The XI: Watchers of the Multiverse (A Multidimensional Tale)

The foundation of this story is based of a tabletop RPG my friends designed. A lot of thought went into this story so I will be posting it in pieces as said pieces are proofread. This is a large story so be patient.

Many races claim to hold the power of the multiverse. Amazons, Faerie, and the Elven are all culprits of this blatant spout of hubris. They have no idea what really lies beyond the dimensional lines, and how primitive their technology is in the grand scheme. They think they are superior. The Elven lay claim to powerful magic: able to bend the world around them with the elements. The Faerie have mastered vitality: able to maintain youth until death. But the Amazons are different, and more dangerous. They claim both superiority and the multiverse. My masters have watched them claim other beings for their amusement from other dimensions, tear holes in the dimensional layline, and even turn on each other. They claim to be the wise ones. However they are the real children.

But oh dear reader who just found this sacred text, you must be curious. What could possibly lie beyond space and the dimensions themselves. And who are you to claim such vast knowledge. Fear not dear reader for we will explain ourselves. . We are the masters of reality. We protect as many as we can from undue suffering. In fact: one of your archives discuses one of our feats. We swapped an Amazon with a Human to show them the blatant hypocrisy of their actions. We keep order in the multiverse, and the Amazons have committed the ultimate crime. They have put the entire fabric of reality at risk.

To understand how you must know the model of reality. Every dimension and reality is a disk stacked on top of each other with space both around and in between said disks. This space is the void. Here there are no rules of matter to bind us. We are free to chose our forms. We do and do not exist. Being is in of itself lack thereof. When the Amazons developed portal hopping, they weakened the fabric holding the void away from the universe. Without that fabric the void would flood into the dimensions: consuming reality and then itself.

But already particles of the void are leaking into the dimensions. Causing countless casualties. The cause is never consistent as is the void. There are ways to travel between dimensions safely. The Amazons have not been doing it right and now they risk destroying everything and nothing, and turning existence into a constant flux of everything and nothing. That is the real hell. Religion does not cover true hell. We have simulated the imminent disaster, and you will hear from all of us how we will put an end to this madness: Once and for all.

A mysterious beginning. I like it :d I’m looking forward to the next chapter, because this doesn’t say much :frowning:

Wonder if this will ever advance past this the current mini prologue, thanks for the backstory so far.