Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

The feeling was wonderful as Daddy held Abby close. She even liked the feel of him patting her dipey, even if it was pee pee wet. She couldn’t believe Daddy had wanted her to promise to be a baby at night night time. What was even more astounding, he had no problem with her wanting to nurse her binky when she was awake, or drink a ba-ba for that matter. The thought gave her warm feelings all over. She had always been punished for behaving like a baby. Now, she didn’t have to fear punishment for enjoying the sensation of nursing. She didn’t know why, but it just felt so good. Not just physically, but nursing somehow filled a need inside, one that had been there for a long, long time.

Charles held her close, rocking her gently back and forth. He pulled her back from him and told her “I love you Baby Girl. Please, just enjoy being a baby for a little while. Can you do that?”

Abby smiled at Daddy and nodded her head as she continued to nurse.

“That’s a good girl.” Charles told her and gently kissed her cheek.

“I think somebody needs a dry dipey.” Adela offered.

Abby became embarrassed, and with that came a strange feeling for a second. She had no idea what it was, but ignored it as her face became scarlet in color.

When Abby blushed, Charles looked at her and said “No Baby, no getting embarrassed because you’re wet, or poopy or any of that. It won’t do anything but make you upset.” He was about to ask her if she wanted to be a baby for years, but thought better of it. “What if that’s what she wants?” he thought, hoping that it wasn’t true. While he meant what he said about enjoying this right now, he didn’t want her whole life to be bottles, diapers and napping in her crib during the day. “I need to know what you want Sweety.” he told her, fearful of the answer to his question, but making sure he didn’t show it. “Do you want to be a baby?” and quickly added “I won’t get upset with you either way Sweety, I just need to know how you feel.”

Abby thought about that. If she was to tell the truth, she would have to say yes. Not wanting to lie to Daddy, she nodded her head, again feeling the strange feeling as her blush increased.

“How long Baby? A long time or a short time?” he asked.

“Showt time.” Abby said. She loved having the freedom to have her binky, but she wanted to be able to do other things too."

“Alright Sweety, then I want you to understand that every time you get embarrassed about being wet or messy, the time you will be a toddler will be longer. You won’t advance to a little girl until you accept being a baby girl. So please, try not to get embarrassed.” Charles told her.

Tears formed as Abby thought about that. How was she not going to be embarrassed? She was clinging to him with a soaking wet dipey on. Her Nanny had to remind her she needed changed because she hadn’t even thought about how wet she was. She didn’t like this part.

“I know you don’t like that Baby, but you’re a baby girl right now because you did some things that put yourself and others in danger. Before you can move forward, you need to understand that, and understand that you made the choices that put you where you are, no one else did. Accepting your situation and why you’re in it is the only way to get where you want to be.” Charles told her sincerely.

Abby’s first thought was that she wasn’t to blame. With that thought came the strange feeling she hadn’t recognized before. She understood it now. It was the doctor’s way of letting her know that her time just started over. This scared her and she started crying harder and clung tightly to Daddy.

“What’s wrong Baby?” Charles asked with concern.

Abby cried for a bit before she managed to say “Stawt oberw.”

“Oh Sweety, I know.” he said with compassion. Karen had mentioned on the phone last night that she would soon be able to recognize when her time started over. “It’s OK though Baby, now is the time for that.” he said trying to comfort her. “Better now than two and a half months from now don’t you think?” he asked.

Abby considered what he said and had to agree. If she was going to have to start over, then it was better at the beginning. She nodded her head and nursed her binky.

“I think you need to expect that to happen for a little while. Just pay attention to what’s happening when it does and try to figure out how to prevent it.” he told her as he kissed her softly on the forehead. He knew this would be a trying time for her, but it didn’t make it any easier to watch.

When Adela saw Abby nod, she said “Come to Nanny now Baby and let me get you a nice dry dipey.” as she took her from Charles and moved over toward a couch on the far wall. She laid Abby down, got the supplies and began changing her wet bottom.

Daddy handed Abby her ba-ba after she was laid down. He said “Did you have fun playing Baby Girl?” as Nanny pulled her wet dipey open. Abby felt the time reset again as she became embarrassed at Daddy seeing her get her pee pee dipey changed.

Charles saw her blush and decided that he would change her the next couple of times she needed it so she wouldn’t be so embarrassed. There were going to be times when he would have to change her, he knew. When he saw her nod, he felt a bit better about how she was taking it.

“She set up the nursery in the doll house just like hers upstairs.” Adela told Charles.

“Are you happy with your room Baby?” Charles asked Abby.

“Yeth.” Abby said easily as Nanny wiped her front clean. She really did like the crib, it made her feel safe. The rocker made it so Daddy and Nanny could rock her gently while cuddling her close.

“Good. I’m glad you like it.” Charles said with a smile.

Abby smiled and then sighed a big sigh as Nanny began powdering her bottom. It just made her feel so loved and safe.

“You love it when I do that don’t you Sweetheart?” Adela asked.

“Yeth.” Abby answered dreamily.

“Well, then I don’t understand why you would be so worried about having a very wet dipey then. It just means you get to have your bottom powdered again.” Adela told her with a smile as she taped the diaper closed.

Abby hadn’t thought of that. She smiled at Nanny then, realizing she was right. Every time she went pee pee, she was that much closer to feeling so wonderful as Nanny put baby powder on her bottom. When Nanny picked her up and held her, she snuggled close. When she felt Nanny take hold of her ba-ba, she let it go, smiling as she felt the surge of wonderful feelings that came with it. Abby felt that the doctors had to have made her feel this way when someone held her ba-ba for her. Wondering about something, she asked “Wiww it go way?”

Adela thought for a second. She wasn’t sure what she was talking about. “Will what go away Baby?”

“Powdew, ba-ba, feewing.” Abby asked, not even trying right then to make a coherent sentence, she was so caught up in warmth right then.

Adela put the three together and figured out she was asking if she would always feel that way when her bottom was powdered. “I don’t know Baby, we can ask and see. Would you like it to always be like that when you get your bottom powdered?”

“Yeth, an’ ba-ba.” Abby said without hesitation.

Charles smiled when she answered instantly and without embarrassment. This was good. It was progress in becoming comfortable with who she was. She wanted the good feelings that came with the baby powder and someone holding her bottle to stay that way, even if she advanced. He thought about it for a second and decided it would probably be a good thing if they did. “I’ll ask your doctor to keep it that way, alright Sweety?”

Abby smiled at Daddy and nodded her head.

“Alright,” Adela told them both. “I think dinner is almost ready. I need to get you down into your highchair Baby Girl.” When she felt Abby stiffen in fear, she said “Don’t worry Baby, You don’t go more than once a day do you?”

Thinking about the question, Abby smiled a big smile. Nanny was right, she only went poopy once a day. So this meant that she wouldn’t be going poopy in her dipey when she was in the dining room. Pulling her ba ba from her mouth for a second, she endured the feeling of longing long enough to kiss Nanny on the cheek. As soon as she got her ba ba back in place, she hugged Nanny tight and said “Wub you tho much.”

“I love you too Baby Girl. So very much.” Adela told her as she hugged her tighter. After holding her for a moment, Adela said “Why don’t you let Daddy carry you for now? That way it won’t take so long to get down the stairs.”

Abby, liking that idea, turned and reached out toward Daddy and said “Uppy.” with a cute smile.

Charles had to chuckle, she was so cute. “Come to Daddy Sweetheart. I love holding you.”

Abby laid her head down on Daddy’s shoulder as he began patting her soft dipey. The dipey felt wonderful on her bottom. She had never dreamed that she would ever get to feel like she did right now. She held on to Daddy tightly as he walked to the stairs and started down slowly. When they got to the bottom, a member of the staff came to tell them that dinner was ready. Abby felt the reset again as she sat in Daddy’s arms, her dipey in clear view, nursing her ba ba in front of this person she’d never met.

A giggle sounded then when the staff member reached out and tickled Abby’s tummy. She couldn’t help herself, she giggled. When he said “You enjoy your dinner Baby.” with a smile, she felt much better. She was surprised, this was the second person that worked here that just treated her like she was doing what she should be by wearing a dipey and drinking a ba ba.

Charles was glad to see the staff doing what they had asked them to. Adela had been the one to tell them that Abby would be living here, and until they had further notice, they were to treat her with kindness, and just as they would treat a two year old. Abby’s giggle and smile told him that they couldn’t have handled that better if they tried.

Pretty soon Abby was sitting in her highchair, a cute bib around her neck that said ‘Daddy’s girl’. She was enjoying her dinner as Daddy fed it to her. After a bit, she was done and he offered her a ba-ba. She sat quietly nursing as Daddy and Nanny ate their dinner. She reflected on how different things were than just a month ago. While she hated some of what had changed, she loved other parts. When Daddy started reaching under the highchair tray, tickling her tummy, she squirmed and squirmed, giggling wildly. When she’d had enough, she said “No Daddy!” laughing hard.

“Alright Baby, I can see you’ve had enough tickling.” Daddy told her as she started to calm down and took her ba ba again.

Adela having finished her meal said “I think it’s time for a certain baby girl to get a bath.” and stood up from the table. She pulled the tray from the highchair and unfastened the strap holding Abby in place. Lifting her, she stood Abby on her feet, and told her “Give Daddy hugs and kisses night night, in case you’re asleep when he gets upstairs Baby Girl.”

With a big smile, Abby toddled over to Daddy. She never had a Daddy that wanted hugs and kisses before. She picked her arms up when she managed to waddle close to him.

“Come here Baby Girl.” Charles told her as he picked her up. He cuddled her close, hugging her tightly for a moment. “I love you soooo much Baby! More than all the fish in the ocean.” he told her with a warm smile and a big kiss to her cheek.

Pulling her binky from her mouth, Abby said “I wub you mowe dan aww da tweeth in da fowest!” and kissed him hard on his cheek before taking her binky again. Her eyes got wide when she figured out that she talked the same with or without her binky. Daddy looked at her and pulled her close in a hug, making her feel better.

“It’s alright Baby, that’s the way a toddler speaks. It’ll get better when you advance, I promise.” Charles told her. He had to smile though, she sounded adorable.

Abby was surprised, but not terribly upset, really. She didn’t want to admit it, but the way she sounded made her feel more like a baby girl, and right now, she was honestly enjoying having a Daddy and a Nanny that cared so much for her. All the changes were stressful though. Hugging Daddy, she just let it go.

“OK, night night Baby Girl. You dream sweet baby dreams for Daddy OK?” Charles asked her.

Abby nodded her head and said “Night night Daddy.” with a tight hug and a smile.

Charles set her back on her feet, and with a pat to her diaper, he sent her on her way with Nanny. He thought she just looked so sweet, nursing her binky as she toddled toward the door with a pronounced diaper waddle. He had to admit, he liked the fact that she was going to spend her nights as a baby girl. He would enjoy rocking her while she drank her bottle every night.

When Nanny got her up to the nursery, she sat her in her crib. Abby didn’t understand why.

“I need to get your bath run, and get some things ready Baby, just lay here and snuggle with Charlie for a minute.” Adela told her.

Abby picked Charlie up and hugged him tightly, nuzzling her face against the soft fur of his head. She loved Charlie. This was the first thing Daddy ever gave her, and nothing he gave her from that point forward would ever mean more to her than this special bear.

Three minutes later, Adela led Abby into the bathroom attached to Charles’ bedroom. She stood Abby next to the bath tub and told her “Hands up Baby Girl.”

Abby smiled and raised her hands in the air as Nanny reached down and pulled her t-shirt off over her head. A second later, her slippers were off of her feet and Nanny was taking her pony tails out. When her hair was free Nanny pulled her dipey free and picked her up, setting her gently on her bottom in the tub. Abby saw all the bubbles in the water and giggled. “Bubbews!” she exclaimed.

“Yes Baby, lots and lots of bubbles. Here, I want you to play with the toys while I wash you all clean.” Adela told her with a chuckle as she placed several bath toys in the water. Abby’s expression when she saw the bubbles looked every bit a toddler filled with excitement. It warmed Adela’s heart to see Abby start to relax and just enjoy herself.

Deciding to just enjoy herself, Abby picked up a boat and looked at it, trying to figure out how it worked. She discovered if you wound up one of the smoke stacks, a water wheel would spin for a bit. Winding it fully, she sat it in the water and giggled when it took off motoring across the tub. She was completely oblivious to the washcloth running over her body except when Nanny washed her face. She was a little distracted when she felt the washcloth run over her bottom, but quickly got back to making the boat move.

“Alright Baby, it’s time to wash your hair. You need to leave the boat alone while we do this Sweety.” Adela told her. She was rewarded with a frown. “I promise, you can play with it for a little while when your hair is done.” Adela tried to placate her. She was surprised when Abby accepted that and just sat still as water was pured over her head.

When Nanny began working the shampoo into her hair, and then scrubbing her scalp, Abby sighed with pleasure. It felt good to feel Nanny’s fingers massaging her scalp. It didn’t take long before the shampoo was washed out and Nanny told her she could just play for a bit.

Smiling, Adela was glad to see Abby return to playing with the boat. If she didn’t know better, she would have thought a very large three year old was playing in the tub. She watched as Abby would giggle when the boat took off, almost every time. It squirted water out of the front as it moved and that would bring laughter when it came close, squirting water on her.

“It’s time to get out of the bath now Sweety.” Adela told her.

“No.” Abby said sadly around her binky.

“Yes, Baby.” Adela said a little more firmly as she pushed the valve to open the drain. When Abby started to get upset, Adela told her “It’s time to powder your bottom and get your dipey on Baby Girl.”

Abby heard that and forgot about the boat. She stood up and let Nanny rinse her clear of bubbles, then stood still as Nanny dried her off from head to toe.

Wrapping Abby in a dry towel, she carried her into the nursery and laid her down on her back in the crib. Lifting her feet, Adela quickly had a fresh diaper under Abby’s bottom and began applying baby powder. She saw the expression on Abby’s face, and understood why she didn’t want to give this up. When Adela taped her diaper closed, Abby was laying with her eyes closed, completely at peace. Wanting to see what would happen, Adela put more powder on her hand and started smoothing it on the skin of Abby’s legs.

She was in heaven. Nursing her binky, Abby could feel Nanny putting powder on her legs. It felt so wonderful, like a warm hug all over. She was really loving this.

“Do you like that Baby Girl?” Adela asked her.

Abby nodded her head and said “Uh huh.” with a sigh.

“Good Sweety. You just lay there and let Nanny make you feel good.” Adela told her. She worked her way up Abby’s body until her neck was done and then turned her over, doing her back and shoulders. She took her time, smoothing the powder over every inch of Abby’s fair skin. She finally finished and gently lifted her head to pull a short nightgown over her head. She smiled as Abby let her push her hands through the short sleeves, dressing her like a small child. When she finished, she gently picked Abby up and sat with her in the rocker. Cradling her head, she took her binky and offered her her bottle. “Drink your ba ba Baby Girl. It’s night night time.” she said.

Abby started nursing her ba ba and her emotions started to overwhelm her. Small tears ran from the corners of her eyes, making their way to her hair. She didn’t know why she was crying, she felt wonderful.

“What’s wrong Baby?” Adela said with concern in her voice.

Abby tried to figure out what was wrong. It took a minute, but she finally figured out that nothing was wrong, everything was right. The only way she could think to answer Nanny was to say “I wub you.”

“Awww…” Adela said as she leaned down and kissed Abby’s cheek. “It’s alright Baby Girl. You didn’t know it could be like this did you?” she asked as she held her closer.

“No.” Abby answered, the tears still coming.

“It’s supposed to be like this Baby. And believe me when I tell you, it WILL be like this from now on.” Adela said as tears stung her own eyes.

Abby nuzzled closer to Nanny, astounded that she could ever feel this loved. She lay there drinking up the comforting feelings, enjoying the sensation of nursing as she cuddled. Soon she began to get really sleepy. She felt Nanny offer her her binky, pick her up, and lay her down in her crib on her tummy. When she felt the soft baby blanket cover her, she smiled a sleepy smile and said softly “Night night Nanny. I wub you.”

Adela smiled as she leaned down to kiss Abby goodnight. “Night night Baby Girl. Nanny loves you too.” and stood patting her bottom as she drifted off.

The last thing Abby remembered is the wonderful feeling of Nanny patting her dipey as she nursed her binky.

Adela placed Abby’s bottle where she could reach it. Leaning down, she kissed her cheek softly whispering “I love you Baby Girl. Please take your time, and don’t grow up too fast.” and gave her three gentle pats to her diaper. She really wanted Abby to learn what childhood should have been like. She swore to herself that Abby would know before all was said and done that she loved her very much, and that she deserved to be loved.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 20

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Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 20

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Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 20

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Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 20

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