Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 10

Hi Folks,

I had origionally planned to draw out Abby’s transition, but after having read some of the feedback, I decided to take an honest look at the outline and decided to cut some of that short.

This is exactly why I ask folks to tell me what they think, no matter if it’s good or bad. While I can’t promise that it will change the direction of what I’m writing, I do listen to what you have to say and consider how those changes would affect the overall story.

In this case, Thank you DarkAngel, as your comments made me think about whether drawing that out would actually add to or detract from the story. Ultimately, I think now, that it would have detracted from it.

While some folks would frown upon my changing things due to a post or two, I think I would have to be either arrogant, or an idiot not to pay attention to what the folks reading have to say.

Sorry for the long blurb.

Hope you like this,



Chapter 10

Adela got up from the table, put her coffee cup in the sink and moved to the monitor to check on Abby. When she pushed the button and a picture of Abby laying there, peacefully sleeping, occasionally nursing her pacifier came up on the screen, Adela felt better about how things had gone. Adela felt bad about having had to make the poor girl’s bottom even more sore than it already was, but she knew that there might come a time when it would be imperative that Abby just do what she was told.

She moved to a box that had been dropped off before they had arrived here. Opening it, she started putting things away. When she came to pull a soft, plush teddy bear from the box, there was no question in her mind that Charles had sent this for Abby.

Moving quietly, the bear in hand, she made her way to the side of Abby’s bed. Gently lifting her arm, she laid the bear under it and gingerly lowered it so she held the bear close. Adela worried for a second when Abby stirred slightly, but when she pulled the bear closer, nuzzled her face against it and relaxed, nursing her pacifier, Adela knew she wouldn’t wake up.

Adela stood and watched her sleeping. She had wondered what Charles was thinking when he first explained what he wanted her to do. Seeing Abby nursing now, the picture of a content little girl, it made more sense. Adela felt a bit guilty for some of the things she had put her through yesterday. The comment to the flight attendant was one of them. But in her defense, she had only seen this girl as an irresponsible adult, having put other’s as well as herself in danger. Seeing the child now, she understood better. Adela hoped that things would go better tomorrow and resolved to try to make it easier on the poor girl. She gingerly reached under the covers to see if the pad was wet. Feeling that it was, she went to the closet and pulled a heavy blanket down off the shelf and spread it over Abby. She hoped that the added layer would keep her from waking up cold and miserable. She didn’t want to wake Abby to change her or the pad because she felt Abby would only wet again and the results would be the same anyway.

Adela woke the next morning and when she didn’t hear any noise from Abby’s room as she walked by the door, she went to get a shower. Once dressed and ready for the day, she made her way to the kitchen, started some coffee brewing and then checked the monitor, looking to see that Abby was still sleeping. What she saw caused her to quickly make her way to Abby’s room.

The scene that greeted Adela caused tears to well up in her eyes. The poor girl was crying, and by the look of her face had been doing so for some time, but she was being very quiet.

“I…I’m sorry….” Abby said with a look of abject fear in her eyes. “I didn’t mean to.” she added before sobbing took over.

When Adela went to move closer, Abby scooted away from her and cried “I won’t do it again! I promise!” crying hard now, obviously afraid she would get punished. The impression that Adela got was that it wasn’t a simple spanking that Abby expected. This told Adela that the poor girl had been punished severely for wetting at some point, more than once.

Deciding on a different course, Adela went to the closet and retrieved another blanket. She slowly made her way to the foot of the bed and sat down. Looking to Abby she said “Come here Baby.” with a thick voice.

With a frightened, tearful voice, Abby begged “Please don’t. I promise I’ll do better.” as she stayed where she was and continued to cry.

“Abigail, I’m not going to punish you, I swear it. Now please, come here.” Adela said with tears streaming now. She felt so bad for the little girl she saw before her.

Abby still fearful, slowly got off the bed, trembling. She stood at the head of the bed.

“Get your binky and your bear Baby.” Adela told her.

Abby, not wanting to make things worse, did as she was told.

“Come to Nanny now.”

With tears still coming, Abby slowly walked over to stand before Nanny. She was so sorry she’d wet, she didn’t mean to, she really didn’t. She stood still as Adela took the bear and the binky and laid them on the bed. When Adela wrapped the blanket around her own shoulders and then reached out to Abby and began pulling her closer, Abby resisted and said “But I’m all wet.” in a tearful voice.

Adela looked square at her and told her “I don’t care.” with a warm, tearful expression. She then picked Abby up, sat her facing her with her knees on either side, wrapped the blanket around the girl and pulled her close into a firm hug. Rocking her gently, she repeated again and again. “It’s OK Baby, Nanny’s got you.”

Abby was startled by this. She didn’t understand this at all. Every time she had wet as a child the punishment had been quick and severe.

Adela, wanting to get one thing straight right then and there, said “Baby, I want you to understand something right now.” and felt for Abby when she stiffened in fear. “While I may have to spank you when you misbehave, I will NEVER, EVER hurt you, I swear it.” she said through tears. “I don’t know what you’ve been through, but I can see it wasn’t right. You have my solemn promise little girl, no one will punish you for wetting while I’m around.”

Abby didn’t know if she could trust what she heard. When she thought about it though, she realized that while Nanny had made her bottom sore, more than once, she had never lied to her. Wanting desperately to believe, Abby hugged her tightly and sobbed big, heavy sobs.

Adela rocked her gently, back and forth, as she told her “It’s alright Sweety, no one’s going to hurt you.” over and over occasionally adding “I won’t let them.”

Fifteen minutes later, when Abby’s crying settled down, Adela reached down and put a gentle pressure on her bottom, asking “Does your bottom feel better Sweety?” in a kind voice.

Abby was stunned. She felt Nanny’s hand on her behind, but there was no pain. Pulling back to give a tearful smile, she told Nanny “It doesn’t hurt.”

With several gentle pats to her bottom, Adela said “That’s because it’s magic.” with a wink and a smile.

Abby smiled bigger at that and gave Nanny a big hug then. While she didn’t understand this woman, she was grateful that Nanny was the one caring for her.

“How long were you laying here crying little girl?” Adela asked.

“A long time.” Abby answered softly.

“Please don’t do that again. If you wake up and you’re scared, or uncomfortable, or you need something, then you come get me. It doesn’t matter what time it is, you come get Nanny, understand?” Adela asked.

Abby nodded her head and hugged Nanny tighter.

“One other thing Baby. I want to apologize to you. I embarrassed you several times yesterday. That was wrong, and I’m sorry. I promise, I won’t do it again.” Adela explained, and then added quickly “Not on purpose anyway.”

Two minutes later, Adela said “OK Sweety, let’s get those wet training pants off, and get you into some nice dry big girl panties.” as she stood Abby on her feet. Looking at her baby pants, she didn’t even have to check to know that Abby was soaked. She could see the front of the training pants were dark with wetness through the translucent plastic. “Let’s go in the bathroom so Nanny can get you cleaned up.” she said with a smile.

Abby smiled back, happy to be able to get out of the wet clothes. She took Nanny’s hand and allowed her to lead her to the bathroom.

“Normally, I wouldn’t let you sleep without a shirt or nightgown Sweety, but I had a feeling you would wet, and clothing would have made you feel worse.” Adela explained. A second later, she added “And just so you understand, I came in and gave you your bear after you went to sleep Sweety. When I checked the bed, it was already wet then. If I was going to get upset with you, I would have done it then.”

Abby smiled a big smile at hearing that. “Thank you Nanny.” she said gratefully.

“That’s quite alright Baby, like I said, I expected you to be wet this morning.” Adela responded as she pulled the plastic pants and training pants down as one. “Step out Sweety.” she said.

Abby pulled her feet from the wet garment and stood waiting. While she didn’t like the feeling as Nanny took a washcloth and washed her bottom, she was quite willing to put up with it from someone that appeared to care about her. She felt a lot better when Nanny pulled a clean dry pair of panties up over her bottom, finishing with a gently pat.

“Alright Sweety, time to brush those teeth.” Adela said and stood watching as Abby brushed, occasionally giving direction to her. When she’d gotten her hair brushed and the pony tails back in place, she said “OK, let’s get you some clothes little girl.” and led her back to the bedroom. Taking a cute pastel blue dress with pretty lavender flowers on it from the closet, she soon had Abby dressed and ready for breakfast. “I’m going to give you cereal for breakfast this morning. I want you to take your binky and your bear and put them on the couch. When breakfast is over, I want you to take a nap for me. You probably didn’t get much sleep last night, and it will do you some good Sweety.”

Dejectedly, Abby said “OK Nanny.” While she was tired, Abby didn’t like having to take a nap like a little child.

Placing her warm hand on Abby’s cheek, Adela told her “That’s a good girl. I know you don’t want to, but trust me, you’ll be glad you did.” and kissed her on her forehead before ushering her on her way with a pat to her bottom. Adela stood in the doorway watching as Abby walked out to the livingroom and set the binky down on the couch. The bear was next, but not before she gave it a hug. This made Adela smile.

Adela gave Abby the choice between two different types of cereal. Soon both were eating their breakfast at the table. When Abby was done eating Adela told her “Put your bowl in the sink Sweety.”

Abby did as she was told, somewhat surprised that she had gotten up and was halfway to the sink before she even realized that she was doing it.

“Do you have to go potty?” Adela asked her.

Abby blushed and nodded her head.

“Sweety, you came here knowing that I was going to treat you like a little girl. Why would you get embarrassed when I do?”

“I don’t know.” Abby answered, honestly not able to think of an answer.

“Well, go potty and then go out to the couch. I’ll be there shortly.” Adela told her.

Abby went into the bathroom and as she pulled her underpants down and sat on the potty, she thought about what Adela had asked her. She really had no idea why she got embarrassed. After all, there were only the two of them there. She resolved to just accept being treated like a six year old from this point forward. When she thought about it, if she had to be a little girl, then she wanted someone just like Nanny to care for her. Nanny was gentle and not afraid to give her hugs. She wasn’t afraid to spank her bottom either, but Abby pushed that thought away quickly. She sat musing about this for a bit when she heard Nanny say “Is everything alright in there?”

“Yes Nanny, I’ll be right out.” Abby answered. She wiped herself, making sure she did it the right way, and then got up, flushed the toilet and washed her hands thoroughly. Abby made a frown when she got out to the couch and saw the sippy cup sitting on the end table.

Adela saw the reaction, and was thankful that it was only a frown. “Sweety, Daddy has only rented this house and I won’t have juice spilled on the carpet. You can expect to see a sippy cup at your bed side tonight as well, and on any drives we go on. Now be a good girl and come sit with Nanny.”

Abby moved closer and was picked up again and sat on Nanny’s lap, this time though her legs were across Nanny’s and she sat sideways. When Nanny pulled her close, she laid her head against Nanny’s chest.

Holding the sippy cup out, Adela said “Here Sweety, with all of those tears earlier, you need to drink some juice.” She was relieved when Abby took the cup and started sucking on the spout. When Abby had drank what she thought was half of the cup, Adela gently took it from her and told her “that’s enough for now, you can have more when you wake up from your nap.” and placed the cup back on the end table. Reaching over, she picked up Abby’s pacifier and put it to her lips saying “Here Sweety, take your binky. It’s time for you to go to sleep for a little while.”

Abby resisted for just a second before opening her mouth and taking the pacifier. She would never admit it, but it felt much better than her thumb, and didn’t leave her thumb feeling all clammy when she woke up. She began nursing on it without needing to be told, and saw that Nanny was happy to see that by the smile on her face. Abby really didn’t know why, but it made her feel good when Nanny was happy with her. At first she thought that it was because she didn’t want to be spanked again, but decided that wasn’t it because Nanny hadn’t threatened to spank her once today, and yet she had felt wonderful earlier when Nanny had said she was a good girl.

Adela, very happy that Abby didn’t get upset, picked her bear up, held it up in front of her and asked “Who’s this?”

“I don’ know.” Abby answered around her binky, letting go and just being the little girl.

“Well where did it come from?” Adela asked, noticing Abby relax.

“Daddy won him fow me.” she answered, sounding cute.

“Well did you give him a name? Everyone needs a name Sweety.” Adela explained.

Abby shook her head, still nursing.

“How about you give him a very special name, something that is very dear to you?” Adela asked.

Thinking back to the story than Charles had told her, she asked “Charwie?”

Bringing the bear to Abby’s chest, Adela smiled and said “Now that’s a special name. It reminds you of Daddy doesn’t it?”

Abby smiled around her binky and nodded her head.

“Alright, let’s get you and Charlie laid down.” as she lifted Abby to her feet, got up, laid Abby down and covered her with a blanket. “You’ve been a very good girl this morning Baby, and that makes me very happy.” she said as she kissed Abby’s cheek.

Abby smiled at Nanny as she hugged Charlie tight. “Night night Nanny.” she said sweetly.

“Night night Baby.” Adela said with a pat to Abby’s bottom and then she went back toward the bedroom to clean up the wet bed.

Abby laid there feeling better than she had in a long time. Other than the time she had spent with Charles, this was the most loved and cared for she had ever felt. While she didn’t think it was going to be all loving and gentle times, she decided she would not fight it anymore and just be the little girl for a while. It was helping to make hurts from long ago lose their hold on her, and she would be forever grateful to Nanny for that.

Adela had seen Abby finally accept her fate. “That should make it easier on both of us.” she thought as she stripped the wet sheets from the bed. She didn’t want to hurt the girl, as surprisingly, Abby had wormed her way into Adela’s heart. Her goal was to get her to just be a child. At first, it was to keep her safe. Now, she understood that Abby also needed to be cared for in a firm, but gentle and kind way to help her understand that whatever had come before wasn’t the way it was supposed to be. That she had value other than being someone’s sadistic plaything.

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Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 10

Another excellent chapter but did you’vr cry again like in Snuggles and Tears BB.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 10

Aww… that was much better. :slight_smile:

It even made me get misty-eyed. But I won’t complain about that. It was the good kind. :smiley:

Great job.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 10

I have to say that cutting the disagreeable parts short was a good decision. Any good writer listens to his readers and, when they’re right, follows their advice. I also believe that most writers need to prune their stories a bit. Too many extraneous details and too much description gets in the way of good story-telling. Not that this is a problem for you, BB, I’m just commenting in general.

Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 10


I am imperessed because this reminds me of how I was there for a friend of mine who is a lesbian after her father disowned her, and how I had let her stay with me over the Christmas holiday 1996 before she could go to Boston to be with her grilfriend.

I am impressed, this is a story I am enjoying. WOW. Keep it up. I will probably save this one to my hard drive when I get my laptop back in a week or so. Wow I am impressed. You have some talent.


Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 10

Hi All,

I know MMB and DA, it was a bit of a tearful chapter, but DA is right, this was a good thing from my point of view.

I have to agree with you after seeing how the chapter came out.

I have to admit that I have had to trim a chapter or two down in the past when I read through them before posting. I will say, I was worried more about not enough description though.

A good example is, the people themselves. I’ve described Charles’ hair color and his height, but not much else. This comes from a long time ago, when I was sixteen I think. I read Roger Zelazney’s Amber series. He described his characters, and I read through visualizing these folks. About a year later I saw a book that had the characters drawn in color. This irritated me, because they didn’t look as I had envisioned them.

At this point, I provide the least needed to give you, the reader, the most leway in forming the picture of what these people look like. I would like to know if this make sense to you folks.

Thanks BabyChris121675, I really appreciate the compliment.

Thank everyone for posting.


Time To Pay The Piper Chapter 10

This absolutely makes sense to me as it’s exactly how I’ve reacted to seeing how other people have depicted characters that I pictured in my head long before.

Thanks for mentioning Zelazny, one of my favorite authors. I think I’ve read everything he published, although I’d be extremely pleased to be wrong.