The Wait

I twisted my wrists against the cuffs, the faux fur lining had long gone from a tickling novelty to a scratchy irritant, my sweat slick and sticky. It was my fault, I had to have the cute purple ones. I was a hot mess all over, my hair was stuck down to my forehead, the sweat trickling down in runnels and I couldn’t bring my hands down to wipe my eyes, all because of my stupid cute purple cuffs. My arms and shoulders ached from my hands being tied above me, least my pillow kept my back reasonably ache free, though it’d need a wash when I was done.

I sucked greedily at the gag, nursing the teat had become a total reflex action after all these long hours. The thin milky stuff that I knew was loaded with drugs, had kept well hydrated, though my poor tummy did look bloated from drinking all that formula. I wanted to poke it, just to make sure I somehow hadn’t gained the baby fat she was always teasing me with. Sure little babies are chubby but I don’t want that many Xs in my clothing labels thank you very much. It was probably just bloating and water retention, not the damn cuffs would let me check.

As I looked down, I noticed the drool trails, my tits were covered in slobber, like a dog had been licking them or something and it was all going south. Not that there was much dry down there any more. When this was all over I was gonna have one hell of a bath, with bubbles!

With a sigh I wiggled my legs trying to find a dry place but no, there was nowhere. I could see the underside of the thighs and calves were turning red and were starting to itch, that bath could not come soon enough. I noticed more rivulets of pee escaping my completely soaked and full diaper. I hope the plastic mattress holds up. I was peeing, again. I know she wants me to be totally diaper dependent but surely that means using the diaper not drowning in my own pee.

Thankfully I’d kicked my stuffies out of my crib when the leaks had started, they didn’t deserve to drown, though I really wish I could cuddle them right now. I could Ms Bunny, just, if I craned my neck she was laying there on the cold hardwood staring up at the ceiling, like she was saying ‘What has become of my life?’ Right with you there sister.

Every time I shifted a little I felt the mess surrounding me, the sodden thick diaper so bloated with my pee, and the gross mess underneath me. It was so cold and clammy and I couldn’t help but blush each time I felt it I remembered the powerful, humiliating orgasm I’d had when I messed myself. She’d said those tapes would turn me into a diaper slut, I’d barely needed the magic wand she’s tape to my diaper for the first few hours. Now it just lay there, dead, even the duct tape she’d used to attach it was starting to peel off. Least if the damn thing was still working I’d have something to take my mind off all this. The room stank, shit, piss and sweat, though most embarrassingly the smell of my sex. Just remembering how I’d strained and squirmed, desperate for more, all while those tapes played their damned music. But now it’d all ran out, except my bladder it seems.

She’d done this to me! She’d toyed and played until I was her perfect baby doll. What kind of pervert makes a grown woman piss and shit herself and then makes her love it. Oh gods, she’d laughed her ass off that time in the grocery store. Me biting my fist, trying to stop the moaning, squatting in the middle of the isle like a damn toddler. It was probably the best orgasm of my life.

I’d let her do this to me, and begged for it. The attention, the love, the cuddles, the pampering, both literal and figurative. That first date after she’d told me what she wanted. Walking through the park at sunset, wearing that first diaper, it’d seemed so ludicrously thick, how I learned. Being pushed on the swings, holding her hand as I climbed up the slide. Her hand on my crotch and making out as I wet the first time, climaxing there on the swings as she kissed me and telling me over and over what a good girl I was and how she’d take care of everything.

I laid back the best I could and stared up at the ceiling. The unicorn mobile we’d made together hung there, each needle felted steed mid gallop or in the case of one particularly silly one shooting rainbows out of it’s butt. The stars, moons and planets stuck to the ceiling were just being to take on their greenish glow as the evening’s light faded. That had been such a fun Christmas when we’d first put this nursery together, knitting big baby blankets, embroidering cute and naughty messages on bibs and diaper covers. We’d gotten so silly painting this room, of course I was only allowed to paint in just my diaper, which was totally unfair, so I painted the seat of her jeans so she could join me in just, albeit in thinner, undies. I was a good thing we planned to take up the carpet anyway

She’d been late before but never this late. I always said to take the bus back if she had to ride in rush hour traffic. That bike just was not safe, and she never put stabilisers on it like mine! That was just reckless. I still can’t believe she pulled that off. Where did she manage to find the design of bike I had at age seven and get it painted on a grown up bicycle, even the tassels matched. That woman is a witch. Gods I hope she’s okay. What if she’s been killed, side swiped by some idiot tech bro’s Mercedes, and then Mom finds me here like a week from now, dead from diaper rash and lack of hugs. No she’s okay, she’s got to be. Mommy.

I woke late with a start, tears still clinging to my lashes, the door had just banged open. What now, burglars? Clowns? Vampires? Vampire Clowns? Vampire Clowns who wanted to steal the TV? It was full dark now, only the dim glow of my ceiling planetarium, the lack of a proper night light was upsetting me more than I though it would. Fresh tears were pouring down my face, I groaned into my gag and squirmed against my bonds, trying to hide without even thinking.

The corridor light clicked on and I heard the click of heels rushing towards me, till a silhouette blocked the light. In the flash of the room light turning on she was at my crib side. She hadn’t even taken her helmet off, red faced like she’d run a marathon, the scarf I knitted her last christmas dangling from her neck.

“Oh my gods Princess I’m so so sorry, you’re such a mess. There was a thing at work and then the traffic, I’m sorry, sorry, sorry”. She kept repeating the last as she undid the restraints and picked me up hugging me tight to her, still whispering “sorry, sorry, sorry”. We stood there; hugging tight together, both crying with a tickle from me dripping steadily on the floor.

“Quick let’s get you out of this horrid thing” she said once we broke apart slightly.

“Bath” I croaked through my tears and disused voice.

“Of course princess”, she first quickly undid the tapes of my diaper, that were barely holding on anyway, and picked me up bare bum to the world. Not caring in the least that I was dribbling on her fancy work coat. I rested my head on her shoulder as she carried me to my long awaited bath. I whispered in my croaky voice.

“love you Mommy”.

“Love you baby”.

The end

C&C welcome <3

Hi there. Nice story.I’d love to read more aobut their history, how they met, how the interest in the lifestyle drveloped for them, etc. This could be the springboard to a very good long-form work.

Thank you both for the comments, yeah I’m pretty bad at missing words the damn dyslexia beast strikes hard and often. I shall endeavour to edit my work better in future <3