The Woman in the Diaper Aisle


I wrote this story about two years ago, and have decided to come back to it. I’m not sure if I ever posted it here, but if so I’ll be reposting it. The story will start to go in what seems like a very different direction compared to what I wrote two years ago. Don’t worry, there will still be diaper content and diapers will have a very important role in the story. However, I want to tell a better story than what I have been leading up to so far, one with conflict and a primary theme of the role of diapers in one’s everyday life. If this seems like something you would enjoy, please, read on over the coming days and weeks and give plenty of feedback (positive or negative). I have an idea of where I want the rest of the story to go, but feedback will be essential in determining how I want to get there.

The first five chapters can be found here:

So, without further ado…
Chapter 6

The drive to Brenda’s house was mostly silent. It seems as though we were both reflecting on how our day had gone, at least I know that I was. I was so deep in bliss and fantasy that I hadn’t even realized we stopped and pulled into a parking lot. We were at an apartment complex right in front of one of the buildings.

“Look sweetie, that’s where I live!” Brenda said as she pointed to the second floor of a three story beige building. From what I could see, she had a small balcony off of a kitchen area. I was about to open my door, when Brenda visibly became rigid and frustrated.

“Shit! My roommate is home.” She said as she pointed to a small red car parked two spaces away from us. “She was supposed to be away visiting family this week. I’m sorry Don, but this means we can’t play today. I’ll have to drive you back to your car at the mall”.

I told her it was fine, but inside I was devastated. Man, was I looking forward to spending time with Brenda out of the public eye. The ride back to the mall was again spent in fantasy, as I pondered on and on about what could have been. Finally, we pulled up next to my car, at which point I realized it was about 5 P.M.

“Keep in touch Don”, Brenda said as I crinkled my way out of her car. “I’m sure we’ll have another chance to play.”

Brenda said this with such a tone, and concluded it with such a wink, that I couldn’t help but immediately want her hovering over me, changing my diaper again. However, I simply bid adieu, and buckled myself into my car for the long drive back to my apartment.

I got back into my apartment and immediately began to think about the day I just had. In all my life, I never thought I would come close to living out anything that even resembled such a fantasy. I began to think about Brenda, and how incredible of a woman she was. However, I also looked back on her peculiarity and decided I really wanted to know more about the type of person who would willingly diaper and baby a 19 year old just minutes after meeting him.

I also began to feel a weird sense of regret. Obviously, I had enjoyed my experience with Brenda very much. However, I began to consider just how bizarre the experience was, and how bizarre it was for me to enjoy it as much as I did. Thoughts like these had been present throughout my life, as I often wondered about my diaper fetish and how others might view me differently if they knew my deepest, darkest secret.

At this point I decided it was time to remove the diaper I had been wearing and get started on some homework, seeing as it was Sunday and I had class the next day. The only classes I had on Mondays were French and Early World History. As a history major, I loved my history class and found everything we learned about very interesting, which made my reading for the night a breeze. French didn’t come so easily, but I managed to struggle through the little bit of work I had to do before tuning in to watch ESPN for a few hours, and finally heading to bed to get a good night’s rest for class.

Monday morning was a usual morning as far as my life was concerned. I rolled out of bed a little later than I would have liked, had a quick breakfast, and drove to my campus just in time for the start of class. I would have been stuck with a shitty seat towards the back of the lecture hall if my friend Alison had not been in the class with me. I met Alison during orientation at my school, and we had been good friends ever since. Although she didn’t know it, I had a HUGE crush on Alison pretty much since the day I met her. Well, I guess she might have known. Pretty much every guy wants to fuck any attractive girl that they happen to be friends with. But I thought Alison was beautiful, smart, and generally fun to be around, which is something I couldn’t say about most of the girls at my school.

“Barely on time AGAIN!” Alison said jokingly as she removed the books she had used to save my seat. “I’m going to have to steal your phone and set your alarm half an hour earlier”.

“Hey, give me a break. I made it, didn’t I?”, I replied.

“Well, my mom always told me that early is on time, and on time is late”.

I was quiet for a few seconds before I mockingly muttered “Well look where that got you”, which earned me a soft but somewhat painful punch on the shoulder (which I obviously pretended didn’t hurt at all).
At this point our professor began his lecture. The lecture was on the rise of the Mongol Empire. It was a large class, but Alison and I sat towards the front and often asked questions, making the lecture more personal. As per usual, we both found it very interesting, and had pages of notes by the end of the period.

After the lecture, Alison and I struck up conversation about an upcoming exam in the class. Wanting to study with her, I asked her what plans were to prepare for the test.

“Well, me and a couple of friends are going to study at my place tomorrow night, you want to join us?”

I was somewhat confused, seeing as Alison never talked to anyone else in the class. “You’re friends are in this class?”, I asked, obviously displaying my confusion.

“Yeah, I’m not surprised you’ve never met them”, she laughed. “They’re taking the class to fulfill a requirement, and only show up when we have exams. They’re not as interested in it as we are. I’m sure they won’t help all that much while we study, but they usually make for good company.” Hearing her mention our shared interest in the class made me smile.

“Sure, I’ll see you tomorrow night”, I said before we departed from the class in different directions.

I daydreamed my way through the perpetual boredom that was my French class. I often thought about my impending study “date” (I liked to call it a date) with Alison, which drew some excitement. After class I was to meet up with a few of my friends for lunch. By the time I got to the cafeteria Jacob, Luke, and Nate were already eating. We made casual conversation about last night’s baseball game, how much they hated going to class; you know, the usual. Don’t get me wrong, they are my friends and I like hanging out with them. I just feel like I couldn’t relate to them entirely as well as I could relate to someone like Alison.

“So Don, we’re going to go hit my new bong and watch Always Sunny, want to join us?” Jacob asked me with a smile on his face.

While the offer sounded somewhat appealing, I respectfully declined, claiming I had a lot of work to get done for the next day. In reality, I had no class on Tuesdays, and really just wanted to make sure I completed enough studying to impress Alison the following night.

Shortly after lunch I drove back to my apartment to begin studying. I started pouring through my pages of notes and re-reading the chapters we had been assigned. While much of this was motivated by my desire to impress Alison, I also really enjoyed the material. My impending study “date” only enhanced my enjoyment of the material, and the night of studying proved to be very successful.

After I took a break to make myself dinner, I recognized the fact that I had not thought about Brenda or diapers for the entire day, which was quite surprising.

“As weird as it may be that I like diapers, I have a pretty good life away from them too”, I thought to myself.

Immediately after completing this thought, I received a text message from Brenda. It was almost as if she was somehow reading my mind (which at this point I thought only half-jokingly).

“i hav nothin to do 2moro. Babys day out?” Is all the text read.

In an instant my heart rate began to increase as I thought about the possibilities of another day with Brenda. Considering how my day went today and the fact that I was going to meet up with Alison tomorrow night, I wasn’t sure this was something I wanted to subject myself to again. Despite its lack of association with the rest of my life, I still felt a little bit of discomfort with my diaper fetish and wanted to distance myself from it, which would include distancing myself from Brenda.

But the more I thought about the possible situation weighing its pros and cons, I couldn’t help but fantasize about my previous time with Brenda, and what a day with her tomorrow could entail. Especially a day “out”, whatever that meant.

“Sure, meet you at the mall tomorrow at 10” was my response about fifteen minutes later.

To be continued… (soon, hopefully)

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Is this a sequel to The Woman in the Diaper Isle. I never got to the part with the diaper isle.