Thorkant's vengeance

Part 1

It was a hot late afternoon in August 1875 when a small group of girls was sitting in the patio of the Vennesvik inn. However, a random observer would notice that their arms were tied behind their backs. The group was no exception. All women around had their arms tied up as well.

According to the Restriction Law in the Estreamund Kingdom, all females over 16 had to have their arms tied except for at home. Their husbands, fathers or brothers had to take care of their needs but they also had the authority to keep their wives, daughters or sisters tied up even more than necessary by the Law. In case of missing a family-related male caretaker, a public male caretaker was assigned.

Almost all females were plagued by incontinence and they had to wear diapers. Of course, there were no disposables diapers available at those times, and dozens of washed diapers were hanging behind every house. The women and girls had to wash their diapers two or three times in a week.

Surprisingly, there was no sign of rebellion from either side. The males accepted their role even if it was quite uncomfortable, and the females didn’t try to protest or try to escape. There was something like a dark mystery and curse hanging over the country as if the mind of every human was affected by a magic power.

“How are you doing today, Anette?” a blonde girl turned to her neighbor, “It’s fine I’ve finished my chores and my father allowed me go here and drink a beer.”

“You’re lucky, Sigrid; you have your father. My father passed away long ago and Olaf has been taking care of me since then.”

“I know, Anette; Olaf is a good caretaker; I haven’t heard any complaints.”

“Of course, he is but he has to take care of five girls including me and I have to stay tied up whenever he isn’t around. That’s quite frustrating. I can’t do anything on my own and I have to wear a thick diaper package. Today he stopped at my house at lunch and I could eat and change my diapers. Since then, I’ve been browsing the village and trying to waste time. He will come in the evening to do his round, and he will tie me to the bed then.”

Sigrid nodded only. She knew about Anette and several more girls and women that were assigned a public caretaker. Olaf was really a good man, but he was a bit overloaded. Each of his clients had one morning and one afternoon reserved during workdays and about two days of weekend every month. Most of the reserved time they washed their diapers and tidied up. Nevertheless, Olaf’s life was even harder; he had only two days off in a month.

James walked over to the girls and he held the glassof beer at their lips so they could drink. James was a nice young boy; he was the innkeeper’s son and he often helped his father.

“Thank you, James,” Sigrid smiled at him.

“You’re welcome, Sigrid,” he replied and moved to Anette. Anette drank up her cup and almost asked James for another one when she felt a stream of pee soaking her diaper package. The package was quite heavy and uncomfortable, and she couldn’t dare to pee once more until the next change.

“Good afternoon, ladies; hopefully I don’t disturb” Olaf’s voice sounded cheerful and the middle aged man sat down next to the group.

“Not at least, Olaf. Is your shift over already?” Anette turned to him.

“Yeah, Anette, it is getting late. Maybe I should start my evening round soon. Would you like to be the first one?”

“Why not, Olaf?” Anette’s heart jumped; she would get rid of the damn wet diaper.

“Well, I’ll drink a beer and we can go then,” Olaf nodded, “James, bring me a glass of beer and the dinners for my girls.” The women cared for by public caretakers couldn’t work and the municipality took care of all their needs. The innkeeper prepared food and his expenses were refunded. Unfortunately, that was a reason for bad relationships. The poor women were considered parasites despite the fact they couldn’t work.

Five minutes later James appeared with the beer and a big bag, Olaf paid for the beer and lifted the glass to his lips. He really was thirsty. Anette watched him only.

“Let’s go, Anette,” Olaf stood up and stepped forward. Anette also stood up and waddled behind him. The wet package between her legs was heavy and Anette was worried about a leakage.

“Hurry up? Anette,” Olaf closed the door and Anette hurried up to the small bathroom to remove the diaper package, wash herself and put on a new diaper and change into her nightshirt. She ate her dinner quickly and washed dishes.

“Up to the bed,” Olaf took several pieces of rope and followed Anette. She lay down obediently and stretched her arms behind her head. Olaf tied her wrists to the upper bedposts.

“Spread your legs,” Olaf took another piece of rope and tied it around her left ankle, “Sorry but I have to be sure you won’t try to get free, Anette.”

“Don’t worry, Olaf. Why should I try to do it?” Anette smiled at Olaf. He was a handsome man, and he sometimes couldn’t resist the temptation when he took care of women. He was single; no woman wanted to marry a public caretaker for a good reason. Anette liked him and they had an intimate relationship.

“Okay then,” Olaf tied her ankle to the lower bedpost and moved to her right side to repeat the procedure with her right ankle. Anette moaned quietly when she felt his hands on her bare legs. “Good night and think of me.” He covered her, leaned down, kissed her lips, put out the light and left.

Anette couldn’t fall asleep; it was too early. She was thinking of Olaf, and she felt a slight arousal. Her life was almost miserable, and the time spent with Olaf was a pleasant one. Of course, she had several friends in the village, but they met rarely. Sigrid and Kristi were quite busy with helping their families. Mona and Hannah were two widows, and they were also cared for by Olaf; nevertheless they were quite boring and Anette wouldn’t like to meet them because of the urine smell. The old women liked beer and their diapers leaked almost every day.

The thoughts of Olaf caused an itching feeling down between her legs, and she started pulling on the ropes in a vain effort to scratch that itch. Unfortunately, the inability to scratch the itch made it even more intense. She started moaning and pulling on the ropes but the response was unexpected; a stream of pee soaked her diaper. She sighed only, and the arousal disappeared.

Suddenly the door opened, and a small figure sneaked in.

“Hello, Anette,” James’s vice sounded cheerful.
“Hi, James, nice to see you. Have you finished today?”
“Not exactly but I wanted to see you. You are that lonely and you might need a friend.”
“Oh, it is really nice from you, James. Right, I am quite lonely, and Olaf had to leave to take care of other his clients.”
“Would you like to have one more beer to sleep better?”

“Oh no,” Anette realized the wet package between her legs and blushed a little, “I would leak until morning.”
“Unless,” James grinned mischievously, “unless somebody changed your diaper.”
“Hey, what would you like to say?”
“Don’t worry. I think Olaf has changed your diaper already. I know how to do it; I’ve changed my mother and sister already.”
“Okay then. I might use it,” she smiled at the small boy. Was he really that nice?
“Wait a little,” James set off and he returned fifteen minutes later with a glass of beer.
“Drink,” he held the glass at Anette’s lips and let her drink. Anette was quite thirsty and drank it up quickly. The reaction was almost immediate, and another stream of pee escaped her bladder.

“James …”, she grinned, and James nodded. He brought two cleans diapers and lifted Anette’s nightshirt, unbuttoned the rubber pants and removed the wet diapers.

“You are all wet indeed,” he pulled the wet diapers form beneath Anette and put on two clean ones.
“Well, it will hold until morning,” he covered her, took the wet diapers, put them into the pail and left, “good night.”

Anette closed her eyes and fell asleep quickly. She was glad to have a new friend even if it was a small boy.

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Part 2

Anette opened her eyes when the sun was peeking in her room. Olaf hadn’t arrived yet and she had to wait. Her diaper was soaked, and her stomach was empty. However, her mood improved when she imagined the upcoming day; it was her reserved morning, and she was the last one in Olaf’s round. Olaf would stay with her until lunch.

“Morning, Anette. How did you sleep? We have the entire morning ahead,” Olaf’s voice sounded cheerful just like every day. He put the bag with food onto the table and walked over to her bed.

“How do we start this nice morning?” his hand moved to her right leg and stroked it gently from her ankle up to the rubber pants, “Do we remove this wet garment?”

Anette nodded and moaned as he lifted her nightshirt, unbuttoned the rubber pants, pulled the wet diapers from beneath her and wiped her crotch. She couldn’t wait his next step when he undressed quickly and knelt above her. He was nice and gentle, and Anette somehow liked that treatment. She kept pulling on the ropes while his penis entered her body.

“Hey, love, we have a lot of work ahead,” he grinned after they had climaxed and caught their breath. He untied Anette and she hurried up to the bathroom to clean herself and put on a clean diaper.

As she dressed herself and ate her breakfast, she started washing her dirty diapers. She took the big and heavy pail and carried it to the creek behind the house. Olaf stayed with her, and he even helped her carry the pail.

About an hour after the breakfast Anette felt the pressure in her bowels while she was washing her diapers. She instinctively pushed and the back of her diaper was filled with her poop. She basically could control the pushing, but she never thought of it. She also didn’t think of an immediate change and continued washing. Olaf noticed what had happened, but he didn’t react; it happened to all his clients.

“Anette, should I change your diaper? It will be simpler for you,” Olaf asked Anette when she finished washing and the diapers were hanging on the clothesline.

“Okay, Olaf,” Anette nodded and headed towards the house. She was able to change the messy diaper on her own, but Olaf could do it quicker and Anette was looking forward to his touches during the change.

Anette lay down on the bed, Olaf lifted her skirt, unbuttoned the rubber pants and removed the dirty diaper. He used a wet rag to clean her crotch thoroughly and Anette closed her eyes and moaned quietly.

When Olaf finished the change, he helped Anette stand up and tied her wrists behind her back.

“Let’s go to the inn to fetch your lunch,” he stepped forward and headed towards the inn; Anette followed him.

“Should I feed you?” he smiled at Anette and Anette nodded; she liked his care and didn’t mind to be fed in public. They sat down in the patio and Olaf fed her gently.

“Do you need another diaper change?” he asked Anette and she shook her head. The thick diaper package was still dry.

“Thanks, Olaf,” she smiled at him, stood up and left. Now she had the entire afternoon ahead and her friends were busy. She was all alone and had to decide where to go.

Anette liked to roam through the forests around Vennesvik; she liked the leaves rustle, and birds’ singing and she was never afraid of wild animals. When she left the inn, she headed towards the Waderior Woods.

She was wandering aimlessly through the forest when she spotted a small wooden booth; she had never seen it before. Her curiosity drove her to the booth.

The door was open, and Anette stepped inside the single room. It was apparently abandoned, and everything was covered by dust. There was a table, two chairs and a cabinet there. Several books were sitting on the table but Anette couldn’t open and read them with her tied up hands.

All of sudden, a small vial between two books caught her eyes; Anette turned her back to the table and grabbed the vial and wiped away the dust; she wanted to read the label. However, there was dark inside the booth. She walked out of the booth and carried the vial in her tied hands.

Back in the patio, Anette put the vial onto the table, turned back and read the label.

“Crustalix canto revoxo.”

“What did you find, Anette?” James’s voice sounded behind her back. He stared at the vial and shook his head.
“I’ve found this vial in the old abandoned wooden booth in Waderior Woods,” Anette explained to James what had happened.
“Which booth? I’ve never seen any booth. Anyway, you should ask Mona or Hannah.”
“Oh no!” Anette was disgusted by the image of talking with the old yentas and smelling their peed in dresses. However, they knew about all local rumors. However, she didn’t want to show the vial to them.

“James, I’ll carry this vial home first.”
“Anette, I’ll do it for you,” James offered her the favor, grabbed the vial and headed towards Anette’s home.

Anette sighed and walked over to the old women; they were sitting at the table and the innkeeper was holding two glasses at their lips.

“Miss Mona, could you tell me about an old wooden booth in the Waderior Woods?” Anette turned to Mona.
“Yeah, child. It is the abode of the old Brother Hallvard.”
“Who is it? What happened to him?”
“Brother Hallvard was an old monk. He disappeared about three years ago.”
“Disappeared? How can a man disappear?”
“No idea, child. He plainly disappeared without track. According to the rumors, he was a bit unwelcome for our ruler.”
“Is it possible that he knew about some mystery?” Anette remembered the books.
“I’d guess that he knew, and the knowledge cost him life.”

“Thank you, Mona,” Anette turned back and hurried up to escape the urine smell. Mona’s skirt was wet again. How many beers had she drunk already? Anette need time to settle her thoughts and she headed home slowly.

“What has Mona said?” James was waiting for her.
“An old monk lived in the booth, and he probably knew some kind of mystery.”
“Wow, that’s great. What will we do with the vial?”
“Do you have the courage to drink it?”
“If you drink it as well.”
“Okay, open it and hold it at my lips,” Anette asked James.

James opened the vial, drank about a half of the contents and held the vial to Anette’s lips. She drank up the rest.

“Do you feel anything, James?”
“Nope, Anette. What about you?”
“Nothing, James.”
“Well, let’s go back to the inn. I could have a beer before dinner,” Anette grinned. Her diaper was slightly wet, and she could drink a glass of beer.

“Well, Anette,” he walked out of the house and Anette followed him. He brought her a glass of beer and she drank it slowly. James left; he had to help his father. Anette was sitting and waiting for Olaf. She was thinking of the vial and if she should tell Olaf about it.

‘I will wait if something happens and I’ll tell Olaf then,’ she told to herself.

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Part 3

“Hello, Anette, how are you?” Olaf smiled when he arrived at the inn and sat down and ordered his beer.
“I’m that excited, Olaf,” Anette wasn’t able to hide her excitement; she had to tell Olaf, “I’ve found some mysterious vial and drank it.”
“What? Aren’t you afraid of a poison? Are you crazy” Olaf shook his head.
“No, Olaf. I’m still here and don’t feel anything,” Anette smiled, “except my wet diaper. James brought me a beer and I peed myself shortly ago,” she didn’t mind to talk about her diapers. After all, they was an inseparable part of her life.
“Okay. Do you need a change soon or can I start my round elsewhere?” Olaf looked at her.

Anette hesitated but she didn’t need an urgent change. If Olaf finished his round with her, they could have some more pleasure. However, they had their pleasure earlier that day and Anette didn’t want to abuse his good will.

“Olaf, do your round as planned; you don’t need to change it,” Anette shook her head and Olaf nodded, finished his beer and left.

“Hey, Anette, what is this? Is it the vial you have found,” Olaf asked Anette when he arrived at her house and untied her.
“Yeah, Olaf, it is the vial,” Anette replied from the bathroom while cleaning herself and changing her diaper.

“Crustalix canto revoxo. This is a foreign language,” Olaf read the label and shook his head, “however, it doesn’t sound as a poison. Where did you find it?”
“In an old wooden cabin in the forest,” Anette emerged from the bathroom and sat down to eat her dinner.
“To be honest, I am really curious about it. It does sound like a fairy tale – a mysterious vial in an old, abandoned cabin in the forest,” Olaf grinned.

“Okay, time to go to bed, Anette,” he asked her when she finished her dinner, “I have to take care of the two old hags before I go to my bed.”
“Okay, Olaf,” Anette took off her dress and put on her nightshirt. Olaf tied her to the bed in the spread-eagled position like usual.

“Good night,” he greeted her and left. Anette tried to relax and fall asleep, but she was too excited. However, she dozed off about half an hour later; there was silence and darkness all around.

In the middle of the night Anette opened her eyes. Suddenly, she realized that something serious happened. She was awakened by the strong pressure in her bladder. Her diaper was still dry, but she felt a strong urge to pee. To her utter surprise, the bladder muscles didn’t relax, and she was able to clench them. However, that was not the last surprise. She felt like a door in her mind opened and she could remember the past.

An image of Vennesvik in the past appeared deep in her mind. The life was quite different. Her father was alive and she could walk around without the ropes on her wrists. She also didn’t need diapers and went to the latrine whenever she needed to.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to recall any events that would link the past to the present time. Something happened but she wasn’t able to remember it. A connecting link of the chain of events was missing as if it had been removed from her memories.

Despite the missing information Anette suddenly knew that something was terribly wrong. Why the hell she had to be tied up? She imagined all women in Vennesvik and realized that no one had protested. What happened to them? Were they cursed or enchanted? Probably yes; Anette also hadn’t protested at all until this moment. Until …

The vial! It changed her attitude and revealed her old memories; whatever caused her former condition, it was over now. She drank only half of the vial and James drank up the second half; she had to ask him as soon as possible.

She also needed to decipher the label. “Crustalix canto revoxo .“ What did the words mean? Maybe the priest could help her, but she wasn’t sure if she should show the vial to him.

The full bladder reminded her of the ropes again. She desperately wanted to stand up and go to the latrine behind the house, but her limbs were fixed to the bed. Pulling on the ropes was useless and she felt the ropes tightening. Her legs were kept wide apart, and she couldn’t press them together.

As the pressure grew, her muscles failed, and a spurt of pee escaped her bladder. Anette desperately tried to clench the muscles, but they refused to obey her commands and a long stream of pee soaked the diaper. Anette sighed only. She was helpless and couldn’t do anything but wait.

She realized that the wet diaper was the smallest issue. She was afraid about the Vennesvik people. How would they react if she told them about her memories? What about James? Would he change his memories? Anette was afraid of it; he was too small and hardly could remember the past. In either case, she was curious. Nevertheless, she was still tired, and her eyes closed again.

“Morning, Anette,” James’s voice awakened her. She opened her eyes and smiled at the boy.
“Morning James, what are you doing here that early in the morning?” she didn’t want to reveal anything and waited for his reaction.
“Anette, I’m confused. Why are you tied up? It is a nonsense though. Why are all other women tied up. I can’t understand it.”
“James, why are you asking me?” Anette wanted to know more. What happened to James?
“I don’t know, Anette, but I know it is wrong. Why don’t they protest?”
“James, we have drunk the elixir in the vial and something serious happened. Unfortunately, I don’t know exactly what happened. In either case, I think that we are the only ones that know it. Let’s keep it a secret for now and we will look for answers.”
“Where? Do we go to the abandoned booth in the Waderior Woods?”
“Exactly, James. However, can I ask you for a favor?”
“Of course, Anette.”
“Can you untie me from the bed? I have to pee.”
“W … what? Do you feel the urge?”
“Yeah, James. I can control my bladder even if I don’t know why. Maybe the elixir did the change.”
“Wait, Anette,” James walked over to the upper bedposts and tried to untie the ropes. However, the knots were quite tight; Anette had tightened them earlier, “sorry, Anette, my fingers are too weak.”

“Okay then; I’ll pee in the diaper then,” Anette sighed and relaxed her muscles. The diaper got heavy, wet, and warm.
“Anette, you should be careful. If you have less dirty diapers, people can be suspicious,” James realized an issue.
“Right, James, you are a clever boy. Anyway, I can’t be untied inside the village. Maybe you will help me sometimes.”
“You can count on me, Anette,” James smiled and patted her head, “wait for Olaf now, and I have to return home and help my father,” he left.

Anette was alone and thinking of Olaf. What could she reveal to him? He was still enchanted. A careless question wouldn’t help her. The wet diaper kept reminding her of the fact she would wear dirty diapers even if she would control her bladder and bowels; it would be the necessary evil to keep her secret.

Part 4

“Morning, Anette,” Olaf smiled when he opened the door, “how did you sleep? What about the elixir? Are you okay?” he put the bowl with food onto the table.

“Olaf, it definitely isn’t a poison, but I suddenly recalled my old memories. Can you imagine that the women wouldn’t be tied up?”
“No, Anette. This is the rule that’s been existing for ages. Do you remember something else?”
“Olaf, my memories are different indeed.”
“Well, let’s get ready for the day,” Olaf walked over to the bed and started untying the knots. However, he was surprised; the knots got tightened while Anette was pulling on them earlier in the night.

“Hey, what were you doing in the night? Did you try to get free?” his fingers kept working on the knots, “the knots are a real challenge, Anette. I don’t understand you, but I have to be careful with you. You could break the rules and I can’t tolerate it. I’d be responsible if you got free. Consider it a warning.”

Anette realized she had made a big mistake by pulling on the ropes and revealing her memories. “Olaf, I didn’t …”

“Don’t lie, Anette! Why were you pulling on the ropes then?” Olaf sighed, “I have to take additional security measures.” he uncovered her and lifted her nightshirt, “now I’ll change your diaper, help you get dressed and feed you breakfast.”

Without untying her legs, he unbuttoned the rubber pants. Anette tried to lift her behind, but she couldn’t do it. Olaf was strong and he could lift her easily, remove the wet diaper, clean her crotch and put three diapers beneath her. The package was quite thick and Anette almost protested but she was afraid of his reaction.

“Let’s get dressed now,” he brought a dress and pulled the nightshirt from beneath her, “now I’ll untie your wrists and help you change your clothes.”

Angie almost opened her mouth to protest but she kept silent. Olaf untied her wrists from the bedposts, helped her sit up and she could pull the nightshirt over her head and put on the dress.

“Put your arms behind your back!” he took two pieces of rope and tied her arms in a tight boxtie and finally untied her ankles from the lower bedposts.
“Sit up and I’ll put on your shoes,” he helped her sit up; it was difficult for her.
“Sorry, Anette, but I have to be sure you won’t break the rules,” Olaf’s voice sounded apologizing when he finished feeding her and left. Anette sighed; she was alone and tied up tightly. The position of her arms prevented her from doing anything.

She had to think of her next step. The first task was the mysterious label on the vial and some books about history. However, she couldn’t turn the pages and needed help at it. Maybe the priest could help her; he was friendly and willing to help anyone.

The vial was still sitting on the table, but Anette couldn’t grab it; she tried to memorize the strange words. “Crustalix canto revoxo .“ After reading it over and over she walked out of the house and headed towards the church. The thick diaper package made her waddle.

There were few people outside; most of the residents were working in the fields or forests. Anette entered the church, but it was empty, and she walked over to the rectory.

“Good morning, child,” the priest smiled at Anette. He was a bit surprised when she arrived at his office; Anette wasn’t too religious, and she usually attended the worship once a week.
“Father, can you help me?”
“Of course, child. What do you need?”
“I’ve read a strange script. It read “Crustylis canto reduxo .“ Anette didn’t remember the words exactly.
“This is wrong, child. It should be “Crustalix canto revoxo .“”
“Yeah, father. I didn’t remember it correctly. What does it mean?”
“Crystal power revoke. It is an ancient language. But … I don’t understand where you found these words. It sounds like a tag or label.”

“Yeah, father; it is a label on a vial,” Anette didn’t want to reveal that she had drunk the elixir.
“This sounds reasonably. It could be an elixir that revokes a crystal power. However, I don’t know about a magic crystal, child.”
“If you don’t know, we could try to find some books about it.”
“Why not? To be honest, you made me curious, child,” he nodded and stood up, “I’ll show you our library.”

Anette followed him and she stopped in front of a large bookshelf. There were dozens of books there and she realized she would need weeks to read all of them.

“Oh, there are too many of them, father,” she exclaimed, “how do we find something useful?”
“Yeah, there are many books here but most of them are not related to a crystal or an ancient language. Most of them are novels, schoolbooks or religious books. Our library serves to all residents in Vennesvik. We can limit our search to the language and history probably. However, there are still many books about it here. This is really a problem, child. Do you know anything else besides the words?”

“Yeah, I do. Can we look for Brother Hallvard?”
“Brother Hallvard? How do you know about him?”
“Old women were talking about him.”
“Well, and why do you think that there is a connection between him and a crystal and these words?”
“No idea, father, but the women were talking about Brother Hallvard like he was a mysterious person. The crystal power and the ancient language also looks like a mystery. Maybe it is an attempt worth.”
“Okay then; let’s have a look at the history books and the records about our orders; maybe I’ll find something about Brother Hallvard,” he moved to the upper left shelf and took the first book from it.

Anette kept watching him and she got frustrated. She wasn’t able to do anything but wait until the priest found some useful information. Even worse, she suddenly felt an urge to pee. The thick package kept her legs slightly apart and she felt that her bladder muscles were weak. She tried to clench the muscles and suddenly felt embarrassed; it was different than the incontinency. She couldn’t ask the priest for assistance, and she couldn’t use her arms and remove the diaper.

Fortunately, the priest was focused on the books and didn’t notice her blush when she peed in her diaper. However he browsed several books and shook his head.

“Sorry, child, I can’t help you. There is nothing about the crystal and nothing about the Brother Hallvard in these books.”
“Father, you knew him, didn’t you?”
“Yeah, he visited me long ago, but I don’t remember anything particular about him. He was an old pilgrim and lived in a wooden booth in the Waderior Woods. However, I haven’t seen him for some time as if he disappeared without track.”
“The old women also said about his disappearance. What happened?”
“No idea, child,” the priest shrugged only. Anette suddenly realized that something was wrong with him. He was either affected by the curse or had to keep secret. In either case he wouldn’t help her.

“Thank you, father; you helped me,” Anette turned away and left. Despite the fact he hadn’t told her more, he translated the words at least. It definitely was a track. Anette decided to find James and ask him to go to Hallvard’s booth again. Maybe the books would reveal some secret.

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Part 5

Anette headed towards the inn in a hope to find James. The inn was deserted, and James was tidying up.

“Morning James, how are you doing?”
“Morning, Anette. I’m good but busy. Do you need anything?”
“I’ve just been at the rectory and our priest translated the mysterious words. However; it is still a big mystery.”
“Well, what do the words mean?”
“Crystal power removal.”
“Oh, it is a mystery indeed. What crystal? Maybe we will find some, but I can’t help you now. Wait until afternoon.”
“It’s a long time. I can’t wait to find something useful.”
“I have an idea, Anette. Do you know about the small house behind the creek? I was always curious about the people living there, but my father didn’t allow me even to get close to the house. It is cursed allegedly.”
“A good idea, James. I’ll go there. I don’t think that monsters live there. At worst, they kick me out. Thanks.”

Anette headed towards the house James mentioned. She knew about that house. A mother with two children lived there and they rarely showed up in the village. According to the rumors, the mother was a witch and she possessed magic powers.

Although Anette didn’t believe in magic, she was confused by the elixir and mysterious words. Now she was ready for another surprise.

“Good morning,” she greeted the older woman when she entered the small garden; the woman was working in the garden and the children were nowhere to be seen.

“Morning, miss. You are the very first person that dared to come to our house. Aren’t you afraid of witchcraft?”
“No, madam. I’m not. To be honest I don’t believe in rumors and I‘ve had a strange experience.”
“Well, I’m all ears, miss.”
“I’ve found a vial and drank the contents. Now I’m confused about our village. For an unknown reason I can control my bladder and I remember my past when women were not tied up and they didn’t need diapers. However, something happened but I don’t know what it was.”

“Do you still have the vial? Was there any label on it?”
“Yeah, madam. The label read about a crystal; it was written in an ancient language, but our priest translated it for me.”

The older woman suddenly stopped and stared at Anette as if she was a ghost.
“W … what? You have found the elixir! Come child and make yourself comfortable,” she gestured at the house and Anette followed her.

“Astri; we have an important visitor,” the woman turned to the young girl working in the kitchen, “she has found the elixir.”
“Oh it’s a miracle, miss. Let me introduce myself,” the girl looked at Anette, “My name is Astri and this is my mother Margot. Mom, untie her.”
“My name is Anette, but I can’t be untied outside my house.”
“Don’t worry, child”, the mother smiled, “this is a safe place. Nobody will come here, and we won’t tell anyone”, she untied Anette and gestured at the table, “sit down; we have a lot of talking about. Would you like to have some tea?”

“Yes, please,” Anette sat down but she suddenly felt the pressure in her guts, “Can I go to the latrine now?” she realized she didn’t need any assistance.
“Of course, child; it is on your left when you exit the house.”

Anette nodded and headed towards the latrine. She removed her wet diaper and sat down and relieved herself. It was a great feeling after using diapers for a long time. However, putting the diaper back on was a real issue while standing and in the long skirt. She took the diaper in her hand and returned to the house blushing deeply.

“Please …”, she opened her mouth, but Margot interrupted her“, no problem, child. Let me help you,” she ushered Anette into the bedroom and pointed at the bed.

“Oh, child, this diaper is soaked. I’ll find a clean one. We don’t use diapers regularly but Astri and me have to wear them if we go to the village and our hands are tied up.”
“How so? Can you control your bladders and bowels, too?”
“Yeah, Anette and we have even more secrets. Let’s talk about them now. By the way, you can stay without diapers until you leave.”
“You are right, miss Margot,” Anette realized that she didn’t need diapers. Margot cleaned her crotch and Anette stood up and returned to the kitchen. Three cups of tea were sitting on the table already and Margot sat down next to her. Astri also sat down but she kept watching the food on the stove.

“Anette, let me fill in your memories. However, tell me, what else you remember.”
“Miss Margot, there is not much that I remember; the life was better than it is now. I remember the Murledge Manor and our former lord Jonny Lone. There were some rumors about him and his eternal youth, but I don’t know anything more about it; I also don’t believe in rumors just like I told you earlier.”

“Anette, you are wrong this time; let me introduce myself once more. I am the wife of Jonny Lone and this is my daughter Emilia.”
“What? How can you be still alive, your Highness?”
“Anette, leave out the Highness. I am Margot now. Let me explain what happened. My husband really found a way to the eternal life, but the prize was high. Seven innocent girls were sacrificed every seven years. Jonny, me and our children got younger by seven years and the manor and its equipment also got renewed.”

“Oh, it was terrible. What happened to the seven girls?”
“They died and passed their life energy to us.”
“How could you accept it, miss Margot. Didn’t you feel sorry for the poor victims?”
“Anette, I’ve regretted it thousand times already. I was blinded by the image of eternal life and our children didn’t know about the terrible ritual.”

“What happened? You don’t live in the manor anymore though. Where is your husband?”
“Thanks to a courageous girl, the ritual was stopped. Sigrid damaged the crystal that enabled the life energy transfer.”
“THAT Sigrid?”
“Yeah, child. She is a courageous woman. Unfortunately, the crystal was more powerful than everyone expected. It exploded and the dust spread across the entire country. Our family died but our souls found other bodies to live in. To be honest, this is my third body already.”

“Oh, I see,” Anette nodded when she heard about the crystal. She recalled the words ‘Crystal power’.
“What is the crystal power, miss Margot?”
“It’s caused all the changes in our life. All women are incontinent, and the men believe that the women have to be tied up. Now you drank the elixir and changed back.”
“By the way, where is the soul of your husband?”
“Oh, he lives in the body or our new lord, and he calls himself Lord Thorkant. Our ruler Kristian is his obedient servant.”
“Oh, miss Margot, stop please. I need time to accept everything you told me. I’ll come again later, and we can continue.”
“I understand you, child. It has to be a shock for you. Now we have to rearrange everything. Nobody should learn what happened here. Come with me.”

Anette followed Margot to the bedroom. Her diapers were sitting in the floor. She felt an urge to pee and wanted to go to the latrine, but Margot stopped her.

“You should use your wet diaper. Nobody can find out that you were free and used the latrine. It isn’t a good idea to put a clean one on you.”

The diaper was cold and unpleasant, but Anette realized that Margot was right. Margot diapered her and tied her arms in the same boxtie.

“Thank you for everything,” Anette smiled at Margot and Astri.
“You are welcome and come again. We can think of how to help others. Maybe we can find or even make more of the elixir.”

Anette nodded and headed home; it was almost lunch time. Meanwhile the pressure in her bladder grew and she peed in the diaper; it got warm again.

Part 6:

“How are you, Anette?” Olaf smiled at Anette when he entered her house. He hated what he had to do in the morning, but He was worried about Anette’s behavior and wanted to protect her. He wasn’t able to understand what had happened.

“Thanks, Olaf,” she smiled back. Her stomach was grumbling already, “My stomach is grumbling already.”

“Okay but we should change your diaper first. I’d guess you need a change.” Olaf expected a messy diaper. Anette usually pooped after her breakfast.

“We? You can untie me during the lunch time, and I’ll take care of it,” Anette was surprised by his reaction, and she got worried about being tied up the entire day.

“Sorry, love. I’m worried about you. Something happened to you, and I wouldn’t like you having problems with the law.” Olaf reacted even if it wasn’t the entire truth. He somehow liked taking care of Anette. Feeding her and changing her diapers was exciting and even arousing. He had felt an erection while changing her diaper earlier in the morning.

“It is a bit strange; you haven’t pooped after breakfast, Anette. Are you okay?” he asked Anette when he opened the wet diaper.

“I am okay, love. Why are you worried about my condition? I think this isn’t for the first time,” Anette realized her probable mistake. It was for the first time indeed. Her bowels worked regularly, and she messed her diaper at least once after her breakfast.

“It is okay, but you should have a regular bowel movement anyway. Mona and Hannah often have bowel movement issues and they need help. I think that a suppository wouldn’t hurt you,” he cleaned her crotch, took a suppository and inserted it into her anus.

Anette was taken aback but she couldn’t protest and reveal her secret to Olaf; he wasn’t prepared yet. Her only hope was that the suppository wouldn’t work quickly.

“Well, love. Let’s have our lunch,” he helped her to the kitchen and fed her lunch. He was aroused again, and it was hard to hide it.

“Hey, love; you like my condition; admit it,” Anette grinned, and her mood improved a little. However, she realized that the afternoon would be long, and she would wear a smelly diaper.

Olaf finished feeding her, took the pot and left. Anette was alone. Margot had told her to come again, and Anette intended it. They could go to the Brother Hallvard’s booth and search the booth thoroughly. Anette stood up and headed towards the door. The diaper package between her legs was thick again and she had to waddle.

“Welcome back, child,” Margot smiled at Anette when she entered the house. “We have just had our lunch. This is my son Leif,” she pointed at a young boy sitting next to Astri, “Leif, this is Anette, I told you about her already.”

“Nice to meet you, Anette,” Leif smiled at Anette widely. He rarely had an opportunity to meet a girl and she caught his eyes instantly. He blushed when he realized his arousal.

Anette smiled at him and noticed his blush; he was handsome, and the blush was cute. However, she had an important mission ahead. Leif could wait a little.

“Miss Margot, we could go to the Waderior Woods now and search the Brother Hallvard’s booth. What do you think about that idea?”

“I think it’s a good idea, Anette. Unfortunately, Leif can’t accompany us; he has to work in the field. There will be no one to untie us in the booth unless we manage it on our own.”

“James could help us though,” Anette replied, “he knows already.”

“Okay, hopefully he won’t be busy like Leif is,” Margot replied and turned to Leif, “Leif, could you prepare Astri and me, please?”

“Of course, mom. Go to the bedroom,” Leif nodded and headed towards the shed. A minute later he was back, and he was carrying two pieces of rope.

“Yeah, but we should go to the latrine first,” Margot didn’t head towards the bedroom; she walked over to the entrance. She returned and Astri left for the latrine as well.

In the bedroom, Margot opened the cabinet and took four diapers: two for Astri and two for herself. Leif waited until she lay down, lifted her skirt, pulled down her panties and put two diapers on her and secured them by rubber pants. He usually took care of his mother and sister. and he was quite skilled. As Margot was diapered, he tied her wrists behind her back. He didn’t tie her up too tightly; she should be able to get untied.

Margot left the bedroom and Astri got the same treatment. Ten minutes later, they were ready to leave.

“Go first, Anette; it won’t be good if people notice you and us together,” Margot asked Anette. Anette nodded and left the house and hurried up towards the Waderior woods. She stopped behind the first trees and waited. To her utter horror, she felt her guts growling; the suppository started working.

Margot and Astri left the house about ten minutes later and walked towards the village. While they were walking past the inn, two men emerged from there and they seemed to be slightly drunk.

“Hey, look at the two witches. Are they tied up thoroughly?” the older man laughed and grabbed Margot.

“Let us go! We are tied up though,” Astri protested but the man grabbed her shoulder and slapped her.

Two more men emerged from the inn, and they joined the group. One of them untied Margot’s wrists and retied them in a tight boxtie. Astri had to face the same treatment. Even worse, the men got two scarves and gagged Margot and Astri.

“Now you are properly tied up, witches,” the men laughed and left. Margot and Astri were shocked by the treatment, but they were helpless. James wasn’t to be seen.

Anette was waiting behind the trees and she got worried; what could happen to Margot and Astri? They should have come already, and they should have James with them. However, she couldn’t do anything but wait and hope for help.

The pressure in her guts was growing quickly and she desperately tried to press her legs together, but the thick diaper package kept them away. She clenched her muscles several times, but a surprising cramp made her sphincters fail. A semi liquid mass of poop filled the back of her diaper and Margot and Astri arrived at the same moment.

“Oh, what happened to you?” Anette exclaimed when she realized they were gagged, “turn your backs to me and I try to untie the scarves.”

As they turned their backs to Anette, she noticed their arms tied in a tight boxtie and realized their plan was in danger. Nevertheless, she grabbed the knots with her teeth and managed to untie them.

“Thank you, Anette but what will we do now? We haven’t found James and a group of drunkasses retied us.”

“Let’s do our best, miss Margot. We are three and will help each other somehow. Let’s go. I’ll show you the booth,” Anette turned away and set off.

“Okay then,” Margot nodded and stepped forward. Astri followed her even if she was quite uncomfortable. She was still shocked, and the ropes were really tight. However, she realized she was a noble and she should behave like that and not complain.

Part 7:

Anette, Margot and Astri were walking down the narrow forest path. Anette was used to the tied-up condition and skilled at walking in her long skirt. On the other hand, Margot and Astri had to be quite careful not to trip or catch on a branch.

Anette was quite uncomfortable. The poop in her diaper kept smearing at every step and it started itching. She relaxed her bladder muscles and peed in the diaper, but it didn’t help at all. Even worse she had to endure the smelly diaper until the evening. Olaf had to change her; otherwise she would get another laxative treatment.

Astri was quite nervous and scared. She was shocked by the men that had tied them up. She had been to the village more often, but she never experienced that kind of treatment. People sometimes called them witches, but nobody tried to touch them until now.

Her nervous condition had unpleasant consequences; her bladder was filling up. Astri always wore diapers in the village, but she didn’t use them for real. Her stay was short, and she was able to hold her pee until she returned home, and Leif untied her. Now the pressure was growing by every step, and she kept clenching her bladder muscles. She instinctively pulled on the ropes but they were tight and her attempts pulled them even tighter.

The small group stopped in front of the Hallvard’s booth and Anette turned to Margot:

“Miss Margot, we should try to loosen the knots on out arms. Otherwise, we won’t be able to search the booth and take the books.”

“I think so, Anette, but I’m afraid it will be quite a challenge,” Margot sighed and turned her back to Anette. Anette tried to reach the knots on Margot’s ropes, but she could use her left hand only and the knots were too tight.

“I’m sorry, miss Margot, the men did a good ropework,” Anette sighed, “I can’t untie your knots with my left hand. Try to untie my knots. You tied me up though.”

“Okay, let me try, Anette,” Margot nodded. However, her task was even harder. The men pulled the ropes tightly and her fingers were numb. She wasn’t able to grab the rope and untie the knots.

“Sorry, Anette, I can’t untie you,” she sighed and turned to Astri, “Astri, you are our last chance if we want to search the house. Try to untie Anette, her ropes are not that tight.”

Astri didn’t listen to her mother. She was distracted by the growing pressure in her bladder. Pressing her legs together didn’t help anymore and she did an attempt to ease the pressure by letting a few drops into the diaper. She released the muscles and the urine started flowing. Unfortunately, clenching the muscles again was impossible. A long stream of pee drenched her diaper and didn’t stop until her bladder was empty.

“ASTRI,” Margot asked her again.
“Sorry, mom.”
“Try to untie Anette. We should search the house.”

Astri nodded and turned her back to Anette. Unfortunately, her fingers were numb after her former attempts, and she couldn’t grab any knot let alone untie it.

“Sorry, I can’t do anything; my fingers are numb. Let’s go home please, I need a diaper change,” she blushed.

”Hey, can’t you wait, Astri?” Anette turned to her, “my diaper is smelly and full, and I have to wait until evening unless I’ll find Olaf. He mustn’t find out that somebody else had changed me.”

“Sorry, I behave like a little girl,” Astri blushed again, “nevertheless, we have to go back to the village now. Hopefully we will find an ally.”

Anette headed back towards the forest path and Margot with Astri followed her. Margot also felt a growing urge to pee, and she relaxed her muscles instead of fighting the growing pressure.

About one hour later they reached the village and headed towards the inn in a hope to find James. This time they were lucky.

“James, could you help us please?” Anette turned to him.
“Yeah, what do you need, Anette?”
“Can you go with us to the Hallvard’s booth.”
“Sorry, I’m busy here; my dad needs my help now.”
“Okay, can you accompany us out of the village and untie our arms?”
“Of course, let’s go,” he stepped forward and the women followed him. Behind the first trees James untied Astri and Margot quickly.
“Untie Anette, I have to go back,” he turned away and left for the inn.

Margot didn’t hesitate ad untied Anette. “Let’s go back.”
“Oh,” Astri sighed when she realized the wet diaper. However, she was untied and couldn’t go to the village now.

The journey back to the booth was easy and they stopped inside the booth. The books were still sitting on the table but there were no more vials there.

“Let’s have a look,” Anette took the first book and walked out of the dark booth.

I hope that somebody will find this book and help the people in our country. Unfortunately, I can’t do anything; I’m weak and I’m afraid I will be killed.

The crystal was damaged, but it kept its devilish power and changed the life of the country. I managed to create an elixir to remove that power. Go and find the alchemic laboratory in the abandoned temple. The recipe and all ingredients can be found there along with another recipe for an elixir that destroys the Lord Thorkant’s power forever.”

Anette closed the book and walked back int the booth. She took another book but there was nothing important there. Margot and Astri took more books, but they also didn’t find anything.

“We can look for the abandoned temple now. Do you have an idea where we can find it?” Anette turned to Margot.

“I think I know, Anette. We have got an old map at home, and I’ll show it to you. Let’s go home now. Unfortunately, we can’t take the books with us. We must be tied up again.”

“Oh no! I have to pee again; help me mom,” Astri sighed. There was no latrine around and it was hard to take off the diaper and squat down in the long skirt and put the diaper back on.

“Okay, wait and lift your skirt,” Margot unbuttoned the rubber pants while Anette was holding Astri’s skirt when Astri squatted down. As Astri did her business, Margot put the diaper and rubber pants back.

Margot also felt an urge, but she didn’t want to have the same problems and peed in her diaper again before leaving.

They stopped in the same place where James had untied them. Margot tied Anette in the same boxtie and Astri’s wrists behind her back in a simple tie. After that she arranged a noose and tied her own wrists behind her back.

“I think we should hurry up home, Anette. Come tomorrow again,” Margot stepped forward and hurried up, followed by Astri. This time, they passed the village uneventfully.

Anette headed towards the inn; she was thirsty and she was looking forward to a beer even if her diaper was heavy; she hoped that the thick package will hold another pee. She sat down and realized the smelly poop in the diaper. Nevertheless, nobody commented it; smelly diapers weren’t any exception.

Sigrid was sitting at the table and Anette almost asked her when she realized that Sigrid was still affected by the crystal and didn’t remember anything.

James brought a beer and helped her drink it. Anette drank up the beer almost instantly. She kept talking with Sigrid and she peed in her diaper about half an hour later. The diaper was soaked already when Olaf arrived.

“Good evening, girls. It’s the dinner time already, isn’t it,” he grinned at Anette.


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