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I can remember back in elementary school how not many people had computers. I can remember being in third grade and I was one of the very few kids in my class who had a computer at home. Now today, lot of people have computers. I bet lot of kids today in school have a computer at home while 15 years ago, lot of them didn’t.

I can remember whenever we had to do reports, we had to go to the library to look up information and check out books. Today, using the internet is very common and printing off papers for research when we are doing a report.

And man how big those laundry detergent boxes were, now they are smallar.

I can remember how people can smoke in public places, now they can’t anymore.

I can remember in hotels, you were given a key to your room, now you are given a card and you put it in the door and it opens.

I can remember old video games and they were not 3D. Donkey Kong Country was one of the first 3D games in the 90’s made by Rare. I can even the N64 coming out when I was in 5th grade. I would play Super Mario 64 at Blockbuster. back then I thought the graphics were very good and wonderful, now today I think it was just the start of them when games were becomming 3D. I don’t think they are that great because I have seen the modern ones; Wii, PS3, Xbox 360. I can remember when Gamecube came out, I thought “Wow the graphics are better than Nintendo 64.”
Oh yeah I can remember showing my pesky neighbor the old graphics for the very first Zelda game in a magazine and he said “It was gay.” he said the same for SNES too. Well he was used to the N64 ones and Gamecube.
Anyone remember when the very first Nintendo came out, I am sure you guys thought those were great graphics because they were better than the Atari ones. Then the SNES came out in '91 and boy they were better than the NES ones but they continued making the games for it for another three years. But with SNES they stopped in 1997. With N64, they stopped before the Gamecube was even released even though they released three more games for it in 2002. Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 was one of them.
Discs were something new too, the very first Playstation, Sega Saturn, Sega CD and I am not sure if the 3DO was cartridges or discs.

Back then you could not go online with video games, now you can. Dreamcast was one of the first ones and PS2.

I can remember back when my brothers were little, how toddlers sat in those little car seats with the arm that goes across their lap. Even I sat in one of those when I was 3. Now today, those aren’t around anymore and the car seats look a lot different. Now kids up to 80 lbs have to be in one. It was not like that in the 90’s. My brothers certainly weren’t in car seats when they were four years old or five.

Even diapers have changed, they were all plastic when my brothers and I were babies, then about 1996, I started to see cloth like ones. Our next door neighbors had a two year old so that’s how I saw them. Now today, lot of them are cloth like. I do not know if any of them are still plastic cover. That’s why I don’t like it when I see AB’s complain about their diapers not being plastic, especially them not being thick enough but guess what, baby diapers have gotten thinner too over the years. Mine were very thick but in the early 90’s, they were thinner.

My dad told me pampers were the thickest and there were thin diapers too but they all weren’t very good so they used Pampers on me.
My back then how it used to be the thicker they were the more they held, now today all of them are thin and they still hold.

I even wonder if parents can still put their infants in car seats instead of in infant carriers. My parents never used a infant carrier on me, they always had me in the car seat but they had to face the seat and about the time they are a year old, they can face forward. I can remember seeing that in the 90’s too with one of our neighbors who lived down the street from us.

And those cell phones. I can remember the ones that looked like walkie talkies. They had antennas on the top and the phones were big and you had to put them on the huge charger. Then they changed and they were still big but they had flaps where the buttons were. You could now pull down the antennas and pull them up. My dad had both of those. he still does. I have found them out in the granary unless those got water on them too and also had to be tossed out along with our other board games and puzzles. They got all moldy.
Then by the year 2000, they were small. By 2003 you could play games on them too.

My how times have changed since I was little. It’s fun to watch movies that were made when you were a kid and look at the old stuff like the cars, cell phones, toys, computers, merchandise in stores such as the Tide laundry detergent and baby equipment. Even the internet has changed too since 1996. That was when I started using it. It was something new in my life and that was when my school got it and the teachers had to send home permission slips to the parents for them to sign to let their kid use the internet there. Then my family got it in 1997 and then my dad had to cancel it because of me. Then he got it back a year later when we moved to Montana. Oh how I remember dial up and slow it was. Then he got DSL in 2002. He needed it for his business.

Time Capsule thread

States didn’t start making laws about car seats until 1978 but I forget which state it was that was the first to make that law.

Tabs on diapers were introduced in the 70’s. I would guess after your time of being a baby since you said they had to use pins.

My dad had a beta but he got rid of it before I was born and got a VCR. I can remember those laser discs players. People who have never heard of them, think they are big DVDs when they do see laser discs. Someone bought a laser disc thinking it was a record but instead it was a “huge DVD” then she found out they were called laser discs. Just like when I first saw a beta tape, I thought it was a small VHS tape.

I did take typing too in high school too except we used computers lol. My how times have changed. Now the school has newer computers.

Oh yeah the Disney channel. How people had to pay extra for it. It did not come with the cable package. It was New year’s Eve 1997 when it came to cable. Before, it was on satellite because my grandparents got it in early 1997 and it had the Disney channel. One of my other friends had one too and she got four Disney channels on it. I can remember Toon Disney launching and it be on the Disney channel every night and it have words going across the bottom of the screen telling us to order it. I get it but we had to get a package to get that extra channel, plus some others. We get digital cable. I do not think that was around when I was a kid.

I can remember my dad working as an appraiser (he still does) and how he had to buy film and take pictures of houses and take the film in to get it developed. Go and pick it up and bring them home and print off the papers and copy and paste the pictures to them. I can remember his old computer too and printer. Then when I was nine, he got a digital camera and bam there was no more taking the pictures into have them developed. But I can remember how big that camera was. I can also remember him getting a new computer in 1993. It was Gateway 2000. Then he got another new computer again in 1997 which was a Vaio.

I wasn’t allowed to use bad words either and I did not hear other kids using them. It was rare when I did. I didn’t start hearing it a lot till i reached my teens. It started in elementary school with kids in my grade going out in the field during recess to cuss and swear as they talked because “it made them grown up.” Now cursing and swearing is everywhere. I’ve known bad words since I was two because my dad used them when he worked in his office but I didn’t start saying them till I started talking and my mother had to tell me to stop and they were bad words or she would slap my mouth.

I was hit with a wooden spoon as a little kid, I do not know if that is still allowed today. Did you go to a private school Vickie? I was told public schools quit hitting students in the 70’s. It’s when things started to change my mother told me. Now today I am hearing private schools don’t hit students anymore, I do not know if it has been outlawed yet but it seems like most of them have stopped because they were getting sued.

Bullying was different when I was a kid. Kids did not beat their victims up, it was more verbal abuse and emotional. Now today, kids are being beaten up in school. I think it started when I was still a kid because I can remember hearing on the news in my teens about a 8 year old boy being beaten up at school by his class mates outside of their classroom and he had broken bones. His parents sued the school. Now it seems like it is getting worse and it’s being posted on the internet now like on youtube. These teens beet up this 16 year old and they posted it on youtube. The teens did get charged because the victim was injured. She had to go to the hospital. I had even read an article about third graders beating their teacher. What has the world come too? States started to make laws about bullying.

Our times were different.

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Stop calling it “hitting”. There is a difference between spanking and hitting.

Not much of one, especially in a child’s eyes.

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For once I am in total agreement with you, Jaks. Being a parent myself who does not believe in spanking (but who was spanked as a child), I can tell you that spanking is indeed the same as hitting. How is it not? You take your hand (or an object such as a “paddle”) and strike the child’s behind. How is that not hitting? It’s still a form of physical pain which is used to instill fear. “Don’t do that or I’ll spank your butt.” Yeah, the child may stop misbehaving, but only because she is afraid of getting hurt. Not the type of message I want to convey to my child. And yes, I am against the death penalty, too. Using violence to solve problems just doesn’t seem to work very well. Look how long we’ve been at war and what has it accomplished? Not a whole lot but wasted tax dollars and a lot of innocent people no longer alive.

Sorry to go off-topic. I am not trying to “pick a fight.” Just couldn’t resist commenting on this issue. Spanking is one of those issues I am very serious about.

Time Capsule thread

You guys make me feel young. I remember the SNES and Donkey Kong Country. Man, I loved that game. I thought it was the greatest thing in the world when I got it for Christmas in 1996. I also remember my dad’s old Comp-U-Ad computer. I remember casette and VHS tapes too. That’s about it, though.

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I can remember back in 1997, there was a small selection of DVDs and huge selection of VHS tapes, then in the 2000’s it was the opposite. Now there are no VHS tapes. You have to go a store that sells used movies to find them or go to second hand stores, etc.

I grew up thinking it was okay to hit people when they don’t listen to you. That’s the message I was given by my parents even though it was not their intention. So for years I went hitting my own friends or spanking and doing the same to my brothers. Then I was 10 when my mother finally told me only parents can spank their kids, kids cannot spank other kids. That’s when I finally got the right message. So yes that is another reason why some people don’t believe in spankings because they think it teaches the child to hit.

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Look how long we’ve been at war and what has it accomplished?

Well, violence of the war isn’t the problem with the war, one of the main concerns was how poorly managed it was by the bush government.

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i can still by videos cassettes and blanks of both in my local suppermarket granted they’re all old things but they’re still here in the main stream

and i wish spanking did teach hitting i got spanked and i wouldn’t hit any one, and now i’m older and my mum thinks i’m to big to get spanked …… wait i’m not gonna go there …. just put it this way i’d hate to see where they find my body if my parents descover i’m a dl while living at home (only got 13 months till i move out)

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….Because of a spanking, you don’t hit other people or get in fights and this is…a bad thing? The fuck dude?

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Well all the places I go to, I don’t see VHS tapes anymore except for in Goodwill and other second hand stores and at EM Music where they sell used moves, records, CD,s and they sell new DVDs and CDs too.

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if i could hit and throw a decent punch maybe i wouldn’t have been in so much shit at school if you can stand up to the bullies then they don’t come back for more

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if i could hit and throw a decent punch maybe i wouldn’t have been in so much shit at school if you can stand up to the bullies then they don’t come back for more[/quote]

So then how does that make you a better person for doing the exact same thing those bullies would and did do to you?

You ever hear of the phrase, two wrongs don’t make a right?

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And I call throwing a punch in defense or offense the same thing, the end result is someone is gonna be bruised and potentially broken. But lets not get into another argument, let’s just leave it that we have different opinions.

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i’d rather that i could give them a few bruses and a broken hockey stick than have it slammed into my chest every so often and had 3 pretty much perminently broken ribs i had them pinned back 14 times and neither the police nor my school could do anything about it because it was 1 (me) against 5 (sometimes more) and who would you believe 1 guy or 5 if there was no other evidence … they said that i could have broken them anywhere and they atributed it to my love of cimbing trees and that i’m “accident prone”, amongst other things, and shortly before i finally left there they blamed my home life…. anyway enough of that…. i’m not hard done to really, just a victim of circumstance and chance, and i’m glad i’m not still at that school though, and i really hope karma exsits because they’ll be up $hit creek without a paddle