Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 5

OK Folks,

I decided, since there were no requests not to, I’d write the details of their encounter. This was difficult for me as I had to keep telling myself “She’s not a little girl, She’s not a little girl, She’s not a little girl.”

This is definitely not for children, but it’s as classy as I could make it and not leave any points out.

Again, If I offend anyone, please let me know.




Chapter 5

Charles smiled at Abby and gently kissed her forehead. “Thank you Sweety, you are such a good girl.” he told her, continuing to caress the cute cheeks of her bottom, knowing it would arouse her greatly.

Abby felt his gentle hand moving across her panties, and it was starting to make her wet. Knowing it would please him she said “You’re makin’ my panties all wet Daddy.” As she wiggled her butt for effect.

He had never been this aroused in his life. The sound of her talking like a little girl, telling him she was becoming wet, made it difficult to control himself. At this rate, he would explode without his manhood ever having been in contact with her. “It’s alright Sweety, we’ll get you clean panties in a little while, I promise.” He said.

Feeling his breathing accelerate, Abby knew she was having a definite affect on him by playing her role. She had every intention of making things more intense as they continued. This would be one night he would never forget if she had anything to say about it. It wasn’t that she felt she owed it to him, but she really wanted to give him this. Surprising herself, she knew that if the opportunity came, she would do this for him again.

This wasn’t some stupid creep, forcing her to be something she wasn’t. This was a very special man that thoroughly enjoyed what only she could give him. She had never been thankful in her life for her small size, until now. It allowed her to give him something that he couldn’t readily get anywhere else. It hit her a second later. For the first time in her young life, she was enjoying an intimate encounter with a man, and she wasn’t fearful or feeling used. Tears fell then, and she turned her head, trying to hide them from Charles. She was enjoying this and didn’t want her inability to control her emotions to interfere.

Feeling wetness on his chest, he looked at her. When he saw the tears, he immediately stopped caressing her and began patting her bottom instead. She had told him it was comforting. “What’s wrong Sweety?” he asked sincerely.

Feeling bad that she had spoiled the mood, she said “Nothing, please don’t stop, I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it.” With a thick voice.

With a determined tone, he said “I’m not going to continue with this until you tell me the reason for the tears.”

Turning so she could look at him through tearful eyes, she said “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to spoil it. It’s just…” and she stopped because if she continued, she knew she would look stupid.

He held her tighter while still patting her bottom. He gave her a moment to begin again before saying “Just what?” with an encouraging tone.

“I’m enjoying this.” She said quietly and began softly sobbing.

“What’s wrong with that?” Charles asked, not understanding. “Does she think this is over the line?” he thought.

“You don’t understand.” She told him. “It’s never happened before.” She added tearfully.

“What do you mean?” he asked with concern.

Trying to get control of herself, she nuzzled her face against his broad chest, feeling his chin against her forehead. “I’ve never chosen to do this before. It was always terrible, and I just tried to get through it.” She answered.

“Abigail, if you don’t want to do this, I’ll be fine with it. I mean it.” Charles told her, not wanting to make things worse for her.

“No, please don’t misunderstand; I’m incredibly wet right now, feeling Daddy’s hand gently rubbing my bottom. But only because you’re Daddy.” She tried to explain through her tears. “I’m sorry, I’m not really doing a good job of explaining.” She finished.

Charles continued to hold her, never stopping his patting. It appeared to help. He was trying to piece together what she told him. When he finally put it all together, he turned to her and asked “You never enjoyed playing a little girl in bed? Or you never enjoyed sex?” he asked, wanting to make things clear.

“Both.” She said in a whisper, afraid he would think less of her as fresh tears fell.

Reaching to take her chin in his fingertips, he turned her to look at him. “OK, this is what we’re going to do little girl. Daddy is going to show you what this SHOULD be like. If at any time you want me to stop, you just say stop. I’ll immediately cease whatever I’m doing.” He told her with a warm expression. Wiping the tears from her left cheek with his thumb, he asked “Is that OK?”

When Abby nodded her head with a small tearful smile, he said “Do you want me to wait or stop if you cry?” wanting to make sure she knew he had no problem with it.

Smiling wider at his gentle concern for her, she told him “No Daddy, these are happy tears.” With a wink to let him know she would be fine.

Charles decided right then that this night would be about her. He would show her what a caring and gentle man can do. “Alright Sweety, Daddy’s gonna make you feel wonderful.” he told her as he stopped patting and resumed gently caressing her cute behind. With her laying on her stomach and her knees straddling his waist, he had clear access to her most sensitive parts. Slowly moving his hand down, he was soon rubbing gentle circles over her vulva.

Abby felt his hand stimulating her and couldn’t help but begin rocking her hips with his motions. His fingers felt wonderful as they brought her higher and higher with their gentle touch. Wanting to get him back into the game, she said “You’re makin’ my pee pee tickle Daddy.” in a sweet, breathy voice.

“Does your pee pee feel good Baby?” he asked her, with a slight increase in the speed and pressure of his rubbing. He felt her breathing quicken, and she started to squirm.

“Y-Yes Daddy.” she tried to get out. She felt him bring her closer and closer to the crest, and wanted him to know that she was close. “I need to wet Daddy!” she said breathlessly, “I need to wet real bad!”

“Don’t wet your panties yet Sweety, hold it in.” he told her, wanting to take her higher. “Be a good girl for Daddy and wait Baby.” he added. The sight of her squirming in excitement, trying desperately to keep from going over the edge increased his arousal by ten fold.

“Oh Daddy…Please…I need to wet so bad!” she managed to get out. She was so aroused it almost hurt. Fighting to keep from giving in to the feelings, she squirmed as her hips rocked faster of their own accord. “PLEASE Daddy….PLEASE!…I need to wet my panties!”

“Not yet Baby, just a little bit longer. Try real hard for Daddy, it will be so much better, I promise.” he told her, continuing to stimulate her.

“Ohhhh….Daddy……Ohhhh….” she moaned, trying desperately to hold on. She was constantly moving her head now, while gripping tightly to his chest. The sensations almost overwhelming her.

Charles held off for a few seconds more, then suddenly increased the pressure and speed of his ministrations, making sure to stimulate her most sensitive spot. He watched her squirm for six or seven seconds more and then said “OK Sweety, wet your panties for Daddy, wet REAL hard for me Sweetheart.”

That was all she needed to hear. “Daddyyyyy!” Abby said as she surrendered to the feelings and bore down as first one, then quickly another, and then a few seconds later, a much larger explosion went off between her legs, sending a strong wave of incredible feelings outward through her entire body. She gasped as she felt her muscles strongly quivering inside. It was the most incredible feeling she had ever had.

Warm wetness soaked her panties, and then immediately another gush of fluid followed. The next one was larger by far, and coated his entire hand along with the front of her panties. He continued working her sensitive button as wave after wave of involuntary thrusts overtook her. As he felt her intense climax, Charles almost erupted into his shorts right then. When she started to settle down, he quickly eased off and settled to gently stroking her vulva through the soaked underwear. Her scent permeated the bedroom, and made it very difficult for Charles to control himself, but he knew that if he entered her now, the game would be over. He could never hold off long enough to allow her more pleasure. He held her tightly as she slowly caught her breath. With determination, he managed to move his hand up and resume patting her bottom.

Abby clung to him. She was speechless for long seconds. When her head cleared a bit, she recognized that he had ignored his own needs to give her this incredible experience. While she had never enjoyed this process before, she knew the mechanics of it, and knew that Charles had to be getting close. Thinking quickly, she slowly sat up on his belly, shifted off to sit next to him, and said “Thank you so much!”

Seeing her sitting there, looking all little girl, with her legs apart, giving him a clear view of her wet panties, he didn’t trust himself to move. “You’re welcome Sweety.” he replied, his breath still quick.

“Can we turn on the light Daddy? I want to see YOUR pee pee.” Abby said with a smile.

Still trying to control himself, he reached over and turned on the lamp at the bedside. He forced himself to look anywhere but at her panties as he quickly removed his boxers, avoiding any more stimulation from the cloth than necessary. He watched Abby as she stared at his erection.

Abby, wanting to arouse him more, gently touched the shaft, and began rubbing it in a small circle. While she knew what to do, she wanted him to show her how to please him. She knew it would add to the experience for him if she acted the innocent little girl.

Groaning at her touch, Charles was really turned on by her behavior. Gently taking her hand, he wrapped her fingers around the shaft and then slowly moved her small hand up and down several times while saying “Like this Sweety.” When he removed his hand from hers and she continued the motion, adding the other hand below the first one, he said breathlessly “That’s it Sweetheart, just like that.” trying not to explode right then.

Abby slowly worked her hands up and down, bringing him closer to release. After thirty seconds of steady motion, she stopped, not letting go of him and said “It looks like a big binky.” and lifted one of her legs up, setting her foot flat down on the bed, to give him a clear view of the crotch of her wet panties, and leaned forward, engulfing the end in her mouth.

Charles almost lost control when he felt her warm wet mouth cover his glans and begin to suck. She wasn’t bobbing up and down like some porno star, she was nursing on it like a child, gently stroking up and down with both hands. He swelled bigger when he caught sight of the small area between her legs, covered by very wet Little Mermaid print panties.

His hand started to move of it’s own accord toward the back of her head, and he quickly raised both hands up to interlock his fingers behind his head. He didn’t want to do anything that looked like he wanted to force her. She was doing this for him, and he would accept whatever she offered.

Abby pulled her mouth off of him for a second to ask “Does your pee pee feel good now Daddy?” and immediately returned to nursing his glans.

“Oh yes, Sweetheart, you’re such a good girl to think of Daddy.” he answered, trying to control his voice. When Charles felt her start to nurse harder and move her hands faster, he knew it wouldn’t be long. “I’m gonna wet soon Sweety.” he warned her. That only seemed to encourage her and she increased the strength of her sucking, and moved her hands even faster. “Oh…Sweety, I need to wet now.” he warned her again. When she started nursing with a vengeance, using her tongue on his most sensitive spot, he couldn’t hold back any longer and exclaimed “I’m wetting Baby!” and erupted again and again.

Abby sat there, happy to consume his seed. She was glad to provide this much pleasure to him. When no more fluid came forth, she took her mouth from him, turned and smiled a cute smile and said “There Daddy! Now your pee pee feels real good too!” with extreme happiness.

Trying to get his breath, Charles just laid there, his chest heaving. A moment later, he said “You are such a good girl Sweety. You made Daddy feel really, really good.” with a satisfied smile.

Abby, not wanting this to be over yet, got an idea that she knew would arouse him again. Slowly standing up on the bed next to him, she put her finger in her mouth and with a pouting expression said “Panties cold and icky Daddy.”

“Awww, come here Sweety, Daddy will fix it.” Charles said with a warm smile. When she came within reach, he gently hooked his fingers into the waist of her panties and slowly drew them down. The sight of her smooth, little girl pee pee had him erect again almost instantly. “Step out Sweety.” he said when he managed to get them all the way down. She turned around and leaned over to put her hand on his leg. This put her bottom only inches from his face. When she lifted her leg slowly, arching it out to give him a clear view, he knew she wasn’t done for the night. A moment later, she turned around, standing there with a smile, looking quite happy to have the wet things off.

Getting an idea, he scooted down in the bed, taking the pillow out from under his head, laying flat on his back. “Come here Baby.” he said to her, holding his hands out to her.

Abby didn’t know what he was up to. She approached him, expecting to lay down on his chest again. When he picked her up off the bed and lowered her down on to her knees, her legs straddling his chin, she understood. When his lips touched hers, she gasped.

Charles took his time. His goal this time was to tease her. Gently sucking her soft folds into his mouth, his tongue probed and caressed, producing gasps and squirming. When her moisture coated her thoroughly again, he picked her up and sat her on his stomach. “Sweety, Daddy wants to make your pee pee feel even better than it did before.” he told her with a smile.

Abby’s motor was racing, but unfortunately, her gearbox was in neutral. Wanting the promised stimulation, she asked “Better?” genuinely doubtful that it ever could get better than it was earlier.

“Yes, better. I promise Sweety.” Charles told her, seeing her doubtful expression.

“How?” Abby asked as she put her finger in her mouth again.

“By using Daddy’s pee pee to make your pee pee feel good. I’m going to put my pee pee up inside yours.” he explained with patience, playing his role perfectly.

“Will it hurt?” Abby asked with a worried look, wanting to do her part.

Charles looked closely at her to make sure that her concern wasn’t genuine. Seeing her wink at him again, he felt relieved and answered “No Baby, it won’t hurt I promise.” with a reassuring smile. He had to admit, while he wasn’t a horse, he was by no means small, and didn’t know if her small size would be a problem there. When a thought occurred to him, he reached out and started gently playing with her again.

After a minute or two of his fingers working their magic, Abby said “I need to wet again Daddy.” with some urgency.

“Not yet Sweety, Daddy needs to make your pee pee’s really wet so it feels good.” he explained. Again the sight of her trying to hold back was extremely arousing. When she was well lubricated, he scooted her bottom further down his body. Pulling her close in an embrace, he told her “Now Daddy is going to go inside you now. I want you to tell me when Daddy fills you up inside. Can you do that for me?”

“Uh huh.” Abby agreed.

“Alright Sweety, if this doesn’t feel good, you let me know right away.” he requested, took hold of himself and gently but firmly began working inside of her. With short easy in and out motions, he was soon able to grasp her hips and hold her in place.

Abby felt wonderful as he began working in and out of her. The sensation was indescribable. It wasn’t long before he was making slow, long strokes, stimulating her more and more with each one. When she felt him completely fill her inside, she said “I’m full Daddy.”

When Charles heard that, he shifted her as he rocked his hips as far up as they would go. This would prevent him from pushing too far and hurting her. “Hug Daddy now Sweety.” he said as he wrapped his arms around her, holding her in place. Resuming the slow, long strokes, he made sure to rotate his hips to stimulate her sensitive button.

It was only thirty seconds later that Abby said “I need to wet Daddy.” again with urgency.

“Don’t give in yet Sweety, hold back.” he told her, wanting to make this more intense for her than last time. When she repeated herself and started pressing her cute bottom back against him, he increased his speed a bit and said “Not yet Baby, just a little longer, I promise.” He waited a full two minutes this time and when he noticed her toes starting to curl he said “OK Sweety, wet really, really REALLY HARD this time.”

Abby didn’t think it could get better, but learned quickly that she was wrong. The orgasm that struck her this time was like an internal earthquake. It was more intense, lasted longer than last time, and had her gasping for breath.

Charles was ecstatic that she exploded when she did. It would allow time to bring her higher for the last one, when they would find ecstasy together. When she settled down a bit, he sped up his motions, exaggerating the rotation of his hips to further stimulate her and said “Sweety, Daddy’s gonna make you wet one more time. When I tell you to, I want you to wet as hard as you can this time. But don’t wet until I tell you to, OK?”

“OK Daddy.” Abby said as she forced her bottom back against him in rhythm with his motion, trying to increase the wonderful feelings inside her. She was riding an ever surging wave, going higher and higher with every motion. When it got to be really intense, she said “Daddy I need to wet!” her heart pounding in her chest.

“Not yet Sweety.” he told her through gritted teeth as he increased the force and speed of his thrusts two fold then.

“PLEASE DADDY!….PLEASE!” she cried out.

“No Baby, be a good girl and hold on just a bit longer.” he managed to say, moving faster and harder still.


Thrusting as hard and fast as he could then, he waited another ten or so seconds before telling her “OK Baby, wet for Daddy now, as hard as you can!” and when he felt her start to clamp down inside, he relinquished his control and climaxed with her.

Abby was in another world. Her whole body convulsed with the strength of her climax. It seemed to last forever, sending wave after wave of ecstasy throughout her whole body. She had never, in her whole life, ever felt this good. If she had to describe it, she would have to compare it with what she thought a religious experience would be. It transcended space and time, left her feeling full of life and light as a feather. As she started to calm down, out of nowhere, she began to cry.

When Charles saw her crying, he understood. He had seen this before. Gently sliding her off of him and further up his body, he held her close, patting her bottom. When she attempted to speak, he placed a gentle finger on her lips, telling her softly “Shhhhh….don’t speak Sweety. Just let it out.” as she continued to cry. Every so often he would say “That’s it, let it all out.” and gently kiss her forehead. A little while later, as she started to calm down, he started gently rocking her back and forth telling her “Shhhhh….Daddy wants you to go night night Sweety. It’s sleepy time Baby, and you’ve had a long day.”

Abby felt so safe and wonderful, feeling the gentle rocking motion and hearing Charles’ soft voice as he gently patted her. She knew she didn’t ever want to let him go. He had shown her so much care and kindness, and had brought her to heights she never knew existed. Her past experiences with men had involved them getting what they were after and then leaving her wanting, or with bruises, feeling worthless and used. She pushed that thought from her mind as she closed her eyes and thoughts of Charles drifted by.

Charles watched as she closed her eyes. He knew with a certainty now that she was the one for him. She was everything he could hope for and more. He swore to himself he would find a way to make her his. As her breathing became slow and even, he slowly reached down, trying not to wake her, and pulled the covers up over them both. She hadn’t stirred except to bring her hand to her mouth, push her thumb between her teeth and start nursing. This made him smile as he continued to rock her gently while holding her soft warm bottom. “That’s right Baby, sleep now. Dream sweet dreams and snuggle with Daddy.” he told her softly just before closing his eyes and drifting off himself.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 5

Yep. I was right to trust your judgement and talent. VERY nice chapter.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 5

another wonderful chapter to another wonderful story BB.

I can honestly say your stories are more addicting than my morning coffee

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 5

Wow. … just… wow.

That’s all I have to say about that.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 5

O.O… i need a tissue… <.<

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 5

This is an incredible story.

You really are an incredible writer. Personally I do not care if there are no diapers in this story, as to me this is not really what this is about.

I look forward to seeing how you have Abby pay off the bookie.

In no way is this offensive.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 5

A great story so far.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 5

Hi Folks,

I have to admit that I was nervous when I posted this last night. I wasn’t quite sure how it would be recieved.

Thank you Tommy for responding so quickly and with such kind words. This helped me to sleep better.

xofwodahs, I really appreciate the compliment.

DA, that comment made the time worth it. Thanks.

Rax, I’m not even going to address your post…:smiley:

wimsett, I have missed your encouragement, and it was great to see what you thought about this one.

Trust me, we’re getting to them. I just really didn’t want this story to be something that had one purpose, and one only, If you know what I mean.

I wanted substance here along with stimulating content.

Mary Margaret Bush, I appreciate the effort to let me know what you think.

Thank you all for taking the time to comment and offer encouragement. It means alot to me, really.



Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 5

Don’t forget about your story Snuggles and Tears.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 5

Wow! I’m going to act this chapter out with my boyfriend :wink:


Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 5

BB, sorry it has taken me till now to post a response to this story!! I must say, you are writing this story with the same amount of passion & emotion that you have put into Snuggles & Tears!! You are doing an amazing job on this story, keep it up!!

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 5

Very, very good.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 5

Not too bad… damn, and BB, I thought you were all about males being diapered. WOW. Charles reminds me of my favorite TV character, J.R. Ewing, who gets what he wants. WOW. I like this so far. Not bad. I am rather impressed. Sorry about the delay, using a dialup and my laptop is out of commision.


Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 5

Sorry about the lack of posting BB. With work and Christmas I have been rather busy myself, not to mention tired.

I like to try and think through my responses so they make some sort of sense.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 5

Hi Folks,

Was four pages into chapter 6 and the power cut off. When I finish this post, I will go immediately to get a UPS.

wimsett, I definately understand about being busy and tired. My comment was meant to let you know that I appreciate your input, not as a complaint. And as far as thinking reponses through, this is one of the reasons why they have value to me. You tend to tell me why you like a particular chapter, and that helps me become better at this. Take all the time you need. :smiley:

BabyChris121675, Just to clear up any confusion, I’m a straight male, and really fond of the female form. I wrote first about a male child, because it was easier, I was that child. The process gave me the confidence to branch out into complete fiction, not base in any way on fact.
As far as Charles and J.R., well the biggest difference is in your profile. Charles has a concience he can’t ignore. It came standard so he didn’t need to rent one. :D:D:D:D

Icey, it’s good hearing from you on this story. Again, with the holidays, I’m not surprised it’s taking folks longer to respond.

Lizzy, all I can say is LOL.

I want to thank you all for your input. Again, this one worried me. I didn’t know if it would make folks angry, or put them off from reading my writing. In fact, I made sure to check the rules, and get clarification from Vickie to be sure what the rules were with regard to intimate situations in the stories here.

Please continue to help me get better by telling me what you like and dislike about what I write.



very interesting way to get around the standard problems

In real life I have cared for baby girls and it often brings up certain problems. Most of them are around not having the resources to create a fantasy world, but there are cheap ways get around this. By making your main man rich beyond our wildest dreams you have just put aside all of these problems. But it seems that you have made yourself a whole bunch of other emotional problems. I am very curious to see how you work it out. I am not sure that I really liked either of their early motivations but do sort of wish for some sort of happy ending. (don’t let that constrain you.) As for whether or not the sex seen was creepy or not, that is the nature of two consenting adults admitting what they want. I have done the same thing in real life more then once and must say that there is a grace and respect that makes it feel so natural. Of course our hero will always have a hard time to know the real motivations of his lover due to all his money. Just a side note, as adults it would have been neat to see how a Daddy and a Little girl discus safe sex and contraception.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 5

Just to make this totally clear, I love this story.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 5

I have to say firmbbsitter, your post made me smile.

Every thing that you addressed is either in the outline, or was in the four pages of the next chapter that I lost (ie… Both of their reasons for doing this in the first place, Charles’ perception of Abby’s motivations) while I didn’t address safe sex, I did cover potential pregnancy in the pages lost.

I was thoroughly frustrated that the pages were lost, but it gave me time to think about the direction some more, and I came up with a much better way to proceed, so it ended up being a good thing.

I will be working on this this evening, I may not get it posted tonight, but by tomorrow it should be up here.

Thanks for the input! It helps a great deal.