Thinking about changing the default home page

As most have seen by now, the forums currently default to showing a list of the various sections. Due to the activity level of the forums this probably isn’t the best default home page so I’m thinking about swapping it to use the Latest view instead. This will make it easier to see recently updated topics. If you have an account you can always change it back in your account’s Interface preferences if you prefer the categories view.

This poll will be closed on Friday.

Which view should be the default?

  • Keep the categories view
  • Change default to Latest

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I have made the change. Sad that only 7 people voted, but those who didn’t do so have certainly felt it’s fine to email me and bitch about the change…

If you didn’t want the change, maybe you should have voted, just saying.

While I didn’t actually formally vote, I did conclude that the change was probably a good idea. Not that I much notice the change in the first place, given my browsing habits.

If you care, you should pay attention. Everyone who cared enough originally though the change was a good idea.

What annoys me about this and the emails I got about it is that I know several of those people read this topic and made a conscious decision to not vote…

That leaves me scratching my head. Why wouldn’t they vote? Hell, they could even leave a comment publicly voicing their opinion/ reasons why changing would be a bad idea/ why they don’t want it or like it. Perhaps they would’ve persuaded other people to vote for the “no change” side.

Or convinced peops to vote for “yes change”. :grin:

An interesting community conversation could’ve been had, debating over the various pros and cons of both sides, instead of doing nothing then kvetching about the results. Or at the very least, they could’ve voted. If there were enough "no"s then that would’ve been the winning vote fair and square.

You weren’t there when I mentioned it in the chat, but if just half the people who emailed me had actually voted then the change wouldn’t have happened.

Maybe next time something is up for vote, they’ll actually vote. :slight_smile:

You know what they say: Voting has consequences. But so does not voting. And should you choose not to vote, you don’t get to complain about the results afterwards.

Also, if I understood correctly, you can set your own startting page to the old one in your settings anyway, so it’s not like you’re being forced to have this new one. :roll_eyes:


You’re not wrong. I even linked directly to the page where you edit the setting in the first post.