Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

Karen entered Charles office with a kind “Good morning.”

“What are you doing here so early?” Charles asked, checking his watch to make sure he didn’t lose a couple of hours.

“I want to check on Abby. I need to make sure she’s handling the changes well.” Karen explained.

“Well, like you told me, she’s able to tell when her time resets. It made her very upset yesterday when she figured it out.” he explained.

“That’s not any different that I expected.” she replied. “Anything else notable happen?” she asked.

“Yes, she told me she loves her binky and her ba-ba. And she wants to be a baby for a short while.” Charles answered.

“Wow! I really didn’t expect that to happen so fast. Don’t get me wrong, I hoped it would, but I didn’t think so.” she told him with an incredulous expression. A moment later, she said “The more I think about it though, the more probable that was. Adela is just incredible with her.”

“You’re right about that. She loves Abby dearly. All you have to do is look at her when she’s cuddling her and you can see it.” he said.

“I want to have Adela sit in for this session today. It think it will do her good to see how her loving treatment is having an effect on Abby.” Karen suggested.

“Not a bad idea.” Charles approved. “Oh, before I forget, is it possible to make the feelings she gets from having her bottom powdered, and having someone hold her bottle for her permanent? Abby specifically stated she wanted that to happen.” he explained.

“Yes, that’s an easy one. I can take care of it today. Any other suggestions?” she asked.

“None that I can think of.” he answered after thinking a moment.

“Alright, I’ll head upstairs then and see how she’s doing.” Karen told him and started to get up.

“Hold on.” Charles said. “You said she might have a hard time if I changed her.” he reminded her. It had been part of the last phone conversation they had about Abby. “What’ll happen?” he asked.

“I don’t know. She may just get anxious and nurse her pacifier faster, or she might completely freak out. You have to understand Charles, being changed by men has never been a pleasant thing for her. If it didn’t involve pain from sexual abuse, then it was pain from being beaten because she needed a diaper.” Karen answered.

“Jesus.” he whispered. “Should I just let Adela do it then?” he asked, not wanting to make it harder on Abby.

“No.” Karen answered immediately and with confidence. “She needs to see that she’s not going to get hurt if you need to change her, and sooner or later, she will need you to change her because Adela will be elsewhere or busy. My suggestion to you is to just do it as lovingly and quickly as possible. And if you can avoid it, don’t let your skin touch her privates, only the wipes. We’ll change that once she gets used to you changing her.” she added.

“Alright. Well that was the only question that came to mind.” he told her.

“Good enough, I’m off to the nursery.” Karen replied and headed out of his office.

When she entered the nursery, Adela was sitting in the rocker, holding Abby’s bottle for her. Karen was astounded in the difference in Abby’s appearance compared to the last time she’d seen her. She was very content to lay snuggled with her nanny, nursing her bottle. “How’s she doing?” she asked Adela.

“Oh, much better. She’s just loving her ba ba, aren’t you Baby?” Adela asked Abby.

When Abby nodded with a blush, Karen told her “Don’t you worry Baby Girl, you just enjoy that ba ba.” as she smiled kindly and tapped the end of the almost empty bottle. When she was rewarded with a smile from Abby, Karen said “Good girl.”

Abby was getting used to being talked about like she wasn’t there, or like she was an infant. She still got embarrassed though when she admitted how she felt about her ba ba. When Miss Karen said what she did, Abby smiled and felt much better.

“I want you to sit in with me today. It will help you see how much good your doing.” Karen told Adela.

“Alright, I can do that.” Adela agreed.

With a serious expression, Karen explained “It might not be easy listening to what goes on. If you can’t deal, then just get up and leave, don’t feel bad or try to force yourself to hear more than you can deal with.”

This alarmed Adela. After thinking a moment she said “Alright.”

When Abby finished her ba ba, Nanny laid her down in her crib, telling her that Miss Karen needed to talk to her. Abby didn’t know exactly what Miss Karen wanted to talk about, but she was a little uneasy.

Karen moved to the cribside and said “Sleep Abby girl.” and watched as Abby immediately closed her eyes. The trigger was still strong she saw. She was thankful, it was a lot easier to reinforce it than it was to have to start from scratch. She took her through several exercises, taking her down farther this time than ever before. Once she was completely relaxed, Karen took a chair from the corner, brought it to the cribside.

“Whatever you do, DO NOT touch her or speak to her Adela, it could cause serious problems if you do.” Karen explained.

“I understand.” Adela told her.

Karen began asking question after question. Each of them was related to the way she had been treated over the last couple of days.

Adela was astounded at the wonderful things Abby had to say about how her nanny treated her. She had no idea of the impact she had on Abby by providing simple, loving care for the girl.

“Abby, I want you to think now, and go backward in time until you reach the first time you wanted to be a baby. Let me know when you get there.” Karen told her.

After a moment Abby said softly “I’m there.” with a little girl’s expression.

“Alight, how old are you right now Abby?” Karen Asked.

“Thix” Abby said with a pronounced lisp.

“And what are you doing?” she continued.

“Thtandin’ outthide.” Abby answered.

“Outside where?”


“Why are you outside?”

“Cauthe Mith Dexter got mad.” Abby said fearfully.

Adela could see clearly that Abby was scared. She was having a hard time keeping herself from picking Abby up and cuddling her.

Karen knew that Miss Dexter was one of the foster parents Abby had been left with. She also knew that Abby had been abused while in her care. “What do you see?” Karen asked her, wanting to get away from that line of thought.

“A neighbor and her baby girl.” she answered, no longer fearful, but with a longing expression.

“What are they doing?”

Karen saw tears form in Abby’s eyes then. “Their Thitting in a rockin’ chair on the porch.” she explained.

“How old does the baby look?”

“A year.” Abby answered.

“How is the mommy behaving toward the baby?” Karen asked.

Tears started to fall then as Abby said “She’th beein’ nithe. The mommy ith holdin’ her ba ba an’ rockin’ her.”

“Is the baby happy?” Karen asked.

Crying softly now Abby said “Yeth.”

“What else is the mommy doing?”

“She’th pattin’ her dipey an’ hummin’” Abby said tearfully.

“Do you want to be that baby Abby?” Karen asked.

“Yeth!” Abby said crying louder now.

Adela was really having a hard time now. Watching this was painful.

“Why do you want to be that baby?” Karen asked.

Through heavy sobbing now, Abby said loudly “Cauthe She’th not hurting!”

Adela hurt so bad for Abby then. She couldn’t kelp it, she covered her face with both hands and began quietly crying. While she had no idea what Abby had actually been through, she could see the effects of that abuse and it broke her heart.

Karen immediately told her “I want you to move forward now in time to this morning when Nanny was holding your bottle for you. I want you to tell me how you felt using adult language.”

Abby immediately stopped crying. “I felt so loved…so cared for. It felt so good.” she said with a content expression.

Adela quietly got up from her chair and left the room. She headed directly to Charles’ office.

When Karen saw Adela leave, she began finishing up. She asked the most important questions she had brought with her today, and then added to Abby’s original suggestions, making the good feelings from the baby powder and her bottle being held permanent. When she finished, she instructed Abby to sleep until she was woken up, and headed down to find out how Adela was doing. She knew it had been difficult for her, and wanted to make sure she was OK.

“Charles I…” Adela said as she burst into his office and then lost control of her emotions and couldn’t continue.

He was on his feet in an instant, and at her side a second later, holding her. “What is it?” Charles asked.

Karen entered a moment later. When she saw Charles give her a questioning look, she shrugged her shoulders.

Once Adela got control of herself again, she said “Charles, I want to adopt Abby.” as tears continued to come.

“Why? She’s an adult.” he asked, not having a clue.

Karen heard this and wondered the same thing.

“She wants a mommy Charles. It doesn’t matter that she’s an adult. She wants a mommy like the one she saw.” Adela told him tearfully.

Karen understood now. She quickly explained what Adela had witnessed. Turning to her Karen said “Adela, what you’re suggesting isn’t a perception. It isn’t like Charles being her Daddy. Abby knows Charles isn’t really her daddy. What you’re suggesting is permanent.”

“I know that.” Adela said firmly. “That’s what she needs. She needs a mommy that will treat her with love and kindness like the baby. One that won’t go away. It’s the best way to show her she deserves to be loved.”

“But Adela,” Charles said, “she won’t be a baby forever.”

“Charles you don’t understand. A baby, a girl, a woman, it makes no difference. They all have need of their mother.” Adela explained.

“She’s right.” Karen explained. Abby didn’t have any of that. The more she thought about it, the more she understood that this could be a very good thing in Abby’s life.

“Are you sure?” Charles asked.

“Yes, I’ve never been more certain of anything in my life.” Adela said, finally getting control of her tears. “Charles, my children are all grown. They have children of their own and little time for me. I see my grandkids rarely because of the distance. This isn’t just for Abby.” she told him honestly.

Karen seeing where this was going said “You can’t fix this Adela.” with a worried expression.

“No, I can’t. But I can give her what’s most important to her, a mommy that loves her dearly and would never…” Adela began and with a teary voice finished “hurt her.” as the tears began again.

Charles saw the relief clear on Karen’s face. He too had been concerned that Adela might think this would miraculously cure Abby. Hearing her clear understanding that it wouldn’t made him feel much better.

After a moment, Adela looked at Charles and said “Charles, I’ve never once asked you for anything for me. It was always for the staff, or to help you. Please,” she said crying now, “make this happen.”

He hugged her again and said “Alright, I’ll call some folks and make it happen, I promise.” he told her. She was right, she had never asked anything of him, and he couldn’t refuse her now.

“Please, as soon as humanly possible. I will ask her if she wants this once the paperwork is ready to sign.” Adela explained.

“And if she doesn’t want this?” Karen asked.

“Then we don’t tell her that the papers were drawn up. We tell her it was just an idea.” Adela answered. “But trust me, she’ll want this dearly once I explain.” she added.

Charles and Karen were both happy to see that Adela wouldn’t try to force this, but would leave it up to Abby. “Alright, let me see how quickly this can be done. Because she’s an adult, it shouldn’t take long.” Charles told her.

Hugging him tightly and then pulling back to kiss him on the cheek, Adela said “Thank you.” tearfully.

“You’re welcome.” Charles answered. A second later he looked at her with wide eyes and a haunted look.

“What is it Charles?” Adela asked.

“Oh my God! That would eventually make you my mother-in-law!” he said as he sat down on the edge of his desk.

Both women laughed at that. “Well at least you know Adela isn’t a mean spirited person. That ought to make having her as a mother-in-law easier.” Karen said.

“Don’t kid yourself Charles. You hurt my baby and you’ll see just how mean I can be.” Adela stated firmly.

“Oh no.” Charles said as he held his head in both hands.

Again the women were laughing. “Alright, let me get her up so you can get her fed.” Karen told them.

When Karen left the office, Adela approached Charles and kissed him on the cheek saying “Thank you. This really means a lot to me.”

“You’re welcome. I’ll gt right on it.” he told her returning her kiss.

As Adela left the office, he sat at his desk and picked up the phone. He would call in several favors for this one, he knew. It didn’t matter. Adela was dear to him, and if it would help Abby, then that was all the better.

Adela first became aware of it when she went to get Abby cleaned up after her lunch.

"Alright Baby Girl, it's time for your nap." she said as she pulled the tray free from the highchair.

"No. don' wanna." Abby told her. She wanted to go play some more in the play room.

"I know you don't Baby, but you have to." Adela explained.

Abby started getting angry. She loved having the freedom to enjoy the things she liked about being a baby, but she was an adult after all, and she shouldn't have to take a stupid nap. "No!" she said stubbornly.

"Please don't make me have to take your dipey down and spank your bottom Baby Girl." Adela told her, meaning it.

"No! I be good." Abby quickly said as Nanny set her on her feet. The spanking would be bad enough, but having her pull her dipey down to do it would embarrass Abby terribly. When she felt her time reset again, she began to cry. This just wasn't fair as she saw it.

Adela took her hand and led her out of the dining room as she said "Good girl. I promise, after your nap, you can go play some more."

Abby was really getting stressed out because nothing in her life was up to her. This wasn't unusual, after all, she had been in complete control of her comings and goings for some time.

As they passed through the main area of the house on their way to the stairs, Adela noticed Abby eying the telephone. "Don't get any ideas Baby Girl. A baby has no business calling anyone. Just in case you've forgotten, your life consists of dipey's, ba ba's, binky's, playing and cuddles, with a bath thrown in every day." she told Abby.

Red faced, Abby knew Nanny had caught her looking at the phone. She turned her eye toward the stairs and made her way to the nursery where her stupid nap awaited. When Nanny laid her in the crib, she handed her a ba ba and her bear. Abby started nursing and forgot about the phone as she snuggle Charlie close. When she felt the soft blankie cover her, she snuggled down and just enjoyed the warmth of being a baby.

Adela watched as Abby responded to the softness of the baby blanket and her bear. She smiled when Abby was fast asleep several minutes later. Adela knew it would be a while before Abby stopped balking at taking a nap, but she was a patient woman and would see that she got one every day. The way Abby looked at the phone bothered Adela. She really hoped that Abby wouldn't try to make a call. It would really be hard on her, and Adela didn't want to see her go through that.


It was just after midnight as Abby slowly climbed down to the floor, her thick wet dipey making it harder. She knew it would be difficult to get back in the crib when she was done. Tiptoeing, she made her way out of the nursery, to the top of the stairs. It took a long time to get to the bottom, and more than once she was afraid she would fall. She had to do this though. It was the only thing that would help.

As she approached the telephone, the lights came on in the main hallway, leaving her no way to escape. She began crying instantly when Nanny picked her up.

Adela knew this would happen. It was so predictable, it would have been funny if Abby wasn't trying to call and place a bet. She quickly had Abby in the nursery, closed the door and sat her down in her lap in the rocking chair.

When Abby felt Nanny reaching for the tapes on her dipey, she began crying harder saying "No Nanny! Pweath!"

"I'm sorry Baby Girl, you got your warning after lunch. I only give one Baby." Adela explained as she laid Abby across her lap and pulled the back of her diaper out of the way. She quickly issued two stinging slaps to Abby's tender bottom and asked "I told you to stay away from the phone, didn't I Baby Girl?"

Abby instantly started sobbing. The stinging on her bottom really hurt. "Yeth Nanny." she cried.

With two more slaps, Nanny asked "Did you listen?"

"No Nannyyy." Abby sobbed harder as the stinging increased.

"Who were you trying to call Baby Girl?" Nanny asked after delivering two more to her bottom.

"No one!" Abby said and immediately was given two more swats. "A bet!" she screamed now, her bottom on fire.

With the last two swats she would give her, Adela asked "Are you going to lie to me again Baby Girl?"

"Noooo!" Abby answered, squirming now. "Noooo!" she sobbed a second time.

"Good Baby Girl, because if you do, I will make your bottom feel worse than it does now, understand?" she asked.

"Yeth Nanny!" Abby cried, trying to reach her bottom to rub the sting out. Nanny still had her hands pinned though, so she just lay squirming and sobbing.

Adela picked her up and laid her in the crib on her back. She quickly had a dry diaper on her bottom, purposefully not using baby powder on her. She couldn't justify making her feel good just yet. She was about to pull the cribside up when she had an idea. Telling Abby to lay still, she took her bottle and left the room.

Abby cried hard for a couple of minutes until the sting started to ease on her bottom. She had just gotten control of herself when Nanny came back in the room. She saw Nanny had a full ba ba and her cell phone in her hand. She couldn't help it, she looked longingly at the phone.

Holding the phone out to Abby, Adela said "Go ahead Baby, you've got to see it for yourself." When Abby didn't take it, Adela said "Go ahead, I won't punish you."

Abby took the cell phone in her hands and quickly opened it up. She dialed a number and waited as the phone rang. When a man answered with "Hello" she began.

"Hewwo, Bawwy?" she asked.

"Who's this?"

"Abby Thtone." she answered.

"Right. I tell you what little girl, when you grow up, call me then." and he hung up.

Adela saw Abby panic. She quickly redialed the number and waited anxiously.


"Bawwy It'th Abby. I need pwathe a bet!" she told him desperately.

"Look little girl, if you call this number again, I'm going to call back and have your mommy or daddy spank your bottom!" he said angrily and hung up the phone.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" Abby screamed at the top of her lungs as she drummed her heals on the crib mattress. She couldn't believe they had actually done it! They made it impossible for her to place a bet! She panicked then, sobbing her eyes out. They had taken her only means of coping with stress! She didn't even realize it when Nanny picked her up and pulled her close. Only when she felt the nipple in her mouth did she realize she was laying in Nanny's lap. She started nursing instantly and the panic subsided. She lay crying, with no idea how she was going to deal with this. Fear clenched her gut as she understood that the need to call would come again and she had no way to satisfy it.

"Nurse your ba ba Baby Girl. Nanny will hold it for you." Adela said, having a hard time watching her go through this. When she saw the fear in Abby's eyes, she said "Look Baby, that phone isn't going to work anymore for making you feel better." When she saw Abby start to cry, she added "But your ba ba seems to be doing just fine Baby."

Abby stopped crying instantly. Nanny was right. As soon as she started nursing, the need to call went away!

"Listen Baby, If you feel that need again, all you have to do is let me or Daddy know, and we'll snuggle you and hold your ba ba for you, I promise." she explained.

That was like a lifeline to Abby. She began to cry relieved tears as she understood that they didn't take her ability to cope away without giving her something to take it's place. This made her feel so much better!

"I mean it Sweety, if you need it, ask. It doesn't matter what time it is, one of us will feed you a ba ba and make it all better, I promise." Adela reassured her, knowing it would be a long night. She was glad that she had asked the cook to bring up several bottles of juice when she went down stairs. She was happy to see Abby slowly become sleepy.

"Where shall I put them Adela?" the cook asked from the doorway. She stood holding four bottles in her hands.

"Please take them to my room." Adela answered as she picked Abby up, making sure to keep her bottle in place. She followed the cook to her room and laid down in her bed with Abby snuggled close, still nursing. She was sound asleep several minutes later. When Charles came to her door a moment later with several diapers, the wipes and the powder, she smiled at him.

"I thought you might need these. I heard the whole process. Is she alright?" he asked.

"Yes, she calmed down immediately once I gave her the bottle. When I pointed out to her that the bottle would help, she was very relieved. Did she think we would leave her with no way to cope?" Adela asked in a hurt tone.

"I don't know. Maybe she was so upset, it just didn't occur to her." he suggested.

"Yeah, I hope so. I hope she doesn't think I could do that." Adela said.

"Get some sleep while you can. It's going to be a long night. If you need me to relieve you, just call." he said and headed back down the hall.

Three times that night Abby woke up and cried for her ba ba. Each time, true to her word, Nanny held it for her and rocked her gently until she went back to sleep.


The next day, Adela was sitting in the rocker as Abby napped. Charles came into the nursery and said "I'll watch her."

Adela got up and left the room quickly.

Abby opened her eyes and noticed she was nursing her ba ba already. She smiled when she saw she had been nursing it in her sleep. Babies did that and that meant she had been a baby during her nap and that made her feel warm all over.

"Hi Baby Girl." Charles said with a smile and a gentle kiss to Abby's forehead. "Did you sleep well?" he asked.

Abby smiled when Daddy kissed her. She nodded her head and held her ba ba out to Daddy. "You do?" she asked.

"Alright Baby, come here." he said as she picked her up, sat in the rocker, cuddling her close and holding her bottle. "You really love your ba ba don't you Baby?" he asked. He smiled when she nodded. He had been surprised when Adela told her that Abby had done fairly well through the night. Charles thought that she was moving in the right direction. The need to have him or Adela hold her bottle kept her in frequent physical contact with someone in a loving and gentle manner. He knew that should help her feel more secure, while also learning to feel better about being in her situation.

Three minutes later, Adela and Karen came into the nursery, Adela carrying a large envelope. Charles told Abby "Here Baby, Nanny wants to hold you for a little bit.", stood, then laid Abby in Adela's lap and stepped to the other side of the room, giving Adela the space to talk with Abby.

When Nanny pulled Abby close and took hold of her ba ba, she smiled a big smile around the nipple.

"I love you so much Baby Girl." Adela told her. Not feeling that was enough to express it, she added " So very, very much Sweety."

Nuzzling closer, Abby said "Wub you!" with a smile.

Adela didn't quite know how to approach this. Thinking for a moment, she said "Abby, would you like a mommy?" in a kind and gentle voice.

Abby's head quickly snapped to look Nanny in the eye as tears formed. It didn't take a second for her to say "No!" as she began crying.

Adela fought to keep her own eyes from tearing when she saw the instant reaction. "Why Baby?" she asked.

Crying harder, Abby said "Owwie."

Adela fought harder to control her emotions as she understood that to Abby, mommy meant pain. "How terrible things had to have been, for a child to learn that twisted lesson." she thought. Wanting to make things a bit clearer, Adela said "No Sweety, not this mommy." and then leaned down to kiss her wet cheek and say softly "I want to be your mommy."

Abby was stunned. A million questions entered her mind at once, and then quickly left. The thought had never occurred to her that anyone like Nanny would ever want to be her mommy. Unfortunately, the fear was immense, and she cried as she asked fearfully "No owwie?"

Losing the hold on her tears, Adela said "I swear to you Baby Girl, I will never EVER hurt you. I will swear it every day if you want me to, I promise. The worst thing that will ever happen is I will spank your bottom Baby, and only if you misbehave." in a teary voice.

She laid there daring to hope that it was possible. Abby nursed her ba ba for a long moment before pragmatism reared it's head and she had to ask a tearful "Why?"

Adela started to cry in earnest then. Pulling Abby into a tight embrace, she sobbed as she said "Oh Baby…." not able to continue for a moment. "I am so sorry Baby Girl that you were hurt so badly that you have to ask me that." Adela responded. After a moment, she looked directly into Abby's tearful eyes and said "Because I love you so much Baby, so much. And because you are such a wonderful girl that you deserve to have someone to call Mommy that won't hurt you, but will cuddle you and hold your ba ba, and pat your dipey."

Abby cried and cried. The memory of standing outside her home, bruises forming on her legs and bottom came back to her. She had wet her panties and stood there in them, watching the woman cuddle and hum a lullaby to her baby girl. She held her bottle with one hand while patting the baby's dipey with the other. Both the mommy and the baby looked so happy. She had wanted to be that baby so badly then, she would have agreed to anything for that to be so. 

She considered that Nanny was telling her that it would be HER turn, HER dipey would be patted, HER mommy would snuggle her close and hold HER ba ba. She wanted this so badly it hurt, but when she looked inside, she could see no reason for it. She didn't deserve that. Many people had shown her as a child that she didn't. "No." she said with resignation.

Hurting for this little girl, Adela cried as she said "Yes Baby, you do deserve to be loved and cared for."

Abby responded with a soft "No." again, but this time, there was a look of pleading on her face, as if to say "Please, I beg you! Please don't."

"Yes you do Sweety, I promise." Adela told her.

Not able to keep from nursing, this hurt so much, Abby just shook her head.

"Look at me Baby," Adela told her. When Abby refused, Adela tearfully said "Please Baby, I beg you, please look at me."

Abby couldn't help it, she couldn't stand to hear Nanny hurting like that. She turned her tear filled eyes and gazed through the blur, blinking the tears out of the way until she could see Nanny's eyes.

Adela, silently thanking God, asked "Have I ever lied to you Baby Girl?"

Abby began sobbing hard now, reaching both arms up to Nanny. She needed to feel Nanny hold her tight. Nanny had never lied to her, ever. That told her that the people that made her believe she didn't deserve to be loved were wrong. They had beat her into believing she was a terrible person who didn't deserve to be held, or sometimes fed, or loved. They had taught her that she deserved bruises and ridicule, or to be taken into a room and have unspeakable things done to her by men.

Adela sat her upright facing her and held her very tightly, patting her diaper. They both cried as Adela rocked her back and forth gently. "I know Baby, I know…I'm so sorry you had to go through that…I'm so sorry." Adela told her repeatedly.

Not knowing how else to get her to believe, Adela took the envelope in her hand, and couldn't manage to get it opened. Charles was there in a heartbeat to pull the Order of Adoption from the envelope and hand it to Adela.

 When she managed to get Abby to calm down enough, she said "Read with me Baby, this is the document. All you have to do is sign it." When Abby turned to look through tearful eyes at the paper, Adela pointed to the lines that mattered and began reading aloud.

"Abigail Grace Stone is hereby ordered to be adopted by and is the child of Adela Rose Reins and they shall sustain toward each other the legal relationship of parent and child and have all the rights and are subject to the duties of that relationship.

The adopted adult shall hereafter be known as Abigail Grace Reins."

Abby heard and read that and immediately looked to Nanny and asked in a tentative voice "How wong?" She was daring to believe that Nanny wanted her.

Adela heard this and her heart leaped for joy. "Forever Baby." she said.

Abby looked around furiously. When Charles figured out what she was doing, he held a pen out to her. Abby quickly took the pen as Adela placed the document she needed to sign on the envelope to support it. Abby signed her name three different times. When she finished, she looked to Nanny, furiously nursing her binky, and asked "When?" in a pleading voice, hoping it wouldn't take weeks to become official.

Adela pulled her into a big hug and said "Now Baby, that order was signed by the judge an hour ago. The minute you signed that paper, you became my baby girl, and I became your mommy."

Abby clung tightly to Mommy. "Mommy?" she asked tentatively, hoping against hope that nothing would go wrong.

"Yes Baby, Mommy's got you." Adela said tearfully.

That statement broke the damn for Abby. With big huge cleansing sobs, she cried "Mommyyyy" again and again, letting so much pain out.

It was a long fifteen minutes for Charles, Karen and Adela. There wasn't a dry eye in the room. When Abby started to calm a bit, Adela laid her back down, held her bottle for her and began gently patting her diaper.

Abby closed her eyes tightly, afraid she would wake up and this would be a dream. Before, she didn't think that her ba ba could ever feel better, but knowing that she had a mommy and Mommy was holding her ba ba and patting her dipey made her feel like the luckiest girl in the world. She was that baby.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 21

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Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 21

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Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 21

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Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 21

This comment comes after reading that last part about 12 times.

I will say this, comming from someone who has been active online and reading these stories for the past 10 years…

That was THE BEST ending to a chapter I have EVER read, Period.

I can’t even describe to you the feelings I have right now… just… heavenly.

Everything, all the hardship and pain and worry about where this was headed… if it wasn’t earased before, it is now.

bows down to you

Also… one minor note. You seem to enjoy using fifteen-minute time intervals. Not sure if you noticed that pattern (some authors don’t until you point it out), but both Abby and Billy cried for 15mins when they got thier respective Mommy back.

Happened on more than that one occasion too. That just seems like the perfect emotion releasing amount of time for you.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 21

Yes everything DarkAngel said it’s true.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 21

Hi All,

I really want to appologize for not responding to the comments on chapter 20, I’m trying to get things squared away before I leave.

I won’t get a chapter up tonight, but will try to get this wrapped up tomorrow evening. I may have some time the first night I’m down there to finish if I can’t do it tomorrow evening. I really don’t want to rush it though.

Thanks everyone for responding to these last two chapters. It means alot to me. I couldn’t ask for kinder words.



Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 21

My hat is off to you BB, and a crisp salute.

You’re writing never ceases to amaze me, it is unfathomable the words to explain the detail and feeling.

You truly bring life to the characters, I feel for them.

thank you

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 21

Hi Folks,

Just a note to let you know that I’m not going to be able to finish this tonight. I had a glitch that killed about seven pages of the next chapter. GRRRRRRRRRR!!!

I will try to work on this while I’m on vacation, but not sure how much I will be able to get done.

I’m sorry that I didn’t get what I said I would do done. I hate that. Please, bear with me and I’ll get this complete and get back to snuggles and tears for a while.



Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 21

Don’t worry about it or try to rush.

Your writing is too good to rush. There’s no need to feel any pressure. We’ll be here when you get back just as eager as we are now for more of your awesome writing.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 21

Don’t worry about it or try to rush.

Your writing is too good to rush. There’s no need to feel any pressure. We’ll be here when you get back just as eager as we are now for more of your awesome writing.[/quote]Yes, thats true what Dark Angel said.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 21

As DA and Mary said take your time BB,

I do not remember who said it but someone said

You cannot rush genius.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 21

Yes, that’s true xofwodahs.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 21

wow such a great chapter!