The Witches Next Door (Updated with Chapter 9, 3-28-15)

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It’s been a while but this is a concept I’ve been toying with for a long time. I originally thought of writing this in the first person, but I hate doing that, I always feel like it’s the easy way out. Then I came up with some character names that I hated, so I thought I’d write a story with “no names”. It’s proved to be a challenge for sure and we’ll see if I can pull it off all the way through. As with most of my stories, the setting is the 80’s; no Pull-ups, no internet, no mobile phones, and thick crinkly plastic backed diapers. I don’t know where I’m taking this one but I’m having fun with it. If anyone finds it too racy for the site, I’ll apologize in advance and not be hurt if it’s removed. Lastly I haven’t fully proofed it yet, sorry for any mistakes.

Hope you like it.


The Witches Next Door

Chapter 1

He’d had a diaper fetish for as long as he could remember, and had learned to live with it as an adult. It had taken years to accept it as part of himself as it had started when he was very young. He never knew why, but as a child, he always had a strange obsession with diapers and a desire to wear them. He never actually had access to real baby diapers when he was that young…at least not before the age of 13. He would indulge his desires by making fake diapers out of anything that would work, using towels, tissues, plastic garbage bags and tape, anything that he could fashion into a diaper. The desires became even stronger as he approached puberty.

Nearly every night after bed time when alone in his room, he would find a way to wear his fake diapers. He would wait until he was sure his parents were asleep and there was no threat of being disturbed, then he would put on his fake diaper. He didn’t know what He was doing at the time, only that it felt good, it felt right; it felt like something he needed to do. Finally one night when he was 12, he had his first climax while wearing one of the fake diapers.

He had filled his underwear with two stacks of Kleenex tissues, one in the front, one in the back, and He was humping his pillow. The pillow humping was something new; he had started doing that several months earlier because he had started to get boners when thinking of diapers and while wearing the fake diapers at night. Of course at the time he had no idea why he liked doing this, he just knew that it made him feel really good down there. On that particular night, it made him feel really, really good. He didn’t know what he had done and was actually a bit scared at first… he thought “did I just pee?” and “what is this sticky stuff?” The release had felt amazing, but immediately afterwards he felt a wave of shame and embarrassment. He needed to get the fake diaper off right away, He felt so stupid lying there with tissues stuffed into his underwear.

He removed the wads of tissue from his underwear right away and hid them in a plastic bag which he then shoved between his mattress and box spring. He lay there in bed wondering what was wrong with him and why he liked diapers so much, he told himself he would stop thinking about them and be a normal kid. That didn’t happen, the very next night he was humping his pillow again and ejaculating into another wad of tissues, all the time imagining that he was wearing a thick soft crinkly Pamper.

This behavior continued almost nightly through his early teens, he even managed to sneak a couple of real Pampers from an unattended baby stroller once. They didn’t fit, but stuffing them inside his underwear and humping in them was amazing. The waves of shame and guilt still consumed him after every climax, but his urges were so strong that even after experiencing climax followed by shame…some nights…ten minutes later he would be humping the diaper again and experiencing the climax and shame all over again.

He couldn’t stop himself. He didn’t know why he liked it, and often thought he was crazy, but he always thought there had to be other kids out there that had this interest too. Nevertheless, he kept it a deep dark secret always worried what his friends or family might think if they knew. Never in his wildest dreams could he have imagined that he would meet someone who not only shared his desires, but could also help him explore them in a way no one would believe possible.

Chapter 2

In the summer of his 16th year, new neighbors moved in. They had been there just over a week, but he hadn’t met them yet as they seemed to come and go quite a bit. He figured they were busy getting settled and would be ready to meet their neighbors soon enough. His parents had said that it was just a woman and her daughter who, as it turned out, was his same age and would be attending his school when it began next week.

It was a Friday morning; this would be the last weekend of summer vacation. It was raining, and he sat looking out his window wondering what to do with his day when his eyes caught something that perked his attention immediately. Sitting on the curb next to the new neighbors full trash cans was a large white and orange box with the unmistakable “Pampers” brand name and happy baby face. He knew that box anywhere and could easily spot it from 30 yards away.

“What is that doing there?” he thought, “Could there still be diapers in that box?” he wondered. He desperately wanted to go out and investigate, but even with the rain, it was broad daylight. What would people think if they saw him snooping in the neighbor’s trash? Garbage pickup was not until Monday, the box would be sitting on the curb all weekend taunting him.

As the day went on, he couldn’t take his mind off the box; he even found a pair of binoculars so he could get a closer look. The box was open, and probably empty, but the cardboard flap at the top had not been completely torn off. “Maybe it was an old box that the previous owner had left behind?” he thought. He knew that couldn’t be the case, the previous owners had been an older couple whose children were grown and lived far away. “Maybe they had grandchildren who had visited and the diapers belonged to them?” he thought, but he could never remember seeing any visitors with babies or toddlers at the house.

The rain continued, “What a way to spend the last Friday of summer vacation.” He thought. He spent the day indoors, listening to music, talking with friends on the phone, watching TV, but all the while his thoughts kept returning to the Pampers box on the curb. He desperately wanted to see it up close, he knew it had to be empty, why would someone put a box of unused diapers in the trash? After several more viewings of the box through his binoculars, he decided that he would check it out that evening.

He would be walking into town just after dark to meet some friends and hang out. None of them knew what they would be doing that night, but something always came up. Kids his age would always gather in the park near the fire house and someone would always know where the party was. Otherwise they would just hang out in the park, chatting, smoking, skate boarding etc. This would go on until about 10PM when the local police would tell them it’s time to leave the park. It was a “you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here” kind of thing. He wasn’t a smoker or a skate boarder for that matter, but the park was the place to be if you wanted any kind of summer social life.

He hoped there would be no big party that evening so that he could just walk home around 10 by himself and get a closer look at the supposedly empty Pampers box on the curb. He would get a quick look at it on his way into town, but later that evening on his way back, under the cover of full darkness, he would be able to do a real inspection.

The rain had stopped around seven, it was still overcast but the forecast called for clearing skies later that evening. He decided not to bring any rain gear. He told his mother he was going out to meet up with some friends, she told him not to be too late as she always did, and he said he’d call her from a pay phone if he’d be out past 10. This was their rule, and by following it, he assured himself that his parents would always trust him. That trust provided him a curfew free summer.

At eight PM he left the house. It was late August, the sun was setting earlier now but there was still a fair amount of twilight at that time of the evening. He glanced at the neighbor’s house for any signs of activity. The lights were on in the kitchen, he saw a woman through the window, and she appeared to be washing dishes. “That’s the mother” he thought. There was no sign of the girl, he hadn’t seen her yet and wondered what she looked like. He hoped she was attractive. He briefly fantasized about how nice it would be to have a cute girl next door in his same class to walk to school with…among other things.

After confirming there was nobody on the street or out on their porches, he casually walked to the end of his driveway, turned right and walked right past the neighbors trash cans. He gave the box of Pampers a slight kick as he walked by. It moved easily but gave a bit of resistance to his kick towards the bottom of the box. “Not completely empty” he thought. Now his curiosity was driving him mad. He desperately wanted to look inside the box, but now was not the time. He would have to endure at least two more hours of maddening fantasies before he could have a look.

He got to the park and found several of his friends already there. They sat around and talked about the upcoming school year. It was a conversation he’d had before, which teachers they hoped to have, what sports they might try out for…if they would join a club or some other extracurricular activity…and girls, they always talked about girls. Who was hot, who was not, who they would love to go out with, etc. He eventually decided to fill his friends in on the new girl that had moved in next door to him.

His friends were intrigued, they all wanted to know about her. The prospect of meeting a new girl first was always a strong desire to boys his age. If you could get to her before everyone else and hopefully catch her interest you were ahead in the game of life. His friends were very disappointed with his lack of information about this new girl, they all teased him and told him to get a move on and meet the new neighbors. He assured them he would.

The evening went on with little activity, there was a party on the far side of town, but without access to a car, it was not an option, way too far to walk too. At 10pm like clockwork, the police cruiser arrived and the officers politely told them that the park was closed and it was time to move on. Some of his friends were going to walk to the late night diner and get some food; he made an excuse and headed home instead.

He was moving fast now, more anxious than ever to investigate the prize on the curb. He reached the bend in the road just up from his neighbor’s house; he could see the trashcans ahead and paused in the darkness between street lights to look for signs of life. The street was empty, he could see the lights of houses, and TV’s turned on, numbing their viewers on a late summer evening. He caught movement on the new neighbor’s front porch. It was the girl.

From his distance, he could see that she was probably about his height, thin, with long hair the color of which he couldn’t make out in the darkness. Then he heard her, she was singing. The voice hit his eardrums and locked him in a trance. It was beautiful. He stood fixed in the darkness staring at the girl’s form moving in the darkness on the porch. She spun and danced slowly, singing to herself. He could see what appeared to be a Walkman in her hand. He knew the song she sang, but couldn’t pull the artist or title out of his head, she was his only thought. Her voice was amazing and it seemed to take control of him. He felt as if he needed to go to her, as if she were calling to him…the words “Please, come see me…in time you’ll want to be here…in time you’ll want to stay here” ran through his mind.

He shook himself out of his trance and stepped to the side of the road, remaining in the shadows. The song was over. He watched as the girl turned once to look out at the street, then opened the front door and went inside. He waited for what seemed like an eternity, wondering if she would return. After about 10 minutes time he proceeded to his target.

The trashcans and box of Pampers were out of the glare of the street light affording him some cover of darkness. He glanced around again to make sure he was alone, then quickly walked right up to the box. He lifted the cardboard flap and the stench of used diapers hit his nose immediately. He flinched and waved his hand in front of his nose. The smell was a disappointment, he had hoped to find unused diapers in the box, but this discovery presented a bigger mystery.

The bottom of the box contained several rolled and taped up clearly used diapers. The stench of stale urine and feces was strong. Had this box really come from the neighbor’s house? Was it possible that his parents didn’t have all the info? Was it a mother, a daughter, and a toddler in the house? He wanted answers, he was determined to get them and decided that tomorrow he would introduce himself. As he turned toward home again he felt a sudden chill, as if he were being watched. He stepped away from the trashcans back into the darker shadows. Looking around he saw no one, the night was quiet but he still felt strange, as if he were not alone, after a moment he made his way quickly up the driveway and into his house.

From the window of her dark bedroom the girl could see him clearly; a gift of her kind. The darkness provided no cover to her prey. He was cute, she thought, well built and handsome. He had taken the bait and she could sense his curiosity. Now she wanted to dazzle him, give him one last curiosity to keep him up late. She watched as he returned to his house, she knew he’d be looking out his window at the box on the curb one last time before he went to bed. She knew that even though he had found it full of used diapers, his lust for diapers was so strong that just the box on the curb would hold his attention until it was finally hauled away. She knew the lust too and had already explored it in ways that he would find unbelievable.

“One…two…three….” She counted to herself, timing the exact moment that he would appear in his own darkened bedroom window. There was no hiding from her eyesight. She turned to her side to present a silhouette to the outside world, and with a wave of her hands her bedroom lights came on. She was now visible to him. This was not her only trick, she wanted him to hear, and he would. She waved her hand again. “Showtime” she thought.

He stood at his window and gasped as he saw the light come on next door. The girl stood in the window, and she was beautiful. Her hair, he could now see, was red, a gorgeous deep red. He stepped back hiding himself slightly behind the window frame. He didn’t think she could see him there in the dark, but the slight shame he felt at his voyeurism forced the reaction. He watched as she appeared to pace back in forth in front of the window. He wondered what she was doing, she appeared to be doing everything, and nothing at all. One moment she picked up a piece of clothing that he couldn’t make out and appeared to be folding it. The next moment she appeared to be lost in her thoughts…looking for something.

“Baby girl, its bedtime sweetie” He heard the words clearly…they seemed off in the distance, yet were coming from her room, and he heard them just fine. “How can I hear them?” He thought. The window was closed, the AC was on, and her window too appeared to be closed. It almost seemed as if the words were inside his head. As if he was imagining them.

“Ok mom” The girl replied. He was dumbfounded, how was he hearing this? Before he could think any further on the matter, the mother appeared in the girl’s room. “Come on sweetie; let’s get you ready for bed.” The mother said, the words, clear as a bell in his head. “Am I dreaming?” he asked himself, and then pinched his arm and slapped his face to disprove his new theory. He watched as the girl and mother left the room. Her light was still on, why had she not pulled the shade? He wondered. Did she know he could see into her room? That he had a glimpse into her world? And why did the mother need to help her get ready for bed? She was his age, certainly capable of doing that task on her own.

All these thoughts raced through his head, but the one that baffled and shocked him most was that he could hear them almost perfectly. The room was empty now, he looked around the neighborhood, fixing his gaze on other houses down the street, focusing, trying to hear other conversations. There was nothing. He shook his head in disbelief.

After about 10 minutes, there was more movement in the girl’s room, and what he saw now made his jaw drop. The mother had returned, and she was carrying a small child, a girl of no more than 5 or 6 years old, a girl with deep red hair. The child was wearing a pink tee shirt, and to his astonishment, a thick disposable diaper. Where had she come from? He thought. Where was the girl?

The mother and child disappeared beyond the window frame, out of his view. A moment later the mother walked past the window alone. “Sleep well baby girl” he heard the mother say as she walked out of the room and turned off the light.

He stood in the darkness completely confused. Where had the girl gone? Where had that little girl come from, and why was she in a diaper? She looked old enough to be out of them. He stood by his window for a full hour before finally climbing into bed. His mind was racing, he couldn’t get his thoughts off of what he’d seen, the thought of diapers sparked his urges and soon he was in the middle of his pillow humping ritual.

As he reached his climax, the girl next door smiled happily. Lying in her bed she snuggled a teddy bear and let out a slight moan as she felt his satisfaction match her own and her diaper swell with warm wetness. “He’s the one” she thought as she smiled and drifted off to sleep.

To be continued…

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Re: The Witches Next Door

This one hit home. The I went through the fake diaper/shame/why do I like this phase but now I’ve simply accepted it as part of me although I’m still secretive about it. I’m intrigued to see how the boy and girl’s relationship develops and hope to read more soon.

Re: The Witches Next Door

I’m looking forward to more.

Re: The Witches Next Door

Awesome story. Please continue

Re: The Witches Next Door

Really interesting opening, and I’ll +1 the diaper shame part. Went through it myself as a tween and long into my 20’s and early 30’s.

The only criticism I’d offer here is that your title gives too much away about the plot.

Re: The Witches Next Door

Great opening couple of chapters. I like the ‘no name’ concept and hope you can keep it going through out the story. I enjoy your racy parts of your stories…good accurate descriptions of what we felt and did. Please keep on writing, its excellent work.

Re: The Witches Next Door

Hi All,

Thanks for the comments. Writing a story with no names is harder than I thought but I’m starting to get the hang of it.

Please enjoy.


Chapter 3

His night had been filled with dreams; dreams of the red haired girl, dreams of wearing diapers, dreams of wearing diapers with the red haired girl. When he woke the memory of what he had seen last night was all he could think of. Who was the little girl? Why hadn’t anyone known about a younger child in the house? Why hadn’t he seen the red haired girl return to her room after the mother and younger child had entered the room?

He glanced at his clock, 10AM. He had slept late. It was Saturday morning, the last Saturday before school began. He wanted answers. He wanted to meet this strange red haired girl and find out everything he could about her and her family. He leapt out of bed and walked to his window. His eyes moved quickly to the neighbor’s trashcans, the box of Pampers was still there.

“At least those weren’t a dream” he said to himself. He went through his morning routine, brushed his teeth, answered natures call, and showered. After dressing, he went down to the kitchen where he found a note from his parents,

we’re driving up state to shop for some new plantings for the yard, didn’t think you’d want to come…there are waffles in the freezer. We’re going to stop and visit your uncle on the way back, see you around supper time.


He made himself a plate of waffles and ate them quickly, washing it down with a glass of milk. After breakfast he went out onto the front porch to take in the scenes of the day. It was mid morning, the sun was out, people were outside, some were working in their yards, he saw a jogger go by; it was a nice morning. He then returned his gaze to the box of Pampers on the curb near the neighbor’s trashcans. “This is torture” he thought to himself as thoughts of diapers filled his head once again.

“I’ve got the house to myself all day…” He thought. “I could go upstairs right now and Pamp up”. “Pamp Up” that was just one of his many terms for getting his diaper on. Even though he didn’t have real Pampers, he always pretended that his fake diapers were Pampers, his brand of choice. He didn’t know why, maybe it was because that’s the brand he wore when he still needed them for their intended purpose. Maybe it was because of the way the word sounded “Pamp-ers” he said to himself. Even the word itself could get him going; the word “diapers” had the same effect. They were mantras of sorts to him. During his pillow humping sessions he would often repeat those words to himself in his head, sometimes even muttering them softly under his breath until he reached climax, then it would all end, and the shame would rush in.

He was conflicted. The pleasure derived from diapers overpowered his sense of “normality” inside himself he felt isolated, always asking the question “why do I like diapers…Am I crazy?” and ultimately “Am I the only one?” In time, he would understand that the diapers gave him a sense of calm, safety, and total relaxation, along with the deep sexual satisfaction. For the time being, as a 16 year old approaching what many believed to be the male sexual peak, the “sexual satisfaction” component of his diaper fascination was all he could think of.

“Diapers!” he thought the word in his head, the feelings had begun to take control of him. As he turned to head inside and up to his room, he was stopped.

“Hello?” said the girl.

He turned to his left and looked down into the driveway. There, on the other side of the driveway, at the edge of her lawn stood the beautiful red haired girl.

“Sorry…I didn’t mean to startle you” she said.

“Who…umm me…oh no, it’s ok, you didn’t….I was just…umm…Hi.” He replied, fumbling through his words. “God what an idiot I must sound like” he thought to himself.

The girl smiled, she knew she had flustered him. This was her intention; she wanted him to be nervous; she could feel his emotions and wanted to experience every single one of them.

“I’m the girl next door” She said.

“I’m the boy next door” he replied. “Nice to meet you” he said.

“You too” she replied. “I was wondering if you could help my mother and I…we’re still getting settled and she wants to move some furniture around” the girl explained. “She told me I should go ask the boy next door if we could borrow his muscles” she said blushing.
He blushed as well.

“I know it sounds corny but…well that’s what she asked and….I guess I’m corny sometimes too” she told him with a smile.

Her smile relaxed him. There was something beyond that beautiful red hair, something powerful about this girl. She seemed confident…but nerdy…courageous but bashful…so many things wrapped into one. He felt something else too, a sensation that his feelings were amplified, as if she could sense his awkwardness at the situation, and that feeling, somehow put him at ease.

“Oh, umm…sure, I’d love to help.” He said. “Let me just get my shoes on…I’ll be right there” He told her, and rushed inside to find his shoes.

He thought this was amazing. He’d been nervous about going next door and ringing the bell for an introduction, and just like that, the red haired girl shows up and introduces herself. “Luck is on my side today” he thought.

He quickly found his shoes, slipped them on and ran back out the front door. The girl was still waiting for him right where she’d been standing.
“Ok, ready to help.” He said.

“Great, come on.” She replied, motioning for him to follow her.

They walked across the yard and up her front steps. The girl held the front door open for him and her mother was standing just beyond the doorway.

“Hi there, you must be the boy next door?” the girl’s mother said. “Welcome to our house, please come in.”

“Thank you” the boy said. “I’m happy to help you out…anything I can do.”

“We just want to move this sofa and love seat to the other side of this room” The mother said, pointing to the living room to the left of the front entry way. “I’m sure my daughter and I could have done it together but I’ve been lifting so many boxes since we arrived that I’m just a bit sore today.” She added.

The boy and girl each took an end of the sofa and moved it to its new location, then did the same with the love seat. The whole task took less than 10 minutes.

“Is that all you needed?” The boy asked when they had finished.

“That’s it for now…would you like something to drink…coffee…tea, water?” The mother asked him.

“Oh I’m fine thanks” He replied.

There was an awkward moment of silence as the three of them stood in the living room looking at each other.

“So…um, where did you move here from?” The boy asked, desperately trying to break the ice.

“Glendale” the girl replied. “We were in a smaller house before…mom got a promotion and we wanted a bigger place.” She added.

“Well you’ll like it here, this is a nice neighborhood, easy to walk to school” The boy responded. “Oh god I sound like an idiot” he thought to himself again.

“Yeah I guess we’ll be going to school together next week…” The girl said. “Can I walk with you on Monday…so you can show me around?” she asked.

“Oh Yeah absolutely!” He practically shouted. Now he felt really stupid, he didn’t want to sound over anxious but he sure had. “I mean…yeah,
I’d be happy to…” He said.

The mother smiled, and let out a slight laugh. “Well…thank you again for the help…I’ll leave you two to get better acquainted…if you’d like anything, I’ll be in the kitchen.” She turned and left the room.

“So, is it just you and your mom…?” the boy asked awkwardly.

“Yup, just me and mom.” The girl replied.

“Oh umm because…I mean, that’s cool.” He stammered, he had expected her to say that she had a younger sister after what he had seen the night before. Now he was more baffled than ever.

“Because…what?” the girl asked.


“You sounded as if you had another question?” she said.

“Oh, no…I was just…wondering, because it is a big house and…but you said you wanted a bigger house so that’s cool…yeah…” He felt like he was making a complete ass of himself.

The girl giggled. She was soaking in every one of his emotions.

“You’re fun.” She said.

“Huh? Oh…um thanks” he replied. “Wait, did you say fun…or funny?” he added.

“You’re a little bit of both” she answered with a smile. “Come on, I’ll show you my room…want to listen to some music?” she asked and turned to head upstairs.

“Wait…your mom won’t mind?” he asked.

“Of course not…why would she?” the girl replied, giving him a funny look.

“Well…I thought…you know…maybe she wouldn’t want us alone in your room together….I’m a boy…you’re a girl…” he stammered.

“…Yeeeeesss, you are a boy, and I am a girl…you’re right about that.” The girl said, smiling at him. “Don’t worry, my mom is cool.” She said, “Now come on.” She turned and headed up the stairs.

Without any more thought, the boy followed. As they reached the top of the stairs, she turned right and opened the first door. As he followed her into the room, he caught a scent that he knew well…and loved. It was the smell of Pampers…that lovely talcum scent that was on each diaper. He looked up and gasped, the room did not appear to be a teen girl’s room; it looked more like, well exactly like, a toddler’s nursery, complete with toys, dolls…crib and changing table, a well stocked changing table. He stood in the doorway dumbfounded.

“What’s wrong?” the girl asked. She was standing in front of him staring at his expression with a smile on her face.

“Well I….your room…it’s a….” and just as he got his words out the room had changed, it was no longer a child’s nursery, but a typical teen girls bedroom, complete with posters of bands, bed, dresser, various clothing strewn here and there.

“It’s aaaaa?” she asked, toying with him.

“It’s very cool.” He said quickly, looking around with a confused look on his face. He could have sworn he was looking at a full nursery; even the Pampers scent was gone. “I must be going crazy!” he thought to himself.

“Kind of feel like you’re going crazy, huh?” the girl said to him.

“What?” he said incredulously. “Did she read my mind?” he wondered.

The girl giggled. “No, I didn’t read your mind that time…well just then I did, but I could tell by the look on your face…tell me, what do you think you saw?” she asked.

“You mean…?” He didn’t know what to say now; did she really know his thoughts…know he had seen something?

She touched his arm and he felt an instant sense of relaxation.

“It’s ok” she told him. “You can tell me what you saw.”

He paused for a second, trapped by the calm feeling her touch had sent through him. Then he spoke.

“I saw a baby’s room…it had a crib and a changing table…and there were…”

“There were diapers and lots of them.” She finished his sentence for him. “Don’t worry you weren’t hallucinating. I let you see that because I knew you’d want to.”

He was in shock; he didn’t know what he had seen for certain or what to say. “How did you…I mean…what is…yesterday, I saw….and the diapers by the trash…who are they…” He stammered.

“They’re mine” she said. “And they can be yours too…if you’d like, and I know you would.” She said with a smile.

To Be Continued…

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Re: The Witches Next Door (Updated with Chapter 3, 5-16-14)


Re: The Witches Next Door (Updated with Chapter 3, 5-16-14)

Not to bad, though I protest the lack of bacon.

Otherwise though…. Not bad.

Re: The Witches Next Door (Updated with Chapter 3, 5-16-14)

just one nitty pick you might of messed up with the chapter numbers .
otherwise 8)

Re: The Witches Next Door (Updated with Chapter 3, 5-16-14)

Chapters 1 and 2 were in the first post, most recent post was chapter 3, I’m not seeing it?

Re: The Witches Next Door (Updated with Chapter 3, 5-16-14)

yeah sorry my mistake. :slight_smile:

Re: The Witches Next Door (Updated with Chapter 3, 5-16-14)

This is a really good story! I can’t wait to be in a nice thick diaper reading your next chapter! :wink:

Re: The Witches Next Door (Updated with Chapter 4, 5-23-14)

Hi All,

Please enjoy this new chapter…it’s longer than I expected and a bit steamy…hopefully not too much for the site.


Chapter 4

He was a deer in the headlights, standing there in the red haired girl’s bedroom, with his mouth hanging open in complete shock. Had he really heard what she said? Had she really told him that her room was full of diapers, that the nursery he had seen was real…that the diapers belonged to her…and that he could wear them too?

“Cat got your tongue?” She asked, breaking him out of his trance.

“Whaaaa what is this? Am I dreaming?” he asked.

“No, you’re not dreaming, you’re here, in my room…you saw it as a nursery with a crib and a changing table…and diapers…lots and lots of diapers, and what you saw was real.” She replied.

“How….how….how did you do that?” He asked, still in a state of shock.

“Why don’t you sit down” She guided him to the edge of her bed and helped him sit. Then she began her explanation.

“I’m going to tell you some things that may sound crazy to you, but I think you’ll see that I’m telling the truth…after all, you’ve seen some strange stuff already right?” She asked.

“Uh huh” he nodded.

“My mother and I…we’re what you would call…witches.” She began. “That’s not exactly what we are, but it’s the closest way to describe ourselves in a term that you would understand.” She told him.

“Witches?” he asked. “Like with…spells and poison apples…and turning people into toads?” he babbled.

“Not exactly no” she said. “We’re actually from another dimension, and…well in our dimension we develop special abilities, we can manipulate the world around us…what your kind would consider magic.”

“I didn’t drink anything…your mother offered me a drink but I didn’t drink anything right?” He asked. “You didn’t drug me…I’m not on some kind of trip right?”

“No…you’re not….this is real…maybe it will help if I show you again…stand up please?”

He did as she asked and got to his feet.

“Here goes” she said, and with a wave of her hands, the room changed before his eyes.

He found himself standing before her in the nursery he had seen earlier; the wonderful fresh Pamper scent filled his nostrils once again. The bed he had been sitting on was now a crib, and the dresser was a changing table, well stocked with wipes and disposable diapers. The closet to his right was open, and there on the floor was another large orange and white box of Pampers Ultra Size Large diapers. Unlike the box by the trash on the curb, this box was full of perfect fresh diapers. Just seeing the box got his urges going.

“Taaa daaaa” she said, breaking him out of his daze.

“It’s…It’s real?” he asked, looking around the room in shock.

“It’s real…go ahead, touch anything…touch the diapers…you know you want to” she said.

He walked to the changing table and put his hand on the first stack of diapers in the shelf beneath the table top. He felt the plastic on his finger tips. He picked up a diaper and brought it to his nose, inhaled its fresh scent.

The girl giggled behind him. “Love that smell, don’t you?” she asked.

“God yes.” He replied. “This is amazing.”

“You’ve got a million questions I’m sure?” she asked. “Ask me anything, there’s nothing to be afraid of” she told him.

“Well…” He hesitated.

“Go on, it’s ok.” She encouraged him.

“The other night…I was watching…” He blushed. “I was watching your window from my house…I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to…but your light came on and your shade was up and I could see you.”

“I know.” She said with a smile. “I wanted you to see me.”

He blushed. “Well…I also heard you…and your mother…how did I hear you…and she told you it was time to get ready for bed and you both left the room….but she came back, and you didn’t, and she was carrying a little girl…in a diaper.” He told her.

“That little girl was me.” She told him with a smile. “You heard us because I wanted you to.”

He stood staring at her with his mouth open again, lost for words once more.

“We’ve got to do something about your silly expressions.” She told him with a giggle. “My mother and I can manipulate reality…so like turning this room into a nursery, I can turn myself…or anyone else into…well…just about anything…even a 6 year old girl…or even a baby girl for that matter.” She said. Then she did something even more amazing. “Watch” she told him, and waved her arms again.

Before his eyes, she shrank down instantly, becoming the small girl he had seen carried into the room by her mother the other night. Her clothing fell to the floor and she stood naked before him as a little girl.

He turned his head away in embarrassment.

“What’s wrong?” She asked in a squeaky voice.

“You don’t have any clothes on…and well…you’re….”

“About 6 almost 7 years old…in form only.” She said, finishing his sentence. "How else did you think I would fit into these baby diapers…It would be a real stretch as my 16 year old self wouldn’t it? She added.

“So…why 6?” he asked. “Why not become a toddler, or a baby?”

“Oh I’ve done that, its fun, I just like being a bit older…like too old to be in diapers, there’s a feeling of embarrassment that I find interesting” she said. "When my mother and I first arrived in your world that embarrassment feeling was one of the first feelings I soaked in from a human. It didn’t give me the kind of energy that your orgasms give me, but it’s an interesting feeling…not sour, like the feeling of shame you have after you finish masturbating in your fake diapers. "

He choked…she new everything about him.

“Sorry…I can read your thoughts, feel your feelings…pretty much experience everything you do”. She explained.

“You see it’s the emotions I love, the feelings. I can read yours and feel yours…and everyone’s. It gives me energy…energy I need to live here…to be able to grow stronger.” She told him.

“You don’t seem embarrassed.” He told her.

“Oh…this form…this is the form of a little girl that lived next door to us when we first arrived here…” she told him. “That girl was embarrassed because she was a bed wetter and had to wear diapers at night time…her brother’s teased her…some of the kids in the neighborhood knew and teased her sometimes too.” She explained.

“What happened to her?” He asked.

"Nothing, she’s still alive, still wets the bed too…I couldn’t fix that for her unfortunately, even if I wanted to. But every night I could feel her emotions as she was diapered for bed…her embarrassment of having to wear the diapers, it was a deep intense feeling, it was among the first I experienced here.

There was something else though, when she was alone in her room, she actually liked her diapers…and as she got older, she started to have new feelings, like the way you feel when you think about diapers…and well…I felt those feelings too." The girl explained.

“Seriously? You mean…like she felt good in the diapers…like I do?” He asked.

“Exactly” she said.

“Wow!” He replied. “I thought I was the only one in the world that got horny from diapers.”

“Oh you’re not alone…there are millions…all over the world.” She said. “I can’t feel them yet…but my mother can sense almost all of them, she’s much more powerful than I am.”

He was still in shock, taking it all in was a lot for his brain to handle “So…if you can manipulate reality…why not make the diapers big enough to fit you perfectly as a sixteen year old?” He asked.

“I’ve done that too” she smiled. “If that’s what you want it’s as easy as snapping my fingers.”

She snapped her fingers, and instantly was back in her teen body, naked before him. His head was spinning; she had no shame, not a care at all that he was practically drooling at the sight of her body. She turned, and walked over to the changing table where she picked up one of the diapers stored there. He could see that it was much larger now.

“This will fit me perfectly…and you as well I’m sure” she said with a smile.

He was becoming aroused at the sight of her standing in front of the changing table, naked, holding the diaper in her hand. He blushed and held his hands in front of his groin.

The girl giggled. “Don’t be embarrassed, I know what you like to do at night…and you can do it here with me” she said.
It was too much for him, he was practically bursting in his underwear.

“You need a hand with that baby girl?” The voice had come from the doorway behind him. It was the girl’s mother.

“Thanks mom.” The girl replied as she hopped up on the changing table which had grown instantly to accommodate her teen size.

The mother walked past him and as she did, gently brushed his upper arm with her hand. “Relax sweetie, you’ll get your turn next” she told him with a smile.

He watched in amazement as the mother took the diaper from the girl and opened it. The girl lifted her bottom and the mother placed the diaper under her, she giggled as her mother brought the front half of the diaper up between her legs and fastened it in place.

“There we go…all done sweetie” the mother said as she finished.

“Thanks mom” the red haired girl said as she hopped up off of the changing table.
He was still in shock, but he couldn’t take his eyes off of the beautiful diapered red haired girl before him.

“You’re welcome sweetie…I’ll leave you to take care of him, I’m sure you can handle it.” The mother said as she smiled at him and left the room, closing the door behind her.

“Well….” The girl said, holding up another large Pamper and smiling at him.

He stood there frozen…this was real…this was really happening. He could be diapered for real…in a Pamper that would actually fit him. He was fully aroused and it was apparent.

“I know you want to….I can see someone’s little friend wants it too…hee hee.” She giggled as she pointed at the tent in the front of his pants.
Without another thought on the matter he snapped out of his gaze and began to undress. The girl giggled as he fumbled with his pants, his tighty whities got stuck on his flag pole for a moment as he fiddled with them which made the girl laugh out loud. A moment later he was naked before her.

“Not bad at all” she said with a smile. “Now…up on the changing table baby boy…it’s Pampy Pampy Pamper time!” she said with a giggle as she waved the diaper back in forth in front of him.

He did as he was told and climbed up onto the changing table, she gave him a playful slap on his behind as he did so. This sent a wave of excitement through him which nearly made him burst. He laid himself down on the table before her; he was fully aroused to the point of pulsing.

She giggled “Wow, you’re throbbing…you feel so excited…like you’re going to lose control if I just touch you!” she giggled. His excitement was mixing with her own, the anticipation of sharing that moment with him was driving her mad, but she was holding it together.
“Try to relax” she said told him. “As cute as it would be to see you have a ooopsie before I get you diapered…I think we’ll both enjoy it more if I can get you in the diaper first. Now lift up” she instructed him as she opened the bottom half of the Pamper.

He did as he was told and raised his bottom off the table. She slid the open half of the diaper under him and instructed him to lower his bottom. He did so, and was instantly filled with another intense wave of excitement as he felt his bottom come into contact with the soft thick lining of the diaper. The fresh diaper scent was strong on the air, all his senses were heightened, and he was going crazy.

“Ok…here comes your diapee diaper cutie.” She said as she brought the front half of the diaper up between his legs and over his swollen erection.

He shivered with pleasure; he nearly lost control as he felt the diaper come into contact with his boner. “Oh god, this is amazing!” he said.
She giggled at his remark as she taped the diaper securely around his waist.

“There we go…your first real diaper since you were 3” she said with a smile.
And she was right, he had dreamed of this moment for years. The feeling was amazing; he placed his hand on the front of his diaper and moaned. She gently took his hand and guided it away from his pleasure zone.

“No no no cutie…not yet” she said. “Let’s snuggle together.” She said. She motioned for him to follow her to her bed. As he lifted himself off of the changing table he felt the diaper against him, it was amazing, the soft thick padding pushing his legs apart, the loud crinkle with every movement, and the feeling of the soft lining against his arousal. He could hardly control himself; he knew he wouldn’t last long. With every step his excitement built.

She laid herself down on the bed before him and giggled. “Come on baby boy, join me” she beckoned to him. He climbed onto the bed as she held her arms open, inviting him to join her embrace. “I’m your pillow today baby.” She told him as she spread her legs and maneuvered herself into a position which allowed him to mount her.

He couldn’t believe what was happening, in less than a half hours time he had gone from moving a sofa to his diapered fantasy paradise. “I must be dreaming…this can’t be real?” He thought to himself.

She had read his thoughts again. “You’re not dreaming, this is real…come on…I won’t hurt you.” She said with a smile and guided him on top of her. They kissed, and as they did, their diapers made contact for the first time, his pressing against the front of hers. She wrapped her legs around him and held him tight, pulling him in close.

He could feel her breasts pressing against his chest; her nipples were as firm as he was. “Oh god…” He moaned. He began to hump her, moving his waist rhythmically and pressing his arousal into his own diaper and against the front of hers.

She could feel him through her diaper, his erection was solid and the pressure against her most sensitive of areas felt wonderful. She could feel his excitement as well and it mixed with her own, feeding her, giving her new energy that she had never before experienced. This new energy was allowing her to reach out further than she had before, detecting the feelings of hundreds of people many miles away. She sensed the sadness of a girl who had just fallen off her bike and skinned a knee, the disappointment of a boy who had just struck out at bat in a baseball game at a nearby field. But there was more, she could hear thoughts too…she had never been able to read thoughts from more than small distances… the house next door, or across the street on a good day. What she was hearing now was a jumble of chaos, she couldn’t separate the thoughts, and she needed to focus. The energy his excitement was giving her made her powerful, as her mother said it would, she was growing stronger and it felt wonderful.

She knew he wouldn’t last long. The power his feelings gave her was amazing and she wanted it to last as long as it could, but her own sensations were powerful too. She felt the pleasure of her human form growing as she moved her hips to match his rhythm.

He was in his own world now; the pleasure was building to the point of no return. As much as he wanted to make it last forever he knew he would erupt any second. “Mmmmmm oh God!” he moaned again.

“Shhhhh….slowly baby boy….don’t rush.” She whispered in his ear, hoping he would hold out just a moment longer, but she knew it was coming, he was about to explode into his diaper, and this too, she wanted to feel as much as he did. She was about to do the same in her own diaper.

His mind was racing, he was right there, that moment of pure arousal and peak excitement…just before release, his mind hanging in emptiness except for the feeling of pleasure…and then it happened. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh” he moaned as he ejaculated into his diaper. It was the best climax he had ever experienced, wave after wave of release bursting into the soft lining of his diaper, a real Pamper that fit him perfectly, he was in paradise.

Her orgasm was explosive, the feeling of his pleasure, together with her own was more intense then she had experienced before. For a brief moment the energy she was receiving from his emotions gave her the focus she needed to filter the individual thoughts she was hearing. In this moment she found a girl of his age, and the one thought she caught from this girl, just before the orgasm took her focus away was “diapers”. She had found another. The pleasure took her completely now and she felt her release flooding her diaper. She bit his ear gently and moaned softly as she rode the waves of pure happiness to completion, feeling her diaper grow warm and damp.

As the waves of pleasure subsided, his mind slowly returned to reality, he was still humping her…slowly now, feeling every last wave of his eruption complete, until his erection became so sensitive in the diaper that he knew it was time to stop. As he halted himself he could feel her biting his ear gently and breathing heavily, holding him tightly and still pressing her own waist hard against him. The shame came on quickly, “what am I doing here in a diaper…I’ve got to get up, I feel so stupid” he thought.

As her orgasm completed she returned her focus to him, and she heard his thought and felt his shame.
“No…stay” she said, holding him close to her. “Don’t be ashamed…you have nothing to be ashamed of, that was wonderful, amazing!” she told him. “Hold me…I’ll help you through the shame…you’ll see…we have all day to enjoy this…just relax.”

He felt her embrace and it relaxed him. His erection had receded and he now felt the warm slippery mess he had made in the front of his diaper. It was an odd sensation and it embarrassed him more, he wanted to get the diaper off.

“There there, just relax baby boy…you did such a good job.” She whispered too him, trying to bring his attention off of his shame and onto herself. She leaned back exposing her breasts to him, knowing that their site would distract him from the contents of his diaper, and she was right.

His attention went to her breasts, they were beautiful, and he had been so excited before that he hadn’t fully taken the time to appreciate them.

“That’s a good boy” she said as she sensed his distraction, she giggled at his thoughts on the matter. “So, how did it feel to do that in a real diaper for the first time?” she asked him.

“That was…that was amazing.” He stammered. He thought about it now, realizing that it had been amazing, the shame was fading, and his excitement was slowly returning, helped on by the view of her breasts and diapered form. He looked down at the front of her diaper, noticing that low between her legs it appeared wet. “Did she wet her diaper?” he wondered.

She giggled at hearing his thought. “No silly boy, I didn’t go pee pee in my diaper…I soaked it in a different way…girls do that too you know.” She would have to teach him about this sort of thing, and she knew she would have time to do it.

“So whaa what do we do now?” he asked.

“Now we have more fun.” She answered. “Now we get little and make pee pees and poo poos in our diapers!” She said, and giggled at the surprised look on his face.

To Be Continued…

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Re: The Witches Next Door (Updated with Chapter 4, 5-23-14)

I’m enjoying this one so far, and like the directions I see for the rest of the story. Of course I’ve liked your other stories too. I find myself particularly wondering about the reasons the witches have for being coming around, but questions are good at this stage of the story, even if I wish for answers:)

Re: The Witches Next Door (Updated with Chapter 4, 5-23-14)

More please…… :wink:

Re: The Witches Next Door (Updated with Chapter 4, 5-23-14)

Chapter 5

“Wait what?” He asked.

“Now we get little and make pee pees and poo poos in our diapers” she repeated with a giggle.

“You mean like…babies?” he asked.

“If you want.” She replied. “But I prefer to be a bit older…like 6 or 7ish” she said.

“I don’t know…I mean…that seems…is it safe?” he asked cautiously.

“Of course…I can change us back in an instant” she told him. “Don’t be afraid, it will be fun…and…your big boy wee wee will still work like a big boy wee wee…we’ll still have lots of fun together.” She said with a wink. “We won’t actually be 6, we’ll just look like we are.”

“I don’t know…” he said.

“Come on…you’re going to love it…trust me.” She told him. “I’ll go first if it will make you feel better” She said. With a wave of her arms she became the small red haired girl he had seen the night before and earlier that morning. Her diaper had resized to fit her small form.
“See…nothing to be afraid of…now it’s your turn.” She said.

“Waaa wait…” he stammered, but before he could say anything else she waved her arms in the air again and in an instant his world changed. Everything looked huge, and everything was not as it had been. They were now sitting on the floor and the room was completely changed. It was the nursery that he had seen before, filled with toys, and stuffed animals, children’s books, dolls…even a full set of Barbie cheerleaders. The crib and changing table which he had seen earlier were now huge too him. He looked at his body, all his body hair was gone, he was small, and the diaper…a real Pamper, was all he had on. His form was that of a 7 year old.

“Hee Hee, you’re cute” she giggled.

He was again at a loss for words. Sitting there on the floor staring at his small arms and hands, he hadn’t felt a thing. He thought that it would feel painful or at least tingly, but there had been nothing. One moment he had been his 16 year old self, the next he was small and sitting on the floor.

“See…I told you there was nothing to be afraid of” she said.

“I…I can’t believe it.” He replied.

“Believe it.” She told him. “And also…I’ve taken away our potty training.” She giggled.

“What?” he asked…with a tone of concern.

“Don’t worry, it’s just for when we’re being little…so we’ll have fun and use our diapers” she said. “You may feel like you have to go pee pee or poo poo…and you may try to hold it…but you won’t be able to” she added with another round of giggles. “You’re going to love the squishy feeling in your Pampers when you go poo poo” more giggles.

She moved closer to him and stroked the front of his diaper. “Just relax” she said. “Enjoy this.”
Her hand on the front of his diaper took away all worries. His arousal returned with a vengeance and he felt it against the slippery mess he had made in the diaper earlier. It was amazing, he was small…yet he felt completely unchanged. In his mind, he was still 16, and felt every bit as excited as he had been before.

“That’s right baby boy…enjoy it” she said with a smile as she moved in closer and hugged him tight with her small body. She began rubbing the front of his diaper gently but firmly, before long, he was responding with high pitched moans and short breaths.

He was in heaven again, he didn’t care what she had done to him, and all he could think about was how good it felt to be wearing a diaper and have her hold him and stroke the front of his diaper. He climaxed yet again into the soft lining of the Pamper. Waves of pleasure raced through his body as he let out a squeal of happiness in a high pitched tone.

She felt his orgasm combine with her own, it was powerful and she soaked in the strength she received from his pleasure, but this time it was too much. A wave of chaos filled her vision; she could hear the thoughts of hundreds of people at once and couldn’t focus as she had before. The noise in her head was too much for her small body to handle and as the waves of pleasure subsided, she collapsed into his tiny arms.

As his orgasm faded he felt her weight collapse onto him, he held her with his small arms and gently rolled himself to a position so that she was lying beside him. He snuggled her close, he felt tired as well; he kissed her forehead and then shut his eyes.

When he awoke later that afternoon, he found her still snuggled beside him. She was sleeping soundly. He thought that his movements might wake her, but even as he moved his arms from around her she continued to sleep. He felt a warm damp sensation in the front of his diaper, between his legs and around his bottom. In a shock of realization, he understood that he had wet the diaper in his sleep. He remembered what she had said before they fell asleep together, “I’ve taken away our potty training”.

He panicked as a wave of embarrassment and shame went through him, he slid away from the small form of the red headed girl and stood up. She continued to sleep. He was small, the room looked huge to him, and it was still a child’s nursery. The toys, the dolls, and the changing table looming above him brought his current reality front and center, he was wide awake now. Yet she continued to sleep. He tried to remove his diaper, but as hard as he pulled on the tapes, they would not tear free, either he didn’t possess the strength to tear the tapes open, or the diaper possessed the strength to keep him from doing so. Then he felt it, a familiar fullness…a feeling of pressure…down below, a feeling he had learned to recognize a long time ago…telling him that something was coming.

More panic now, the urge to get the diaper off grew stronger. He ran to the bedroom door, he could reach the knob but it would not turn. The pressure from his behind grew stronger, something felt different, his efforts to control himself were useless, as if he were thinking of holding it in but his muscles were not responding. Then he heard something new. It sounded like girls singing, but not quite. “What is that?” he thought. He looked around the room for the source of the noise and his eyes settled on the toy shelf, the set of cheerleader Barbie dolls. They were dancing and chanting and waving their pompoms. He gasped and wondered if he was hallucinating. “Poo poo in your diaper…pampy pamp!..poo poo in your diaper pampy pamp!” was the chant, to the tune of “Here we go (insert team name here) here we go!”

In an instant he felt himself messing in the diaper. He stood frozen in his spot while he felt the mess coming out of his behind and filling the diaper. It felt like farting but then there was a warm lump pressing back against his bottom, as if he had suddenly sprouted a tail inside his diaper. It didn’t stop, the lump in the seat of his diaper continued to grow as his bowels emptied completely, and the chanting from the dolls continued.

He fell to his knees, not letting the seat of his diaper touch the floor, he felt totally humiliated. The chanting had stopped now, it was replaced with giggles “he did it! he poo pooed in his diaper…yay!” one doll shouted. All the cheerleaders giggled now.

Tears filled his eyes and he began to whimper. “Why did I let her do this to me?” he wondered. He looked at the red haired girl, still sleeping on the floor, she seemed lifeless. If not for the rise and fall of her chest as she breathed he would think she were dead. He collapsed into a squatting position and felt the mess squish back against his bottom as the seat of his diaper hit the floor. He cried.

Moments later, the bedroom door opened. He looked up to see the girl’s mother standing over him. She too looked different, younger, and even more beautiful than he remembered. The woman looked down at him and smiled. “Oh…what’s wrong cutie…do you need a change?”

To Be Continued.

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Re: The Witches Next Door (Updated with Chapter 5, 6-14-14)

Hope to see more chapters soon. 8)

Re: The Witches Next Door (Updated with Chapter 6, 6-20-14)

Chapter 6

He looked up at the girl’s mother with tears in his eyes. He had just now became fully aware of the squishy mess in the seat of his diaper pressing back against his bottom. He could feel it squishing between his cheeks and pressing against his anus. He sniffled and nodded his head “yes”.

The mother smiled down at him. “I think I smell a poo poo diaper” she said with a giggle. The cheerleader dolls giggled too, some were pointing at him and laughing. “He went poo poo in his diaper!” one shouted. “Goo goo gaa gaa pamper baby!” another one shouted. They all giggled.

“Now now, you pay no attention to those silly dolls sweetie…I’ll take care of you.” The girl’s mother said as she leaned down and scooped him up off the floor. Something seemed different now, she lifted him up so easily, and she looked so huge to him.

“Oppsie…look at that, she’s made you even younger now.” The mother placed him on the changing table and pointed to the mirror on the wall just behind the table.

He turned his head to see himself on the table; he was now the size of a toddler. “Whaaaa how…she’s sleeping…why am I smaller…I don’t want to be a baby…please make me big again please…!” he cried.

“Shhhh there there sweetie…don’t be afraid. You’ll be safe here. She’s just dreaming, and in her dream she has made the two of you even younger than before…see” She told him as she pointed to her daughter’s sleeping body on the floor.

He looked at the red headed girl who was now also a small toddler. Her diaper, like his own, had resized itself to fit her smaller form.

“You’ll be fine when she wakes up, she’ll be able to change you both back to your normal size when she’s awake.” The mother told him.

“Can’t you change me back to normal now?” He asked the mother.

“No sweetie I can’t, it was her energy that made you this way, she’s in control…you’ll have to wait it out. She’s still very young…even at her normal size. She’s just starting to learn how to control her powers and well…I think she over did it today. You’re excitement and orgasms sort of…overloaded her system, so she passed out.”

He blushed at the mention of his orgasms, and wondered if the mother had known what they were doing all along.

“Yes I did know what you two were doing.” The mother told him, having read his thoughts. “Don’t be embarrassed, I could feel your experiences too…and I have to thank you…that was quite enjoyable cutie!” She said as she gave the seat of his poopy diaper a pat. “Wow, that feels like a big poo poo in there. Let’s get you cleaned up now.” She went to work changing him, opening the diaper and making a face that showed she could smell the contents of his diaper. “Peeeeuuuuuuyyyy what a stinky baby you are” she said with a giggle.

“But I’m not a baby…” he told her.

“I know cutie…but we can have fun with this, just relax and enjoy the experience.”

And he did. He lay there on the changing table as she cleaned his bottom thoroughly with baby wipes. He felt her fingers through the wipes pressing in between his bottom cheeks cleaning every bit of him. He couldn’t take his eyes of her breasts as she worked, she was beautiful he thought. A shiver of excitement went through his body as she cleaned his small private parts.

“That’s a good baby, just relax, Mommy is almost done.” She cooed to him softly as she held his legs by his ankles, lifted him up and slid the dirty diaper out from under him. She gave his bottom a few more wipes and then lowered his legs and rear back onto the changing mat. He watched as she rolled up the dirty diaper and dropped it in the diaper pail. She then retrieved a fresh diaper from the shelf below the table, opened the bottom half, lifted his legs and rear again and placed it under his bottom, then lowered his legs back down, bringing his behind in contact with the soft thick lining of the fresh diaper. A wave of happiness and excitement went through him as she brought the front of the diaper up between his legs and taped it securely around his waist.

“There we go…all better cutie.” She said with a smile. She scooped him up off the table and carried him over to the crib, gently placing him on the mattress and raising the side bar, trapping him inside.

“Why do I have to be in the crib?” He asked.

“Well sweetie…she’s still asleep…we don’t know how long it will take her to get her strength back. She could be out for a few more hours…or a few more days. She’s still dreaming…and if she makes you even younger, I wouldn’t want you falling down and getting hurt. I think the crib will be the safest place for you until she wakes up.”

“Days!” he said with in a tiny squeaky voice. “I can’t be a baby for days; I have to go to school on Monday! And my parents will be home this evening…they’ll wonder where I am and freak out if I don’t come home!” He said in a panic, practically crying again.

“Shhhh don’t worry sweetie…I can take care of everything. I’ll put a charm on your parents to make them forget about you until we can return you…and if she’s not awake by Monday…well…I can always adjust the school attendance system for you…everyone will think you’re at school even if you’re not present.”

“But I’ll miss everything…I won’t know what I’m supposed to be doing.” He said.

“Don’t panic cutie, if it comes to Monday and my daughter is still asleep, I’ll be able to fill your head with everything that you missed at school, I can just tap into one or more of your schoolmates experiences and give them to you…I have that ability you know.”

“Really?” he asked.

“Really” she told him. “Someday my daughter will be able to do that as well, but first she needs to gain her strength back and learn how to not get overwhelmed by too much pleasure at once…You’ll help her with that…which I’m sure you’ll enjoy.” She giggled and winked at him.
She then scooped her daughter’s small form up off the floor and proceeded to check the girls diaper on the changing table. “Just wet it looks like…she’ll probably make a poo poo when she wakes up though…those cheerleaders will want to tease her too I’m sure.” The red haired girl slept right through the diaper change. When her mother had the girl in a fresh diaper, she picked her daughter up and carried her over to the crib, laying her down on the mattress next to him.

“Now then…what was that you were thinking about my breasts while I was changing you?” she said to him with a smile.

He blushed and looked down at the floor. He knew that he really needed to get a handle on his thoughts if he was going to be here for a while.

“Oh cutie, don’t be ashamed of anything while you’re with us…we can do anything to make you happy…and I think these will do the trick to perk you up while you wait for sleepy head there to wake up.” She pulled her shirt off exposing a black lace bra, which she quickly unfastened, releasing two large beautiful breasts.

He stood dumbfounded. There he was the size of a toddler, just a tad too old to be breast feeding, but it was all he could think of, and before he could get it out of his head she lifted him out of the crib.

“Its ok cutie…I know you’re thirsty.” She said with a smile. “Go ahead, give it a try…you’ll love it.” She told him, holding her right breast up for him to feed from.

Instinct took over and he found himself latching onto her nipple without any further thought. He began to suckle, and the milk that filled his mouth was heavenly, it tasted like a cool vanilla milk shake…not at all what he had expected, and he couldn’t get enough of it. He suckled and suckled, breathing every so often through his nose.

“That’s a good baby boy…that’s yummy isn’t it?” she said with a giggle. “Mommy’s milk will fill your tummy right up so you won’t be hungry or thirsty at all while you wait.” After a while she switched him to her left breast and waited as he drained that one as well. The milk was wonderful and the breast seemed even larger now than it had been as he continued to suckle. He heard the girl’s mother giggle.

“Oppsie…looks like she’s made you younger again.”

As he heard the words he felt her turn him towards the mirror. He detached himself from her breast to look and saw that he was no longer a toddler, but an actual baby.

“I’d say you’re about six months old now cutie…there’s no choice now but to wait it out in the crib…look, she’s done it to herself too, she must be having a wonderful dream.”

He began to cry again, sounding exactly like the baby he had become. He felt completely helpless and scared. What if she didn’t wake up for days, what if she made him even smaller still. The girl’s mother comforted him.

“Shhhh shhhh little guy, it’s going to be fine, you’ll see when she wakes up, everything will be fine. I’ll keep you both safe while you wait. You lay down with her in the crib and rest, everything will be back to normal before you know it.”

She held him for a while, gently patting his diapered bottom and rubbing his back until he calmed down. When he finally stopped crying, she laid him down in the crib beside her sleeping daughter. “Go to sleep cutie, you’ll see, when you wake up, she’ll be awake and ready to make you both normal again.” She smiled at him and left the room, closing the door behind her.

As he lay there in the crib he began to feel sleepy. He knew he had already slept for quite a while and wondered if this too was the work of the red haired girl. He heard giggling and rolled his head towards the shelf where the cheerleader dolls were. They were giggling and pointing at him. “awww…such a cute wittle diaper baby.” One said. “He’s gonna make more wet wets and poo poos in his pampers!” another said. This was followed by another round of giggles and then the group broke out into their cheer again. “Poo poo in your diaper pampy pamp….poo poo in your diaper pampy pamp…poo poo in your diaper pampy pamp…” was all he heard as he drifted off to sleep.

To Be Continued.

Re: The Witches Next Door (Updated with Chapter 6, 6-20-14)

I’m following this one with interest. Interesting plotline. Now, of course, the immediate question is how long will he end up spending as a baby this round - to be answered with another chapter or two. I’m still looking for verification of the witches’ reason for being there, though I think I have a pretty good guess.