Timberly, Ohio (or "How I Ended Up at Prom in Diapers") - Chapter 11 (updated)

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Chapter 11

I mentioned before that I’ve never babysat and I’ve never actually had to change Tasha out of her diapers of Leg-ups. So the fact that I needed to change my wet diaper was a new concept for me.

I walked into the bathroom and looked under the changing table. There were four different packages present, all sporting different colors. I read the package names.

Squeezies Walkers: Size 5
Squeezies Allnites: Size 4
Squeezies Teen Girl: Size 9
Sleeptites for Girls: Size Medium

Obviously the first two must have been Tasha’s day and night packages, while the latter two were mine. I pulled out a diaper from my Squeezies package, unfolded it, and inspected it. It really was nothing but a large baby’s diaper. Not that I knew anything about adult diapers, but I was positive they were shaped differently.

I figured this couldn’t be too difficult to put on. First, I ripped off the wet diaper I was currently wearing. It was a bit surprising how strong the tapes were; they weren’t difficult to get off, but I thought they’d tear like wrapping paper. Instead, it was almost like velcro. Then I threw the diaper into a pail adjacent to the table. For the first time I could feel my naked upper legs exposed to the air, and the dampness due to the wet diaper created a strange yet pleasant sensation. But then it hit me that my legs were soaked in urine, and I needed to clean them off. At first I considered a shower, but I knew I couldn’t shower after everything single time I’d wet myself in the next three years to come. Instead, I just grabbed a wipe from underneath the changing table. After one intense wiping of my legs, I wasn’t sure how clean I was so I grabbed another wipe and went again.

Finally, I prepared to put on the diaper. It was more complicated than I thought. I hoped I could tape it while standing up, but I couldn’t keep it around my waist as I tried to fasten a tape to one of the sides. Then I held the diaper with my legs while I tried to mess with the tapes, but it was all lopsided. Finally I resorted to sitting on the changing table, which I noted was big enough to fit someone at least twice as big as me. The sitting down approach made it much easier. Of course, when I stood back up, I realized I taped the whole thing on backwards!

Frustrated and fed up, I tore the wretched thing off and threw it into the pail so it could join my previous wet diaper. How could something that people constantly put babies in and out of be so complicated? I missed my panties; before today, I would slip them on in the morning, slip them off at night, and that was it. In fact, it occurred to me that I had probably changed what I was wearing under my pants more times today than any other day in my life… except of course when I actually needed to wear diapers.

I looked back under the changing table and spotted my Sleeptites. Sure they were meant for bedtime, but what trouble could it be to put them on now? I took one from the package, put it on, and left the bathroom. When I got back to my room, I put my clothes back on as well. To think that whole ten minutes could have been avoided if I could have just used a toilet like a normal person.

I needed to get my mind off the diaper situation, so I started on my homework. Tonight I had math homework, which I knew I would struggle with considering I had no idea what Mr. Litman had been lecturing about today. I also needed to read a chapter from the history textbook. At my old school, I would usually skip the readings and just scan through the relevant information on Enyclowikia the night before the test. However, I needed to distract myself from diapers, which was still on my mind despite putting my clothes back on and I could no longer see them in the mirror. So I grabbed the history textbook from my bag and began reading up on the Berlin Blockade.

A few hours later, Mom called me down to dinner. She made the simple classic and one of my favorites: spaghetti and meatballs. When I went downstairs, I saw Tasha in her booster seat and Dad, who must have come home while I was working, on the opposite side of the table.

“Hey Am,” he said to me. “How was school?”

“It was good,” I said, taking my seat next to him. “I made some friends.”

“Great, can’t wait to meet them and find out their intimate secrets.”


“I’m joking,” he replied. “By the way, Mom told me about the incident with the principal.”

I sighed and rolled my eyes. “Dad, it was nothing. I told her that. I had no idea that—”

“Hey, I said this would be a new adventure, right?” he asked with a smile. “I’m proud of you for sticking it to the man. That’s what a true McCormand does. Never go down without a fight.”

“Not that I won that fight. They got me in diapers anyways.”

“They really that bad to wear?” Dad asked.

I shrugged. “I’m getting used to it, I guess. It’s just…”



“You want to hear about different?” Dad started. “Try working in a cubicle with dozens of other people in the same room. Very social. Much different from the home office I was used to.”

“Do you not like it?” I asked. Maybe there was a chance we’d move back home if Dad didn’t like the job.

“You kidding?” he responded. “Now I’ve got all these people to brag to about my beautiful girls all day long. Isn’t that right, Tasha?”

“Yeah Daddy,” said Tasha, who was playing with her silverware and likely had no idea what we were talking about.

Dad turned back to me. “Jokes aside, it’s an interesting environment. I’m now part of a larger creative force and we all input our ideas together. Not what I’m used to, but it’ll grow on me in time. Just like what you’re wearing down there.”

Mom came out moments later with a casserole dish containing the glorious spaghetti and meatballs. In no time, all four of us were digging in to the food.

“The food’s delicious, Laura,” Dad said, full of meatballs in his mouth.

“Yeah, great job, Mom,” I commented.

“It all comes from this really nice supermarket,” Mom responded. “It must be stocked with every brand of every food product imaginable. All sorts of foreign foods I’d never seen either. Oh, and strangest thing happened when I went to pay.”

“What was it?” asked Dad.

“I didn’t have to pay! Apparently we have some sort of… what did the cashier call it… a family account?”

“Yeah, that happened to me to!” I jumped in. “At lunch in the cafeteria, my meal was charged to the family account as well.”

“Yes, Rhonda explained that to me,” Dad said. “None of the businesses in town use cash, so neither do we. Everything will get credited and taken out of my paycheck.”

“That’s weird,” I remarked.

“It’s different,” Dad said, winking towards me. “It’s part of some sort of new age system that company towns use. Rhonda can explain it better than me. Speaking of which, she’s joining us for dinner Thursday night.”

“Who is she exactly?” I asked. I know Dad had brought her up before but she didn’t seem too important to remember.

“She’s head of the Department of Family Affairs. Basically it’s her job to help us get settled in to town. She stopped by my office today to see how we were doing, so I invited her for dinner. Any questions any of you have, you can ask her then. Sound good?”

This sounded very good. Maybe finally someone could explain the diaper deal in detail, without giving me all these shady answers.

We continued to eat, and Dad talked about his day at work. He was added to a project to redesign the art of Sneezex tissue boxes. (“We’re trying to appeal more to the youth, apparently,” he noted.) Then Mom discussed her day driving around town, mentioning everything she liked about Tasha’s preschool as well as the adventures she had in the supermarket. Soon enough, dinner was over. I helped wash the dishes and then returned to my room to start that challenging geometry homework.

As I sat at my desk trying to figure out what the difference was between an SAS and an SSA triangle, my stomach began to growl at me. At first, I thought I was just digesting my food. But as the cramps set in, I knew what was going on. I had to go number two. And I would have to do it in a diaper.

[Added 9/10/11:]

I knew how gross this was about to be, and I contemplated if I should just go sneak into my parents’ bathroom. But I knew it wasn’t worth it, considering that I couldn’t sneak in every time I had to poop for the next three years. So here I was, in the same situation as I had been hours earlier, only this time it would be much more disgusting. And once again, my body wouldn’t consciously let me just use the diaper. I tried the same method as before: It’s okay to mess myself, I thought as I pretended I was squatting over a toilet, even though I knew it was certainly not okay. This was more difficult than the peeing though; my body knew this was not right, and I struggled to push any waste out.

I attempted to sit back down and just wait until my body was ready to cooperate, but the cramps kept coming. I would have to force myself to mess, whether or not I or my body wanted to.

Okay, so since my first idea failed, what if I tried a slightly different tactic? Instead of pretending to sit on the toilet like a adult, what if I pretended I was actually a baby in a diaper? As much as I hated the idea, it was worth a shot. I moved away from the desk, sat down on my hands and legs, and began to think to myself. I am a baby. I sleep in a nursery. I wet and mess a diaper. It’s perfectly okay, because babies wet and mess their diapers. Just do it.

It took a few minutes, but finally I felt something solid enter my underwear. With a bit more pushing and a bit more “baby-thinking”, more came out and I could feel the diaper expanding. I’d rather not go into too much more detail.

I didn’t waste a moment contemplating the fact I was wearing a soiled diaper and currently sitting in it. I jumped off the ground and ran to the bathroom. Quickly I pulled off the soiled Sleeptite, tossing it straight into the diaper pail. I grabbed the box of wet wipes and took out wipe after wipe. This had to be the grossest thing I had ever done, I didn’t want to take the chance that some of the “grossness” was still on me. So when I emptied the entire box, I jumped into the shower and cleansed myself for a good twenty minutes.

I stepped out, finally feeling pure enough to go on with my life. I stared at the changing table. At that moment, it hit me that I would be doing this for the next three years. And it wasn’t something to look forward to.

Gravely I grabbed another Sleeptite from the box and pulled it up my legs. I could go on about how I was screaming in mind that this was totally unfair, but I’ve probably made my point by now. I went back to my room and looked in the mirror again; I needed reassurance that I was still a teen girl and not some giant baby who shits a diaper. Turns out I was still myself.

I knew I had to continue my homework but I was just in no mood. Besides, if I couldn’t figure out that geometry before, I definitely wouldn’t be able to now. Instead, I figured I could numb my mind with some television. I knew there was a new episode of Expedition Time on the Animation Channel tonight, so I pulled some gym shorts on over my Sleeptite and headed downstairs.

As I walked past the kitchen, Mom heard my footsteps and called out my name. I turned to her and saw she was doing the dishes. “Did you finish your homework?” she asked.

“Yep,” I lied. “I was just gonna go watch some TV.”

“Not right now, okay?” Mom responded. “Tasha’s in there playing with her dolls.”

“Can’t she move to her room and do that?”

“Why don’t you go ask her yourself?”

I rolled my eyes. “Fine.”

I made my way to the living room and spotted my sister on the carpet. She was combing her Trixie doll with a tiny hairbrush. Her Ben doll laid flat on the carpet against her knee. In a sweet voice I said, “Hey Tash, can you go to your room and play?”

“Not wight now,” she responded, not taking her concentration away from Trixie’s golden hair.

“Why not?” I asked, a bit annoyed.

“Cuz dis woom is where Twixie and Ben are on der honeydew.”

“They’re what?”


“You mean their honeymoon?” I said.


I had enough of this. “Mom!” I called out. “Make Tasha move to her room!”

“She was there first, Amber!” Mom called back.

“But the TV is in here!”

“You already watch enough TV. Why don’t you play with Tasha instead?”

Again I had to roll my eyes. Like I would ever do that. I stomped upstairs, feeling defeated. Mom always gave Tasha her way. Clearly she was Mom’s favorite child.

With no TV to watch and some homework not worth finishing, I laid on my crib-bed and surfed the web until my eyes drifted off to sleep.

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