Tiffany's Diaper Tales: intro, prequel, ch 1-5

NOTE: This is a story i started writing years ago. Every few days I will post a few of the already written chapters. I’m hoping that the feedback i get here will help motivate me to pick up where i left off and continue this story . Some of you probably remember reading this story in the past but to many it will be a new experience. I hope you enjoy!

Tiffany’s Diaper Tales - Introduction

Table of Contents

1 Introduction
2 Disclaimer
3 Summary
4 Insights from the Author
5 Closing Remarks

1 - Introduction

This story, as real as it may seem, is fictional. The names are made up. Some
of the places and events are real, but most things are exaderated and fictional.
The story’s main character is Tiffany. The story is told from her point of view.
Basically it is told by Tiffany in the later years of her life as she recounts the
events of her life. She goes into a daydream state as the story unfolds, which
gives it the context of being in the here and now. There are many morals that
can be derived from the story. There is also a Christian theme mixed into the
story as well. Many non-adultbaby people will find it difficult to understand
the impact of this story. The bottom line is it is about family, love, happiness,
adventure, and more.

2 - Disclaimer

Even though the story contains things such as diaper changing and regression,
it is not an Adults Only type of story. If there are to be chapters containing
such material, it is mentioned up front in that chapter. If no note is found
mentioning that there will be adult material, then you can expect it to be a
clean, decent chapter. The purpose of this story is to help people to re-visit
childhood memories, or to get in touch with there inner child. It is in no way
meant for sexual gratification by adults. If you are grossed out by things like
poopy diapers, and are offended by the fact that a child in the story is not
growing up in a normal way, then don’t read it. Again, it is all fiction, nothing
in this really happened, so take a chill pill.

3 - Summary

Come along with Tiffany and her friends as they have many exciting
adventures along the way. They learn many important life lessons, as well as
enjoy regressing as babies. The story is about a wonderful family, great
friends, and overcoming challenges in life. It is also about understanding and
accepting those around you who may be different from you. It is sure to pull at
your heart strings and to make you think. It will also be a very entertaining
and fascinating book for AB/TB and others with similar interests. The story is
told By Tiffany herself. This is one of the finest pieces of literature available
for the AB/TB community today!

4 - Insights from the Author

Hi, I am the author, BabyInDiapers. I first started this story about 2 weeks before
9/11/2001. During the days after this horrible tragedy, I seemed to cling to this
story. I used it to escape the cold realities of this world. I already being an AB
for several years, with episodes spanning back into my childhood, I sat down
one day and began to write. I have no formal writing experiences, and I’ve
learned as I’ve gone along on this one. I had attempted to write short stories in
the past, but never would have imagined I could take on such a large writing
assignment as this one.

Through the past 2 years, I’ve hit patches of writer’s block. But at other time’s
I’ve written like I was almost feeling and seeing the story in my mind. A lot of
the beginning chapters is based on a few experiences I had in my childhood,
however they are greatly exadurated and fictional, but some of the
fundamental feelings, and seeds from that time, have grown to be awesome,
and powerful motivations for my writing.

Also as a Christian, I felt I wanted to reach out to people about the Lord, and
without being to “preachy” I tried to show the inside life of a modern day
Christian family. I strive to show the imperfections of our humanity, the grace
of God, and the growing process of a Christian, even one who is in diapers. It
is my belief that being into diapers and regression is not a sin. I try to convey
God’s love throughout the story.

There are many adventures, some fun, some challenging, some scary, and
some sad. Through all this the characters grow and learn. Who ever said that
AB/TB and son on cannot grow. Every day that we are alive we learn, we
grow, weather we choose to regress in our lives or not, we are all in the
growing process. I think this story shows that clearly.

I often catch flack from people about the story involving a fictional child. My
reply to this is "It all started in childhood, and it’s all about regressing back to
babyhood, or to be a toddler, or whatever. So why not address these things as
they are. I’m not afraid to get into controversy. I do not believe there is
anything wrong with this story, and to those that do not like it’s content, I say
simply, do not read it then. I have found that for us emotional-based AB’s that
we find this as more of nurturing story, than something to derive sexual
feelings from. Some people say that it’s something that people frown upon in
society, and I agree, they do, but does that make them right?

5 - Closing Remarks

It is my sincerest hope that this story will entertain you, take you back in time,
that it will help you grow and you will learn many of the lessons along with
the characters in the story, and that one day when it’s at it’s end, that people
will appreciate it as a masterpiece in the AB/TB arena. Not to say that I’m a
professional or eloquent writer, I’m not, but the fact of the matter is, we need
a story filled with regression and love, and nurturing. I’ve done my best to
deliver that in a little package called “Tiffany’s Diaper Tales”. Enjoy!

The Prequel to Tiffany’s Diaper Tales

My sister Kathy and I were born and raised in Lancaster, PA. My
sister Kathy was born April 17, 1959, and I on May 7, 1962. We
were growing up during the turbulent time of the 60’s and 70’s
but since our parents were strict, morally upright, and
religious, we stayed out of trouble. As we grew up my sister
Kathy was older than I, so she was the first to leave the nest,
leaving me stuck at home at age 16, with my parents. I loved my
parents, but they were a bit too overbearing for me.

I did well in school, and attended college in a nearby town.
Kathy had ran off with a college sweetheart a year before I met
Rick, a local hell raiser. I had finished my prerequisites at the
local Junior college. After a while of sneaking out, and getting
into some trouble, my parents decided that it was time to get me
out of town. Last they had heard, Kathy was somewhere in Florida
working as a secretary at an insurance office. Somehow my parents
convinced her to let me move down there with her to attend a
state university. Little did my parents know that when us sisters
got together so far from home, we would just continue to go down
hill from there.

I had gone to church with my parents for years while growing up,
but I was sick and tired of being under there hand. When I and
Kathy were living in an apartment near Panama City, we were
living the night life. Drinking, men, you name it. This went on
until I was 21. I went out drinking one night for my birthday
with my sister and some of our friends. That night however, would
change my life forever.

We had been drinking into the middle of the night. With so much
alcohol in our system, a fight broke out among myself and Kathy’s
boyfriend at the time. During the physical confrontation, I was
beaten and thrown off of a railing and down some stairs. My
sister was so drunk she didn’t do a thing to help me. Later that
morning when I sobered up, I yelled at her. I can remember it
like it was yesterday. We argued the whole morning, both of us
with raging hangovers, which made it worse.

I fell back asleep and woke up that evening to find her gone. She
had took all of her stuff and went with her boyfriend. When I
tried to track them down that night, I heard that they had run
off to Georgia. So there I was in Panama City, homeless because I
couldn’t afford the rent. One night as I was hitching further
south on my way to Miami, I stopped in small town off the main
interstate. I was tired, hungry, and heart broken. My ride had
ditched me while I was in the restroom. So I sat outside on a
bench crying for what seemed like forever.

“Hey, are you ok?” a nice lady asked as she sat with me on the
bench. I proceeded to just tell her everything. She and her
husband put me up at there house for a while. Only condition was,
that I had to go to church with them on Sundays and Wednesdays.
At this point I was willing to settle for anything, even if I had
to go to church. Besides, it didn’t kill me when I was younger.
So I went with them a few times. I got a job a month after I
stayed with them. One day out of the blue, I just realized, I
didn’t know God anymore. I remembered bible school, and church as
a young girl. But that seemed so far away, I felt so dirty, so
tired. That next Wednesday night when I came to church with them,
I broke down crying and fell to my hands and knees up at the
altar and gave my life to Jesus Christ. What else could I do, I
was going no where, except down. When I got up from praying that
night, I felt a peace I had never known. I realized that there
was a difference. As I lay awake reading my bible that night, and
praying, and rejoicing; some of the verses I memorized as a child
came back to me.

Needless to say, but a few months later, I was really growing in
the Lord, I had began to communicate with my parents in
Pennsylvania and other family members. I tried to get in contact
with Kathy, but she never would reply back to my letters. By the
time I was 23, I was in search of finding the man that God would
want me to have. I began to date a younger man who had recently
joined the church. He was a bit younger than me, but we seemed to
have so much in common. I really fell in love with him and so on
November 8, 1985, we got married.

Tom got a job in the nearby town of Sanford. We had a 2 bedroom
apartment. I had a job as a secretary, and Tom as a programmer
for a major software firm. The only thing that seemed odd is that
Tom’s past seemed to be a mystery, and he had moved several
times. Somehow the Lord had spoken to me that he may have done
some things before he found the Lord. Even so, we were madly in
love, and we were both growing Christians, so I let it go.

In the summer of 1986, I became pregnant with my first daughter,
Tammy. She was born on February 3, 1987. It was a joyous day. It
was around this time that my sister Kathy and I got on speaking
terms. She had settled down some, and Had a daughter of her own.
She was only 8 months old when I had Tammy. I hadn’t even known
of her pregnancy until she showed up on my doorstep one evening.
I was overjoyed to be able to once again talk to my sister. She
noticed that something was different in my life. “Wow Tanya,
You’ve changed so much.” Kathy said. “I know. It’s the Lord
working in my life. I was down and out for a while, and I met
Him, and he’s brought me out.” I said. “I’m glad for you Tanya.”
She said. “I just wish that, well, I’m so sorry for how things
turned out and when I ran off and everything.” Kathy said as she
began to cry. “Will you forgive me?” she asked. “Yes, you know I
will, you’re my big sister.” We both hugged. It was a wonderful

While Tammy was still less than a year old, we moved to Georgia
with Kathy and got a house together. Tom had been laid off from
the company. We stayed with her for about 2 years. In the winter
of 1989 we all went to Pennsylvania for our mother’s funeral. It
was a very sad time. Later that Fall, my husband Tom and I
decided to go back down to Florida. Kathy was doing much better,
her daughter Amy was in daycare, so she was working full time.

We moved to Daytona Beach in Florida. It was a nice place. We
actually got a small house in the suburbs. We both worked as our
daughter Tammy was now in school. I quit work in April of 1992
when I was pregnant with my second child. We didn’t find out that
it was a girl until a few months later. We named her Tiffany Anne
Walker. She was the most adorable baby, even that night in the
hospital after they brought her back to me. She was born on
January 18, 1993. My father came down during the Christmas
Holidays, and stayed until I delivered Tiffany.

I knew within a few months of raising Tiffany that she was an
exceptional girl. Don’t get me wrong, Tammy was also very smart,
but I could tell there was something unique, and special in
Tiffany. I just didn’t know what it was at the time. I decided to
be a stay at home mommy for Tiffany. I had regrets about not
doing the same for Tammy, but times were tough, and we needed the
extra income. I found the adjustment to be quite a big one, but
it was worth it. I got to spend time instilling Godliness into my
daughter. I always tried not to be as strict and rigid as my
parents had been with Kathy and I, but I still wanted them to
know the Grace, and Love, of God.

Through the years, my husband, and kids, and I were doing very
well financially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
Things seemed to be just right. We were the model middle class
Christian family. Then in early 2001 I began to notice some
changes in Tiffany. She would seem to be preoccupied about baby
things such as diapers, and so on. She never vocalized this to
me, but I could see her interest in such things. Every time I
would baby sit for a neighbor or church friend, Tiffany would
seem preoccupied by the baby’s toys, and other things. When
shopping she would stare at diapers in the diaper isle. Just
these little things, but I kept mental note of them.

One faithful day I was doing my usual weekly house cleaning when
I came upon Tiffany’s diary. She had left it open. I debated
weather to look, but something told me to glance at even the open
pages. So I did. I then realized all my suspicions were
confirmed. Tiffany wanted to be treated as a baby. But why? Why
now? She and Tammy both potty trained around age 2. Well actually
Tiffany was a little alter, but still. I prayed to God and asked
him for wisdom in this area, as it was not something I had heard
of before.

During the weeks that followed, I had memories arise from my
childhood. I remembered times as a young girl when I also wanted
diapers. That memory was somehow buried so deep all these years.
I guess since I thought it was socially and morally unacceptable,
and that mother had punished me a few times when she caught me
with baby diapers, that I should just let it be. And I did. Now I
had even more questions. Was this genetic? Was it somehow passed
down somehow by me? Tammy never seemed to go through this phase.
I decided to leave it alone for the time being and let it work
itself out.

One day Tiffany had a couple of her friends over. She came to me
one afternoon asking for a diaper so she could play baby. She had
been wetting the bed on and off the past few years, but recently
the frequency of her accidents increased. I decided to put her in
diapers at night. She enjoyed this. I could tell. So that one day
I decided to put her in diapers for a while to just see if she’d
get tired of it if I made her wear them around the house for a
while. But no such luck.

At dinner that night Tiffany still was in her diaper. My husband
and I hadn’t really made a big deal out of it. She said that she
needed to go number two. Finally I decided to confront her on
this whole issue. My husband and I told her to go in her diaper.
She cried, probably mostly from embarrassment more then anything
else. When I took her to the bathroom to clean up and then put
her into another diaper, she acted like she didn’t want it. Then
I confronted her about the diary entry, and the way she had been
acting about babyish things lately. She then agreed to wear
diapers. I had talked to a psychologist and pediatrician. They
both agreed that if I made her wear them all the time, she would
get tired of the whole thing and lose her interest in it.

Well, enough of my life story. I now present to you, Tiffany’s
Diaper Tales. She is quite an exceptional girl. Our family has
gone through a lot of changes, and growing together and with the
Lord. She’ll cover more of that in her story from her point of
view though. Oh, just for kicks, I compiled a list of some birth
datss, and birth places of some people. Hope it helps.

First & LastNameBirth DateBirth Place

Kathy ScottApril 17, 1959Lancaster, PA
John EastmanSeptember 8, 1957Dothan, GA
Amy EastmanJune 23, 1986College Park, GA

Tanya ScottMay 7, 1962Lancaster, PA
Thomas WalkerSeptember 24, 1968Lakeland, FL
Tiffany WalkerJanuary 18, 1993Daytona Beach, FL
Tammy WalkerFebruary 3, 1987Sanford, FL
Amanda WalkerAugust 21, 2007Daytona Beach, FL
Teala ShepherdMarch 9, 1986Winter Park, FL

Ellen YotherAugust 18, 1961Malvern, AR
Todd TaylorOctober 20, 1960Grant’s Pass, OR
Robert TaylorMarch 26, 1992Tahoe City, CA

Susan NevesMay 4, 1967Miami Beach, FL
Mark WildsFebruary 24, 1966Ft. Walton Bch, FL
Emily WildsJanuary 20, 1992Daytona Beach, FL

Linda HallMarch 4, 1966Makin, GA
Ralph PorterAugust 30, 1965Pheonix, AZ
Laura PorterJanuary 12, 1994Daytona Beach, FL
Joey PorterDecember 9, 1999Daytona Beach, FL

KimmieNovember 12, 1986Pt. St. Rickie, FL
AngelaApril 16, 1993Palm Coast, FL
KellyJuly 22, 1995Wheaton, IL
Elizabeth May 8, 1992 Deltona, FL

Tiffany’s Diaper Tales
Volume I
Chapter 001

Hello! My name is Tiffany. I would like to share with you all
some of the things that have happened in my life. This story
will be mostly fictional with just a touch of reality in it. I
hope you will enjoy my story.

When I was 7 years old my mommy put me in diapers because I had
a bed wetting problem. I did not really mind too much. When I lie
in bed at night I would fantasize about being a baby again. My
older sister Tammy, who was 14 at that time, would sometimes wake
me up in the morning when she was getting ready for school.
“Tiffy, Is your diaper wet honey?” Tammy asked as I opened my
eyes. “Yeah, I’m wet.” I replied softly as I rubbed my eyes and
began to wake up. Tammy picked me up and laid me on the floor and
took some baby wipes and slid down my rubber pants. She unpinned
my wet cloth diaper. “Wow you sure did go pee a lot!” Tammy said
while smiling at me. I blushed and laid there as she cleaned me
up. After I was wiped, she slid a pair of panties up my legs. I
then began to dress myself. I walked out to the kitchen to eat
breakfast and mom said good morning to me. I ate and then got
ready for school. After saying goodbye to mom and dad I took my
backpack and went off to school.

At this point of my life I was only in diapers during the night.
No one knew that I secretly wanted to be a baby. I didn’t feel
like sharing this with any of my friends either. I was a bit shy
in general anyway. School went like usual, and I got home and
played with my two best friends until dinner time. And as usual
after dinner came bath time, and soon came bedtime. This was a
typical day in my life at that time. Little did I know that
things were about to drastically change.

One day in May, a couple of my best friends and I were playing.
We wanted to play house and I decided I wanted to be the baby. I
was 8 years old at this point and had told my two best friends
about my wearing diapers at night. They were ok with it. But they
still didn’t know I had fantasies about returning to babyhood.

I walked out into the living room and found my mom ironing
clothes. “Mommy, we wanna play house, and I wanna be the baby,
can you put me in one of my cloth diapers and rubber pants so I
can play the baby.” I said. My mother looked at me and said
“Can’t you just pretend honey?” I shook my head no. “Well ok, If
that is what you want, I suppose you can wear one. Just wait a
couple minutes. I’ll come in there and change you into a diaper
after I finish ironing these shirts. Okay sweetie?” My mother
said as I ran excitedly out of the living room, down the hall and
back into my room. “So what did she say?” Laura asked. “She said
she would put me in a diaper after she finishes ironing.” I said
while blushing. My head was spinning with delight. I knew we were
going to have a good time.

My mother came in a few minutes later. She opened my bottom
dresser drawer and pulled out one of my cloth diapers and a pair
of pink rubber pants. She then left the room and returned with
some baby powder. She diapered me in front of my friends and we
all giggled because it was so silly that I was being put into
diapers. After she finished she smiled and said, “You girls have
fun.” We all thanked her and she left the room.

“Ok, so lets play! I will be the mommy, and Laura, you can be the
big sister, and Tiffany, you are the baby!” Emily said. I smiled
and then began to talk in baby talk and crawl around on the
floor. Laura, who was playing the role of my older sister, was
rolling a ball towards me trying to get me to roll it back. Then
Emily came over and held me in her lap. “It’s time for baby to
take a nap.” Emily said. “No, I don’t want a nap” I whined in my
cute little baby voice. “Yes you take nap now baby.” “Otay, but
not long nap though.” I said as I fell asleep in her lap.

I must have really been tired because I dozed off. Suddenly Emily
shook me awake “Um Tiffany, I think you just wet your diaper.”
Emily said. She pointed to my apparently wet diaper. “ut oh, I
hope my mommy doesn’t get mad at me.” “Oh it’s ok, I’m sure your
mom won’t be mad. I mean, you wet them at night and she changes
you. So what’s the big deal? I mean you are playing baby, so why
not wet it.” Laura said while smiling at me. "Yeah I guess you
are right. I’ll go see if my mommy will change me.’ I got up and
waddled out of the room and down the hall in my crinkly thick
soaking wet diaper.

“Mommy…” I said shyly. “Yes honey?” “Um… well…” She looked
at me and then noticed that I had wet in my diapers. “Oh dear,
you peed your diaper. Why did you wet it honey?” “Um, well,
because I was being a baby, and um, I fell asleep when I was
pretending to take a nap. Emily woke me up and told me I was
wet.” I stammered. I lowered my head down feeling ashamed of
myself. “It’s alright Tiffany. I’m not upset with you. Since you
girls are playing house, go and ask your pretend mommy to change
your diaper.” mom said teasingly. I nodded and then waddled back
into my room, crinkling all the way down the hall.

“So what did your mom say?” Emily asked. “She said that since we
are playing house, you have to change my diaper” I blushed. Laura
giggled and said, “I’m not changing her.” I started to cry. “I
need my diaper changed. It’s all wet. Please change me?” I cried.
“Alright you big baby, lay down and I’ll change you.”, Emily
said. I lay on the floor. Emily went to the dresser and got out
another cloth diaper. She changed me out of my wet diaper and
into a dry one. Laura just watched. “Maybe we shouldn’t play
house any more. What if she wets this one too?” Laura said to
Emily. “Well then we just will have to change her again.” Emily
replied. I just laid on the floor on my back with my diaper on
but waiting for Emily to pull up my rubber pants and tuck my
diaper in. Finally she did and we resumed playing. This time I
stayed dry.

Later that afternoon, Laura and Emily went home and I stayed in
my room and played with some toys. I was still wearing my diaper.
A while later Mom called me to dinner. I waddled out to the
dinner table. By this time daddy and Tammy were just pulling into
the driveway. Tammy and daddy always got home right before
dinner. Tammy had cheer leading practice so Dad usually picked
her up on his way home from work. As I was helping my mom set the
table both daddy and Tammy came through the front door.

“Tiffany honey, why are you wearing diapers?” daddy asked. I
blushed. “Um, me and my friends were playing house and I was the
baby, I… I forgot I was still wearing them.” I said knowing
full well that I had purposefully avoided taking them off. “Aww
you look so cute!” Tammy said as she walked back to her room to
change clothes. We all sat down for dinner Halfway through eating
I began to feel like I had to go number two. “Um mommy”, I said
quietly. “Yes baby?” “Um… I gotta go to the bathroom. Um can
you help me, I’m still in this diaper, I don’t know how to get
the pins out.”, I said as my need to poo became urgent. It was
obvious that I really had to go. “Oh honey, we are eating now.
Can’t you hold it?” She asked. I started to cry a little.

“Tiffany just go pee in your diaper and I’ll change you when
we’re done eating.” Mommy said. “No, I gotta go, um…” I could
not talk, I was so embarrassed. “Oh, I see.” Mom said. She was
about to get up from the table when daddy said, “We’re almost
done eating, just go.” I looked down at my plate. “I don’t wanna
go poopoo in the diaper, I only wet. I don’t wanna do number
two.” I said while crying. My father interrupted me and said, “Oh
baby, just hush and do it in your diaper. You were the one who
wanted to wear them in the first place. Babies go poop in their
diapers, so just go.” I began to cry uncontrollably and I put my
head in my hands. I totally filled my diaper with a big poopy.
“It’s alright. I’ll take her to the bathroom and change her.” Mom
said as she picked me up and carried me to the bathroom. She
changed me, but not into panties, but another diaper. “Mommy! Why
are you putting on another diaper?” I asked while crying.

“Because, I can tell you like being babied, and I also saw what
you wrote in your diary about how you want to be a baby. I know I
shouldn’t have read it, but you left it out and I happened to
notice it when I was cleaning the other day. Honey, your dad and
I talked about it and we don’t mind if you want to be a baby.
It’s okay.” I stopped crying. My mom hugged me and patted my
diapered bottom. “But honey, if you really want to be a baby,
then you will have to wear diapers all the time. You will wear
them to school, at home, or wherever you go. You cannot use the
potty anymore since your a baby… ok?” I nodded and agreed to
it. I had no idea what I had gotten myself into. Deep down I knew
I wanted this.

As we came back out to the dinner table everyone smiled.
Mom and dad had talked about this earlier and while I was being
changed, Dad talked to Tammy about it. We had desert and then mom
asked Tammy if she would go give me a bath since I’m a baby now.
I was sort of shy about all this, but I knew it was what I had
always wanted. I wondered what other kids would say. “Come on you
big baby, lets get you cleaned up.” Tammy said as she motioned
for me to come over to her and follow her to the bathroom.

She bathed me and let me splash in the water for a little bit and
play with my old rubber ducky I had when I was a little girl. She
got me out of the tub and dried me off. She diapered me and then
took me out the living room. We watched cartoons on TV. Then Mom
said it was time for me to go to bed since I am a baby I need my
sleep. I didn’t mind, because I was already tired. It had been a
very busy day. As my mother tucked me in she smiled at me and
said, “Honey I know that you have wanted this for a long time,
and well, I have to admit, so have I. I mean, I just want you to
stay my little baby girl forever honey.” She kissed me goodnight.

Daddy came in shortly after and kissed me good night and said
“Nighty night little baby, sleep well and sweet dreams.” I
started to drift off to sleep when Tammy came in and whispered,
“Hey, Tiffy?” “Yes Tammy?” “I think you really make a cute baby
and I love you and I want you to know that if anyone picks on you
at school, I will beat them up for you. Now go to sleep and I’ll
see you in the morning ok?” I smiled as she left the room and
closed the door. I once again drifted off to sleep.

Tiffany’s Diaper Tales
Volume I
Chapter 002

I awakened early the next morning. “Hi Tiffy, is my lil baby all
wetie?” she asked talking in baby talk. I smiled at her and
said, “yes I wet.” She smiled. “Aww lets get this yucky dipee off
of you and get you changed into a nice dry one ok?” “Otay!” She
picked me up and laid me on the floor and pulled down my pink
rubber pants and then began to un pin my diaper and pull it down.
Then she wiped me and powdered me and pulled out a disposable
diaper and put it on me. “Why you putting that kind of diaper on
me?” “Well silly, because you have to go to school and if you
need to be changed, it will be easier to deal with disposables.”
Then I remembered that I had agreed to be a baby and that I was
going to have to be in diapers all the time. At first I was
scared but then I remembered how much I wanted this and I just
drifted off into fantasy world. “Earth to Tiffany… Hello, Hello?
Anyone there?” Tammy asked teasingly. She had already finished
getting me dressed.

I went down the hall into the kitchen and sat at the table, and
had my breakfast. Mommy checked to see if I was diapered before I
left. She handed me my lunch and kissed me good bye as I walked
out the door to go to the bus stop. As I stood where all the kids
were, my friends Laura and Emily came up to me. “Hi Tiffany!”
Laura said to me. I smiled and said hello to them both. We talked
for a bit while waiting on the bus to arrive. As I was waling up
the steps of the bus, Emily was right behind me. When we all sat
down together in the same seat (with me in the middle) Emily
leaned over and whispered to me, “Are you in a diaper because I
could hear you crinkle and your butt looks puffy.” I smiled at
her and nodded my head. Laura looked at me like she knew what was
going on as well. I told them that I was a baby now and that I
was going to be in diapers all the time. They both thought it was
cute and said they wouldn’t tease me, and that they would defend
me if anyone gave me a hard time about it.

The bus pulled into the school and we all got off. So far only my
two best friends had known about my diapers. As we went to our
class and took our seat I knew that my mom had called the nurse
and told her that I needed to have my diapers changed at lunch
time, or recess, depending on how wet I was or if I had to go
number two. I handed the note to my teacher that my mommy had
written. She read it and gave me a look. She said “If you need to
get your diaper changed, just raise your hand and ask to go to
the restroom. Then go to the nurse’s office and get changed.” I
thought this plan would work out quite well, but still I was a
bit nervous. She just smiled and told me to go to my desk.

By lunchtime, I had wet in the diaper allot and I could feel that
it was soaked and squishy. It was a different feeling then my
cloth diapers, but I liked it as well. I told Laura & Emily where
I was going and they said they would save me a seat at lunch. I
went to the nurse’s office. “Hi Tiffany.” Mrs. Peters said. “Hi
Mrs. Peters… Um… uh… I… I need to be … changed.” “Oh ok
sweetie, just come on over here and I’ll lay you down on this
table and well get you into a nice dry diaper ok.” She motioned
for me to come with her. I did as she said and once on the table
she undid my pants and pulled them down and unfastened the tapes
on my diaper and wiped my hiney and powdered me. I blushed a
little bit. She just smiled at me and when we were done she
patted my diapered bottom. She helped me pull my pants back up.
“There you go sweetie.” “Thank you.” We both smiled at each other
for a moment and then I left her office and went down the hall to

Once I got through the lunch line, I walked around looking for
Laura & Emily. They were over in the left corner, and they were
also sitting with Jessica. I sat down with them. They all said
hello and all that. Then Jessica asked me a question. “How come
you were so late coming to lunch?” I had to think fast, so I
said, “Mm, oh I just had to stop at the bathroom on the way here,
that’s all.” I said knowing that I was lying through my teeth.
Laura & Emily looked at me but didn’t say anything because they
knew I didn’t want everyone to know I was a baby in diapers now.

After lunch I went back to the classroom and we had only three
more subjects that day. The afternoon dragged on. Finally the
bell rang and we all got out of our seats and went to get on the
bus to go home. As I was waiting in the long line of people to
get on the bus, I felt like I had to go number two. I tried to
hold it. As we were boarding I really felt like I was going to
lose it. Once we set down, Laura asked, “What’s wrong Tiffany?”
“Um… I gotta go number two, and I don’t think I’ll make it all
the way home.” I whispered in her ear. She looked at me and then
she said, “Oh I’m sorry, but hey don’t worry your in diapers,
Just go in your diaper, and let your mommy change you when you
get home.” Laura said. Emily asked, “What’s going on, what are
you two talking about?” I leaned over to her and whispered in her
ear and she smiled and then said, “Yeah Tiff, just go in your
diaper like a big baby.” I blushed and said “Shhh! I don’t want
anyone to know.” They both looked at me and smiled. “If you do a
load in your diapers I Don’t know how they wont know Tiffany.”
Emily said. “Just go poopy in the diaper, and don’t worry about
it. They will all find out anyway you just can’t hide this
forever.” Laura said. “Yeah Tiffany, it’s ok we love you. We
won’t make fun of you. So just let go and be a baby and do your
thang girl.” Emily said with a smile. I sighed and then leaned
back and began to push a major load of poo into the seat of my
diaper. Both Emily and Laura were smiling at me. Emily kept
reassuring me that it would be ok. Laura just watched and held my
hand as I just continued to fill the diaper. “Um, I think I’m
done.” I sniffled and began to cry softly. “Oh Tiffy, its ok
baby. You wanna lay down so you don’t have to sit in your yucky
diaper?” I said yes and they moved so that I could lay my head in
Laura’s lap and my back was on the seat and my poopy loaded
diaper butt was in Emily’s lap. My feet hung over into the isle.

After a moment or so, some other kids were staring at me. One boy
turned around and yelled out “Eww! I think Tiffany pooped her
pants! YUCKY!!!” Then everyone started laughing at me. I closed
my eyes and Laura ran her hands through my hair and calmly said
it would be ok. Also Emily was putting her hand on the bottom of
my diaper and feeling how loaded it was when she said, “Oh my
gosh Laura, her diaper is like way full of crap. Like I hope she
doesn’t have a leak.” “Yeah but she’ll be ok laying down because
it won’t get all mushy and ooze out of her diapers.” Laura knew
what she was talking about because she had a baby brother at home
and she knew about messy diapers.

When the bus pulled up to our stop they helped me up and walked
me down the isle of the bus. All the kids were laughing and they
knew I was in diapers by this point because they could hear me
crinkle and see my bottom was all puffy. I began to cry. Emily &
Laura comforted me on the way home. Jessica, who normally would
get off on our stop, didn’t take the bus that day because her
mother picked her up early from school. So once I got to my house
they left me and I walked into the house. “Mommy!” I cried. “Yes
baby?” "My diaper… " I couldn’t even finish my sentence. “Oh
come here… My goodness honey looks like you got a loaded
diaper.” “Yes mommy and kids were laughing at me on the bus too.”
I sniffled. “oh honey its ok, they are just jealous because they
aren’t cute little babies in diapers like you are.” My mother
took me to my room and I was SHOCKED to see that I had a crib,
and a changing table now! “WOW MOMMY!” I exclaimed. “Yes baby you
deserve the best.” She laid me on my new changing table. She
pulled off my pants, and unfastened the diaper. She use many
wipes on my little hiney. Finally she powdered me and put me into
a cloth diaper and pinned it on and put my rubber pants on over
it. She put me in a cute little skirt and then helped me down.
“Ok little baby, there you go.” I smiled at her and thanked her.
“You’re welcome sweetie.” She smiled at me. Then she set me down
in the living room in front of the TV to watch cartoons.

When Tammy and daddy came home later that night I was happy to
see them and Tammy asked me all about my day. At dinner I had
another surprise waiting for me. When I was finished helping
mommy set the table she pulled out a highchair that was big
enough for me. “WOW MOMMY! A high chair! YAY!” I exclaimed. This
was beginning to get better than I had ever imagined. My sister
lifted me up and put me in. She sat next to me and helped to feed
me. I was lucky to have Tammy for a sister because she was so
sweet and accepting of me.

Later that night I got a phone call from Laura and we talked for
a while and then mom came in and said I needed to get my bath and
go to bed. So I hung up and as I walked to the bathroom, mom was
there drawing water for my bath. “Honey, since you’re a baby now,
mommy or Tammy, or daddy will have to bathe you ok.” I smiled and
said, “otay mommy!” I hopped in the tub and was playing with my
toys and mommy was giving me my bath. Finally she got me out and
dried me off. She took me to my room and put me on the changing
table and put a nice thick cloth diaper on me. “This should keep
my little baby dry all night long.” She tucked me in and read me
a story, and then Tammy came in and gave me a kiss goodnight too.
Daddy was busy working on something for work so by the time he
came into my room I was asleep. I woke up an hour later though
and noticed my diaper was wet, and I had to go some more, so I
wet it. Then I lay there and daydreamed about being a baby. What
was so awesome was that now that dream had come true!

Tiffany’s Diaper Tales
Volume I
Chapter 003

I woke up Saturday morning and I was the first one to be awake.
my diaper was not only soaking wet, but loaded with poo as well.
I kind of enjoyed laying there in a poo-filled diaper and staring
at the mobile hanging from my crib. After a few minutes though, I
became agitated at the condition I was in so I began to cry. My
sister Tammy came running into my room. “What’s wrong baby, Oh my
goodness, it smells like somebody did a load in her diapees. You
poor little baby, let me change you.” She lifted me out of my
crib and laid me on my new changing table. Se slid off my jammies
and slid down my pink rubber pants and then began to undo the
pins on my diaper. She opened it up and her nose turned up. “Eww!
Yucky baby has stinky poopoo diapee.” She grabbed a handful of
wipes and began using them one by one to clean my yucky poo poo
hiney. I laid there a while and let her baby me and diaper me.
She put diaper rash ointment on me because I was starting to get
a little rash on my bottom. Then she powdered me really well.
Then came the nice thick dry clean snuggly diaper up between my
legs and she pinned it in place. She slid up my rubber pants and
tucked the diaper in. Then she picked me up and held me for a
couple minutes and patted my tushie. She laid me back in my crib.
She went to the kitchen and came back with a bottle of apple
juice. “Ok baby, it still early so it not time to get up, so I
will come back later. Enjoy your bottle sweetie.” She kissed my
forehead and turned to leave the room.

I must have dozed off because later on my mother came in to wake
me, and she noticed my diaper was dry. “Wow, this is amazing, a
dry diaper!” My mother said with an astonished look on her face.
“Tam Tam came in and changied me earlier mommy.” “Oh ok darling,
well let’s get you dressed and go eat breakfast ok?” “Yeppers
mommy I ready!” I held on to her as she pulled me out of my crib.

I was placed in my highchair and fed my breakfast. As we all were
sitting around the table I heard mommy talking about having some
friends of hers come over tonight for coffee and desert and to
just hang out. They were supposed to come at 7:30pm so we ate
dinner at around 5:30pm that night so mommy could get things
ready for her company.

I played in my room most of the day, and Tammy was at one of her
friends house for the afternoon. Tammy came home around 4:30pm
and as she walked by my room she said hello to me. I put down my
toys and crawled out to the hallway and towards her room. She had
closed the door because she was getting ready to change. “Can me
please come in Tam Tam?” I begged. The door opened and I crawled
in, and then she shut and locked the door behind me. She was just
in her panties and bra and was taking her watch and other jewelry
off. “You wanna take a shower with me Tiffy?” She took off her
bra and then slipped off her panties. “Sure Tam Tam.” She laid me
on her bed and undressed me and unfastened my partially wet
diaper and then wiped me. Then she grabbed a towel and washcloth.
She carried me down the hall to the bathroom. Just as we were
going down the hall mommy came by. “What are you two doing?”, she
asked. “oh mom, I’m gonna take a shower and I figured instead of
giving Tiffany a bath, I could save time and wash her while I’m
in the shower, is that ok?”, she asked. “Oh yeah, good thinking
Tammy. After you’re done, can you please come help me get the
table set for diner.” “Sure no problem mom. I’ll be done in like
twenty minutes.”

Once we got in the bathroom she set me down on the floor and ran
some hot water so that the shower wouldn’t be cold when we got
in. Then she sat down on the potty and went tinkles. “Honey, you
gotta go potty before we get in the shower?”, Tammy asked. “Nope,
I did tinkles in my didees before you changed me.” I smiled.
“What a good baby you are!” Then she wiped herself and flushed
the toilet. She then turned the water on to the shower head
instead of the bath.

Once the temperature was just right, she picked me up and set me
in the tub and then she got in and closed the curtain. She left
the drain stopped so that the water she was using for her shower
would stay in the tub and then she could bathe me. I watched as
she washed herself. She was explaining how to get clean and
pretending like I was a little kid just learning how to take a
shower or something. I just smiled at her and splashed her. “Hey
stop that silly.” She giggled. After she was done washing she
turned off the water. Then she sat in the tub facing me and took
another washcloth from the rack and began to wash my face, and so
on. Then she let the water out and stood up, opened the curtain,
then dried herself, and then me. She wrapped me in a towel and
carried me to my room and re-diapered me and dressed me.

Then she went to her room and changed. She handed me my old wet
diaper that was left laying in her room. “Take this and put it in
the diaper pail honey, and go see if mommy needs anything ok?
I’ll be there in a little bit.” She closed the door behind me. I
walked into the kitchen and asked mommy if I could help. She let
me set the table for dinner.

We finished eating at around 6:15pm and then my sister and I were
watching some TV together. At 7:30pm mom’s guest started
arriving. They were in a different section of the living room
than my sister and I. Time went by quick and it was time for me
to go to bed. I walked into the room where everyone was. I was
already in my jammies because Tammy had gotten me ready for
bedtime. I walked across the living room and I realized they
could probably hear the crinkling of my diaper under my jammies.
I went over to my dad and sat on his lap. He smiled at me and he
noticed I was diapered. “So baby you got your tinkle-poopers on
huh?” “DADDY!” I whispered as I blushed. I think some of them
overheard what he said, and they probably heard me crinkling as I
walked in. A few minutes later I got off my daddy’s lap and
walked out saying good night to everyone, but one of mom’s
friends, who was a teacher at school stopped me and gave me a hug
and patted my bottom and I know she knew I had a diaper and
rubber pants on. She smiled at me and then said, “Nite nite
little one.”

I was very embarrassed but I didn’t get upset though because I
was used to people finding out about my diapers. Most of the kids
at school knew already anyway. Tammy tucked me in and kissed me
goodnight and read me a short bedtime story before I drifted off
to sleep.

Tiffany’s Diaper Tales
Volume I
Chapter 004

A few weeks went by and it was now the last week of school. I was
pretty well used to being in diapers at school. I didn’t always
act as much like a baby at school as I did at home. But at recess
I would regress and play with my friends and they would baby me.
Most of the girls in my class thought I was cute, but most of the
boys thought it was gross that I wore diapers. I didn’t really
care though because at that time I thought boys had cooties.
Besides boys were so immature anyway. (Like I could talk!)

The last day of school came and I got up and was changed and had
breakfast and sat on the bus with my best friends Emily & Laura.
We were all glad that school was over and we could have all
summer to hang out and play. I was soaked as usual on the bus
ride home. Laura was crossing her legs really tight because she
had to go pee real bad. But she had to hold it. “Don’t you wish
you had a diaper like me?”, I asked. “Yeah, then I could just go
pee and I would feel better. But doesn’t it feel weird having pee
in your diaper?”, she asked. “It feels warm and squishy in the
diaper. But I like it, you probably wouldn’t like it.” She just
sat there quietly, pondering what I had said. “Hey maybe this
summer when I come over to play maybe I can try one on one time
to just to see what its like?” “Yeah sure that’d be cool.”

The bus pulled into our stop and we all got off. Jessica used to
be one of my best friends before I started wearing diapers. But
now she didn’t hang out with us anymore. She wanted to be a part
of the “in crowd”. So that’s that. But I didn’t care, because I
had friends that cared about me, and understood me.

I came in the door and mom was waiting for me. “Hi baby, did you
have a good day at school?” “Yes mommy, but I glad it over
because now I can play all summer, and I can be baby all day ?
YAY!”, I said joyfully. “Yes that’s right honey. You’ll be
mommy’s little baby all summer long.” She smiled at me. “So does
baby need a diaper change?” She checked my diaper. “Umm sorta,
but can you wait, because… um… I have to do number two in a
little bit, so I might as well do it in this already wet diaper
instead of getting other diaper dirty too.” “Well very well then,
go head and relax and just load your diaper full of poo and call
mommy when your ready for a changie.” She sat me on the floor in
the living room in front of the TV. She also brought me out a
bottle and I laid there and sucked on it as I tried to go poo in
my diaper. Finally after pushing a while, I relaxed and then I
felt my bowels relax and I started to empty out into my diaper a
massive soft squishy load of poopoo. I laid there on my bean bag
on the floor in front of the TV and just enjoyed the mushy poo
all over my hiney and between my legs. I moved my legs back and
forth a couple times just to make it more comfy. Then after a
while I became uncomfortable.

“Mommy! I poopood in my diapee, come change me pweez!”, I yelled.
“ok, be there in a minute.”, my mother called back from the
kitchen. A moment later she was in the living room picking me up.
“Wow baby looks like you just did a ten pounder in your baby
pants huh?”, mom said as she patted my loaded diaper tushie while
she carried me to my room. I just blushed and she laid me down
and took off my dress and took down my rubber pants and
unfastened the diaper. “Oh my gosh baby, your loaded from front
to back honey, isn’t that yucky?” mom asked. “Ummm hmmm, dats why
I wanted you to change me mommy, it felt good going poo and
sitting in it for a lil bit but now its all yucky poo!!!” I
giggled. “Well we’ll get your little hiney all clean now ok baby
girl.” She used wipe after wipe to get me clean. I enjoyed when
mommy and Tammy changed me. Dad never really did it that often.

After I was diapered I was put in my crib for a little nap before
dinner. Finally dinner came and Tammy came in to get me. “Hi
baby, it’s din din time… lets wake up little sleepy head.” she
said to me as she picked me up out of the crib and held me and
carried me to the kitchen. I was put into my highchair and fed my
dinner. After dinner I got a bath and was playing with toys and I
fell asleep on the living room floor. Tammy took me to my room,
changed my wet diaper, brushed my teeth and got me all ready for
bed. Mom came in and tucked me in and gave me a goodnight kiss.
So did daddy, then they turned out the lights. As I lay in bed I
was thinking of all the fun I was going to have this summer. I
dozed off and slept like a baby.

The next morning I woke up and laid in my crib in a soggy wet
diaper. Soon after I was awake mommy came in and changed me and
took me to where her and dad were in bed and let me lay between
them. I feel back asleep, safely snuggled under the covers in my
diapers, with mommy and daddy on both sides. A little later Tammy
came into the room. “Mom, I had a really bad dream.” she said
while crying softly. “Oh come here sweetie.” Mom said as she
pulled her into bed with us. I woke up and I hugged her and she
held onto me and we all four slept all cozy in the bed. Dad got
up and went to work later in the morning but us girls just stayed
cuddled up in bed just being lazy. I wet my diaper again but
didn’t care. I was so at peace snuggled in bed with my sister and
mommy. I could tell Tammy felt better too since she came to sleep
in bed with us.

Tammy was awake and facing me, with her back toward mom, who was
still sleeping. I felt Tammy’s hand on my diaper and I opened my
eyes. “it’s just me little one, I was just checking your diaper
to see if you were wet, but I see you must have already been
changed because your only a little wet.” she whispered. I smiled
and winked at her. I snuggled closer to her, and lay my head on
her chest and she held me close to her. I felt so safe and secure
now. A warm peace flowed over me. I was safe in my warm diapers
and in the arms of my sister and in the room with my mommy. As I
took a deep breath and relaxed, I felt more pee release into my
diaper. I smiled, and Tammy smiled back at me. “You wetted again
didn’t you silly?” “Yeppers, I tinkles in my dipees” I giggled
softly. “You two are both silly.” mom said, as she rolled over. I
didn’t know she was awake, I guess when Tammy and I were talking
we woke her.

Later that afternoon Laura came over and we played in my room.
“Hey Tiff, remember how I was telling you on the buss the other
day? that I wanted to try one of your diapers? Umm well… uh…
can I try one now?”, she asked shyly. “Sure you can.” I happily
took out one of my disposable diapers and handed it to her. “You
know how to put it on right?” I asked. “um… yeah I guess. Um be
right back I’m gonna go to the bathroom and try it on ok?” She
went across the hall.

She came back into the room crinkling like a little baby in
diapers. “Aww your so cute in your little diapers”, Tammy said as
she came up behind Laura and patted her diapered tushie. Laura
turned to her and blushed. “Oh its ok honey, I think you both are
cute.”, Tammy said as she left the room. “So how does it feel?”
She stood there for a second. "Um… hold on… ", she said while
standing completely still and her face turned red and she
blushed. “Um, Laura, did you just do tinkles in your diaper?”, I
asked her teasingly. “Yes… and WOW! I like!” She giggled and she
plopped down on the floor on her padded bottom. “Aww, I glad you
like it.” I sat on the floor in front of her. We played some
board games and when it was time for her to go, I called Tammy
back in to change her before she left. “All done.” Tammy said as
she stood Laura up after changing her. I walked Laura to the door
and said goodbye and then watched TV until dinner time.

I spent allot of days outside playing with friends. Also being a
baby and being changed. After a few weeks I had regressed to the
point where I truly was baby-like and I depended on Mom and Tammy
for everything. But they let me stay a baby the whole time. Even
when we were going on vacation to have a family reunion. I
wondered what this would be like, since this would be the first
time they would see me in diapers and acting like a baby.

Tiffany’s Diaper Tales
Volume I
Chapter 005

After a few weeks had passed I was just totally being a baby and
stuff. my mother woke me up and got me changed and dressed.
“Where are we going?”, I asked. “Don’t you remember honey, we are
going on our vacation, to go see our family in Pennsylvania.” she
said while dressing me. “Oh yeah, I forgot we going there, but
mommy they don’t know I a baby now.” “Well honey they’ll find out
soon enough. Besides they love you anyway they won’t make fun of
you. You’ll have fun with all your cousins.” She held me and
comforted me. We loaded up the car and headed out. It was a two
day drive.

I sat in the backseat with Tammy and mom and dad were in the
front, Dad was driving. We stopped at a rest stop about an hour
into the trip to change me because I was wet, and everyone else
had to go potty too. Then we stopped somewhere in a town up the
road for lunch. I ate the kids meal and it was yummy. We left
there and we drove for what seemed like an eternity. I laid down
in the backseat and laid my head in Tammy’s lap and she ran her
hands through my hair and I dozed off.

Tammy shook me awake a while later. “Honey your diapers loaded,
you did poopoo while you were sleeping. We’re at a rest stop so
lets get you changed, ok honey?” She carried me out of the car
and then helped me walk part of the way up to the rest stop
building. As we got inside to the restrooms another family was
changing one of their babies diapers. The mother said to Tammy,
“Wow, isn’t she a little old to be doing poopy diapers?” “Um
well, she’s a baby, I mean she’s 8 years old, but she likes being
babied and diapered.” “Oh well I guess everyone’s different…
She’s quite cute though. Hi little baby girl.” she said to me as
she carried her child out of the room. I just blushed and kind of
felt silly. “Ok honey, now I have to go potty.”, Tammy said as
she carried me into owe of the stalls. She told me to stand there
as she pulled her pants down and sat on the potty. A moment later
she wiped herself and then opened the door and washed her hands.

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“Ok I will.” I walked over to where my mother was talking to some
of the adults. “Mommy can I go swimming? Pweez?” I asked in my
baby voice. “Yes honey but you’ll need a diaper change when you
get out because your diapees will be soaked.” I said ok and then
ran back to the dock where my cousins were sitting. Then I went
to the edge of the dock and then slipped off my shorts since I
was in a diaper. I jumped in with my diaper rubber pants and my
t-shirt on. It was quite hard to swim in wet diapers though.
“Help… Help me!”, I cried out to one of my cousins. I could
barely stay afloat because the diapers were so thick and heavy
and restricted my movement. They pulled me over to the shallow
end and I sat next to Cindy and Anna and Sharon. We were in
about 2 feet of water and just talked to them. They asked me
allot of questions about what it was like to be a baby again, and
what it was like being in diapers.

After a while they called us up for lunch. When I got out of the
water I realized how soaked and soggy my diaper was. My cousin
Anna wanted to change me. She was used to changing diapers for
her sister Cindy. So she took me over to her dad’s truck and
opened the tailgate and laid me there and changed me and put me
in another diaper. Sharon and one other girl watched. Finally we
got over to the picnic tables and ate. We had hamburgers and all
kinds of yummy stuff.

After a while we were all just sitting on chairs talking. Anna
got up and started to walk toward the outhouse. Sharon called out
to her and said, “Hey Anna, do you gotta go 1 or 2?” Anna just
turned around and stuck up 2 fingers which meant she had to go
poo. “I bet she wishes she had a diaper on and could just load
her baby pants like I do.” I smiled at Sharon. “Ewww! That’s yucky
though, isn’t it?”, Sharon asked. “Well yeah if you stay in it a
long time, or for the person who is changing you it can be kinda
yucky, but when your doing it in your diaper and when you first
sit in a loaded diaper it feels wonderful!” A big smile formed on
my face as I thought about how good messy diapers felt. “Wow
cool, maybe I’ll use one of Cindy’s diapers when I stay over at
Anna’s house sometime.” She seemed quite excited about the idea
of being in diapers now.

A while later Anna came back and sat down. “Feel better
Anna?” I asked. She nodded. We continued to talk a while and
then Sharon said she had to go pee. Instead of walking to the
outhouse, she just ran and jumped in the pond. She turned toward
us with her head above water and she was smiling at us. We could
tell she was doing tinkles in her clothes underwater by the look
on her face. When she finished peeing her pants, she got out of
the water and came back over and sat down. “Wow, now your clothes
are soaked. But anyway, that’s a cool way to do tinkles in your
pants and get away with it.” I remarked. I then became still and
started blushing. Anna knew what I was doing too. “Well looks
like you’re doing your tinkles in your diaper like the cute
little baby that you are.” I just smiled at them. It felt so good
to be in a wet diaper with a cool breeze blowing and just being
outside and being with my family.

Later for dinner we had leftovers from lunch and then we were
inside watching TV and playing some games. I loaded my diaper and
my mommy changed me. Cindy had also done number two in her
diapers, so her mom changed her too. We then returned to the
living room and played a while longer. I fell asleep on the floor
later on and dad carried me out to the car as we drove back to my
grandpa’s house for the night. I was sad to leave, but I knew
that the time I had had there I would remember for a long time to
come. As I cuddled into bed with Tammy I told her I loved her and
that I was going to miss everyone up here. She comforted me and I
fell asleep in her arms.

A few days later we got ready to go back home. I called Anna on
the phone to say goodbye and we said we would write each other.
Once the car was packed up we headed out down the road on our way
back home. I fell asleep in the car and we drove till late that
night and then pulled over at a rest stop and slept in the car
and then left that morning early. We only stopped two times to
get something to eat. Tammy changed me in the backseat when I
needed to be changed. She had on one of my disposable diapers and
had gone pee in it and changed herself. Mom and dad both were in
adult diapers the whole way home and only pulled over to quickly
change each other. We made it back allot quicker this way. We had
to do it this way because dad had to be back by Monday so he
could get back to work. If it wasn’t for this we would have took
our time going back down. I thought it was cute that everyone
decided to wet their diapers. At least no one else had to go
number two accept for Tammy and I. Mom had to crawl in the
backseat one time to help Tammy clean up. I don’t think Tammy
liked dirty diapers like I did though. We arrived home late
Sunday night and we all just went inside and through our
suitcases down and got our showers. Tammy and I in one bathroom
and mommy and daddy in the other. Then we got our jammies on,
Tammy changed me and we all went to bed and slept very well
because we were all tired. I had a dream that night about the
wonderful times I had on that vacation.

Tiffany’s Diaper Tales: intro, prequel, ch 1-5

Weve all read this story and know it’s pretty good, but it is finished so it either belongs in the non-member stories or the completed stories. It’s nice to see it again though

Tiffany’s Diaper Tales: intro, prequel, ch 1-5

“Cindy was one of my cousins who was
retarded and had to wear diapers,”


This story is indeed of another era.

this story is not completed …

Hi :slight_smile:

I am currently working on new chapters of this story. I thought that it would be a good idea to catch new readers up by posting the previous chapters.

It is a bit presumptuous to say that “we ALL have read this”

As for the comment on “mental retardation” i’m not one to use politically correct words. Yes it makes me out of date to the modern way of speaking, but i don’t mean any negativity by using the word retardation, or retarded.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to getting back into writing again, so I need all the encouragement I can get :slight_smile:

If you still feel I should post my previously written chapters in completed stories area, then let me know.



Tiffany’s Diaper Tales: intro, prequel, ch 1-5

I think it’s a compliment for me to say most of us have read it. You don’t have to listen to me but if I were you I’d start a brand new story with new characters and a different plot and start again from scratch. Not that I don’t like these characters bbut we’ve already had like 100 chapters

Tiffany’s Diaper Tales: intro, prequel, ch 1-5

That’s why I think you should start from scratch

Tiffany’s Diaper Tales: intro, prequel, ch 1-5

Surprisingly, I’ve never read this story.

I’m not sure why I haven’t, as I have seen it online for awhile.

wow i guess i’m really out of touch with the abdl community

I remember in 1998 finding Ashley’s diaper adventures, and the double life of ariel crawford, etc. then i decided to write (with no prior experience, i only learned as i went along throught he series)

Problem with me, is i’m so attached to the character’s in Tiffany’s Diaper Tales, i read it often, over and over, its MY fantasy, my sort of SKEWED reality… i dont know honestly if i could summon the motivation to come up with anything new or different.

i enjoy the stories on here, the cute ones, but i 'm not really into the more sexual or humiliation or domination stuff. i have a tiny little nitch area that i focus on in my AB life.

quite frankly, i’m to busy to give the time i gave back then to writing. So perhaps i will just continue to be a reader of the stories on this forum.

I guess if anyone is interested in reading the story i also have it and my other works posted on

plus if u want to put tmp3’s of it on your ipods etc.

sighs… to be honest all those chapters were written while i worked at a dead end job through my 20’s… now i’ve just finished my degree and am working full time and just can’t do it like I used to i’m afraid. damn it sucks i’m turning 32 in a week… fuck it.

i feel so old. my ab life jsut revolves now around wearing at night only and daydreaming breifly whenever i’m stressed… i’m no where near as obsessed or immersed in the thoughts feelings and actions of the ab life style. i didn’t grow out of it, it just lost it’s totalness for me.

now when i’m feeling shitty i have a drink and then put on a story get diapered and go to bed and next morning rip the wet diaper off shower and go back to the real world. i know this sounds weird but i wonder if one day i’ll just not even care about the fantasy anymore? id ont know why that scares me, but it does.

anyway enough of m y rambling. thanx for the input.

-babytiffany… not forever… :frowning:

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