Things that made your day.

Since we already have a thread to vent anger in I was wondering if we could have one about things that happen in our lives that make the anger and frustration worth it? There are so many instances in our daily lives that give us reason to be pissed off and its my firm belief that any occasion that we have to be filled with joy and happiness should be acknowledged. Dumb idea? Let me know please.

I’ll go first.

The other day I had a craving for some KFC and I drove over to the closest one immediately after work. I hadn’t taken my uniform shirt off yet since it offered a little extra warmth. As I start placing my order the girl working the drive-thru window looks over and says very loudly “Hey! Thanks to you my car is running again! I followed your advice and its fixed!” (If you aren’t aware, I work at an auto parts store.) At this point all of her coworkers that are within earshot turn and stare at me as though I’m some sort of car resuscitating miracle worker. I’m not of course but the attention felt good. To be honest though, I don’t even remember this girl because I see so many people every day that its darn near impossible to recall the face or name of anyone who isn’t a regular but I was happy that I could help her and I was even happier when her friend at the register gave me a free drink!


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A few months back I was waiting in line at Subway and talking to one of the US Army recruiters I see around the plaza that Subway is in- I was telling him how much I respect those who serve the US military. In front of us, another customer looked at the soldier and smiled at him; “Thanks for what you do for us,” he said.

Anyway, the soldier went to go pay for his sub. The guy in front had left. The cashier looked at the soldier and gave hm a smile and told him, “Your meal was paid for by the customer in front of you,”

The soldier smiled and tried to see if the guy was still there and he looked at me and said, “That makes my day right there,”

“Me too, I have a lot of respect for you guys in uniform. My granddaddy always said, ‘Respect those who serve for the military because they have a tough job,’.” I shared a salute with him and he smiled at me.

“Thanks for making my day,” he said with a smile as he left Subway. I think the guy felt good about his service at that point. I know I would have and seeing all that made my day. I have a lot of respect for those who serve our military.


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This may sound a little sappy but it really made my day.

When I was at work today I was approached by a little old lady who needed some windshield wipers. We’ve been selling outta wipers lately because we have finally gotten some decent rain. I find her the wipers she needs and ring her up. She then asks me if I could install them for her, since she was a nice person and because we had no one else in the store I said yes. We go out to her car and I proceed with the installation. She then says that she wants to make sure they wipe properly, so she gets in the car and starts it to utilize said wipers. After a few wipes she seems satisfied. Up until this point she was just another customer to me; meaning I didn’t have much personal interest invested in her other than making sure I did my job right. (Sounds cruel I know, but that’s how retail jobs are. Its just not physically or emotionally possible to feel deep concern for every person that walks through the door.) But then she says something that changes her status. She asked if she owed me anything. I said “No ma’am”. Then she says “Your such a big help young man, my husband passed away recently and he………” That was as far as she got before she started to tear up, and then I started to tear up! I was more than happy I that I went to help her; I was humbled. I then told her that I was sorry for her loss and wished her a Merry Christmas and I went back into the store. She was the third person I had helped today but the feeling that I got lasted the rest of my shift.

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Five years ago, I was doing my usual bicycle ride around my town when I came to a house where an old man(he was 61 as I later learned) was struggling with setting up a ladder to clean his gutters. I called out to him asking if he needed help and he said yes, so I stopped and helped him with the ladder. He went into his garage to get something and I said I could help him clean the gutters if he wanted, because I didn’t think he could do it himself(and the fact that I could simply scamper onto the roof and get it from the top instead of him moving the ladder every 5 minutes), and he accepted so I did his gutters for him and also picked up the piles I had tossed down. He offered me $20 for the help and I refused, and he offered me a cold beer which I also refused. He then asked if there was anything he could get me, and I said a glass of ice water would be payment enough, which he got.

His wife came out and thanked me and asked my name which I gave her, and she then asked for my address, which I gave as well. A couple months later I got a christmas card in the mail from them, so I returned the favor, and we sorta became friends, writing to each other via email or talking on instant messenger. 3 yrs ago she wrote me saying their only child and his wife had been killed in as car accident, and that they were gaining custody of their 4 yr old son, and asked if I could help them set up a room in their house for the kid, which I had no issues with, and while doing it, the wife said she didnt want to bother me and feel free to say no, but she asked if I could accompany her to Seattle because the husband is afraid of flying. I told her I need to talk to my wife first before answering and I asked my wife and she said go for it so I did. We get to Seattle and get the kid and fly back home two days later.

That year, they invited my family over for Christmas and we went and they had to have spent at least $2K on gifts for us and our kids(we of course got them gifts as well, but not as nice of gifts as they got us), and when I went outside to smoke, the husband came out and and said that I shouldn’t feel bad about what happened because they wanted to thank us for everything we had done for them that year, and they didn’t expect anything in return. We stayed in touch with each other(I went over once a week to mow their lawn, clean their gutters, clear the driveway/sidewalk/mailbox of snow in the winter), sending cards, etc until early this year when the husband died. A couple weeks after the funeral, I got a phone call from the wife asking if the wife and I could come over sometime that week to talk. We get there and after an hour or so of reminiscing about life and playing with her grandson, she put him to bed, and came back with some envelopes. She told us to open them and inside of them were checks written out to us in the amount of $50K, and she said that is what her husband had wanted because we had become like children to them and that he loved us like he had loved his own son, and she felt the same way. We tried to refuse the money, but she wouldn’t let us refuse it. We left and a week later she called us on the phone and said that the checks had not cleared yet and when I told her that we don’t feel right taking money she may need, she cut me off and said that she had no money issues and that is what he wanted and to please do it to honor him. So we cashed the checks.

Through all of this, my youngest kids and her grandson all became great friends(I even got her grandson to attend the same private school my kids go to) and my kids call her grandma and we all act like we are one big family doing things together. This summer, when I went to my family reunion, I brought her and her grandson because as far as I am concerned, she is family to me.

I mentioned all of that because yesterday, she called me up and asked me if we would have any issues with her changing her will naming me as executor and naming us guardians of her grandson if she were to die before he is 18. It made my day to be given such an honor.

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It has always bothered me growing up, how my parents never really knew their neighbors, and how many do not want to talk to their neighbors, even though they see them nearly every day.

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I was going to say something along the same lines. That’s story worthy material there.

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I must have done something right……

I finished all of my Christmas shopping today and I still had a little money to burn. So I decided to visit the brand new U-Pull-It Auto Parts yard that just opened in my town. Initially I went looking for some headlight assemblies for my car as the ones I currently have are pretty fogged up and a buddy of mine who had already been had seen a different style that would fit my car. I figured that if I didn’t find the lights I could still wander around an awesome salvage yard and garner some ideas about future projects. So I did find the lights my friend told me about and after removing them I decided that I should walk around the yard a little more. I’m so happy I did! I happened to stumble upon a “mostly intact” 1989 Dodge Ram 50 kinda like the one I have! The interior had been removed and so had major engine components but I wanted neither. You see, unlike MY truck, this one was a SPORT model! One of the more rare Ram 50 models. And whoever had pulled the other parts had left ALL of the badges and the tailgate latch. Parts that you can’t find ANYWHERE!!! Especially here as most of these little trucks have made their way to Mexico. My latch has been broken for almost two years now so I needed one and I just had to have the badges! I know that last may seem a little selfish but to me it felt like an early Christmas present.

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I love walking through salvage yards, its amazing what you may find just by doing it. Thats great that you found something like that though

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Things are finally on the up and up for me, and I couldn’t be happier.

I found out today that my next appointment in two weeks with my Psychiatrist I’m getting testosterone blockers, and my following appointment after that, another two weeks later, I’ll be getting Hormones.

Apart from that, I’ll be getting a credit card here soon so I can get a new computer and start building my actual credit score. Not only that, but I’ll be using it to sign up for the community college here and start a couple of classes in the summertime.

And finally, my job at blockbuster is going swimmingly. This may sound cheesy, but this is the first job I’ve ever had where I’m actually satisfied and I feel good about helping a customer. Now, sure, I don’t want this to be a career, but this is the first job I’ve ever had where I look -forward- to going into work, as opposed to dreading it like it’s a chore.

Oh, and I get my new case of Bellissimo diapers on Tuesday! 48 diapers just for me, woot! I’ll be posting pictures and stuff every chance I get too!

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Congratulations. I hope things continue to go well.

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Congrats nothing but the best wishes for ya

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chatting with bots can be fun

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Crashing the bots is more fun.

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I guess this is more a case of my day NOT getting royally screwed.

So today, er, yesterday I had the day off and I decided to go visit some of my friends who are working at a Boy Scout camp just outside of town. They are running a winter program called Winter Camp, and truth be told I wish I could have worked the whole week with them like i did the last two years but volunteer work doesn’t pay bills. So I went and hung out for the whole day and had a blast! It really felt good getting out of the store and being around old friends. (I worked at that camp for six summers before getting my current job.) I topped the night off by sitting around a fire with an old buddy of mine and talking until about two in the morning when I had to leave to come home and get ready for work today. As I was leaving the camp I saw some deer on the right and left side of the road and knowing deer I was cautious as I drove. There were two of them on the right side that seemed kinda close to the road and as I got closer one of them crossed to the other side, it was about 100 feet away though and didn’t bother me. Its companion decided to linger. As I drew next to the second deer it suddenly bolted out in front of me. It was all of ten feet away. I slammed on the brakes in a panic stop but still collided with the hapless creature. I was going about 25 MPH when I hit it so my airbag didn’t deploy but the deer rolled out of sight off to the left side of the road. I stopped the car and got out to inspect the damage and then looked for the deer, expecting it to be laying on the side of the road either dead or in serious pain but it was gone! Don’t know where it went. Luckily the speed limit was 25 and not faster or it may have been much worse and I would be posting this from the hospital. That alone is enough to make me happy to be one the few people who come out of such incidents without any bodily harm. I’ll have to check my car in the morning.

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Glad you are safe and hope your vehicle isn’t too damaged. My mother had a deer run into the back of her car while driving down the road. Those deer will jump right in front of you. As for the deer, well there is no way of telling. Deer can run for over a mile after being fatally wounded. Hunters can shoot a deer through both lungs and the heart and still have to track it for about a mile. The can live on adrenalin alone.

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The one I hit was a doe. It ended up scratching the paint on my car in several spots. But considering that my car is a 95 Taurus with a typical mid-90s paint job, (which means that ALL the paint is peeling and scratched) no one is likely to notice. Lol.

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Another rare find!

So I just had the last two days off and I decided to use them wisely, I.e: mow the lawn, clean the house and work on my car and my truck. I changed the transmission fluid in my car and finally installed some new headlight assemblies that I just had shined up. I made a trip back to the U-Pull-It yard where I found the lights and this time I took one of my best friends so that he could look around and maybe find a new, er used, mirror for his truck. No mirror, but I found GOLD!!! Unbeknownst to me since I didn’t fully investigate the yard very well last time, this place has no less than FIVE Dodge Ram 50s and Mitsubishi Mighty Max’s. (Essentially the same truck with the Ram 50s being the better equipped pickups.) This was more than I had ever seen in one place at any time……and I could take parts from them!!! Last time, I counted myself lucky just to find ONE, bit if I’d looked a little harder I would have died from awesome-overload!!! Just in case you’re wondering why I feel this way about these trucks, its because I get excited anytime someone talks about them or I see one as I’m VERY sentimental about the truck I have.

Anyway, I found more parts that I had written off as being either non-existant or more expensive than was practical. Parts like a new tail light and two front parking light assemblies. In fact……these parts will now enable me to get my truck inspected without having to call in a favor. My truck never failed for anything serious like brakes, but in this state you can fail an inspection for a cracked tail light. (Cracked, not broken.)

In conclusion? The parts look GREAT!!! So worth the $52 I spent on them!

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My Boss from Blockbuster just friended me on fetlife.

I can’t put any more words to this level of awesome and weird than that.

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Not this one. We’ve been talking and she’s told me all kinds of crazy stuff that she’s into.

Besides, if she fires me now after making her profile with all her fetishes and then friending me, I should be able bring her up on discrimination charges.

I doubt this needs to happen though. She already knew I was a trans and an AB beforehand. Out of the dozens of “boss’s” I’ve had, She’s easily among the top 3 for awesomeness.