Time Flies... Chapter Two

“Daddy’s flown across the ocean
Leaving just a memory
Snapshot in the family album
Daddy what else did you leave for me?”

The next page of the album revealed another picture that caught her eye. This time it was of the young girl with a sandy-haired man. The girl looked happy as did the man. It is always great to have someone who truly understands you and likes you.

Hannah would sit alone on the playground every day. She watched as boys and girls ran around screaming with joy, playing on the jungle gym, swinging from the monkey bars, racing each other everywhere. Hannah just sat alone on a bench to the side, watching the flurry of activity fly past her. Nobody wanted to go near after the incident on her first day at the school. They crowded around and called out names like "pee-pants" and "baby" when she started to cry. 

Hannah didn't have much interest in classes either. She would often sit, completely tuned out to whatever the teacher was saying and doodle on her paper. 

"Now class," Mr. Anderson, "we are going to learn something new and important in class today. Adding two digit numbers." 

Mr Anderson took his chalk and wrote a math problem on the board. "Now class, when adding two digit numbers it is a lot like adding one digit ones. You just add the… Hannah are you even paying attention?" 

Mr. Anderson noticed Hannah doodling on her paper, almost dozing off. "Hannah do you know all this math already?" 

No reply. 

"I didn't think so," Mr. Anderson said, "now pay attention." 

As Mr. Anderson returned to the board a quiet voice came out of Hannah's mouth. "42." 

"Excuse me?" asked Mr. Anderson. 

"The answer to the problem is 42." 

Mr. Anderson stared at the young girl in shock. "Uh… How about 52 plus 23?" 

"75", replied Hannah almost instantly. 

"25 plus 68." 


"My god," was all Mr. Anderson could say. "Hannah could I speak to you and your parents tommorow after school?"

"Yes Mr. Anderson," Hannah replied. 

The bell rang as mob of children rushed out of the school screaming with glee. But Hannah sat at a desk in Mr. Anderson's class room waiting for her father. Mr. Anderson sat his teachers desk in front of her. Hannah sat and thought of why she was even here. All she had done was do some easy math in class. Was she in trouble? The door opened and a large man stepped into the classroom. 

"You must be Hannah's father," said Mr. Anderson, "please take a seat." 

Her father shook hands with Mr. Anderson. "Pleased to meet you, Joe Holdsworth" 

"Tim Anderson," Mr. Anderson said as Hannah's took a seat in the classroom, "Now your daughter posseses math skills far beyond any of the others in her grade. She can solve complex math problems in only a matter of seconds." 

Mr. Holdsworth smiled as being told that her daughter was basically a genius. Hannah sat there wondering why any of what they were talking about mattered. Math was easy, why is it such a big deal? 

"I would advise that you should possibly move your daughter up a grade or maybe even skip the next one." 

Hannah's stomach twisted up in a knot. If she couldn't get along with kids her age, how would she be able to handle a bunch of third or fourth graders teasing her all the time. She shot her father a worried look. "Oh no thank you Mr. Anderson," Mr. Holdsworth said, "I'd much rather have Hannah grow up and play with kids her age. I don't think being in a class with older children would work." 

"I understand Mr. Holdsworth. Another plan would be to have her take tutoring sessions with me after school to teach her more advanced material." 

"How does that sound princess?" her father asked. 

"Okay I guess," Hannah answered.

She continued looking at pictures of her with the man. It was so nice to have a person to inspire you and make you think you could do anything. She smiled as these joyful pictures blocked any memories of loss from her head.

Time Flies… Chapter Two

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Time Flies… Chapter Two

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