The Wish Granted

A DL only, not AB story. Young girl, no adult stuff.

Part 1

Where do I begin? Was it because I was undergoing puberty, so I had to wear pads stuck to my knickers? Was it because I saw cartoons where the characters of various age wore nappies? Or was it because I keep seeing my one-year old stepbrother in nappies and being carried away to be changed?

How about the time I got caught in his stop fingering his pampers? "Cathy what are you doing? “cried my stepmum. “Have you finished your homework? I see your room isn’t still tidied. Go clean it.”

I have finished my homework and what more could I do for my room? I was particularly friendly to my stepmom, I wanted to call her Maryanne, but under her was ‘mum’ or ‘mother’ and my father didn’t support me. That fingering didn’t stop me from entering my stepbro’s room when I could, and I managed to rush out when my stepmum approached. At stores and pharmacies, I would make weird excuses and stare at the baby nappies, the youth brands and even some adult brands with weird names.

Then I made my big mistake, I was surfing the net on both my laptop and mobile phone and kept Googling ‘nappies’, diapers’ ‘diaper sizes’ those sort of terms. I grew hungry, got up and head to the kitchen. When I returned with my glass of milk and snack, there was Maryanne aka stepmother her eyes staring directly at my stuff.

“Cathy, would you like to talk?”

“No!” I tried to rush over to my own items but somehow, she blocked my path. “Let me go!” I cried.

“I think we should talk,” she continued with her calm tone, not really restraining me but I still could pass.

“Let me go! Those are my own items! This is my privacy! I can Google what I want! I want …”

“Shall we go to you room Cathy? You can carry your laptop and phone yourself.” Giving her an angry stare, I did so. I wanted to slam the door but she did it first, slowly.

“You have something on your mind,” She looked at me. I crossed my arms and didn’t answer.

“You like something. you want something very much,” she continued. “Cathy, come on, this isn’t a scolding, a punishment, I want to help you.” I still didn’t answer. Then she left and I thought that was it. A minute later, stepmum returned with a large plastic bag with something in it. She sat down next to me on my bed and although I moved away, she just came next to me.

"Your brother wears nappies; he’s not really much his age but he will be toilet trained. Now, while you do like what he wears, " I turned away, “I want to show you…”

I heard a loud rustle and although I was pissed off, I turned back and to my shock, there was an unfolded large adult nappy in her hands.

“Stepmum, me, Maryanne to you, has weak bladder at night and has to wear these. Really, truly. While I sleep with your dad, there’s a plastic pad under my side of the bed but these help catch any unwanted pee.”

“You…you…you really wear nappies?!” I was now really shocked.

“Always at night Cathy, sometimes early morning before I head down to make breakfast. Go ahead, touch them.” I waited for a half a minute, then placed both of my hands on the item. I felt the cloth-plastic texture, turned it to see purple markings, a circle over the letter M and the world ‘Tena’ on the top. My step mum explained a bit more and then drop the million-pound question, “Do you want to wear a nappy?”

I didn’t want to answer then burst out, “the websites say I 'm a freak! I’m a baby! I have a twisted mind! But I’m so advanced, I’ve got boobs, most girls in my class don’t! I’ve got my period but other girls don’t, I don’t want to, I don’t want to…”

My Stepmum caught as tears flooded my eyes and rocked me till I calmed down. “You’re none of those, Cathy yes you are advanced, you are clever you just like something people you age don’t…”

“That makes me a freako…” I showed her a site I found on the internet. She calmly typed another link which gave a vastly different view.

"Stepmom has to wear these. You think she likes them? It is babyish but I don’t see that. Your father doesn’t either or we won’t be here. Now there’s nothing wrong with liking or wanting to wear these, she held up the package this time.

“So…what? You going to tell Dad? You going bring me to a shrink?” I still wasn’t very certain.

“I’m going to let you wear nappies.” My eyes may have bulged out at that statement. “Nah, I won’t mention it to your father, deal?” I gingerly shook her hand. “These are too large for you,” she pointed at the package, “and no, baby nappies won’t fit you, I guarantee. At best, you are a S size, maybe XS size.”

“You really will let me wear nappies?!” I exclaimed. With more discussion, we were certained. After taking measurements of my hips and waist, my Stepmum said she would be back in an hour or so from a store. I was happy to stay at home; I didn’t to me out while she was buying nappies that I would wear.

Exactly as promised, she returned, and with closed room, I pulled out the smaller package.

“Tena Slip Junior,” I read out the label. The package had more than thirty youth nappies! I tore the whole package.

“Should have just tore a small side, but never mind. You want to put on one yourself?”

It was like being granted a wish you always wanted. I never changed myself in front of Maryanne, but I just ignored her, removed my slacks and pink knickers and shifted the nappy under my butt. Remembering what I searched on the net, I pulled up the sides and then tried to tape them simultaneously. What I got was my fingers stuck to the tapes.

“Shall I help out?” Before I could answer, Stepmum swiftly taped the top left side first, the swiftly bottom right side then both other sides snugly. “Stand up, walked around she how it feels,” she suggested.

I did so and although the bulk was definitely there, it wasn’t uncomfortable. A cry came, and my Stepmum excused herself to tend to my stepbrother, leaving me nappied.

Part 2

With Stepmum gone. I continued walking around my room, trying to get use to the feeling of the padded item taped snugly to my crotch and in between my legs. It felt a bit weird and uncomfortable but slowly that disappeared and the nappy felt just like a padded knicker, like wear several sanitary napkins stuck to my undies. I lay on my bed and rolled around. It really felt wonderful. But could I manage to wear it for a long time? Would Dad find out would he agree or tell me to take them off? I got down on my floor and started to roll again thinking about the nappies until Stepmum returned, breaking my thoughts.

“Trying to get used to the nappy?” She smiled, but I didn’t reply the smile as I scrambled up.

“Better put back your slacks; it’s getting colder. Now I need you to watch your baby brother as I head back out to get more stuff for your nappies,” she remarked.

“More stuff?” I was curious.

“You’ll see, now come out and watch over your brother.” Stepbrother I wanted to say but fell silent. He was clad in a thick onesie legs in socks and sucking a dummy or better known as a pacifier elsewhere. I was quite sure I didn’t want to suck a dummy; I never sucked on stuff except maybe straws and ice cream sticks. As for the onesie, well it was like a leotard or one-piece swimsuit. I wasn’t sure I wanted to wear that though the forums I glanced at said that what diaper lover would wear. My brother didn’t move or cry much as I watched him until I heard my Stepmum return and gestured me to return to my room and closed the door.

“These are needed if you wish to wear a nappy for the long-term,” she announced pulling out a large plastic sheet. “Although you are wearing a high-quality nappy, there still is a chance you may leak. So, I need to place plastic sheets under your bed and over your room chair.”

“Plastic sheets?” I exclaimed. “I read up they crinkle.”

“Not this kind,” she replied. “Watch,” She removed my duvet, blanket and bedsheet. A plastic sheet was placed securely over and the bedsheet was placed back." Sleep and roll over," she instructed and I did. Only the slightest crinkle came out. “See?” She said and also plastic-proof my room chair. “I won’t do the dining room chairs or sofa, but be careful,” She added.

“Second,” She pulled out a tube of cream. “This is an anti-rash cream. You should, no, must put it around your private parts and perhaps anus before taping on a nappy. I’ll excuse it for the one you have on but the next one, you should apply the cream. I don’t want to this kind get rash.” I nodded, remembering the times my stepbrother got nappy rash.

“Third item,” She held up a bucket. “Throw your used nappy in this bin. It has anti-bacterial, anti-virus lining so that helps. It also has a cover so you won’t have to smell the nappy in this room. Don’t throw the nappies in other bins.”

“Fourth, wipes,” She held up some baby wipes and I cringed. “Oh, you need them. Clean your area before and after you tape on the nappy. I won’t recommend powder for you; it might entice rash.”

“Is that all?” I asked.

“No, we need to set some rules Cathy.” So, across the next hour, we discussed and wrote down rules.

  1. I will be able to wear nappies provided by her at home and only at home for the moment. Not to school or in public, just as yet.
  2. I will wear and use them only for pee not for poo. I must not use the nappy until full but change when around two-thirds or three-quarter full to avoid rash. Then again, I shouldn’t waste a nappy after one or two wettings or if the tapes are too loose.
  3. I should learn to tape or change myself. If I can’t or get stuck, I should go to her to help tape on the nappy.
  4. All nappy changes should occur in my room or in locked rooms. As stated in 1) and 2), nappies are for peeing only. If the nappy can’t be taped on after using the toilet for poo, then I can use a new nappy but generally wear the nappy until it should be changed.
  5. Nappies should not be intentionally shown; clothes should be worn over my nappies at home.
  6. Besides the nappies, I will not act as a baby or perform babyish acts. I will not suck a dummy or my fingers. I may consider wearing a onesie or bodysuit, but not just as yet.
  7. The nappy wearing will be a secret. Only myself, Stepmum, maybe my Dad will know about it. I should not tell any of my friends or relatives, lest risk teasing or negative comments, maybe later on, I would reveal this secret.
  8. I will be respectful to my parents, do my school work and household chores as usual. I will not complain about the lack of nappy provisions, or altering to any of points 1) to 7).
  9. I will continue to learn about being a nappy or diaper lover. I will not visit adult, 18+ websites on my laptop and phone and let my parents check what sites I visit.
  10. I will enjoy wearing nappies.

We both signed this list and Stepmum pinned it on my bulletin board. “You can hide this if there are guests that wish to enter your room,” She suggested.

I was about to return to my desk when I heard the front door open and my dad call out. “Let’s go greet him,” Mum suggested.

“But…” I pointed at my crotch.

“No one can see anything. Besides, you always greet your father when he returns home.” I thought for a few seconds, ensured my sweater cover my slacks, and join her out.

“How’s my beautiful Cathy?” My Dad kissed me on my forehead as he lifted me up like he always did.

“Great, Dad,” I replied, really hoping he didn’t see the outline of my nappy as he held me and lowered me down.

“How’s your day? Helped your mother, did your homework and chores?” I said ‘yes’ to the second and third questions, he nodded and left to change out of his work clothes. I went back to my room and heaved a sigh of relief.

It was dinner time and I sat in my usual chair opposite my parents. My Stepmum was busy feeding my brother while my Dad was trying to talk to me. It was usual chatter, how was school so far, my favourite subjects, what I was hoping to be when I grew up that sort of talk. While we talked, I was still conscious about my nappy, which was still dry. I kept crossing and un-crossing my legs as I talked to Dad. Dinner flew by fast and I offered to clear the dishes, hoping to hide out in my room. Just as I held out the last plate, I felt Dad’s hand on my shoulder and asked, “You wearing some new type of underwear?”

I turned and said no but almost dropped the plate, shivering.

“I don’t want to intrude on your choice of clothing, but are you wearing something padded? I saw your underwear stick out of your slacks. Like what your mum wears to sleep.” I walked backwards, not answering him. Just then, my Stepmum entered and gave the dreaded answer, “Barry, she’s wearing a nappy.” I really nearly dropped the plate.

The three of us sat in the living room and my Stepmum explained the course of events that happened previously. Dad sat only asking, “Why?” “How?” “Did You encourage her” then let her continue. She even brought the list we made earlier and showed it to him, stressing I would be wearing only at home for now. She concluded, “it’s not smoking, or drugs, or even sex. She just really likes them. It’s not harmful; you remember how I had to explain why I had to wear to sleep when we first met? Let her wear.”

“Dad…” I began with a dry mouth.

"Sweetie, he faced me, “I was shocked initially. But now, after all this talk, I’m not. I agree,” he drew out his pen and to point 7, ’ cancelled ‘maybe’. “Hug?” He asked me. I still trembled he knew about it, the accepted his hug like I always did.

Back in my room, after surfing the web. I was reading a book when a familiar signal came. My bladder! I ran to my toilet door then, remembered what was taped around me waist. Should I? I paced around the room, then sat back on my chair and for the very first time, peed in a youth nappy.



Hey ! Welcome here for your first story.

May I give you some comments / advice about your writting ? I will try to make it as constructive as possible and it’s only my opinion.

First the plot of your story is quite classic, and that’s not a problem for me, but that means that you have to tell it well. The story been realistic is a good point to feel related to your characters, so maybe try to describe their feelings more. I found the most important parts of your naration really dry at this regard.

Secondly, please, check your writting because in a lot of sentences word are misused or grammar is wrong which made it difficult to read and totally push you out of the story.

Did you plan to write more of this story ? I would be glad to read it.

Thank you for your work.

Part 3

I couldn’t believe it initially, I actually peed in a diaper! Wait, it was me who wanted to wear a nappy daily, so I should be so shocked about peeing in them? I felt my bladder empty again; but a smaller piss. Curious how wet my Tena Slip Junior was, I lowered my sweat pants and turned to the mirror. The indicator had indeed changed. I moved forward and could see it colour but couldn’t see the full change in the indicator. I ran out of my room and managed to find my stepmum reading a women’s magazine and in her nightclothes and a dressing gown. I blurted out what happened and she took me by both hands to a side room, closing the door.

“Congratulations Catherine, you took your next step in the nappy world!” She declared then asked to see my nappy. “It’s not that wet; just damp,” She noted.

“You sure?”

“Of course, darling,” I hated it when she called me that but kept quiet. " It’s just a normal pee, right?" I nodded. “The Tena can take more than that. Head back and you should change when it feels thick or when you are about to sleep; I don’t want you in a wet or soaked nappy asleep.”

I still was uncertain about the nappy but nodded and retreated to my room. I went back surfing the net, viewing typical girly websites. I then shifted to nappy stuff. Most of it was cover Adult Baby stuff or how to be little. I skipped those and after much searching, I found non-AB websites but they were regarding incontinent people. Several of them required you to declare that you were just wanting to discuss only incontinence subjects or are only incontinent. I just read through the threads and chats not only able to say ‘agree’ occasionally. After another hour, I reached for my water tumbler and drank a huge load. Minutes later, I peed again, this time more. I checked my nappy and this time the indicator was two-thirds wet. Wow, I thought. I peeled off the nappy and boy was it really stained. Throwing it the bucket, I grabbed some wet wipes–I didn’t like the label’s term ‘baby wipes’–and cleaned my area thoroughly.

Then I pulled out a fresh nappy. Trying to remember how my stepmum helped the first time, I slowly managed the four tapes. The Tena Slip was taped on but I wasn’t sure whether it was secure enough. I was about to head out again when I heard a knock.

“Cathy? You ready for bed?”

“Uh, I yes, but I…” I opened the door for her with my new nappy exposed.

“Good girl, you changed yourself, but that’s still a bit loose,” she remarked. She told me to lie back down and within seconds, the nappy was snug, not too tight. “Don’t worry; after practice you’ll get used to changing. Good Night.”

“Good Night,” I greeted back and took off my clothes ready to change to my pyjamas. Just in a nappy, I saw myself a pyjamas girl with growing breasts but taped in a nappy. Was this how I wanted it to be? I put on my night clothes and tucked myself in. I had a nightmare that my friends and classmates found out I like and was wearing a nappy and drew on my clothes. Then I had a nice dream that there were tons on unmarked boxes containing nappies for me and I would have an unlimited supply.

I woke up the next day and immediately found that I wet my nappy when asleep! It wasn’t that wet; but after checking check the indicator showed it was more than half wet. I still took it off, along with my night clothes and entered the shower. It was a welcoming cleansing, especially ‘down there’. Back in my room, I again attempted to properly put on a new nappy. Checking in the mirror, I assumed this Tena Slip was taped snugly and dressed. Downstairs, I greeted my parents and sniffed the wonderful smell of scrambled eggs, toast and bacon. Before I could sit down, stepmum shook her head and guided me to a side room. With my stepbrother Edward sucking his dummy and trying to learn how to walk in one corner, my step mum asked again to see how my nappy was taped. “Not bad, but you must pull it up higher, it helps to prevent any leakage.”

I nodded and gobbled down my breakfast, help clear up then headed back to my room, checked that I finished my school work then when online again and logged onto the incontinence forum. It was mostly quiet for a Sunday and a repetitive talk of how to treat incontinence and less about nappy or diaper wearing. I browed through the other sites, but once more they were filled with ABs, littles or fake mummies and daddies. Darn, how can I learn to be a nappy or diaper lover? Daydreaming, I intentionally peed in my new nappy, most definitely emptying the breakfast tea. My stepmum broke my thoughts, asking me to help her to prepare Sunday lunch. Walking down, I thought my nappy was thick but as I met stepmum, she didn’t say anything as she dressed the chicken. I remaining standing, my butt facing her as I chopped the vegetables. So, it’s my imagination that I’m too well padded at the back. Prep over, I headed back and found the call of nature. I tried to pee standing up, but it didn’t work and I sat on my chair to let the pee trickle into my nappy. Darn, I’m not a boy or I’m not so advanced in peeing in a nappy standing up. Amazingly the nappy wasn’t full!

Lunch talk with my folks was about school life, subjects that I love and what job I was aiming for. I couldn’t really answer the last question but my parents shifted the discussion between themselves. As I helped clear up, I again felt another signal; I had to poo. I didn’t want to use the nearby toilet and quickly helped washed the plates then scooted up to the loo in my room. I managed to peel off the Tena Slip in time. After flushing, I tried to put back the same nappy since it didn’t look that stained. But no, the tapes had lost much of their adhesive now. I dumped it in the pail and taped on a new one, double checking it was secure enough. The rest of Sunday was normal or rather boring with me ensuring my room was clean, checking again that I’ve completed school work and finding nothing interesting on the incontinence forums.

By late evening, I was preparing for bed early when my step mum entered and checked that my night nappy was taped properly. “Enjoy your sleep with it Cathy, remember it’s a school day and you’ll be back in your pants.”

School day! No nappy wearing in the day! Argh!!!


Noted but not bothered.

You do realize that others may be less kind in their feedback, especially with regards to grammar, right?

Let me offer you a piece of advise. Listen to them, and keep your replies polite or you will NOT like my response, and you very much will be bothered by it.

I did not realise this is a school with teachers being so self righteous. Comment on the story not on the grammar. If you do not like read the baby stories which have horrible spelling and grammar.