Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Charles led Abby by the hand, as they entered the boutique. He had only been to this place once, a long time ago with an old girlfriend. The place was laid out in a large rectangle from left to right. On the far left against the back wall there were two areas with the triple mirrors on the wall so women could get a good view of a potential purchase, with dressing rooms right next to them. In the middle of the store stood displays of the latest fashions all laid out to grab the eye. The right side had a hair and nail salon, completing the whole package. A woman could come in her naked and filthy and leave ready for a formal dinner.

As a woman approached, Charles told Abby “Sit down over there for a moment please, while I speak with this nice lady.” and urged her toward a chair with a gentle pat to her bottom.

Abby did as he asked, picking up a fashion magazine and leafed through it while she waited.

“How may we help you?” the woman asked.

“Step over here for a second please.” Charles said softly as he walked to the far side of the room. When they were far enough away, he stopped and quietly said “Hi, Charles Wilkins.” as he offered his hand to the woman. This was one time he was grateful that someone recognized him.

“I’m Margery Lawson, Mr. Wilkins, what can we do for you?” the sales woman responded as she took his hand in a feminine shake. Her day had just gotten a lot brighter with this development. While she knew Charles Wilkins was not a frivolous man from everything she had read about him, the potential was huge for profit.

“Well, to be honest, I have a unique situation. You see that young lady over there?” he asked.

“Certainly, she’s very pretty.” Margery answered, not having to lie this time.

“How old would you say she is?” Charles asked, not sure how to explain what he wanted.

“About nine or ten, perhaps twelve at the oldest.” she answered.

“Actually, she’s twenty two. She’s someone very special to me, and occasionally enjoys spending a day as a little girl.” he explained without batting an eye. “We have spent the day at the fair and the park today, but now we’re needing clothing more suited to a young lady of twenty two going to dinner at a nice restaurant. What I would really appreciate you doing is to help her choose an outfit, any one she wants and all the accessories, while still allowing her to be the little girl through the process. Do you think you could manage that?” he asked.

“You can trust me to see that she is well taken care of Mr. Wilkins. Tell me, do you think she would enjoy a ‘playmate’ to go through the process with her?” she asked emphasizing the word playmate.

“I don’t know, but it might be fun for her. What did you have in mind?” he asked.

“Well, I could have one of my employees that is petite, change and play the role, if you think it would make her day more enjoyable. After all, with girls, it’s always more fun to share.” Margery explained.

“I tell you what, go ahead and do that and I’ll cover any costs associated with it. I want this day to be both fun and special for her.” he agreed. “Also please when you refer to me when speaking with her, I’m her daddy today.” he explained with a smile.

“Of course, give me one second to get the ball rolling.” she told him and stepped into the back. A moment later she returned to him. “Everything is arranged. They will meet in a few moments.”

Margery accompanied Charles as he made his way back to Abby. “Daddy tells me you’ve been an exceptionally good girl today Sweetheart.” she told Abby in a kind tone.

Abby was taken aback when the lady spoke to her as a child. She had thought that Charles wanted her to put the little girl aside for this evening. Not knowing what to say, she just smiled an innocent smile.

“Sweety, this is Miss Margery and she is going to help you find a really pretty dress, paint your nails and help you to look even more pretty than you do right now. I want you to be a good girl and have fun. Can you do that for Daddy?” he asked her warmly.

“Sure Daddy!” Abby replied with girlish excitement. She wasn’t sure what he was up to, but after his warm and caring treatment of her this afternoon, she trusted he wouldn’t put her in a bad situation.

Just then, a girl in a cute pink dress with white calve socks and pink shoes was led toward them. Her ponytail bounced with every step she took. Margery took the girls hand in hers and told Abby “This sweet girl is my daughter,” she lied, “and she was wondering if you’d like some company while you shop.”

Abby looked at the girl and figured she was about ten or eleven. Deciding she would play along, she said “Sure! Hi, I’m Abby. What’s your name?” she asked in her cutest voice.

“Tracey.” the girl said sounding sweet. “We get to play dress up today, and it will be so much fun!” she added with a giggle.

Abby couldn’t help but laugh, Tracey was so sweet.

Charles seeing Abby’s response to this development, said “Excuse us for a moment”, and led her by the hand away from everyone. Kneeling down to her level, he told her softly “While I want to dine with the young lady, I figured it might be fun for you to spend the time getting ready as Daddy’s little girl.”

She smiled a big smile and replied “This could be fun.”

“That was my goal. I want you to enjoy yourself. I’m going to need to go up the street for a bit to get clothing for myself. I will be back in a little while. In the mean time, get your hair done, your nails painted, whatever you wish. If it suits you, take a relaxing bath. They have the facilities for all of it here. After all, you’ve been a good girl and have earned it.” he told her with a grin.

Leading her back over to Margery, he said “Be a good girl and mind Miss Margery Sweety.”

Abby looked to him and held her arms out saying “Hug Daddy.” Charles surprised her when he picked her up, hugging her close and kissing her forehead. “He’s really strong!” she thought to herself as she wrapped her arms around his neck. With a pat to her behind, he let her down.

“Have fun playing dress up and I’ll see you in a little while.” he said with a wink and then left the shop.

“OK Sweety, what would you like to do first?” Margery asked.

“Daddy said I could take a bath.” Abby told her with a tentative expression. The time running around the playground had made for one sweaty little girl, and she wanted to be fresh when they went to dinner.

Tracey wanting to help Abby relax pleaded “Oh! Can I take one too Mommy?” looking to Margery with a pleading expression.

Margery smiled at that. Tracey was definitely getting into the role. It hadn’t occurred to her when she introduced Tracey as her daughter, that she would be calling her Mommy. “Alright then, let me get the bath ready for you two. I’ll be back in just a minute.” she told them. Looking to another employee, she asked “Joan, can you please keep an eye on these two? I’ll be back to get them in just a couple of minutes.”

“Sure I can.” Joan answered. When she had been told what was going on, she had thought it was a little odd, but cute.

“Now you two mind Miss Joan until I come get you OK?” Margery asked, playing her part well.

“We promise Mommy!” Tracey answered. “Don’t we Abby.” she asked.

Abby smiled and said “Uh huh.” as she put her finger in her mouth.

Margery chuckled and asked Tracey “Alright Sweety, why don’t you take Abby over and look through the dresses in the catalog?”

“OK!” Tracey said and took Abby’s hand, leading her over to sit down on a couch. She pulled a catalog onto her lap and said “There’s a lot of pretty dresses in here.” with a smile.

A moment later, Joan had to smile as she saw two small but grown women pointing at the catalog and giggling like school girls. For a moment she wished she could be mistaken for a nine year old and play as they were. The phone rang then and she moved to pick it up. “Leland’s Boutique, how may I help you?” she answered in a business like manner.

“Hi, this is Mr. Wilkins. I brought Abby in a few minutes ago.” Charles told her.

“Hi Mr. Wilkins, your daughter is sitting with Tracey happily giggling at pictures in the catalog.” she responded.

“Great, I’m glad she’s having fun. Can you do me a favor and give me a call at this number when she’s finished? I don’t want to see her until she’s ready to go.” he said.

“Oh, sure. That’s a great idea.” Joan said smiling. She picked up a pen and asked for the number. When she’d written it down, she said “I’ll be sure and let Margery know.”

“Thank you very much. And please let her know that if everything goes with Abby as I hope it will, if she has a good time today, then I will be bringing her back for two full wardrobes.” he explained.

“Understood Mr. Wilkins. You can be sure that she will have a great time.” Joan reassured him.

“Thank you.” he replied and then added “If she has any problems at all, please be sure to call me. I don’t care what the problem is, if you can’t immediately solve it, then give me a call.”

“You have my word, Mr. Wilkins.” Joan assured him.

“Thank you again.” Charles said and hung up his cell phone.

When Margery came back out to the front, Joan pulled her aside and passed on the details of her conversation with Charles. “Do you have any idea what that commission would be?” Margery asked her.

“Yes, a great deal.”

“Right. Please get with the girls and make sure there are no slip ups. This one will be split among us if everything goes right.” Margery explained and then made her way to the two girls. “OK you two, lets get you into the bath.” she said as she took each one in hand and led them through a door way into a room with a large square tub sunken into the floor.

“OK Sweety, lets get you undressed.” she told Tracey as she knelt down and took her shoes and socks off.

Tracey felt a little awkward being undressed by her boss, but after being told that her pay would be tripled for the hours she spent as Abby’s playmate, she decided a little embarrassment was worth it. When Margery told her to raise her arms up and pulled her dress over her head, she really felt self conscious. That left her standing in just the juvenile print panties she had been given. A second later, she felt Margery pull the panties down, and she stepped out of them.

Margery had to give Tracey credit. She was dedicated to the job to allow her boss to undress her right in front of a customer. Feeling for her, she quickly ushered her into the bath. Before Tracey sat down, Margery was thankful to notice that she had no pubic hair and small breasts. The whole gig would be up if she had had a full bush covering her privates.

Once Tracey was in the bath, Margery turned to Abby with a kind smile. “OK Abby, lets get you into the bath and then you two can play.”

Abby was definitely feeling a bit awkward about sharing a bath with a little girl. Not wanting to make a scene, she allowed Margery to undress her.

When Margery saw the cute panties Abby was wearing, she couldn’t help but smile. “Those are such cute panties.” she said wanting to make her feel at ease.

Abby, wanting to think about something other than the fact Miss Margery was removing them, said “They’re my favorite.” with a sweet smile, despite the fact that her hairless bottom would be on display. She was glad she took great pains to shave this morning. She normally kept things smooth down there, but this time was glad that there wasn’t even a trace of stubble to give her away.

Margery smiled and said “I can see why.” as she lifted her foot to slide the undergarment off. Standing up, she took Abby’s hand and helped her into the tub. She then stepped behind a screen and removed her clothing, putting a one piece bathing suit on. Stepping back out, she made her way into the tub after getting four wash cloths and a container of body wash.

When Tracey saw Margery moving toward her, she said “I can wash myself Mommy.” with a bit of a whine.

“You know that even big girls are washed by the staff here Sweety, just relax and tell me about some of the dresses you saw in the catalog.” Margery told her, giving her a look that said “Allow me to do this.” with no room for discussion.

Swallowing her discomfort at the feel of the washcloth on her neck, Tracey said “Well, there were lots of dresses Mommy.”

“Which one was your favorite?” Margery prompted as she continued to wash her.

“I like the black one that’s all sparkly the best.” Tracey answered.

“That certainly is a pretty dress Sweety.” Margery agreed as she began washing her chest. Not wanting to make her speak while in such an uncomfortable situation, Margery turned to Abby and asked “Which one was your favorite?” as she quickly finished with Tracey’s stomach and moved to her thighs.

“I liked the blue one with the silver all mixed in it.” Abby said, trying to sound juvenile.

“Did it have pretty silver streaks all over?” Margery asked as she finished with Tracey’s feet and moved to her back.

“Yeah.” Abby said with a smile.

Margery smiled at Abby and said “That’s a really pretty one too. Would you like to try that on when I finish giving you your bath?”

Abby didn’t like the idea of this lady washing her, but decided if Tracey could endure it, then she could too. “Sure! That would be Neat!” she answered excitedly.

Tracey became visibly uncomfortable for a second when Margery said “I need you to get up on your knees Sweety, I have to wash your bottom.” Not wanting to screw things up, she quickly did as she was told. She was thankful when Margery moved the washcloth over her stomach and then did the same with her back, only appearing to wash her privates and her bottom.

Margery told her “OK, sit back and relax for a bit while I get Abby all clean.” and moved to the other side of the tub. Taking a clean washcloth, she applied body wash to it and began washing Abby.

Abby was fine with it, even when Miss Margery washed her breasts. She had so little there, that it was no big deal. But when she asked her to get on her knees and ran the washcloth between her legs, as if she were a toddler, Abby had to bite her lip to keep from saying anything. Feeling the washcloth invade the space between the cheeks of her bottom wasn’t much better. Fortunately, it only lasted a few seconds and Miss Margery was moving away from her.

“Alright, can I trust you two to sit quietly for a few minutes?” Margery asked both of them.

“Yes Miss Margery.” Abby said sincerely with a look of innocence.

“You can trust us Mommy, I promise.” Tracey told her.

“OK, I need to get some things ready so you two can have fun playing dress up.” she told them with a smile. “I’ll be back in a couple of minutes.” she added after stepping from the tub and drying off. She stepped back into the bath area a few minutes later, and was glad to see the two girls chatting. “OK girls, it’s time to get pretty now. Abby, stand up for me.” as she pulled the lever to empty the large tub.

Abby did as she was told, and felt warm water spray against the skin of her back. This startled her and she quickly turned to see Miss Margery holding a hand held sprayer. She understood then that her skin was being rinsed of soap. She blushed when told to spread her legs so Miss Margery could rinse her bottom, and heard her say “Don’t worry Sweety, we’re all girls here. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about.” Abby bit back her response, even though she thought the words “That’s fine for you, you’re not standing naked.” as she fought to keep from covering herself with her hands.

Tracey was the next one to blush, and then they were both handed thick robes and soft slippers. Once covered, they were ushered out to the main part of the boutique. The worst of the process was over and the rest provided great fun as the two girls sat giggling as they were doted on by almost every one of the staff. Hair, nails, not one detail was over looked as the two were style, painted and made up.

Abby was having the time of her life. She had never had the opportunity to be completely taken care of before, and relished the feel of it. The only flaw that came up, was when she was handed another pair of little girls briefs instead of something silky and sexy to put on at the start of things. Once she felt the soft cotton against her bottom though, she let it go. Standing in front of these women in nothing but her childish underwear didn’t produce near as much embarrassment as she’d thought it would once she gave in to the moment. It didn’t take long for her to completely lose herself in the role of a little girl given the opportunity to try on beautiful dresses that made her look much more mature.

After several hours of girlish giggles and excited exclamations, the two girls stood next to each other eying themselves in the mirror. The reflections that stared back at them were stunning. Each complimented the other numerous times on the different facets of their appearance.

Margery watched them as they talked. Gone were the excited giggles and in their place was polite, demure conversation. While they had started as little girls, two young ladies stood before her now. Approaching them she said “You two look beautiful.” with sincerity.

Abby looked in the mirror again and had to agree. She looked better now than she had ever looked in her life. Turning she said “Thank you Miss Margery. This has been a truly wonderful afternoon.”, no longer the little girl.

Tracey offered “I can’t say that I’ve ever had so much fun in my life.” with a smile and no trace of the child she’d been before.

Abby’s eyes went wide then. “No, Abigail, just like you, she was having fun playing at being a little girl for the day.” Margery explained. “I suggested to Mr. Wilkins that you might have a lot more fun if you had a playmate to share the day with.” she added with a warm smile. “He thought it was a good idea, and approved it.”

Abby stood for a moment thinking about this. She broke into a stunning smile as the thought that Charles had spent more to make sure that she enjoyed today. Another thought occurred to her and she said “So Tracey’s not…”

Tracey interrupted her with “No, I’m not.” with a smile. “While Margery is a good boss, and friend, I work here. When they asked me to do this, I thought ‘what the heck, it’s been a long time since I was able to just be a girl and have fun.’” she explained with a laugh.

“I can definitely identify with that.” Abby agreed, laughing herself.

“Give me just a moment.” Margery said as she moved to the other side of the room. She dialed Charles and let him know that Abigail was ready. She stopped as she approached the two women, listening as they shared their experiences with a world that was built for ladies larger that them. It gave her a greater appreciation for Tracey and all that she endured while waiting on customers.

Several minutes later, Abby turned as she stood talking. The door chime had sounded and she automatically looked to see who had entered. The figure that stopped and stood before her was striking in his appearance.

Charles entered the boutique and stopped. He stood staring at the woman that stood before him. Her long, honey blonde hair was gathered at the back of her head and then allowed to fall freely down her back. He could see only a trace of makeup on her face, and was glad. She didn’t need much, and any more would only take from her appearance. The cocktail dress she wore was a beautiful royal blue with silver threads running through it that caught the light, giving the material a shimmering look. The look of those perfect legs caused his heart to race, and ended in classy heels the same color as the dress. Even with the heels, she hadn’t reached five feet, but the outfit left no doubt that this was a woman, not a child. “You’re stunning.” he said with a dry mouth and an appreciative smile.

With a blush and a smile, she told him “You’re sweet.” as she appraised his appearance. She had never really considered how tall he was. With the finely tailored double breasted jacket, and creased slacks he looked taller than she remembered. Even with her heels, she knew she would have to crane her neck to look up at him. The suit was navy in color, with a gray, almost silver, shirt. His black wavy hair was combed and every hair was in place. Every bit of leather, from his belt to his black shoes shined a dark mirror sheen.

Once he managed to get his tongue straightened out, he stepped closer and asked “Did you enjoy your time here?” with a smile.

Reaching up to her tip toes, she gave him a soft kiss on his cheek and answered “Yes, it was a wonderful afternoon.”

With a devious grin, he turned to Margery and asked “Was she a good girl for you?” making Abigail blush.

“She certainly was, Mr. Wilkins. The two of them had a wonderful time.” Margery answered with a wink to Abby.

Charles, having taken the time to have a check drafted after consulting a friend about what it should cost, handed it to Margery and told her “I hope this covers this afternoon’s adventure.” with a smile.

Margery quickly glanced at the amount and with a sincerely appreciative smile, told him “Without a doubt, sir. Thank you.”

He saw Abby look anxious. “Don’t worry Sweety, it’s OK.” he told her with a reassuring smile.

Abby felt bad. Here she was having had the time of her life today, all at the expense of this nice gentleman, and she was plotting to take him for what she could get. While she really did like him, and definitely felt she could trust him, she knew no other way to solve her problem. Forcing the anxiety aside, she decided she would enjoy this evening and worry about the rest later. Smiling, she told him “Thank you.”

“It was my pleasure.” he replied. “Shall we go to dinner?” he asked, offering his arm.

“Certainly.” she said, trying to polish her speech, as she threaded her arm through his. Turning to Margery, she said “Thank you all for a wonderful afternoon. I really appreciate it.” with a smile and then added to Tracey “You made this a lot of fun, thank you.”

“Oh, no problem.” Tracey replied. Putting on her best little girl face, she added “Maybe Mommy will let us play together again.” with a girlish giggle.

That had everyone laughing. Tracey was surprised when Charles said “That’s not a bad idea. Maybe you would enjoy a day with Abby at the park.”

Abby, smiling despite herself, said “That would be fun!”

Tracey thought about it for a second and decided, ‘what the hell’. “Sure, give me a call and I’ll join you on the swings and the slide.” she offered with a chuckle. Even if she didn’t get paid, she could think of a lot of worse ways to spend an afternoon than the playmate of a wealthy man’s girlfriend.

“Alright, we have a reservation, and I don’t want to be late.” Charles told them.

“Have a wonderful evening you two.” Margery told them.

“Thank you so much for today, I loved it.” Abby admitted with a smile.

“You’re welcome, now off with the both of you.” she said as she ushered them to the door. Margery had to admit that she had enjoyed the afternoon. Once Abby and Charles were out the door, she turned to Tracey and smiled. “You, my dear were absolutely wonderful today. So much so, in fact, that you may keep the outfit.” she said.

Tracey, knowing what the clothes cost, said “I don’t know if I could do that Margery, this stuff is expensive.”, having a serious honest streak.

“Don’t worry about it Sweetheart, with what Mr. Wilkins paid, it’s fine.” she explained.

“Thank you!” Tracey said stunned.

“With the performance you put on today, you deserve it.” Margery told her.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 3

Giving Abby a playmate is a nice touch. I hope Tracey makes a return appearance.

Some might say it’s a little too quick and neat the way everyone is accepting of their assumed roles. Still, a little “suspension of disbelief” doesn’t harm anything.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 3

Perhaps your right Tommy.

But in my experience, the potential for large profits tends to bend belief systems, especially when it involves something that doesn’t break the law or hurt anyone, and involves little cost or real effort.

And yes, we will see Tracey again.

Thank you very much for the input!


Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 3

Having never made nor provided a large profit, I guess I can’t argue with you!

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 3

I really like this story. I’m starting to look forward to it as much as I did/do Snuggles and Tears.

I eagerly await more. :smiley:

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 3

Me too.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 3

Well, if you want a female opinion, this chapter reads like a bad porno plot. (Yes I’ve seen porn). No woman in a store would ever do that regardless of the check (well maybe for a million or more…but I’m doubting the Wilkin’s character would write that check)

However, it’s well written and enjoyable. Looking forward to more.


Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 3

Who hasn’t? :stuck_out_tongue: