The Wrong Bus - Complete

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Chapter 1

Cody sat at alone at the bus stop, feeling anxious he couldn’t stop fidgeting. His eyes darted side to side as he flicked between scanning the roads back to checking the time displayed on his phone. He was dressed smartly today in a clean white polo and navy blue jeans, his white laced sneakers completed his outfit. Today was his first day of college and he refused to turn up late for his first class. He wasn’t accustomed to taking the bus to this area and a rather long distance from home too. Unfortunately for him there was no direct service that would take him from home to the campus which meant switching routes halfway through the trip. This stop was that middle exchange the point he was supposed to switch to the next bus; the sign didn’t have anything to say if he made it to the right spot. The only indication that told him it was right was the number 23 plastered over a ratty sign which hung over a pole above his head. It did match the number against the time sheet his mother had written down for him, graciously she had sent it over an email because she had no doubt he would misplace the physical one.

He tapped his foot rhythmically against the pavement and checked his phone again. The bus was due to arrive ten minutes ago; he had never had one run this late before. Maybe public buses were always this late; he had only ever taken the school bus to high school before. The area was unfamiliar to him so he couldn’t really walk around and ask someone for directions. Not to mention the nagging fear in the back of his mind that kept telling him if he left this spot he would surely miss the bus. His mother made certain to remind him on multiple occasions that if he was to miss this connecting bus then the second wouldn’t be for another hour. She recommended he take the earlier one, but his late night sessions playing video games with friends prevented him getting enough sleep to wake up earlier enough for that idea.

That morning his mother had come into his room uninvited, whipped open his drapes and ripped his quilt off of him. He was still half asleep and was barely consciously paying attention to her comments that he was going to be late for his first day. She then briskly left the house and drove off for work before Cody even had a chance to fully wake up and respond. It took some effort to stop himself from falling right back asleep digging deep he barely managed to find enough motivation to get out of bed and dressed. The first bus trip was uneventful; the stop was practically right outside his front door. But at least it was running on time leaving him with a ten minute leeway between changeovers. Or so he thought, now his phone was saying it was quarter past, surely no buses ran fifteen minutes late.

Finally, as he peered down the road once more a bus came into his view, turning down his street and rolling down the road to his stop. He stood up, arching to get a better look for any indication it was his bus. This one didn’t look as well-worn as the other had been, it looked rather in keeping with the buses he used to take to school. He couldn’t make out the number but he did see Clearview Valley runing along the digital screen on the front. The bus looked like it was intending to pass him so Cody quickly and eagerly stuck out his hand. Thankfully it indicator blinked as it pulled up alongside him, he didn’t have time to read the full message that was on the screen. He veered his gaze away from it after reading Clearview Valley C-----; obviously it was about to read college, but he was more focused on grabbing his bag from the bench before he accidentally left it behind.

The bus came to a stop and the door swung open automatically, Cody took one step inside before being greeted by the driver. She was a friendly looking woman, middle aged with a big smile plastered across her face.

“You’re looking a bit loss sweetie, are you with the school?” She asked with a hint of mild confusion.

“Yes, Clearview right?” He asked.

“Yep… This is the one, step on up darling.” She replied, offering him a warm smile.

Cody pulled out his bus pass and looked around briskly for the meter to scan it.

Seeing his confusion the driver spoke up. “No charge for this one hun.”

Cody smiled, things were finally starting to turn in his favour, and a free trip was a huge score. Maybe this bus was always free of charge; any extra money for a student with no work still living off an allowance from his mother was a big win in his mind. He curiously scanned the rows for a place to seat noticing an unusually high number of children and parents then what he expected for a public bus. A woman sitting at the front closest to the driver grabbed his attention and beckoned for him to take the seat next to her. The bus had already started lurching forward and rather than suffer the embarrassment of falling flat on his face in front of everyone he graciously accepted her offer and took the seat beside her.

“Thought you might like to sit up here, it can get a bit noisy back there with all the kids.” The woman continued extending her hand. “I’m Nancy.”

Cody wondered if all people who took public transport were as friendly and inviting as this woman was. “Cody, nice to meet you. Thanks for the seat.” He said returning the handshake, taking a moment to study her facial features.

She was definitely younger than the bus driver, but still middle aged. Maybe her late thirties he wasn’t exactly sure. She had long brown hair tied up behind her head in a neat pony tail. She wore only a small amount of makeup around her eyes and you could only make out the faintest of wrinkles on her face. Another thing he noticed was the bright green polo she wore, he tried to make out the font under the smiling sun motif on her front pocket when he realised he was practically staring at this strangers breast. He abruptly turned his head away, staring forward hoping she hadn’t noticed and didn’t think he was some kind of pervert. If she had noticed she didn’t give any indication and continued with the conversation as normal.

“So you’re with Clearview…” Nancy said, taking a moment to pause as she looked for the right words to say.

“Yeah, it’s my first day here.” Cody said with a small smile, pondering in his mind how proud he was that he could finally consider himself an adult, one who was studying at college no less.

“Oh how wonderful, we’ll we will be glad to have you join us that’s for sure.” Nancy replied, giving his thigh a gentle squeeze.

“Oh you’re a teacher?” Cody said, with no subtlety to the surprise in his voice.

Nancy laughed, “Something like that, I do have my teaching degree but I feel like I spend most of my time running after the kids making sure they don’t get into any mischief then actually managing to teach them anything.”

College was starting to sound less stressful already, if all the teachers were like Nancy he should have no problem settling in to any of his classes. What had she meant by stopping them from misbehaving though? Perhaps even at their age students still misbehaved in their classes like high school. Thankfully Cody wasn’t a big party animal, he wasn’t the best student though either. Forgoing most of his study time or homework in exchange for movie sessions or playing the latest video games. It meant that most of his assignments ended up being handed back with a C or at best a B-. As far as he was concerned these were passing grades and he opted not to change any of his study habits or lack thereof.

It also hadn’t gone unnoticed to him her usage of the word ‘kids.’ His mother still referred to him as her little treasure, this woman probably had children of her own and it was just a force of habit. It did little to deter the feeling he had of his profound level of maturity. Even with the age gap between them it now felt like he was talking to this woman as an equal. His mother never really encouraged or acknowledged his adulthood. She would always seemingly talk down on him like he was still a child, even going as far as to wipe his mouth with a napkin if she took notice of a stray piece of food smeared across the corner of his mouth. He had recently started to put his foot down with her and establish more boundaries; she didn’t like that of course.

She often grew upset whenever he mentioned he was now an adult and he needed his space. He understood that it was hard for her being a single mother and him an only child. So recently he started letting her get away with more stuff like kisses on the cheek or a quick cuddle when she felt the need for one. He often woke up to tucked in sheets and realised she must be doing it after he fell asleep, he decided not to say anything about it though, he would let her have that one. At least her mood had been changing about him going to college since he started letting her do little things for him around the house. It didn’t make him feel younger though, at first it did but he drew reasoning in his mind that he had shown a higher level of maturity for rationalising her position and giving her some of the comforts she seemingly yearned for.

Nancy continued the small talk with Cody for some time, it was nice having a grown up conversation with someone. Occasionally she would lean over and tell the children to quieten down; it seemed like her teacher instincts never left her even when she wasn’t at the college. Cody wasn’t sure how long they had been travelling for; the campus couldn’t be too much farther off. Finally a loud yawn escaped him causing a giggle from Nancy.

“Sounds like someone didn’t get a full night’s sleep! You must have been excited for your first day.”

Cody cleared his throat trying to brush off the yawn. “Haha, yeah something like that…” He said, avoiding mentioning his late night gaming sessions.

“Why don’t you just lie back and catch some shut eye.” Nancy asked. The way she told him and her gentle caress on his thigh made it almost feel like she was telling him what to do rather than suggesting it.

Cody blushed, he was a heavy sleeper there was no way he would wake up on his own, it’s why his mother would always enter his room so abruptly throwing off all the sheets in order to make sure he got the message to wake up.

Seemingly reading his mind Nancy continued. “It’s alright sweetie, we have the same destination I promise I’ll wake you when we get there. Trust me, you will feel much better after a quick sleep; you have a long day ahead of you.”

It honestly didn’t at all sound like a terrible idea and Cody’s eyes were starting to feel rather heavy. It would probably be just a quick five or ten minute power nap they shouldn’t be that far off.

“Alright, I probably could use the sleep.” He said before laying his head back against his seat.

The chairs did feel rather comfy, this was what he would expect from a coach, it was odd having headrests and comfy seating on a public bus he thought.

“Now before you nod off are you wearing any protection, we wouldn’t want you having an accident and being caught without having your diaper on?”

Cody smirked at her playful tone; clearly she was just having a jab at him because he was here on the bus having a nap next to a teacher. He decided to play along with her. “I don’t need diapers; I’m a big boy now.” Was the last thing he sheepishly said before drifting off to sleep.

Chapter 2

‘Cody……Cody….It’s time to get up’. The gentle voice spoke that was rocking him awake.

“Wha…mom please just a bit longer.” Cody mumbled.

The voice laughed, “Come on now everyone’s waiting on you we’re here.”

Finally the sleepy young man opened his eyes to be met with the blaring sun beaming down through the bus window. He first noticed Nancy sitting next to him and remembered he was on the bus. Instantly he felt awkward and blushed, shifting uncomfortably as he realised he had called her his mom. But as he looked around he quickly realised he had a more pressing concern.

“Wait where are we?” He said out loud with audible concern in his voice.

Instead of looking out to the main street of his college campus every window showed a much more scenic landscape. Rolling pastures and trees surrounded them, the bus was parked atop a gravel road and it looked like they were at some kind of farm or campsite he wasn’t sure.

“Sweetie, we’re here what do you mean where are we this is where you’re supposed to be.” Nancy said trying to calm Cody from having a panic attack.

“No we’re not, I’m supposed to be at the college you said we were going to Clearview?” Cody said still struggling to fully grasp the situation.

“We’re a far stretch from the College Cody; we’ve been on the bus for almost two hours now.”

“But, you said you were a teacher at Clearview, I’m so confused.” Cody replied trying to remain calm.

Nancy smiled. “Sweetie, I’m from Clearview Childcare and Early development, the day-care. Didn’t you read the bus sign?”

“I….Didn’t see the full message.” Cody stammered, everything now clicking into place. The matching Polo that all the adults seemed to be wearing and it explained why the bus was full of kids.

“Can you please take me back, I’m already so late.”

Nancy shook her head. “I’m sorry for all the confusion Cody, but we can’t just take you back it’s a two hour drive by bus and you won’t get any taxi out here, I’m afraid you will just need to spend the day with us.”

Cody was gobsmacked; this was all too much for him. He was supposed to be in college not part of some glorified day care excursion.

Nancy saw the tension and did her best to calm him. “It’s alright we’re more than happy to have you with us for the day, you will have a blast I promise.” As she said this Nancy put her hand on Cody’s thigh once again giving it a squeeze.

Cody’s eyes grew wide as he felt her warm hand make direct contact with his skin. Looking down he realised he was no longer wearing any trousers, his shoes were still on but in place of his underwear Buzz Light year stared proudly back at him. Cody quickly drew his hands to his foreign underpants immediately getting a crinkle in response.

“It’s alright, I check you already and no accident’s so well done!” Nancy said noticing his reaction.

“WHERE ARE MY PANTS?” Cody shouted.

Nancy’s tone changed completely hearing the boy shout. “You said you didn’t need diapers you were a big boy, so I assumed you meant pull ups but I checked your bag there weren’t any. We had to pull over so I could check the cargo for some your size, luckily we had a packet that was large enough.” “But that was a joke, I’m an adult going to college of course I don’t wear these.” Cody explained, now desperately trying to cover the colourful blue padding with his hands.

“Age is just a number sweetie; anyone can still have trouble with the potty.” Nancy replied.

“Can I have my pants back please, this was just a mistake I don’t need these. How did you manage this anyway?”

“While you were sleeping, I was worried you might pee all over the seat. There’s no worse feeling then waking up wet without your padding, I was so careful getting you changed thankfully you’re a heavy sleeper. I didn’t want to put your pants back on in case I disturbed you too much and it would let me check you easier in case you looked like you might leak. I was honestly surprised you didn’t, I had you pegged as the heavy wetter type, I almost went ahead and put you in a diaper right away but I thought I would give you the benefit of the doubt.”

The whole time Nancy spoke Cody listened on in disbelief. Surely this wasn’t happening it all felt like some kind of nightmare. It didn’t get any better as Nancy continued.

“Unfortunately your pants and underwear both managed to get packed away they would be in one of the teacher’s luggage bags at the bottom of the coach now.”

“We’ll we will just have to go get them, I can wait here.” Cody said, doing his best to sound confident and in charge.

“Look, the kids are excited to get the day started I can’t exactly leave you here by yourself so you can just come along with me. I promise no one will make fun of you, as soon as first break starts I will sort out your pants situation.” Nancy explained, her patience quickly wearing thin.

Cody’s lips began to tremble, how could this have happened? He was supposed to be a college student, he felt like he was going to start crying at any moment. Thankfully Nancy realised and was quick to put her arm around his shoulder and relax him.

“Hey there, it’s alright Cody I promise. You will have a good time, a mature boy would accept his situation and make the best of it wouldn’t he?” Nancy said cooing.

Cody replied with the smallest nod of agreement he could manage.

“There, that’s what I thought, now come take my hand and we can get the day started.”

Cody reluctantly placed his hand in Nancy’s as he was led off the bus. In a feeble attempt he tried to pull the bottom of his shirt down over his pull up with his free hand.

Nancy noticed and gently swatted it away. “Don’t do that you will ruin your shirt, also it will only bring more attention to it. I can assure you, that you might be the oldest still in padding but you certainly aren’t the only one.”

That comment didn’t do anything to make Cody feel any better, but he listened and left his left hand limp to his side, and he fought the compulsion to cover himself. Stepping off the bus Cody saw a bunch of faces turn towards them, he was sure they were all laughing at him so he did his best to avoid any eye contact and instead opted to stare down at his feet. Unfortunately his pull up was clearly in view to everyone and he was no longer allowed to cover it. He could here hushed whispering and giggling all around as he was led by hand straight to the front of the group.

“Alright that’s all of us.” Nancy said to the woman dressed like a farmer who was waiting patiently for everyone to gather. Cody made eye contact with her for a moment but quickly looked back down at his feet quickly after seeing her smile knowingly at him.

“Ok everyone, now that you’re all here.” The Farmer lady said speaking up. “My name is Jen and I will be your class chaperone today. We have a lot to see and do, you’re teachers have informed me that you all have a buddy so make sure you stick with each other throughout the day.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be your buddy for today little guy.” Nancy said, whispering in Cody’s ear.

“Bathrooms are located throughout the park, we’ll start off with the petting zoo first then after taking a break for lunch we will go down to the water slides down back.” Jen said, her speech was so well presented and rehearsed you could tell she had done it many times before.

Finally after she was finished they all broke off into smaller groups following alongside a teacher. Thankfully Cody remained alone with Nancy as they wandered over to the petting zoo.

“Normally we would stay with one of the groups, but I think you can use some alone time with me until you adjust. The first day is always the hardest; everyone misses their mommy’s or daddy’s.”

Why was Nancy speaking to him like this, did Cody have to remind her again that this was a mistake and after today he wouldn’t be back again. Surely she realised that, but why was she acting like he was going to be a permanent part of their troupe.

“I…I’m not staying; only for today I’m supposed to be in college now.”

Nancy stopped to look down at Cody and smiled, she wasn’t much taller than him hardly even a full head. She gave his cheek a pinch before kneeling down in front of him. She half crouched so her knees avoided touching the pavement and didn’t hesitate to stick two of her fingers inside Cody’s pull up. Immediately he started blushing and tensed up, before he had the chance to protest Nancy had already taken them out and was standing back up.

“You’re still dry excellent job Cody!” Nancy announced, loud enough so that anyone around them would have heard.

Cody wasn’t stupid; he knew why Nancy decided that exact moment to check him right after mentioning he was supposed to be in college. He had definitely been put back in his place, after all what kind of college student would be walking around on a field trip holding his teachers hand while still in pull ups? No grown up he knew, it was the situation only a toddler would find themselves in. Even they would get to at least wear pants; he was trotting around with his pull ups proudly on display for the whole world to see. He couldn’t imagine the humiliation he would suffer if anyone found out about today. Thankfully he didn’t recognise any faces and he was sure that the school had little to do with the college, so after today all of this would hopefully be put behind him.

The gravel pavement veered to the side, opening up into a wider area lined with pens encircled with strong wooden fencing. All manner of cute animals were inside, ducks, chickens, goats, sheep, miniature ponies anything anyone would expect to find in a petting zoo. Nancy led him over with another group into a pen with some lamb’s, chickens and a grumpy looking ram.

“Don’t worry about the ram, he just likes to look after the little ones, he won’t pay you any mind, just make sure to behave yourselves and do what your teacher tells you.” Jen told the group before heading off to check in on the others.

They were all let inside the pen, finally Nancy let go of Cody’s hand and as he turned around he realised that the teachers were staying on the other side to watch over them instead of joining them.

“Go on Cody, grab some seed and go play with the cute lambies.” She told him.

Cody looked to see if the other teacher with them had heard the comment, she cupped her hand over her mouth and whispered to Nancy. Both of them kept eye contact on Cody and chuckled, the woman looked to be a bit younger then Nancy but still definitely older then Cody was. He sighed and went over to grab some feed. Filling up a small paper bag he walked over to the lambs and a couple came over and greedily ate everything out of his hand. He didn’t entirely hate his time here, the lambs were awfully cute. The moment was short lived when he heard Nancy say “Smile Cody.”

He turned just as she held up her phone to take some photos. Great now there were permanent memories of his time here, even squatting down he was sure there was no mistaking his padded state. There was no way she would show anyone; surely they were just for her own keepsake. He made a mental note to say something to her later about it. The women turned their attention toward the others leaving Cody with a moment of solidarity. Suddenly he felt a thump and gasped as he fell backwards into a muddy puddle.

Chapter 3

Cody sat up with his arms and legs bowed out, eyes wide open and an expression mixed with shock and disbelief. He looked down at his muddy and wet legs; his bottom had become saturated as the dirty puddle quickly soaked into the pull up. The water was cold and didn’t feel pleasant at all, as it spread all over the soiled garment. Cody wasn’t sure how to feel, humiliated, depressed, weak maybe a mix of the three. He sat there for a moment unsure and began to sniffle before breaking out into a full sob.

Nancy missed the incident, but turned to see Cody sitting in a wet puddle bawling his eyes out. Instantly her care giver instincts kicked in and she rushed over to him putting her arm around the sobbing boy and pulling him to his feet.

“Sweetie what happened?” She said, holding the filthy boy out at arm’s length.

“The ram….he…he…pushed me.” Cody whined.

At this point Jen had come over to see what all the commotion was about; she quickly caught wind of what had happened. “Yeah that animal is a real grump; he gets real protective of the kids. Normally we only let the young ones in here, sometimes he buts the adults I should have spoken up before.”

“It’s alright no damage done we’ll go get you cleaned up.” Nancy said as she led Cody through the gate.

She spoke quickly to the other woman, who smiled knowingly before handing over her backpack. Cody followed next to Nancy as they quickly found their way to the closest bathroom. Cody wasn’t sure what to expect but he submissively let Nancy take charge and she brought him along inside the women’s bathroom.

“I can’t be in here.” Cody complained.

“Nonsense, plenty of women bring their children and babies in here all the time with them. I can’t exactly go in the men’s room now can I and you are practically no different than a child. Especially waddling around in that filthy pull up, now stop misbehaving or I won’t hesitate to put you over my lap.”

Cody winced at Nancy’s sudden change in demeanour and the threat of a potential spanking. He didn’t resist when she undressed him even letting her slide his dirty pull up to the floor so he now stood before this woman who was practically a stranger in the nude. His eyes were puffy from crying and he stood their trying to recall if he had ever felt this miserable before in his entire life. Nancy stood for what felt like a life time with her hands rested on her hips as she studied Cody. It felt like she was analysing him, like he was an exhibit or one of the animals in its pen.

Finally Nancy spoke up. “It seems like a waste since we will be going swimming later but we have to get you cleaned up. We can’t have you running around muddy all day now can we.” It was more a statement then a direct question but Cody still found himself nodding in agreement.

Nancy discarded the dirty pull up in the bin before wrapping his dirty shirt and shoes up in a plastic bag and stuffing it inside the one the woman had given her. She grabbed Cody and left the bathroom with him.

“WAIT, what are you doing… STOP.” Cody screeched as he tried to pull back against Nancy.

“Relax, there’s no one around, besides you haven’t got anything anyone hasn’t seen before.”

Cody could hardly believe what was happening as he was led stark naked across the gravel pavement. He winced and let out a little squeal when his foot connected with a sharp stone. Nancy noticed and lifted him off his feet and carried him so that he was forced to wrap his arms around her neck and his legs around her waist as she held one hand under his bottom for support. Nancy wasn’t that much taller than he was so he couldn’t believe she was strong enough to carry his weight. He noticed her muscles tensing, her biceps showed, she regularly must have spent time at the gym even at her age she looked so fit. Cody was also a lanky boy so it wasn’t too hard a feat for Nancy to manage.

Finally there was some luck going Cody’s way, their destination was only a short walk and they had managed to get their unseen as far as he could tell. He was let down in a similar women’s rest room, except this one doubled up as a large change room with its own showers.

She gave Cody a sharp slap on his bottom and herded him inside one of the shower cubicles. “I trust you can manage yourself or do you need some help.” Nancy asked.

Cody blushed; surely if she was to help wash him in the shower it would mean she would have to get undressed too. He couldn’t believe how tempted he was to say yes, if he got to see her naked then the tables would have turned in his favour slightly. But he couldn’t bare the embarrassment if someone were to walk in and see a grown man getting bathed by another woman like a child.

“I would be wearing my swimsuit Cody, you can relax.” Nancy said interrupting his thoughts.

Cody realised he had been ogling over Nancy and she had obviously realised what he had been thinking. “I can manage.” He said quietly before drawing the shower curtain.

As quickly as he had pulled it shut it the curtain was opened just as swiftly.

“I’ll be leaving this open so I can keep an eye on you and make sure you’re doing it properly. Clearly you’re in need of supervision in pretty much every aspect of your life.” Nancy remarked.\

Cody sighed; leaving the curtain open he turned on the tap and revelled in the feeling of warm water cascading over his naked body. He couldn’t completely relax, knowing the curtain was open and Nancy was watching him intently and at any moment someone could walk in and see did little to settle his nerves. But at least he would finally feel clean he reasoned as he washed away the mud that clung to his body. Even if Nancy was being overbearing and unnecessarily treating him like a helpless toddler he was missing how nice she had been to him earlier. As he looked towards her meeting here gaze and seeing her stern facial expressions it was a stark comparison and he felt like she was being unfairly cold to him now.

This whole day had been one humiliating ordeal for him but he suddenly longed for the much kinder woman to show her warm side again. Maybe if he behaved himself and didn’t hesitate to do what she asked she would go back to treating him with kindness again. Cody shuddered when it dawned on him that he wanted that treatment, he wasn’t a baby he was supposed to be in college. That sentence had run through his head countless times already since he arrived. But it was true, he was a grown up now, not legally old enough to drink but still he considered himself to be a man. Wanting Nancy to be nicer to him wasn’t unreasonable, it was just much better than the alternative of being scolded by an angry and frustrated woman.

There was nothing strange with that, it was completely reasonable. He felt himself smiling inwardly as he finally managed to jump the mental hurdle and rationalise the feelings he was having.

“I’m sorry.” Cody managed to say as he tried to make eye contact again. Nancy’s expression didn’t change so he continued. “I’m sorry for yelling, thank you for helping me.” He said trying again.

Cody managed to catch the small smile grow across Nancy’s face before she spoke up. “That’s alright Cody; just make sure to do what I say from now on ok? I don’t want any complaints from you; I’ve been giving you my full attention since we got here. I know this is hard for you being your first day and away from your mommy, I’m just trying to help you fit in.”

Nancy reached over into the shower and turned the water off. Cody didn’t bother saying anything in response, he knew he wasn’t supposed to be here and it was a mistake that was enough for him. If Nancy refused to acknowledge that then it didn’t matter, after today he would be back at college and he made a mental note to check the bus schedule again to make sure he got the right one this time. Cody stepped out into the shower and into the white fluffy towel that Nancy held out for him. He let his mind drift back as he tried to ignore the fact that Nancy was drying him. Tomorrow he would be back at college, making friends and meeting up with his mates from high school. He bet they were worried he wasn’t there today, he knew one of them had a car maybe he could score a lift with them after explaining he couldn’t find the right bus.

It would be embarrassing to admit giving up and going home because he was going to be too late already, but it was definitely a better solution to the truth. He would never admit that the real reason he didn’t go was because he ended up on a fieldtrip with the day care and spent the morning in pull ups because the caretaker thought he would wet himself. Cody shuddered but dared not move, as his train of thought was interrupted by the towel being brought gently between his legs to clean his bottom and over his genitals. Eventually Nancy stood back satisfied and replaced the towel back in the bag before pulling out another clean pull up. Cody was happy to have anything covering his naked body at this point and eagerly stepped into his crinkly underwear as they were held out for him.

She pulled them swiftly up his legs and slid them into place. She stepped around Cody to check behind and gave him an encouraging pat across his crinkly bottom.

“There we are, finally we have a clean boy again.”

“Thank you Nancy.” Cody replied in the nicest tone he could manage.

“Not a problem sweetie.” Nancy said as she set about putting Cody’s shoes and socks back on his feet. Thankfully they weren’t too muddy and his socks were dry at least. “Now come along we’ll go back and join the others it’s almost lunch time.”

Cody accepted Nancy’s offered hand and followed her out of the bathroom. Dressed in only a pull up and his shoes he felt much more naked without a top on. But what did it matter, everyone had already seen it earlier. The day would be over eventually and he could put it all behind up. It was his first major bump in the road as an adult, it might have come earlier than expected but he wouldn’t let it dampen the fact that he was an adult now, nothing could change that.

Chapter 4

Together they made their way to the main group just as they were all getting seated down at the tables for lunch. Cody could see multiple stares and young gazes pointed towards him, all sniggering and whispering amongst themselves. A few of the teachers shushed them and told them all to stop teasing, but that did nothing to stop the piercing gazes staring daggers through him. Cody shuddered and found himself pulling in closer to Nancy, tucking right in behind her to avoid being seen. Nancy looked down smiling; she pulled the near naked boy right up close to her side and wrapped her arm around his shoulder.

“I know it can be a bit daunting being the new kid but I promise you that once you’ve settled in they will treat you like the rest of the gang.”

Cody again avoided mentioning that there wouldn’t be any ‘settling in’ he figured that it would be a moot point by now. Lunch time meant it was by now midday meaning he was half way through the most humiliating day of his life. Just a few more hours to go and he would be home sitting at his computer forgetting about the day’s events and looking for a more reliable bus time table. Nancy sat Cody down at a table across from two older women, thankfully not one with any of the other students that would mock him. He did his best to lockout their stares and instead focused on looking straight down at the wooden bench he was seated on.

“How are you enjoying your first day at Clearview Cody? A field trip on your very first day with us, that has got to be pretty exciting huh?”

Cody looked up and saw the two women smiling across from him; they both looked older than Nancy probably in their late fifties. The woman seated directly In front of him was the one who had spoken. She had a grey bushy perm, wide brimmed glasses that masked her crow’s feet and sat elegantly atop the nook of her slightly crooked nose. She studied Cody, looking him over she smiled gently to him. Cody saw her momentarily glance downward toward his pull up causing him to shift awkwardly in his seat as he moved his hands over to cover himself.

“Cody that’s Mary and her sister next to her is Beth, they’ve been with Clearview since the beginning. Now it’s rude to not say anything when someone asks you a question isn’t it? You better be on your best behaviour with them or they might just demote you to the infants crèche.” Nancy threatened, doing her best to mask her amusement with a level of sincerity.

“That would mean no more big boy pull ups for you young man it would be straight back to diapers and spending the better part of your days lying in a crib and drinking out of a babies bottle.” Beth said, waving her finger at Cody.

All three women chuckled, Cody remained silent but couldn’t help picture the scene playing out in his head. He gulped, thankfully he wouldn’t have to test if there was any merit to their threats, not knowing what to believe anymore when it came to this school and these women. Especially looking down at the way he was dressed, well the lack of clothing would hardly even consider classifying him as being dressed.

“it’s ummm, nice. Nancy has been very kind to me, thank you for letting me join.” Cody managed to reply pretty autonomously.

“He just needs a bit more time to settle in, then you will feel right at home, isn’t that right Cody?” Nancy said giving him a reaffirming hug.

Cody chose to remain silent, offering instead the smallest nod he could muster in reply.

“Has he been checked Nancy? The potty’s over there if he needs it.” Mary explained gesturing toward the closet block of buildings to them.

“He’s actually not been too bad, just the one accident today so far.” Nancy said speaking up rather proudly for Cody.

“It wasn’t an accident I just fell into a puddle.” Cody tried to explain.

Mary looked to Beth and they both laughed. “If I had a dollar for every time I heard an excuse for why a young little miss or mr was standing before me in a sagging pull up, well I would probably be a very rich woman.” Beth quickly nodded in agreement.

Cody considered pushing the fact that it wasn’t an accident, but his train of thought was interrupted when he once again felt Nancy’s invasive fingers pushing into an opening in the leg of his pull up, prodding its way around his groin.

“You don’t feel wet Cody, it’s better to be thorough though, we wouldn’t want you ending up with a nasty case of diaper rash.”

She brushed his hands aside and Cody was made to sit there as Nancy pulled the front of his pull up out exposing his groin to the cool breezy air. Beth leaned forward and smirked.

“That’s a cute little thing isn’t it.” She said more as like a statement then a question.

Cody tried in vain to cover himself but Nancy had already pulled his pull up back in place. Mary lightly slapped her sister on the shoulder playfully, telling her not to tease the poor boy.

“It’s a dry little thing, such a good boy Cody!” Nancy remakes before quickly pulling the back of his pull up out to inspect his bottom. “Not messy either, I’m so proud of you. Would you like to go potty before we start lunch?”

Cody briskly shook his head; thankfully his pull up was once again covering him offering some small token amount of modesty. He had never considered himself small down their but this was his first experience with a woman making a comment about his size. It had to of been the cool breeze that had shrunk him. He knew that was a normal thing that happened but he couldn’t quite put the nagging thought in the back of his head to rest telling him he wasn’t the same size as the other boys.

Thankfully his worries drifted away when a plate of food was planted down in front of him. A peanut butter and Jelly sandwich, with the crust cut off. Of course he had expected something juvenile but it wasn’t the food that bothered him, it was the correlation he made when he realised that this is what he normally ate at home too. His mother would always make this sandwich for him after he returned from school as a small before dinner snack; she would even cut the crust off. It was his favourite; it had never occurred to him how juvenile it was until he found himself looking around seeing most of the others having the same thing, except for the staff who had mostly packed their own lunches.

Nancy noticed Cody’s hesitation as he stared down at the plate of food in front of him. “What’s the matter Cody? Don’t you like PB&J or did you just need some help with your food?”

“No it’s fine I do like it thank you.” Cody replied breaking out of his trance.

“Oh, so you just need a little help that’s ok.”

Before Cody could react Nancy had already taken away his plate and begun cutting his sandwich up into smaller bite sized pieces. Cody watched on as Nancy shuffled up closer to him placing her arm around his shoulders once again. She held up a piece of sandwich and moved her hand steering toward his mouth.

“Alright then Cody open up for me please.”

“No, Nancy stop this isn’t what I ——mhpf.” Cody tried to speak, but his words were cut off as the food was pushed up roughly against his closed lips.

He tried pulling back but Nancy held her arm around him tight.

“Come on Cody, I don’t have time for games, I won’t Hesitate to pull you over my lap in front of everyone here.”

Cody looked up and saw the stern expressions across the three women seated around him. He relented, pushing his humiliation ever further as he opened his mouth allowing Nancy to feed him. A splatter of jam dribbled down his lips splattering on his naked chest.

“Such a messy eater, it’s to be expected really.” Nancy said, tittering and shaking her head in a jokingly condescending manner.

Beth shuffled around for a moment in a backpack seated next to her and pulled something out offering it to Nancy,

“Here this will do the trick, the best solution for any messy eater.”

Nancy took the offered item and unfurled it in front of Cody who quickly recognised it as a bib. It looked large enough to be able to fit him and he didn’t resist allowing Nancy to wrap the blue trimmed baby bib around his neck after dabbing away at the messy spot on his chest.

She turned her attention back to the plate of food grabbing another piece of sandwich she brought it quickly toward Cody’s lips, ‘vroooom’ she said flying it toward him like an aeroplane. Cody shut his eyes tight trying to block out the humiliating gazes only opening his mouth as Nancy brought each piece towards his lips, occasionally she paused to dab at him with his bib.

Finally after the entire sandwich had been eaten Nancy spoke up. “All done, good job Cody!” All three women clapped in a childish manner and Cody did his best to grin and bear it.

“Alright everyone, now that you all look like you’ve finished eating we have a surprise for you.” Jen said speaking up from the middle of the seated area.

“Make sure you all behave and remain very quiet and we will bring out some little friends for you guys to see and pat. Make sure to be calm and if you see something you don’t like the look of shake your head and we won’t bring them over to you.”

Cody finally felt some semblance of excitement and curiosity since first patting the baby lamb earlier. As long as they didn’t bring the grumpy goat back out he might actually enjoy this part. All kinds of animals were suddenly being brought over to the tables by their handlers, little marsupials and baby lambs even a donkey was being walked around for everyone to pat. Cody didn’t see behind him but Nancy was gesturing over at something excitedly he was too focused on the llama that was now being toured around the tables.

“Cody look at this, isn’t it beautiful.” Nancy said excitedly.

Cody turned around coming face to face with a large scaly green snake who flicked its tongue at him and stared with its large glowing yellow eyes. Snakes…. Cody was terrified of snakes; his eyes grew wide as he tensed up. The only thing that broke the silence was the loud hissing coming from his pull up as it steadily grew fuller and warmer as he quickly wet himself in fear.

Chapter 5

The handler offered her apologises and moved the snake away quickly as all eyes at the table were turned on Cody and his rapidly filling pull up. The poor boy went limp as he was stood up and was led away from the table. His pull up was over capacity, streams of pee dribbled down his calves and it sagged as it hung down between his legs. He felt a hand grip the back of his pull up holding it tight as it started to look threateningly like it would fall to the ground. Finally he looked up to the person who was practically giving him a wedgie now. It revealed the rough hand guiding him belonged to Nancy, everything seemed a bit foggy but he suddenly felt better when he realised it was her with him.

“Sorry.” He found himself murmuring.

“What for sweetheart.” Nancy replied between strides.

“I didn’t mean… to wet, it was… just the… snake.”

“It’s alright dear.” Nancy stopped suddenly, making sure to leave a hand on Cody’s soggy pull up she cooed. “Babies do wee wees, in their diapers it’s to be expected we should have had you in something thicker that’s my fault.”

Cody was fighting the thick fog that was starting to cloud his judgement, this wasn’t right none of this was right. How many times had he willed to put a stop to all of this, how many times had he played out in his head that he was a college student not some pissy toddler? Yet all he could think of now was how the squishy feeling bunched up around his lower end was reminding him that he desperately needed a change.

Sensing the uncertainty emanating from Cody as he stood their twiddling his feet on the footpath, Nancy tried again to calm him.

“Cody it’s ok, plenty of people in our class have accident’s, you’ve nothing to worry about I’m going to take good care of you and get you all cleaned up.”

Cody couldn’t help letting out a small smile as Nancy pulled her arm around him tightly for a hug. Nancy was the only good thing about today, yeah she was the one who instigated all his babying treatment but at least she was nice about it. Could he have lived with never meeting this woman if it meant today never would have happened? If you asked him this morning he would have said yes with upmost certainty, but the longer the day drew on the more he doubted what his answer would be.

Maybe after today he would get to see her again, but on a more mature one on one setting. Once everything had been sorted out and she realised he was a college student, which was definitely an awkward conversation he wasn’t looking forward too. But the boundaries had grown obsolete between them, he wasn’t sure if anything could embarrass him anymore not after everything he had experienced today.

Finally Nancy led him into the changing rooms, which he silently prayed were empty. She didn’t hesitate before pulling him into the women’s side which surprisingly the whole block seemed empty. Everyone must have been out having lunch; at least his change would afford him some privacy. Undoubtedly his nudity would be privy to Nancy but he stopped considering anything between the two of them private. She had seen him naked more times this afternoon than his mother had in a dozen years.

She led Cody over to a bench and draped over a towel she pulled from a nearby locker before unceremoniously pulling down his pull up and letting it fall to the tiled floor with a wet thud. Cody didn’t bother covering his shame, there was no point, he just stood their limply and complied when Nancy ushered him to lie down over the towel. He stared up at her completely naked and vulnerable he had given himself to her completely. He watched with an almost keen interest, the feeling of dread he had clung too since leaving his house this morning seem to dissipate at this moment.

Nancy dug through the diaper bag she had brought over from the picnic area retrieving some cream, powder and wipes. She hastily made quick work in her duties making sure to wipe Cody through reaching every nook and cranny. He winced as she drew the cool wipe over his groin and Nancy had to stifle her giggle. She emptied a generous helping of cream onto her hand and reaching under him she lathered it across his bottom before spreading it over his intimates. This had much more of a reaction than the wipe had and Cody couldn’t help the growing erection he was now sporting.

“Awww that just means I’m doing a good job, your little guy is saying thank you.”

Cody bit his lip and blushed; he would have much preferred the silence. He looked down at his groin internally begging for it to go down but it refused.

Nancy noticed its stubbornness and chuckled, she continued her job as if nothing was out of the ordinary. Returning to the diaper bag she pulled out a thick plain white diaper. Cody noticed it was much larger than what would be suitable for her normal charges; he wondered why she was carrying around one so big. What purpose did it serve; he paused to look down at his slimy groin. Obviously its purpose fitted him perfectly but it wasn’t like he was expected to go on this trip. He had just followed the bus schedule and ended up on the wrong bus, the one his mother had printed off for him. Unless there were others like him at this school, older kids who still needed diapers. But how come they weren’t on this trip, he would have seen at least one of them by now. It still wouldn’t explain why she bought them along on the field trip.

Cody waited expectantly for Nancy to put him in his diaper. His diaper, he never thought he would ever think those words or experience their meaning. He just wanted it over and done with, that was all, and it wasn’t like he held some level of contempt having all this attention from a beautiful slightly older woman. If having his bottom swathed in comfy, crinkly padding was the price to pay then maybe he was happy to pay it. Nancy wasn’t satisfied she sat at the end of the Cody’s feet, stroking the padding. He thought maybe she was taunting him, but it looked like she was strongly considering something.

Finally she decided to leave the crinkly padding in her wake, as she stood up she sent a quick text message off before leaving her phone on the bench.

“Just wait there a moment Cody, don’t move a muscle I’ll be right back.”

Cody watched on in disbelief as Nancy left him alone naked on a bench in the women’s changing rooms waiting for a diaper change. He hoped desperately she would come back soon; he hated being left alone in this state especially naked. What would someone say if they were to walk in, although he doubted that if everyone hadn’t laid eyes upon him dressed in his pull up at some point today than they had surely heard about it. Maybe that would work in his favour; at least they wouldn’t see him as some kind of creep hiding in the women’s changing rooms, just another charge waiting for a clean diaper.

Maybe someone would see him in his state with the diaper at his feet and just take over and finish the job Nancy had started. He shivered, trying to block the thought out of his head. That kind of thinking wasn’t normal for someone his age, he shouldn’t want it. But part of him, a part that had been latent and was suddenly growing exponentially was crying out for him to be cared for. Maybe it was the attention from an attractive woman, and his feelings were getting all fuddled up. His mind was associating his infantile behaviour as a way for him to receive the attention that he suddenly craved. It was normal for a young man to want attention from a pretty woman even if she was older than him, but it was certainly not normal for him to want to achieve it in this manner.

He had had a girlfriend before; it was a short lived fling because they were both seniors and going to separate schools. They both quickly realised it wouldn’t last; it was a shame too Cody really liked her and they had been friends throughout school. He had hoped that maybe there was a chance to rekindle it; he couldn’t stop thinking about her over his break before starting college. Occasionally he would hover over the enrolment website for the college she was attending, but he couldn’t bring himself to go through with it. It would mean having to move and leave his mother alone; he didn’t like that idea, it felt like he would be abandoning her.

Finally footsteps broke his train of thought and he gripped down hard on the bench, hoping for a miracle that it would be Nancy and not some stranger walking into the bathroom. To his relief, it was her smiling face that he saw striding into the change rooms, and oh boy did he welcome it.

“Sorry to leave you like that but silly me I almost forgot that it’s time for swimming.” Nancy explained pulling something bulky and cloth out of a plastic bag.

Cody looked to the aforementioned item clutched in Nancy’s hand as she strode over to him. It was a swim diaper. Bulky and blue, it had small clown fish dotted around it and a wide green frilly brim around the top and leg holes, which did a lot to take away any masculinity it might have offered him. At least it wasn’t pink, he couldn’t tell if it was designed for a girl or boy in mind, he guessed that babies didn’t really have a choice in the matter, maybe it was meant to be uni-sex. But he wasn’t a baby, someone had made that big enough to fit him, well he assumed it would.

Nancy knelt down returning to work she gestured for Cody to push up and she slid the cloth diaper beneath him. Giving him a quick dusting of baby powder, enough that anyone who walked past would be able to tell he now smelled like a baby.

“Now this won’t do you any good if you wee, but it’s expected that babies pee in the water anyway.” Cody tensed up as Nancy poked and prodded around the diaper she had expertly strapped to his waist. “But, it’s meant for your number two’s, so any poopy accidents won’t go floating off in the water ruining everyone’s fun.”

Cody was shocked, did she really think he was capable of doing that, a wet accident was one thing but that was something entirely different.

“Now you just lay their a minute while I get changed ok, I need to get on my bathing suit too.”

Nancy walked over to the same locker she had retrieved the towel from, she pulled out a plain black swimsuit but to Cody it was the most beautiful one he had ever seen. She looked over at him and smiled before turning her back to him and sliding her top off.

Chapter 6

Cody couldn’t help but stare, a mixed look of bewilderment and a slight blush giving away his growing state of arousal. It felt like time was slowing down as he watched the spectacle unfolding before him, his eyes glued to the scene as Nancy finished undressing down to her underwear. Next she released the clasp of her bra with a pop, letting it fall to the growing pile of clothing beneath her. Cody couldn’t help it at this point and he found his hand slowly reaching towards his crotch and he slyly began gently rubbing the front of his plastic swim diaper. The sound it made was quite audible, but he paid no mind to it, he was too busy fixated on Nancy admiring her near naked body. He desperately wanted her to turn around so he could see her breasts, if she did she would see what he was doing to himself but that didn’t matter to him.

What he didn’t see was the coy smile Nancy had plastered over her face, she could tell what he was doing, and the crinkling of his diaper was amplified across the silent change room. She took her time slowly sliding a finger into either side of her black lacy panties and carefully lowering them down her legs as she shimmied out of them. Cody couldn’t believe his luck; this beautiful woman was now standing nude before him. He wanted so badly to speak up, to hit on her but of course that couldn’t happen. He was no longer his normal confident self, how could he pursue something dressed the way he was. He contemplated his situation, lying down across the bench dressed in an infant’s swim diaper. The one he had been put into it by the woman that he now desired to push things further with.

If he was being realistic even if he wasn’t in his current state and he were dressed normal he probably wouldn’t make the first move. Being the shy boy that he was he liked to think he was cool and confident but who was he kidding, he never had the guts to make the first move. That was probably why he was so unlucky with love except that one short lived time, women preferred someone who had confidence and would sweep them off their feet. Not a little boy who wouldn’t put up any form of resistance to being diapered and treated like a toddler who couldn’t keep his pants dry.

Cody was really starting to feel the guilt now his face was as red as a tomato but that still wasn’t enough for him to stop rubbing the front of his crinkly swim diaper. His breathing started to quicken, he knew he shouldn’t be doing this; she could turn around any moment and then what would happen. Maybe she would punish him, what if she spanked him? Or maybe, she saw that he was enjoying his predicament and she would decide to baby him further, perhaps she would drape him across her lap and make him nurse from her large breasts.

His mind was beginning to run away from him as the fantasies quickly grew more and more lucrative. Did this mean he liked the treatment he was receiving, he must admit he was enjoying the soft feeling of the plastic lined swim diaper and he couldn’t ignore the effect it was having on him. It felt like sometime had past that Nancy had standing naked picking off bits of lint from her swimsuit. Was there anything even there or was she purposely taking her time so Cody could enjoy watching longer. Finally she stopped delaying any further and stepped into the swimsuit, pulling it up her body and over her shoulders it clung tightly to her. For an older woman she still had an amazing body, the epitome of beauty, Cody had never felt this way about someone who was this age before.

She was practically a parental figure in his life at this point, he ought to be concerned. But he had only just met her and she had been so loving toward him and giving him so much attention. He loved when women gave him attention maybe that was to do with the coddling his mum had given him throughout his life. Nancy ran her hands along the suit peeling it away from her to give it the correct adjustment. She slowly traced the full length running them across her front all the way down to her bottom. Finally after what felt like a lifetime spent getting dressed she turned around to face Cody. She chose to ignore the look of guilt, his face glowing red as a tomato and his hand that retracted like a rocket to his side the moment he saw her turn around.

It was obvious to her what he had been doing, but he was such a good boy he deserved a little fun, but so did she. She loved the way it was so easy to make him blush when he was embarrassed; it made her feel good to be needed. It was such a maternal feeling, an instinct to look after him. She didn’t see a young man ready for college; no it was quite the opposite of that. No one would be able to convince her that it was his time to grow up, not after today. He put up zero fight, letting her take full control of him like a mother and her baby. Even younger kids would have put up more of a fight; maybe they eventually relented but Cody did nothing. He loved it, every part of it; maybe he wouldn’t admit it right now but she could tell. She wasn’t about to put the brakes on yet, no this was just the beginning.

“Well little mister, it seems like someone enjoys wearing his crinkly swim diaper, you wouldn’t stop squirming people could hear your crinkling on the other side of the park!”

Nancy slowly walked over to him as she spoke; carefully lowering herself she ran her hands across Cody’s diaper. She was very careful to avoid the tenting spot in the middle and instead simply adjusted his sides ensuring it was still a tight fit. Satisfied she smiled and pulled Cody to his feet. Realising he wasn’t going to have the chance to finish off he grimaced, now having a rather large case of the ‘blue balls.’

Nancy stored both of their belongings in the locker, leaving everything behind she took Cody’s hand and led the boy who was now doing his best to adjust his tented shame, out towards the swimming pools. As they trudged across the park Cody was more intrigued about the realisation that this place even had an outdoor aquatics centre. Was this not a zoo he wondered, a sign drew his attention it pointed out the path to an Archery range and a Go Kart track. This place really was a jack of all trades, how had he not heard about it before now. Nancy smiled as they walked; Cody had finally stopped acting so shy about his diapered state, walking beside her like he was dressed as he should be.

Finally the pair approached the rest of their group; Cody wondered why no one seemed to pay any mind to what he was wearing. Everyone they passed along the way looked at him their eyes quickly shooting to the frilly swim diaper wrapped tightly to his waist. But all they did was smile, some even waved. But he could tell by looking at them, the looks weren’t out of sympathy, it was like when people saw a cute toddler or baby in line at the super market. Surely they could see how tall he was, barely a head shorter than Nancy, so why did they act like nothing was out of the ordinary. Maybe they thought he was special needs and they didn’t want to draw any attention to the fact that he looked so out of place. It was the most logical conclusion he could come up with, it made him feel slightly guilty knowing that he had a sound mind and they might of thought otherwise when other people truly did suffer from these conditions.

But many of them would have seen him when they first arrived, seen him pulling down on his t-shirt in a vain attempt to cover his pull ups. They would have witnessed his decline into now being walked around in nothing but a diaper. So they had to know that wasn’t the case, was their some magic field around him that when people looked they saw nothing but a toddler or little boy. He didn’t believe in silly things like that, they’re not possible, ghosts maybe but not crazy magic force fields. Perhaps, these people were just nice and didn’t want to make fun of him. Whatever they thought of his predicament or how it came to be, maybe they were just being kind, compassionate people who were minding their own business. What was this crazy parallel universe that Cody had stumbled off the bus into?

Cody had to put away the thoughts of his near existential crisis because he realised Nancy was leading him over to the pool with the others and he had no idea how to swim.

“Ummm Nancy.” He started saying, unsure how to proceed.

“What is it sweetie?” Nancy said, stopping she waited for Cody to speak.

“How deep is the pool, I’m not a very good swimmer.”

Nancy gave her same warm smile she had continuously showed Cody throughout the day.

“Thank you for telling me sweetheart that was very brave of you, wait here for a moment ok, I’ll be right back.”

Cody waited patiently, watching out over the centre he kept note of his surroundings. There were three different pools, all quite large in size. The biggest had a diving board, a life guard chair was situated in the centre of the three and he noticed several people dressed in red carrying whistles patrolling around the area. A few kiddie fountains were spouting out water and there was a change room adjacent to one of the pools which would explain why they hadn’t seen anyone else in the change rooms further away. Eventually Nancy returned, He watched her as she approached with a pair of blue water wings in her hands.

“Alright sweetie these are an extra precaution but don’t worry I will be with you the whole time.”

She slid them up his arms, gently blowing into the nozzles to inflate them. It was a weird sensation, like having your blood pressure taken at the doctors but slightly less tight. Now looking every bit like a little baby having his first swimming lesson, he went with Nancy hand in hand toward the more juvenile of the three pools.

Chapter 7

Cody followed Nancy’s lead into the kiddie pool, carefully placing his toes in first he was surprised to find it heated to such a warm and comfortable level. The floaties attached snuggly to his arms became even more of a preposterous over thought when he realised the water wouldn’t go any higher than his knees. He may not have been a confident swimmer but it seemed an impossible attempt to find himself in danger with water this low. His arm bands did afford him some level of confidence though, perhaps it was the reassuring pressure on his arms or the fact that it almost felt like he was wearing an article of clothing. After spending most of the day walking around in pull ups and a swim diaper it was gave him the smallest notion of relief.

Unsurprisingly it wasn’t very entertaining in the water, there wasn’t much going on just a bunch of kids and their carers watching over them. He was with the youngest age group of course; occasionally he would splash back at the perpetrators. Nancy seemed content with simply hanging by his side, always within an arm’s reach of him, it would have been suffocating except for the fact he was oddly yearning for her company. Without her it would just be him waddling around with no direction, alone left to wallow solo in his humiliation. Yes she was the instigator of his headfirst fall into regression but he needed her now, he realised that. Plus the image of her changing was still strong in his mind. He couldn’t help blushing every time he glanced at her in her swimsuit, quickly averting his eyes whenever he met her gaze.

Eventually she gently led him to a seated position where the water was almost at its lowest point in the pool. Instantly his plastic swim diaper swelled up to its capacity causing him to feel like he was floating inside a water balloon.

Nancy chuckled at Cody’s surprised expression. “It’s meant for your messies more than anything, it won’t do a good job at holding in your wees or any liquids.”

Cody blushed he remained stiff, not from the remark but because Nancy had taken a seat behind him in the water pulling him in between her legs and putting her arms around his waist, cradling him from behind. The feeling was amazing; her slippery wet swimsuit rubbing against his back, the way her hands gently caressed his body. It was surreal he was totally blissful, he noticed her hands occasionally graze the front of his nappy and wanted so desperately for her to leave them there.

“You’re such a good little boy Cody.” Nancy cooed. “I’ve had a fun trip I hope you have too.”

‘Yes…’ he murmured in a quiet whisper.

“I’m glad to hear it.” Nancy said squeezing him tighter.

They sat motionless for some time, watching the world go by, enjoying the gentle movements in the water, until finally everyone started to get out.

“I suppose we better get out too hadn’t we.” Nancy explained sadly.

Cody responded by clinging even tighter to her arms, his head now lay back against her shoulder. He wanted nothing more than for this moment to continue, he could have stayed like this forever.

Nancy continued as if she was reading his thoughts. “I know my darling boy, I want to stay too but it’s time for us to go back, we wouldn’t want to miss the bus.”

Go back…… Cody knew this day had to come to an end eventually. He fought so hard at the beginning, but he really did enjoy himself. It was a welcomed reprieve from all the work and studying he had done over the years, to get himself a spot in college. Even the time between graduating high school up until this point hadn’t been the easiest for him. Trying to find work, balance that with seeing his friends and helping out around the house, he simply felt overwhelmed. He thought he wanted time alone and that isolating himself in his bedroom when he was at home away from his mom was the solution. But after today’s experience, having someone dotting around and doing everything for him and being completely reliant upon them it was for better word delightful.

Maybe he could try and reaffirm the closeness he used to have with his mother. It would certainly make for a warmer home to return to after each day at school. Nothing intense, he couldn’t imagine having his own mother treat him like a toddler. But it reminded him of a time when they got along together so well, now he was so distant to her. Maybe it was because she was overbearing, she still treated him like a little boy. But was she that far off the mark, after today with everything that had happened, maybe he deserved to be molly-coddled. Maybe he would try just talking with her first, asking her about his day, telling her about his own if she asked. Well, some kind of alternate reality where he actually made it to college. No this day would be left for the memory books, hopefully the knowledge of it would stay here and within the Clearview day care.

Yes a lot of people witnessed his predicament, but he didn’t recognise any faces, he would just stay clear from them and keep his head down at the college. It seemed like a rather tall order to completely get out of this unknowingly to anyone but he was determined to believe it was possible. Nancy was now leading him out of the water and across the pavement toward the more isolated changing room. Cody fidgeted and used his free hand to hold his heavy waterlogged diaper to his body, it was saturated and he was afraid it might fall off. Water escaped, teaming through the sides with each step they took. Eventually he felt something else, a twinging in his bladder reminding him that he needed to pee again.

Nancy watched as his hand slipped lower grasping tightly against his groin.

She stopped for a moment as they crossed a patch of grass. “It looks like someone needs the potty, it’s alright if you can’t hold it just go now and we’ll have you in some dry protection soon.”

Cody nervously peaked his head around, there was no one in their direct vicinity, and maybe he could get away with it. He wasn’t too confident that he could hold it till they reached the bathroom anyway, and there was no telling if Nancy was going to just put him straight into another pull up and not allow him to use the bathroom. Moving aside his arms he stood bowlegged, his bladder instantly released causing fresh spurts of his pee to further saturate his already overworked swim diaper. It quickly seeped through splashing against the noisy plastic fabric and over the grass beneath him. He did his best to avoid any touching him but he couldn’t help it as the warm pee splashed over his feet and dribbled down his thighs.

Finally with the flow coming to an end they continued the short walk to the change rooms. Upon entering Cody was quickly stripped from his wet diaper leaving him naked in front of Nancy for the umpteenth time. Leaving his discarded and saturated diaper on the bench she coaxed him into a shower cubicle and turned on the taps. Choosing to join him in the shower he stood idly as she scrubbed him clean with a wash cloth. Ignoring any and all modesty she paid careful attention to his groin and bottom, leaving no part of him unwashed. Finally satisfied she turned off the taps and began towelling him off. With Cody’s needs attended too she left him sitting in the nude while she dried herself, Cody watching with intensity as she changed back into her uniform.

“Alrighty then, we better get you back into some protection before you leak all over the place hadn’t we mister.”

It was more of a statement then a direct question but Cody couldn’t help but give a subtle nod in agreement. He wasn’t sure if Nancy saw his nod, but there was a beaming smile plastered across her face. Cody shouldn’t have been surprised at this point when he saw her pull the thick juvenile looking diaper from the bag. He had expected another pull up, but after wearing a swim diaper exposed to the world was this even a further step down in his maturity he thought honestly. He felt like he had hit rock bottom much earlier in the day before this moment. He even found himself lying back down on the bench without prompting as Nancy made her way over to him carrying a few bottles with her.

After coaxing him to raise his bum she slid the large diaper under his bottom and gently pushed him back down onto it. It was thick; he could tell that already, it wasn’t a bad feeling. He didn’t have time to dwell on it though as Nancy had squirted some cream onto her hand and was now lathering it across his groin. He gasped as she grabbed his penis stroking it for only a moment as she made sure it was fully covered. Cody couldn’t help his reaction, his tiny shame stood at full mast; Nancy looked at it then smiled at him as she gave him a generous coating in baby powder.

Pulling the fresh diaper tightly over him she managed to seal it shut, even with the small tent at the front of his new plastic prison offering some tiny resistance. She pulled him to his feet and inspected the tapes, shuffling the edge guards and making sure it was secure. Cody could hear the rustling, it was so much louder than the pull ups were. He crinkled with every step he took, it was so obvious what he was wearing and it’s intended purpose. At least with the pull ups it gave the illusion he had some level of potty training, that he was capable of making it to the toilet. But this, everyone would see him as the baby he was, someone who had no control and needed to be tucked away in a thick diaper. There was no going to the toilet anymore; he was wearing his bathroom now.

Nancy was beside herself, she moved her hands all over his new plastic pants. The caressing motion sending volts of electrify through his body. It was incredible; the touching…… Cody was loving every moment. She pulled him close to her body and sighed, holding him there tightly in her arms between her beasts. One of her hands drew down his body and rubbed across his bottom, the diaper rustling and crinkling loudly in response. Eventually Nancy withdrew herself and planted a big sloppy kiss on his cheek.

“It’s time to go now baby.” She gathered her things and together they set off to re-join the rest of the group.

Chapter 8

The group shuffled onto the bus and Cody found himself ushered onto the same seat he had initially arrived in. He felt grateful to be given the window seat, between Nancy sitting next to him and the tall headrests he was mostly obscured from view. The big window to the side of him gave him a good view of the outside but he was pretty confident it was difficult to see into the bus. At least that’s what Cody hoped, the thought of anyone looking in and seeing him in his diaper made him uncomftable and he shuffled awkwardly trying to push himself out of view.

Nancy noticed him shuffling about. “What’s the matter sweetie got a case of the wiggles?”

She gently pushed the palm of her hand against the front of his diaper checking for wetness.

“Looks like you’re dry, you don’t have to worry about the toilet anymore, so just let go if you feel the need to have a wee or poo.”

Cody blushed at the realisation his toilet training had officially been revoked. Nancy reached over and pulled the back of his diaper up giving it a slight readjustment making sure it was still on tight. He froze as she ran her hands over him, why did he like it so much when she touched his diaper. When he felt Nancy’s hands pulling away he found himself sliding closer to her.

She smiled. “Well then it seems like this little guy likes having someone rub his diaper huh?”

Cody blushed but nodded, Nancy quickly responded by pulling him close enough that she could sit him on her lap. The sight was comical; he was only a head shorter than her and planted firmly over her legs. He thought he would be crushing her but she didn’t even grimace, looking back at him with a big smile grinning ear to ear. She pulled one arm around him for support and continued fondling his diaper. He closed his eyes and found himself nestling his head against her shoulder. Nancy hummed gently into his ear, his diaper crinkling with every stroke. Cody was in bliss he never wanted this moment to end. The bus roared to life adding a gentle rocking motion to his euphoria as it rumbled down the country road.

He felt his eyes dropping and he fought hard to stay awake, falling asleep would mean an end to this day. He would be going home; it would be as if this day never happened, a strangely pleasurable memory he would cherish. Never in a million years would he have fathomed himself in this situation, let alone finding himself embracing it. Tomorrow would be back to the daily grind, starting college being an adult back to his big boy life. It’s a shame really; that this whole experience was so short lived. It was a gift truly being able to have this experience without judgement and being so cared for. Cody never understood why everyone treated this whole situation as if it was normal. He was a young man, out on a day care field trip and spending the entirety looking more like a toddler than the real ones.

Ah well, he guessed none of that really mattered now, the reasons why and how. He had to focus on just staying awake at this point; it was becoming increasingly more difficult. It had been a long day, a very strange…… weird day. He hadn’t actually figured out how he was going to be getting home, the day care had to be close by the college hopefully he could catch another bus or call his mum to come and get him. He suddenly realised he hadn’t had access to his phone all day or any of his belongings really. They would have everything he assumed, hopefully his clothes would be returned to him when they got back. There were so many uncertainties awaiting his return, but for some reason Cody didn’t dwell on any of them.

He should have been terrified of the unknown of what was waiting at the end of this trip. Would all the parents be there, would they see him dressed the way he was. He didn’t even know what time it was, should he have already been home by now? What if his mum had been calling asking where he was? But those thoughts went unanswered never lingering, too busy focusing on the gently movements of the bus, Nancy’s gentle humming and her rhythmic breathing. All of it was just so… intoxicating; he couldn’t fight any longer, his eyelids closing shut he instantly fell asleep.

Cody felt himself drifting in and out of consciousness, he was still so tired it was hard to not fall asleep. Had he already, he wasn’t even sure anymore. No longer could he feel Nancy’s chest moving up and down and did his seat feel different now? The rumbling felt different like he was travelling over a pavement, he could feel the wind brushing against his face and since when was there a strap pulled across his chest. Wait a minute, he was outside now; the crippling realisation was enough to jolt him awake. The sun was still out and very bright, it took a moment for his eyes to adjust and his mind even longer to really visualise what his eyes were seeing. He was rolling across the footpath, strapped tightly and awkwardly inside a baby stroller.

He looked far off into the distance and saw a bunch of people around his age; wait was that the college was he really being wheeled over there. He started to panic, looking down he was still completely nude except for his thick damp diaper. Wait it was damp now, he didn’t have time to contemplate he had wet himself during his nap; the more pressing issue was who was pushing the stroller.

“Hello… what are you doing where are you taking me, please stop.” He wailed desperately.

He jolted forward slightly as the stroller came to a sudden stop. The person pushing him quickly stepped into his field of view and he was greeted with Nancy’s smiling face.

“It’s ok Cody, we will get you out of that wet diaper soon, just hold on a bit longer for me.” Nancy reached into her breast pocket and pulled out a pacifier, dangling it in front of Cody she held it at his lips expectantly.

Cody didn’t reach for it but he opened his quivering lips slightly, inviting her to push it inside. “There’s a good baby.” Nancy said before returning to the rear of the stroller.

She began pushing again and Cody sucked frantically on his soother. This is it, he thought to himself, his life would be over, everyone would see him and think he was a pathetic loser. He would never live this down, he shifted anxiously in the stroller but he was strapped in tight. Nancy was pushing him closer and closer, suddenly she veered to the left before anyone had a chance to see the overgrown baby. He looked up as they passed through the great and was greeted by the Clearview day care sign, a large happy sun greeting him as they passed under. He turned his head sharply looking around and taking in his surroundings as he was wheeled through the sliding doors.

He tried pushing himself further back into the stroller, anything to avoid being seen in here. There weren’t as many people as he thought but he definitely noticed some strange glances in his direction. To make matters worse he felt his diaper warming and desperately pushed his palms into his padding as he realised he was wetting himself again. He sucked harder on his pacifier actually enjoying the soothing feeling it was giving him. It wasn’t enough to completely alleviate him from his woes but it was the only thing offering him any sort of comfort right now. Finally Cody was pushed inside an open room; it was empty apart from himself and Nancy, finally affording him some privacy. The bright lights were switched on illuminating the childish classroom.

It looked even more juvenile then he originally expected colourful chairs and tables dotted the room; the walls were plastered with childish art projects and a big fluffy carpet covered one corner of the room covered in large bean bag chairs. Nancy parked the stroller leaving Cody to look out over the room with no angle to see if anyone would come through the door behind him.

“Ok Cody.” Nancy started walking in front of him. “Just wait here a moment I will be right back.” Turning around she paused suddenly taking interest in Cody’s diaper. She smiled as she knelt down and pushed the front of her palm firmly against his padding.

She grinned broadly, clearly she realised he had wet again. Before standing back up she gently planted a kiss on his forehead before leaving the room, gently closing the door behind her. For the second time today Cody was finally left to his own devices. He sucked rhythmically on his pacifier and contemplated spitting it out, but a strong growing part of him was telling him not to. Turning his attention to the straps firmly holding him down, he tried pulling them off. After twisting and turning for a moment, his diaper crinkling the whole time he eventually gave up. Clearly whoever designed this stroller had done so in a way meant to keep its occupant locked firmly in. Another thought crossed his mind, who would make a baby’s stroller this big and why did Nancy have it. Not to mention the juvenile diaper he was wearing, it fit like a glove not like a child’s diaper it would look too obviously stretched to his size.

Before he could dwell on the matter any further he finally heard the door open behind him. He froze in his chair this time he heard two sets of footsteps approaching him.

“Cody, baby, Mummy’s here did you have a good day?” His mother spoke as she leaned in over him.

Quickly without giving it much thought Cody spat out his dummy and tried covering his diaper with his hands.

“Mummy… MUM I ummm this isn’t what it looks like I can explain.” He said panicked.

She smiled as she extended her hand reaching for his diaper. Cody recoiled and tried in vain to pull away but the breaks on the stroller were held firm and he saw Nancy looming above him holding it still. He grew stiff as a board as her hands traced the length of his diaper, stopping and resting against the squelching padding that pushed against the seat.

She smiled warmly. “I think we better get you into a fresh diaper, this one might not last the car ride home.”

Wait, another diaper? This day was supposed to be over, no one else was supposed to know about it. He was a big boy, an ADULT not a stinking baby why was this happening. The tears streamed down Cody’s face almost as quickly as he emptied what was left in his bladder into the waiting diaper as he bawled his eyes out. All his frantic movements had caused the diaper to loosen and streams of wee rushed out the sides soaking his seat and running down his legs.

“Oh baby, my sweet Cody its ok, shhhhhhh.” She cooed softly.

She quickly brushed off his pacifier before replacing it in his mouth, Cody reluctantly found himself unable to resist as it was pushed inside his mouth. She released the latch and gently pulled him to the carpet laying him on top of a change mat that Nancy must have just prepared that moment. He sobbed pathetically as the pacifier bobbed up and down in his mouth. He did nothing as he lay there watching Nancy retrieve another diaper looking thicker than the one he had on. His mother pulled back his soaked diaper exposing his shame to both women. She made short work of it; obviously like riding a bike she never forgot how to diaper her baby boy. Sliding a few wet wipes over his groin and bottom she placed them into the dirty diaper before balling it up and replacing it with the fresh one from Nancy.

She coaxed him with a gentle tap on his knee and Cody raised his bottom allowing her to lay the fresh padding beneath him. He was lowered back down and could instantly feel the extra thickness this one had. Squeezing some ointment onto her palm she ran cool baby oil all over his bottom and crotch and he felt an insurmountable amount of shame as his penis grew in her hand.

“All baby boys are the same.” Nancy spoke and both ladies laughed.

Cody was red faced and fresh tears continued rolling down his cheeks as his mother gave him a generous dusting of baby powder before tucking down his penis and pulling the diaper up over him. She taped the four tabs firmly but not too tight and gave him a gentle pat on his crinkly padding, looking mighty satisfied with her work.

She gently pulled Cody into her arms cradling him as Nancy had earlier.

“I know you have a lot of questions baby, but don’t worry this is what’s best for you.”

He could hear a microwave whirring in the distance and watched as Nancy strode over giving his mother a freshly warmed baby bottle of milk. She accepted with thanks and removed Cody’s pacifier replacing it with the nipple. Cody looked up at his mum with his big red puffy eyes, he was afraid, her warm smile offering little comfort to the situation. She coaxed him pushing the bottle up further and he finally started sucking, quickly feeling the warm milk flow freely into his mouth.

“I know you had a good time Cody, I don’t want you to worry though. I promise you’ll be back here tomorrow, and the next day and the next.”

He increased his sucking as he contemplated what she meant by that.

“No more college for you, my baby isn’t ready for growing up yet, I think we’ll take it by year and see how you go.”

That was it then, a year as a baby it was hard to imagine the life that was waiting for him. At least he would spend a lot of time with Nancy when his mum was working. But what about a social life, he had so many questions to ask. But right now all he could do was suck on his bottle as he looked up at the two women now in charge of his life, cooing and fawning over him. Maybe it wouldn’t be all that bad…. Right?


I would very much like to read a sequel. It’s a wonderful story.

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That a great story !!! Love this when I read the first time in your Patreon site

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