Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

Charles lay on the gurney, extremely angry with himself. “I should have known better dammit!” he thought. He knew if he had been a split second later, he’d have been dead. Fortunately, he was a much better shot than his assailant was.

“This is gonna sting a bit.” the ER doctor told him as he injected a needle near the entrance wound. “You’re lucky Mr. Wilkins. Any higher or toward the midline, and you would have bled to death.” the doctor added.

“I sure as hell don’t feel lucky.” Charles said with a wince as the third injection was given. When the doctor didn’t respond, Charles went over the events of the morning in his mind.

He had been on his way to a meeting with a firm uptown. They had some new technology that he was interested in incorporating into one of his new satellites. As much as he hated riding in a car with blackout windows, he had taken the precaution anyway.

Charles had started walking away from the vehicle and turned around to let the driver know that he would be leaving a little later than he originally expected. When he saw sudden movement out of his left eye, he dropped to a crouch and turned to see what it was.

The first shot went over his head. The second would have killed him if he hadn’t rolled to his right. Coming up to his feet quickly, he sidestepped with his weapon in his hand, and fired one round just as his attacker did. He saw his attacker behave as if someone had yanked him backward by his hair, and he knew he’d hit him in the head. This realization came just as it felt like someone had hit him just above his left hip with a sledge hammer, and he spun quickly down to the ground, landing on his right side.

The pain was incredible. He heard shouting, and saw a police officer run toward him. “Drop the gun!” the officer said with his weapon pointed straight at Charles’ head. he quickly let go of his pistol and pulled his hand away from it. The officer kicked it away and asked “Are you injured?”

That had to be the most ridiculous question Charles had ever heard. “No, I just like laying around on the sidewalk leaking blood everywhere. It’s my way of expressing art. I’VE BEEN SHOT YOU IDIOT!” he shouted, and then regretted it as the pain surged. “Call Richard Gordon. Tell him Charles Wilkins needs to speak with him as soon as possible. Have him meet me at the hospital.” Charles said through gritted teeth as he heard an ambulance siren coming closer.

A paramedic approached Charles and immediately applied dressings to both the front and back of Charles’ side. The shift to the gurney had been a painful one, and the bumpy ride to the hospital wasn’t much better, especially when they inserted the IV. How in the hell anyone could possibly hit a vein while bumping around in that ambulance was beyond him.

When he entered the ER, he was immediately assessed and sent for X-rays. The films showed it was a clean flesh wound. The bullet had passed through without hitting anything of substance.

Now here he lay as the doctor stitched him up, mad as hell that he hadn’t taken the underground entrance. When the last stitch was put in place, and the dressings were applied, Charles began to sit up.

“What the hell are you doing?!?!” the doctor exclaimed.

“I’m getting ready to leave here Doc. In case you didn’t notice, someone tried to kill me and I’m not going to wait around where they can find me so they can try again.” Charles explained with a grimace as he managed to sit upright.

“Nurse!” the doctor called out and then told Charles “You’re not going anywhere.”

“Did you read the name on that chart doctor? I do what the hell I want to do, got it?” Charles said angrily. He rarely ever pushed people around, but when his life was at stake, he had no intention of using kid gloves.

When the nurse arrived, so did a uniformed policeman. “You’re not going anywhere.” the officer said.

From behind him the officer heard Richard say “Yes he is, he’s coming with me.” Turning to Charles he noticed that he was breathing hard and gritting his teeth. “What are you whining about Wilkins?” he asked with a smart ass grin.

“Nothing Sir.” Charles answered sarcastically.

“Good, I thought I was looking at a pussy for a second there.” Richard quipped.

“Don’t push it Richard, just get me out of here.” Charles told him.

“Alright, alright, get that dress off and we’ll go to my car.” he said with a chuckle.

Two minutes later, Richard was helping Charles walk to the car. When they got in, Richard handed him his weapon back. “Nice weapon, too bad we didn’t have these.” Richard said.

“Might have made it easier.” Charles replied.

“Alright, what the hell happened out there? I thought I taught you to be a soldier not a target dummy.” Richard asked.

Charles winced and answered “Well, it seems someone got lucky. Not lucky enough for him though.”

“I want the details Charles.” Richard said evenly.

“I don’t have any. I was headed to a meeting with a potential supplier and turned to talk to my driver, saw movement, dropped to a crouch and rolled. He missed with two shots. When I came back up, I fired about the same time he did. I was the better shot because he’s dead. Felt like someone hit me with a poleaxe though.” Charles explained.

“Any idea who the guy was?” Richard asked.

“No, but you won’t need three guesses to figure out who sent him.” Charles answered.


“That’s why they made you the colonel.” Charles said sarcastically.

This made Richard laugh. “Listen MAJOR, tell me where I can drop you off. I’ll get some folks to keep an eye on you.”

Charles thought for a second, and said “Make it the third street apartment. And I don’t need folks getting in my way. I can handle the security.”

“Really now?” Richard answered. “Don’t look now, but your security is leaking from your bandage.”

Charles looked down to see that he was bleeding. Pulling his phone from his pocket, he dialed a number and said “Hi Alexa, call Dr. Thomas and have him get to my third street apartment asap. Tell him to bring stitches. Also get a security team down there. Someone took a shot at me.” he explained. “No, I’m alright, I just have two more holes than I had this morning.” He added “Thanks.” and ended the call.

Richard helped him into his bed a few minutes later. No sooner had he kicked his shoes off, then Dr. Thomas entered the room. “Charles, what the hell happened.” the doctor said when he saw the blood.

“It’s a clean shot straight through. County did films, but didn’t do such a good job with the stitches.” Charles said as he turned onto his right side.

“Alright, let me get cleaned up and get some things ready. You there,” the doctor told Richard. “hold these over the wounds. Even pressure now.” he said as Richard applied the bandages.

When Charles winced, Richard whispered “Pussy.”

“Tell you what jackass, let me shoot you and we’ll see who’s the pussy.” Charles replied. “It seems I pulled your nuts out of the fire more than once if I remember right.” he added.

“Yeah, so you did. But I didn’t whine about it.” Richard told him.

Roughly an hour later, when both Richard and the doctor left, Charles picked up the phone. As he dialed the number, he thought “This is personal now.”

Abby sat on the livingroom floor playing with several dolls as Adela got up to go wash the lunch dishes. As Adela filled the sink, she looked out and saw the swingset in the back yard. She felt bad that she had to tell Abby that she couldn't go out and swing, but she was worried about who was watching. She looked down as she put the dishes in the water and when she raised her eyes, she saw Abby making her way through the yard. Quickly shutting the water off, she took off out the back door, grabbed hold of Abby's hand and marched her back into the house.

Pulling one of the kitchen chairs out, she sat down, pulled Abby over her lap and delivered five quick stinging slaps to her panties. Standing her up she screamed "What do you think you were doing little girl?!?!"

Abby stood crying hard, dancing from one foot to the other with both hands on her behind. "I wanted to swing!" she cried loudly.

Taking a deep breath, Adela said "I told you, we don't want you to be seen little girl. If someone sees you, then they will know you're here and you could get hurt. I also told you no when you asked the first time. Your bottom hurts now because you didn't listen to me."

"You just want to keep me trapped in this stupid house!" Abby cried.

"It's time for a nap little girl." Adela said with steel in her voice, and quickly marched Abby into her bedroom. She removed her shoes and laid her on the bed. "Take your binky and snuggle your bear." she said sternly.

Abby, not wanting another spanking, pulled her binky out from under her pillow and started nursing it as she pulled Charlie close.

"You stay in that bed until I come to get you, understand little girl?" Adela asked in a no-nonsense tone.

Still crying, Abby said "Yes Nanny."

Adela made her way back into the kitchen then. She turned the monitor on so she could watch Abby occasionally as she did the dishes. She saw Abby turn on her side facing the window. She snuggled her bear close and closed her eyes. Adela had no idea what the girl was thinking. One second she was minding, the next she was off on a tangent. "She acts like she has no clue what danger even is." Adela thought.

Abby was fed up with being told what to do. She was angry, and the stress of the sudden changes was taking it's toll. She reached up under the mattress, close to the window, and pulled her cell phone out. Dialing the number, she held the phone to her ear laying her head mostly on it to hide it from Nanny.

Adela finished the dishes, saw Abby was sleeping, and made her way back to her own bedroom. She was walking quietly so she didn't wake the girl, when she heard her talking. Pushing the door open, she asked "Who are you talking to?" just before she saw the cell phone. Moving quickly, she reached over and grabbed the phone from Abby and twisted the two parts roughly until they broke apart. She then went to the bathroom, pulled the stopper up and dropped the two parts in the sink. Turning the water on, she let the sink fill until the phone was covered.

"Who did you call?" Adela shouted when she got back in Abby's room.

"I was calling my Daddy. A lady answered and said he wasn't there." Abby told Nanny with a fearful look.

"Look Sweety, if you wanted to talk to Daddy, all you had to do was ask. I took your cell phone and put it in the drawer because you can be located by it." Thinking about that, she clarified "They can find you if you use a cell phone Abby."

Abby just laid there and cried.

Adela moved to the bed and sat down. "Look Baby, I don't want to spank you, I really don't. Please, I'll make a deal with you, you ask to do something before you do it, and I won't make your bottom hurt, Alright?" she asked.

"OK." Abby said tearfully and took her binky.

"Please, just take your nap and then we can play a game later." Adela pleaded. When Abby closed her eyes and turned facing the door, Adela kissed her on the cheek and said "Rest Baby."

When she got out to the kitchen, she called Charles on the sat phone. After explaining what had happened, she said "I don't know what's gotten into her Charles. It's like she has no idea what danger means."

"Just keep an eye on her Adela, and call me when she wakes up so I can tell her to mind you. I'm really sorry she's being a handful, but I'm not in a position right now to help." Charles told her.

"What's wrong Charles?" she asked with concern.

"I was shot today, but I'm fine." he said trying to sound fine. "It's just a flesh wound, and I'll be good as new in a couple of days."

"Oh my God Charles, what happened?" Adela asked fearfully.

Charles took a deep breath and answered "Granger sent someone. I took care of it. Unfortunately, I got hurt in the process. But I'll be fine, I promise. I'm at home, resting in bed at the moment. Dr. Thomas has already been here and gone."

That made Adela feel better. She knew Dr. Thomas was a good physician. "Alright Charles, get some rest. I'll handle Abby, don't worry about her."

"I apreciate it Adela, when this is all over, I'll send you anywhere you want to go on vacation, my treat." he responded.

"You know Charles, I think this time I'll actually accept your offer." Adela told him with a sigh.

"Alright, I'll talk to you later, thank you." Charles said and hung up the phone.

Later that evening, Charles got a phone call. When he hung up the phone, he sat perfectly still for a few moments, before reaching up his right fist and punching a hole in the wall.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 11

A wonderful story. You’re an excellent writer BB.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 11

(I wanted to swing) i think she shud talk to Charles fist lol