Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Charles woke with the sun shining in the window. He looked at Abby and had to smile. She was snuggled up close to him, her head on his chest, her left arm bent at the elbow, resting on his chest. Her thumb still occupied her mouth, occasionally being nursed as she slept. She looked every bit a little girl right then. The sun shining on her honey colored hair gave it highlights that made her look almost ethereal.

He began gently patting her bottom as she slept. She looked so at peace, just like a sleeping child should. When he leaned down to kiss her gently on her cheek, she stirred slightly. A moment later, she withdrew her thumb, and the serene appearance gradually disappeared. The stress of adult life slowly made it’s way into her expression. Charles felt sadness at the loss of innocence.

Abby opened her eyes. She immediately smiled as the memories of what had happened last night came to her. Looking up to Charles, her smile disappeared when she saw the look of sadness on his face. “What’s wrong?” she asked.

“It was just sad to watch you stop nursing your thumb.” he told her.

“What?!?” she exclaimed, “I don’t suck my thumb!” she emphatically told him.

He was going to tell her ‘yes you do.’ but changed his mind, and said “I’m sorry, it must have just looked that way.”

Abby was glad to hear him say that. She wasn’t some toddler that needed to nurse at night. Smiling again, she told him “Appearances can be deceiving. Everyone makes mistakes.” trying to make it easier on him.

Charles thought it was odd until it occurred to him that she had no idea that she was sucking her thumb in her sleep.

“Last night was incredible, thank you.” she told him gratefully.

“I don’t know what you’re used to, but that’s what it’s supposed to be like.” he told her with a smile. Something suddenly occurred to him and with a worried look, he told her “I….you looked so much like a little girl…it didn’t even occur to me to use a condom.”

“Don’t worry about it,” she said with a trace of bitterness, “I can’t get pregnant.”

Charles wanted to ask why, but didn’t. He would let her tell him in her own time if she wanted to.

When he didn’t immediately ask why, Abby was thankful. It was usually the standard reaction. Wanting him to understand, she explained “A long time ago, there was an….incident. It left scarring that made it so I can’t conceive.”

His first instinct was to say ‘I’m sorry.’ but pushed that aside and asked “Do you want to have children?” instead.

“Well, honestly, no. I don’t think I have the emotional makeup to be a mother. Not only that, a mother isn’t supposed to look like her nine year old daughter. I can just imagine the teasing that would bring.” she answered. She was worried that he would not want to go any further with her because of it. Trying to mask the concern, but failing miserably, she looked away and asked him “Don’t you want children?”

When Charles saw her worried look, he wanted to immediately tell her no. Instead he thought about it candidly. He had always enjoyed spending time with his nieces, cuddling them and having them look upon him as someone they could trust. He considered the situation some more and came to an honest decision. Taking her chin in his hand, he made her look at him and said earnestly “I’m going to do something that’s completely out of character for me.”

When he removed his hand from her chin and she was still looking at him, he told her “I want to tell you a story.”

Abby was curious what he was getting at, but waited for him to continue.

I grew up outside the city. My father wasn't a wealthy man, but he made a pretty good living. I was sixteen or so when my first love decided she wanted to be with someone else. She broke my heart one Friday night, and the next day, I needed to go and help my father with a job he had for one of his customer's. 

Dad was a plummer and we went out to this country club. We had to pull this pump out of this four hundred foot deep well and replace it with a new one. The equipment that we normally would use to do this wasn't working, so we were forced to pull it up by hand. The pump only weighed about forty pounds or so, but all of the water in the pipe made this so heavy that four of us had to work together to pull it out of the ground.

All through the morning and the afternoon, as we kept pulling that pump up, I was moping terribly. After all, I had just lost my girlfriend. The old man we were working with, his name was Russ, watched me occasionally, but was kind enough not to say anything or laugh. It was six in the evening before we finished putting the new pump in place, and Russ, as he did frequently, invited us over to his house for dinner. I didn't really want to go be sociable, but to please my Dad, I went along quietly.

I sat through dinner eating what was put on my plate, and the food was delicious, even to a moping teenager. When dinner was done, Russ asked my dad and I to "go out on th' porch an' sit a spell."

The sight of Charles sounding like he lived way out in the back woods was so ridiculous, Abby found herself laughing until her sides hurt. “I can just see you wearing bib overalls and a straw hat.” she told him laughing some more.

“If’n ya wait a spell, an let me git this here story done, you might git t’do jus’ that.” he replied, sounding even more comical to her then.

When she finally calmed down enough to listen again, he continued the story.

Well, to appreciate this, you have to understand that Russ was probably one of, if not the ugliest man I had ever seen. His nose was long and pointed, broken at some point, and his mouth looked like it had been put in a vice and pushed together at the sides. This gave him really misaligned teeth, and didn't do a lot for his appearance. His wife however, while not a beauty queen, was not ugly by any means.

When the four of us sat down on the porch, Russ looked at me and said "You look like you been bit by th' bug." with an understanding expression.

I asked him "What bug?", not understanding what he was talking about.

"Well son, th' broken heart bug." he answered.

I just looked away at that point, feeling embarrassed that it was that obvious. After all, if he could see it, then anyone could.

"Oh t'aint nothin' t'be 'shamed of, we all been bit once'r twice." he told me putting a strong hand on my shoulder. When I turned back to look at him, he smiled and said "trus' me son, it'll prolly happen a'gin."

That actually made me feel better, believe it or not. Only because if it could happen more than once, than I knew I wouldn't be feeling the way I was forever.

"First one's th' hardest tho." he told me and then turned to my Dad and asked "Am I Right?"

My father smiled and said "Oh, you're definitely right about that." with a chuckle.

Turning to look at me again, Russ said "Now Charlie, ther're lots an' lots a girls out there, an' you gonna meet, an' prolly wanna spend time with a bunch of 'em, but I wancha t' remember sump'm boy as long as ye' live." and sat back in his chair. He started filling his pipe with tobacco and didn't say a word until he was finished. Holding the pipe in his gnarled old right hand, he gestured at me with the stem and said "There's only one."

This didn't make any sense to me. He had just said I would spend time with a bunch of girls, and yet there was only one. I asked "Huh?" feeling stupid.

Old Russ smiled at me and asked "I ain't the perdiest fella you ever did see, now is I?"

I didn't know quite how to answer that one. I didn't want to hurt his feelings.

"Oh it's alright boy, you kin be honest." he said still smiling.

With a smile, I shook my head no.

"Good boy Charlie, it don't do no good t' lie." with a chuckle.

"You see that pretty young lady sittin' right there?", he asked smiling, gesturing with his pipe toward his fifty something year old wife. When I looked at her, she was blushing like a school girl with sincere love in her eyes as she looked at him. I remember to this day wanting to have a girl look at me like that when I'm old and wrinkled.

"Well, even in my younger days, I wadn't nuthin' t' look at. I remember th' first time I saw her. It was at th' state fair. I knew then, she was th' one. I saw her an' the whole worl' stopped right in it's tracks. Oh I'd had a few women by then, and knew perddy much what it was about, but nuttin' like this ever happened t' me b'fore. I pestered and pestered her for weeks after that, an' finally she let me take her out. It wadn't seven months later, I made 'er m'wife." he explained. "Now Charlie, it's been goin' on thirty five years now since we been hitched, and I wouldn't trade one day of it. When I git up in th' morning and go t' look in this here ugly mug, I know she loves me, and 'cause o' that, for jus' a second, I see m'face as she does, an' it makes it alright."

His wife sat smiling at him with tears in her eyes. "You're such a good man Russ." she told him.

"Ya see Charlie, she loves me an' that's more important than money, stuff, an' power all combined. You remember that Charlie, and remember, ther're lots o' women out there, but only one fer you." he told me sincerely. A second later he added "I knowed yer Daddy here a long time, and oh 'bout tree days after he met yer mamma, he come t' me and tol' me he'd found th' one." with a sad expression. Looking to my Dad, he asked "Am I right?"

Dad, taking a second, answered "Yeah, she was the one."

It had been five years since she'd passed but I saw he was still missing her a lot. I thought about that for a second and then asked Russ "But how do I find her?"

Smiling, he said "Oh, don' worry 'bout th' findin', worry 'bout th' keepin'. She'll find you, you jus' be sure and hol' on to 'er." with a chuckle.

"What do you mean?" I asked interested.

"Well, t' keep 'er, ya got t' put 'er first." he told me. "don' git me wrong, a man needs some time to hisself now and agin, but most o' th' time, she need t' come first. An' don' be 'fraid t' tell 'er y' love 'er, that there's th' most important thang. Ever' day y' tell 'er, and y' mean it, ever' day." he finished with a smile.


"That old man was probably the wisest man I've ever known. For all of his accent and funny way of talking, I learned more from him than anyone else in my life." Charles told her. He leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips. "You're the one for me." he said. It was said simply and without any doubt. "At the park, I had a feeling. At dinner I knew. After last night, I was certain." he clarified. "You are in a unique position to give me everything I need. A woman to love and share my dreams, my hopes and my life with, and a little girl to share snuggles and swing sets and giggles with. With you in my life, I don't need anyone else." he added and then kissed her again.

"Have I told you you're a VERY special man?" Abby asked tearfully with a smile.

"I think you've said that once or twice, yes." Charles answered with a chuckle.

"If I have my way, it'll be a million times more before I'm done. You treat me with respect, you listen to me, you have shown me things I never knew existed. I want to spend forever with you, not because of your money, or your power, but because of who you are." she told him, tears freely flowing now.

He pulled her into a close embrace, holding her tightly for a moment. Moving his mouth close to her ear, he whispered "I love you."

Abby heard those words and couldn't help but cry. She'd had no idea until she'd met him what it was to be loved by a man. He had put her first in every situation. After several minutes of softly sobbing as he patted her bottom, she told him "I love you too."

Charles just looked at her and her face, the room, life, became vibrant with color. He felt so alive, he want to shout at the top of his lungs, for everyone to hear, just how much he loved her.

They laid there for a long time, just enjoying the closeness. No more words needed to be spoken. When his stomach got his attention, he looked at his watch and noticed it was nine ten. It was no wonder he was hungry, he normally ate breakfast at eight. "Are you hungry?" he asked Abby. When she looked at him, he saw the love in her eyes, as he had in Russ' wife's so many years ago and couldn't help but smile.

"Yes, I'm starving." Abby told him, wanting to eat, but not wanting to let go of him. She was afraid it was all a dream, and she would wake up hungering for his love, his touch, and everything about him.

"I'm going to need a shower. How about you order some breakfast? Just pick up the phone and dial room service. Order whatever you want, and I'll have cofee, scrambled eggs, bacon and some white toast." he told her.

"How do I pay for it? Do they take a credit card?" She asked. She had no idea what it would cost, but was sure it would be expensive.

When Charles saw her concern, he answered "You don't. It will automatically be billed to the room."

Abby felt terrible. Here he was paying for her again. She hated herself when she thought about why she origionally agreed to spend the day with him. She had to find a way to settle her debt with Mr. Granger before Charles found out. Then it would be something she could put away and never think about again.

Seeing her expression, he told her "Look, I've had money for years, you I haven't. I don't want this to be a problem when I go to pay for things. Please, let me handle things for a little while."

"You don't understand." Abby told him.

"Then help me to understand." he practically begged her.

"I can't." she said. "But I will, I promise." she told him, trying to get him to just leave it be.

"OK." he replied, willing to trust that she would tell him when she was ready.

"I just have to take care of something." she tried to clarify.

"Look, if you need help…." he started to offer.

"No!" Abby said more forcefully than she had wanted to, resisting the temptation to take advantage of his offer. "No, this is something I have to take care of myself." she told him softly.

"Alright." he said and let it go. Giving her a kiss, he got up from the bed.

"I need a shower too. Would it be alright if I order breakfast when I get out?" she asked.

"Sure." he told her with a smile and then made his way into the bathroom.

Abby heard him talking a moment later. When the talking stopped she asked "Are you in there with someone I don't know about?" trying to lighten the mood.

Charles told her through the door "I needed to call the office and let them know I wouldn't be coming in today. And besides, my girlfriend has been hiding under the sink all night and I felt bad because she was getting a little stiff." with a chuckle.

"She better be the only one in there getting stiff." Abby said with a laugh.

Standing there, he laughed. She was an incredible woman. A moment later, he stepped into the shower.

Abby laid on the bed thinking about all that had happened in a single day. She knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she would spend the rest of her life with Charles if he let her. 

The bathroom door opened couple of minutes later and Charles stepped into the room wearing a thick robe. He looked at her and smiled, he couldn't help himself.

Abby got up out of the bed and paused beside him, looking up at him with her lips pursed. When he gave her a kiss, she made her way into the bathroom and closed the door. She was in the shower for ten minutes, and felt much better once she finished. Taking the robe from the back of the door, she laughed when she pulled it on. It was WAY too big for her. Rolling the sleeves, she wrapped it around her two full times and tied the belt closed. It hung down to brush against her toes. When she opened the door and walked into the bedroom, she heard Charles chuckle. "Very funny." Abby told him with a smile.

"I'm sorry, I really am." he told her, trying to get control of himself. "It didn't occur to me to ask for a smaller robe." he said contritely despite his smile.

"It's alright. Although I don't know what I'm gonna wear now. It would look rediculous to be leaving here in a cocktail dress in the morning." she told him.

"Come here." he told her as he took her hand and led her to the closet.

Abby watched as he opened the door. There were several outfits hanging on hangers in front of her. Some looked mature, and some childish. "Where did these come from?" she asked.

"I called to have them brought over while I was making sure my girlfriend was alright." he answered with a smile.

She smacked his arm playfully and then hugged him. "I see there are clothes for a small woman and for a child in there." she remarked.

"I have been thinking about this. Things will get confusing if they are constantly changing. It's up to you, but I thought that we might set some guidelines as to when you are to be which." he suggested.

"That sounds like a good idea. What did you have in mind?" she asked.

"Well, I thought that the daytime is the best time for Daddy's little girl to play in the park. Evening's I would prefer to spend with the lady I love. The nights, well, we can leave that open." he explained.

She smiled at him. She had really enjoyed the time they spent at the park yesturday. Reaching up and pulling a hanger with another cute sun dress on it from the closet, she stopped and said "Ummm…"

"Right here." he said, handing her a clean pair of girlish panties once he pulled them off the shelf of the closet.

"Thank you." she said with a blush and a smile.

"I can't have my little girl running around with a bare bottom now can I?" he asked looking shocked. "It wouldn't be decent." he added. He shared Abby's laugh and something occurred to him. "Sweety, I think it would be better if we kept any sexual activity confined to the night for now. Otherwise, I would get really confused."

"OK Daddy." she said with a smile.

Reaching over, Charles gently took the hanger from her hand and said "Let Daddy do it Baby, Daddy would like to dress you." and he laid the dress on the bed. Taking the panties from her hand, he untied her robe, and pulled it off of her shoulders. Holding her panties out and down where she could reach them, he said "Step in Sweety."

Abby smiled as Daddy brought her panties up over he bottom and settled them in place, giving her a soft pat on her bottom. A second later, he pulled the sun dress over her head, settling it on place and helped her get her arms through the openeings. Next he put socks on her feet and then a pair of cute sneekers followed. Once he tied them for her, he took her to the bathroom and brushed her hair out. Gathering it into a pony tail, he put the hair tie in place, and turned her toward the mirror.

"You look adorable Little Girl." he told her.

She smiled as she saw her reflection. She did look cute. Turning, she held her arms out and said "Hugs Daddy." in a cute little girl voice.

"Come here Sweety." he said as he pulled her close, lifting her up and hugging her tight as he patted her little bottom. "I love you Baby." he told her with a kiss to her forehead.

"I love you too Daddy! So much!" she told him with a big hug. She closed her eyes with her head on his shoulder as he rocked her gently back and forth.

There was a knock at the door a moment later. Charles walked to the door holding her in his arms. When he opened it, the room service person pushed a cart into the room, heading over toward the table. Once he had the breakfast set up, he turned to them. "Well aren't you a pretty little girl?" he asked, hoping that by flattering his little girl, her father would give him a better tip.

"Thank you." Abby said, making sure to look as cute as possible. "And Daddy is takin' me to the park!" she added with an excited giggle.

"I bet that will be a lot of fun huh?" the waiter asked.

"Yep!" she told him with a smile.

Charles stood smiling. She was behaving just like she looked. "This is good." he thought. It would make today a lot more fun for her if she really got into it. He handed a tip to the waiter and watched him leave. "Alright Sweety, let's get you fed." he said as he sat her down on one of the chairs at the table. When she reached for a piece of toast, he said "Hold on Baby." and spread a napkin out, placing it inside of the neck of her dress. Smoothing it, he told her "Just in case." with a smile.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 6

Just cause I want to mix my replies up a bit….


Also… meeting the wife at the State Fair…

The redneck in me can appreciate that, but it’s still hilarious.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 6

“She better be the only thing in there getting stiff.”

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Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 6

This was another good chapter.

I like the way that you separated the dialects using the ~~~. This made it easier to differentiate between them, and is far easier to read than doing them in italics.

I really do not see the need to include diaper content in this story. From the way that you have set things up so far, I think that it would detract from the over all story.

The story that Charles shared regarding the incident that happened when he was sixteen was a really good touch.

Abby seems to have now totally gone away from just using Charles and has actually started to love him, from what we have been given as background information, this may well be the first time that she has actually loved a man.

Its good to see that she has a consiouns with regards to paying for breakfast etc.

I really hope that she is able to pay off the bookie without getting seriously hurt, and without unintentionally hurting Charles in the process.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 6

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Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 6

Please don’t forget about Snuggles and Tears.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 6

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Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 6

Well BB that makes two of us , that should tell you something. Keep up the god work 8)

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 6

Thank you folks for giving feedback on this chapter.

I had hoped that what I was trying to get across wouldn’t be lost in the “accent” of old Russ. While some folks might think I was poking fun at this old man, not at all. I knew a man like him once. Ask him about algebra or physics and he’d be the first one to tell you “I don’ know nothin’ 'bout all that.” But ask him about people, and he’d be dead on every time.

The story also allowed me to work some more on telling something from a first person perspective.

Tommy, I have to admit that I chuckled at that myself. Glad you liked it.

Well, I ask you to bear with me on this wimsett, I think you just might change your mind before we’re done.

and I’m gald you apprciated the story. That tells me I achieved what I was after.

Again, you picked up exactly what I was after here. This is the first time Abby’s been in love.

I really hope that she is able to pay off the bookie without getting seriously hurt, and without unintentionally hurting Charles in the process.

I don’t think that it’s possible to have both of those, given the circumstances.

I can assure you that couldn’t happen. But please, don’t remind me every time I post one of these chapters. It will be probably three weeks before I start re-reading Snuggles to pick up where I left off. Tommy was right, this one couldn’t be a hundred chapters long.

This is probably one of the best compliments I’ve had on my writing, because it shows that I’ve achieved what I set out to, and made it believable. Thank you.

And Russ, Ditto. :smiley:

Thanks all, I really appreciate your feedback on this.