Three Little Diaper Girls

Carissa glanced awkwardly around at the group of young women. Though they were in a group, each seemed to be standing alone, avoiding eye contact with the others and blushing if noticed.

The source of their discomfort was fairly clear. They had each just been changed into a new set of clothes, all in the same room with the others around. While being dressed in front of strangers was bad in its own way, it was really the clothes themselves that caused embarrassment. Though there were some variations from girl to girl, they all seemed to be made along the same theme. Specifically, they were all designed for someone far younger than anyone in the group.

Each girl wore a dress in light pink and white. Some of the dresses resembled school girl uniforms, with plaid skirts and neck ties, while others seemed like something a toddler might be put into before Sunday School, complete with matching bonnets. Many of them were decorated with flowers or little animals and cartoon characters. Despite their appearance, they were sized correctly for the people who wore them, even if the skirts were short. Carissa’s was of the Sunday School variety, complete with shoulder straps resembling a set of overalls, a picture of Minnie Mouse on the chest and, more embarrassingly, another just over her bum. Here light brown hair was tied into pigtails that ran down to her shoulders. While some of the shorter girls and those with rounder faces matched their clothing perfectly, Carissa was of average height and a narrow build, making the outfit appear even more out of place.

Even worse than the dresses was what the girls wore underneath. Like the dresses, the underwear the girls were given was sized properly but clearly designed for someone much younger. The luckiest ones got off with thick white cotton briefs, more in line with training pants then actual underwear, and carried similar designs to the ones on the dresses. Carissa’s had pink frills around the legs, a lacy bow at the top, and pictures of Disney princesses, and a thickness and feel that made her question if they were intended as briefs or as pull ups. She considered herself one of the lucky ones. The crinkle of plastic coming from some of the more embarrassed looking girls left little doubt over whether or not they were in pull ups.

These clothes, they were told, were the uniforms of the Chelsey Reformatory School. It was a place for young women who, in the words of its official statement “lacked the discipline and maturity to be adults,” which Carissa supposed explained the uniforms. Most of the girls were failed college students and repeat petty criminals who had taken this as an alternative to jail. Carissa herself had failed out of college and lost her job in the same year, then vandalize both buildings with eggs in an act of revenge. Her parents, employer, and the school all agreed this was a fair alternative to paying for the damage.

A door opened, attracting the girls’ attention. In strode a tall woman with short cut dark brown hair and a stern looking face. Everything about her seemed designed to intimidate. She wore an all-black suit with gloves, and carried a stick she held like a riding crop. She marched rather then walked and constantly glared around her. Behind her was a group of woman, some dressed similarly to her, others in nurse outfits.

“Hello to all of you, and welcome to Chelsey’s Reformatory School,” the woman began in a high but hard voice. “I am the headmistress, whom you can call Miss Victoria.”

“You are all here for the same reason. You have proven that you do not have what it takes to be treated as adults. Whether due to an issue with your upbringing or your own failing, you never grew up and still behave as children. Therefore, as I’m sure you can already tell from your clothes, we will treat you as such. Our goal is to raise you as children a second time with proper discipline. If you behave, you may enjoy yourself and will be treated warmly. If you don’t, you will find yourself on the wrong end of my riding crop. In the end, the result should be the same. You will leave here when we consider you ready to take on the responsibilities of a grown, mature woman. Now, follow me to your chambers.”

Carissa and the other inductees were surprised by the bluntness of her command, but followed the woman through the doorway, mulling over her words. They were all frightened by the speech, especially of the comment about the crop. At the same time, they wondered how it was exactly they were to be treated as children.

Carissa gasped openly when she saw the rooms they were brought too. This was nothing like she had thought it would be. Where she expected Spartan cots and plain white walls, she found bunks with thick mattresses and soft blankets. Where she had expected something akin to a jail cell, she found something anyone would be happy to have as a bedroom. The girls were left for a minute to explore their new home. It wasn’t only not a jail cell, it was borderline luxurious.

The main chamber was a large room filled with couched, a large TV screen, and games. A line of doors lead to bedrooms, each of which had a bunk bed made for two people. Another door led to the bathroom, which came complete with individual showers. A little further down the hall was a dining room with several long tables.

However, there was something odd about each of them. Like the clothes, the rooms seemed designed for people much younger than their occupants. The walls of the main room were pink, and the bedrooms were in a variety of bright pastel colors. Each room had a large picture painted onto the walls. The main room had unicorns running across a field with a Disney-esq fairy tale castle, and a rainbow over the entire design. The rooms continued this theme with various Disney princesses painted on the walls. The beds, though thick and comfortable, had short rails along the side and plastic covered mattresses. Little details in the rooms continued this theme, with clocks made to look like cats and night lights beside each bed. Some of the games, movies, and toys were the sort of thing the girls expected- video games, romance and action films, monopoly,- while others were things most hadn’t used in years –candy land, cartoons, various doll houses.

Stranger still were a few other objects the girls eyed with curiosity, which they began to notice more and more after the initial excitement over seeing their rooms. One of the bedrooms contained a pair of cribs rather than bunk beds. Some of the toys were even more infantile then the doll houses, including rattles and suckling toys. A mesh playpen say in the common room, and included a strange post rising from its center. Several large high chairs stood beside the tables in the dining room. Finally, there was a plastic training potty in the bathroom. Beside it was a large padded table with multiple shelves. Some of the inductees stood around it wondering what it was until one gasped and whispered “it’s a changing table!” They quickly moved away from it, and none were brave enough to check what was inside the shelves.

At the call of the headmistress the women gathered inside the main room. Most looked around nervously, trying to ignore the few out of place objects that suggested a different kind of occupant.

Miss Victoria spoke. “Well, I’m sure you’ve all had a chance to see the rooms, and I hope you like them. As you can see, this isn’t a prison, it is a reformatory school. You aren’t here just to be punished, but to be reformed. We do not believe forcing you to be constantly uncomfortable will achieve this, so we have given you a nice place to live while you stay here. However, the décor was chosen to remind you that you will not be seen as full adults until you get through our training program. Now, as a welcoming gift, we have brought you nice little girls some candies. We hope you enjoy them.”

The girls were all a bit taken aback by the strange offer, and the sudden way in which it was made. However, a bowl of individually wrapped candies was passed around, and each girl took one. The bowl came last to Carissa, who was left with a blue one. It was a hard candy, very sweet, and tasted somewhat like blueberry.

The inductees each suckled on one of the candies while the headmistress and the other woman behind her all watched attentively. Finally, when the girls all appeared to be finished, the headmistress spoke again.

“Did you all enjoy those candies little girls?” the ‘little girls’ nodded happily, though some blushed at continuously being referred to as such. “Every week you will each be given the same thing, though the different candies will be distributed randomly. This is not just for the taste. Three of those candies are special candies, and will play an important role in your training. Don’t worry too much about what it is that makes them special, it will become clear soon.” The inductees murmured and glanced nervously at one another.

A gasp was heard coming from the center of the group, followed by a panicked squeal. Several of the inductees shouted and began moving away from one of the girls. “Well, it looks like we have our first winner!” the headmistress said.

Carissa pushed her way into the group to see what had caused the commotion. All the inductees stood gaping in a circle around a tall, blond haired girl. Her hair was tied in pigtails similar to Carissa’s, and she wore a school girl style dress. Her face conveyed a mix of shock and struggle, and she stared down toward her waist where her hands were placed tightly against herself and her knees were buckled. It took Carissa a second to realize what was going on. The girl was wetting herself! He was trying to stop it, but seemed powerless to do so.

The headmistress approached her. “What’s your name little girl?”

The girl chocked back a sob. “Sarah,” she said.

“Well, little Sarah, how does it feel to be the first winner?”

“Not good! Please! What happened to me!?”

“Aww, that’s too bad. All it did was make you incontinent for a little while. Don’t worry though, the other candies are worse, and you will each have your chance to try them all.” A few of the girls paled at that statement.

“Now, let’s inspect the damage, shall we?” Sarah cringed and looked away as Miss Victoria lifted her skirt with the riding crop, revealing wet Hello Kitty pull ups. “Tsk tsk tsk. Soaked right through! And look at the mess you made!” She indicated the wet spots on Sarah’s skirt and the puddle underneath her with the crop. “And to think, someone thought it was a good idea to let you walk around in pull ups. I guess they are better than briefs, but clearly they weren’t enough! Well, we won’t make that mistake again, will we?”

Carissa stared despairingly at her, then, seeing she was expected to answer, whispered a nervous “no.”

“Good, I thought not.” She looked at one of the nurses. “Nurse Vicky? Would you go get little Sarah some more appropriate underwear? Oh, and perhaps some new clothes while you are at it, these ones are soaked. We will also need someone to clean up little Sarah’s mess.”

One of the nurses walked toward the bathroom as the headmistress waited. Sarah held her face in her hands and stared downward, as if trying not to be seen by anyone. The headmistress put an arm around her and cooed. “There there, it’s not your fault little one,” she said in a sweet voice.
The nurse returned pushing a bucket and a mop and holding a bundle of clothes. She began to mop up the wet spot as Miss Victoria removed Sarah’s clothes and lead her away and sat her on one of the couches.

“Now, why don’t you settle down and get dressed little one? Nurse Vicky was very kind to bring you some nice, cosy new underwear that will help you with your little problem. I’m sure you can’t wait to try them on!”

“Wha… What do you mean?” Sarah asked between sobs.

“Well what do you think I mean silly Sarah? What would you do with a little girl who forgot how to use the potty?” To Sarah’s dismay, and the shock of the other girls, the headmistress held up a thick, white diaper.

“NO! No, you can’t do that! It’s just because of a stupid candy! I’m not wearing that! It’s your fault anyway!”

“Hush, hush little girl. Trying to blame others for your mistakes is exactly the kind of immature behaviour that got you into this. Any mature adult would see that this is the only solution and do what needed to be done. So, we are going to let you have the choice of putting this on yourself. If you decide to act like a baby and refuse, then we can have the nurses hold you down and diaper you like a baby.”

Sarah stared glumly at the headmistress for a moment, then looked down at the diaper. With a shudder, she held out her hand and was handed the garment, along with baby powder. She looked at the headmistress and whispered “here?” The headmistress nodded.

Sarah gingerly took the infantile garment and lay it on the couch. She sat on it, then spread baby powder over her private area. She lifted it against herself and struggled for a moment with the tapes, prompting the headmistress to reach over and tape it on snugly as Sarah blushed and looked away. When she was done, Sarah reached down to feel the plastic padding around her, and stared at it as if in shock.

The headmistress kissed Sarah on the forehead and spoke comfortingly to her. “There there, that isn’t so bad, is it? How does it feel? Be honest.”

“Its… warm. And soft. Kind of cozy.”

“Ahh, so not too bad? You like it a bit?”

Sarah blushed and murmured “yes.”

“Well then, why don’t you put on the rest of your clothes?” she indicated toward the pile on the couch, which resembled the nurse’s outfits but was much shorter. Sarah pulled it over her head and tried to pull it down to cover her diaper, but the material wasn’t long enough, and she gave up in despair.

Carissa watched the scene with a mix of confusion and curiosity. She supposed this explained the changing table in the bathroom. She wondered what the other two candies would do. Would they be related to this? Miss Victoria said they would be worse…

Suddenly she noticed a strange feeling in her mouth. It had started earlier, but she was too distracted by the scene to pay it any mind. However, it had gotten worse and worse until she could no longer ignore it. It felt like her entire throat and mouth had gone numb. She fingered her lips curiously.

Suddenly, just as strangely as it started, the feeling was gone. It surprised her so much that she said “that was weird” out loud. Or, at least, she tried to say it. What came out was a slurred “Da was weiwd”, spoken in a much higher voice then she was used to.

She let out a high pitched “eeeeep!” and covered her mouth. “Whas wong wit my voice?” She asked the air. A few of the girls around her giggled.

“Well it looks like someone found the second candy!” the headmistress said. “And what’s your name little one?”

“Me? I Cawissa!” she blushed at the sound of her own name spoken in an infantile voice. “Wha happen!? Wha oo do!?”

“Well little Carissa, you’re our second winner. Don’t you just sound adorable?” the headmistress asked patronisingly, prompting the other girls to laugh.

Carissa blushed at the laughter, then became angry. “Wha oo doo, Mistwess Vicotwia? ! I no wan dis! Oo a big meanie!” She had tried to sound as tough as possible, but it seemed even the words she spoke were becoming more childish. All that came from her efforts were more awws and giggles from the audience, causing Carissa to blush and get even angrier.

The headmistress grabbed Carissa by the collar and lifted her up with surprising ease. Carissa struggled and cried out “puh me down! I wan down!”, but was ignored.

“What you see here,” said the headmistress " is the effect of the second pill. Adorable, isn’t it?" A few of the girls smiled and nodded, and Carissa blushed, pouted, and folded her arms in protest. “The effects are twofold. The first, and most obvious, is the change in the voice. Our little Carissa will spend the next week or so talking like a child. Really makes her protests seem silly, doesn’t it? The second is emotional. Her emotions will change more easily, and she will get strong feelings of pride. As you just witnessed, this will often lead to childish tantrums and other naughty behaviour when she feels embarrassed. Her voice will make this more frequent. At the same time, it will make certain types of punishment more effective, as she will be embarrassed easily. As part of her training, she will need to be constantly punished if she acts up. Sarah, as the first winner, that will be your job, though any of you little girls can help out. Now, as a demonstration of what I mean…”

Carissa suddenly found herself upside down over the woman’s lap. Before she knew what was happening, the headmistress had lifted her skirt, pulled down her underwear, and began to spank her bare bottom in front of the laughing audience. The indignity! Carissa squirmed and shouted childish protests as her bum became redder and redder. The pain was bad enough, but what was worse was the humiliation of being punished like a child in front of the others.

Finally the headmistress set Carissa down on the ground. She pulled up her underwear and rubbed her sore bum, glaring at the snickering faces around her. “Yous all meanies” she said.

“Now, that was just a light punishment for her earlier tantrum. She will need a spanking every morning upon waking up, every night before bed, and of course every time she is naughty. Further punishments will become clear in a moment. But first, it seems that we have a third winner.”

The girls followed the headmistress’ gaze toward one of the group, who had fallen to her knees. She was one of the shortest of the girls, with a round face and short brown hair. She stared around the room with her brown eyes wide open, looking at all the girls. “Momma?” she asked in a soft voice, followed by a series of “goos”. Two of the nurses walked away quickly.

“Awww! And aren’t you just perfect for this prize! Such an adorable little girl for such an adorable little predicament.” The headmistress walked over to the girl, picked her up and cuddled her to her chest. She rocked the girl back and forth, and the girl responded by cooing and sucking her thumb. The other women stared at her in shock, wondering what had happened to her. Even Carissa forgot about her earlier humiliation and watched with an open mouth.

“Hey there sweetie. Do you know your name?”

The girl stared at her. “uhhhh… uh uh.” The headmistress tickled her, and she giggled.

One of the nurses spoke. “That is Mary.”

“Well little Mary, you’re going to be our baby for the next week. What do you say about that? Huh? Are you going to be a good little baby?” The headmistress tickled her again, causing more giggles.
The two nurses who left returned with a bundle of clothing. The headmistress set Mary down, and picked up one of the articles. Like what was given to Sarah, it was a thick diaper. However, unlike Sarah, this one was decorated with pacifiers and wavy purple patterns along the sides. The word “Pampers” was written in childish block letters along the top. Though it was clearly too big to be a real Pamper, it matched the shape and design of a regular baby diaper perfectly.

The headmistress held it up. “Let me get your diaper on, baby girl,” she said.

Mary smiled mischievously, shook her head, said “uh uh!” and began to crawl away.

“Hahah oh really? Well do you want this?” the headmistress held up a doll.

“Uh huh! Uh huh! Uh! Uh!” Sarah reached toward the doll and made grabby hands. The headmistress handed it to her, and Sarah instantly became engrossed with the doll, goo-ing and giggling as she played with it.

While she was distracted, the headmistress took off Sarah’s dress, powdered her, and began to diaper her. The other girls watched the scene with adoration, but at the same time a growing nervousness. Each knew that they would, at some point, take the candy and be reduced to the same state.

As the scene unfolded, Carissa felt a hand on her shoulder. “Wha oo wan!?” she demanded to the face of a nurse standing behind her.

“Wow, feisty! Aren’t you a naughty girl? No matter, I’m sure this will be punishment enough. You see, it occurred to us that one of our three winners is missing something the other two have, and we wouldn’t want you to feel left out.”

“Wha oo takin bout? I no need punishmen! I…” Carissa noticed the diaper in the nursed hand. “NO! No fair! I no baby! I… Hey!” She was ignored by the nurses, who picked her up and carried her to where Mary lay. No! She would not be put next to that… that infant! She was not the same! She could still think, even if her voice was funny! She struggled to get away, but was carried then held down by several nurses.

“Now now you better stop struggling unless you want more punishment! And remember, we have the cure to the candies, so you’d better behave.”

Carissa gave up struggling and stared sadly at the diaper that was placed underneath her. She had been hoping at least for a white one like Sarah’s, but saw that it was nearly identical to the one currently being taped onto Mary. Carissa glanced over at Mary, who was still giggling, oblivious to the strangeness of the situation. Carissa envied her, unaware of how humiliating being diapered was. For Carissa, it was made all the worse that it was happening beside Mary, and that she was receiving the same treatment as a girl who may as well have been a baby. If anyone came in now, they would appear to be the same. Carissa, a thinking adult, and Mary, a baby, were being put into the same diapers. She blushed and stared straight up at the ceiling, trying to ignore what was happening and the giggles around her. However, the knowledge she was being diapered was unavoidable, and she felt the thick padding get pulled snugly between her legs and secured around her waist.

The headmistress finished padding Mary before the nurses finished with Carissa. When she was done with the diaper, the headmistresses said “arms up!” and pulled a bright red onesie over the girl’s head, then buckled a flap underneath her diaper. The onesie had “Baby Girl” written on the chest and was decorated with pictures of rabbits, which Sarah fingered and smiled at. Finally the nurse placed a pacifier in her mouth, which she suckled gleefully. The headmistress carried her to the play pen and set her inside. Mary instantly began crawling around and playing with the various infantile toys.

Carissa wasn’t quite as lucky. After being diapered, she was put into a pink t-shirt hearts across its chest, then let go. Though she knew she would likely regret it, as soon as the nurse’s let go of her she reached down and tried to un-tape her diaper. She quickly found herself over one of the nurses’ laps and getting her bottom spanked for the second time that day, this time over her diaper. She reached back and tried to cover her newly padded rear, but found her hands quickly secured behind her back with a rope.

“Wet me go! I not a baby!” She shrieked. “No pankins! No diapies! I no wan… No no dat! No mhmmmpph.” Carissa found her mouth plugged with an oversized pacifier, which the nurses secured with straps behind her head. She continued to struggled, but this only made the spanking harder, and she soon gave up. Finally the nurse finished and sat her down in her lap. Carissa squirmed on her sore bottom and glared.

The nurse bounced her up and down slightly as the headmistress walked away. Carissa watched her, knowing full well that whatever she got would be intended for her. After a moment, the headmistress returned with a rope. Carissa’s eyes went wide. It wasn’t a rope, it was a leash!
She shook her head vigorously and tried to move away, but the nurse held on tight. The headmistress attached a collar to her neck, then pulled on the leash. Carissa let out a squeak and was forced to stand and follow her. She tried to resist, but the headmistress pulled harder, and lifted her crop threateningly. She waddled as quickly as she could in her thick diapers as she was dragged toward the play pen. Once there, the headmistress pulled her inside and attached the leash to the post in the center. It was a short leash and attached low to the ground, forcing Carissa to bend over at the waist. She pulled at it several times, but the clip remained firm and without the use of her hands she couldn’t undo it. After a moment she gave up and kneeled down, glaring at the headmistress.

The headmistress smiled at her. “There, now I hope you will finally learn your lesson. Don’t you see that every time you act up, you will be punished?” The headmistress turned toward Sarah. “Now, little Sarah, you are this week’s Diaper Girl. Little Carissa is our Naughty Girl, and the adorable little Mary is our Baby Girl.” She kneeled down and sat Mary in her lap, smiling at her.

“Every week the roles will change, and you will all play each role. As the Diaper Girl is still able to function normally aside from being diapered, she is to take care of these two. The Baby Girl will think like an infant, though she will remember everything afterwards. She will need to be feed, changed, and cared for like any baby.”

“What!? You want me to change her diapers!? I can’t do that, that is disgusting!!!” Sarah shouted.

“Oh no? Well remember that you will soon be in her place. Furthermore, how well you take care of these two will determine how well you yourself are treated.” Sarah cringed and looked at Mary, who was playing with a rattle and giggling. Once again Carissa felt both humiliated to be treated the same as the baby, and jealous of the fact Mary couldn’t comprehend what was going on while she had to endure it as an adult. “I’m sorry to say that in the past the first few Diaper Girls tended to make a lot of mistakes, and ended up with some pretty severe punishments. This is especially true with how you treat her.” She indicated Carissa.

“This little one is our Naughty little Girl. She will need constant punishments to stay in line, as you have seen.” Carissa glared at the headmistress. “She isn’t entirely incontinent, so she is allowed to use the training potty near the changing table. However, she has reduced control, so you will need to be quick. Just bring it out here to her, remove her diaper, and set her down. When she is finished, make sure she is clean and re-diaper her. If she warns you that she needs to go but you do not respond, you will be held accountable for anything that happens.” Both Carissa and Sarah stared at her with wide eyes.

“What!? Tha… I can’t do that! She should do it herself! She’s not a baby like Mary!” Sarah said.

“Would you prefer to have another set of diapers to change? That is the alternative.” Carissa blushed at the headmistress’ words, then stared angrily at Sarah, hoping to warn her. The headmistress continued. “She will be tied up most of the time anyway. Should she fail to warn you and have an accident, she will be confined to diapers and banned from the potty. Unlike little Mary, who must be changed instantly, how regularly little Carissa gets changed will depend on how well she behaves. All her mature privileges are dependent on her behaviour. She will eat baby food and drink bottles, but whether she is allowed to feed herself can change, as is her ability to walk or crawl. She will sleep in a crib beside Mary, but how early she is put down in her crib and whether she is tied when she sleeps is based on her behaviour. You must punish her strictly, but fairly. Thanks to the pill she will give you plenty of reason for punishment. If you are weak and do not discipline her, or are too cruel and unfair, you will be punished. This is a line that a lot of previous Diaper Girls have failed to walk properly. Now as for you, Sarah, you must take care of them, and the others can help. The only restriction for you is that you cannot change your own diapers and must rely on the others. They are under no obligation to help you, but will end up in the same position soon, so it would be wise to be kind.” Carissa glanced at the other girls, who avoided her eye contact.

“The idea is at some point you will each have to rely on someone, and have someone rely on you. You will be taken care of, and have someone take care of you. You will be punished, and have to pick appropriate punishments for another. Finally, you will each experience everything from both sides, so you will learn how your actions can affect others. Hopefully, this will teach you all the responsibility and maturity needed to be considered an adult. And if any of you misbehave due to pride… well, those special candies will take care of that quickly. It is hard to be arrogant while waddling around in a messy diaper, isn’t it?”

All of the girls save Mary, diapered or not, turned pale and reached behind to cover their bottoms, thinking of the implications. A grumbling in Carissa’s stomach told her that warning may soon become true if she didn’t get the potty quickly enough. Judging from the smell coming from Mary, it may already be true for her, though Carissa wasn’t sure.

Carissa sat back on her padded bottom, cringing as her stomach rumbled. She knew she should call for the potty, but couldn’t stand the humiliation. She struggled with herself, arguing back and forth between her pride and her body’s needs. She looked around at the other two. Sarah stared blankly off toward a wall. She was pale and seemed to be considering her new responsibilities. Some of the other girls moved away from her, making Carissa wonder if she had filled her diapers or if the other girls simply expected she would. She glanced toward Mary, the only happy girl in the room. She was oblivious to the stares and the state of her diaper as she played with her toys. Carissa was frustrated to have such a smelly little baby as a play mate, and later as a bunk mate. She hoped it wouldn’t be too bad though she figured she’d spend a lot of time gagging as the baby played innocently in messy diapers. Sarah had better do her job well.

The other girls all watched the three. They felt like they should laugh at the scene but knew full well that they would soon be in the same position, even if part of them still felt it was impossible. Some of them wondered if they should have simply gone to jail. Overall, it would be a long trip toward reformation.

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Re: Three Little Diaper Girls

I do like the principle of the girls being required to take care of each other. Definitely an interesting mechanic, though I think you spent too much time explaining it after you’d already laid it out. I don’t care much for the magic candy concept, especially how instantaneously they worked.

Re: Three Little Diaper Girls

Yes I was actually struggling with how long I need to stay on the explanation to make it clear. It seemed a bit long to myself, so I’d have to agree. However this is sort of an introduction to the concept. If I choose to write the next part hopefully it won’t seem that way.
As for the candy why didn’t you like it? As a pacing thing, or just because it seemed to convenient?
Technically it may be medicinal btw. Muscle relaxants and mood enhancement. But yeah they are probably magic.

thanks for critiquing

Re: Three Little Diaper Girls

Well, from a realism perspective, I might have bought one being a diuretic - except diuretics take hours to work, and I might have bought one being a strong sedative, which might have incapacitated the “baby”, and I might have bought one being some sort of numbing agent, to get the one girl talking baby talk, perhaps even mixed with some sort of stimulant to put her on edge and make her combative. But one just magically turning a teenager into a perfectly happy little infant, not the least bit afraid or confused by her sudden change of mental status, that was just too far over the edge for me, and it’s a trope I’ve seen used too much in just this sort of way.

I really do like the angle you took, though - it’s definitely a different twist on the baby reform school concept. Keep exploring it, by all means. :slight_smile:

Re: Three Little Diaper Girls

I’ve been blown away by a lot of your short stories. Your stories are brilliantly descriptive and impart a deep sense of realism. You capture the vibe of what it means to be an AB in the equivalent of a single chapter. I have, as of yet, failed at short stories. I’ve tried, and it comes off, at least to me, as fap fiction or pointless. I need time to develop characters because I’m not good at pulling and developing that single scene.

It feels like you’ve stepped out of your comfort zone here. I was disappointed because I like reading, from you, the type of stuff you’ve written before because I think that’s what you write best. However, as a writer, I can appreciate your desire to try branching out and applaud you for the attempt. I agree with WB Daddy’s assessment about the realism, it doesn’t comport with modern science and, because your writing is of higher quality, some of the persons who enjoy reading it will complain about that (myself included).

It’s also up WBDaddy’s alley more than mine because your other stories, at least the ones I off-handedly recall, were consensual or situational rather than forced.

That being said, totally go with this is you’re enjoying doing something new. It’s certainly a lot better than similar-type stories I’ve perused before. Just write a short story of your more traditional type once and awhile too… please! :slight_smile:

Re: Three Little Diaper Girls

Well thank you very much for the critique. I’m glad you enjoyed my past work :slight_smile:
Which of my past stories have you read, and what differs this from them that you didn’t like as much? (I have written a few forced ones before :p)
Yes the pills thing was kind of silly. I wanted a way to show the different types of characters, and couldn’t come up with something more realistic. I could have had Carissa be essentially unchanged, but Sarah needed to be changed and Mary needed to be regressed, which is essentially magic.
As for scene and character development, if you want a tip…:
What I do is try to picture everything in my mind before it happens. Imagine the characters as if they are someone you know, and the rooms as if it is somewhere you have been, then imagine everything like it is a memory of something you did. After that writing the story is just like recounting a memory, and the descriptions are much easier to come up with.

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Re: Three Little Diaper Girls


I talk about this all the time - you’ve got to “see the movie in your head” - then you can just describe what you see to the reader…

that choice to go to jail is gone now that you all have chosen the school . so deal with it together like a team or suffer the punishment’s that follow.

LOL thats about right. I suppose they could opt to switch over… but would that really be much better?

Also happy first post in a year

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I am betting somewhere in the papers they signed there is a no changes after this is signed, basically you sign it and you are stuck.