The week I entered their world *Completed 6/5-15*

Chapter 1

This was going to be it. This time I was in a good spot to beat the race. I had participated in several tournaments and never won anything but this time I had great chance of reaching first place. I focused on the road and made a perfect turn passing one of my opponents. There was only one left for first place now, my biggest rival who had beaten me so many times before, but I was not letting her do it this time. It was one turn left and that was it. It had to be perfect.

As I approached the turn my hearth beat fast. I was right behind her tail and I could picture her feeling all confident about herself, sure that she’d take home her fifth tournament in a row, but that was not going to happen this time and I longed to see her face after being beaten by a novice like me. The last turn approached and I took a deep breath to regain focus. The turn was here and I used the boost I had saved. Excitement filled me as I flew ahead of her. I was seconds away from the finish line, feeling like nothing could stop me, but then everything turned black.

“Hey,” I said, staring at the blank TV screen. “I was about to win, why did you do that for?” I have to admit, I had to hold back tears even if I was old enough not to cry over a stupid video game. Nine year old girls could cry sometimes yes, but only little girls cried over silly things like this.

“I just didn’t feel like playing anymore,” my friend Ally said with a shrug and put her controller away, like she didn’t knew I was about to beat her.

“Fine, but I won this time.” I threw my controller back, crossing my arms, muttering something under my breath. Winning didn’t mean that much to me as long as I got to play, but was one time asking for too much?

“Nu-hu. You never finished so it doesn’t count.” she stuck her tongue out. I wasn’t mad but I reached for a pillow and threw it at her. She giggled and threw it back harder and just as in my many imaginations of sleepovers, the mandatory pillow fight begun.

We threw, hit and played with the pillows while giggling and jumping around on her bed. I didn’t fear falling down because her bed was big like everything else in her house, like the TV, the hot tub, the pool and all the other luxuries. It was nothing like the tiny house I lived in. I remember asking her the first time I was there if one of her parents was a celebrity or something. I must have embarrassed myself because she said ‘no, why?’ like if everyone lived in a house like that. I was afraid that if she’d ever go to my house she would ask if my parents were rats.

My house wasn’t really small and dirty like a rat nest; I tend to exaggerate things or sometimes I like to pretend that I’m a little mouse. Anyway, I guess my house was pretty average; big enough for me, mommy and daddy. I liked it, but I really wished we had room for another family member. I begged but mommy said she didn’t want any more children.

I cured my loneliness by pretending I had my own twin sister. I called her Bella. At first I just played with her, but after that I figured since we were twins and looked the same I could also be her too. We were different in how we were though so I picked whoever fit my mood the best that day. My parent’s just shook their heads and refused to call me Bella when I pretended to be her.

The fun stopped at school when I was six and people started to wonder why I sometimes laughed for no apparent reason or wanted to be called by different names. It was also confusing for the teachers when I turned in two homeworks every week, one by me and one by Bella. They eventually made me go talk with the school counselor regularly and after a couple of weeks, Bella were expelled and hopefully out of my head too.

Things turned better last year when I started third-grade and met Ally. I let Bella out of the world then and now I was in fact at a real sleepover throwing pillows and not at home pretending I was.

The pillow fight went on. We didn’t bother to pick up the ones that had landed too far away on the floor we were eventually out of them. When that happened we began wrestling instead. I refused to lose my balance as she tried to get me down on the bed. I escaped from her grip and jumped around while she tried to catch me again. She chased me until I surrendered and let myself fall down on the bed because I was afraid that if I jumped more the pizza I had earlier would make its way up my throat.

“I think I won again,” Ally said and hit me with a pillow she had picked up from next to the bed.

“Whatever,” I said. She threw the pillow away and let herself fall too and we lay down next to each other catching our breaths. “You only cheat.”

Ally stuck her tongue out and then she said “I think its pajamas time.”

“Okay, I think I left mine downstairs.” I didn’t mind to put it on early. This was my first sleepover and I had pictured that you ran around in your pajamas throwing pillows at each other all the time. I was about to get up when I remember how my pajamas looked. The pastel pink color together with the bunnies, carrots and flower prints could as well have been designed to be worn by a toddler, and I had owned it since I was eight so it was a little small too. Ally surely had something newer and less babyish to wear and even if she didn’t say anything I would probably embarrass myself.

“Get up then,” she said and gave me a tickle on my side. I wasn’t really feeling doing so when I thought about what I had to put on so I didn’t move. She moved closer and sat down on top of my tummy. I giggled and squirmed while at same time messing up the cover on the bed as she tickled me everywhere.

“Ok, ok, stop!” I pushed her off and sat up because I was sure that if she tortured me more, the soda I had earlier would make the bottom of my pants wet and then I would probably die of embarrassment.

“Go down and get it then.” She sat up too.

When I went to the door I couldn’t help but to take up a pillows and throw it at her. I spun around and aimed at her face and threw it the hardest I could.

“Ha, I won!” I put my hand in the air to declared victory. Then I saw how she bent over laughing. I had missed. I clenched my hand into a fist and put it down while letting out a frustrated sigh. I had a smile on my face as I went out though. It was still the best night ever and it was going to be the best week ever. Ally was my first real friend and I dreamed that maybe one day we could call ourselves best friends.

On my way downstairs I ran into her sister Alexis. She was ten years older than us and I was usually shy around teenagers but not to her. When she looked down at me with her gentle smile, being an only child, I wished I had a sister like that, a real one and not just in my dreams, however, I knew it was impossible.

“How’s it going Amber?” She asked, while fixing my long chestnut brown hair that had been messed up from the pillow fight.

“Good. We’re getting our PJs on,” I said.

“That’s great! Listen, I’m here for you. If you ever need anything or if Ally is mean or does something bad just tell me. I’ll make her stop,” Alexis said. Ally’s parents weren’t at home so she was in charge of us.

“It’s okay,” I said.

I continued to go down to get my bag. When I found it in the hall I decided I could just as well change down there and I began putting it on. I actually liked my pajamas and hoped I didn’t get teased.

The stuffed bunny I still slept with every night wasn’t going to help me in case I got teased either. I picked her up from my bag and hugged her hard because this night I feared she would have to sleep alone. I whispered good-night in her ear, but when I looked her in the eyes, I couldn’t tell her I had to leave her there so I had to bring her up with me. If Ally teased me I could tell Alexis.

I pulled out my long hair that had gotten behind my tight pajamas top before I went upstairs again. I walked straight into Alexis who came out from Ally’s room. She smiled and let me in.

I saw Ally who had also changed into her pajamas lying on her bed. Her pajamas were at least as childish as mine with baby blue with teddies and stars on, it wasn’t as tight though.

“Hey bunny girl,” she said. “I like her,” she looked at the bunny in my arms.

“Thanks.” I stroke the bunny over her ears and kissed her head feeling sorry for even thinking about leaving her in my bag. Then I felt a scent of something that hadn’t been in the room before. It smelled fresh, like the candles mommy used before we had guests. I knew it came from something but I couldn’t tell exactly what it was.

“I have a teddy!” She picked something up. It was a cute pink teddy with a bow on its head. She hugged it tight.

“We aren’t going to bed now right?” I asked and climbed up in her bed letting my bunny say hello to her teddy.

“Not yet. Meanie told us that we could only stay up until ten.” She backed with her teddy which she told me was shy.

“You’re sister isn’t a meanie,” I said, hoping she knew how lucky she was.

“Uh hu she is. You don’t know because you’re not living with her,” Ally said. Ally took her sister too much for granted. Being jealous wasn’t really going to help me feel better, but I couldn’t help it as I sat there wishing I could call someone a meanie for giving me a ten-o-clock bed time or rather I wished I had someone I could call my sister.

“So what are we doing now?” I crawled over and sat down next to her in bed.

“What about a movie?” Ally suggested.

“Sure,” I said.

“What do you wanna watch?” She asked and pointed at a shelf that was crammed with DVDs and video games. “Go and pick one.”

I didn’t have any movies at home and there were so many in there I wanted to watch so I couldn’t pick one right away.

“Hurry,” Ally said.

“What about this one?” I held up Cinderella. I had actually seen it before with my cousin but I wanted to watch it again.

“No,” Ally said.

“Ok, this one?” I held up the little mermaid.

“Those are baby movies silly. I have them there because I haven’t given them away to some baby yet.”

“Oh ok.” My face turned red and I put the Little Mermaid back. Could I stop embarrassing myself already? I took my time to pick the next movie. “What about this one then?” I held up the Parent Trap.

“Booooring.” Ally sighed.

“You pick one then,” I said.

Ally got up from bed and sat down next to me.

“No kidding you couldn’t find a good one; it’s only baby movies in here. Meanie must have put the good ones away. Wait here.” Ally walked out of the room. When she moved I thought I heard a rustling sound. I waited in bed and when she came back she had three movies with her, all of them with scary covers.

“Pick one!” She held them up

“Uhmm, that one,” I said and picked one randomly, not daring to read the titles because the covers looked scary.
Ally grinned. “Sure.” She opened it and put the disc into her player. “Want some snacks?” She asked while the player swallowed the disc.

“Yea, and some more soda please,” I added because I felt rather thirsty from all the playing. I thought Ally was going to bring us them herself but then she went to her door and called.

“Alex! Come here!” and after a moment her sister came.

“What is it?” She asked.

“We want snacks and soda and please hurry,” Ally said, tapping her feet.

“Okay, but no soda right before bedtime. Are you going to watch a movie?”

“Yes,” Ally said.

“Which one are you going to watch?”

“Little mermaid,”

I felt a pit in my tummy because it was wrong to lie but I said nothing.

“Good choice. I’ll get you some snacks and water then,” Alexis said and turned to leave.

“But Amber wanted soda and she’s our guest.” Ally complained while tugging her sister’s shirt just as she was about to leave. I thought she didn’t really have to. She was being too nice to us already.

“Ok, fine. But you only get one glass each,” Alexis said.

When her sister left, Ally looked at me and said. “I’m going to turn off the lights.”

With a click the room turned black, except for the lamp next to her bed.

“Cozy, huh?” she whispered and climbed back up in bed.

“Yea,” I replied. In truth, I didn’t really like the dark. At home I even slept with a night light sometimes and I even had it with me in my bag. I could never tell Ally that because then I would be a total baby. Mommy had insisted I took it with me though in case I had nightmares.

Alexis came back with our snacks and soda. It was a bowl of popcorn and two glasses of cola. She placed the glasses on the night stand and put the bowl between us. “There you go girls. Anything else?” she asked.

“No. Leave us,” Ally said and stood up to push away her sister.

“Ok, enjoy the movie…” Alexis shook her head and left us. I would rather have here there to watch the scary movie with us and watched as she left.

The movie wasn’t as bad at first as the cover suggested. Maybe a little scary, but not too much to make me jump. I watched, ate my popcorns and drank my soda. For a moment I looked over at Ally who seemed to be concentrating on something, like she wasn’t watching. Then when I looked back at the screen and wasn’t ready, a scary surprise startled me. I jumped and screamed. Ally looked up and giggled at me.

“That wasn’t even scary,” she said and shifted position and there was that sound again.

“I just wasn’t ready,” I defended myself. I sniffed. There was a new smell in the room. It wasn’t like how it was when I entered. This one almost smelt like bathroom, but I said nothing and since you eventually get used to things around you, I forgot about it as the movie went on.

The movie became scarier now and I had to be on my toes the whole time. Ally didn’t seem to have any problems with it and had probably seen many movies like this one before, with her sister being there for her of course. I didn’t have any experience with the horror genre and I screamed at every little thing but then there was one really scary scene where we both did.

Hugging each other, we heard someone running to our door. Ally quickly turned off the movie just as her sister came in.

“Why are you guys screaming all the time?” She asked, looking at us both searchingly.

“Nothing,” Ally said, moving back from me. “I just told Amber a scary story.”

“Weren’t you watching a movie?” Alexis asked, crossing her arms and walked into the room.

“We had seen it before and it was boring,” Ally replied.

Alexis looked suspicious. “What movie were you watching?” she said and peered her eyes her sister.

“Cinderella, no, the parent trap, no I mean the little mermaid!” Ally replied but I noticed her squirming around nervously and there was that rustling sound again.

“Are you lying to me?” Alexis went to the TV. She checked the disc and saw that it wasn’t Cinderella, The Parent Trap or the little Mermaid. She sighed. “You know what I think about you watching horror movies, but even worse you lied to me!” She took big steps towards Ally’s side of the bed. “You’re a bad girl!”

I sat up and froze. This was almost scarier than the movie.

“Look how scared Amber is! Bad girl!” she yelled at her sister and reached for her. Ally tried to crawl away across the bed, but Alexis acted quicker and grabbed her feet and pulled her back. Grabbing both her sister’s arms she lifted her up and sat her down in her lap.

“No, no please no. Please don’t Alex. Look, I’m sorry!” Ally struggled, but Alexis had a firm grip of her arms. In her lap, Alexis turned Ally around and put her on her tummy while holding her still. Ally kicked her legs around and tried to squirm free. “Help me Amber!”

“For every second you struggle I add three more!” Alexis warned.

“Please, don’t!” Ally pleaded.

My eyes went wide when Alexis gave her a hard slap on her sister’s butt. Ally stopped kicking her legs and another slap hit her. I looked away and sat there shocked, feeling tears welling up in my eyes, fearing I would be next.
Through Ally’s whimpering I heard Alexis slapping her at least five more time, but they were suppressed somehow. It didn’t sound like she hit her directly through her pajamas pants and on her butt. I was sure I heard something in the way.

The slaps stopped. I could hear how Ally sniffed while her sister shhh’d her. I dared to turn around and saw how she hugged her while gently rubbing her back, calming her down by whispering ‘I love you’ in her ear, rocking her slowly back and forth. My tears stopped. I felt warm because somehow their love was radiating on me.

Alexis stood up holding her sister close to her chest, like a baby.

“I think Ally needs to brush her teeth and go to bed,” she told me and carried her sister out of the room.

When the sisters came back, Alexis put Ally down in bed and helped her get under the covers. I looked down.

“Amber, it wasn’t your fault.” Alexis said when she was done tucking her sister in. “I did say you should have told me if Ally did anything bad though.”

I swallowed. “I’m sorry,” I hung my head low, scared my butt was about to get red.

“You’re getting away with a warning this time if you promise me you’ll tell if Ally does something bad again, you’re staying here a week now and this is important” Alexis tried to get eye contact.

“I pwomise,” I said softly still looking down.

“Look me in the eyes when you say it,” Alexis commanded.

I lift my head and did so. “I promise.”

“Good. I think it’s time to brush your teeth and go to bed now just like she did. Come.” I looked over at Ally and saw the she had already fallen asleep. I picked my tooth brush from my bag and followed Alexis out of the room. She led me into the bathroom where she left me and said good-night and sleep well.

The strong taste of mint filled my mouth when I made sure to reach every tooth because I hated going to the dentist. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw my tear stained face and that my eyes were puffed red.

My legs crossed and I realized I had waited long before going to the bathroom. I quickly opened the lid, pulled down my pants and panties before sitting down to relieve myself. I wiped myself, flushed the toilet and washed my hands before I made my way back to Ally’s room where I crawled up in bed.

“Ally,” I whispered and waited for a reply. When she didn’t answer I rolled back to my side and put the blanket over me.

I tried to fall asleep, but I wasn’t used to sleep at someone else’s place. I moved around and shifted position but couldn’t lay comfortable. Ally’s bed was softer than mine and I thought I was going to like it at first but it wasn’t as nice as I thought.

In the dark, I heard something and sat up. I reached for my bunny, held her close at my chest and I felt how my heart beat fast. I was sure that something was standing at the door. I stopped breathing. I narrowed my eyes to see better and saw that there was nothing there. I started breathing again, laid down and closed my eyes.

When I was about to fall asleep Ally poked me. “Hey,” she said. She sat up and turned the lights on.

“Wanna play video games?” She started into nothing with a weird smirk on her face.

“Sure,” I said while blinking to get used to the light. Ally didn’t move. Instead she sat there looking at me.

“What?” I asked, maybe she wanted me to go and turn on her video game; I wasn’t sure how though as I didn’t own a video game console myself. Then I noticed a faint pounding, like someone was hitting a hammer on something in an even beat.

“Oh no,” she said with a tone that sounded indifferent like she didn’t mean it. “We have to get out.” She slid off the bed.

“Why?” I asked and looked at her strangely. Then I felt how the pounding coming closer.

“Someone is coming.” I saw Ally dashing to the door. “Hurry or he’ll come for you!” The pounding got stronger and stronger.

“Who is?” I asked while the beat was slamming on my chest.

“The Axeman, he’s here!” Ally yelled.

“Wait!” I yelled back and tried to get up from bed and follow her, but the pounding was somehow pushing me back. “Help me Ally!” I couldn’t move as I was held back by the hammering sound.

I saw Ally leaving the room. The pounding beat was somehow forcing me down on the bed and it was so loud I couldn’t hear anything. I thought it was going to compress my chest but then it stopped. I caught a gasping breath. Paralyzed, I had my vision fixed on the door. Nothing moved but then everything happened in what seemed like a minute but happened actually in maybe just a few seconds. I saw a man with his face covered by a black cloth rushing in towards me. I gasped as he swung his axe and I tried to scream but my voice failed. When the axe was an inch away from cleaving me into two pieces he disappeared. I saw him vanishing into blue sparks.

I sat up with a start. I panted and I felt sweat drops running down my back. I tried to figure out what was happening and where I was. Did I die? No, as I looked around I saw that I was still in Ally’s room. Her room was nice so it couldn’t be hell but it wasn’t quite as I pictured heaven either with all the fluffy clouds and stuff.

The room was dark again and I saw her sleeping next to me.

Shaking I let out a relived sigh when I figured that everything must have been a dream. Falling back to sleep again wouldn’t be easy though as I knew I almost always fell back in the same dreams if I went to sleep right after one. It was one of those nights I would have brought my pillow and sneaked down to sleep in mommy’s and daddy’s bed. They had begun shooing me off there recently though, saying I was too old to sleep with them.

The pounding sound started again just as I closed my eyes and when I sat up it stopped. There was no way I could go back to sleep like this so I decided I would sit there until dawn came. I sat there for what seemed like hours but was probably less. I looked around her room trying to find thoughts to entertain me. I felt a need to pee. I didn’t bother me much at first but soon it was all I could think off.

I got out of bed to head for the bathroom. When I looked out in the dark corridor I almost changed my mind. I took a breath and gathered my courage. One step at a time I tip-toe’d my way through, but when I was half way to the bathroom the hammer started beating again.

I panicked and began to run. I ran the fastest I could through the corridor, but then I lost my ground and fell. This time my voice didn’t fail me and I let out a loud scream. The pounding stopped and the house became quiet for a moment until I heard the sound of footsteps. I crawled into a ball and hid my face in my hands feeling the tears on my face.

“Amber?” I couldn’t see her but I heard Alexi’s voice. “Are you alright?” I lied there whimpering. “Hey, what’s wrong?”

“N-nightmare,” I stuttered feeling how I was about to cry.

“Come let’s go back to bed,” she said.

I held up my hands excepting her to pick me up like she did to Ally, but she just took one of my hands and led me back to the room. She moved the blanket and patted for me to lie down. I did so and she tucked me in and said goodnight.

“It’s so dark in here,” I said.

“You don’t have to be afraid of the dark. You’re not a baby like Ally who sometimes sleeps with a night light.”

I just looked at her. I wished she had put me in her lap and consoled me just like she did to Ally.

“Right, she let you watch that horror movie didn’t she? Ok then.” She picked a night light from the drawer in Ally’s nightstand and plugged it in. “Night.”

I watched the faint glow from the star shaped night light as I drifted off to sleep and thankfully without the nightmares.

Re: The night I entered their world

Well I’m intrigued…hope to read more soon.

Re: The week I entered their world

Chapter 2

“You’re very lucky you know,” I told Ally. The lovely smell of pancakes filled the kitchen as we sat down and ate our breakfast. The rest of the night had been uneventful and I had been waked up by Ally’s tickling. We had both taken a shower after that and we were now enjoying the pancakes in the kitchen.

“No, why would I be that?” Ally asked while stuffing herself with a mouthful of them getting messy around her face.

“I don’t have a sister making me pancakes for breakfast at home. I’m lucky if there are still crumbs left in the cereal package.” I wished I could eat more than two pancakes but I wasn’t very hungry in the mornings. Ally was already on her forth.

“I don’t have pancakes all the time silly. I do have cereals most of the time because meanie here is too lazy. I think she’s only doing this because you’re here, and why doesn’t your mommy go and buy more if you’re out of them?” she asked.

I shrug. “She says she forgets.” I finished my glass of milk and leaned back in my chair feeling full.

Alexis came back with a pan that had another pancake ready and put it on a plate in the middle of the table.

“You’re hopeless,” she shook her head and sighed when she saw Ally’s face. “Look at Amber, she is doing fine like a big girl and you’re making mess worse than a baby.” She picked up a wash cloth and attempted to wipe the whipped cream and jam off.

“Hey!” Ally made a funny face and avoided it. “I can do it myself.” She snatched the washcloth from her sister. Alexis just shook her head.

“Don’t you want another one, Amber?” she asked, picking up the plate with the pancakse and was about to slide the pancake to my plate.

“I’m fine,” I said, feeling a little bad that I couldn’t show how much I loved her pancakes. “They were very, very good though. Thank y…” I suppressed a burp and covered my mouth. “Excuse me.” my cheeks heated.

“It’s ok. Glad you’re helping me teach the baby here how to behave,” she said looking over at Ally who stuck her tongue out at her.

“So what are you girls going to do today?” Alexis asked.

“We want to swim in the pool,” Ally said and put a fifth pancake on her plate. She was a little bigger than me but we were both pretty small and I couldn’t believe she would be able to fit one more as they were pretty thick. “Where are mommy and daddy by the way?”

“They aren’t coming home today.” Alexis took my plate and glass to the sink. “And you can’t go in the pool today because there is people here performing a maintenance on it”.

“We’ll watch cartoons or play video games in my room then,” Ally put lots of jam on her pancake.

“No, not when it’s such a nice weather out. Its summer and I think you should be out playing all the time. Go to the park, I’m sure there is other kids there you can play with,” Alexis said.

“Yeah but they are from my old school and I hate them,” Ally said and then started to eat her pancake.

Ally had started my school in the city last year. There was a rumor that she had been expelled from her old school, but she said that she left it because couldn’t stand that school because it was filled with ‘annoying brats’. I didn’t ask her much about it because I didn’t think it mattered. We wouldn’t have been friends if she didn’t go to my school and that was the most important.

Ally ate her pancake, this time without getting messy. “I can show Amber around then.”

“Sure, but don’t go away too far and be back by lunch,” Alexis picked up Ally’s plate and glass.

I followed Ally up. The rustling sound I heard when she moved around the night before was gone now. It must have been something she had in her pocket.

We got to her room. It was a hot day and I picked a t-shirt along with a pair of cotton shorts. Ally wore the same but as always her clothes looked better.

“Where are we going?” I asked as I began changing out of my pajamas.

“Some place. Why did you scream last night?” she asked.

“I had a nightmare,” I said. I had gotten over it now, but I didn’t want to think about the Axeman.

“Cool, was Alexis in it?” she asked.

“No?” she had scared me last night when she spanked her sister, but I couldn’t imagine her in a nightmare. Maybe in a good dream though. “Is she in yours?”

“Nope.” She giggled. “Not anymore.” It was that look again. The one she had in the dream. I couldn’t tell if she was serious. “She was there.” She stood silent for a while. “What did you dream about?”

“An axe-man,” I said as I put on my purple t-shirt with a cartoon kitten on. “He was cleaving me but then he just disappeared.”

“Oh, him, that’s cool! I know where he lives.” Ally jumped up in excitement.

“What?” I exclaimed. Ally was surely joking around with me again, she did that sometimes. One time she had said that cats were actually humans cursed by the devil because they had failed to do something he asked for them and she wouldn’t stop talking about it. It could be annoying at times, but I had learned to just laugh at her stories and sometimes I played along. I didn’t feel like doing it now though because I didn’t want to think about the Axeman.

“Wanna go there? He’s not scary during the day.”

“I don’t believe you,” I said.

“Let me show you.” She giggled and rushed down to the hall and put on her sandals. I did the same after I put on my beige shorts.

“Don’t be gone too long now. Lunch will be ready at noon.” Alexis came and gave Ally a water bottle. “It’s hot out, so make sure to stay hydrated.”

“Okay,” Ally said. “Bye meanie.”

“Bye girls,” Alexis said and we left the house.

We walked down on the side walk and passed a few other houses, one nicer than the next, until we turned into a dirt road leading into a small groove. When we came out of it I smelled the fresh country air.

“It’s so much nicer here than in the city,” I said and stopped.

“Nah, it’s boring here. Oh, look!” Ally pointed. Beyond fields of farmlands, I saw houses surrounded by threes that I thought belonged to a farm. “Axeman lives there.” She began skipping on ahead.

“Can’t we go to the park instead?” I asked.

“Do I have to remind you of how annoying those kids are?” she asked. “Or are you just afraid of the Axeman?”

“He doesn’t exist,” I took a sip from the water bottle, that I had to carry as soon as we got out of Ally’s house.

“Careful, he doesn’t like when people say that,” Ally said in a spooky tone and then giggled.

We walked under the sun on the road along the fields. It was hot and it was a good thing we had the water bottle. When we got there I realized it wasn’t a farm but an old abandoned mill of some sort. I would find out later that in the old days it had been a wood mill and also a place where farmers took their gear to be repaired. It had then become a small shoe factory before it shut down.

I stood at the yard and looked up. There was a three floor main building in stone along with a two smaller storage houses made in wood. As I looked around I had a feeling we weren’t supposed to be there. It was like the empty houses were watching us. The whole place looked creepy. Most of the windows were broken and wines covered parts of the main house.

“Can we really be here?” I asked as I avoided stepping on glass.

“Of course, nobody lives here anymore. Well except for Axeman.”

“There is no Axeman,” I said. “He was just in my dream.”

“Believe what you want. I know he is here though. Right up there.” Ally reached up her arm and pointed at the top floor of the main building. “He’s probably sleeping on the attic right now. He doesn’t like the day light.” Ally went to the entrance of the main building that had lost it’s door but I remained on the middle of the yard. “Come on, don’t you want to see him? He can only wake up at night so don’t worry.”

“I don’t think we should go in there, I think we’re trespassing,” I said.

“You’re just afraid of him,” Ally stuck her tongue out and went in. “Are you coming Amber?”

I crossed my arms and walked in after her.

The ground floor consisted of one big room with pillars supporting the roof. There were shoes, tools, and other forgotten items lying all over the place and it smelled of old dust that made me sneeze twice. It felt cold in there even if the sun beamed outside. Far back in the room there was a staircase and Ally was heading for it.

“Ally wait, I don’t want to be in here,” I said and wanted to back out.

“There is nothing to be afraid of,” she said. “Don’t you get that I’m just kidding around about the Axeman? I just want to show you how cool it looks up here.”

“I don’t like this place,” I said but stopped backing out of there. Ally walked to me.

“Come,” she said and grabbed my arm. “Isn’t it exciting? I promise you, this place isn’t haunted.” I let Ally lead me through the room. I stopped by the stairs and looked up. As the first floor was tall the stairs had to turn to get up to the next floor. I resisted when Ally tried to pull me up with her.

“Do you want to go out?” she asked and dropped my hand.

I shrugged. I told myself that it was nothing scary about this place. It was just an old house. I took a breath and followed her.

The stairs squeaked as we went up. The second floor wasn’t like the first one. When we came up we arrived in a corridor with several doors. On the floor there were bits of old newspapers scattered everywhere. The stairs continued one floor up.

“This floor is boring. It’s just a bunch of rooms with trash in them. There is a bed in the last room though. I jump on it sometimes.”

“Are you here often?” I asked.

“I like exploring this place” She replied. “And if there were ghosts in here I would have disappeared already, wouldn’t I?” Ally began walking up the next stairs. “Come, let’s go up to the next floor, there is something you have to help me with.”

We walked up and arrived on the third floor. This floor was filled with sealed wooden boxes. One was open and I saw that it was filled with shoes. In the middle of the room there was a ladder that led up to a hatch.

“There he lives, the Axeman.” Ally pointed at the hatch. I gasped and Ally giggled. “I’m just kidding.” She went to the ladder “Here is what you’re going to help me with. I have never been in up there in the attic because the hatch is too heavy to open. I think if we both climb up this ladder and push we might get it up.”

“I don’t know,” I said. “I want to go out now.” The water bottle was empty and Ally hadn’t asked for it once and I needed the bathroom.

“You don’t have to go up to the attic if you don’t want to, but please help me up. I have explored every room in this place, even the basement but I haven’t been up there.” Ally put her hands on the ladder. It was pretty wide so we were both able to climb it at the same time. “Come.”

“I don’t like ladders,” I said. “What if we accidentally push each other and fall down?”

“Stop being such a bunny. I really want to see what is up there. Maybe there is a treasure.” Ally began climbing the ladder.

I took small steps and then stood next to it. I checked so it was firm.

“Come on,” Ally said. She could reach the hatch now and put her hand on it. She tried but she couldn’t move it more than about three inches. “You have to help me with this.”

“This is dangerous and maybe it’s locked,” I said and hoped it was so I didn’t have to get up there.

“I can’t see any lock and if it is on the other side that means someone must be living up there, which I really doubt,” Ally said.

I took a deep breath and then went one step up the ladder.

“There you go,” cheered Ally. “Look at me and don’t look down.”

I took three more and swallowed.

“Don’t look down!” I quickly turned my head up again. Soon I was next to her. I hold on to ladder and I felt that I was shaking a little bit.

“Okay, now you have to let go off the ladder with one hand and push. If you can, let go off both, it’s even better. I think I will try doing so,” Ally said. “Ready?”

I nodded and then forced my right hand of the ladder and put it on the hatch.

We began to push but we couldn’t move the hatch much more than Ally could alone.

“Okay that didn’t work. I’m going to use both my hands now,” Ally said and let go of her other hand. “Try to catch me if I fall.”

We began pushing again and this time we were able to push it far enough to take another step on the ladder. We had the hatch in an angel so I could see in. It was nothing in there but a door leading into another room.

“Crawl in. I can’t since you’re standing in the way,” Ally said.

“Let’s shut it again. I really want to go back now,” I said my voice trembling. My bladder was also telling me it was time to go.

“I have to see how it looks up there. Please, take another step.” Ally was pushing the hatch by herself, I was only supporting it. It was then we heard something. It sounded like a door slamming downstairs. There was someone coming. I gasped and let go of the hatch and started to climb down. Ally was able to carry the hatch back herself and climbed down after me. We rushed away from the ladder and down through the stairs to the second floor.

“Let’s hide,” Ally grabbed my arm whispering, but I only wanted to get out of there. Adrenaline gave me strength and I was able to get out of her grip and rushed down the next stairs only to be grabbed by another pair of hands.

“What are you kids doing in here!?” yelled a voice belonging to a man. “This place is not for playing!” he shook me. I felt tears welling up in my eyes.

“Where is your friend?” he asked me. I couldn’t answer and the tears kept flowing as I cried loudly.

“I’m here,” Ally said and came down the stairs.

“You are not supposed to play around in here, it’s too dangerous! The floor could break any minute and you will be lucky if you only break both your legs.” The man let me go. I almost lost control of my bladder then but crossed my legs hard together.

“This is the third time I have found you here, Ally.” He took a step towards her.

I didn’t look at him but I heard he wasn’t as old as I first thought.

“Why are you going here yourself all the time if it’s so dangerous then, Evan?” Ally asked, looking into his eyes with her arms crossed.

“I saw you go here and when you didn’t come back I figured you went in and I was right. You have to follow me out of here right now.” Evan said.

We didn’t have much choice and followed him out of the mill. Ally put her arm around to console me. He had parked a two seat truck in the yard.

“I’ll drive you back to your house,” Evan said. I looked up a little and saw that he was around Alexi’s age. My arms still hurt after his grip and that wasn’t hard to figure why because his own arms looked big and strong.

“We can walk there ourselves,” Ally said.

“No, I want to talk with your sister this time so I’m going there anyway,” he opened the door. “You two have to share seat.”

I still sobbed and Ally let out a frustrated sigh. We climbed up on the seat and I burrowed my head in her side.

“Good way to start your summer by getting grounded Ally. I’ve told you several times no to go to the mill and now I’m telling your sister.” He looked at me. “I’m sorry for yelling to your friend. She didn’t know and it wasn’t her fault you took her in there.”

I sat there still hugging Ally while fighting the pressure from my bladder. It seemed like we had to drive a longer way to get back to her house than it was to walk. I was too shy and stupid not to ask Even to stop the car.

“Amber!” Ally gasped and hovered over the seat as it began to get wet.

Re: The week I entered their world Updated with chapter 2 and some changes

Chapter 3

Upstairs in Ally’s room I was drying off tears while changing out of my wet clothes. I couldn’t believe I had peed myself like a little preschooler and even worse it was in front of my Ally and in a stranger’s car. It was nothing compared to how I had embarrassed myself before. Evan didn’t seem mad at me for if ruining his car seat. He said accidents happen and it wasn’t my fault. He was also apologizing for yelling at me. The glare he gave Ally weren’t as friendly though.

After we came back to the house we followed Evan inside. He told Alexis where he found us and how dangerous it was to be there. Alexis didn’t think it would be fair to me if she’d ground her sister for the week so instead she gave her a lighter punishment than she would have gotten. First she had to help Evan clean up the accident I had in the car, even if I said it was my fault, and then she couldn’t leave her room for the rest of the day. Alexis plugged out her TV cables and took most of her toys too.

I told her we shouldn’t have entered the mill, but she always had to do things she knew wasn’t allowed to. Like one time in school when she wanted to sneak down the basement and check out the safe room that was down there. Even if the teachers reminded us over and over not to go there Ally persuaded me to go and explore it with her, telling me that no teacher was going to find out. Of course they did, and we got yelled at big time and then made a call to our parents. I wondered why we couldn’t do things that didn’t get us in trouble like everyone else did. She shrugged and said she just liked adventures, and by now I knew that if I was going to stay with her for a week I better to get used to them.

I had a new pair of pant on now, sky blue jeans shorts this time, and I took my wet ones to Alexis as she told me. Ally was done cleaning up in the car and I passed her after she had been sent up to her room. I said her name but she didn’t stop. She hung her head low and muttered something I couldn’t hear. I continued to walk and took the clothes to Alexis who was in the kitchen

“It wasn’t your fault Amber.” Alexis said, taking my clothes. “It’s a bit sad. Since the pool isn’t ready I had planned to take you both to the lake after lunch, but now I don’t have another choice than to ground Ally for the rest of the day.”

I nodded. I didn’t know what to do now when my friend was trapped in her room and she wasn’t allowed to leave it. “Can I still be with her?” I wondered.

“I don’t know. I don’t want to punish you, but she have got away pretty easy today. She is not allowed to see you until dinner. I brought most of her toys from her room, and you can play alone down here.” She gestured at a box on the kitchen table.

I tilted it and to my joy I found Ally’s set of Sylvanian-families dolls that I had wanted to play with ever since I saw them in her room the day before. I also found a house and some furniture for them in there and I almost let out a squeal of happiness. I brought the whole box to the living room and played with the small animal dolls on the rug in front of the TV.

After playing for a while, Alexis came in. “Hey Amber, there is lunch ready.”

I got up and put my arms in the air to stretch and let out a yawn.

“Is someone tired?” she asked and I instinctively covered my mouth because when I heard that question mommy always said it was time for bed, but then I realized it was in the middle of the day. “After lunch you can take a nap in here on the couch if you want.”

I hadn’t slept so well that night and it had been a rather eventful morning so I was rather sleepy, but only babies and preschoolers took naps so I said: “I’m fine.”

“Ok. Ally will have to eat alone in her room but Evan came back too and he’ll eat with us. You don’t have to be scared of him he’s actually a very nice guy. Don’t leave the toys on the floor please.”

I bent down and put them back to the box before I followed Alexis to the kitchen. She had made some kind of burrito thing and it looked and smelled good. Evan was already sitting at the table.

"Hey, are your arms ok now? He asked me.

I sat down at the table and nodded shyly. Alexis sat down next to me.

“I think I’m going to do the jar thing with her again,” she said to Evan as she poured me a glass of juice.

Evan looked puzzled. “What do you mean? What jar thing?”

“You know, the good girl and bad girl jar,” she said, as she sat down at table. “For every bad thing she does I put a marble in the bad girl jar and for every good thing I put one in the good girl jar. If she does something bad I take one out from the good jar and put it in the bad jar and the same thing conversely. And if she doesn’t keep marbles out of the bad girl jar she’ll get punished, but if she manage to keep some in the good girl jar she’ll be rewarded.”

I had never heard of a method like that. I thought maybe it was because I wasn’t a bad girl that often. I started eating and continued to listen.

“Now, I don’t give good girl marbles just by managing to maintain normal behavior. She has to do something nice for me, like helping with things around the house.” Alexis took a sip of her juice.

“Aren’t you just her sister?” Evan asked. I also thought it sounded like something a mommy would do and she was speaking like one too and her cooking tasted like years of experience even if she only was nineteen.

“Yes, but I’m responsible for her while mom and dad are gone; they would do the same,” she said and then handed me a napkin and pointed at her face where I had got burrito sauce on my own. My cheeks heated and I quickly wiped it off.

“What do you think?” Alex asked, looking back at Evan again.

“I don’t know, I guess it sounds ok,” he said, shrugging lightly.

“Me too,” I chimed in “She needs to act more like a good girl.”

“Aww… You’re so mature Amber, I wish she was more like you,” Alexis said, and that made me feel somewhat proud. I saw her exchanging a glance with Evan before she looked back at me. “Remember to help me keep an eye on her.”

We continued to eat and Evan and Alexis talked about something I didn’t understand. I wondered if they two were girl and boyfriends, but I didn’t dare to ask. Maybe they were just good friends and that question might embarrass them.

I was done eating and my tiredness attacked me again. I felt how my eye lids got heavier and heavier and I struggled to keep them up. I felt thirsty and reached for my juice and then, as I was about to take a sip, I heard the sound of a glass shattering on the floor.

“Amber!” Alexis exclaimed.

I got startled and jumped as I realized I had accidentally spilled my glass over my pants and then dropped it on the floor. “S-sowwy,” my lip quivered. I felt a pit of shame in my tummy as the cold juice on my legs dropped down on the floor.

“You have to be careful,” she said, getting up from her chair and to get something to remove the glass from the floor with. I hung my head low because I thought I wasn’t mature anymore, dropping my glass like a baby who drops her sippy cup. She must have seen the expression on my face because she said: “Don’t cry. It was just a glass. Go to Ally’s room and get some new pants on while I take care of the floor.”

I was about to leave but then I remembered something important and turned around. “Thank you for lunch, I really liked it.”

“Don’t thank me,” Alexis said. “It was Evan.”

I was sure it was Alexi’s who cooked and it surprised me. “Thank you Evan.” I said.

“You’re welcome,” he smiled. I turned back and went up to Ally’s room.

She was sitting on her bad with her teddy in her arms and her face had a sulk expression as she stared into nothing. When I came in she turned to me. “Why are you here? You’re not grounded.” She looked down at my wet shorts. “Did you pee your pants again?” she had an annoyed tone but I tried to ignore it.

“No, it’s juice,” I said, as I looked for a new pair of pants in my bag.

“Did baby spill her glass?” she asked.

“Why are you mad at me?” I found a pair of light and pink pajama shorts and they would have to do since I didn’t have another pair of short. “It’s not my fault you’re grounded.”

“We could have hid in one of the rooms, but you just had to run down right into him.”

“We weren’t supposed to be there anyway,” I said and began changing pants.

Ally sighed. “You’re such a good girl.” I had put on my pants now and turned to leave. “Hey! Wait, don’t go! I’m sorry, you don’t know everything yet.”

“What?” I asked.

“Don’t trust them and remember your nightmare last night”


“It’s important. I will tell you after dinner. By the way do you know what Evan work as?”

“No?” I wondered.

“He’s an axeman,” Ally whispered and I felt a creepy feeling in my tummy.

“What do you mean by that?” I asked, but before she had a chance to reply Alexis called from downstairs:

“Amber? Are you done changing yet? Remember, Ally is not allowed to see you.”

“I’m coming,” I called back.

“I will tell you more later, just don’t trust them,” she said.

“I don’t believe you,” I said and with a sigh I walked out of her room. I guessed it was another dose of Ally’s imagination and soon she would build it up and won’t stop talking about it. Maybe I should play along for fun, I thought as I walked down the stairs and to the living room. Alexis sat there on the couch.

“So you’re taking a nap after all?” Alexis said noticing my pajama pants. I could hear Evan’s truck leaving outside.

“I couldn’t find any other,” I said. “I want to play again” I put my hand over my mouth to cover a yawn.

“We don’t have to call it naptime if you don’t want to. It’s pretty hot outside so why not call it a siesta?” She patted next to her on the couch for me to sit down.

“I’m not tired,” I said, but my voice didn’t sound too convincing.

“Come on, It’s pretty apparent that you are.” I saw that Alexis had to stop herself from giggling. I heisted but then I sat down on the couch. “You didn’t sleep well last night so I think it would do you good if you at least tried to rest for a little bit. You don’t have to sleep. I have some relaxation tracks you can listen to if you want. They are very calming and I’ve heard they can stop nightmares too. Want to me to turn it on?”

I shrugged and then Alexis went up and put the curtains over the windows. She picked up a blank disc from somewhere and put it in a player.

“Lie down and close your eyes,” she said with a shooting voice. I felt how my body really wanted to do so. I leaned back more and more in the couch and then I turned around to lie down. I closed my eyes.

The track began playing. It started with the sound of waves and I imagined myself sitting alone on an endless beach. The wind was blowing on my face and I looked out at the sea and at the waves kept coming. Whenever I breathed out a wave hit the beach and when I breathed in the wave rolled back to the sea. I took a hand full of the warm sand and slowly let it run through my fingers over my legs. I was completely alone, and when I looked to my right and left I saw how the beach never ended. I let myself lay down on the sand and looked up at the clear sky.

After a while I felt how my head was briefly lifted up from the sand and how something was placed under it. The pillow felt soft and I turned around and cuddled on it.

“Sleep well Amber,” Alexis whispered, before leaving the room.

Re: The week I entered their world Chapter 4 4/7

Chapter 4

The world looked blurred and the air felt dry and hot. I wasn’t fully awake and my eyes could only squint. I felt hair stuck with sweat on my forehead. I rubbed my eyes awake and then moved my hand over my mouth where I had drooled a bit. I felt sweaty, almost wet, especially around the bottom of my pajama shorts. I checked them with my hand and felt how the bottom was all warm and wet. I slipped my hand under the rim of my pajama pants and realized my panties were totally soaked. I couldn’t have sweated this much. I sat up, looked down and saw that I sat on a big wet round spot. The back off my purple kitty t-shirt felt a little wet too. I froze when I realized what I had done.

My lip quivered and tears welled up in my eyes. This was the second time I had an accident that day and I didn’t want it to be true. I was too old to pee my pants, only babies did that. There was a burning pressure in my tummy. Alexis is going to think I’m a total baby now. I blinked and tears ran down my cheek and then I let the lump in my throat burst.

“Amber?” I must have cried loud enough so Alexis had heard. I hadn’t thought of that. It was like I had forgotten that I was in Ally’s house for a moment. I tried to quiet down but she came in and found me there sitting on the wet spot. “What’s wrong?”

I didn’t look up. I hid my face in my hands and cried. I hated to embarrass myself. I hadn’t recovered from my last embarrassment and now there was even more pressure on my chest. I can’t say why but crying helped it get away somewhat so I let myself cry out loud again.

“Shhh… Amber,” Alexis went to pull away the curtains to light up the room again before she sat down next to me in couch, avoiding the spot. “Don’t worry. The couch is fine. You just need to go up and get a new pair of pants. Calm down, it’s alright. Everyone does it sometimes.”

But not twice in a day, I thought and cried louder.

The couch couldn’t be fine. There must be a big wet spot on it right now. I spread my fingers and peeked through my hands and saw that I wasn’t sitting directly on the couch but on a white blanket of some sort. Moving away from the wet spot I realized what it was. I had seen the commercials for them on TV; it was a bed mat that little kids used for when they wet the bed. Why did she put it under me? Did she know I was going to wet the bed?

“I put it there just in case,” Alexis said like she had read my mind. “I always put them there when Ally is napping so I guess I put it there out of habit. I didn’t know you were going to need it, but right now I guess we’re lucky I put it there.” She began rubbing my back. It felt comforting and I calmed down. I realized she had never been this close to me. I leaned closer and didn’t want her to leave.

We sat there until my sobbing subsided and when it did she asked: “Are you thirsty?” I nodded because I really was. When I tried to swallow my mouth felt dry. It felt like I had been wandering through a dessert. She pressed me close to give me a squeeze before getting up from the couch.

I let out a deep sigh. It always felt better after a good cry. As I sat there waiting for Alexis to bring me something to drink, I thought about what she said. Did she say she put the bed mats there when Ally was sleeping? Or wait, she said napping right? I had to ask Ally about that later.

Alexis came back with a glass of juice. I chugged it down.

I wanted to get out of my wet clothes now and looked up at her. “Can you get some new clothes for me?” I didn’t want to go into Ally’s room like this.

“Sure, just wait here. Don’t you want to take a shower too?” she asked. I nodded. After sweating so much and peeing myself twice I felt rather unclean so it would be the best to take another one.

I slid off the couch. Alexis took and folded the used bed mat and gave it to me and told me to throw it in the bin in the bathroom. I followed her upstairs. She went to Ally’s room while I went to the bathroom. I put the bed mat in the bin as instructed and when I did I caught a glance of something. I wanted a closer look at so I took out the bed mat again and put it aside. I knew it was filthy and disgusting to put my hand in the trash but I had to find out. I reached it down and took something up for inspection. I held it away from me with my thumb and index finger. It was a rolled up diaper. As much as I knew there hadn’t been a baby here and that could only mean that someone in this house had used it and I was sure that it couldn’t be anyone else but Ally.

Right then I realized things I had been wondering about. The rustling sound when Ally moved around in her pajamas last night, the smell in the room and why Alexis put at bed mat under me when I was napping. Ally must be wetting the bed. And she calls me a baby sometimes, I thought. I knew that with this I could get back at her. My mouth formed a grin, but it faded back because then I felt bad for her. It wasn’t her fault she wetted the bed. I knew how bad it felt to pee the bed myself and I was her friend, though, I don’t think I would ever tease anyone about something like that. I knew some kids would but I was nice to others and I hated bullies. I put it back and decided that I was going to pretend I hadn’t seen it.

I undressed to get ready for the shower. When I was about to pull down my wet pants Alexis came in.

“Sorry, I thought you already were in the shower! I’m just going to put your new clothes here,” she said and did so before closing the door. Luckily, she hadn’t walked in on my when I was looking at the diaper. I let out a relived breath before stepping into the bathtub.

When I was done showering I dried myself and then picked up my new clothes to get dressed. I left the bathroom and walked downstairs.

“Feeling better?” Alexis asked.

“A little,” I said.

"Good. Want to play outsi-"she was about to ask something but was interrupted by a thud. And then there was another. It was coming from upstairs and it sounded like someone throwing things on the wall. “Wait here.”

I heard a few more bumps and then Alexis started yelling and then how Ally screamed back at her. I sat down on the couch in the living room and waited until it was over.

Alexis came stomping down the stairs. I heard the clinking sound of a marble falling in a glass jar. The bad girl jar, I guessed. Alexis came in to me and had an angry look. “She was throwing books around, that little baby. She got herself a marble for that.”

“How many does she have now?” I asked.

“Four. One for watching the horror movie, two for walking to the mill and one for the thing she did now. I don’t get it. She usually behaves much better. Is it because our parents are gone and she is testing her boundaries around me or something? Or maybe she wants to impress on you. She isn’t right?”

“No,” I said.

“This must be ruining the stay here for you. You two could have an amazing week together, but then she is acting like this, like she is five years old again.” Alexis sighed.

I didn’t really think Ally was acting too weird. This was like she was in school. Not throwing things around, but she liked to do things she knew she wasn’t allowed to and she also had a bit of an attitude.

“Right, I was about to ask if you wanted to play outside. There is a small playground on the back,” Alexis said.

During the time between then and dinner, I played outside for a while and then when I went back in I played with the dolls again. Alexis came and asked if she could play with me. I said yes, and that turned out to be really fun. Alexis used funny voice while she played making me giggle. She was so creative and I thought it was funnier to play with her than to play with Ally. Then it made me feel even more unhappy and jealous for not having a sister like that.

After playing for some time, Alexis dropped her doll, got up from the rug and told me she was going to make dinner. I offered to help but Alexis said she was fine but that I could come and set the table later.

I played until Alexis called for me.

“I have an idea,” she said while I was putting down plates on the table. “You’ll join the jar-thing too. Not because you need to, you already are a good girl, but I think it will help Ally. I was thinking that the one of you that gets the most marbles in the good girl-jar by the end of the week will get a surprise.”

That would be an easy win for me considering how things were looking then, and I loved surprises. I had nothing to lose and agreed on it. Alexis smiled and put a marble in my good girl-jar for helping her set the table. “But remember. You can get marbles in the bad girl-jar too,” she said.

That wasn’t going to be a problem because I didn’t do bad things often and when you were visiting someone it was extra important to be a nice guest.

“There is a punishment for each one you get too,” Alexis said. “The last one Ally got left her with only a cracker for dinner. For going to the mill she got grounded for the day, and you know what happened after the horror movie,” she said the last punishment softly like she wasn’t too happy about it.

The punishments sounded harsh and I was sure Ally would stop doing more bad things.

When I was done setting the table we sat down to eat. Alexis talked about things we could do during the week, like going to the lake or to the mall. I had saved up some of my allowance so I could buy something, maybe a new doll or a swimsuit. After that, we didn’t find much else to talk about so we ate mostly in silence.

I thanked her for dinner and asked if I could help doing the dishes. She said she was fine and told me I could go to Ally’s room. I felt disappointed because I had hoped I could earn another easy good-girl marble.

I brought the toy box from the living room before going upstairs.

Like last time, Ally sat on her bed when I came in. I placed the box on the floor. This time she didn’t look at me, just stared into nothing. Still angry, I thought. Why didn’t she understand that if she did bad things she would get punished? And why was she angry at me?

“You wanted to tell me something after dinner,” I said, sitting down on the floor and picked up some dolls to play with.

“Never mind,” she said, still not looking at me, “Good girl wouldn’t listen anyway.”

“I’m sorry that I didn’t try to hide, but I was scared and wanted to get out of there,” I said. I picked up her favorite doll. “Wanna play?”

“Gimme her!” she jumped out of bed and snatched it, and then went back again. “I’m hungry. Go down and get me something to eat.”

“I can’t. You didn’t get dinner because you threw things around,” I said picking up another doll.

“Are you my friend or are you meanie’s friend?” she crossed her arms. “And you can’t play with my dolls if I haven’t said you can.”

“I’m your friend,” I said, putting back the dolls. “But that doesn’t mean I have to do bad things to help you out.”

There was a silence. I hoped we wouldn’t start fighting. I wanted us to stay friends.

“Don’t you think the punishment is a little too harsh?” she asked, looking at me with pleading eyes. “I’m really hungry and I wasn’t throwing things around, I was playing. What would you do if you had to sit up her all day?”

“Accept my punishment and think of what I had done wrong and promise myself not to do it again,” I said repeating what mommy said when I was grounded.

“I know I have been bad,” Ally said. “I’m sorry, and you can play with my dolls if you want. I’m just angry because I haven’t eaten anything today. Are you sure you can’t get me something?”

“I don’t know,” I said.

“Please?” she looked at me with puppy eyes.

“Okay, but like what kind of food?” I got up.

“Just anything,” Ally said. “I think we have cookies, and there is popsicles in the freezer. Be careful and don’t let meanie see you.”

I wasn’t really sure why I was doing it but I left Ally’s room to go down and get her something to eat. The Tv in the living room was on so I was pretty sure Alexis was watching it. I sneaked to the kitchen. I wasn’t sure where to look but I knew where most people kept their cookies high so kids couldn’t reach them. There they were. I saw a jar on the top of a shelf. I pushed a chair over there and got up on it. Standing on my toes and stretching my hands as high as I could, I reached it. I jumped off the chair and put it back before I turned back to hurry to Ally’s room. Then I remembered that she said something about popsicles too. Opening the freezer I saw them. My hand was shaking but I managed to get four.

I had to hurry. I left the kitchen with my pray and hurried up to Ally’s room. I got in a quickly closed the door behind me sliding down on it with a relived breath.

“Did you get them good girl?” Ally asked. She was grinning for some reason.

“Y-yea.” I said, still shaking.

“Alex!” Ally yelled. “Come here!” her grin was wider than ever now.

At first I thought she was crazy and gestured for her to stop yelling. But then, when Alexis barged in I realized what Ally was doing, and I who thought we were friends.

Re: The week I entered their world Chapter 4 7/4

Oh wow, what a treacherous little one she is!

Re: The week I entered their world Chapter 4 7/4

I am following and thoroughly enjoying this story. It is setting it up well for future chapters.

Re: The week I entered their world Chapter 4 7/4

Chapter 5

The clinking sound of the marble falling down in my bad-girl jar made me let out another whine. Ally had tricked me. It wasn’t fair. Shaking and sniveling I kept my eyes down at the floor as Alexis lectured me in the kitchen.

“I told you to tell me if Ally did something bad,” Alexis said. “This is the third time now and I hoped I could trust you.”

“I’m sowwyy.” I wailed. “B-but she was hungy and I felt sorry for her and-”

“But you knew why she didn’t get any dinner.” Alexis cut me off.

“S-she said she didn’t want to be friends with me if I didn’t do it,” I said, my voice sounded tinier than ever.

“Take your fingers out of your mouth and speak so I hear what you’re saying. You’re talking like a baby.”

“It’s Ally who is the baby!” I yelled. I felt how my face went red and the pressure in my tummy exploded when I thought about the stupid grin on Ally’s face. “She is biggest baby in the world and she even wears diapers too!” I yelled louder, hoping Ally would hear.

“Stop yelling Amber. And what are you talking about?” Alexis asked.

“I found diapers in the bathroom and I’m sure she was wearing them last night, so she is probably wetting the bed,” I sniffed.

“Ally is not wetting the bed. Not anymore. She stopped when she was five.”

“Then why did you put a bed matt under me!? And what was that sound I heard whenever she moved last night? And why did I find a diaper upstairs?”

“First of all calm down,” Alexis said and took a seat at the kitchen table. “Sit.” She gestured at the chair across the table. I sniffed and dried of some tears off my face before I did so.

Alexis sighed deeply, put her hands together and leaned forward. “Okay. She is still having problems keeping her bed dry at night,” she said softly like a whisper. “But don’t say anything. She’s like sensitive about it. I’m sure you know how embarrassing it feels.”

My tummy twisted when she said that. “I want to go home. When are your parents coming back? Do you think they can they drive me home?” I wanted nothing more than to crawl under the covers in my bed right then.

“They’re at our summer house. They were coming back today but then they said they were stuck there for some reason. And you can’t go home and be there alone.” Alexis put her hands on her face. “I feel like such a horrible babysitter right now. I just want everything to be nice.”

Seeing her like that made me feel even angrier at Ally for doing all those things and I wished I wasn’t so stupid and went along with whatever Ally told me to do.

“Listen, I know you are a good girl and you don’t have to let Ally boss around with you. She won’t stop being your friend even if you don’t do what she says or if you tell on her when she’s doing something bad,” Alexis said. “I want to go up and to talk to her. You can go and watch Tv, but nothing R-rated. Did Ally show you how to turn on Disney channel yesterday?”

I nodded. Alexis went upstairs and I to the living room.

The Tv was already on when I sat down in the couch. I didn’t really watch it. Instead, I thought about what had happened and wondered if Ally and I could continue to be friends after it.

Why was she so upset about that little thing? And why was she so mad at me? It wasn’t me that made her get punished. After thinking for a while I concluded that she was probably angry at something else but let it all out on me.

Then I did something bad again. There was a violent adult movie on Tv. I got caught up in it and forgot to switch over to Disney channel.

People screamed and some of them were shot. I gasped when I saw blood splattered on the walls and then covered my eyes when a building exploded. The movie was freaking me out but I couldn’t stop watching.

They were chasing a bad guy while cursing a lot as they missed with their guns. The bad guy jumped into a car and drove away like crazy. The good guys found a car too and drove after him. They cached him like mad until his car flipped over and exploded.

I nervously sucked on my fingers as I watched and couldn’t keep my eyes off the screen. I had never seen something like that. The quality on Ally’s tv and the surround system made it feel like it was actually happening.

When the chase was over, the movie switched scene. It was night and the good guy went into a hotel room. There was a woman there too. At first they talked and then they began kissing very passionately. While doing so he began to take of her dress and soon she was only in her underwear. He took of his pants and got down in bed with her. I watched it with wide eyes.

“Amber!” Alexis shout, made me jump. “What are you watching!?”

“I-I don’t know,” I reached for the controller and frantically tried to turn it off. “I wasn’t really watching- I…”

“You can’t have missed that it was an adult movie and I said nothing R-rated!” she came over, snatched the remote and turned off the Tv. Her stern look made me wriggle around nervously… I didn’t mean to watch it, it just happened, and now Alexis must feel even worse about herself. My throat felt stuffed and I had to hold back tears

“I’m s-sorry.”

Alexis sighed. “I don’t have the energy to yell or be angry anymore. You two have been causing so much trouble today and I don’t know how to deal with it. If you two don’t start acting better, I might call Evan to help me out. Let’s say this; if any of you get five marbles in the bad-girl jar I will call him right away. Ally is on four and now you’re on one. Your punishment for watching the adult movie is to go up to Ally’s room and go to bed right now.”

I got up from the couch but hesitated. I didn’t know what time it was but I wasn’t feeling tired and I didn’t know how to feel about meeting Ally again. One part of me was still angry at her for getting me in trouble. Another part wanted to forgive her, leave it behind, try to be friends again and enjoy the rest of the week together

“I can understand if you’re mad at her. If you want you can go and sleep in our guest room, but I told her to apologize for getting you in trouble and she said she was very sorry too,” Alexis said. “If you go to Ally’s room, tell her she has to go to bed too.”

“Okay,” I said before walking up the stairs. I could forgive her if she told me why she was angry at me. I knocked on her door, “It’s me. Alexis said I had to go up.”

“Come in,” Ally said. She was wearing her pajamas and played with dolls on the floor. “Can we pretend it didn’t happen?”

“I guess,” I said. “If you promise me that from now on you’ll be good and stop doing bad things. Why did you do that to me anyway? What did I do wrong?”

“I was stupid,” she said, continuing to play with her dolls sort of ignoring me.

“Can you tell me why you did it?” I asked, opening my bag to take out my pajamas.

“I told you, I was just being stupid,” she shrugged. “Let’s just forget it.”

“Ok, but why were you even angry at me in the first place?” I asked while taking off my clothes and began changing to my pajamas.

“I wasn’t really angry at you. I was angry at meanie. I’m sorry. I can make it up for you later. Let’s not talk about it.”

“What’s your problem with her anyway? She does a lot of nice things to you and it seems like you almost hate her.”

“What nice things? You mean grounding me, not giving me any dinner tonight or spanking me?”

“You know you did bad things and I think it was fair she punished you,” I said. I put my clothes in my bag and sat down at the edge of her bed. "Alex said you had to go to bed too by the way.

“Ok uptight good girl. I was angry at you because it was your fault we got caught both times. I’m just trying to have some fun here but you’re such a cry baby and ruin it,” Ally said and looked up for the first time since I had entered her room.

“So I’m the baby?” I looked at the back of her pajama pants and I could swear her butt looked bigger. “I know I’m not the one in diapers.” I hadn’t planned on mention it and it was uncharacteristic of me to do so but she had made me so angry and I wanted to get back at her.

“What do you mean?”

“I think you know what I mean,” I said, “And I’m pretty sure you’re wearing one right now.”

“I’m not!” Ally moved back trying to cover the back of her pajama pants, making it even more obvious that she was wearing one. I grinned.

“Pull down your pants and prove you aren’t then,” I said, taking a step closer to get a better look. “Wait, I think I can see it already.”

“Get out!” she cried and threw a doll at me, but missed.

I took another step forward, threw myself at her and before she could react I grabbed her pajama pants and attempted to pull them down. “Stop it!” She kicked her legs while holding on to her pants, but I was able to pull them down slightly and that was enough to catch a glimpse of the rim of the diaper.

“I knew it. You are a wearing them, you baby.” I let go of her pants and moved back, afraid that she might throw herself over me, but she just sat there with a somewhat shocked expression. I think she didn’t know I could do something like that. Well, before that I didn’t know either.

“I wear them because meanie puts me in them. I don’t even need them but she makes me wear them anyway.”

“She told me you wet the bed,” I said.

“She’s lying. I know she is some kind of idol to you, but she isn’t as nice as you think she is.”

“I don’t believe you. You’re just so freaking spoiled Ally!” I picked up my bunny and moved towards the door. “You’re ruining this week and you don’t know how lucky you are to have a sister like her!” I got out and slammed the door. I couldn’t believe what I had done. I had kept my anger in my chest and it felt good to finally let it out but now I was afraid our friendship had ended. That thought made my eyes water as I ran downstairs.

Ally and I had known each other for almost a year and we had never had a serious fight until now. We did argue over silly stuff like what to do at recess, what pet we rather had or what ice-cream flavor is the best. She was stubborn and refused to be wrong but I put up with it. I thought it was fun to argue with her and I didn’t mind that she picked what to play either, but sometimes it annoyed me that she never wanted to do things I suggested or never letting me win like the night before when we played that racing game.

Despite that, she was a good friend. She was much better than me to stand up to bullies and always said the right things to make them stop. That’s how we became friends. Before Ally went to my school there was this girl named Stacy who always picked on me.
Back in kindergarten and first grade most of the girls played together during recess but she always made sure to exclude me by saying: “We’re too many, she can’t play with us,” or “If she joins I don’t want to play anymore.” It hurt. I didn’t know why she didn’t want to play with me, but I learned to play by myself.

In second grade she began saying mean things whenever she had the chance, like calling me weird, ugly or stupid. I told a teacher about it and that was huge mistake. Stacy denied it all and the teacher told us to just play nice. After that Stacy became more serious with her bullying. I learned that it was best to try to ignore her and stay away from her. It helped most of the time but she still found moments when she could throw a mean comment and get away with it.

When third grade started and Ally transferred to our school, lots of things changed to the better. Ally got a desk next to me and she started talking to me and soon we became friends. Whenever Stacy tried to say something mean to me that year, Ally stepped in and stood up for me. So eventually Stacy leaved me alone and I had finally made a friend who I now thought I might have lost, and it was my own fault.

I sat down at the first step of the stairs and covered my face with my hands when I heard someone coming from the living groom.

“What’s wrong?” Alexis asked.

“We fighted,” I said through my sobs.

“You fought?” she sat down to get on eye level. “Did she hit you?”

“No. It wasn’t that kind of fight.”

“Okay. Is Ally crying too?”

“I don’t know.” When Alexis said that, I got of Ally crying in my head and that made me feel even more angrier at myself.

Alexis shh’d me and rubbed my back. “Don’t worry. Sometimes even best friends fight.” She waited for me to calm down before she asked: “Can you tell me what happened?” I told her everything.

“I told you not to mention the diapers. Your punishment for this is to wear diapers too for the rest of the week,” Alexis said and then sort of chuckled.

I looked up at her shocked. She began laughing.

“No, I’m just kidding!” Something was apparently really funny and she had to fight hard to stop laughing. “I wouldn’t do that. I don’t even think you have done something bad, and you shouldn’t have to wear diapers if you don’t need them,” she had to catch her breath. “Can you try to be supportive of her instead? I know that if you weren’t so angry at her you would. Am I right?”

I nodded.

“Good. I still think it would be best if you two sleep in separate rooms tonight. Come.” She reached out her hand. I took it and she led me up to the guest room. “Need anything before bed? No? Okay, goodnight,” she tucked me in and kissed my forehead before leaving the room. “Sweet dreams.”

Everything that happened had made me pretty tired and it was easier to fall asleep than I thought.

Sometime later that night, I woke up. I thought I had heard the door close and looked that way. The nightmare from last night flashed in mind and I half expected Axeman to show up at the door, but nothing happened. Then I heard the sound. It must have been there since I woke up but I hadn’t perceived it yet. It sounded like sea waves and it was soothing somehow. I recognized it but couldn’t tell from where.

I closed my eyes and fell back to sleep.

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Very interesting cliffhanger - the entire friendship is in limbo right now. If I were to venture a guess, I’d say Ally is going to pressure Amber into wearing diapers as well as a condition of their continued friendship…

Re: The week I entered their world Chapter 5 11/4

It’s a good analysis, but it’s not quite what I’m planning to do actually. Ally will play a big part in getting her to wear them though.

Re: The week I entered their world Chapter 5 11/4

I thought this chapter, and the whole story was fantastic. Keep it up!

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Chapter 6

The guest room was bigger than my own room at home but it still felt pretty small when you considered the other rooms in Ally’s house. The queen-sized bed I slept in covered half of the room and there wasn’t much else in it, except for a nightstand with a lamp, a mirror standing on a drawer, a wardrobe and there was a quite big window in there with a view of the outside of the house’s front side. I wished it had been covered by a blind or that the curtains had been drawn because the sun shined right in my face making me frown and I woke up earlier than I felt like.

Then I felt a wet sensation under me. It couldn’t be true. I kicked off my covers, sat up and rubbed my eyes. I didn’t start crying this time. Instead I sat there and stared down in disbelief at my wet pajama pants. Although I wet the bed at home sometimes, it wasn’t more than once every three months or so. I had only done it twice after I started third grade, or three times if you count yesterday in the couch. This was the fourth, and I hadn’t wet the bed two times in a row for as long as I could remember.

Whenever I wet my bed at home, mommy always asked if I had remembered to use the bathroom the night before. I hadn’t done so last night and maybe it was because of that. It was still odd though. I remembered the day before and that Ally still wore diapers at night and it made me feel a bit better about it. But then I remembered our fight and it made me sad. Even if she had been mean to me, I wished I hadn’t pulled down her pants or yelled at her, because I didn’t want to lose her as friend. I would apologize as soon as I got the chance and hoped she would forgive me and that we could be friends again.

I knew that if I wanted to get dressed I had to visit Ally’s room and get my clothes and if she was awake she would see my wet pants. Even if she probably wet her bed every night I didn’t want her to see me like this and the sheets and the mattress had to be taken care of too so I had to tell Alexis about it. Even if it wasn’t really the best way to start the day, she had been supportive last time so I didn’t feel too bad or embarrassed about it.

Before peeking out and check to make sure that no one was out in the corridor, I left the guest room and went to Alexi’s door and knocked. When she opened she understood the situation right away, and before I even had the chance to say I’m sorry she told me not to worry and to go to the bathroom and take a shower while she picked some new clothes from Ally’s room.

The warm shower helped untie a few knots in my chest but I couldn’t feel fine until I apologized to Ally. I was going to be empathetic and tell her about my bed wetting to make her feel better. For a moment I even thought I might ask her if it would help if I was wearing diapers too. I wasn’t really sure about it, but if she told me it would make her feel better I might do it for her. Actually, I was a bit curious about trying them even if I probably would feel like a total baby. After the shower I got dressed with the clothes Alexis had picked up for me. It wasn’t going to be as hot as yesterday, she said, so she had left me my dark blue jeans.

I walked downstairs to the kitchen. Ally wasn’t there yet but Alexis was. It was good because I needed a bit more time to prepare myself to see my friend. “Ally isn’t grounded today too, right?” I asked, sitting down at the table where there was a bowl, a spoon and a package of cereal.

“No. It’s pretty early so she is sleeping still.” Alexis said. “Do you think you two can be friends again today?”

“I don’t know,” I said. I hoped so, but I didn’t know if she could forgive me.

“Okay. I talked to Ally after you went to bed and she said she wasn’t mad at you. Feel free to have some breakfast,” Alexis said. “Ally was right yesterday. I don’t make pancakes every morning. I hope cereals will do. Do you want milk too?”

“It’s ok, and yes please,” I said.

“We need to talk about something,” Alexis said as she picked a carton of milk from the fridge. “You left quite a big spot on the mattress this morning.”

I stared down at the table ashamed and nodded. “I’m so sorry.”

“And then yesterday too in the couch, does this happen a lot?” she asked as she filled the bowl with milk and cereals. Her tone wasn’t angry but it was less gentle than the day before, it sounded more concerned.

I mixed the cereals around in the bowl with my spoon for a moment before answering. “No.”

“Like you know now, Ally has this problem every night and she wears protection for it.”

Diapers, I thought and nodded. Alexis probably didn’t want to use the word because Ally would feel more like a baby then. I was afraid that I also had to wear them now since I had wet the bed twice and asked: “Do I have to wear them too now?”

“No, not if it doesn’t happen often. Some kids just do it from time to time, but most of them don’t need diapers since it happens so rarely. But do you think you can promise me it won’t happen again while you’re here?”

Maybe if I went to the bathroom before going to bed it would be fine, but I wasn’t absolutely sure though. It could happen still. Maybe I could suggest that I wore diaper too just in case, but mostly to help Ally feel better. It felt weird to ask so I didn’t. “I don’t know,” I said, finally.

“Okay. Do you feel fine otherwise?” she asked.

“Yes,” I said. Apart from feeling a bit stressed out about my friendship status with Ally, nothing else was really bothering me

While I ate my cereals I realized that I did miss home and my parents a bit though. I wished I could talk to them. They said they would call me but they hadn’t done so yet. They were visiting my daddy’s relatives in Europe and they didn’t take me with them because they said it would be more fun for me if I was staying with Ally. How things looked right then at the second day, I wasn’t so sure. Just then as I was thinking of my parents, something strange happened. The phone ringed, Alexis picked it up and after a few seconds she gave the phone to me. It was them.

“Hello? It’s Amber.”

“Hey Amber,” it was daddy’s voice. Unconsciously my mouth formed a smile like it did when I hadn’t met someone in a while and saw them again, and even if I was talking to him on the phone I was pretty sure he was smiling too. “Sorry we couldn’t call earlier.” He then explained that they had been too busy to call and I asked why but he said it was adult stuff and they would have to wait to talk about until they came home. He then asked about how I was and I said I was fine but that I missed him and mommy. He gave the phone to her. She asked what I had done and what I was going to do today. I told her we had been playing and then I asked Alexis if she had planned anything for us today.

“Maybe you and Ally can ride your bicycles to the park,” she suggested. I told mommy we might do that. There was a silence and then mommy told me to have fun and then we said good bye before hanging up. The phone call was really what I needed to feel better that morning.

As I gave the phone back to Alexis, Ally came down to the kitchen. She had a cranky look on her face and kept her eyes on Alexis and didn’t look at me, like I wasn’t there. Then I saw that she was only wearing her pajama top and diaper. I was taken aback a little, but since she already knew that I know she wore them, she probably didn’t care about it. It felt odd and somewhat silly to see her wearing it though. I got a better look it now than the night before. It had prints on and they looked pretty cute, a few moons together with stars and a cursive text that said nighttime size 6. I didn’t recognize the brand from the baby commercials on TV but it looked to be bigger than a baby diaper and it fit her fine. Then I noticed something else that surprised me, although, it maybe shouldn’t because well, that’s what they were for. I hadn’t seen many wet diapers but when she came closer I was pretty sure it was because it was almost tinted yellow and sagged a bit. The faint smell confirmed it: Ally had used it.

“Why haven’t you come to take this stupid thing off already?” she asked Alexis, irritated. I wondered why she didn’t take it off herself, it couldn’t be that hard. She must be capable of taking the tapes off on her own. “And what are you looking at?” she turned to me.

“Nothing,” I stammered, looking away and feeling a pit in my tummy. She was still angry at me. “I’m sorry Ally, and it’s ok…”

“It’s totally not ok,” Ally turned back to Alexis and gave her an unfriendly glare. She then grabbed her sister’s arm and attempted to pull her. “Come take it off.”

“Can’t it wait 'til after breakfast?” Alexis asked.

“No way!” Ally stomped her foot.

“Go and take it off yourself this time then. And why aren’t you wearing any pants by the way?”

“Because it’s freaking hot to wear a stupid diaper under them,” Ally said.

“Stop saying freaking or stupid or you’re getting yourself a marble in the bad girl jar,” Alexis warned. “Did you have any leaks?”

“No!” Ally made it too obvious.

“I told you, you couldn’t get in on yourself,” Alexis sighed, “Is the bed wet too?”

Ally looked away. “Only the pants, but not much,” she said in a softer voice than before and dropped her sister’s arm when she was not going to move.

“Take it off and get dressed,” Alexis said and with that Ally stormed back upstairs.

I finished my cereals and I didn’t know what to do now when Ally was still mad at me so I remained at the table and started hopelessly into nothing while thinking about a way to mend our friendship. What I needed was a new and better chance to apologize to her. Alexis was still at the table drinking coffee. The thought about suggesting to support Ally by wearing diapers came back to my mind. It couldn’t be that bad to wear them and if it helped I would, but then again, it felt weird to ask. After a while, Ally came back dressed. She took a seat at the table and made herself a bowl of cereals. I didn’t dare to look at her but I guessed she still kept a moody look. We sat in silence except for the sound Ally’s cereal crunching until Alexis spoke. “Amber wondered what you two could do today and I suggested that you go ride your bicycles somewhere.”

“Like, where?” Ally asked. “We can’t go to the mill anymore so there is no other fun place to go.”

“There are plenty of other places. Like the park or the forest…”

“We could go to the park, but only if we get some money to buy ice cream,” Ally said. I looked up. Did she still want to be with me? “And what bike is Amber going to use?”

“My old one, and sure you can have some money for ice cream, but don’t just go there for them. Play there for a while too.”

It looked like Ally was going to say something back but then she didn’t. Her bowl was empty now and she got up from her chair. “We’re going then. Come, Amber.”

Were we friends again? Alexis did say that Ally had told her she wasn’t mad at me but after she came down in her diaper and almost yelled at me I wasn’t so sure. When we had made our way to the hall I found a better chance to apologize about last night. “I’m sorry.”

“Yea, how’s it like to know that your friend is the biggest baby in the world?” she asked. I was glad that she said friend.

“You’re not a baby. It’s not your fault. I…” I hesitated and took a breath to gather courage. “I do it sometimes too. I even did it last night.”

“You did?” Ally wondered, as she sat down to put on her sandals.

“Yea, and yesterday too,” my hearth beat faster.

Ally looked up at me. “Wait, when?” she asked.

“When I napped in the couch,” I said. “Luckily, I didn’t ruin the couch because Alexis had put a bed mat under me. And that’s kinda how I found out you wet the bed.”

Ally was silent for a bit and seemed to be in deep thoughts. When she didn’t say anything for a while I sat down too to put on my sandals.

“Well, guess we’re both babies then,” she said eventually and shot me a quick smile. She moved closer and leaned in next to my ear. “We have something we need to talk about,” she whispered and her smile faded, “A secret. A big one.”

I loved secrets, but I had a feeling this one was going to be more serious than the other ones we shared.

Re: The week I entered their world Chapter 6 22/4

Excellent progression. Love this buildup.

Re: The week I entered their world Chapter 6 22/4

That’s quite the cliffhanger. I should have read this earlier, but I suppose binge-reading it was enjoyable. Its a good story.

Re: The week I entered their world Chapter 6 22/4

Please keep this going

Re: The week I entered their world Chapter 6 22/4

Chapter 7

With the wind at our back we rode our bikes with ease. Ally rode fast and with confident while I was still getting used to Alexi’s old one. At times I struggled to keep up with her and when I finally did she giggled and pedaled on faster. Even if I feared she might take an unexpected turn, get out of sight and make me get lost, it was nice to see her being herself again. If she was going to share a secret it probably meant we were friends again too. I might have been right the day before after all; she wasn’t angry at me but at someone or something else. As we biked I kept my mind on what the secret could be. Maybe it had something to do with her being upset.

The clouds in the sky reminded me of cotton candy and the temperature was lower than yesterday which made the weather perfect for bicycling. When we were close to the path leading into the grove before you were at the countryside, I feared she would turn and head for the abandoned mill again, but to my relief she didn’t and continued to follow the road. Eventually we arrived at the park and we found a tree to leave our bikes at.

“It’s pretty early and I don’t think the ice cream place is open yet, so we can play or something until then,” Ally said as she took her helmet off.

“What about the secret,” I asked.

“Soon,” she said.

“Sure,” I said. I couldn’t tell last time I had been feeling so curious over something. After I had taken off my helmet too, I noticed she had her Ally-stare on me. “What?”

“Nothing,” she said and then bent down to lock our bikes together. “Let’s go play.” She skipped on ahead towards the playground. I followed.

The playground consisted of an incredible four floor high playing-castle and around it there was a few smaller play sets. This early, it wasn’t very busy yet. There were only two boys, maybe five or six years old, playing in one of the play sets and a toddler playing alone in a sand box. A woman, who I guessed was their mother, watched them from a bench. The swing set was free and Ally headed for them. We took one each.

Ally kept her eyes at the ground, swinging leisurely at first. I thought she might tell me the secret but then she looked up and swung higher and higher. I began swinging too, not as I high as her of course. It seemed that Ally was swinging so high her swing went upside down at times.

From the swing I had a better view of the park. It had many bushes, trees, a pond and patches of flowers and it looked pretty and well kept.

As we flew on our swings, more and more people came to the park, and soon the playground became busier. Two other girls took the swings next to us. Not long afterwards, Ally jumped off, landed in the sand and walked away. I put my feet in the sand to slow down before stepping off my swing to follow her.

For some reason she seemed a bit uncomfortable; she kept looking around the park with her arms crossed, self-consciously. I didn’t think it was because of the girls but something else. She walked to an empty bench. I sat down next to her. Ever since we had come here Ally had been a bit distant and wasn’t as cheerful as she had been when we biked.

“I haven’t been here for a while,” she said, eventually.

“Why? It seems pretty nice here. I really want to go play in that fort later.” I turned around and pointed at the big play castle.

“An abandoned fort would be more exciting. Tell your parents to take us with them to Europe next time. I heard they have lots of old haunted castles there.”

“Okay, but can we play here now? We can pretend it’s a real fort and one of us can play a ghost and chase the other.” I thought Ally would love to play that. She was obsessed with ghosts and that’s what we had been looking for down in the basement at school once. I wasn’t sure if I believed in them though. Some of Ally’s ghost stories were pretty creepy though.

“You can go play if you want, I’ll wait here,” she said, watching a boy playing with his kite a few meters in front of us.

“Why? You said you wanted to play earlier.”

“I don’t really feel like playing anymore.”

Something was obviously upsetting her. “Ally, I know something isn’t right,” I said. “Are you still mad at me? Am I doing something wrong?”

“No, I’m not mad at you, and I’m sorry about yesterday. It was just that, Meanie said that Evan was going to nail boards over the door to the mill, so I was a bit angry at you for taking my favorite place away, but I realized it wasn’t really your fault and I was just being stupid. I wanted revenge on someone, and then it somehow became you, and I’m sorry. You’re a good friend, Amber. I mean, you’re still hanging out of me even if I’m the biggest baby in the world.”

“I don’t think you’re a baby even if you’re wearing…” I stopped myself from saying the word ‘diapers’ because Alexis hadn’t used it and also in case someone was eavesdropping. “Do you want to tell me what’s wrong now?” I asked.

Ally took a breath. “It is part of what the secret is about and I’m not ready to tell it right now. Until then, you can go and play while I sit here.”

“Okay,” I said, getting up from the bench. “I’m coming back soon. I’m just going to check out the fort.”

“Wait. I have a question,” Ally grabbed my arm. “Did Alexis put on one of those relaxation tapes when you were took your nap yesterday?”

“Yes,” I said, remembering how it had made me feel calm and relaxed so that I had almost fallen asleep at once. “Why?”

“Okay,” she said. She looked to be in thoughts again and when it didn’t seem like she was going to answer why, I left her and went to the playground. Maybe she’d explain everything later.

I climbed up the fort. It wasn’t crowded but I wasn’t the only one there so sometimes I had to make room for others. I explored the fort for a while, trying all the slides and climbing the tricky parts. When I got to the highest floor, which was a bit scary to get up to, I could see Ally still sitting on the bench. I tried waving to her but the bench was facing the other way so she couldn’t see me. I didn’t really like being this high up so I turned to go back down again. Then I felt someone tugging my shirt. It was a little girl, younger than me, maybe six. She had troubled expression on her face. “I can’t get down,” she said.

“There is a slide over there,” I said, and pointed.

She shook her head. “Too scary, please help.”

“You can climb down where you come up too. Do you think you can do that?” I asked.

“No… And I need to potty too.” She was almost tearing up, bending her knees up and down in a little potty dance. I felt sorry for her. She had probably been following her friend up and then didn’t dare to follow her down.

“Okay, I think I can help.” We went to where I had climbed up and I took a few steps down and told her to climb after me and that I would catch if she lost her grip. After some hesitation she turned around and took a step. I told her to not look down like Ally did when we were climbing the stair in the mill, and soon she managed to climb all the way down to the third floor. Here she dared to go down the slide by herself. I had seen enough of the fort now and it wasn’t fun playing here without Ally so I went down too. I saw the little girl running for the restrooms and hopefully she’d make it.

When I turned to go back to the bench I saw that Ally wasn’t there anymore. I walked over there anyway figuring she might have gone to the restrooms or something. Just as I sat down, someone from behind me asked: “Hey, what are you doing here?”

It was Stacy.

“Playing,” I answered. She was there with another girl too I didn’t recognize.

“With who, Bella? She isn’t real you know.” she smirked. “Remember when you pretended to be her too, and turned in two home works? It was hilarious.” The other girl giggled.

“Y-yea.” I began feeling anxious and hoped Ally would be back soon.

“So you’re here alone then?” Stacy asked.

“No, Ally is here too.”

They sat down at the bench next to me. I moved away from them crossing my arms feeling a bit uncomfortable sharing bench whit the worst bully I know.

“Urgh… I really wished I wouldn’t get to see that freak face this summer,” Stacy said.

The other girl found it funny and laughed. “I think I know who that is,” she said when she caught her breath. “I think she’s the one who got expelled from my school.”

“Yea, I know she got expelled. Why was she anyway?” Stacy asked the other girl, “Well, except for being a freak face of course.”

“Well she…” the other girl began whispered something in Stacy’s ear. I found myself leaning their way because I felt curious. I couldn’t hear muchthough.

Ally had told me she wasn’t expelled but that she transferred. I wasn’t sure about it though and wondered what the girl was telling Stacy. When she was done they both began laughing.

“I think Amber here wants to know too,” Stacy said. “Shall we tell her?”

“I don’t know, she’s Ally’s friend right?” she asked.

“Yea,” Stacy said.

“Do you want to keep being Ally’s friend?” the girl asked me.

I nodded.

“Then I better not tell you.”

“Maybe we should tell her anyway,” Stacy said. “She deserves to know. And afterwards, if she wants, she can stop being Ally’s friend and hang out with us instead, but only if she manage to complete a small test,” I didn’t like her tone and I knew she was going to make me do something bad.

“I don’t need to hear it,” I said. And I wouldn’t stop being her friend anyway, I thought.

“Come on, I know you want to,” Stacy said.

“Hey! Leave her!” Ally was finally back and came rushing in full speed towards the bench.

“What’s wrong? Me and Jenny were just talking to her,” Stacy said when Ally was right in front of her.

“Go away, this is our bench,” Ally said.

“It’s nobody’s bench, stupid head,” Jenny said. “And we can sit where we want.”

When Ally looked at her, her face reminded me a lot of how Alexis looked when she had been angry at us yesterday. They were sisters after all. “Remember what you did in first grade?” she asked Jenny. “I think that took stupid to a whole new level.”

With that Jenny got up from the bench. “Want me to tell Amber what happened last year?” She pushed Ally lightly making her take a step back.

“Let’s go, Ally,” I said and got from the bench. I didn’t want any fighting to begin.

“Not yet,” Ally said, before turning back to Jenny. “If you tell her, I tell Stacy what you did in first grade.”

“Whatever, it’s nothing compared to what you did last year,” Jenny said.

Stacy was watching them with a smirk. It reminded me off all the times Stacy had been mean to me before. I felt how tears were close and before anyone could see them, I ran off.

“Amber!” Ally called.

“Let’s go!” I called back, my voice almost cracking.

I ran behind the playground and then towards some bushes. I crawled inside, branches ripped my arms and old leafs got stuck in my hair. Apparently all places in the park weren’t well-kept, and I had to avoid touching empty hamburger packages, beer cans, shattered glass and other trash lying in there. It wasn’t the nicest or most comfortable place, but I was out of sight.

As I sobbed I regretted I had run off and left Ally alone with them. I must probably have been the worst friend in the world. What if they had begun fighting?

To my relief, it wasn’t long before I heard Ally calling for me. I crawled out and waved at her, still on my knees, and she rushed over to me. “You can’t run away like that. Next time stay. You were there first and you didn’t want them to sit next to you. I have said this before; you have to learn how to stand up for yourself or they’ll never leave you alone.” She helped me to stand up and then brushed off leaves from my hair. “Come. Let’s go get some ice cream.”

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More please

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Chapter 8

The wide range of ice cream flavors made it hard to choose, but I had my safe picks; bubble gum, my favorite, strawberry, which I loved in all its forms, and then of course vanilla, which everyone liked. Ally picked chocolate, coffee and hazelnut. I frowned slightly at the coffee flavored one. Only adults liked the dark bitter thing, but Ally insisted it tasted much better as ice cream. Before I had a chance to say anything, she had shoved a spoonful in my mouth. Okay, it was better than I thought. But most ice cream was good regardless of flavor anyway.

On our way from and to the ice cream shop, I kept looking around but I didn’t seen Jenny and Stacy again. I didn’t worry too much what had happened at the bench, everyone knew I was a crybaby anyway and the ice cream certainly helped me cheer up. After I took the first licks of it, I got a brainfreze I expected Ally to giggle at the face I made, but she kept her eyes on the ground, deep in thoughts again. I hoped she would open up soon and tell me about the secret. I still wondered what Jenny had whispered to Stacy about Ally’s previous school. Even if Ally didn’t say she was expelled the rumor was interesting. It made me feel guilty to think about it though, and if it was true it was something she didn’t wanted to talk about.

We walked across the park and found a new bench. This one had an overlook of the pond. There were ducks, swimming rapidly, quacking at each other as they fought for a piece of bread someone had tossed at them from the other side of it. We watched them in silence, enjoying our ice creams for a while.

When I was half way through my ice cream and Ally had finished hers, she looked up and stretched her arms forward. “Okay. I think I’m ready to tell you the secret now. I know you’re supposed to whisper them, but this one is kind of long and there isn’t anyone close anyway, except for this stupid duck,” Ally gazed on a duck in front of us, probably begging for a piece of my ice cream cones. With an air kick from Ally, it jumped back, startled.

“That was mean,” I said, and broke a piece of mine to give it to the duck. Ally hadn’t actually kicked it but she had made the duck scared and I felt sorry for it.

“Stop or you’ll get them all over here,” she said and grabbed my arm, just as I was about throw the piece.

I drew my arm back. Even if I felt bad for the duck I didn’t want all of his friends to come here too. Right now I wanted to know about Ally’s secret and I didn’t want to be disturbed by quacking. “So the secret…”

"The secret have different parts. You know the first one already; I have to wear diapers to bed. I wasn’t really trying to hide it the first night actually. I wanted to talk about it then because I was sure that you were going to find out eventually anyway, but I wasn’t sure how to bring it up, and then when you didn’t mention it, I thought I maybe didn’t have to tell you after all. Then I came up with a plan last night. But before I can tell you that you need to know about the other parts of the secret too.

“I’ve already know about this part too but you have said you didn’t believe me though. It was yesterday when you were angry and called me baby. I said Alexis put me in them, and that’s true. I don’t need them but she makes me wear them anyway.”

“Why would she do that?” I felt conflicted because I couldn’t believe Alexis would ever do something like that, but at the same time, Ally seemed serious too.

“First of all, because she is the worst meanie in the world,” Ally grumbled, clenching her fist. That wasn’t really enough of an answer and I had to know more before I could be sure Ally wasn’t making it all up.

“Why do you let her?” I asked, tilting my head to the side. “Can’t you tell your mom or dad about it?”

“No because if I do, she’ll tell them about something bad I did last year.” Ally kicked the top of her feet at the ground.


“This is another part of the secret. It’s something bad and I regret it really, really hard, and I can’t believe I did it,” Ally scrubbed her hand over her face. “I’m a thief, Amber. Or I used to be one…”

I narrowed my brows. “Why? Did you steal something?”

She looked down. “Not just something; lots of stuff. It started with a few stickers I saw when mom and I were at the store. I really wanted them because a girl from my old school I used to play with had a bigger collection than me, but mom wouldn’t get them so I snuck them under my shirt when she didn’t see. I’d never felt more thrilled. My hearth beat so fast when we stood in the check-out line and then when we walked out I was almost trembling.”

“I did feel guilty about it afterwards, but that wasn’t the only time I’d take things. Soon, whenever I visited a store, I’d put something in my pocket or under my shirt every time. Toys, more stickers, candy, whatever I felt like and know I could easily get away with. It was thrilling to see how much you could take. It was an even better thrill than to go somewhere you’re not supposed to, like to the mill.” Ally smiled briefly and then sighed. “I stole things outside of stores too, like stuff from my friends or at school. I never really played or used the stuff; the fun part was always to take them.”

I felt a sticky sensation on my hand and realized I had forgotten about my ice cream. It had melted over down my jeans too. Not caring about the mess on my pants for now, I made it stop dripping by hurrying up to finish it as I continued to listen.

“It was when I took some money from my grandparents’ house it all stopped. They’re always so nice to me and I feel so bad about it.” Ally covered her face with her hands. “They didn’t found out I took it, but not soon after, I went to the mall with Alexis and bought a really expensive doll with the money I took. I think Alexis had already started to suspect something before that. The next day she had searched through my room and found the stash of my stolen stuff.” Ally removed her hands, she wasn’t crying but I hadn’t seen her closer to tears. “This wasn’t long after I had been expelled from my old school and…”

“So you were expelled?” I interrupted her.

“Right, I haven’t told you that. Yes I was, but I don’t want to talk about that too right now; it’s a different story.”

Ally took a deep breath before continuing. “Anyway, I was terrified when Alexis approached me with a box full of my stolen things and I couldn’t come up with an excuse to why I had them so I admitted and told her everything. And since Alexis knew that mom was still really, really, really angry with me from getting expelled, she offered not to tell her if I tried to turn back most of the stuff I’d stolen and then let her punish me instead of letting mom do it. I didn’t really have a choice: after I’d gotten expelled, mom had threatened me that she’d homeschool me if I got in trouble one more time.”

“So Alexis is making you wear diaper as a punishment for shoplifting?” I asked. Alexis had been kidding me the day before by saying that she was going to put me in diapers as a punishment, but then she had just laughed and said she’d never do that. I rubbed my chin. Maybe that’s why she found it so funny.

Ally nodded. “Yes, and every time she puts me in them at night, she reminds me that if I ever take them off before morning she’ll tell mom and dad everything. She is keeping a few items that I stole left as proof. She hasn’t been able to make me wear them under the school year, because luckily she is going to college, but she did it all the time in the summer last year and two or three nights around Christmas.”

“I didn’t think she would continue this summer too but she is. I’ve been wearing them at night but sometimes also when mom and dad aren’t home she also makes me wear them during the day. I begged her not to do it when you were here, and she let me be diaper-free during the day but not during the night. I know I deserve some kind of punishment but I don’t think it’s fair that she is doing this for so long. She did it almost every night last summer. Making me wear a diaper under a skirt to the park was enough for me to learn my lesson…”

My eyes widen, starring at her. “Did she really do that?”

“Yea, and even if I think no one saw, I haven’t gone back here since today. I have learned my lesson and I will never steal something again. I don’t think it’s fair that she still punish me after this long, what do you think?”

“I don’t know…” There was a lot to take in so I looked up to the sky to think. It was cloudier now, but there were still some blue spots were the sun occasionally peeked out from. It did now and I closed my eyes, feeling its warmth before I came up with something to say. “It was really bad of you to shoplift and take all those things,” I started. “You should have been punished in some way, making you wear diapers is weird…”

Before I had the chance to say more, Ally began talking. “What’s weird is that I don’t think she just does it to punish me but also because she enjoys it making me wear diapers. She seems to be obsessed with them. When I was six and when Alexis babysat when our parents were away, like they almost always are,” Ally rolled her eyes, “we played pretended and she always wanted me to pretend to be a baby and she dressed me like one too and even put me in diapers that were left over from when I was little. I didn’t let her do it anymore after I turned seven, but she kept asking me to play that game with her over and over.” Ally rubbed her face with her palm. “And so last year, she finally managed to get me to wear them again.”

She paused and turned to look at me. “And now, you might freak out and I wasn’t going to tell you this so soon but I have realized we don’t have much time for my plan to work… Ok.” Ally leaned forward and spoke quieter: “I know she wants you to wear them too.”

I put my ice cream free hand (only a small part of the cone left) on my chest, “Me? What makes you think that? I haven’t done anything bad…”

“No, but that’s not it, didn’t you listen? I know it does sound pretty weird but she sort of likes diapers.”

“But how do you know she wants me to wear them too?” I asked, feeling my body tensing.

“I know she is making you wet the bed. She did it to me once, and mom was really close to make me go to the doctor, but then I woke up one night when she was setting up her stereo and realized it was Alexis who was making me do it. Mom didn’t believe it though but it kept Meanie out of my room at night.”

“Wait, how did she make you wet the bed?”

“She used those tricky, hypnotic relaxation tracks. She used them on you yesterday. I don’t know why she didn’t get them to work the first night, but she wanted it too then.”

“I did sleep uneasily that night. I woke from some kind of hammering sound, and I told you about the axeman. If this is true, couldn’t you have warned me?”

“I told you, I didn’t know she wanted you to wear them too.”

I shook my head. Was Alexis really that kind of person? “She already had a chance to put me in them last night when we fought. She made a joke and said my punishment for exposing your diaper was to put me in diapers too, but then she said she would never do that. If she wanted to she could have done so right then, so why didn’t she?”

“Listen, I have been thinking about it the whole night and the thing is; Alexis does not want to force you to wear them. I know that even if she’d really like doing so and probably does it all the time in her weird fantasies, she is smarter than to do it for real. She wouldn’t do it without your permission. Imagine the consequences. What would your parents say if you tell them she made you wear them all week? I think they would freak out and maybe even call the police. She might be sent to jail, and she is too cleverer to risk that.”

“So she wants you to ask to wear diapers first. That’s why she has been making you wet the bed. She wants you to say you need diapers for your bedwetting, and that’s a pretty big difference from forcing you in them. You have already thought of suggesting it to her, right?”

I nodded. “Yes, but also because I thought it would help you to feel better about it. And Ally, if you are making this all up just to get me to wear diapers together with you, you don’t have to. I can wear them if it makes you feel better, you don’t have to lie.”

“I’m not lying. Ok, so it seems that her plan has worked so far. You’ll suggest wearing diapers, she’ll put you in them and continue making you wet the bed until Friday I guess. So on Saturday morning you will wake up dry but you’re still going to be wearing them on Saturday night, just in case, but you won’t be wetting the bed then either. After that, you’ll be really thankful it has stopped and then you’ll probably not even tell your parents about it. And that’s her plan. She will have you in them for the rest of the week and get away with it.”

"Okay, but now when I know all this and tell her I don’t want to wear diapers, her plan will fail, right?

“That’s true, but I have a better idea. What if you let her go on with her plan instead? And with that we get back on her by the end of the week.”

“You mean I tell my parents about it afterwards?”

“Well, while I wouldn’t mind living without my sister for a while, I don’t really want to see her behind bars. It would just be weird. And what if people at school found out I had a sister in jail? No, I have a better idea than to send her there. You will threaten her that you’re going to tell your parents about it if she doesn’t stop doing it to me. So basically, we’re going to blackmail her to stop blackmailing me.”

“Oh…” I looked away. “I don’t know…”

“Please Amber. This is my chance to finally make her stop. We’re friends and friends are supposed to help each other. I have helped you stand up to bullies, and diapers aren’t that bad and you only have to be in them for one week to make me diaper free the whole summer.”

I had finished my ice cream and Ally took my hand in hers. “You know, if you help me with this I think we can call each other best friends.”

When she said best friends I felt how butterflies danced wildly in my tummy. Although I kind of assumed we were, she had never addressed us like that. I felt how she squeezed my hands and then I remembered that had almost already asked Alexis if I could wear diapers to help Ally feel better, but before this conversation I had no idea it could help her like this. I sort of chuckled and shook my head at that thought. “Alright… I’ll do it.”

“I knew I could count on you!” Ally hugged me tight.

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While I typically roll my eyes at the old “hypnosis tapes” trope, I have to give you props for using it here very creatively.

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The diaper setup reminds me a little of In for a Penni with the older sister and punishment. I like it - I’m enjoying this story.