This could be a problem going forward

So, I just got a message from Patreon stating they need further verification of my age. No big deal, they already did this before, but apparently some dick claimed that the account isn’t mine…

Yeesh, it fucking is because Penguin legally transferred it to me well before she died!

On top of that, while dealing with that mess I found out two major donors both killed their donations meaning July is likely to be the last month the forums will be online unless I can figure out a solution damn fast.

In fact they’ll only be able to remain online for sur in July because I had prepaid the July bill!

I’m having trouble with my bank. my donation will be restored as soon as possible

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Okay. Thanks for the hreads up. :slight_smile:

Right now I’m looking at some possible solutions. I might actually be able to vastily reduce the August bill now what I don’t need all the fucking servers that were supporting one of my jobs…

So not going into that fustercluck right now though.

Oh, and just a bit of an update on the verifcation thing. Someone reported that we were allowing hardcore porn on the Discord server. That’s why they forced me to reverify my identity.

I mean… EWWWW. I can barely tolerate written erotica most of time, but hardcore pictures of people screwing? Just NO NO NO! SEEING PENISES BAD! PENISES MAKE DANNI GO ATTACKY!

(Literally, even. It’s legit a phobia I have.)

And before someone asks, yes, I have ithyphallophobia, which is a variant of Phallophobia.

why do we even have the Discord anymore it’s not like people used that… And even if you for some reason wanted to allow that. I would personally come to Arkansas to give you a kick in the rear end from a steal toed boot at speed from a wheelchair if you did

My nearly asexual, never even allowed a kiss until i was 32 years old self couldn’t handle that. I can’t belive the species has survived this long, given what it takes to procreate. Why couldn’t we all just reproduce asexually, or be super intelligent plants and have pollen, and flowers. Why does it have to be so ick. God clearly didn’t think this on through.

Sorry kinda got triggered there :slight_smile:

The main reason it never gets used is apparently neither @Penguin nor I ever posted the link here on the forums :slight_smile:

Holy shit! I just got an email from Square that someone donated $150 yesterday O_o!!

Looks like it delayed notifying me until the funds were officially processed due to the amount, but that is awesome Thank you to whoever did that. if you PM me your username and and transaction ID from the invoice I’ll get you added to the donor’s group since you didn’t provide your username and the email it shows doesn’t match an accounts. :slight_smile:

On the off chance you’re a guest user without an account, then holy shit that makes the donation even more impressive. :slight_smile:

i just sent $30 to your cash app that’s waiting for approval

Thank you. I just accepted it. Apparently they tool that is supposed to process that automatically doesn’t work any longer.

i only sent 30 because i was unsure of what i was doing im so dumb with computers i swear im not meant to be in this century lol if you need more or if there is anything else i can try to do please let me know, ive been in a number of bad spots in this life and im always trying to spread the chain of love anywhere i can to everyone out there when i am able

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$30 is a huge help actually. That covers a month of the firewall and in most months, the email service we have to use to prevent the board’s emails being blocked by and Gmail addresses actually.

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I’ve been thinking. I will try to get a large donation in soon, but I’m broke as shit right now. I have some old legal garbage that I’m cleaning up and I have fairly significant bills considering my financial situation.

Don’t put your finances at risk for this place, that’s my job! :slight_smile:

Seriously though, donations are always helpful, but seriously, don’t ever put your own finances at risk for this place.

That said, a quick update since some people have asked me about this recently:

I was finally approved by Cash App to enable my bitcoin wallet with them so that info is now on the Donations Info page for those who want to use that option. :slight_smile:

I can send a donation as soon as I get my paycheck. I don’t know how much, but I’ll send something for you all.

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