The wanted punishment. chapter 8 added

Meet Eleven year old James, he’s of average height, has brown eyes, and natural curly long red hair, James lives at home with his mother Sarah who works for a pharmaceutical company, and his younger sister Emma whose 9, they lived in place called Darlington, this story takes place after James got in to some trouble at school.

He had been sneaking in to the girls lock room at school, he had only planned on steeling a a girls school uniform, he had always wanted to wear one, although his sister wore the exact same uniform and they were almost the same size, so her clothes would have fit him, he couldn’t keep it, he had to get one that he could keep, James had not told anybody and never planned to, he tried to keep thinking to himself that he cross dressed for fun, but knew deep down this was wrong, and that he did it for another reason.

Unfortunately for James just as he was leaving the locker room the deputy head was walking past, James had been startle by the staff member and he did the first thing that came to his mind he made a run for it, straight off the school property dropping the uniform he was carrying into a puddle.

Chapter 1 Crime and punishment.
He knew he was for it now, him and his stupid ideas. He didn’t know why he kept getting in to trouble, he just did, he hardly had any friends and felt like he was different than everybody else, he just didn’t know how, or why. He just knew that he had always felt like something was no quite right with his life, but he just didn’t know what it was, or how he would change it, if he could change it. James had no idea what to expect as he walked home from school, he knew that the head would have already called his mum, so he decided that, it was best to get it over and done with as soon as possible.

As He walked in to his front room, he saw his mum sitting on the couch, she didn’t look angry, she did not shout or yell he threaten him with anything, she just looked disappointed, this sent a shiver down his spine, he had never seen his mum look like this. “We have a meeting with your school principle tomorrow morning, and you had better be on your best behaviour” She said before getting up leaving the room.
Thankfully tomorrow was the last day of school, before the summer break.
The night went as normal, his mum cooked dinner his sister went to bed at about half past nine and he went to bed at around ten pm.
James dozed off at some point, but was woken when he heard someone moving around outside in the hallway but he dared not leave his room, he lay awake in bed for ages eventually falling back to sleep at around 2am

“Well, James, would you please explain what exactly yesterday?” His headmaster asked. “Yes sir” James said politely and he told his mum and the head, what he thought was a clever lie, He told them that he was only trying to hide the clothes as a joke and had got cought just as he had started to move some items, adding that he was very sorry.
“Ok” the headmaster responded when James had finished. “Well James Unfortunately even if you had only intended to move the clothes and bags and hide them, it is still classed as stealing and this isn’t the 1st time you have been in trouble in fact I believe you’ve been in front of me 6 times this year. And the rules are clear, what happened yesterday was a serious breach of the school rules, and although you claim it was only for a laugh and the stuff would have been returned, I’m afraid I’m left with no choice but to expel, I’m really sorry, but the school board is very strict on a student stealing from another student” he was saying but James mum interrupted him “But it’s the last day of term, and his last day ever here anyway, do you really have to expel him and have that go on his permanent record, I know what he did was wrong but he’s just a kid” She said .
“I’m afraid so, the head of the school board committee has said James must be expelled, and that he is lucky they are not involving the police. I am truly sorry, but my hands are tied. So as of this moment you no longer attend this school” He said very sympathetically.

He got up and opened his office door, “I’m afraid I’m going to need you to leave the premises now and again I am really sorry, James is a good kid at heart, he just always seems to get into some sill situations” he said.
James and his mum got up and left exchanging polite goodbye’s with the secretary.

Sarah was furious, and James knew he had messed up big time, neither of them said anything the whole way home.
When they entered the house she ordered him upstairs and told him not to leave his room except to use the toilet. James wouldn’t dare disobey her, so he just sat on his bed, and started to read, but he just couldn’t concentrate eventually he gave up and he just sat on his bed staring into space.
His mum came in around midday and handed him some lunch without saying a word then left, she did the same thing at tea time.
James somehow dozed off for an hour or so and woke up at around half seven, he wanted to go down stairs and find out what his punishment would be, but dared not as he knew if he left his room without permission, or unless he was going to the toilet he would be in trouble. He soon fell back to in to a restless sleep, waking up several times during the night.

“Wake up, and go down stairs” his mothers stern voice came at about 8:15 the following morning, James quickly got up and headed downstairs, as he entered the kitchen he saw his sister was already sitting at the table eating some toast “morning sis’” he said has he put 2 slices of bread in the toaster “morning bro’” she replied, adding “and boy are you in big trouble” she said with a big grin, she loved her brother, but what sibling doesn’t get a lot of joy out of the other being punished. “I know” he said. Shortly after his toast was done and he was eating it their mum came in and sat down at the table,

James was getting really nervous about his punishment, his mum never usually took this long in deciding, and his mum had a knack for punishing it was hardly ever just getting grounded, she normally chose something that would have a massive impact on him. He remembered this one time a few years back, he had destroyed one of his sisters favourite Barbie’s on purpose by melting it, so his mum forced him to buy himself a new toy when they went out, out of his own money that he had been saving up, she made him buy something she knew he wanted. He had been saving up to get this play station game that cost around £25 and James being 7 at the time did not get that much [pocket money and it had taken him 26 week to save up for it, any way he finally had enough money for it, so his mum made him buy it, and watch as she snapped it in half.

“Go back up to your room, and wait for me” She said after James had finished his breakfast.
James silently left. James thought that, part of his punishment was the waiting for it to happen.

About an hour later, just before ten, James’s mum called him down stairs, “Sit” She said pointing to the sofa, “I’ve thought long and hard about what your punishment should be, and I’ve finally decided what it is.
I think that since you were caught trying to steal girls clothes, it must mean that you actually wanted to wear them, so that will be your punishment” She said as James sat there trying to work out, exactly what his punishment should be, it suddenly dawned on him, he was being caught stealing girls clothes.

“Y…you’re joking” He stuttered in disbelief, “No I am not joking” she said as she pulled a bag up on to her lap, the bag had been on the floor next to the chair she was sitting on.
“For the summer, and probably longer if I fell you have not learnt you lesson by the time school starts, you are only allowed to wear clothes that are designated for girls, that means, instead of boxers you will be wearing knickers, instead of socks you will be wearing tights, you will also be wearing skirts, dresses, and girls tops, if I let you wear trousers they will be very girly and most probably pink, and whatever other girls clothes I decided” She said her face not changing expression once.
“But mum, that’s not fair, i never wanted to wear the clothes, I was just going to hide them, i swear” James protested, hoping that his mum wouldn’t see through it and realise that he was really happy about the idea, as he had decided no one must ever know what a freak he was, that’s how he saw himself, as a freak.

“If you argue or complain I will add another month to the punishment, is that understood?” she asked James just nodded “there will be more rules but for now I want you to go and get changed” she said.
Here is the outfit you will wear today" She said handing over the bag, “I will allow you to change in the privacy of your own room” She said, “and you’d better get changed quick” she added.
James understood this as to he was dismissed. But he also knew he better be quick otherwise, it may mean an extra month with the punishment the only reason he cared about that was becuaase it meant starting school dresses as a girl, which meant everyone seeing. James rushed to his room and tipped the clothes out on to the bed, the bag contained a pink dress with a picture of Winnie the phoo. Tiger, and other characters from the show on it, James thought it looked like it should be worn by a 5 year old, but knew that it would fit him perfectly and he aboslutly loved it, also there was a pink Training bra and a pink t-shirt.
the bag also contained a pair of pink knickers, and a pair of white tights, James stared in pure bliss, it wasn’t till he heard footsteps on the stairs he quickly got undressed and began putting the clothes on, first he started with the knickers, second he put on the tights and the training bra, his mum had got training bras that slipped on, so he wouldn’t have to deal with the catches on the back. Then he put the t-shirt on and then the dress.

As soon as he finished his mum walked in. “Follow me” she said walking out towards her bedroom, James followed and was lead towards his mums dresser the mirror that should have been there was gone, so James could not even see what he looked like yet. James, he had grown his hair long so it was very easy to style, He saw his mum grab the straightners and he began to cry out of pure happiness.

“I’m nearly finished, all I’ve got to do now are your nails and put a nice pink bow in your hair, then I’m done and Emma can meet her new sister. Then we can go over all the rules of this punishment” She said…
“Ok let’s take a look at you” Sarah said pulling James in front of a 6 foot mirror. James stood there stunned, he actually looked like a real girl, Hut put on a sad looking face so his mum wouldn’t get suspicions then followed her out of the room.
Quarter of an hour later, James was sitting back downstairs on the sofa, next to his sister, we look like twins James though as he looked at his younger sister.

“Right James, first off this punishment will last until you start school again, when ever that maybe. So now you know that, here are the rules” She said as she unrolled a piece of a 4 paper and began reading
“Rule number 1. You will be dressed as a girl 24/7, if I catch you dressed as a boy, another month will be added to your punishment, even if that means you are dressed as a girl for school. Rule 2 you will not be known as James for the duration of this punishment, instead your name will be Rosie-Leigh, and you better remember that. 3, you are not allowed to play with any of your boy’s toys like you Lego and kinex, if you want to play with any toys, Emma-Rose here is being very generous and has agreed that you can play with her toys, same applies to the toys as the clothes, in fact if you disobey and rules mentioned now, it will earn you an extra month of punishment, there is no limit. 4, well 4 is there may be more rules added at a later date” She said, then she passed the piece of paper and a pen to James, well Rosie-Leigh now, “I want you to sign on the dotted line” She said.
As he took the paper he resigned himself to his temporary new life style. James, who was now going to be known as Rosie-Leigh, and a she, rather than a he, signed it and passed it back,
This whole ordeal had taken just over half an hour so it was about quarter past ten.

“Ok, girls, watch TV or something, Emma is in charge of the TV remote” she said as she got up and left the room.
Before she knew Rosie-Leigh’s name was being called only ten minutes had past. “Come on Rosie-Leigh come and get your coat on” She said standing by the door holding out a light hello kitty jacket although it was summer, it was also England, so it wasn’t overly warm today.
“Wh…Where are we g.going?” Rosie-Leigh asked. “Well you don’t think that you can last all summer with just one outfit do you, and we have to get you some new bed sheets, and other girlie things for your bedroom, if you are good I may let you choose some of the items, as long as they are girls items.” Rosie-Leigh was mortified; she had not expected to be going out on her first day as a girl.
“Now come on, get the jacket on, if I have to ask again it will…” She didn’t need to finish off her sentence as the young girl shot up out of her seat and was just starting to put on the jacket. “There’s a good girl.” The mother said patting her new daughter on the head. “And you Emma, get a move on” She added. Within 5 minutes they were on the road heading for a girls day out.

Re: The wanted punishment

Chapter 2, On to the mall

To Sarah’s credit, she was taking the girls to a mall that’s about an hour and half away, in Leeds.
They had been there three times previously, so nobody really knew them there. There might be a member of staff that recognised them, but she really doubted it.
The mall was four times the size of their local one, and had over 400 stores, a cinema, and 3 large food courts. There was also a massive area towards the back of the mall that housed a gigantic children’s indoor play area. It was 3 stories high had some massive slides, a drop down spider web type thing, where you had to climb down a big square area that had massive lengths of stretchy rubber going across, it was very bouncy. It also had ball pool pits and many other apparatus for kids to play on. When they had visited previously, the last time being about 4 and a half years ago, when their dad was still alive, the kids had wanted to go and play in there, but their parents were in a hurry so they couldn’t.

“Ok girls let’s get some shopping done” Sarah-Jane said as they walked into Primark on the second floor, and headed towards the children’s section.
She began picking up random outfits and holding them against either Rosie-Leigh or Emma, although Emma was 2 years younger than Rosie-Leigh, she was only an inch or 2 smaller, so most of the clothes would fir both of them. Some she would put the back on the rack, but most of them were put into the shopping basket, sometimes she asked for the girls opinions, Rosie-Leigh didn’t know what to say, she couldn’t keep saying no to everything and wasn’t ready to say yes to anything either, but she knew in the back of her mind the she liked some of the items her mother picked out, so she would give a ‘whatever’ to the ones she did like.

The basket soon became so full. That Sarah sent Rosie to get another one. And soon this basket was also full, Sarah decided that this was enough now, so they headed over to the changing rooms.
The store only allowed 3 items to be taken in at a time per person, so Sarah handed the girl each a few items and told them to go and try them on, whilst she stayed outside with the basket, also telling them to come out and show her each outfit.
She also found several different pairs of matching shoes for the girls to wear, and several hats and belts, and plenty of other stylish accessories like earrings and lockets.
Rosie-Leigh was, a little embarrassed about having to change in the girls changing rooms, but she managed out without complaint, after trying on over 25 different outfits combinations of all the clothes in the trolley they had whittled it down with to 15 new outfits each, most of which could be interchangeable to form another outfit.
Sarah-Jane went and paid.

“Ok girls whose hungry” she asked them as they left the store with several bags, They had spent an hour and a half in that store alone, as they arrived just before midday, at was now half one, and none of them had eaten since breakfast ,“I am” Emma-Rose chirped, Emma was a very bubbly child always smiling and laughing, and if you caught the glare of her puppy dog eyes, your heart would melt and you couldn’t help but give in, she was very cute like that which greatly annoyed James. She only ever used her power for good, like getting cookies off mum or getting her older brother, now older sister to read her a bedtime story.
She absolutely adored her old brother, now sister, and reckons now they are going to get along even better than they already did, of course they had the odd fight but what brother and sister didn’t? But they still had a rock solid relationship, and never stayed mad at each other long.
Rosie-Leigh just said “yes” In a rather dullish tone.
“Cheer up pumpkin” Sarah-Jane said, as they headed for the food court, “First though let’s go and put theses bags in the car” She added, They had been very fortunate to get a parking space right near the entrance, someone was pulling out just as she came down the parking lot section.

“I’ve got an idea” she said, whilst they were all tucking into MacDonald’s, both girls had gotten a happy meal, and the toy inside was one of the Disney princess.
“I’ve still got to do some clothes shopping for me, and then I figure I can do some food shopping as well” She said adding “and its Emma’s’ birthday next week, and I still need to get her a birthday present, so I obviously don’t want her around when I am buying them” She said pausing, as the girls look slightly confused, wondering where she was going with this.

So I thought that maybe you girls would like to go to the big indoor play are at the back whilst I do that, and you know what I’m like that could be at least 2 hours, what do you reckon" She asked, Emma began jumping up and down very excitedly shouting yes I’d love to mummy, without a care on the world about the other people in the food court who were laughing and smiling at the young girl
“it’s about time there were kids her age that actually acted like kids her age, you see so many walking round with Iphones acting like there already teenagers, when they’re barely out if nappies” Rosie-Leigh heard an old lady say to her the person she was with, from a close by table.
“what about you?” her mum asked looking at Rosie-Leigh, who tried to be nonchalant about the idea, but could contain her excitement as she bounced up and down in her chair saying “Yes please mummy”
“And her sister as well” She heard the old lady say who then added “Are they twins? I can’t quite tell without me glasses on.” Rosie-Leigh stole a glance at them, and thought he bloke who she was with looked too young to be her husband, and guessed that he was either her son, who she had at a very late age or grandson, her suspicions where confirmed when he said
“Yes Nan, I think they are Twins and think the one on the left can hear us” He said as she glanced round again, and he gave her a smile and chortled.

Rosie-Leigh gave a quick embarrassed smile and turned to listen to what her mum was saying,
“Ok here are the rules” She said “Don’t talk to strange adults, Don’t leave the play area Rosie-Leigh I want you to keep a look out for your sister, you may, go in separate directions, but keep going back to each other every half hour or so. Don’t accept sweets of strangers, don’t leave the play area, follow the rules of the play area, look out for each, don’t leave the play are other and probably the most important rule of them all, under no circumstances are you to leave the play area, well unless I get back obviously or the fire alarm goes off and they have to evacuate” She finished.

The girls laughed at the fact their mum had said, don’t leave the play several times, and promised they would follow the rules.
Sarah-Jane walked them over to the play area entrance, which was on the opposite side of the mall and on the level bellow. I took rough 10 mins to walk it as the lifts where packed and so were the escalators, so they had to use the proper stairs, which were out of their way.

“The prices are cheap” Sarah commented to herself, for both girls, for up to 4 hours it was £22.50, this included a snack and a drink half way through their time, this was cleverly orchestrated by the children wearing special colour wristbands, and a 4 digit code number, for example. Rosie-Leigh and Emma had lilac wrist bands with 2002, which Emma-Rose found amusing as this was her birth year and favourite colour.
“Ok girls have fun in there and remember the rules” Sarah-Jane said to them at the door, she then kissed them on the forehead “Ok go, scram, play” She said ushering them off, the girls didn’t need telling twice and after thanking their mum they ran off, in to the mass of, red, yellow green, blue and any other colour you could probably think off, in to the midst of laughing children and adult keeping any eye on them.
Wow Rosie-Leigh though as she climbed up to the very top of one of the apparatus and began heading along it, right to the far end, “This is awesome” She said ducking under anything in her way that she couldn’t climb over and going through any tube that blocked her path.

She knew exactly where she was heading, as she had seen a picture of it near the front desk and a map saying where it was and how to get there, it was a massive slide, the biggest they had there.
It first dropped you about 10-12 at an almost vertical angle foot then took off at an almost 90 degrees angle, the slide did that 3 more times before you shot off the end in to a massive ball pit, That was about a meter deep. You had to quickly scarper to the opposite end and duck under mesh wall that blocked their path as to not get hit by the other sliders, On the opposite side of the mesh wall, was an equally large ball pool, which at the moment several other children were playing in.
“Hi I’m Abby” a chirpy girl about Rosie-Leigh’s age said as Rosie came from the other side.
“Hi I’m Rosie-Leigh” she said back almost out of breath, “this place is amazing isn’t it” Abbey commented excitedly
“From what I’ve seen so far” Rosie-Leigh said, adding " It’s my first time here, and this is the first thing I have been on."
“Well why don’t I show you around then” Abbey "I’ve been here several times.
“Yeah ok then” Rosie-Leigh responded.
The 2 girls left the ball pool and Abby began showing Rosie-Leigh around.

“This place has everything” Rosie-Leigh said as she look around “is that rock climbing and abseiling” She asked, her new friend “Yep, you want to have a go?” Abbey replied, “Of course I do, I’ve always wanted to try it” she replied and both girls ran over, The walls were only 15 meters high, and there was so much protection around it, there was almost no way somebody call fall and hurt themselves, When they arrived there was already two people on the rock climbing wall, and two others on the abseiling wall, so after getting the harnesses on they had to wait for the others to come down so they could have the rope attached and start climbing.
Rosie noticed that Abbey had started giving her strange looks every now and then, as they ran from apparatus to apparatus.

Mean-while Emma-Rose had also found herself a friend, a 9 year old girl called Melody pond who had also been here before, so she showed Emma-Rose around, they had ended up on the huge trampoline area near the back, and were currently in a competition to see who could jump the highest. Melody couldn’t jump as high as Emma, but showed off by doing front flips and back flips, which was against the rules, and was told off for it by one of the workers.
The two girls that Rosie-Leigh and Emma-Rose had become friends with had only entered the arena about five minutes before they had so they were on the same snack scheduled which they ate as quickly as possible, because they wanted t carry on playing.
Time seemed to go by so quickly in the play area and soon their parents were arriving to pick them so they could head home.

Rosie-Leigh and abbey swapped mobile numbers and promised to keep in touch, because even though they lived and hour away from each other they wanted to remain friends.
As all the parents arrived at roughly the same time the girls were able to introduce their new friends to their parents and the parents met each other.
As it turned out that Abby’s mum was an old school friend of Sara’s, seen each other or spoken to each other in about 4 years they had kept touch in the begging after leaving school, but Abby’s mum married and moved to leads the wrote and later emailed each other several times a year, but soon became too busy, and they unfortunately lost contact. “OH MY GOD” Abby’s mum whose name was Chantelle, practically screamed as she recognised her old friend “Sarah-Jane is that you?” She asked adding “how have you been?” pulling her in to a hug. “I’ve doing better now” Sarah-Jane said, “of course you probably don’t know,” she said as her friend gave her a concerned and curios look, so she spent the next ten minutes explaining about Paul’s sudden death almost two years previously. “I am so sorry t hear that” Chantelle said, pulling Sarah in for a hug “Anyway I thought you had a boy and a girl. Not to girls?” Chantelle asked Confused.

“I knew it” Abbey suddenly shouted, causing everyone to give look at her. “Knew what?” her mother asked. Abbey became all shy and wouldn’t speak again, but Rosie-Leigh figured she knew what Abbey knew, and also knew that Chantelle and her husband would soon know, as she knew her mother would tell them. So she thought it would be easier for her to tell them. She looked at her mum as if to ask if it was ok, and her mother nodded her head.

“She knows that, she knows that I’m actually a b…Boy” Rosie-Leigh said nervously looking at Abbey as if to say, ‘is that what you meant’. Abbey nodded her head and looked embarrassed, Chantelle gave Sarah-Jane a weird look, so she explained the full story about Rosie-Leigh (James) Being punished for getting expelled from school.
“Ahhh the old embarrass your kid punishment route” Chantelle’s husband Chris laughed, “Sometimes crude, but can be very affective. We’ve had to do similar punishments with abbey, when she was getting into trouble, didn’t we darling” he added Abbey just looked at the floor and nodded, hoping her dad wouldn’t go into too much detail, “It soon straightened her out”
Chantelle just stared in disbelief at Rosie-Leigh, “I never would have guessed she was actually a boy” she said “She looks too cute, to be a boy” Sarah smiled "I know, If I didn’t know better, I would’ve assumed she’s an ordinary girl.

After another lengthy conversation, and a promise that they would all meet up sometime over the holidays, everyone left to go home.
“So did you girls have fun today” Sarah-Jane asked the girls half way home, when she didn’t get an answer, she took a quick glance in the mirror, to see both girl fast asleep.

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Re: The wanted punishment

Chapter 3 Off on holiday

It been 3 weeks since Rosie-Leigh’s punishment started, and although she has tried not to show it, she’s enjoying almost every minute of it, her mum had realized about a week ago this, and had contemplated stopping it, it was supposed to be a punishment, not something to be enjoyed, but she remembered her rules, which clearly stated that it would only end when school started again and not before, plus Rosie-Leigh had never been so well behaved, so she decided to keep on with it, in truth, she was enjoying having 2 daughters and could tell Emma loved having a sister.

Sarah-Jane had was sitting up on her laptop, checking the weather forecast for the next week, to her delight she read that the whole of the next week would be extremely sunny and hot, although you can never trust the weather. It should be perfect for their annual summer holiday down camber sands, a holiday resort at the south of England, a few miles away from Hastings it was over nearly a 6 hour drive down there from home but it was defiantly worth it. Although this would be the first year they have gone without Paul, but that wouldn’t stop them.
She looked at the clock to see it had gone midnight, and as she needed to be up at roughly four am she decided to go to sleep.

“Come on girls wake up” Sarah-Jane shouted from the landing, at 4:30 am. Both girls had been in bed since eight the previous night, as they had to be up early this morning, but she doubted that either of them had gotten to sleep much before ten anyway,
“we have a very long journey ahead of us today and I want to be on the road by 6” she shouted.
“I am up” both girls chorused back sleepily, “Ok get dressed, the come down for breakfast” she replied.

Quarter of an hour later, both girls were down stairs, in the kitchen eating breakfast of toast with a glass of milk.
Rosie-Leigh was wearing a Cute white layered skirt with a bow in the middle of the waist that came to just above her knees, a soft white t-shirt and a pair of knee high white sock she was also wearing a pair of white converse shoes with a picture of a panda on the outside on each one, she also had ready a white baseball cap to keep the sun off her neck, but she wouldn’t put this on until they were there.

Emma-Rose on the had gone for a nice white dungaree skirt outfit with a pale pink undershirt, and a pair of white socks with ruffles on top and a pair of white dolly shoes. Sarah couldn’t help but smile as she saw how beautiful her daughters looked.
Rosie-Leigh, had her long beautiful red hair in a plaited ponytail, and Emma had put her golden hair in to plaited pigtails.
Neither girl looked their age, Sarah thought that they both look at least two years younger than they were. Emma had recently turned ten, but with the outfit she was wearing looked no older than eight, and Sarah-Jane didn’t think, Rosie-Leigh looked much older than nine or ten, Rosie-Leigh would be turning twelve in late September, and would be starting secondary school going into year seven, three weeks before.

They had been going to the same place for the last 4 years, mainly because if they booked their next holiday, at the end of the one they were on they got a really big discount. Although last year they never went as it was less than a year after Paul had died.

They followed the same routine every year, get up, get dressed, quick breakfast, the girls would sit in the front room whilst the parents loaded up the car, this year was no different, except the fact Paul wasn’t there,
The girls were sitting in the living room watching TV, they had offered to help but their mum had refused it, on the grounds that if she put it all in she knew exactly where everything was, and so that anything that could possibly get damaged, wouldn’t. Also for when they stopped at the rest stop, she could get out the car whatever was needed.
There were two places that they stopped at, one which was after about one-hundred and fifty miles, which was just a quick toilet stop and refuel, and the second stop in to the three-hundred mile journey came at about two-hundred and fifty miles in, and was for a large brunch.
Depending on traffic they would be on the road for at least 6 hours.

Sarah-Jane checked the time, 5:45, and pretty much on time she thought.
This was the part I hate the most, Sarah thought, when she walked into the living room and first thing she saw was the worried face of her youngest daughter, who knew what was coming, as it happened on any very long car journey for as long as she can remember.

“Ok Girls I want you to go to the bathroom before we leave please” Sarah said, both girls got up and said “ok” and headed upstairs to the bathroom, as they didn’t have a toilet downstairs, Rosie-Leigh went in first, after she was done, her mum handed her the keys and told her to go and wait in the car, whilst she and Emma used the loo. Rosie knew what was coming for her little sister, but didn’t say anything. "She knew Emma would be embarrassed, and possibly upset, if she knew Rosie knew her little secret.

After she was done in the bathroom, Emma was called in to her mother’s room. Sarah was sitting on her bed next to open familiar package. She handed the young girl something and told her to go into the back into the bathroom and put it on, usually, she would get her to put it on in front of her, but she figured that, Emma was getting older now, and this would be embarrassing enough, with her mum watching her,

“Mum, please don’t make me wear it” The young girl begged in a whispering tone, close to tears, “please”, Emma had often tried to use her puppy dog eyes to get out of this situation but it never worked, and she never won this argument with her mother, she also knew that she probably still needed it, ‘but this time it’s different’ she thought ignoring that feeling,
“No, I’m ten years old now, I don’t need it, so no I won’t put it on” She said defiantly, determined to win this time. Sarah looked at her watch 6:10, they had been arguing for nearly 20 minutes. “Please, bumblebee” Sarah said using one of the many pet names she called her kids, "We don’t have time for this, but Emma stood the adamantly refusing, even when Sarah threatened to force it on here.

“If I wear one will you wear one?” A voice came from near the door startling them both, “Because I’d really like to get going, it’s boring sitting in a stationary car.”
After getting over the shock of Rosie-Leigh knowing her secret, she reluctantly agreed, she counted this as a small victory as she wasn’t the only girl in a pull up nappy for the road trip.

Sarah whispered thank you to Rosie-Leigh as they left the house and locked up. She put the rest of the pack of pull ups in a bag and placed it in the boot of the car.
Rosie noticed that the package was brand new, with only 2 out of it and at was a very large package containing at least 48 pull ups, she couldn’t understand why, as Emma-Rose only wore them On long car journeys and then she only used 2 or 3 per trip so that would be 6 for the entire holiday and she was getting older now and figured that she wouldn’t need them for much longer.

Then they were off, Sarah switched the radio onto their favourite station, absolute oldies, which played songs from artist from between the fifties to the eighties.
Less than an hour and a half into their journey they had hit heavy traffic, which was hardly moving. Although it was only seven forty five, , was really warm, warm enough to have the windows down.
“service station 4 miles ahead” Emma-Rose read off a sign “I can make it” she added only Rosie-Leigh heard this an knew what her sister meant, she had her doubts, the traffic was moving ever so slowly and it was chocker-block.
“Mum, I really need a wee, can you try and move in to the lane that will allow you to pull in to the next service station please” Emma-Rose practically begged, after 5 minutes of fidgeting, “Sure Honey, but it’s probably going to take us at least half an hour to get there in this traffic” she responded she guessed this, as it had taken them fifteen minutes to drive the last two miles.
“Half an hour, ok, I can make it” Emma said confidently and very optimistically as she was practically bursting, if she had been standing up, she would be doing an extremely quick version of the pee dance.

Emma lost control, after only about 7 minutes although she had tried her very hardest not to, a very relived look came over her face followed by one of sadness and a few tears, Rosie-Leigh felt sorry for her sister, and wanted to cheer her up, she rubbed her sister hand and gave her a smile, but Emma was to upset. Emma had always had a weak bladder, and normally couldn’t normally hold it much longer than 5-10 minutes, but this time Rosie had noticed that she had been, holding it for at least 10 minutes before she asked mum to try and pull in to the service station. Rosie was sitting on the left hand side of the car, behind the passenger’s seat and Emma on the right, behind the driver’s side, Rosie unbuckled her seatbelt and moved into the middle seat closer to Emma, “It’s ok” Rosie whispered “It’ nothing to be upset about” She added trying to comfort her, “You know, if traffic hadn’t been so bad, you would have defiantly got to the toilet on time” she added, “No I wouldn’t, I never do” Emma said crying, “yes you would, you managed to hold it in for at least 20 minutes you know, and not trying to be mean or anything, but that’s by far the longest you ever have done before, usually you only last about ten” Rosie said, she saw a small smile creep on to her sisters face, only quickly to disappear, “I know your trying to cheer me up” Emma said "But it doesn’t matter I’m never gunna stop having these accidents, so I might as well get used to it.

Rosie gave her sister a reassuring smile “You will stop, one day very soon, I’m sure of it” She said, Emma just smiled and turned to look out the window
Rosie still wanted to cheer Emma up but wasn’t quite sure how.
Then suddenly she realized, there was only one thing for it, it may not cheer her up in the way that you would expect, but at least she wouldn’t be alone in the situation. Though she had to do this correctly, she needed Emma to realise what she had done, for it to work, other than that it was pointless.

“How long left till we can get to the service station mum” Rosie-Leigh asked, fidgeting “Still another 15 minutes I expect, should get there at about eight” She said. perfect Rosie-Leigh thought “Ok” Rosie did need the loo, and had done for at least 10 minutes, and she knew she could hold it, but sticking to her plan within about 3 minutes she was fake fidgeting so badly it looked like she was ready to burst, this got the attention of Emma who was watching with curiosity, and possibly a little anticipation, to see if her sister would actually wet herself like she had done. Rosie noticed her sister staring, and waited a minute then let go and flooded her pull up, fortunately it didn’t leak. Emma who had been watching this the entire time, smiled, she was a very clever girl, and knew what Rosie had done. There she sat in a wet pull up, just to try and cheer her up. “Thank you” She whispered in to her sister ear, whilst gently squeezing her hand. “No worries, sis” She said, adding "us girls we gotta stick together.
It only took about twelve minutes to get to the service station, this wasn’t the one they had scheduled to stop at as all it was, was a small petrol station with, so they headed in the to freshen up, Sara-Jane bringing in the bag with the pull ups.

Within 15 minutes they were back on the road Emma, didn’t put up any arguments about wearing a pull up, this time, and Sarah-Jane said to Rosie-Leigh that she didn’t need to wear another one if she didn’t want to, but she remembered what she said about ‘sisters sticking together’ and said she would wear another one, just to make Emma feel better about the situation. Sarah was slightly taken back by this but said it was ok and thought how caring towards her sister was, doing this just to make her feel better. So after both girls had put on a dry pull up, they got back in the car and continued with their journey.

After about ten minutes of complete silence from the back, Sarah glanced round to see both children fast asleep, which wasn’t surprising, since they had been up since four-thirty and hadn’t had a lot of sleep.
In previous years when Rosie-Leigh wasn’t living as a girl but her natural boy self she wouldn’t do a lot of the things that Emma and their mum would do on holiday, but rather go off with Paul and do other things, but this year she had no choice, and to tell the truth she was actually looking forward to it. Both girls had slept for about half an hour, before a passing lorry driver, pulled his horn, which woke them up with a start, after an hour or so both girls needed the loo again unfortunately, there wasn’t a service station to pull into for over an hour’s worth of driving Emma had given up trying to hold it long before Rosie had, It had only been about eight-forty-five when they had woken up but the sun was getting high in the sky and it was extremely warm, so they’d had to have plenty of fluids to keep hydrated
When they next stopped, which was at their usual service station stop, as both girls needed a clean pull up, they headed into the loos straight away.
It turned out to be a good job Rosie was wearing a pull up Sarah though to herself, this time she’d had to use it out of necessity rather than to make Emma feel less embarrassed.

At the service station both girls were changed into clean pull ups and after a quick snack and a re-fill of petrol for the car, they were on off again.
There next stop was at a dinner about an hour away, were they would have a full English breakfast before completing the final leg of their journey, traffic had eased up after crossing the toll bridge and they soon made up time and arrived at the holiday resort shortly after midday.
After checking in and getting their caravan keys, And their welcome pack which contained all the information about the park and the numbers of local hospitals and doctors, and any onsite office. It also contained their fun passes, which they needed to gain access to most of the sights facilities. They unloaded the car and spent the next hour putting everything away. The caravan had 3 bedrooms, so everybody got their own personal space.
Once that was all done the put on their swimsuits, put back on the clothes they were wearing before and headed down to the beach.

The feel of the sand beneath the feet made them all happy. They walked a little way along the beach. To be near the beach cafe, they found a nice spot to set up, Sarah-Jane, told the girls the usually rules, like don’t go too far away or to far into the sea and made sure they knew exactly where she was at, the county had segmented the beach into coloured and lettered zones, they were in the orange F zone.
After putting on lotion, so they wouldn’t get burnt and Rosie-Leigh was told to take care of her younger sister, both young girls headed down to the sea for that first swim.
The water was lovely and warm, not like most places on the east coast even on a scorching hot day like today the sea would still be freezing. The lotion they had was waterproof so going into the sea wouldn’t wash it off.
They ended up staying on the beach for about 4 hours.

Then after drying off and putting the wet towels into a bag, they headed down to the local fish and chip shop, still wearing their swimsuits, although Rosie-Leigh had put her skirt back on over it.
It was sort of a tradition, a fish and chip meal on the first night, always from the same place, then after that it was back to the caravan to get changed, ready to go and see the night’s entertainment.
A night at the club normally started with a game of bingo that lasted from about five-thirty until six o’clock. After that there was a games and disco for the toddlers and children under the age of seven, which lasted until about six-forty-five. After that the house band came on for a fifteen minute segment. Followed by a bunch of games for the older children, generally between the ages of eight to thirteen year olds, normally Rosie-Leigh wouldn’t have taken part in this, when she came as a boy, but as she was here as a girl this time, she found that she rather enjoyed it. This lasted from about five past seven till seven-forty-five, then there was fifteen minutes of just music playing, whilst the first nights act set up.

This night the cabaret act was comedy impersonator called Stevie burling. Who in Sarah’s opinion was hilarious at doing impressions of many celebrities, most of which her children didn’t know, then turned to telling a story for the younger members of the audience, using several different cartoon character voices and animals, for the animals, which he got a member of the audience up till help him, he had picked a young girl, who told everyone her name, Lisa, Also Lisa had to do was make the noise of a specific animal when prompted, she was doing rather well and had imitated several so far including a monkey, an elephant, and a tiger, it was all going well up until the last one

when she had to make the noise of a giraffe, which stumped her, and many of the audience members who had joined in the noise making, that caused a lot of laughs and a huge round of applause as he bowed, and his young assistant curtsied, after being prompted, the girl left the stage with a Sparky soft toy which was the name of the resort’s rabbit mascot.

He finished at around nine, then it was time for the teamstars to come back out, and more party dances were played, both girls got up and joined in, although Emma only stayed near the stage for about half an hour, that was when the party dances ended and the house band came back on. The house band sang an array of different music from new stuff to old stuff, from rap songs to country songs, practically every genre you could think of.
Soon the first night was and everybody began to drink up and leave. Emma had fallen asleep about half hour again trying not to wake her, Sarah picked her up to carry her the short distance to the caravan, as she picked her up, Emma stirred slight, but just wrapped her arms round her mums neck and fell back to sleep.

Re: The wanted punishment. upto Ch.3

Chapter 4.
Emma woke up with the sun was shining bright through her window and the smell of bacon wafting through the caravan bedroom door. She lay there for a moment taking in the smell.
Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to cover a more potent smell coming from her inside her own room, she look horrified when realised exactly what the smell was and let out an involuntary small yelp, she immediately thought of trying to hide the accident, but unfortunately her mother happened to be right near her door at that exact moment and came rushing in to find out what was wrong.
It didn’t take her long to realise what the problem was, the look on her daughters face and the smell gave it away, she went and gave her daughter a hug trying to calm her down as by this point Emma had burst in to tears. Emma-hadn’t wet the bed in over a year, something she was proud of, as she had wet the bed up until she was nine.

If they were at home, this wouldn’t be problematic, just a fresh set of sheets would be put on the bed and nothing more said about the incident, unless it happened again, but this was someone else’s caravan and Sarah would have to pay for any damages, that included one of the mattresses ending up getting stained in urine, should would have to pay for a new one, something she didn’t couldn’t really afford at the moment. In Sarah’s mind there was only one solution, and she knew it wouldn’t go down well, but it was the only thing she could think of,
She knew now wasn’t the best time to discuss it, so she just hugged her daughter, told her it was just an accident and everything would be ok

“Emma hunny go and take a shower, and I’ll sort his out” She said to her sobbing child.
She knew she would have to talk to Emma about what she was going to do before they went out that night and slightly dreaded the conversation that would come, Emma, got up gave her mum a hug and then grabbed a towel and headed in to the shower room, leaving Sarah to strip the bed of the wet sheets.

After breakfast the girls headed into the local historic town called Rye.
“So what shall we do first?” Sarah asked as they parked up, “We could go to the top of the church to see the view” Rosie-Leigh suggested, In previous years Emma had refused to do this on the account of being scared of heights, but in the last year she had somehow quickly got over that, after spending countless sunny days climbing the large oak tree that was in their local park.
“What do you recon Emma, can you handle that?” Sarah asked, “Of course I can” she replied confidently. The Rye Parish Church of St Mary dominates the hill on which the town stands, and only cost £2 for an adult and £1 for a child to climb up through the church to the top of the bell tower, but it was worth it.
Emma thought walking through the passages of the church was amazing, and wished she’d had the courage to do it sooner, when they got to the area where the bells were they had to stand and wait as the staircase leading outside onto the walkway around the spire was very thin and there were several people visiting that day, and a line of people waiting to get up, not everybody could go up at once, so a tour guide of sorts was allowing 1 family or group of tourists (as long as there wasn’t too many in the group) to go up as one come down, after a few minutes wait the clock stuck ten AM and the church bells rang out, extremely loudly, in that small room making everybody jump, then laugh at their small show of fright. Soon it was time for them to go up.
“Wow” Emma said in shock as she looked over the edge, she could see for miles around, it was really breath taking for any age, but for a young girl seeing it for the first time was truly amazing.
“I know right” Rosie said standing next to her sister, she then began pointing things out to here. Rosie had been up here twice before, on previous holidays, but it still amazed her. Sarah hadn’t been up in many years, as when they had been previously Emma had not wanted to go up, so she stayed down with her whilst Paul took Rosie up, and there was no point her going up after they came down, because it was no fun when you were alone.
“Glad you came up this time” Sarah asked Emma, with tears in her eyes.
“What’s wrong mummy” She asked concerned, by her mums tears, “Nothing, it’s just this is where your father proposed to me 15 years ago, well 15 years and 2 days to be exact” Sarah said remembering that day, as if it had only happened yesterday. “Wow, dad certainly could pick a spot couldn’t he” Emma said, giving her mum a really big hug. “That he could pumpkin, that he could” she replied in barely more than a whisper.

After another 5 minutes up there, they headed back down, so someone else could have their turn to see the amazing view.
“Right, what shall we do now” Sarah asked as they stepped out of the church. “How about Rye Museum Ypres Tower” Rosie said reading the tour guide, pronouncing Ypres as Y press “Believe it or not, but it’s actually pronounced Ee-pray Sarah said knowledgably " Ok we how about the Rye Museum Ypres Tower” She said pronouncing it correctly this time, they all decided that this seem like a good idea so off they went.

The museum had embroidery which manages to encapsulate the history of the Tower through some 600 years with great skill and humour.
The basement was magnificent, it had so much to appeal to children of all ages with its prison cells, armour and helmets to try on, and what was called A Captain Pugwash Treasure Hunt. Which both girls thoroughly enjoyed.
It also had an attractive garden, which was a reconstruction of a 15th century pleasure garden, it lay hidden behind the Ypres Castle and featured important herbs of both culinary and medical importance to the period it was originally constructed in.

After they had finished looking round the castle, Sarah suggested that they go to a small cafe for a spot of lunch, there was many to choose from, but they all decided to go to Jempson’s cafe, located in Cinque Ports Street near the railway. The smell of hot sausage rolls and all day breakfast was enough to make anybodies mouth water, but especial, the 2 hungry young girls. “Mmmmmm” Emma said as they sat down “It smells wonderful in here”. “It sure does” Sarah said as she picked up a menu off of the table. The girls picked up a second one and began looking at it together.
“well, I think I’m going to have a jacket potato with butter, beans and cheese” Sarah said putting the menu down, What about you two?" she asked, the girls had both already picked what they wanted and told her, as the put the menu down a waitress came over to take the order,
“What’ll it be then” she said in a happy and polite voice to Sarah, who told her what she wanted, then turning to the 2 girls “and what about you two cuties?” she asked. “I’ll have the sausage egg and chips please” Rosie said politely. That was her favourite meal of all time. “And I’ll have the Grilled cheese and tomato soup please” Emma said politely, with a massive grin, again this was one her all time favourite meals, which she often ate at home, but had never found the combination in any restaurant or cafe that she had been to. “Good choice” The waitress said “I have a ten year old at home, who loves that meal, in fact It’s thanks to her that it’s even on the menu” She said before explaining" about who they had come to eat at the restaurant one after noon, and her daughter had ordered that, at the time, they didn’t do cheese on toast, but because her mum worked there, the manager made an exception, but as he was cooking it, he realised what a great combination it was, and the next day it was a permanent fixture on the menu, and was a massive hit with the young and old. The waitress then asked what drinks they all wanted, Sarah ordered a coffee, and the two girls ordered chocolate milkshakes. “Wow great service” Sarah commented when their meals arrived within 15 minutes, with everything piping hot, They had idle chit-chat about
what they planned to do after eating, whilst they ate, and decided that they would, visit a few of the local stores, to start spending their spending money, Both girls had been given £100 each from the grandparents on their mums side (their fathers parents had passed away several years before they had been born, so unfortunately they had never got to know them) and their mum had also given them £50 each, so in total they had £150 to spend each, an awful lot for1 week, but Sarah planned on taking them in to Hastings during the week to spend their money, as there was a hell of a lot more shops there.

Soon it had gone four o’clock, so they decided to head back to the caravan to get ready for a night in the club. Each girl had spent around £20 of their money, Emma had bought, a Universe of Imagination it contained pens, pencils, pastels, crayons and paint. In a beautiful oak styled wooden case, Emma loved drawing and painted, and was naturally talented at it. There was one othere thing that Emma had seen, that she wanted to buy, but she knew it would raise awkward questions with her mother, and she couldnt quite understand why she wanted it. She just knew as soon as she saw them in the shop that she wanted one.

Rosie had bought a book series she had wanted to get for ages, but never had the money for it, she also bought, She also bought several note pads and pens, as she was a keen writer, and loved making up stories, it was no wonder that English was her best and favourite subject at school, it was the one lesson she never misbehaved in. Both girl extremely happy with purchased, and wanted to use them in the car, but their mum had refused them there request stating that she didn’t want any rubbish left in the car, and they could have them when they got back to the caravan.

Emma and Rosie-Leigh had been getting on so much better recently and were now hardly keeping anything secret from each other, and Emma had told her older sister about the bed wetting incident that morning and what she feared mum was going to do, Rosie-Leigh had reassured her that it was probably just a 1 time accident and that she probably wouldn’t happen again, and that mum would be understanding about it and only make her wear a pull up to bed for the rest of the holiday, and not continue with it when they got back home, Emma was unsure.

“Emma hunny, can you come in here please” Sarah-Jane called from her bedroom, after sending Rosie to the park story to get some milk, which they had run out of.
Emma-Leigh shook with nerves as she entered the room, she knew exactly what her mum had called her in there for, in fact she had know it was going to happen since that morning, so she had been mentally preparing herself for it all day, but it hadn’t working very well.
“Pumpkin, I know this is going to be hard for you, but, it’s really for the best” Sarah-Jane started “I know mum, I’ve had all day to prepare myself for this, I know what you’re going, to say, and I know there is no way I’m getting out of this, is there” Emma, interrupted her eyes tearing up,

Sarah-Jane was somewhat shocked and impressed by her daughters comments. “Well, it seems I’ve got a very smart and brave daughter, doesn’t it” Sarah-Jane said, “I’m really proud of you for understanding and accepting this situation pumpkin, hopefully it will only be for the holiday, I’m sure it was just a one off, but we need to take precautions as this isn’t our caravan, and any damages have to be paid for, and that would include a stain mattress.” Her mum said after giving her a hug. “Now I know you are probably not going to like this bit but.”
Sarah-Jane started to say, but was again cut off by her daughter " You want me to put one on before we go out, just in case I fall asleep in the club, like a did last night" Emma-Rose asked in barely more than a whisper.
“Yes sweetie” Her mum said adding, “now, you’re old enough to be trusted to put them on yourself and at your age, having you mum see you naked would be embarrassing, so, I do think it better if you put one on now in your own room, I can trust you can’t I?” Sarah asked

Emma-Rose just sat in silence, for a few moments before giving a nervouse little giggle. “What’s so funny?” her mum asked bewildered “Just the fact you’re saying I’m getting to old for you to see me naked, when we’re talking about me putting on something that is generally designed for a child that isn’t too old for the mum to see them naked” She responded. “Yes, I see the irony in that” her mum said glad that her daughter could see the funny side of the situation.
“So what we will do is, put this package of pull ups in your room, so you don’t have to ask me every night for one ok, that way it should be a little less embarrassing” she said passing over the package. “Ok mummy” Emma-Rose replied grabbing the package with trembling hands, “I suppose I had better go and get changed for tonight hadn’t I” she said getting up, “Ok pumpkin” Her mum said as Emma-Rose got up and left. Sarah-Jane couldn’t help but feel proud of how grown up her daughter was acting in accepting the situation.
It was nearly 7 o’clock now and the three of them were almost ready to leave, “All set” their mum asked, mainly aiming the question or Emma.
“Yep” The both said together, Sarah-Jane chuckled at that, “if I didn’t know better, I would swear that you two were twins” She said look at them, they had both picked out the same outfit to wear that night, consisting of a pink top, with a picture of Tinkerbelle on it and the word princess, a mostly denim jean skirt with pink ruffles round the bottom, a pair of white tights, and a pair of red and black converse shoes, this was one of the outfits that she had bought from Primark a few weeks ago, the only difference was, all though it was unnoticeable unless you knew, one of the girls was wearing a pink pull up instead of normal underwear, they also had matching handbags, all that they contained was spare hair bobbles and other things like that although Rosie’s had a mobile phone, and unbeknown to her mother, Emma had taken the precaution to pack a couple of extra pull ups just in case.

Sarah hadn’t let Emma get one yet as she never went out on he own, she either went to the park with her, and if Emma’s friends were going to the park, the parents usually rotated the responsibility of going with them and looking after them though she knew it soon wouldn’t be long before she was going on her own, about a year in fact, Rosie had started going to the park with her friends without adult supervision at the age of eleven as the park was a two a 30 second walk across the road and Rosie had only got her phone on her eleventh birthday…

That night’s entertainment act was a Johnny Cash impersonator, which really pleased Sarah and her kids, Sarah had always been a massive Cash fan, and her kids had grown up listening to him, so they had also become fans.
They had really decent seats for the show tonight, on a table next to another mother and her 3 children, and soon they started chatting, the parents slowly getting tipsy and sing so loud with the music, that they were invited on stage to sing with the entertainer, normally Sarah-Jane wouldn’t do it, but she’d had a couple of drinks and with a little bit of encouragement from practically everyone including her own kids she got up and sang with the with the other mother and the singer.

Afterwards they both sat back down at the table laughing that heads off, “I can’t remember the last time I’ve had this much fun” Sarah said laughing, almost out of breath, and looking extremely hot. Mean while, Emma-Rose was having a little bit of a problem, before her mum had got on stage to sing, she was about to head over to the toilet as she was getting desperate, but she hadn’t wanted to miss anything, especially not her mum singing on stage in front of a hundred people, unfortunately she had laughed so hard, she lost control of her bladder and had ended up wetting her pull up, she had some spare on her, but she didn’t want to admit it to her mum bathroom, Sarah, had given them both £10 out of their spending money for the arcade, which she had put in her purse and she had given that to her mum to look after earlier whilst she danced. And didn’t want to ask for it back just in case her mum had looked inside and realised why she wanted it back so suddenly.
Fortunately Sarah-Jane chose that exact moment to announce that she need some fresh air and was heading outside for a few moments, she handed Emma’s bag back to here, saying just in case you want to go to the arcade, in a way that made Emma think that wasn’t what she actually meant Sarah picked up her own purse then left after leaving Rosie-Leigh in charge.

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lovr it please continue

Re: The wanted punishment. upto Ch.4 comments apreciated.

dont worry, i still have another 4 chapters already written, just need extra editing, then they nwill be up , and still got more to write. XD

Re: The wanted punishment. upto Ch.4 comments apreciated.

Chapter 5 the holiday part 3

As soon as she was out of sight Emma-Rose grabbed her bag and headed off towards the ladies, her sister knew what had happened and followed her just to make sure she was ok.
“Hey sis, you ok” Rosie asked after making sure they were alone. “Yeah I… I…. just” She tried to reply but couldn’t get the words out, “I kinda figured that” Rosie-Leigh said know what her sister was not saying, “but you’re ok right?” She asked.
“Yes, I’m fine I just held on to long, and when mum started singing, I was laughing so hard, I just lost control” She said adding “are you still dry?”

Rosie was momentarily stunned “How did you know I was wearing” she asked after a few seconds, “I’m your sister, It’s my job to know” Emma-Rose joked “and there’s the fact that I saw you sneak a handful out whilst mum was her room, and you thought I was in the shower” she said,
“Oh” was all she could manage to say. The both stood in silence for a few moments then Emma asked curiously “Can I ask why though?”

Rosie answered this almost instantly "Remember what I said, in the car on the way up here, we’re sisters and we got to stick together, so if you have to wear pull ups then I’m going to wear them as well. Emma eyes watered up slightly at this “Thank you” she said giving her sister a really big hug and wiping tears from her eyes.
“You know you’re a much better sister than you were a brother” she said adding quickly; “although that not to say you weren’t a fabulous brother anyway.”
“yeah you think so” Rosie-Leigh giggled nervously.
“Anyway if you’re ready, we had better be getting back to the table” she said changing the subject, “In case mums back and wonders where we have gone” She added, so Emma quickly went in to the stool and changed her pull up, she head the bathroom door open, when someone came in, as she didn’t know who it was she waited until she heard the door go again and Rosie tell her that it was all clear, before exiting the bathroom stall and depositing the used pull up in the rubbish bin.

The girls arrived at the table at before their mum came back in and sat there as if nothing had happened.
The main entertainment had finished now and it was the house band and disco that would be on till about midnight. Both girls got up and danced to several different party songs such as the court of king caractacus, Aga Do Do Do, The Cha Cha Cha slide, YMCA, The Macarena, Big fish, Little Fish, Cardboard box, and many more but eventually they got tired and went and sat back down By 11 o’clock, both girls had fallen asleep. It was at this point Sarah decided to call it a night, knowing she couldn’t carry both girls and all 3 bags back to the caravan, she had to wake the girls up which was a bit of a challenge as they were both completely shattered.
But before she woke them she just had to get a couple of pictures of them. Emma had fallen asleep with her head resting on Rosie’s shoulder and Rosie had her arm round Emma with her head resting on top of Emma’s it was too good of an opportunity to pass up as she doubted she would ever see them in such a cute position again. A few people that had walked past and had seen the sleeping girls, commented on how cute they looked, and many of them thought that they were twins.

The girls head straight to bed when they got back to the caravan, although both girls had to change their pull ups. Neither of them had admitted it but the each knew that each other had wet them whilst on the dance floor; they hadn’t even bothered trying to head towards the toilet.

The third day of the holiday (Wednesday), came with rain, really hard, “So much for sunny all week” Sarah joked over breakfast. It was too wet to go out and do anything, so they decided to have a lazy day and hang around the complex and club. Which both girls had wanted to do that day anyway as it was the Clubs talent show audition day.
Emma entered it every year, but had never won. Among many things both of them absolutely loved to sing and were pretty good (although, as James, he never admitted that and just wouldn’t enter a talent show). But this year was Different she was here as Rosie not James and figured that it would be fun, no not fun EXTREMELY AWESOME.
They had decided to sing a duet together.
“Mum, would it be ok if you didn’t come to the audition with us please, we want the song to be a secret for you right up until we are singing it tonight.”
“Well I’ve got to come over and sign the consent form, but as long as the person doing the auditions agrees, I guess that would be ok” Sarah replied slightly worried, she sensed her girls were up to something, but she couldn’t tell what.

The auditions weren’t until 1pm which gave the girl’s time to kill, so Rosie grabbed one of her new books that she had bought and Emma got out her art kit. Rosie had bought The Hunger games book series. She had wanted to read them for ages, but his school library didn’t have them, and whenever she managed to go to the public library, they were already checked out, so she’d had to wait until she could afford to buy them.
Sarah also sat down with a book she had brought with her; she was currently reading an inspirational true story, called The girl in the window, It was about a young girl called Dani, who for the first 7 years of her life had never saw the sun, felt the wind or tasted solid food. She was kept in a closet, where she was cloistered in darkness, left in a dirty diaper and fed with only a bottle. It was a heart wrenching story, oh hope as the young girl was rescued from that life and adopted by a loving husband and wife, who hoped that could give the girl the life she deserved.
“Let’s see what your drawing then” Sarah said to Emma at half eleven. “No, it’s not finished yet” She said covering it up. Emma would spend hours on a single drawing, it had to be perfect, and she absolutely refused to let anyone see it until it was complete. “Ok” Sarah said getting up, “Anyway don’t you two need to practice you song before the audition” She asked “Yes suppose we should” Rosie replied. “Well I guess you don’t want me around to hear you practice, so how about I go for a nice long walk along the beach as the rains stopped and the sun has come out, and leave you two here alone to practice” She said smiling, “On one condition though, You do NOT leave the caravan, OR open the door to anybody” she added, She knew the girls would be ok on their own, as she would only be gone for just over an hour, and she would lock the caravan door and take the keys with her. The door could be unlocked from the inside without the key, but not the outside. “Ok mum” they both said, and with a last promise of not to leave the caravan, Sarah left the two girls alone to practice.

As soon as their mum was gone, Emma rushed to her room and came back with her Meat Loaf CD, she popped it into the DVD play and waited for it to load, and selected the track that they wanted to sing, and began practicing, Emma seem to put herself in charge of the practice often re-starting it halfway through, over and over again, but after an hour, it was nearly time to head over so she took the CD out of the DVD play put it in the case, and put it in her handbag, just in time for them to hear the key go into the caravan door lock and, their mum to come in, “You girls ready to go over” She asked “Yep” they both answered, as she stepped out the way to let them past.
After signing the consent form and making sure it was ok to leave them there on their own, she left.

There was only 6 kids entering the talent show, including them, 4 girls and 2 boys, 1 of the boys was singing, whilst the other was going to some magic, 1 of the other girls was also going to sing and the other girl was a comedian, They had each been allotted 5 minutes for the audition, but where told that they would get as long as they needed, when they performed in front of everybody.
“Wow, they are all really good” Emma said through laughter as the comedian girl left the stage, they had the last audition slot, and grew very nervous as they waited end heard everybody else.
When they were called they got up on stage and introduced themselves and told them what they would be singing.
They felt very nervous, but as soon as the music started playing and it was time for them to start singing, the simply forgot to be, and belted out the turn with all there might.
“You know, I’ve been working in places like this for neigh on 20 years” The middle aged bloke said after he stopped clapping, “and I don’t think I’ve ever seen any young girls such as you two perform that song as well as you two, especially, you two are amazing. I cannot wait to hear you sing the full version tonight” He said.

The girls didn’t know what to say, they just smiled thanked him and left. A couple of the other acts had stayed behind to watch the other auditions, and congratulated the girls as they came back stage
“Wow, you two are amazing” The comedian girl said introducing herself as Anna, “I don’t really see no point in entering anymore, now I know I’ve got no chance of winning” She joked.
Soon the girls were back in the caravan, their mum was busy cooking a late lunch, but still found the time to ask the girls how it had gone,
“Brilliantly” The both said and nothing more, they wanted to keep their mum in suspense.
“Well, I can’t wait to hear you tonight” Sarah said smiling “Though I do wish you would tell me what you’re going to sing, the suspense is driving me round the bend” she joked, “Well you will just have to re-fuel, cause it’s going to be a long drive” Emma retorted Causing Rosie and Sarah, to burst out laughing, “I think you should be a comedian” Rosie joked, when she finally stopped, “that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard you say” Sarah quickly agreed.
15 minutes later at just after 2:30 they were sitting down to eat, it was a sort of light meal, of breaded chicken, with a selection of salad items and a can of Coca-Cola.

After lunch everybody went back to doing what they had been doing in the morning, Emma drawing, and Rosie and Sarah reading. AT four-thirty, Emma got up to get herself another can of coke since dinner and offered to get everyone else a drink, Rosie asked for a can of coke, but Sarah Declined the offer, it was then Emma noticed that her mum was giving her a strange look, “What, I’m thirsty” Emma said, in the cutest voice she could manage as to not sound rude. “No, don’t worry that’s fine” Sarah said returning to her book, Emma passed Rosie her drink then suddenly ran to her room and came out a few seconds later with MP3 player which she put on and got lost in her art work again, so she didn’t notice that her mum kept staring at her strangely. Rosie did though. “Have you noticed something strange about Emma” Sarah whispered to Rosie, “What’s that?” Rosie asked, “Well since lunch she’s had at least 3 cans of coke, and if you include the one from dinner that makes 4, and unless I’m losing it, she hasn’t been to the toilet once, so either she has suddenly developed a really strong bladder or…” Sarah said trailing off at the end “Don’t know” Rosie said, “I’ve been too busy reading”, Rosie knew exactly what her mum was on about, and couldn’t help but smile to herself, if her mum had been paying proper attention, she would have realised the she Rosie, had also had about the same amount to drink as Emma, and had also not been to the toilet. Nothing more was said on the matter and everyone went back to what they were doing.

Soon the clock struck six it would soon be time for them to head over to the club they had enough time to grab a quick shower and get changed, which was done by six-thirty, The girls had chosen matching Pale blue dresses that sparkled with glitter, matching yellow headbands, white socks and black leather shoes with velcro fastenings & cut out petal detail.
Rosie and Emma had to be backstage to prepare for the talent show by 7.
They would be going on in the same order they auditioned, which meant they would be the last to perform which meant and the first act was due to go on by at Eight pm.
The girls sat back stage, awaiting their turn to go on stage, and as each act before the performed they became even more nervous, and soon it was there turn, to perform.
“Please welcome our final act for this evening, Rosie and Emma Smith all the way from Darlington” A loud applause erupted from the audience, as had done for each previous act “Tonight these two beautiful young girls are going to be singing, I don’t know what as it doesn’t say on my card” The announcer, announced as they walked on stage up to the microphone, “when you’re ready girls” He said.

The girls tried to look for their mum, but the lights were too bright and they couldn’t see past the dance floor, Rosie nodded toward the bloke in the music stand, who put there track on, and the starting beats to their song came on. There was about a 45second intro before the singer started which aloud the audience to cheer and simmer down as the recognised the song. Then it was time

“And I would do anything for love, I’d run right in to hell and back” both girls belted out pitch perfect and in exact time with each other “I would do anything for love, I’d never lie to you and that’s a fact”. They sang their little heart out, keeping perfect trimming with each other and pitch, right up Until it came to the separate parts

“Will your raise me up, will you help me down, will you get me outta this godforsaken town, Will you make it all a little less cold” Emma sang, “I can do that, I can do that” Rosie carried on,

“will you hold me sacred, will you hold me tight Can you colourise my life, I’m so sick of black and white?
Can you make it all a little less old?” Emma sang then Rosie sang her part
“I can do that Oooh oooh now, I can do that”, both girls kept in perfect timing and tune right up until the very end, as the both sang the last verse

“Anything for love, Oh, I would do anything for love, I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that, No, I won’t do that” as the music faded out, a huge burst of noise erupted from the crowed of cheers and applause.
“Wow, I feel sorry for anybody that had stepped out the room and missed that” The announcer said, "Girls that was truly amazing, really, really was, but I’ve got to ask you, were did you learn to sing such a brilliant and powerful song like that.
“It was our dad’s favourite song” Emma said, “He would listen to it all the time” Rosie said holding back tears.
“Well you dad must be the feel like the proudest man alive” He said, then asking “And is he with you tonight?” “He’s no longer with us in person; But He’s is and always will be in our hearts and our preys” Rosie said, trying really hard not to cry, and giving her younger sister a hug.
“I’m so, sorry to hear that” The presenter said " let’s have one more massive round of applause for all our contestants he shouted, as Emma and Rosie gave a final curtsy before heading off stage.

That song was their dads all time favourite song, and it was the one that played as his coffin was carried out of the church, to head towards his final resting place.
Both girls burst into tears as they entered the area at the back of the stage, and saw their mum standing there with her arms holed open ready to embrace them in to a very tearful hug.
“I am so proud of you both” she said between sobs, “that was truly amazing, and I just know your dad is looking down on us and smiling”

Neither Rosie, nor Emma, had wanted to mention about their dad no longer being with them, but they also had not wanted to insult his memory, by lying, so they’d had no choice.
There would be a half an hour of the house band playing, whilst the 3 random audience members that had been picked to judge the contest, decided on the winner, which gave the girls enough time to go and get a drink and dry their eyes.
“I don’t know whether you two could see, or hear, but when your started singing, everybody was dead silent, and the only movement that could be heard was of the people coming in from the other room, even the shop workers came out.” Sarah said.
“Really” Emma said in disbelief, asking “were we really that good?” “Yes, you were superb” Sarah answered.
Half hour later, all the acts had assembled on the stage for the winner to be announced. All the acts were very nervous, hoping that they would be chosen as the winner.

“Well, the vote is in and a winner has been decided, Can we have a drum roll PLEASE” The announcer said. As the guy in the music stand pressed the drum roll sound button.
After the drum roll finished the announcer paused for dramatic effect, “And the winner IS……………….Rosie & Emma Smith” A huge applause erupted from the crowd, and the other contestants on stage, who immediately began congratulating them. “Step forward please girls” The announcer said.
“Well there we have it, Another Camber Sands talent shower winner, not only do they receive they Solid gold coloured plastic trophies, but they also win a free 4 day weekend back here in October for the Semi-finals” He said into the microphone, as he handed them their trophies. After a few minutes of clapping thy curtsied and left the stage to go back to their mum.
“Don’t go anywhere as, we have out fabulous house band back on to take the rest of the night” the announcer said.

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Chapter 6

The next morning as Emma woke up, she could see the sun was shining and feel the weather was boiling she looked at the clock on her shelf, and the time stated that it was only eighty-thirty. She got out of bed and realised she had once again wet her pull up “Oh well” she said to herself as she pulled another one out of the packaged, grabbed some clean clothes and headed for a shower.
She couldn’t understand why, but for some reason, she really like the feel, of the pull ups, how comfortably they fit her, not to tight and not to lose, just perfect, she also loved the youngish designs that faded when it was wet.
Rosie-Leigh woke up shortly after Emma finished in the shower, and decided it was time for her to go for one as well, she grabbed how towel and clothes, and went for a shower.
“So girls what shall we do today” Sarah asked over breakfast. Neither girl answered, so Sarah gave a suggestion. “How about, we take, a trip, to, Brighton?” Sarah asked pausing every few words. “Defiantly” Emma said with a huge grin" “Love to” Rosie said with a grin equally as big. "Ok then it’s a plan, as soon as we’ve finished breakfast and cleared away we can go.

“So, what shall we do first” Sarah asked when they arrived in Brighton a little over an hour late. “We could visit the Toy and Model Museum” Emma suggested adding “it’s got over 10,000 toys and models on display with a priceless model train collection and many period antique toys.” She had heard about this place from one of her school friends, who had visited it last summer when staying with her Nan, who lives in Brighton, and had wanted to go ever since. “Yeah, sounds like a good idea to me” Rosie agreed, so they spent the whole morning looking round the museum, looking at all the model trains, dolls, cars and practically any old toy you could think of, and it had only cost a tenner for all 3 of them. On their way out, they passed through the museum shop, which sold an array of different souvenirs. The shop area also houses a working cast iron coin-operated end-of-the-pier metal label-stamping machine. A 20p coin lets you “thunk” the large handle to produce an aluminium tag that can be up to 19 letters long (over 19 letters with additional coins). It’s fun, loud, and very therapeutic! Of course all 3 of them had to have a go at this.

"So where now then? Sarah asked as they began walking down the road, “The Pier, the Pier” Both girls shouted excitedly as they passed an advertisement for it, “Good choice, you can’t go to Brighton, without going on the pier can you” Sarah laughed
The girls couldn’t believe their eyes as they walked round the 1,772 ft long pier, taking in all the attractions, the amusements, the rides, the fish and chip shops.
“Did you know on an average day, Brighton pier sells around 1200 portions of fish and chips” Rosie asked looking at her mum, “no, I did not, that’s an awful lot isn’t it” she responded.
“Also, on a very clear day, much like today, if you stand right at the top of the helter-skelter you can see the Isle of White” Emma piped in “Nope, I didn’t know that either” Sarah said adding “You two have certainly done your research on this place haven’t you.” She joked
“Yes, we did it at school a couple of years ago to celebrate its 110th anniversary” Rosie said “Adding, our head teachers’ grandfather was one of the builders of it”.
“Wow, is it really that old?” Sarah asked, she had known that one, but the look of happiness on her children’s faces as they proudly showed off the knowledge of the pier gave her a warm feeling.
“So what other interesting things do you know about it then” She asked.

They both took it in turns telling her things they knew, “there is about 62,000 light bulbs on the pier” Emma said, “Over 4 million people visit a year” Rosie added, This went on for several minutes, and by the end Sarah was sure she knew more about the pier than the owners.
“Ok so why don’t we bump up the number of fish and chip portions sold today by 3” Sarah suggested as she looked at her watch and discovered that it had gone midday.
“Yes please” Both girls said licking their lips, so they headed over towards Palm Court, which supposedly had the best fish and chips in Brighton.
after eating they spent the next hour strolling round the amusements occasionally having a go on a few of the 2p machines, mainly the ones that had cool little prizes on the edge ready to fall off.
Emma managed to win herself a small Me 2 You bear, and Rosie won herself a miniature number 8 pool ball on a key chain.

“Ok, so you reckon your foods settled enough to go on a few of the rides?” Sarah asked, already knowing the answer, as both girls jumped up and down excitedly saying yes. “And let me guess, the first ride you want to go on is the bumper cars” She asked, already knowing the answer, as she received the same response to the previous question. “Ok but first I need to visit the loos” Sarah said, “What about you two, do you need to go?” she asked.
“As a matter of fact, I do need to go an…” she was about to say go and changer her pull up but stopped herself and changed to saying “…d visit the little girls’ room”. Rosie also said that she needed to visit the little girls’ room, giving her sister a wink when she was sure her mum wasn’t looking.
“Ok then let’s go” She said leading them off towards the direction of the closest ones

Emma began to wonder why Rosie was also wearing pull ups, as she was wearing them because she wanted to, and not because she needed to, and she knew Rosie knew this. Does Rosie like wearing them as well? she pondered, whilst changing her wet pull up. Once she had put a clean one on she slowly opened her door to see if her mum was outside waiting or still in the stool. The coast was clear, she quickly rushed over to the bin and deposited the used pull up init. She saw Rosie do the same a motioned that the coast was clear, the quickly washed their hands and dried them with the paper towels provided, which they put in the bin in such a way that they covered up the pull ups, that way when their mum through away her used paper towels she wouldn’t see them in there.

Their mum came out a few moments later washed her hands, dried them and deposited the used paper towels in the bin, and they left.
“Ok lets go and have some more fun shall we” Sarah said leading the girls to the ticket booth, she had planned on a trip to Brighton pier weeks before the holiday and managed to get some vouchers that offered 2 for 1 prices so instead of it costing £25 per person for a wrist band that would allow them on any ride they were tall enough for, as many times as they liked it would only cost her £12.50 The booth clerk put a band on each girls wrist, then they headed off to the bumper cars first.

Sarah wasn’t a big fan of the bumper cars and fortunately both girls cleared the minimum height required, well they hit it dead on, both girls could get competitive and wanted to go in separate cars, so she went and sat down on a nearby bench and watched the girls, repeatedly try and bump into the other one, as well as other people on the ride. As soon as the claxon sounded to signify that there 4 minutes were up Sarah stood up ready to walk over to them, but soon sat back down again, as the girls went and lined up for another turn. They did this no less than 7 times, before deciding to head to another ride. The girls also loved to spin extremely fast, so their next choice was the waltzers, which also used to be their dads favourite, ride, when the girls were younger and they went to any fairground ride, the 3 of them would always go on them, with Paul sitting in the middle. Paul had taught them a trick to get the ride attendant to spin them round really, really fast, he had told them, that when, the attendant starts spinning you, fake a yawn and say is that the best you can do, or you call this fast, the attendants all knew what this meant and obliged, but making sure to spin them as hard as he possible could, much to the delight of the laughing children.

The girls never managed to go on the Walters more than once in a row, and this time was no different.
The girls then decided to head over to see what the rollercoaster was like, they watched with excitement as it went round the track with two drops and a loop the loop, it also looked slightly terrifying. These girls weren’t afraid and made sure they got seats in the front cart. Although when the ride started moving Emma’s nerves kicked in and she grabbed hold of her sisters hand and squeezed as tightly as she could. “You’ll be ok” Rosie said squeezing back,
The ride was over in less than 2 minutes and Emma was the first one back in line to ride it again, after 3 more trips round then their mum called them over.

Sarah wouldn’t normally do what she was about to do, but she had noticed that there were at least half a dozen cops. She had also spoke to the one of the pier workers and asked him about the protection around the pier. She explained that she had 2 young girls who would run from ride to ride before she’d had a chance to even realise they had left the previous one, and wanted to make sure there was no way that they could be snatched. He explained about the wristbands she could get, that she could put her contact information on the girls names just in case they got hurt or last and also informed her that every inch off the pier and streets for a 3 mile stretch was covered by cctv, link directly the main control room near the front of the pier, there was 5 security guards watching the monitors looking for suspicions activity, and anyone found acting suspiciously towards children that didn’t belong to them, would easily be spotted and either escorted off the pier, and the police would be informed, He also made sure to inform here, that there had never been a case of a child abducted from Brighton pier and he was as sure as hell not going to let it happen on his watch. He had two young kids himself so he knew her worried some parents could get.

“Ok girls what would you say if I said that I’m going to go over and sit on the deck chair, have a cup of tea and read a book, are you 2 alright to wander round on your own for a bit” She asked them, “Of course we are” they both said adding “Usual rules apply, stick together no talking to strangers going off with strangers, And most importantly, Absolutely no leaving the area” both girls chorused as if it had been rehearsed
“Exactly, and if you want me remember I’m sitting in that deck chair over there” She said pointing to the one, she would be sitting in. “Ok one last thing she said pulling out two more wrist bands, these, just have your names, my name and my mobile number on them, just in case you get lost or hurt” She explained as she strapped them on to the girls wrists that didn’t contain the band that allowed them access to unlimited rides. “Ok I’ll come and find you when it’s time to go” She said adding "Now you girls go and have fun and stay together, you hear me, stay together.
Sarah went and bought a cup of tea from the cafe and then proceeded to the deck chair and relaxed, reading her book.

The girls ran off heading for their next thrill, they had decided that they really wanted to go on Wild River ride whilst the weather was still extremely warm as with any water ride they were bound to get wet, and at least this way they would soon dry off, they repeated this ride several times before heading for the next ride to embark on.
“Ok so where now” Rosie asked Emma as they left the water slide “The toilets” Emma Responded, I need a dry pull up, that water soaked right through." This made Rosie Laugh, Emma had been sitting directly in front of Rosie so she got hit by most of the water, leaving Rosie practically dry.
“Ok now where” Rosie said as they left the loos. “How about we go on……Galaxia” Emma suggested.
“Which ones that” Rosie asked, “It’s the one that lifts, drops and spins you, just opposite the Horror Hotel” Emma answered, “Ok sounds fun, maybe we can go in the Horror Hotel afterwards, or are you to chicken” Rosie said teasing Emma, “I’m not the chicken your are” She replied before sticking her tongue out and began running towards GALAXIA.

Soon the girls had been on every ride there, many of them several times. It was at that point they decided to head back to the bumper cars.
The big clock tower chimed 6 o’clock as the girls lined up for their 20th turn in a row on the bumper cars.
“I wonder when mums going to come and find us” Emma thought out loud “Why you want to go back to the caravan, you getting scared cause it’s getting late” Rosie teased “No, I was just wondering is all” Emma said defensively. “I would’ve thought she’d have found us by now as well to be honest” Rosie said adding “Perhaps we should go check on with her, I’m really thirsty anyway, and I don’t have any money on me to get a drink”, Emma agreed as she was also thirsty, When they got to, deck chair their mum was in, they couldn’t help but laugh when they found her fast asleep “Wake up mum” Emma said gently shaking her, “Wh…wha, what’s going on” Sarah said, rather startled by the sudden awakening “Oh hi girls, what time is it” she asked looking at her watch “Six” She said in shock “Oh and I planned on doing some shopping today, now everywhere going to be closed” she said disappointed, “Oh well there is always tomorrow, what are you two doing here anyway, why aren’t you out there on the rides having fun?” She asked
“Well, we thought that you, would’ve come and found us by now as its getting a little late, and also were hungry and thirsty” Rosie said. “That is an excellent reason” How about we head to the restaurant for some tea, I’m absolutely famished" Sarah said picking up her stuff. Both girls readily agreed.

"Wow this place is amazing Emma said as they walked through the restaurant doors
“Table for 3, I presume madam?” The greeter asked. “Yes please” Sarah replied as he led them through the restaurant, weaving in between tables, to one near a massive indoor pond, with loads of fish.
“Would you like, two children’s menus?” he asked as he place on ordinary one in front of her
“Yes please, that would be fantastic” Sarah replied, he left and returned with the colourful children’s menus which he placed in front of the two girls.

A wait came over to take their drink orders whilst they choose what they wanted to eat. By the time the waiter had returned with the drinks the two young girls had already chosen wanted, but Sarah was still deciding, she couldn’t decided between a choice of two items, the first was a chicken salad, and the second a big steak and chips.
“Ok I’m ready” Sarah said [putting the menu down, and turning to the waiter, “I will have the 8 oz sirloin steak meal” Sarah said, she figured it had been ages since she’d had a nice steak, and they were on holiday, and you’re supposed to splurge on holiday.
“And what about you two” The waiter asked turning towards the children.
“I will have the spaghetti and meatballs please” Emma said, “and so will I as well please” Rosie added.
“Ok, that should take about 15 minutes” The waiter said, he then turned and walked away, heading towards the kitchen.

“So, have you to been having fun today?” Sarah asked. They spent the time waiting for their food discussing what the girls had been doing, and how cool all the rides were.
“Here you go madam” The waiter said placing her food in front of here and a gravy boat. Then he placed the girls foods in front of them, “Can I get you another drink?” He asked, “Yes please, could we get 1 coke and two more orange juices please?” Sarah asked, “Certainly madam, right away” he responded before heading off to get the drinks.

They ate their meals in mostly silence with a little bit of chatter in between mouthfuls’
“You are making a big mess of you shirt” Sarah said, as Emma dropped another piece of Spaghetti coated in tomato sauce, “Maybe I should have put a bib on you” She joked, “MUM” Emma said embarrassed, before looking round to see if anybody had heard her. “I’m just kidding, but maybe you should put your napkin over your t-shirt” She suggested, "Although there is no point now as you are nearly done, and there is already so much sauce on it anyway.
Soon after they were don’t the waiter came over and asked if they would like to order dessert.
“Yes, could we get 3 double chocolate fudge ice cream sundaes please” She said, the waited jotted this down, then he looked at Emma and noticed how messy her shirt was, “You know madam, and I hope you don’t think I’m being rude here, but we have a small shop over there” He said pointing “That sells t-shirts and other items, really good prices on them as well”.
“Thank you, and not you’re not being rude, I think, I was thinking I should get her a clean t-shirt, as she can’t go wandering round all night in a messy one” Sarah said smiling at her girls, as they tried to work out what she meant. It took them a few seconds, but they soon realised she meant that they would be going back out to the rides after dinner. “I spent a fair bit on those wristbands” She said adding “might as well get as much use to them as possible”.

Soon pudding had arrived and they began eating, Emma once again getting a fair bit down her shirt. She wasn’t normally this messy, but then again, she normally didn’t eat such messy foods, well unless you count tomato soup, but even then, she hardly spilt any of that down her.
Once they had eaten, she paid left a nice tip for the waiter, and went and bought a clean t-shirt for Emma to wear.
“So what do you want to go on first” Sarah asked as they headed outside, it was only 8 o’clock so it wasn’t dark yet, so none of the pier lights had be turned on.

Rosie couldn’t wait for this, as she had seen it on TV and always thought it looked amazing, and expected it would look ten times better in person.
“How about the Bumper cars” Emma said, which Rosie agreed too, They spent the next couple of hours going on as many rides as they could, the rides all shut at ten-thirty, but they didn’t shut off any of the lights for about half hour afterwards, which gave anybody who wanted to plenty of time to walk down round the pier, or down to the beach for a proper look.

By the time they got back to the caravan it was gone eleven o’clock. “Ok girls time to go to bed” Sarah said when they walked in, both girls were extremely tired and several time had almost fallen asleep in the car on the way back, and the girls were glad to crawl into bed, Emma-Rose made sure she put on a clean pull up before she fell asleep as she had woken up in a wet one every morning since the first night. She tried to sleep, but now her mind seemed like all it wanted to do was keep her awake, with annoying thoughts and feelings, she couldn’t get her mums bib comment out of her mind, and kept picturing herself wearing one, for some reason she liked what she imagined, she was beginning to get a little worried that something was wrong with her.

She also wondered why she enjoyed wearing the pull ups. Soon she fell in to the land of nod, and dreamed a wonderful dream,
Rosie-Leigh on the other hand was still wearing a pull up to bed in support of her sister, she realised that she had enjoyed the last 4 weeks much more than any time she could ever remember before, she knew why aswell though
it was just one of the many things that were confusing the poor child at the moment, she had considered sitting down and talking about with her mum but, she couldn’t build up the courage. Maybe she would when they got back home.

Re: The wanted punishment. chapters 5&6 added

The 5th day of the holiday saw the tribe head in to Hastings. They always made sure that they went to a place called Cosmos, it was an all you could eat Chinese buffet place, and the food there was extremely delicious and cheap at only £9 for adults and £6 for children, you do have to buy your drinks separately though.

After their meal, they went for a walk around all the shops, to spend what was left of the spending money, they girls had, taken £150 with them, £100 of which their grandparents and their mothers side had given them, the other £50 was from their mum. And they had both already spent "20 so they had £130 left.
“Where shall we go first” Sarah-Jane asked as they headed towards the shops. “There’s the shopping centre just down the road” Emma-Rose suggested, they all agreed as this place had many different shops they could visit.

As they browsed the stores, around the shopping arcade, Sarah-Jane noticed that not once did Rosie-Leigh attempt to go to the boy section, either in the clothes shops, toy shops or even Superdrug, Rosie-Leigh was spending her own money on some cute skirts , some very pretty dresses, and tops, some really cute undergarments, and several pairs of tights in an assortment of different colours and styles, though her favourite pair she bought were the rainbow striped ones, She even brought some cute earrings, after asking to get her ears pierced, which Sarah allowed her to do.
She also brought some nail varnish and lipstick. To top it off she even brought a fun and creative kit for girls, enabling her to make around 200 different bracelets. An activity to do alone or with friends

Sarah-Jane had never said he had to spend her own money on girls’ items. In fact Rosie had not even asked her if she was allowed to purchase boy related items for when the punishment was over, she just didn’t seem interested in them.

Emma, had done more or less the same, although she didn’t need to get her ears pierced as she had, got them pierced for her tenth birthday, she also brought a lot of the same style outfits as her older sister, Sarah noticed that she loved the fact that they now looked like twins and she was sure Rosie did to. Emma at one point sneaked off to make a secret purchase that she didn’t want her mum seeing, it was something similar to what she had seen whilst shopping in Rye, she spied the item when they had entered Boots, so whilst Sarah was looking at Health care products and Rosie was looking at makeup she picked up a purple pacifier with a cut image of a cat on and headed for the till, once she had purchased it, she hid it in her purse and went back to her mum and acted like nothing had happened.

“So are you girls happy with what you have got” she asked as they got in the car to head back to the caravan, to get ready for the last night of entertainment. “Very happy” Rosie said excitedly "I can’t wait to wear one of my new outfits tonight she added said, she already knew exactly what she was going to wear. But wasn’t going to let them knew just yet. She wanted it to be a surprise
“What about you pumpkin” Sarah said looking at Emma, “Yes mummy, I love everything I got, I already know what I’m gunna wear tonight” She said, “But I’m not telling so don’t ask” She added with a cheeky grin.

Soon they arrived home, ate a light dinner and got ready to go out for their last night there.
“Ok girls my eyes are closed you can come out now” Sarah-Jane said from the front room. The girls had got changed into their outfits and didn’t want her seeing until they were ready to show.
“Ok open in 3…2…1…now” They both said together.
“Wow, don’t you two look so adorable” Sarah-Jane gasped, hold on I’ve got to get some pictures of this

Rosie-Leigh, was wearing her rainbow tights her red tartan skirt, she had put on a pink winnie the phoo t-shirt and her blue Hello kitty hoody, she had here penguin earrings any and styled her hair to look all wavy down near the bottom gently leading to it being straighter near the top, she was also wearing an extremely cute pink and white fluffy cat ear headband and to finish off the outfit she was wearing a pair of pink and white Hello kitty converse shoes, she had also painted her nails in various different colours

Emma-Rose, was wearing a very cute dungaree denim styled dress, with a purple t-shirt that read, will trade brother for a sister, in several different coloured bubble writing, she was also wearing red and black striped tights, and a pair of black converse with a space invaders design on them, she had put her hair in to a braided ponytail and as with her sister she had painted her nails into several different colours, and she also wore a pair of earrings with a small baby bottle charm on them

They entered the club at around 7 o’clock and chose some seat right near the door that lead to the arcade. Tonight’s entertainer was a comedian/magician, due on at 8 o’clock, the girls still had some spending money left, surprising, all that they had bought today had only come to £97.50, which left them with £32.50 and decided that they would go and waste a fiver in the arcade until the show started. They would save the rest for when they were back home.
Half hour later, the girls enjoying the show, and a coke.
Part of the guys act required 2 children to volunteer, so he got off the stage and wandered round the room looking for the right children he began cracking off harmless banter at some of the audience, whilst he was walking round, causing a lot of laughter.

“Wow, you two, would you like to volunteer” He asked as he approached Sarah and her children’s Table, both readily agreed and followed him back on stage.
“Right now I want you to stand on this platform” He said pointing to a foot high circular platform before turning to the audience. Many of the audience remembered them from the night before and applauded loudly.
“Ok so we have a volunteers, and, oh my gosh, don’t they look so adorable” He said into the mic, which sent the crowed wild with another massive round cheer.
“Ok girls what are your names and where do you come from” He asked them “I’m Rosie-Leigh” She said as he held the microphone near her mouth “And I’m Emma” She said “And we are from Darlington” they both said in unison.
“Ok girls here’s what I need you to do, hold your hands out” He said and they obey, “Ok so I’m going to lay this 1.5 meter length of rope across all four hands ok, and I need you to keep very, very still, I mean it don’t move a muscle” He said as he put the string across the girls hands, Ok keep very still, I’ve just got to grab something from my box over the, so do not move" He said.

As soon as his back was turned the platform they was standing on rotated 180 degrees. “What did I say, don’t move 1 simple instruction, don’t move, tut tut” he said again with mock anger, all the girls could hear from the crowed was laughter and applause. “Ok” he said as he manually spun the platform back around, “If you’ve quite finished messing around, maybe we can get on with the magic trick” He said.

“Good you still holding the rope” He said then “Ok so what I need you two to do now, is say the magic words and watch what happens to the rope, so repeat after me, Alacasm” He said
“Alacasm” they repeated
“olacozoo” He said
“olacozoo” they repeated
“ogie, ogie, ogie” he said
“ogie, ogie, ogie” They repeated
“OI, OI, OI” He shouted
“OI, OI, OI” they shouted back.

Just then the rope which had laid limp in their hand suddenly stiffened out and began to rise up into the air until it was just above their heads, then it began to spin, the girls look in amazement as the rope got faster and faster
“OH OH that’s not good” he said with mock panic, "It shouldn’t be spinning that fast,
"Ok what we need to do now is say the magic word back to front, "so we need to start from the end, and end at the start

After they did this once the rope was still spinning fast, “That wasn’t load enough girls, I think you’ve got to shout it, and do it quicker as well, ok, ready to give it ago” He asked, they both nodded "ok on the count of 3 and don’t forget to put your hands out " he said "3…2….1…go
“OI, OI, OI, OGIE, OGIE, OGIE OLACOZOO, ALACASM” they both shouted as loud and as quickly as possible, then watched a suddenly the rope stopped spinning and gently floated back in to the girls out stretch hands.
A massive round of applause erupted from the crowd and the magician to a bow, “Now how about a humongous round of applause for my 2 adorable assistance” he said.
And the crowed obeyed

(ok that magic trick MAY be a bit absured)

"Ok wait right there girls I’ll be back in a minute he said before disappearing back stage, he returned a moment latter with 2 massive lollipops. The round flat ones about the same size as you average dinner plate and a soft toy of the clubs mascot, sparky. “One of each for you, and one of each for you” He said handing them to the girls “Now don’t eat that all at once or you’ll feel sick” he joked
“One last round of applause for Rosie-Leigh AND Emma” he said as helped them off the stage and they walked back to their mum.

“Thank you very much for watching ladles and jellyspoons and enjoy the rest of your holiday” He said before bowing, then leaving the stage and the curtains were drawn. “Wow what an amazing show” Lucy one of the resorts teamstars coming out from behind the curtain, now don’t go anywhere because we have fabulous disco. And plenty of party games and the chance to win wonderful prizes" She said.

It was a little after midnight when they arrived back at their caravan, birth girls wide awake after devouring a 3rd of the massive lollipop, they were giggling at every little thing and chasing each other around the outside of the caravan, Sarah decided that she would allow them to continue for a few minutes (or until the people in the neighbouring caravans complained) in the hopes that it would wear them out and it was a lovely night, she just sat on the stop watching them totally, knackered, a few people came up to her, to tell her what such adorable young girls she had, and hoped that they settled down soon for her “I hope so as well, we’ve got a 6 hour drive tomorrow,
I need my sleep” She joked.

After another 5 minutes the girls still hadn’t stopped chasing each other around. But Sarah was very tired, and in the hopes that they would settle down, she pulled out the pull out bed in the living area of the caravan and put in one of the DVD’s the girls had purchased whilst in Hastings, she made sure both girls got ready for bed properly and then left them to watch the movie.

“So James, do you like being a Rosie?” Emma asked rather bluntly.

She didn’t even need time to think about what Emma just asked; she’d had more fun in the last 4 weeks as a girl, than she’d ever had as a boy. “I love it” She replied, “What are you going to do when the punishments over?” Emma asked adding “Are you going to go back to being a boy, or will you ask mum to let you stay a girl?”
“I don’t know, I really want to stay as a girl, but I don’t know if I’m ready to admit it to mum yet” Rosie said, "Well, whatever happens, remember I love you, you are the best big Sister, and little sibling could ask for, and I really hope it will stay that way, but if you go back to being a brother, that would be ok too.
“I love you too sis” Rosie said, unable to think of anything else to say.

“What about you anyway sis” She said accusingly but in a joking manner, “You love wearing the pull ups don’t you” She stated, more than asked.
“Yes I do” Emma-Rose said sheepishly “I don’t want mum to know yet, so please don’t tell her” Emma practically pleaded, “I won’t tell on you if you don’t tell on my, pinkie swear” Rosie-Leigh said holding out her little finger, Emma held out her pinkie and inter locked it with her sisters then the both shook that hands “Promise” hey both said.

Emma decided now to reveal her secret purchase to Rosie-Leigh. She grabbed her purse off of the table and pulled out the pacifier, opened the packet and put it in her mouth, she then turned back to see her sisters reaction.
“Very cute” Rosie-Leigh said trying not to laugh, “Why and when did you buy that?” She asked.
“Whilst we were in Boots, and because I wanted to, I don’t know why, but whenever I’ve seen them in the shops, I’ve wanted one” Emma confessed “Don’t tell mum about this either, please” Emma asked her, “cause I won’t” Rosie-Leigh replied.
It wasn’t long before they had both fallen asleep, Emma still sucking on the pacifier.

Before they knew it; the smell of a full English breakfast was waking them up. Emma woke with the pacifier still in her mouth.
“So how did my 2 girls sleep last night then?” Sarah asked, with a smile as she caught sight of Emma sitting up with the pacifier before removing it. She knew there was no doubt that her mum had seen it, as she was looking directly at it when the young girls sat up, Emma was thankful that her mum refrained from commenting as she was a little embarrassed by it.
“Perfectly fine” Rosie-Leigh said, “I slept ok” Emma-Rose said adding “Although I did wet my pull up.”
“Is that every night this week?” Sarah asked.
Emma nodded, a little embarrassed at her nonchalant way of announcing it.
“If it continues much longer I’m going to book you an appointment with the doctor” Sarah commented, “anyway changing the subject, breakfasts nearly done so sit at the table” She said, both girl immediately obeyed, “mmmmmm smells delicious” Emma-Rose said “Yes absolutely scrumptious” Rosie-Leigh added. 5 minutes later the only sound that could be heard was of forks and knives scraping the plates.

After they had finished breakfast they began packing away everything away, all the dirty clothes were put in black refuse sacks, and put in the car, this was done to leave room in their suitcases or all their new clothes and items they had purchased whilst there. The girls changed out of their nighties and in to a clean t-shirt and shorts, and both girls put on a clean pull up.
“Ok I’ve Just got to hand the keys and at the office and then were off” Sarah-Jane said, pulling up in front of the building near the front of the grounds.

As Sarah had already seen it, Emma decided that there was no point in hiding it, and the urge to put it in her mouth was to strong, so whilst her mum was handing in the keys, she took it out of her purse and started sucking it. She then carried on reading the book she had with her, as if nothing had changed.
When Sarah got back in the car, she glanced in the mirror at the two girls, she of course noticed what Emma had in her mouth, but decided not to mention it, she figured that it might cause a bit of embarrassment for Emma is she did.

Re: The wanted punishment. chapter 8 added

Chapter 8
It had been a week since they had got back from holiday, and that also meant that school would be starting again in 10 days. Rosie was counting down these days, dreading the last one; she knew what was going to happen. She knew she had to make sure it didn’t, even if that meant doing something she swore she would never do, admit her biggest secret to her mother. Her sister already knew, as she had admitted it during the holiday. Emma had also been hiding a secret as well, since they had got back, as with whilst on holiday, she had been wetting the bed, and wearing pull ups for it, this wasn’t the secret. What the secret is is the fact that she had been wearing the pull ups all day every day. Her mother didn’t know that. At least that’s what Emma thought. It didn’t occur to her then her mum was the one who was buying her the pull-ups to wear at night for her bed wetting, and when Sarah was putting Emma’s clean clothes away, she realized that they were being used far too quickly for just being used at night, Sarah however, decided not to speak to her about this as she knew, well hoped that her daughter would have to courage to come and speak to her about it.

“Rosie darling, can you go and grab your sister and then come in here a second” Sarah, called as she saw her oldest child passing in by the living room door, on the Monday morning just over a week before school starts again.
“Yes mum” She said as she quickly ran up stairs, and returned a few moments later with her younger sister following. “Yes mummy” The both said as they sat down on the sofa, Rosie reflected on the last time they had sat like this, it was about 5 weeks ago, and it was when, in Rosie’s opinion, her life changed for the better.
“Ok, you see, the thing is, well, erm, oh gosh I don’t really know where to begin, right here it goes,” Sarah rambled, “Right, I’ve been offered a promotion at work” She said pausing, as her daughter hugged her and congratulated her. “I would hold off on those for a moment” Sarah said.
“The thing is, the promotion I’ve been offered, is in Leeds, that would mean a 128 mile round trip every day, I just wouldn’t be able to do that, I would end up spending too much money on petrol.” She finished.
“What so you mean? Would we have to move down to leads?” Emma said, enthusiastically.
“You don’t mind moving?” Sarah asked concerned that she maybe rushing into a decision to quick.
“No, I want to move, a whole new area, new town, new everything.” Rosie said. “Same mum, a brand new adventure.” Emma added.
“You are both sure on this Matter, because once I make the call, there is no turning back” she said adding “if I accept this promotion, I can’t then change my mind, because my old job will be gone, someone else will take my place.” She continued.
“Yes mum we are 1 million% positive this is what we want” Rosie-Leigh said, with Emma nodding enthusiastically, “ok then, I’ll make the call, you two go up stairs and play or something” She said ushering them out of the room.
The next morning, was a bright sunny Tuesday, and Sarah had a lot of things to do, first off she had to go to the Estate agents and put the house up for sale, then she had to begin looking for a house to rent in Leeds preferably close to her work and decent schools.
She had found decent schools online last night and had to phone up toset up meetings for the next day with any luck one for Emma at a primary school, and a secondary school for Rosie, hopefully to get her children registered.
As she jotted down the list of things to do there came a shy knock at her bedroom door. “Yes” she called out, the door slowly opened, and in walked Rosie-Leigh.
“What’s up darling” Sarah-Jane said noticing the worried expression on her Childs face. “I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what’s wrong baby” She said after a few awkward moments of silence.
“Erm, mum, I want, no, not want, I need, I have to, I’m going to” Rosie-Leigh stuttered.

Sarah-Jane had a very good idea what her eldest child was trying to tell her, but she figured, that it would be good for her, to actually come out and say it.
“You see, the thing is mum, when we move to leads, I want to” Rosie-Leigh said stopping in mid sentence as she wiped away the tears from her eyes, she took a glance out of the open door, and saw her sister standing the giving her the thumbs up and whispering , "you can do it’s just a few little words.
Emma and Rosie had recently, like 5 minutes ago made a pact, before the day way out they would be speak to their mum about what they wanted, concerning what they wore.
“When we move to leads,” Rosie started again, “I want to continue living as a girl permanently” she whispered, but her voice picked up as she carried on she wasn’t planning to say what she said next, but the words just came to her and she knew it was how she truly felt.

“The thing is, these past 5 weeks, have been the best weeks of my life, I’ve been so much happier, before, I always felt like something was different about me, when I told you that i was only going to hide the school uniform from the girls lock room, it was a lie, I was planning on stealing it to wear at home. I’ve been borrowing Emma’s clothes for ages, but i just wanted some that were my own, that I wouldn’t have to give back.
During theses these past 5 weeks, I feel like I’ve got to know myself a lot better than I did before, I feel like the real me has finally surfaced, because before I was drowning in what society expects boys of my age to do, and i couldn’t do what i really wanted to do, without facing the chance of not being accepted. what I’m trying to say is, it’s because of you I’m finally happy with who I am, and that’s a Girl, on the outside I’m a boy, but on the inside I am a girl, and I always have been.”

“Wow, what can I say to that, except that I’m your mother and no matter what you chose to do with your life, I will always love you, and help you to become the person you want to be, and if that means that you want to become the girl you are, then that’s what you will become, now come here and give you mum a hug” She said.
“Ok there is a lot we need to talk about though Rosie, first off, I need to book you an appointment to see a shrink, but that can wait until we move to leads, we will take it from there, also, there is the situation with you name” Sarah said, “Do you like the name Rosie-Leigh?” She asked, to which Rosie simply nodded.
“Ok then, we can get your name changed from James to Rosie-Leigh, with out to much fuss. I think, I will have to look in to it.” She said.
"But then there’s school, obviously you will be starting a new school, where nobody knows you, so it will be a lot easier for you, I will have to inform the school principle, and possibly other teachers, but students need not know, unless you tell them.

Emma had come in by this point and was sitting next to her sister on the bed.
“Mum, I need to talk to you as well” She interrupted, knowing that if she didn’t speak now, she may chicken out later. “You see the thing is” She said trying to find the right words.
“Well you see, since we went on holiday, I’ve kinda been wearing….I’ve been wearing the pull-ups like all the time day and night.” Emma said adding “I don’t know why, but I just really like them, and I like sucking on a pacifier and drinking from a baby bottle. I’ve even fantasized about sleeping in a crib.” Emma stoped abruptedly, and just stared at her mum.

“Well, like I said to Rosie, you are my daughter and I love you no matter what, if that is what you want then I am more than happy to have my baby girl back” Sarah said whilst holding Emmas hand.
"Ok you to we have lots and lots to do today so lets get going.