The Winners

Let’s start off with a big thank you and congratulations to everybody who participated. The contest was a little different from usual, and we’re glad you participated in it with us. And who all actually did that, you may wonder? Well, we’ll get to that in a minute.

But first, our secondary contest. As it turned out, we had only one entry, so Falz is the automatic winner, with 5 correct guesses.

And now, for the results of the voting, and the revelation of the authors.

A Grieving Process, by Jaiden - 1 point

I Think She Knows, by Falz - 2 points

The Line Between Love and Insanity, by Jaks - 4 points

Jim, by SeventyEyes - 4 points

Wedding Day Changes, by Emi_kins - 6 points

Little Sister, by WingZ - 8 points

Diaper, Lover, by Lizzie - 9 points

In third place, with 16 points, Teaching Miss Mona, by Elizabeth.

In second place, with 17 points, Share and Share Alike, by Winnie Cooper.

And in first place, with 33 points, The Watcher and the Dancer, by Elizabeth.

The Winners

Congrats everyone on the amazing stories, but especially to Elizabeth and Winnie Cooper.

The Winners

I win a competition? Heh, just goes to show, if you don’t buy the ticket you don’t win the raffle.

The Winners

Congratulations all.

I think the best story won but there were a goodly number of readable ones in there.

The Winners

Congrats on a job well done.

The Winners

I knew The Watcher and the Dancer was by Elizabeth… awesome story.

The Winners

Congratulations everyone for posting these short stories.

Congratulations to Elizabeth for winning, and to Vickie for coming in second.

Job well done to all the administrators for having this contest, especially Elizabeth.

The Winners

So which ones did Falz correctly guess?

The Winners

I didn’t expect Teaching Miss Mona to be by Elizabeth, nor Little Sister by WingZ - I actually thought even that they could be reversed (though I have to say that I’ve only skimmed each story; it’s largely based on title).

I did know that Share and Share Alike was Vickie though.

Well done you guys.

The Winners

Little Sister
Diaper Lover
I Think She Knows 8)
The Watcher and The Dancer
Share and Share Alike

I’ll have to be honest Jaks I was swithering with yours but it sounded so like a Nighthawk title I just went with my gut on that one.

The Winners

Now what you mean about the Nighthawk thing.