Thinking about writing ABDL novella and publishing on kindle

I was thinking about writing an ABDL novella and publishing it on Amazon, but there are some factors making me hesitate. One is I’ve never been able to successfully finish more than a short story; a whole novel, regardless of how enjoyable the plot, would be difficult for me to keep up the stamina.

Perusing Amazon’s selection has also given me the idea that quality varies dramatically with these kinds of stories, and I don’t want anything I work on to just get lost in the pile.

Any advice?

Unfortunately, reality is good gets lost in the bad on any publishing site, the best you can do is write a good story and get others to read it, rate it, and review it so it appears higher in the search results.

That said one thing I’ve noticed with the Kindle store in particular? Collections of short stories tend to do better in general.

The reason is a dirty little secret of the Kindle store: It gives higher priority to longer works.