Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

It was two fourteen in the morning when Adela woke to Abby crying. She jumped up and put her robe on before heading toward Abby’s room. She got halfway there and saw Abby coming toward her. “What’s wrong Baby?” she asked as she pulled her close into a hug.

“I can’t find my binky Nanny.” Abby said through her tears.

“It’s alright Baby, Nanny has another one.” she told her and led her toward her room. Opening a drawer in the dresser, Adela pulled a binky out and offered the nipple to Abby. She took it and quieted down immediately.

“Can I hab thome juithe?” she asked holding her sippy cup out to Adela.

“Sure Sweety. Do you have to go potty?” Adela asked.

“I don’ tink tho.” Abby answered.

“Why don’t you try going anyway Sweety, while I go get you some juice.” Adela told her as she escorted her to the bathroom. Once Abby was seated on the potty, she quickly went and filled the cup. She returned just as Abby was flushing the toilet.

Abby was surprised when she started to pee. She didn’t think she had to go. After washing her hands, she handed her binky to Nanny while she drank the juice. When she had enough, she took her binky again and got back into her bed.

Adela spotted the original binky when she went to spread the covers out over Abby. She quickly put it in her pocket so it wouldn’t become an issue. “I need to switch them out so they all feel the same to her.” Adela thought. When she got Abby tucked in, she kissed her and said “Night night Baby.”

“Night night Nanny, I wub you.” Abby sleepily answered.

“I love you too Baby.” Adela told her with several gentle pats to her bottom. She was surprised as she made her way back to her bed. Both that Abby would express that to her, and that she felt as she responded. She really did love the girl, it’s hard not to, the way she looks and behaves just like a little girl. Adela had not seen Abby show any real malice toward her since she’d met her. She’d balked at being told to do something or not being able to do something, but hadn’t been hateful at all.

Richard was sitting in his dining room, eating breakfast. While his side had stopped bleeding, it was still very tender. He heard Roger, his personal attendant answer the door and come toward him. "A Mr. Gordon to see you sir." Roger told him.

"Send him in." Charles replied.

"You're looking a bit better this morning." Richard offered.

"Thanks, clean living and all." Charles answered.

As he sat down, Richard said "You know, it's really strange." and paused.

"What's that?"

"It seems that religion can take a mans soul at any time." Richard answered.

"I've heard that." Charles responded.

"Then maybe you've also heard that Mr. Carlton, the lovely gentleman himself, found Jesus in the county jail last night, wrote a real doosey of a suicide note explaining how he couldn't live with himself anymore and promptly hung himself with his blanket. No mean trick that, hanging yourself with a blanket." Richard explained, watching Charles closely.

Charles looked squarely at Richard and said "Now that I hadn't heard."

"Then I guess you ALSO didn't hear that Mr. Granger made real good friends with a thirty eight caliber slug last night. They were such good friends, the bullet was found in his brain. Needless to say, neither one will miss the other." Richard added.

"Nope, I've been somewhat in the dark here, getting some R and R." Charles responded.

"Charles I've known you for a long time. Hell, we served together. I would hate to find out that you had anything to do with this." Richard stated flatly.

"Look Richard, I would have to be Houdini to pull off anything like that in the jail, and I'm definitely not in the shape I would need to be in to go after Granger. Not to mention, I have witnesses that know I was here." Charles answered.

"Alright, then I guess we leave these two cases to the X-files, because there was no evidence found at either scene to provide a suspect or a motive." Richard said.

Charles, with a completely straight face said "Those aliens can be a real bitch."

This made Richard laugh long and hard. When he calmed down, Charles asked him "Can you do me a favor and be at my office at noon?"

"I think I can arrange that. Is it important?"

"Yes, I'll explain when you get there." Charles told him.

When they finished their conversation, Charles dialed Adela. "I'm sending a private jet to the airport out there. Please bring Abby and get there as soon as you can." he said after she answered.

"OK Charles, is something wrong?" Adela asked.

"No, actually, something went right. Both Granger and Cranston met their end last night, so the need for hiding Abby is gone." he explained.

"OK, well that's good news." Adela told him.

"Yes, I just wish it had happened before someone took a shot at me." Charles grumbled.

"I'll be glad to see you Charles, and I know a little girl that will to." Adela said with a smile.

"It will be good to see you both. I've made arrangements for a car to pick you up at the airport. Only take what you need, I'll have the rest brought back in a day or so." he explained.

"Alright, I'll see you in a little while then." Adela responded.

"I'll be at the office." Charles told her and hung up the phone.

Adela went to the livingroom and told Abby "Guess what little girl?" with a smile on her face.

"What?" Abby asked as she sat dressed in pink shorts and shirt.

"You're going to see Daddy." Adela answered.

"Really?!?" Abby asked jumping to her feet.


Abby ran up and gave Nanny a great big hug. She asked "When are we going?"

"As soon as I get some things together Sweety. I want you to go get Charlie and your binky. Put your binky in your pocket so you have it if you need it on the plane." Adela explained.

"Do we have to fly?" Abby asked with tears forming.

"Yes Baby, we do. But I promise, this time, you can sit in my lap for the whole flight." Adela reassured her.

"Thank you Nanny." Abby said gratefully.

"You're welcome Baby. Now go get your things so we can go." Adela told her. When Abby started to run toward her room, Adela said "Walk!" loudly. Abby slowed down at hearing that.

When everything was packed in the car, Adela buckled Abby in the back seat and handed her a sippy cup of juice. They drove the distance to the airport with Abby excitedly talking about seeing Daddy. Adela was happy to see her so excited to see Charles.

It wasn't long before they boarded the plane and Abby told Adela "I need to go potty Nanny." in a whisper.

"Alright Sweety, come with me." Adela said and led her to the bathroom. "Quickly now, let me help so we can be done and get you to your daddy." and had her panties down with her sitting on the potty in an instant. 

When Abby was done she let Nanny know and sat still while Nanny wiped her bottom. She stood and let Nanny pull her panties up before washing her hands. When they went back to their seats, Abby was glad when Nanny pulled her into her lap. With her head on Nanny's shoulder, she took her binky and hugged her bear tightly.

When they took off, Adela hummed a lullaby as she gently patted Abby's bottom. With that comfort, Abby did fine.

"Wake up sleepy head." Nanny told her. She picked her head up off Nanny's shoulder and looked around. She noticed the plane wasn't moving anymore.

"This is where we get off Baby." Adela said, surprised that Abby had slept through the landing.

Abby rubbed her eyes and then handed Nanny her binky. Reaching out, she took her sippy cup off he table and took a long drink from it.

Taking Abby by the hand, Adela said "Alright, let's get off the plane and go see Daddy."

"Is he here?" Abby asked.

"No Baby, we have to ride into the city. We're going to Daddy's office." she answered.

"Oh." Abby replied sadly.

"Don't worry, we'll be there in a half hour." Adela reassured her.

It wasn't long before they took the elevator up to Charles offices. When they entered the lobby, the receptionist took their names and said "Give me a moment please." and got up and walked back through a door. A moment later she said "Follow me." and led them down a hallway and through a door. When they came to the end of a second hallway she stopped and said "They're expecting you inside." and motioned for Adela to enter.

Adela opened the door and saw Charles stand when she did. She led Abby into the room and closed the door.

Abby saw Daddy and knew something was wrong. She went to go to him and he stopped her.

"Sit down Abigail." Charles said looking tired.

"But Daddy…" Abby started.

"This is not a time for children, Abigail." he said firmly.

"What is it Charles?" Abby asked as she sat down.

Charles slid a paper over to her and asked "Why?"

Abby looked at the paper and fear clenched her gut. She saw highlighted in yellow the number of the bookie she called from her cell when she was made to nap yesterday. Tears formed instantly. She softly answered "I couldn't help it."

Her answer made Charles angry. "Really." he said. He tried to get control of his anger for a moment before asking her "Do you have any idea what has been happening since you left here?"

Abby seeing his anger, just shook her head no.

"Well, two people have died, and one has been shot. All because you couldn't help it before. You gave me your word Abigail!" he shouted angrily.

Frightened, Abby burst into tears. She cried "I'm sorry! I couldn't help it! Everything changed so fast, I was freaking out. It helped!"

"Even a four year old knows enough to stay away from a stove when they've been burned Abigail!" he said hotly. "This is no game!" he shouted and pulled his shirt up out of his slacks, raising it above his bandage. Puling the tape loose on one side of the bandage, he pulled it away and said "Look Abigail! This is what happens when you play games."

Abby looked at Charles' side and began sobbing. She saw the stitches and the angry red scar forming. She put her hands over her face and sobbed "I'm sorry!", guilt swamping her. She had never faced the results of her actions until now. No one she knew ever got hurt until now, and certainly no one she cared about.

Adela was having difficulty sitting still watching this. These were two people she cared about.

Charles pressed the bandage back in place as he said "You've shown me that you have no care or concept of the consequences for your actions. You've acted without any concern for anyone but yourself. You've told me that you can't help it. Well, I will offer to help you." he told her. As he walked to a desk on the far wall, he said "Right now, you have two choices Abigail, and one, I know for a fact, you're not going to like." as he opened a drawer. "Either you agree to this, or I leave this office right now, and you will never see me again." he explained as he pulled a size seven Pamper from the drawer and placed it on the table.

Abigail saw the diaper and froze. Pleading, she cried "No! Please Charles! No!"

Charles reached over and pressed a button on the clock in the center of the table. "You either spend the next several months, maybe longer, as a toddler, or I leave here. You have one minute to decide Abigail. If you come over here and hand me this diaper I will know that you've chosen to be with me." and stood watching her.

Abby couldn't conceive of how things went so terribly wrong in such a short time. She knew with a certainty that she didn't want to lose Charles, but she absolutely hated the idea of what he was suggesting. She was frozen with indecision.

When the clock ticked down to zero, it made a chime noise. "What's it going to be Abby?" he asked her. When she didn't answer and didn't move, the hurt struck deep. He walked over to her, bent to kiss her on her forehead and said "Goodbye Abigail, I love you." with tears stinging his eyes, and moved toward the door.

Abigail heard him say goodbye and remembered what Nanny had told her. She knew he was serious and would leave her. She jumped up and screamed "No!" and ran to the end of the table, grabbed the diaper and ran back to him holding it out to him as she cried "Please, I'll be a baby! Please don't leave!" with huge tears running down her face.

Charles looked at her and his heart was breaking. With a thick voice, he asked "Is that what you want?"

Abby immediately nodded her head as she cried.

"You need to tell me Abigail. Tell me what you want." he said firmly.

"I want you." she said, and when she saw his face darken, she added "I want to be a baby." as tears flowed. Abby was never so relieved in her life as when Charles held out his hand to her. She took his hand in hers and followed him. She had all but stopped crying when she saw where he was taking her. 

Fresh tears came easily when he led her behind the screen and laid her on the couch. When Charles reached for her shorts and told her to lift up, she thought she'd die. Abby knew that both Richard and Adela could hear everything that was going on behind the screen. Still, she lifted her hips and allowed him to remove both her shorts and her panties at the same time. She obeyed when he said to stay up there, keeping her bottom off the couch. She watched him unfold the diaper and slide it under her bottom. With gentle pressure, he told her to lay down. She couldn't help crying harder when she felt the diaper pulled up between her legs and snugly taped in place. She was sobbing when he picked her up and moved away from the couch leaving her shorts sitting there, exposing her diaper to everyone in the room. As he pulled the chair out and sat her down, she couldn't look anywhere but the floor. He wasn't going to let her hide it under the table like she hoped he would.

While Charles was gentle, he was not loving as he diapered her bottom. He was hurting and it would take time to heal that hurt. It pained him to see here crying so hard, but he steeled himself against it and sat her where she couldn't hide. He knew this was hard for her, without doubt. But from his point of view, it needed to be hard. She had taken actions without thought to the consequences, putting others in danger, and it was time to pay the piper.

Charles sat down and looked directly at her saying "I know this is hard for you, Baby Girl." and watched her flinch at the name. "It's going to get a little harder before we're done here today." he added.

"Please, no." Abby cried softly, she was running out of strength to fight.

"I'm afraid so. Read this." he said as he slid a paper over in front of her. "Read every word Baby, because in a little while you will read it again in front of both a video camera, and a notary. If you don't agree to what is on that page, and read it for the camera, then we are done." he told her in no uncertain terms.

Abby read the paper, and cringed with almost every line. When she was done, she set it down on the table, crying softly.

Charles asked her "Are you ready to go next door now and read it?"

Abby all but whispered "I can't." as tears fell.

"Then I cannot help you Baby." and made his way toward the door.

Richard stopped him this time. "Charles, you're forgetting something." trying to appeal to his love for this girl.

"What?" Charles asked.

"She's broken the law Charles. If you don't keep her with you, I will have to take her downtown." Richard explained.

Charles knew that if she left here, she would destroy herself. Having her incarcerated wasn't what he wanted, but it might allow her to survive long enough to see what she needed to. He turned to her and seeing her pleading expression, asked "Are you ready to read now?" one more time. He would give her one more opportunity to redeem herself.

When Abby stared at the floor without answering, Charles did the hardest thing he had ever had to do. He turn away from her and said "Take her."

Abby heard those two words and demons from the past reared up to haunt her. She scrambled to get up, tripped and ended up on her behind on the floor. "NO!" she screamed as Richard started to stand. "NO! I'LL BE A BABY!" she screamed again as she scrambled backward away from him until she hit the corner, but still kept trying to push through the wall. She repeated "I'LL BE A BABY!" again and again.

Charles turned the instant he heard her scream. He saw her scramble backwards across the floor into the corner. As he watched her feet continue to push, he noticed the wetness spreading in her diaper. She was terrified. Both he and Adela moved then, Charles a half second faster. He couldn't watch her go through this anymore. While he wanted her to learn, he knew she was past learning in her current state. He picked her up, despite the pain in his side, and pulled her close. He hugged her tightly, still screaming.

Adela was the one to find the one thing she responded to. She pushed her binky into Abby's mouth and told her sharply, to get her attention "Nurse it Little Girl."

Abby felt the binky and heard Nanny's command, and the days of learning to mind her kicked in. She became aware of the comfort of the binky, of Daddy's hand patting her bottom and clung to him tightly, trembling from head to toe.

Charles had no idea what had caused her to react this strongly, but he looked to Richard, who was standing there white as a ghost, and told him. "Richard, you can go now. She staying with me." with a tone of complete finality.

Abby heard that and began to sob heavily. She honestly didn't care, she'd read whatever he wanted, wear diapers and be a baby if he wanted, but she couldn't face that again.

Charles held her close and said over and over "It's alright Baby Girl, Daddy's got you, you're not going anywhere." as he rocked her from side to side.

Abby slowly calmed to just clinging to him and nursing her binky. She saw Adela, in tears, hold out her bear. With one hand she quickly snatched the bear close and clung tightly to Daddy again.

When Abby had calmed most of the way down, Charles, with a thick voice, said "Let's get you home Baby."

Abby looked up to him and asked "Home?" tearfully.

"Yes Baby, home. Our home." he told her.

Abby laid her head on his shoulder and cried relieved tears. Daddy was taking her home.
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Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 12

Wow, this is good. Keep writing.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 12

An awesome story. Please keep writing your excellent stories.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 12

Wow, you were right, this was a hard one, BB!! But it was needed to show Abby where she was & what path she was going down!!