The Winners

Thank you to all our participants! We had more people voting this time than we had last year, or even for our story of the year contest, which is nice to see. Now, for the winners:

Diary of a Madman in the Making, by Purged_User - 5 points

The Crayola Diary Vacation of 2018, by C. S. Fox - 7 points

Cultural Differences, by Teekabell - 9 points

In third place, a tie, both with 10 points:

A Visitor to Triton, by WriteAndLeft

Advanced Placement, by Elizabeth

In second place:

July 23 - August 13: A New Start, by Elizabeth - 13 points

And in first place:

Indigo Flight, by Nighthawk - 20 points

Re: The Winners

I just want to say job well done to all my fellow authors for producing some excellent short work. I really enjoyed this year’s stories.

Re: The Winners

The voting turned out exactly how I thought it should, even though all the stories were excellent. I just knew by reading that some stories were better than others. Thank you authors for giving us really good stories to read. I think what made the stories even better was that they had ends. I’ve read many ABDL stories that are just the beginning of the story. I am glad I am getting the whole thing and these short story contests force us to write stories with beginnings, middles, and ends

Re: The Winners

This was a lot of fun, and kudos to all the other writers. I hope its continued again next year.