The wrong restroom?

Throughout life, I’ve had a tendency to do things the wrong way. I didn’t figure out the method to putting my shoes on the correct feet until about a year ago. Up until that point, it was just dumb luck as to if I got them on right. If not, I’d notice a strange feeling in my feet and quickly slip them on correctly. Same thing goes for driving, traveling by bus, and a lot of other things. I would somehow manage to turn myself around at least half the time.

When I was around six years old, I accidently wandered into the wrong (and very pink) bathroom in elementary school. Ever since that time, I have had a morbid fear that such an event would repeat itself.

While that has yet to occur, I did have a small scare related to it this evening at my university.

Typically, (as most guys on the forum will attest to) the men’s bathroom has urinals displayed for use as soon as you walk in. I use this almost as a fail-safe just in case the above fear presented itself. It’s a reassurance that I am in the right restroom, beyond trusting my eyes to read the ‘Men’ sign on the door correctly

Today I walked into a restroom I’d never been in before; instead of urinals, I saw a row of stalls like I’d never previously witnessed. According to the many female friends I have, a large number of stalls is hallmark of the Women’s restroom. With that in mind, I had a little mini-freak out moment. I had to gather my wits, step outside and look twice at the sign before realizing that I was in the correct location. I eventually did see the urinals; they were off to the right inside the door.

I really don’t have a point to make. I just had this happen today and wanted to get it out of my head. I guess I could pose the question to the forum… has anyone ever walked into the other gender restroom on accident?

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Just what I want to see while I’m trying to enjoy my spicy chicken nuggets and frosty :o

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Plenty of places here have ways to see between the two. One club I used to go to every now and again has one way mirrors in the wall between the urinals and the ladies sinks and a restaurant actually had a hole in the wall where you’d expect mirrors to be so that the two sets of sinks were back to back with no wall between.

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Does this mean Kita is transgendered or male?

I walked into the men’s room about 2 years ago by accident. I’d been working several stores in a chain with similar layouts, and after a while I just worked off a memory pattern. This one store was a mirror image, though, and I was thinking about other things… I got about 2 steps in before spotting a urinal, at which point I realized my mistake and left. No harm done.