The Wrong Shop

The Wrong Shop

Chapter 1

[SIZE=14px]My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a tannoy announcement saying the museum was about to close, I looked at my watch and realised that it was nearly 5pm. I had been in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam for the last 6 hours studying a number of their Impressionist paintings. I saved the file I had open on my tablet PC; feeling satisfied that I had enough information to help me with my studies when I returned to the UK.

I packed everything away in my rucksack and followed the rest of the visitors to the main exit. Only when I stepped outside did I realise I should have used the bathroom before I walking back into Amsterdam and to the hostel were I had been staying for the last week or so.

The slightly warm feeling in my groin reminded me that the laser operation to enlarge my prostate was only 10 days ago. I had been warned that there was a small chance of permanent incontinence from such an operation. However the surgeon had said that normally patients only experienced a small amount of leakage for a week or so and for that time he advised me to wear an incontinence pad.

For this trip I had purchased some fetching shorts with a pouch to contain a discrete pad that could easily be changed in a toilet. I carried a few spares in my rucksack and now I realised I needed to change it.

With the museum closed I started to walk back towards the centre of Amsterdam looking for a cafe where I could use their toilet. Finally in a dark side street I found one and having ordering a coffee I visited the toilet and changed the pad, putting the wet one in a ziplock bag for disposal in the nearest waste bin after I left the cafe.

As I sat in the window drinking my coffee I noticed that opposite was a discreet red neon sign advertising a sex shop and my mind wandered back to my flat in East London.
My flat was the middle floor in a block of three. Upstairs was occupied by an elderly gentleman I rarely saw and downstairs in the garden flat was Mollie. Mollie was about 3 years older than me, a tall long-legged good looking lady with long blond flyaway hair. I fancied her from the first day I met her in the hallway however she dashed my hopes by announcing in that refreshing way that liberated girls have, that she was a lesbian.

From that point on we were like brother and sister. If she needed any help she would call me and vice versa. We sometimes went for a drink and discussed many things about our respective work lives but we never touched on our private lives.

I was certainly not prepared to tell her during those meetings about my foray into self-bondage. I had long fantasised about bondage; but never had an opportunity to try it for real until I read about self-bondage. I had recently started to experiment but it was certainly not something I wished to shout about.

I had read a number of articles on the internet and one evening I felt brave enough to give it a try. I had purchased a ball-gag and a vibrator from a sex shop on the dual carriageway outside the town along with some rope.

My bed has a lattice headboard and footboard so tying myself to it with pieces of rope was easy; at least it was for my feet and one wrist but as far as the other wrist was concerned I settled for tying a loop around the woodwork and slipping my wrist through it.

Before slipping my wrist through the loop I lodged the vibrator against my penis and buckled the gag in my mouth. I knew of course that I could remove my wrist easily; but the “excitement” of the situation seemed to fool my brain into believing I was stuck.

The vibrator brought me quickly to an orgasm and I slipped my wrist out and untied myself and showered. The ball-gag had been more painful than I had expected and the overall experience wasn’t what I had expected. I resolved to do some more research.

The second attempt another time proved to be my undoing. I had read about the use of an “ice time lock”; essentially a key frozen in a small block of ice. Once the ice melted the key was released and you could unlock a pair of handcuffs securing your wrist and get free. Simple in theory.

I purchased a pair of handcuffs and froze one of the keys within a small ice cube. I tested it and it took 2 hours to melt which seemed OK for a start - I could always use a bigger ice cube another time. I refroze it with a string attached that I could tie it to the headboard. This would allow the key to drop to a point where I could reach it, allowing me to unlock the handcuffs.

Next I addressed the issue of the ball-gag. It had strained the muscles in my mouth and put pressure on my teeth, neither of which was comfortable so I decided to try a scarf instead. I visited a charity shop and bought a couple of woman’s scarves figuring one would work but I chose two made from different materials so I could try them out and decide which was best.

Now I was ready to try again. With 2 hours to endure I figured the vibrator might just bring me to a second climax. It never occurred to me to have a plan B in case I couldn’t get free.

As I was not at work that day I started in the morning. I rolled up one of the scarves and gagged myself with it, tied ropes around one wrist and both my ankles and clicked the handcuff dangling from the headboard in place over my right wrist. I was committed now. Above my right wrist hung the melting ice cube; what could possibly go wrong? The vibrator soon brought me to climax number one; but this time I couldn’t do anything but lie there and wait.

Suddenly I heard the doorbell; but of course I couldn’t answer it. I remembered that Amazon had sent me an email saying they would be delivering a parcel today. “Never mind”, I thought, “they can either leave it in the hallway or put a card through and try again later”. What I wasn’t prepared for was the sound of Mollie’s voice saying to leave it with her and as she had a key she would leave it in my flat to save the man a return visit.

I heard the key in my front door and then I heard Mollie walk in to put the parcel on the table; but I hadn’t closed my bedroom door, why would I? and she couldn’t help but see me. My secret was out.

She walked in and appraised the situation. She unknotted the scarf gag and I tried to explain what I had done and not to worry and just leave me to it.

She looked at my bondage and tutted; ‘you are not very well practiced are you’, she said. I admitted it was only my second attempt. ‘I like the jeopardy of the melting ice’, she said lifting the cube from the bed head. ‘But without this key I imagine you would be stuck.’ I nodded not sure where this was going.

She put the ice cube on the dresser and checked the ropes, tightening the knots I had tied. She then inspected my groin pulling down my stained shorts and moving the vibrator off my cock. ‘You’ve got a nice body’, she said playing with my erect cock. I started to ask her to release me but she shook her head; ‘you set up a session of self bondage so I don’t think I should deny you the full effect you were looking for, however I think your situation calls for some enhancing.‘

I wasn’t sure what she meant until she bent down and removed her knickers and thrust them into my mouth. She used the scarf to hold them in place and whereas I had just tied it through my mouth she looped it through my mouth several times before knotting it tightly. The gag was now 100% better than the one I had done.

She pulled my shorts up to cover my groin and tucked the vibrator back inside; ‘enjoy yourself, I’ll pop up later and release you.’ She turned and left me to the mercy of the vibrator and for the first time I experienced the full effect of bondage, only this time without any chance of freeing myself. Effectively I had made myself, or rather she had made me, her prisoner.

Sitting in the cafe I recalled that wasn’t the last time she had tied me to my bed. Sex was never on the agenda; but I got my gratification from the vibrator and we never talked about it outside my bedroom.

Looking across at the sex shop I wondered whether they might have a DVD on self-bondage. I had visited a few adult shops in the UK but I hadn’t found anything that satisfied me; but this being Amsterdam surely they would have something I reasoned. Taking it back to the UK might be a risk but I figured it was worth it.

I drank my coffee and made a decision and walked across the street. Looking back on that decision it is one I wish I hadn’t made; but as they say “you can’t turn the clock back”.[/SIZE]

Chapter 2

[SIZE=14px]The shop seemed tiny when I entered; but like many shops in Amsterdam it extended a long way back. It was not particularly well lit and I seemed to be the only customer. A large lady in a black outfit sat behind the counter but she ignored me. I figured customers would be nervous enough without being asked if they needed any help.

The first rack of DVDs contained nothing of interest so I was forced to explore the rest of the shop. This was not going to be quick “in and out” I thought.

I passed the leather section with helmets, gags and straps and then a fearsome collection of whips and dildos. Next was a hanging rail containing various female clothes. As I brushed past I saw a French Maid, School Girl and a studded black leather Dominatrix style dress amongst others all arranged in varying sizes.

At the very back of the shop were more DVDs along with magazines and books. Clearly these were the slightly more risqué ones kept away from the passing tourist I thought. I then noticed there were several booths with a notice that said you could preview any DVD for a fee of 10 Euros.

I looked through the selection and choose two titles that, based on the cover might be of interest and read the instructions on the booth door. It seemed you put the money in a slot and it allowed you 5 minutes to view the DVD or DVDs. I stepped into the booth and sat on the seat and fumbled for a 10 euro note.

The first DVD was graphic to say the least, it was exactly what I was looking for and I got carried away watching and forgot about the 5 minute timer. When the TV turned off and the DVD ejected I hadn’t started to watch the second DVD so I needed another 10 euro note.

As I started to watch the second one I became aware that my cock was hard and was rubbing against the soft incontinence pad. I didn’t think about the consequences as I gently rubbed my groin whilst watching the scenes unfolding on the DVD and just as the five minutes ran out I stifled a groan as I climaxed, grateful for the pad.

I left the booth and walked a little stiffly to the desk to pay for the two DVDs as I couldn’t decide which to keep. The woman was talking to a man but she stopped when I put the discs on the counter. ‘Did you enjoy them?’ she asked with a knowing smile and I said I had. She then said; ‘yes we know you did, would you like to see a replay?’ and suddenly on the TV was a picture of me rubbing my groin in the booth.

I coloured with embarrassment but tendered the money, keen to leave the shop, however the man stepped over and put his hand on my groin. ‘Interesting there is no stain from all your hard work’, he said.

I pulled away and made to leave but I was grabbed by the straps on my rucksack and pulled back. ‘No need to leave so quickly son’, he whispered in my ear and I was suddenly filled with a sense of foreboding.

The woman walked over to the door and clicked the latch and pulled the blinds down and turned to me; ‘Let’s see what the dirty little tourist has to offer’, she said.
My rucksack was pulled from my back by the man who handed it to the woman and then his iron fists clamped onto my arms preventing me moving. Her first discovery was my stock of incontinence pads, including the wet one. “Interesting”, was her only comment as she removed my tablet PC, passport and wallet.

I protested loudly and she stopped going through my belongings and walked over to the leather display and returned with a ball-gag and that put an end to my protests.
‘So Mr Tim Green’, she said reading my passport, ‘you are clearly a well off tourist as there must be over 1000 euros in your wallet. I wonder what your PC tells us about you?’ She turned it on and I cursed the fact that in the museum I had just put it to sleep and I had never bothered to set a screensaver password.

She obviously knew how to search computers because it didn’t take her long to find the letter I had sent to my new employer confirming I would be starting with them two weeks this coming Friday and also the booking confirmation that showed I was staying in a cheap hostel near the centre of town. A Eurotunnel ticket in my wallet also confirmed I had a car with me and that I wasn’t leaving for a few days.

If that was bad I realised that there was worse in the photo gallery and she soon found the photos Mollie had taken and I had kept. How I wished at that moment that I hadn’t. The photos were good, which was why I had kept them. But the subject matter, my self-bondage positions, was not one I cared to be seen at this moment, but seen they were.

The woman put the tablet down and walked over to me and although I struggled against the gorilla’s grip I couldn’t stop her undoing my belt and pulling my trousers down and there for all to see was the white incontinence pad visible through my shorts. She pulled my shorts open and noted the sticky mess inside.

‘What a pathetic and disgusting creature you are’, she said, ‘but one that will be of use to us I think.’ I didn’t like the sound of that but my struggles against the gorilla holding my arms got me nowhere.

I was powerless to prevent her removing my trousers, shoes and socks. She then pulled my shorts off and unbuttoned my shirt before nodding to the man. He relaxed his grip slightly, but only to allow her to remove my jacket and shirt before he clamped my arms in his vice-like grip again. I was now naked.

The ball-gag was unbuckled and I was allowed to speak. ‘You can’t do this to me’, I shouted and the woman smiled a crooked smile; ‘I rather think we can. I mean who is going to miss you, and anyway you will be paying for the same fun you were clearly having in those photos but with a Dutch twist, so what’s not to enjoy?’ To make her point further she removed the cash from my wallet and put it into the till.

‘Before we go any further you seem to be leaking and we don’t want a mess in the shop.’ I looked down to see my wet cock and when I looked up she was tearing open a package she had removed from a rack with a label above it that said “ABDL”.

What she held up was an adult sized towelling nappy with poppers down the sides. It was soon between my legs and clipped in place and I blushed with embarrassment. The soft material caressed my cock.

‘Now we can see from the photos that you don’t use ball-gags, I don’t see why not but as you are the client I’ll find you something more to your liking.’ She disappeared again and returned with several more packages from another display. She tore them open and dropped the scarves onto the shop floor.

She selected two blue ones and reached into the nappy and used one to dry my sticky groin before balling it up, making sure that the sperm was on the outside, and then forcing it into my mouth. The other scarf was knotted in the middle and the knot forced into my mouth before the scarf was tied in place. My cock stiffened in the nappy as I explored this new type of gag and found it was effective and even through the towelling I could see it twitch and so could she.

‘Now I noticed you browsing our selection of clothing on your way through the store which is a bit strange given that you are naked in all your photos; but as you have paid us well the least we can do it let you pick something nice to wear.’

I was dragged over to the rack I had seen briefly when I walked to the back of the shop. The owner picked out several; all of which were woman’s uniforms, but gagged as I was I couldn’t ask why she had chosen them.

She held each up against my body and it was soon clear she was not looking for me to choose one; instead she was watching the reaction of my cock through the nappy. I don’t really know why but two uniforms in particular got a big reaction and I realised I was going to wear one of them quite soon.[/SIZE]

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Chapter 3

[SIZE=14px]She collected the two uniforms and dragged me upstairs. The room was lined with mirrors on two walls but otherwise the ceiling, walls and floor were painted black and the lighting was subdued. A metal framed bed was against one wall; and in the middle of the floor were several large pieces of equipment I recognised from magazines and DVDs as used in dungeons.

The door clicked closed and I realised I was trapped. She tossed one of the uniforms to me; ‘put it on’, she commanded and realising I had no choice I pulled on what turned out to be a school girl style uniform; consisting of a very tight white blouse and a short plaid skirt along with ankle length white socks. ‘You look very flat chested my dear’, she said. She removed the blouse and fitted me with a padded bra before pulling the blouse back in place; ‘that’s better, you’re well endowed now and we are ready to have some fun.’

I was still gagged so I couldn’t protest as I was pushed over to the bed and tied face up with my limbs stretched out to the four corners and secured with rope just as I was in my self-bondage photos.
She reached behind my neck and unknotted the scarf gagging me and plucked the wet material from my mouth. As soon as I had moistened my lips I asked; ‘why are you doing this?’ and she replied; ‘because whenever we come across a suitable victim we both enjoy humiliating him or her; we don’t mind which.’

She removed her knickers and balled them up in her hand; ‘our captive schoolgirl should be properly gagged for her ordeal. She would of course be wearing her school knickers and would probably also wear a school scarf; both provide admiral material for a good gag.’ She forced the balled material into my mouth and then looped a rough woollen scarf through my mouth several times to hold it in place.
Her colleague thrust a pillow under my arse and removed the nappy. As I looked down over my false breasts I could see the plaid skirt was now tented by my erection. I looked across at the woman just in time to see her buckling a belt around her naked waist. Attached to the front was an enormous phallus gleaming with lubricant.

She climbed onto the bed and it was obvious where it was going. She reached between her thighs and positioned the solid penis shaped head against my rectum and pushed none too gently, forcing it inside me. I screamed from the pain but the gag was effective and, roped to the bed I could do nothing to prevent her burying its full length inside me.

The pain ratcheted up to a whole new level as she withdrew the dildo almost all the way out and then pushed forward hard, slamming it all the way in again. I was systematically raped by this latex invader and I was helpless to prevent it.

I was soon crying with the pain and my brain convinced me that my arse was being split in two. This went on for what seemed like hours but was probably minutes until she tired of the exertion and climbed off the bed. I could see the dildo was covered in brown excrement and blood.

She removed the dildo and lifted up my dress for me to see. It was stained with my pre-cum; ‘what a disgusting girl you are’, she raged, ‘you will be punished for this and I have just the punishment in mind.’[/SIZE]

Chapter 4

[SIZE=14px]The man stood at the end of the bed smiling as he held up a banana. I couldn’t understand what he was doing but I had no choice but to watch as he unpeeled it. ‘Guess where this is going!’ he laughed leaning forward and I felt it being forced into my abused rectum. It was soon followed by several more.

‘Now that you are nicely full we need to keep it inside for a while and you have provided the ideal way of doing just that.’ He picked up one of my incontinence pads, tore it in half and rolled it into a cylinder with the absorbent side outermost. The material was forced into my rectum. ‘Normally I would use a large tampon but your pad will do an even better job. I dipped it in cod liver oil so it will quickly expand ensuring it won’t be coming out anytime soon’, he said chuckling.

‘Of course when you do manage to remove the blockage there will be a large mess and we can’t have our little school girl messing herself can we? Fortunately I have a solution.’ He held up a disposable nappy; the sort a baby wears only much bigger. Soon it was fitted around my waist and held in place by four sticky tabs.

He then untied the ropes and pulled me off the bed and wrapped duct tape around the top of the nappy before removing the gag. The short dress fell down and almost covered the white nappy, but as I moved it didn’t disguise the crinkling sound.

The woman looked over from the other side of the room; ‘as I imagine you are a bit dry from being gagged we will go out for a coffee and then a walk; a bit of fresh air will do us all good I think.’ ‘I can’t go out dressed like this!’ I protested and then I recoiled as a handcuff was clicked onto my right wrist and I found myself joined to the gorilla. ‘Now you go where I go’, he said simply.

The woman laced some pumps onto my feet and then unlocked the door and I was dragged down the stairs, through the shop and out into the street. Fortunately it was dark and this area of town was not particularly busy and neither was the coffee shop across the road; the very one I had sat in before making the fateful decision to visit the sex shop.

The gorilla made me sit at the table in the window whilst the woman got the drinks. Sitting on the bulky nappy was a strange feeling but I was used to the feel of absorbent material around my cock although I was surprised that my cock was hard under the nappy. I couldn’t feel the effect of the bananas in my arse but I suspected I would soon.

The woman returned with the coffee and when I sipped it I found it had a funny taste. When I remarked on it she said it must be the Jenever she had added. Judging by the taste and the large mug I had compared to the small cup they were drinking from at least half of it was alcohol. ‘The sooner you drink it the sooner we can leave’, she said.

As I drank it as quickly as I could, several people came into the coffee shop and I couldn’t miss the strange looks they gave me, but being Amsterdam no-one said anything. Finally I finished the drink and I was led outside.

We didn’t go back across to their shop; instead we walked along one of the many canals. I had to keep pace with the gorilla to save my wrist being cut by the metal handcuff, but suddenly I was hit by a wave of cramp in my stomach and I bent double with the pain and cried out.

The man stopped and waited for me to recover and then informed me that the cramps were the bananas working in my rectum. He assumed me with a smile that the blockage would ensure they stayed inside for quite a while.

I tried to expel the pad; but try as I might it remained stuck in my rectum. I was forced to continue walking; stopping every now and then as another wave of cramp hit me. Each seemed stronger than the last until finally I managed to push at the same time as a massive cramp and I felt the plug being expelled. It was like the dam breaking; on the next cramp I felt banana slipping out and I could feel it lying between my legs held in by the nappy.

The gorilla placed his free hand between my legs and squashed the nappy upwards against my groin; ‘there’s a lot more to come; we’ll continue to walk and that will loosen your bowels.’
Several times during the next twenty minutes I felt another wave of cramp and each time there was a “plop” in the nappy as more banana slid out. I could feel the nappy getting fuller and fuller and I realised that was why he had used the duct tape.

The cold night air coupled with the gin I had consumed meant I now had a headache and was somewhat light headed. I wasn’t prepared for what happened next. I had been aware for a while that I had a full bladder but I hadn’t expected to lose control of it; but loose it I did and soon the front of the nappy was warm and wet with my urine. I am not ashamed to say I started to cry with embarrassment.

The woman guided us over to a bench overlooking the canal and I realised as I sat down that I was sitting on a very messy nappy. I could feel the warmth spreading over my groin. ‘Empty?’ she asked and I nodded not sure whether I was, but what else could I say?[/SIZE]

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[SIZE=14px]Chapter 5

We walked slowly back to their shop although my walk was more of a waddle thanks to the drooping nappy. Once inside I was taken back to the bedroom and the handcuff was removed followed by my clothes leaving me just wearing the full nappy.

She caressed my groin through the dirty material. My strong erection didn’t go unnoticed; ‘I think you enjoy wearing this’, she said laughing.

‘It’s time to get you ready for a night’s rest as you have a big day ahead of you tomorrow.’ I didn’t like the sound of that but she ignored my plea to be released. Instead she said; ‘as you clearly enjoy self-bondage we’re going to introduce you to a way of doing it that you can try for yourself at home.’ I was pushed onto the bed but before I could lie back she produced some rope and bent my right leg and tied my ankle to the top of my right thigh just below the edge of the nappy and then repeated it with my left leg before roping my ankles together.

‘You always seem to concentrate on tying yourself to the corners of your bed judging by the photos, but this way as the night unfolds you will feel more and more uncomfortable. After all bondage is about being uncomfortable.’

She roped my knees to the side of the bed and pulled them as far apart as she could which increased the tension on the muscles in my upper thighs and I could see even more clearly my erection through the nappy.

‘With a little imagination you could do all this yourself and then tie one wrist to the headboard and use a handcuff for the other with a frozen key as your way out.’ She then did exactly that but there was no sign of a key.

‘Obviously there are a few other things most self respecting self-bondage enthusiasts would do before clicking the handcuff closed; but as you can’t do them now I’ll have to do them for you.’ She stuffed my mouth with a bandana and tied a knotted one over my mouth to hold the packing in place.

She then pealed back the duct tape sticking the nappy to my skin and I felt her smearing cream over my cock and balls. She smoothed the duct tape back into place and patted the nappy before screwing a pair of sharp clamps to my nipples. ‘Self-bondage can always be improved with a blindfold’, she said and my world went dark as a scarf settled over my eyes.

She whispered in my ear; ‘the heat cream on your cock coupled with your full nappy probably means you won’t get much sleep; but you never know!’ A few minutes later I heard the door click closed and suddenly it was quiet.

It didn’t take long for my cock and balls to feel like they were on fire; but I was powerless to do anything about it, other than scream into the gag which of course I did. Sometime during the night I suffered more stomach cramps and I felt more bits of banana being expelled into the already full nappy.

She was correct; I didn’t get much sleep and by the morning I had severe cramp in my bound legs but, as I was unable to move a muscle, I couldn’t do anything to relieve it.
[/SIZE] [h=1][/h]
Chapter 6

[SIZE=14px]Finally I heard the door open. I had no idea what time it was. I blinked as the blindfold was removed and watched as she untied me and then told me to get off the bed.
I nearly fell over as my legs recovered from being tightly restrained all night. I was helped to the bathroom and the full nappy stripped off. I was hosed down in the shower and dried off with a soft towel. The disgusting nappy was dropped into a bin bag and then my groin was shaved and baby oil rubbed in.

‘A nice side effect of the banana enema is that your bowels are now completely empty; which is just perfect for today’, she said, her voice adopting a menacing tone.
I was then allowed to go to the toilet before being given breakfast consisting of cold meat and cheese. I was still naked and I soon found out why.

I was led downstairs to a small room which I guessed was at the back of the shop. The room was only about 3m by 3m with a high ceiling. Both the walls and ceiling were covered in mirrors and the floor was black rubber with a drain in one corner and in the opposite corner was a small chest of drawers A thick shiny chain dangled from the ceiling right in the centre of the room.

My wrists were pulled behind my back and crossed so that they were against my shoulder blades. I watched in the mirror as the woman bound them in place with two leather straps. She then pulled my ankles apart and strapped them to the ends of solid black bar.

‘Now it’s time for you to earn your keep’, her voice whispered in my ear. ‘We have many punters who as well as watching DVDs are willing to pay to entertain themselves with a willing subject; and you are willing aren’t you?’

I shouted that I wasn’t and that I was being held against my will in the hope that someone would hear; but my cry was short lived as a large cloth was forced into my mouth and a white scarf was wound several times around my around my head to keep it there.

She then pulled something over my head; that seemed to be made of similar material to ladies tights. I could just about see through it; but judging by what I could see of my reflection in the mirror my face could not been seen from the outside.

A drawstring was tightened around my neck and then I watched as the woman buckled a leather harness around my head. It had straps that buckled under my chin and a D ring on the top which she clipped to the hanging chain.

My wrists were then pulled up to the harness with an additional leather strap, leaving me totally helpless. I could see my cock was stiff with anticipation; not something I wanted to advertise but as I was naked there was nothing i could do. The couple left the room and I was left to dangle in anticipation.

I didn’t have to wait long before a middle aged man entered and closed the door. He walked around me; not realising I suspect that I could see him, although my view through the material was quite distorted.

He unzipped his trousers and stepped out of them, followed by his pants, and I could see he already sported a massive erection. He took hold of it in one hand and started to masturbate as he continued to walk silently around me. He didn’t touch me and it didn’t take long for him to climax and his sperm jetted over my groin and legs. He dressed and left without saying a word.

A few minutes later a woman walked in. I couldn’t determine her age but I could tell she was experienced when she knelt in front of my erect cock and took its full length in her mouth.

I couldn’t see how she could possibly do that and not choke; but she clearly could, because I could feel her throat muscles working the bell-end of my cock whilst her lips caressed my balls. I moaned through the gag as she skilfully brought me to a climax and swallowed my entire load. She licked me clean and then left.
I began to get the feeling that each of these punters had paid for only five minutes of time with me.

The next man to visit was determined to rape me with his cock; not easy to do standing up but my spread legs enabled him to access to my rectum and he ignored my scream as his un-lubricated cock penetrated me. He then started to pound away until accompanied by a surprisingly high pitched scream I felt a warm discharge inside me and then he too left.

There was no let up in the flow of punters. A woman entered and quickly stripped naked. Her body was not exactly pretty but I soon felt her large breasts against my chest as her teeth gripped my nipples, teasing and biting them and I could see in the mirror her hands were playing with herself between her legs.

When she climaxed she bit down hard on my right nipple and my muted scream merged with her own orgasm. She kissed me on the gag exactly where my mouth would be, got dressed and left.

I thought I had suffered every possible humiliation but the next visitor used his massive hands to smack my bare arse until it felt like it was on fire. All this fuelled his erection and soon his cum splattered my groin adding to the mess.

Later another woman entered and quickly stripped off and used her hands to give me an erection. She then took me completely by surprise by putting her arms around my shoulders, jumping up and coiling her legs around my stomach.

How she managed to insert my erection inside her I don’t know but suddenly I was being brought to a climax by her internal muscles as her weight pulled down on my shoulder muscles until they felt like they were on fire. My climax was inevitable as was hers.

As the day wore on several men came in one after another; masturbated and then quickly left.

The procession of men was broken by a tall woman who had the appearance of an Amazonian. The dark skinned lady had long legs and was well muscled when she stripped off.
I was still admiring her body when her fist slammed into my stomach leaving me retching through into my gag. During the next five minutes she worked on various parts of my body; notably my kidneys, knees, thighs and upper arms before delivering several blows straight to my testicles and as I hung limply from the chain I watched as she dressed and left. I knew I would be bruised in all the places she had clinically worked on.

The next person came in wearing a long leather coat. When the door clicked closed she dropped the coat on the floor and revealed and starched blue uniform with a white bib and blue skirt. She walked over to the drawers and removed some items.

She smothered my groin in white cream and then the air was filled with the scent of talc as she liberally coated the cream. A large disposable nappy was taped around my waist and then she lifted her dress and filled a urine tube with her pee. The yellow liquid was poured into the nappy and I could feel its warmth as it pooled around my groin.
She walked behind me and I could see in the mirrors her hands reach around my body and settle on the nappy and she proceeded to rub my cock through the wet material until it was firm once more. I didn’t think I would be able to climax again so soon but she had other ideas and the combination of her hands and the cream ensured that eventually she felt my orgasm.

She left and I almost cried with relief when the door opened and the woman and her gorilla entered. I was untied and the hood and gag removed. ‘You did well’, she said, ‘we earned good money from you today.’

I was taken back upstairs to the bedroom still wearing the nappy and fed. Sometime later they allowed me to use the toilet.

Back in the room with the bed the woman clipped a towelling nappy - the same one she had used at the very start - around my waist and then handed me a pair of red silk cami-knickers and a well stuffed red bra to wear. The knickers looked ridiculous against the white towelling.

I was then tied to the bed in a familiar pose; face up with my arms and legs tied to the corners with red rope. The woman pulled the knickers down and unclipped the nappy to allow her to clamp a ring vibrator onto the base of my cock and push another into my arse. ‘The one in your arse is now sitting on your prostate gland so that should be interesting for you’, she said turning both on.

She pressed the poppers on the nappy together and pulled the knickers over the top and together they ensured the two vibrators stayed in place. Before they left I was gagged with white silk knickers and a knotted white scarf. I lost track of the number of orgasms during the night.[/SIZE]