean. “You’re a baby.” she told Abby through her laughter.

Abby took great offense to this, and stated very firmly “No I’m not!”, her lifelong need to assert her maturity kicking in.

“Yes you are, only babies run to Daddy or Mommy for hugs all the time.” Denise added with even more laughter.

That was more than Abby could take. The sad thing was, she knew that there was a small amount of truth to what Denise was saying. Toddlers do run to their parents to make sure that they are still there should the child need them, and that is pretty much what Abby had been doing. Thinking for a moment about the best way to put this little brat in her place, Abby decided on her course, and as she got to the bottom of her cycle, with Denise in the air, she rolled off the see-saw and watched as Denise landed hard on her bottom. “No one calls me a baby.” she told the crying little girl.

Charles had been watching as the two girls took turns rising into the air. He couldn’t understand what they were saying, but when he heard the argument start, he paid closer attention. He saw Abby roll off and saw Denise fall. He wasn’t happy that she would do this, but wanted to find out what had caused her to potentially hurt the child. Abby turned then and came walking toward him with an unhappy expression on her face. Charles saw the girl get up and head over to what he assumed was her mother. When Abby reached him, he took her hands in his and asked “What happened Sweety? You two were having a lot of fun.”

Abby, not wanting him to get upset with her, said “I slipped off and she fell.” It seemed like the world shifted for a moment, it happened so fast.

Charles knew with a certainty that she had just lied to him. The response was completely automatic and out of his control. He took her shoulders in his hands, turned her and smacked her hard three times on her bottom, telling her “You don’t ever lie to me Abigail, ever!” he told her very clearly.

Abby was stunned for just a second, until the pain of her bottom became clear. She burst into tears, partly because it really hurt, but also because she knew that while she was not ‘technically’ lying to him, she was keeping things from him and had entered this relationship with an ulterior motive. This caused guilt to swamp her and rather than demand that he never put his hands on her in anger again, she hugged him around the neck and said through her sobs “I’m sorry Daddy.” wanting to hide her face from him so he didn’t see her guilty expression.

Charles was almost as surprised at his reaction as she was. When he thought about it for a second, he realized that he wanted to make sure he didn’t go through another situation like the one with his ex-wife. He knew with a certainty he would never be able to handle that with Abby. He loved her so completely, it would destroy him. He held her close for a moment, letting her cry, before pulling her back where he could look at her and said “I can’t handle that Sweety, not from you. Promise me you’ll never lie to me again.”

Abby was caught now. She hadn’t had any intention of lying to him, just misleading him. As she saw it, they were different. Lying involved telling someone something that was not true, misleading involved presenting things in such a way that another person would come to the desired conclusion without you having to say it. She instantly decided that the risk of loosing him because she wouldn’t promise was much greater than losing him because he found out about the gambling debt. If she had her way, he wouldn’t find out about that. “I promise.” she said sobbing.

Pulling her close again, he held her, gently rocking her as he said “I love you Sweety, and I just can’t handle that, I’m sorry.”

Abby knew her best bet was to say nothing and just let him hold her as she cried. She flinched when he started rubbing her bottom gently. After a second, it started feeling better and she relaxed as her sobbing settle down to soft tears. “I love you too, please don’t be mad at me.” she told him after a while.

“It’s alright Sweety, it’s all over now.” he told her. “Why don’t we go get some lunch?” he asked, looking at her.

“OK. I’m hungry.” Abby responded with a small smile.

Charles felt better when she smiled. “Alright Baby, let’s get that tummy full.” he told her with a smile and picked her up and carried her to the car, holding her close with her head on his shoulder.

A little while later, they were seated at a small restaurant, eating their food. A thought occurred to Abby and with a sad expression, she told him “I’m going to have to go home after lunch. I have to work tonight.” She hated working for that ignorant ass, but needed the money.

“I’ve been thinking about that.” Charles told her as he saw the sad expression on her face. He hated to see her sad. “Why don’t you work for me?” he asked, and then quickly added “Well, not exactly for me, because that is never a good idea, but work for one of my Administrators. I have a foundation that I’m in the process of setting up that will help young college kids that have what I think it takes to make it in business. I need someone that will be able to see through the normal bullshit that people throw at you when you interview them. I have the impression that you might be extremely good at that sort of thing.” he said with a smile. “Not only that, your size will weed out the idiots. If they can get through an interview with you and treat you with respect, then they will perhaps be worth talking to.” he added.

Abby was stunned. She hadn’t, in her wildest dreams, ever thought she would get an offer like that. Charles was right though, if anyone could see through a line of bullshit, she could, and for once, her size would add to her effectiveness in her work instead of making it ten times harder. The thought of not having to ask another server to hand her an order from the window out of her reach, and then listen as they condescendingly tell her “Here you go Honey.” was wonderful. “What can I say, I’ll take it.” she told him with a smile.

Charles smiled wider. “You will make slightly more than three times what you do now.” he said.

With a curious look, she asked “How do you know what I make?”

“I waited my fair share of tables in college. Not only that, I asked what the average rate was at the restaurant.” he told her.

“Oh.” she told him with relief. She felt nervous at the thought of him asking around about her. “When would I start?” she asked, seeing immediately that the extra money would give her what she needed to pay Mr. Granger. It would take a little while, and he would certainly tack on exorbitant interest, but she would get it done.

“The foundation isn’t completely set up yet. It will take about two weeks before you can start.” he explained. When he saw the look of disappointment on her face, he said “I was hoping you would agree to just spend that time playing in the daytime with Daddy.”

The delay would make it difficult. She would have to call Mr. Granger and somehow get him to give hr more time. The thought of spending the next two weeks having fun with Daddy was more than enticing, and she readily agreed.

Later that evening, as they dined at a nice restaurant, she leaned over and said “I need to use the ladies room. I’ll be back in a minute.”

Giving her a kiss, Charles said “I’ll be right here.”

Abby made her way to the restroom, and when she got there, she pulled her phone out and dialed the familiar number.

“Granger investments.” a woman answered.

“Hi, I need to speak to Mr. Granger. This is Abby Stone.” she said.

“Hold on just a sec.” the woman told her and hold music immediately played over the line.

“I’ve been looking for you little lady, it seems you didn’t come home last night.” an older gentleman with a permanent sneer in his voice said.

That scared Abby. If she had gone home last night, there was no telling what would have happened to her. The fact that she had few friends and no relatives meant that she might have been gone for weeks before anyone noticed or cared, if anyone cared at all. “Look Mr. Granger, I don’t have the money yet, but I will. I need three weeks, and I can pay it in pieces. Charge me interest if you have too, but I will pay it.” she told him.

“Honey, I’ve already given you time. This was supposed to be paid two weeks ago. This is what I’m gonna do. I know an associate that’s real fond of little girls. I could convince him to pay your debt for a couple of days of you bein’ real nice to him. It’s either that, or I find you, and when I get done with you, no one is ever gonna want to look at that cute little body again, you understand me?” Mr. Granger explained, leaving no question that he meant what he said.

“Jesus!” she thought. She’d normally run at this point, but that would mean losing Charles, and she wasn’t going to lose him no matter what the risk. The thought of being with another man repulsed her, especially as a little girl. That was special now. It belonged to Charles. “Please Mr. Granger! I swear, I’ll pay it! Just give me more time, please.” she begged.

“I can’t do that, and even if I could, I won’t. You shoulda called me sooner Sweetheart. Now take down this address and if you aren’t there at noon tomorrow, then I’m gonna put the word out that I want you found. I know a lot of people girl. Don’t think I can’t find you.” he told her.

Tears falling to her cheeks, Abby got a pen from her purse and said softly “Where is it?” and scribbled nervously as she listened to the address.

“You be sure and give my associate a good time, you hear me? If I hear that you were the least bit uncooperative, then the deal is off and he won’t let you leave until I send Roy over to collect you. Things will get real bad from there, believe me.” he told her.

“I understand.” Abby told him. She was trapped. She didn’t know if she could go through with it, but if she didn’t, then things would get a lot worse.

“Oh, and Sweety?” he asked.

“Yes?” she managed to get out around her tears.

“He really enjoys spankin’ a girl’s behind. Gets a bit overzealous if you ask me, but you have a good night.” he told her with a chuckle and hung up the phone.

Abby cried hard then. She had no idea how to get out of this one. She had always prided herself on being able to get out of a scrape, but this was different. It took thirty minutes to get control of herself. She just hoped that Charles didn’t ask too many questions. She checked her makeup in the mirror, and fixed her face, then returned to the table. She sat down and with her stomach in knots, had no intention of touching the food left on her plate.

Charles saw the look on her face and how pale she was, and asked immediately “What’s wrong?”

Trying hard not to burst into tears, she told him “I have to go home. I need to take care of something, and I won’t be able to see you for a couple of days.” having made her decision.

“Look, Abby…” Charles started.

“No, please just take me home. I need to get this over with.” she said through quiet tears.

“Alright.” he said, dying to know what in the world would have this affect on her.

Very little was said on the ride to her apartment. When the car stopped, she turned to him, hugged him tight and said “I love you. Please, just let me get this over with and everything will be fine, I promise.” and then kissed him.

Charles didn’t like the sound of that. Returning her kiss, he said “I love you. Please, come back to me.” as tears stung his eyes.

“I will, I swear.” she told him and quickly got out of the car before she changed her mind. She watched in tears as the car made it’s way down the street.

When she opened the door to her apartment, fresh tears and clenching fear grabbed her. The place was completely trashed. Later, after trying to straighten her bedroom enough to sleep, she would realize that the only clothing that didn’t get destroyed was a child’s short dress she had never seen before; It hung by itself in the closet. Below it were a pair of socks, girl’s shoes and a pair of Disney Princess panties. She cried herself to sleep that night.

Charles got to his home, and immediately went to his office. Picking up the phone, he dialed Eric.

"This is Eric."

"Eric, it's Charles. I need some information, and I need it as fast as possible." Charles said.

Hearing the frantic tone in Mr. Wilkins's voice, Eric said "I'll do my best, what do you need Mr. Wilkins?"

"I need you to find out what calls were made to and from a cell phone. I also need to know who those folks are." he said and gave Eric the number.

"Alright, I'll see what I can find. With any luck, you'll have that information first thing in the morning." Eric replied.

Charles sighed and said "If that's as fast as you can make this happen, then it'll have to do."

"Unfortunately, the folks I need to talk to won't be in until morning. Sorry Mr. Wilkins." he said apologetically.

"No, it's not your fault Eric, just do the best you can." Charles told him and hung up the phone.

It was a very difficult night for Charles. He tossed and turned, repeatedly picking up the cell phone at the bedside to make sure he hadn't missed a call from Eric. Finally giving up on sleep, he made his way to the shower, making sure to take his cell phone with him.

He was eating on the terrace when Eric called. "What've you got?" Charles asked quickly with a mouth full of eggs.

Eric knew this cell belonged to Miss Stone. With a sigh, he said "Well, you're not going to like this, but the last call that went out on that cell was to a Mr. Robert Granger. He's definitely not someone that I would ever think about doing business with. As they say, he's a real bad apple Mr. Wilkins."

Fear gripped Charles. "What does he do?" he asked.

"He's a bookie. Makes all kinds of illegal bets. And if you don't pay, he's the nastiest around when it comes to showing his displeasure at that." Eric explained.

"That explains it." Charles thought. All of the moves in the last six years that Abby had made made perfect sense now.

"And Mr. Wilkins?" Eric interrupted Charles thoughts.


"He's looking for her." Eric told him with sympathy.

"Shit. Thanks Eric, I appreciate it." Charles said and immediately hung up the phone. Dialing another number, he said "Hi Alice, I need to speak with Richard as soon as possible. A life may be at stake here."

Abby was terribly frightened as she stood outside the door of the address that Mr. Granger had given her, looking every bit a little girl in her outfit and with her hair in two pigtails. She kept telling herself that she was doing this to make a life with Charles. She would put up with whatever this man put her through to get to where she wanted to be. It was worth it to her. Bringing a picture of Charles kind face to mind bolstered her courage enough to ring the door bell. A moment later, a large man in a dark suit answered the door. “Can I help you?” he asked.

“I was sent here by Mr. Granger.” Abby answered.

The man opened the door and ushered her inside. “Wait here.” the man told her and walked down the hall before disappearing through a door. A moment later, he came back and said “Follow me.”

Abby was led into a paneled study. The furniture looked expensive and the carpets were thick and oriental. She saw a large fat man sitting on a couch as she moved further into the room. “What’s your name little girl?” he asked Abby.

“Abby.” she answered softly.

“Well, come on over here Abby and give Uncle Steve a hug.” he said reaching an arm out toward her.

Being very frightened, she hesitated for a few seconds, before taking tentative steps toward the man. When she got close enough, he grabbed her arm hard and pulled her so she stood right before him.

“I see I have to teach you to mind Uncle Steve. When I tell you to do something girl, you don’t take your time about it, you do it immediately, and just the way I tell you.” he said angrily.

Abby tried to back away, but couldn’t break his hold on her arm. He picked her up and laid her across his lap, ignoring her struggles. Pulling her dress up out of the way, he started slapping her harder than she;d ever been hit before. His large hands pounding her small bottom again and again. Sobbing uncontrollably, she screamed “I’ll be good! Please! Stop! I’ll be good!” as he continued to hit her.

After what seemed like forever, he stopped hitting her and roughly pulled her panties down to her ankles, still holding her on his lap. Pushing her legs apart, he reached his fat hand toward her crotch and began running his finger along her vulva. The feeling repulsed her greatly, and she fought to keep from vomiting as she sobbed.

“You’re a sweet little thing.” he told her. “But you need to get that little cooch nice and wet for Uncle Steve.” he added with a chuckle.

When Abby felt him shove a fat finger up inside her, she cried out. It hurt terribly.

“I told you girl, make it wet.” he said with menace. Then decided on another course and told her “Get up.” as he picked her up and stood her in front of him. “Get undressed girl, and you better make it quick, or your butt will pay the price.” he demanded.

Abby, not seeing any choice, quickly removed all of her clothing. She was trembling as she stood there naked before this fully clothed man.

“Now, this is what you’re gonna do. You’re gonna open my pants here, and you’re gonna take old horse out and suck on it like a lollipop for a while. All the time your sucking, you’re gonna put those little fingers to good use and play with yourself making things real wet down there so it’s nice and slick for when old horse has his fun. Understand?” he asked with a feral gleam in his eye.

Abby, not trusting herself to speak, nodded and got down on her knees between his legs. She quickly opened his pants for fear if she took her time, he would beat her again. Pulling his penis through the opening in his shorts, she took the end in her mouth and began sucking. Again, with fear motivating her, she brought her hand between her legs and started working her fingers against the sensitive area, praying to God that she could make herself wet.

When he was fully erect, she felt him put his big hand on the back of her head and push her down, forcing more of him into her mouth. She panicked when he pushed so far that he occluded her airway. Bringing her hands up, she tried to push off of him. She felt both of his hands then and he held her there saying “If you want a breath, then you’ll stop struggling little girl.”

She immediately fought the impulse, and pulled her hands away. Two seconds later, he eased her back up long enough for her to get a breath and then pushed her back down. Up and down he moved her head, and she managed to figure out how to breathe through the process. “Get those fingers busy girl, it’s almost time to fill you up.” he told her.

She quickly resumed paying with herself trying to will the fluid from her body.

When the door burst open, and Charles followed his friend and the other officers into the room, he was at first shocked at what he saw. Anger soon swamped him as he took in the picture of his Abby kneeling between the legs of this fat bastard, her mouth on him, her head being held in place. When Charles saw the red hand prints overlaying early signs of bruising on Abby’s bottom, he started to step forward. Richard grabbed him and said “No.”

Steve Carlton was completely at a loss for what to say when he saw the uniformed police officers point their weapons at him. He quickly pushed Abby forcefully away from him, causing her to roll to her back, but not before several photographs had been taken. “I…I…” he started but was interrupted by Richard.

“You have the right to remain silent.” Richard started reciting the Miranda.

Charles was at Abby’s side in an instant. He picked her up, making sure to avoid coming near her bruised bottom, and sat down in a chair across the room. He just held her close.

Abby was shocked to see Charles approach her. She was mortified. When she figured out that he had seen her kneeling before this man, servicing him like a common whore, with her fingers diddling herself, she burst into tears.

“It’s OK…Shhhhh….I’ve got you….You’re safe now.” he told her as tears made their way toward his jawline. He held her close and rocked her gently back and forth. “Daddy’s got you Sweety, Daddy’s got you.” he whispered into her ear, making sure that no one else in the room heard him.

Abby heard that and it broke any defenses she had. She lay there crying like an infant, sobbing her heart out. She clung to him, never wanting to let go.

“It’s all over Baby, Mr. Granger is in jail.” he explained.

That was the best news she had ever heard in her life. Sobbing still, she said the only thing that came to mind; “I love you.”

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Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 7

“Houston, this is Aquarius.”
Copy that, Aquarius, what can we do for you?
“Houston, we request more. That is M-O-R-E, over.”

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 7

All I can say is, Wow, BB!!

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 7

I can certainly see why this was a hard one to write BB.

The way that this chapter was pulled off really was very well done.

You managed to make it that Abby did not have to tell Charles about the danger she was in, there by giving her the opportunity to pay off her debt and save face.

It definitely is not outside the realms of possibility that a successful businessmen such as Charles, would have friends and contacts within the law enforcement agencies.

You showed us some of his contacts when Charles had an investigation done on Abby at the start.

I get the feeling from reading this, that Granger had actually sent Abby there to be killed slowly, or at the very least he knew that that was a distinct possibility. Going along the lines of a typical loan shark, he has certainly lived up to that reputation.

It was good to see that Charles was able to come in with the Police, but that, even though it was a nice touch, may well be outside the realms of possibilities, as they really had know idea what situation they were going into. Though creative licence can stretch things a little.

It was great timing that they burst in when they did though, to save her from having to endure any more from that creature.

It was nice to see that Granger also was arrested. I just can not help but feel that this may well not be the last time he rears his ugly head. Going with the persona of loan shark, he now has an axe to grind with both Charles and Abby.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 7

Another awesome story BB.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 7

I can’t wait for the next chapter of this story.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 7

“Aquarius, this is Houston.”
“Roger Houston, go ahead.”
“Aquarius, you’re request will be on it’s way shortly, over.”

DA this had me laughing last night, thank you.

Thanks Icey. I’m glad you like this one.

Thanks wimsett, that means alot to me.

Hit the nail on the head there.

Alright, where did you get a copy of my outline?!?! LOL

Thanks wimsett, the things you list here, tell me that I did my job as a writer. They aren’t written in so many words, but still come across.

Thanks MMB (sorry, I’m sick again and trying to limit the backspacing, so I’m shortening names), the next chapter will be up in just a few minutes.

Thank you all for the feedback,