This is just sick

I don’t have a problem with nudity or sex if it actually meshes well with the story of a game, but sex for the sake of sex in a marketing campaign to the dumbfucks of the world who made Elder Scrolls oblivion so successful, this is just a punch in the cock to anyone who actually takes video game and CGI development seriously.

Who the hell decided this was okay?

NWN, The Witcher, Drakensang, and now Dragon Age. What, are they getting their ideas from Gwenny Kestrel, the dumbass who thought it was okay to bring Nudity to tabletop RPG’s just for the sake of sales?

Re: This is just sick

Eh. Considering how much free publicity Bioware got from the Mass Effect sex “scandal,” it’s only natural that they should want to tantalize/outrage people for free publicity once more.

Personally, I will reserve judgment until I see the game. I have played most of Bioware’s games, from Baldur’s Gate right up to Mass Effect, and I have never seen a distasteful romance scene. Their love stories are usually very well-developed, and if characters have sex, the screen usually just fades to black. Even in Mass Effect, the most you see is a second or two of rear nudity. I’m sure Dragon Age will be roughly the same.

That being said, I’m sure people will get outraged by it anyway. To each his own, though.

Re: This is just sick

Well, the problem with that theory is Mass Effect sucked. It was a terrible game and a lot of people saw that right from the getgo, even before its release. Dragon age on the other hand actually shows promise, and I was really hoping for something decent in quality like Hordes of the Underdark or Witch’s Wake.

Nudity for the sake of nudity is snuff, pointless and arrogant on the developers end.

Re: This is just sick

Jaks, them be fightin’ words! Mass Effect is one of my all-time favorite games, and I thought it maintained a brilliant narrative from start to finish. Still, we could probably argue that one out on a different thread.

Besides, until Dragon Age comes out, who’s to say whether the nudity is a pointless marketing ploy or a logical conclusion to a romantic subplot? Furthermore, it seems like they’re talking up the suggestion of sex/nudity more than the actual sex/nudity in the game itself. Seeing a man/woman/animal with your character before the screen fades to black is pretty tame by any medium’s standards. Motion pictures have been getting away with that stuff since the 1930s at least.

Everyone (including me) seems very excited for Dragon Age. If the promise of nudity helps get a few more people onboard and a few more news outlets covering the game, I’ll trust in Bioware’s wisdom. They’ve rarely misled me before.

Re: This is just sick

Bioware’s pissed me off more than enough times that I have to seriously consider if I’m actually going to buy a game of there’s. Neverwinter Nights, the OC just flat out sucked. I hated Mass Effect and in all honesty, ever since Baldurs Gate 2 I haven’t seen a game out that I’d give a better score than 7 out of ten.

Gas Powered Games, Bioware and Bethesda are on my list of companies I automatically have zero expectations from. I still can’t believe Ironforge bit the dust.