Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

It was the next morning that Karen told him “Charles, we need to discuss a couple of things.” as she sipped a cup of coffee.

“You look exhausted.” he told her.

“It was a long night at the ER with a new patient.” she explained.

Sitting down on the couch next to her, he said “OK, tell me.”

“Well, there is a technique I want to try with Abby. It’s fairly new, but has shown some promise with patients in Europe. I’ve spoken with two of my colleagues about this, and they agree that it would probably be the most beneficial for Abby.” she explained.

“I hear a but coming.” Charles offered.

“It’s not proven, and it will require a commitment from you and Adela before I will agree to do this.” Karen told him.

“I need more information before I can commit to anything.” he replied.

“I can appreciate that. I’ll go upstairs and make sure Abby will sleep for a while, and then you, Adela and I can talk about this.” Karen responded as she got up from the couch and headed toward the door.

Karen took her time issuing the suggestions, making sure to go down her list meticulously. She didn't want to forget anything or make a mistake that would cause Abby more problems. She took great pains to bring Abby as far down as she thought she could go before starting the process of making the changes. By doing that, she knew that the suggestions would take hold firmly in her subconscious. She put several different suggestions in place that would feed off of each other, making it very difficult for Abby to fight the process as it unfolded.

It took two hours to get everything in place, and get her ready to wake up. Karen used her cell to call Charles back to Abby's nursery. Abby had felt safe there, and Karen had used this to build a safe and trusting relationship with her while she was under.

"Are you finished? It took an awful long time." Charles said worriedly when he returned with Adela at his side.

"Don't worry, everything is in place. She'll be fine." Karen reassured him. "I'm about to wake her up. I wanted to let you know that I would be spacing out my visits to twice weekly at this point." she added.

"Why so far apart?" Adela asked. She didn't understand. Karen had been seeing Abby every day.

"What I've done is somewhat self sufficient. While I want to monitor her, I don't think I want to directly influence what happens from this point on. That was why I needed the commitment from both of you. It will be up to you to help her get better from here. I can offer guidance, but that's about it for now." Karen explained.

"Alright, what now?" Charles asked.

Reaching over, Karen picked up Abby's bear and her pacifier. She offered her the binky and said "Abby, take your binky now."

Abby, her eyes closed, opened her mouth and took the nipple of the pacifier and began nursing.

"Here's your bear Abby." Karen told her and watched as Abby took Charlie and hugged him close. "Get ready to comfort her Charles, this is going to be a bit difficult for her over the next couple of hours. She just needs reassurance and lots of hugs and she'll be fine."

Charles moved right next to the crib. Taking Abby's hand in his, he nodded to Karen. He heard Karen go through the process of bringing Abby up out of her trance. When she voiced the last word, he saw Abby open her eyes.

Abigail Stone had never felt so disoriented before in her life. While she had done drugs several years ago, this had that beat by a mile. She saw Daddy smiling down at her and felt relief. The last thing she remembered, he had diapered her bottom at the office. She had felt incredibly humiliated as he carried her to a chair and sat her down with her diaper clearly visible by everyone in the room. The rest was extremely fuzzy. She had a feeling that she'd been terrified, but had no idea why.

Her glance moved to Nanny. While Abby was sometimes frightened by this iron willed woman, she loved her. It was that simple. Nanny had taken the time to show her that she cared. Sometimes by hugging her, sometimes by teaching her things that no one had taken the time to show her before, like wiping herself after she used the bathroom.

A look of puzzlement crossed Abby's face as she shifted her gaze to the third person in the room. She knew this was a doctor, one of her doctors. She had no idea why she needed a doctor. After all, she was feeling fine, snuggled up with Charlie and nursing her binky.

"Binky!?!?" Abby thought. Daddy hadn't seen her with a binky, that she knew about. Quickly, Abby spit it out. The second the pacifier left her mouth, she couldn't help it, she looked down, glancing all around.

Charles watched her spit her pacifier out and not three seconds later, start looking for it. He picked it up and offered it to her, saying "Here it is Baby Girl."

Abby couldn't believe the feeling of longing that overcame her when the binky left her mouth. At that second, all she could think about was getting the nipple back in place. When she started rhythmically nursing on it, the need lessened considerably. This caused her to become anxious, and she was startled when tears formed, spilled to her cheeks and she began to cry audibly. "Get a hold of yourself Abby!" she thought. "You're not a child!" she mused. Looking to Daddy, she tried to say "I'm sorry Charles, I don't know what's come over me." with a blushing face. A second later, what she actually said registered, and her crying became more frenzied. "I sowwy Daddy. I don' know." was what came out of her mouth.

Charles saw the fear in Abby's eyes when she spoke and couldn't help himself. He reached down, picked her up and carried her to the rocking chair. Sitting down, he sat her facing him, holding her close. "It's alright Baby, It's OK. Daddy's here." he told her as he began rocking her while patting her diaper.

Being held so close by Daddy made Abby feel a bit better and she alternated between nursing her binky and fussing quietly. She laid her head down on his shoulder, clinging to Charlie with one arm and Daddy with the other. Her binky felt really good in her mouth as she nursed, easing her anxiety even more. Feeling Daddy's hand pat her bottom felt so good. Her dipey felt so soft, and comfortable. She snuggled closer, just enjoying Daddy's love for her.

Adela watched as Charles held Abby so close, rocking her and speaking soothing words. There was no question that he loved this very special little girl with all of his heart. He was so loving and gentle with her, it made Adela feel warm all over.

Karen watched the interaction between Charles and his little girl and was completely satisfied that Abby was in good hands. "Charles, I need to go get some sleep." she told him, stifling a yawn. "Call me if anything comes up." she added.

"I don't know how to thank you Karen. If there's anything you need, just let me know." Charles said softly. He didn't want to startle Abby.

"Just take care of her Charles, she's a special girl." Karen replied.

"You don't have to worry about that." he said as he turned and kissed Abby's cheek softly.

"Alright, I'll see you in a couple of days." she told him and turned to leave.

Adela moved between her and the doorway, then reached out and hugged Karen. "Thank you." she said, tears stinging her eyes.

"You're welcome." Karen responded before stepping back and leaving the room.

Abby couldn't help but think "Here we go again, their talking about me like I'm a little kid again." with frustration. She felt the dipey on her bottom, and knew that Daddy was going to hold her to what he told her. He was going to force her to be a toddler for a while. This was not what she wanted, despite her telling him 'I want to be a baby' at the office. She had said that so he wouldn't leave her. The thought of him leaving now made the crying start again. "I have to get it together!" she thought. "What the hell is wrong with me?!?" she wondered next. She sat here mewling like a baby every time something didn't please her.

"What's the matter Baby?" Daddy asked as he turned her and sat her down on her bottom.

"I don't know Charles," she started and realized she had said 'Daddy' again. "Charles." she said again, and it came out 'Daddy' a third time. No matter how many times she tried, she couldn't say his name. Looking tearfully to Nanny, she tried "Adela." and 'Nanny' was what came out. This truly frustrated her and she began really crying now, not understanding what was going on. When she tried to say "I can't talk right!", crying with frustration, it came out 'Can't tawk wight!'. Fear struck her and she sobbed hard now, reaching out and clinging to Daddy.

Charles sat her facing him again, with her head on his shoulder, her forehead against his chin. "I know Baby, I know." he told her. He began rocking again, hugging her tightly, patting her bottom and speaking soothing words. It took a little bit, but she calmed back down after a moment. "Just snuggle with Daddy Baby Girl." he told her comfortingly as he rocked. When Abby settled to just nursing her binky, he told her "It'll be OK Baby, I promise."

Abby felt better when Daddy said it would be OK. "Daddy make it all better." she thought. She had just realized that her thoughts sounded like a toddlers speech, when she felt a warm feeling between her legs. The warmth felt good to her, giving her a feeling of security and comfort. It took a moment before she thought about what had caused it. Quickly sitting back from Daddy, she looked down at her dipey. 

The first thing that occurred to her was that this wasn't the same dipey that Daddy had put on her. It wasn't even the same kind of dipey. This was thicker, much thicker than the Pamper he had made her wear. It was also bigger, and came up a lot higher on her waist. What made her cry in frustration again was the obvious wet area in the crotch. Trying desperately to hide it, she tried to bring her legs together and managed to move them only an inch or two closer together, leaving a three inch gap, clearly displaying her wet state. She quickly put both hands over her dipey and began sobbing when she finally figured out that she had wet without any indication of needing to go, or any impulse to stop it. She had wet her diaper like a baby!

Grasping both of her hands, Charles pulled her into another hug, bringing her head back to his shoulder. He had hoped to put this off a bit longer, but saw it wasn't going to work that way. He rocked her gently, and resumed patting her bottom, feeling the warmth of her freshly wet diaper. "It's alright Baby, you're supposed to wet in your dipey." he told her comfortingly.

Abby heard this and it made her angry. She was NOT a baby! Trying to speak clearly, she managed "I not baby!" in a determined tone.

"Really." Charles said, trying not to chuckle. He really didn't want to hurt her feelings. When he glanced at Adela, he saw she was also trying to keep her laughter to herself. After all, Abby sounded just like a toddler. "If you're not a baby, then what are you Sweety?" he asked her with the same kindness an adult shows a two year old.

Abby heard the condescending tone in his voice and screamed "Big girw!" crying now out of frustration. "How in the world could he think she was anything else but a woman?" she thought indignantly. It wasn't bad enough when she realized what she said. Daddy's next words caused her to sob heavily.

"Big girls use the potty Sweetheart." Charles told her with a firm pat to her wet bottom. He felt bad that this was necessary, but he agreed with Karen, she needed to see her reality as soon as possible. "You didn't even ask to use the potty, did you Baby?" he asked.

Abby was almost beside herself. Here she was nursing a binky and talking like a toddler, wetting like an infant, and no matter how she tried to twist it in her mind, Daddy was right. Big girls used the potty. There was no way she could justify just going pee pee in her dipey. It took a moment before she realized no matter how much she tried, she couldn't even think the grown-up words for pee pee or dipey, or binky for that matter. She refused to try to think this through anymore and clung to Daddy, crying her little eyes out. When she accidentally dropped her binky, she screamed "Binky Daddy!", reaching out for it as it lay on the carpet.

Adela quickly had the pacifier in hand, wiped it on her shirt and offered it to Abby, telling her "There you go Baby." She felt awful that the poor girl had to endure this difficult time. She hoped that Abby would accept her situation quickly, and learn to be happy again. The memory of yesterday as a contented Abby toddled over to her, wanting contact, showing off her newest creation with leggo's, flashed through her mind.

Abby desperately began nursing as soon as Nanny returned her binky. She didn't want to think right now, she just wanted to nurse and hold on to Daddy. She buried her face in the space between Daddy's shoulder and his neck, crying long and hard.

"I'll get her something to drink Charles." Adela told him.

"Thanks." he said as he held her tightly, one hand patting her bottom, the other holding her head. He rocked her gently saying "It's OK Baby Girl. You just hold on to Daddy and everything will be fine." A moment later when Adela brought the bottle, he turned Abby in his lap, laid her down much to her disagreement, pulled her binky from her mouth and offered her the bottle.

Abby didn't like being laid down right then. She wanted to be held. When Daddy took her binky, she immediately started wailing again. When she felt a nipple push between her lips, she automatically began to nurse. The taste of warm milk and the sensation of the nipple in her mouth as she nursed it, made the longing go away. The ba-ba made her feel a lot better. She calmed considerably, and laid looking up at Daddy. Seeing the love in his eyes as he looked at her, she felt much better.

Charles watched her as she began nursing in earnest. He loved this little girl like he loved no one else in the world. He couldn't help but gaze into her beautiful eyes as she lay there. He felt her calm more and more the longer she nursed her bottle. Hating to do it, but knowing this was probably going to be the best time over the next couple of hours, he began explaining.

"Baby, I need to explain some things to you, and I need you to listen to me, it's important." he started. "You're not a big girl anymore." he told her. When she started fussing around the nipple of her bottle, he said "Listen Baby Girl, it's important."

Abby heard Daddy say that she wasn't a big girl anymore and immediately thought that he must have lost his mind. Unfortunately, the feeling of the ba-ba in her mouth and the wet dipey on her bottom made her rethink that, and she felt intense fear. "What did they do to me?!?" she thought as tears started again. She fought to keep nursing for the comfort as she began crying. It didn't help when she saw Daddy's eyes fill with tears as he began speaking again.

"You had some very, VERY BAD people take care of you when you were little Sweety." Charles told her, unable to keep the tears from falling. After clearing his throat, he continued. "No child should ever have to go through the things you did Baby Girl, and I can guarantee you right now, you will NEVER go through anything like what you did, EVER again." he told her.

Abby heard what Daddy said and didn't want to listen. He was talking about things she didn't even want to think about! Forcing herself to stop crying so she could fully immerse herself in the feeling of her ba-ba, she closed her eyes, not wanting to look at Daddy right then.

"Look at me Baby." Charles said. He knew she was trying to avoid the hurt from her past. When she didn't open her eyes, he said "I know why you're speaking like a baby girl."

Abby heard that and couldn't help herself. She needed to know what happened. She opened her eyes as she continued to suckle at the ba-ba, grateful for the comfort of the nipple.

"You're doctors felt that bringing you back to a time when you needed to depend on someone to meet your basic needs would help you to understand what happened. To understand that what was done to you wasn't your fault, but was done by bad people." he told her. He saw that she heard what he said, but didn't believe a word of it. With a thick voice, he said "I love you Baby, and I couldn't if you were a bad person."

Abby heard that and lost the battle between nursing and crying for a moment and burst into tears. His words struck home. She had lived her life thinking she deserved to be hurt. He had changed all that in one night. The fact that she was laying in his lap was proof of it. He hadn't hurt her once in the entire time she had known him. Even the person he had care for her when she had to leave was kind and gentle. A second later the need for the ba-ba was greater than the need to cry and she resumed nursing.

"I know you can think clearly most of the time Baby Girl, so you will understand when I tell you that your doctors have changed some things in your mind. They've made it so that ba-ba gives you immense comfort, almost as much as your binky. They've also taken your ability to use the potty away for now. That's why you wet your dipey. Your speech will sound just like a toddler, and you will be unable to feed yourself. If Charlie isn't close, you will get very upset and when you do, you will cry like a two year old, you won't be able to help it. They've essentially made you a toddler again." he explained.

Abby heard all of this, and at first thought it was funny. "Doctors can't make you a toddler" she told herself, just short of laughing.

Charles saw her disbelief and asked "What's my name Baby?"

"Daddy." she said around the nipple.

"What's my first name Baby." he asked this time.

"Daddy." Abby said trying hard to say 'Charles'. She was a lot less amused now.

"You can't say it can you Baby. Say Charles for me Baby Girl." he persisted, hating to have to put her through this.

"Daddy!" Abby tried again and began to cry.

"OK, let's try a different one. Say bottle for me Baby." he told her, intentionally calling her Baby every time.

"Ba-ba." she cried. Abby was getting scared now. "Could they do that to me?" she thought.

"Say diaper Baby Girl." he prompted her.

Desperate to get at least one of them right, and frustrated to no end, she screamed "Dipey!" and sobbed heavily. They had done it. They had made her into a baby, with a baby's vocabulary and a baby's control of her bladder.

Charles pulled her into a hug, quickly offering her her binky. She took it, crying around it. He rocked her for a bit, until she started trying to push away from him. Holding her by her shoulders, he watched as she struck him on the chest with a wild swing. He expected this. Karen had told him this would happen. It didn't make it any easier to endure when Abby looked angrily at him and screamed "Go!"

He got up, handed the sobbing girl to Adela, and walked out of the room.

Adela hugged her close, telling her "Shhhh….shhhhhh Baby Girl." and stood rocking her gently from side to side.

Abby cried her eyes out, frustrated to no end. How could he do this to her? What made him think he had the right to make this decision for her? Who was he to force her to relive the past? Her anger made her cry hard and long. It lasted for ten minutes. When she finally got control of herself again, fear hit her. She had sent him away! What if he didn't come back?!?! Daddy had been the only person in her life that wanted her for who she was, not to hurt her and get their rocks off. It was only a moment longer before she couldn't help herself, she cried very loudly "DADDY?" and waited a second before repeating herself. When he didn't show, she screamed "DADDYYYY!" sobbing heavily now.

Charles stood in the bedroom and waited. He was hurting. She had pushed him away. When she called his name the first time, he ignored it. When she called the second, his resolve weakened. When she screamed, her desperation clearly audible, he had no choice, he returned to the nursery.

When Abby saw Daddy come back, she put her arms out to him and cried "Daddy! Daddy!" with a pleading look in her eyes. When Daddy hugged her, she clung to him, certain that she would never, EVER do that again. "Sowwy!" she cried desperately hoping he would forgive her. "Sowwy Daddy!" she cried again as he began patting her wet bottom and rocking her.

"It's OK Baby Girl." he told her tearfully, glad to have her back in his arms. Over and over he said "Daddy's here Baby, and I'm not leaving, no matter what you do, I PROMISE." with a thick voice. When she finally calmed down, he pulled her back from him to look her in her tearful eyes and said with certainty "No matter how many times you hit me, no matter how many times you tell me to leave Baby Girl, I'm not going anywhere." and hugged her tight again.

Abby cried and cried relieved tears. She had been afraid he wouldn't come back, that he would do as she told him and go away forever. She had never been so thankful to be ignored in all her life. She was having an impossible time dealing with what had been done to her, but the thought of having to do so without him to cuddle her scared her so much, she felt herself wet again.

When he finally calmed her down, he told her "It's time for you nap Baby Girl." and kissed her gently on her forehead. When she cried as he moved toward the crib, he turned, asked Adela to get another bottle and headed for his bedroom. Laying down, he held her close, resting between his left arm and his body. Adela brought her bottle a moment later and he swapped her binky for the nipple.

Abby lay snuggled close to Daddy. She really didn't want to take a nap, but was fearful of making Daddy angry. She knew he said he wouldn't leave no matter what she did, but she didn't believe him. She clung tightly to him with one arm, the other holding Charlie. The longing returned when he removed her binky, to be replaced by the warm comfort of her ba-ba. She nursed contentedly on her ba-ba as he held her close. She could feel him patting her dipey in a slow, gentle, comforting rhythm. It wasn't long before the exhaustion of the earlier emotional release took over, and she drifted off to a gentle sleep.

Charles watched her close her eyes. He continued to pat her bottom, enjoying the opportunity to be close and comfort this special baby girl. He would cuddle her close as often as she would allow, he knew. He resolved to make sure that she would learn what it was supposed to be like the first time. That she wasn't to blame for the way people had treated her as a child. Looking down at her serene youthful face, he whispered "That's it, it's time to be a baby girl again. No more hurt, no more pain. Snuggles, kisses, tickles and laughter will fill your days. I offer you delightful toys, full ba-ba's, clean dry dipeys and a binky to soothe your fears. Sleep sweet baby girl, dream sweet dreams." and kissed her gently on her cheek.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 16

Wow… this leaves me speechless, and I am enjoying this story. This ranks up with the best storylines from ‘Dallas’, ‘Falcon Crest’, ‘Dynasty’, ‘Knots Landing’, and the best, ‘Hill Street Blues’. WOW.

The characters are livid like they were on the aforementioned soaps, and I m impressed. Charles reminds me a lot of Greg Sumner, who to me was J.R. Ewing but with a conscince on ‘Knots Landing’, and I like the way the charachter is developing.

Abby reminds me a lot of Emma from ‘Falcon Crest’, a tortured soul. WOW. Damn, BB, did you ever watch 80s prime time soaps?

I am VERY impressed.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 16

Yes, that’s true BabyChris121675.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 16

another wonderful installment BB,

I enjoy that your writing has not yet become predictable.

Keep up the good work.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 16

Yay! snuggles! warm feelings :smiley:

I think I re-read that last half about 10 times, over and over… just :slight_smile: Yes.

and now I want more. MORE!

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 16

BB, way to go!! I do feel a little sorry for Abby, but her “reprogramming” is needed for her own safety!! She is in good hands as well!! Keep up the great work on this!!

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 16

Hi All,

I appreciate the kind comments.

BabyChris121675, I think you would have to have lived in a cave in wyoming somewhere not to wonder “Who shot J.R.?” That however was the only one I watched.

Thanks for the encouragement. :smiley:

xofwodahs, predictability is probably one of the things I guard against the most. After all, why bother reading if you know how it’s going to come out? Thanks for commenting.

DA, that made me smile. The chapter that’s coming has snuggling in it and it’s alot longer. :smiley: So there’s your MOAR! :stuck_out_tongue:

Icey, yes this is going to be hard on Abby, but it will help her in the long run. Thanks for your input.

Thanks All for taking the time to respond.


Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 16

I’m not very comfortable with the concept of inflicting this kind of thing without any consent on someone “for their own good.” I know, that sounds wierd, even to me. I guess it’s a sign of how much I have emotionally invested in these characters that I want them not to do things I disapprove of.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 16

Actually, I totally agree with you there. I was enjoying the story in the most part up until this chapter, but somehow it just doesn’t seem right to do what they’ve done. I’m not big on age regression stories, so I guess that’s part of it- it’s testament to how well you write that I’m still reading. But if it were possible, it would be totally unethical to do what they did- I realise this is a story and so it doesn’t have to be realistic, but what I liked about it was that it didn’t go too far into fantasy.

Even supposing someone was committed to have psychiatric care without their consent it still wouldn’t be permissible to do something like this- in fact, it would be seen as really cruel. Of course, as a writer you can write whatever you like, but as a reader, you crossed the line for me between that which I can suspend disbelief for (and thus become more involved when reading) and that which I can’t.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 16

I think people get too worked about stories.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 16

o.o sorta like Christian conservatives and Harry Potter

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 16

o.o sorta like Christian conservatives and Harry Potter[/quote]

I guess these comments are directed at me… well, you’re entitled to think that, though I never suggested that BB should stop writing or that he was evil and his works were corrupting innocent little children :stuck_out_tongue:

I was trying to give constructive criticism by saying why I don’t want to read the rest of the story, though I did really like the parts up until this chapter. Maybe I overexplained myself, I don’t know, but I was trying to avoid saying “eurgh, I don’t like it” without saying why. That’s how you annoy someone when criticising their works. And I wouldn’t have said anything at all if I hadn’t wanted to read more, but wished it was different, if that makes sense.

Anyway, I don’t want to hijack the topic, so I’ll stop digging myself into a deeper hole.