The Vortex series, The beginning - Book 1 of 5 in a story series

side note i wrote this story. it used to be on fox tales forum, the last one… i write stories to get better and i do it to kill time have a neurological disability called the jerks… it is similar to the ticks disability…

any how enjoy it is a long story… it came from a dream and my mind. Far as book 2 it is 80% done ps it is a m rated story content wise. I am not big on cussing so it will have little if any… category wise it is Si-Fi in origin as are most of my stories are. Also I use real classified facts thanks to military friend that i have DE-classified stuff. plus i am working on a story based on a real life incontinence gun made by us military. it was recent far as the story goes it is 50% done.

last note: it might have Sp errors still in it it is a direct copy of my archived story on a back up hdd that i have.

The Vortex series,
The beginning - Book 1

(Rated M+ Sc.-17), violence and some strange minds, story and even a dark event or two. It’s the DL, version of the story.)

The beginning - (the store) - Book 1
The kasarie projects - book 2
The project faze - book 3

The corporation - sub-book - books -
It connects to them slightly… 3&2&1

By: monmnn also known as ( knarmas & montar)

What is Unknown… Will be Known…
What was Lost… Will be Found…
Truth will be sought after. And The Bridge will open. The Key was Hidden. It will be found!

_ Chapters _
Chapter 1

  • Life choices part 1
    Chapter 2
  • Life choices part 2
    Chapter 3
  • A cluttered life.
    Chapter 4
  • Uncluttering.
    Chapter 5
  • Operation taking her hart.
    Chapter 6
  • Operation, taking her mind then body.
    Chapter 7
  • Concern & Shock…
    Chapter 8
  • Changing circumstances…
    Chapter 9
  • The order of things.
    Chapter 10
  • Chaos & order then, a lot more Chaos.
    Chapter 11
  • Promises & then shattered harts & broken dreams.
    Chapter 12
  • The candy store, life changes.
    –End chapter, The Conclusion to book one. And start up point for book 2.

Intro Chapter

Our hero’s life was not his own. And He never knew this or what was coming. For he was soon to open a can of worms as the saying goes. Destiny waits!

He was smarter than the real him, in another universe, far, far away. Believe it or not the guy even had a genus IQ, not to mention he had also just taken to hart two theories. The first one was famous the alternate universe theory that involved making like two alternate universes touch! Simply put, it was using worm holes and sliding to each earth different parallel world, that theory and the other theory done by some Asian man.

The Asian man posted his partial theories on the internet for he gave up. The Asian man posted his partial theories on the internet for he gave up. When he stopped his work he had at least figured out some of the equations required to accuse the and make the vortex called, “The kasarie bridge…”

Instead of going on he failed to finish his work to the higher degree that was now demanded of the man. Seeing that the reason the man stopped his work was simply put he suffered a loss causing him head trauma! In return the Asian man cold, never finish his work. Because of the light of his previous word he had high hopes that someone would unlock what he could not.

In retrospective the theory was solid for it only lacked few missing keys to the equation to unlock the secrets it held. Along with its secret it would soon change his world and life only to later change the world around him.

This is where our story begins of at!

The being - life choices
part 1

Chapter 1

Jeremy was bizy like a bee. Working way in his fortress of saluted. Despite him being in his 30’s the man loved math an all things with computers. A while back and about a day or so a professor at the college that he was studding at challenged him.

Because of the smarts and subtle ness of the professor’s words Jeremy took up the challenge laid out before him or should I say myself… I just couldn’t resist my male teacher’s words one bit.

So I decided on going or jumping fully into the half finished the kasarie bridge theory. I knew that it was based on quantum mechanics an well as quantum physics an computers mixed with a few other theories as well.

Once at home I ran to my pc and downloaded the data of both equations I wanted.

I took the data to be digested in my basement lab. With the data on my pc I wrote the calculations on a chalk board, so I could solve the theory my way.

As I wrote the data on the chalk board, something leaped inside me and for some odd reason I knew that I would complete it.

In the end, the theory took months, slowly but surely Jeremy worked on the theory in his free time.

Jeremy was studding the theory, the one in class and for some reason, a section of the other theory, stuck in his mind that day.

Jeremy just couldn’t help but not shake his felling from his mind so he went home that day and plugged in the data. At first it didn’t quite fit so Jeremy was critiquing the equations slightly for them to work. By the time he plunged in the equations they matched.

The par-ale universe’s theory was used in combination with the kasarie bridge theory. Lucky for him it had worked out somewhat and yet he slightly change the section of the other theory that didn’t quite match up.

In return Jeremy came one step closer to solving the lock, Still it was still unknown as of yet.

As the time went on the full equation took Jeremy one year to complete!

on that day of finding the answer to the equation Jeremy cracked the lock! In return it was giving Jeremy the door way to unlimited possibilities!

All that stood in his way was plans for making the equipment synchronize with the theory and do some other stuff as well.

With the theory being done! Jeremy celebrated in his office. Not to mention he even went into over drive, now he had the answer. So all that stood in his was like dust in the wind to him. Simply put he needed to make the device to open the door way of the Kasarie Bridge.

Melissa was in her late 20’s she was Jeremy’s best friend and she loved him like a brother. She always enjoyed his company spending time together. She was glad he was taking on a challenge.
She grew up with Jeremy hanging out going places.

Jeremy would always try and get her to be his girlfriend but she kept denying him. His hart wanted her and only her. But it wouldn’t open fully to him. For she shut him out. She knew Jeremy loved her. And only her.
But her hart was broken and locked away like the theory was. He needed and wanted her key to her hart! More then the theory. He would give it up for her hart even.

Ring! Ring! The phone rang
Jeremy picked it up, barely in time.

“Hey, Jeremy it’s me Melissa how’s the project going?” She, asked, trying not to sound, like she was hitting on him or anything.
He responded, funny your calling now. Because, I just solved it!
“Wow, great Jeremy, see! I told you could do it.” Yaha but, you know that I would rather have you than any other thing."

“I know Jeremy, but you know I don’t want that.” He felt sad, the only person he loved in the world. And she dejected him so! He wanted her, yet she wanted friend-ship more only. It broke his hart.
“So you want to come over Melissa?”

“Sheer I’ll come. We can celebrate today the simple fact that you solved it and that professor can’t stop nagging you about being so bright and such. You know, it’s a shame we both can’t see the theory in action.”

“Yes, I know Melissa.” his thoughts raged, I just wish! I had her key. Not this theory.

“I’ll see, ya in soon, bye.”

yet, again he tried to win her hart. Denied!

Jeremy’s place, was a bit average
Since, he was single. His was green, his place. He used alternate energy, to run his place, so he had extra money to make things. He tried to kill time.
His base shop was 2,000 square feet big. Not that big, but enough to make an try stuff. His house was like any other, it was a single man’s bachelor’s pad. He didn’t much care for TV’s so he had many PC’s. All linked to act as a super PC. He had one in every room, So he could plug in equations or have fun in any room. He made his house off the grid, so his experiments wouldn’t kill power lines. It made it safer, So, it held secrets better.

Jeremy, had started collecting the parts he thought, he would need to make his key. The key to unlocking the Kasarie Bridge.

“Ding! dong!”

Melissa was at the door and yet she admired Jeremy’s hard work and getting things done. Still she felt sad that she kept leading him on. And yet she kept doing it for some odd reason. Still her hart knew better she loved the man but the dark event that happened to her in her past messed with her mind and that caused her to block her harts feelings for Jeremy.

As usual the door opened, causing her eyes to gaze upon his smiling and loving face. Still she loved hearing his genital and caring voice and yet her mind half shut it out every time he spoke to her. “Hey, Melissa” she could tell, Jeremy was happy to see herself. “Hey, I came bring gifts! well I can come in?”

“I see that Melissa.” He was smiling even more so then normally. Her emotions raged, she wanted him, but she was still hart broken. Despite her urges to lung and take hold of Jeremy and give him what she wanted and he wanted. Instead she resisted that urge, only to hesitate then walk right into his house. Right after she came in Jeremy shut the door behind her and beamed with his normal urges to fling his love on her.

“You know where to set the wine and I’ll go get some glasses.” Melissa, she saw, him walk off quickly.

Melissa headed, to the kitchen, she was carrying a bottle of wine, in her left hand, and she carried in and set it on the counter-top. While in the kitchen she began thinking she was deciding to go into the kitchen dining room or sit on the kitchen stools. So I deiced ongoing and sitting in the dining-room. I pulled out my chair out and sat down. I had on My red dress on Jeremy liked so much.

Melissa’s mind raced, she loved him yet, her hart was broken and still She was like a cracked porcelain doll. She wanted to stay only friends, And-not at the same time, she loved him more than a-friend.

Jeremy had just left Melissa. He went over to the china cabinet, that held the glasses and he grabbed two out of it. Then He started heading straight for the kitchen.

I saw, Melissa sitting at the table, smiling at me As I entered the kitchen. And yet my hart knew her ways.

He grabbed the tool to de-cork and grabbed the bottle, He headed towards Melissa. “Melissa, You ready for some?”
“Yes, Jeremy, I am.” I sat next, to Melissa as I popped the cork, it went flying! “Nice, one Jeremy.”

“Here, take it.” I gave her a glass. She held it in her hand as I gently I poured her some, wine to drink.
She smiled, a lot that night. And I pored mine, we drank some. “Hey! Jeremy, I want to see it.”

“okay, fallow me madam.” Melissa and I with wine glasses in hand we went to my base of operations room. The board, stood in the center, of the room. we both went over to it. Melissa examined its contents.
“Wow you really solved it! so what’s next, for that big brain of yours? What you going to do next?”
“For one I wish could have you instead.”

“Besides, that Jeremy.”
“Well, I guess I make, something.”

“Now that’s the spirit! Jeremy. so get to it, when were done.” Again, she did it! to him, He felt, a invisible slap, across his face. As knife was felt in his hart. Her, beautiful body, hart and mind it taunted him! Saying, you cannot have me!

So as the time went by, she was good as gone. He took out his disappointment, on the project. And worked like a mad man, with a purposes.

He went to his bench working on several designs of keys. To open the bridge between the universes. He built a remote, like in an old Tv series latter, proven true in his world. But, he it changed, to work with the other theory.

okay let’s do this! He turned it on his first prototype. A vortex opened, it was pulsating, while it looked like the shape of the inner eyes of a cat. The vortex turned red, yellow, crimson, blue, gray then gold-ish white, it flashed.

The device, in my hand, startled smoking. Oh crud! it started, catching on fire. I threw it! Hard, to the ground it busted an shattering, collapsing the vortex on me.
Oh great, just great! It failed, but I did it. I jumped up and down. The door appeared. But the key failed, miserable.

I knew it! I was on to something. I picked up the scorched device’s pieces off the floor, pout it on my work bench and I tore it a part. I examined the problems. Then it hit me, I noticed it. The device, the part that resonated, the vortex and the key Part, they over heated. The resinous was so strong! it actually, caught flame.!

It took me days, working an testing ideas. When it finally, hit me. Diamonds! they store data and resonate too.
So I tried it, but on a long diamond, I put the parts that resonated in the diamonds center. I made it hallow. And I built my second device. I tried it out. The vortex, opened like last time. Then it happened, again.!
It crashed burning, violently into flame, too. I took it a part, this time I noticed it. The section that was in it was fine. But the rest of the sercrity on it was fried.
I realized, I needed a bigger diamond but there was no way! I couldn’t, get my hands on more and as it was I was lucky enough to get the last one. So, I went one step back. I went for a geode, diamond. They were way cheaper, being almost worth nothing. I bought several, some 3 inches long to 4 feet long.

The First one failed, to small. I tried another, too big.
I tried one 12 inch long, it failed, too. Another idea hit me! I need to encase the resonance part in the crystal. And the sensitive in and non resonating parts put outside the crystal.
It end product looked more like a modern flashing glowing rock knife, when I was done.

The battery was in the exposed part, along with the switch, in the butt of the device. The battery, was a mini self pulsating battery, A magnetic field battery. Giving it all the power it needed.

The day was early the devices Selectric’s was hooked wireless-ly to my super PC. I put a video in the program and played it. I wanted to do a simple test. I had made a video of me with money in my hands. And I recorded it For the test, I had the video paused.

I Switched on the power to the vortex knife shaped device at the butt of the knifes key…

I slashed the air. Whoosh! The air acted like a vacuum and the vortex opened. I examined the device in my hand it finally didn’t over heat! I waited 15 minutes the device held strong. This was it!
I looked in the vortex as it pulsed away, like a open door. Chills went down my spine as I looked closely there stood me on the other side in the other demotion was me created by me! The wind from the vortex on the other side made the non-moving money in the other Jeremy’s hand it swayed.
He didn’t move for his world was in pause.

I decided, to throw a ball in the vortex I aimed it at the other non-moving me. It hit his face, he went flying back and froze in the air. The ball still moved. It bounced till it finally stopped.

I finally got the courage, myself to go in after, I had my fun. I went to the screen in my room, it showed Jeremy in the position I hit him with the ball lying on the ground not moving! It worked, I affected a non-real-world with a real object. I used a 3d camera doing my tests. I paned the video there it was the ball I paned more and to my surprise there it was! The vortex pulsating away. My God, I did it! I yelled. I put on a secondary recording. Making a copies of what I was about to try take a object out of that world into mine!.

I could hardly contain myself as I ran jumping in the vortex… Something had happened for it freaked me out. The Vortex closed behind me! Oh no I yelled. I felt stupid it worked. But it closed on me.

I decided to go over to the frozen me. I grabbed the money out of his hands to examine them.
It looked and real smelled, too. Man I thought this is fun. The money was put into my pocket.

Later on I came up with a brilliant idea! I picked up a paper writing something down on it to the other me. Now, I decided to see if I could get back now. The knife like key slashed the air it delayed some. Then suddenly something happened it showed up in I jumped. I felt the tingling as my body re-materialized back into my world.
I felt heavier some. In one pocket in it was the money! Caching, it worked.!

Jeremy, went over to the monitor. The vortex was closed on his end. He diced to hit the play button.
As he pressed it. The other Jeremy’s life changed for him.

Jeremy had just gotten home from getting some money. he was sitting on his table counting his money when a bright flash came and went! Bang wham he got hit by a ball. He was in the air and with a thud he landed on his butt, with Oomph!

What he yelled the money vanished out of his hands in it was a note.
He got up off the floor. And sat back on the chair an read the mysterious note. It read greetings please read this out loud. “Hu?”

He got up yelling, “Is anyone here?”

It read hello me. I am the real me you are the fake me. “Hu?” He scratched his head, as he read more. Your world is fake mine is real I took your money or should I say mine.
Love, Jeremy. PS. The kasarie bridge. Rocks!

“My God,” he yelled, “I stole from myself! And I am myself.” At that moment his word failed to exist, for it was paused, again and turned off.

Jeremy, had seen how well it worked. It Shocked him. He now need a way to make copies. He re-winded the video. To the spot the money, reappeared in his hands.!
It hit Jeremy. Take a remote controlling the video. He could and control that fictional alternate universe he made!.

I decided, to take a remote with me.
In, I went but, first I made a holster, for the remote. and for my vortex knife looking key.

I spent time resting getting strength, to do my next test. I wanted to see that unnerves Melissa! But this time if she says no he had strong plans for that Melissa.
The day passed, he had gotten his courage up. He locked down his place like fort knocks, in he went. The world that was frozen when he went it. The vortex closed behind him like last time.

He then un-paused the world The Jeremy of that world counted his money and went it vanished out of his hand, I saw in his world, my ball hit him. “Hehee” I laughed out loud, causing him to jump some and utter, “who is there?”
“Just you,” I said, To the other me. I moved out of the shadows revealing my face.
He spoke in shock and awe… “You are me! How is that possible?”
“Read my note other me…”
“Hu?” It’s in your hand. He jumped back "The money it’s gone!
“Yes, it is my other me.” I pulled it out of my pocket, the money and I yelled to him. “Take it!” I threw it, at the other me, He caught it. “But how?”
I smiled and then responded to his question. “I’m the real you, you are my copy Jeremy for you live in copied word of mine, I made, I’ll see you are a copy of me.”

I walked out of the house of mine, in this world and went to see the Melissa of this one. I was stunned, she was dead. I later found out in this world, Even though it was a created world events happened differently.
I slashed, opening the doorway leaving that world. Back to mine I went, my tests were done.

I felt pity, was I ever going to be loved and my love be returned to me?

Jeremy fought, his emotions of self doubt, He felt unloved, now he was determined to fight those emotion’s he must or die trying.

Meanwhile, Melissa was at it again working constantly to hide her hurting hart broken an busted, it stood from that traumatic event that changed her life.

Jeremy, was fed up with this world. so he decided, with the key he had, it made fictional stuff coming alive, the Kasarie bridge it Held the answer, one day his hart would get what it wanted love.

He worked, franticly on a idea. He would have, the Melissa of old Or he would woo some other girl. He wanted some time to think, for his plan to go into affect. He rested, for days while putting his plans into action.

Day’s passed, he decided to do it.
In the vortex he went.

The world was young, for it had been revitalized, changed to fit the ones needs. And the Melissa of this world was alive. In he came into its earth it’s editor an creator was Looking for love. He had taken a old video of him and Melissa years back. Just taken a-few years back, just before her hart was broken. In the store of his world and that video was the fictional world he had choose to jumped into.

Mark, was on his way to more-zoes
It was a new monster store. It was trying to take down wall-mart. Unlike wall-mart, funding slavery, secretly. So it would have very low prices. more-zoes was against, what the other company was doing an supporting.
More-zoes, It offered stuff found on-line normally, stores didn’t carry items wise.
Mark had just gotten, out of his car When a vortex opened, in between his car and the next, out popped a man in his 30’s carrying a bag, in his hand the vortex closed. He saw the man heading for the store more-zoes. He was shocked, for he looked like he didn’t care if anyone saw him.
Mark, feared him for some odd reason, like when, a man meets a lion.

Mark, got out of his car, flowing the man, in he went. he was going to this store anyways. Oddly nothing happened, as he saw the mystery man go into the store.

Jeremy, had just came, into the store, he had a mission. This store was one of a kind to him, for he loved its uniqueness it had.
Jeremy headed straight for the section the Melissa of this world was at when the video was taken, Ready to relive some old memories of his past.
But first, he decided to look at all the women, for one of them, he was going to have an fall in love with him instead of her.

Mark, for some odd reason, flawed the man. He noticed, something was off with him, almost a slight tint low of his skin. He thought it strange,
For he had, a glow to him, Almost like the pictures he saw of angels, He felt drown to watch this man.

Jeremy’s mind raced, he was happy again. For he radiated happiness, he felt odd, like someone was watching him. but he knew, he controlled this world. So he felt powerful, maybe some ones picked up on his outward emotions or something.
He went, back to window shopping as some would say. He felt like not doing his original plan on this world. Originally, he was going to win his younger loves hart, before that sick-o destroyed it. So he decided on looking on making one of these young girls his!

Leeanna Hoffman, was 24 and her future looked bright! She was shopping in more-zoes. She loved the place, it had everything, but it lacked a man.

Leeanna Hoffman was a smart, funny and a open mined girl. She just had bad luck with finding the right man. For Her luck was about to change, for the better, plus get stranger. For she would become friends with Jeremy.

Leeanna flicked her hair back out of her face. she was a brew-net, her hair it moved, as she moved it out of her face. Leeanna, had some Japanese blood in her.
Her eyes reflected that ever so slightly. She had French an Irish blood in her, too. She stood at 5’6" she was looking at stuff on the Ill, it was food. she noticed, she was being watched.

She flipped her hair, moving it out of her face, again. For her hair was lower then her shoulder, It was long 2 inches past her shoulder. She turned, Leeanna for some reason, she couldn’t help but smile.

“Hi” she said, trying not to sound to dumb, to this cute looking guy. He looks around my age, She, thought. He looks like, he’s reeking with confidence. She glanced at his ring finger, oh no ring goody for me then, she thought. He answered her hello. “Hi!”
She felt, like she might try nabbing that guy up for herself.

She was, blushing by now.

Jeremy, was searching the ills for the girl to try his wants and things on and desires on.
He was in the exotic food ill, when he noticed this partly Japanese girl. She, was eying him smiling, blushing as she spoke, “Hi”
Her face went red, after, he said, “Hi” back. Bingo! He thought the perfect girl. For him to forget Melissa by.
She aquerdly, asked me a question. “what do you think of this?” she was, pointing at some food, she was contemplating getting.

“Well I never tried, freeze dried crayfish before, So… I wouldn’t know um”
She smiled while responding to me, “It’s Leeanna, Leeanna Hoffman.”

I shook, her hand. “Nice to meet you Leeanna, my names Jeremy, Jeremy Schultz.”

"So Jeremy what’s that, Schultz? “Oh, it’s German.
Oh, your German?”
“no, not totally, I am Indian and Irish, also.”

"Really! She sounded, interested, “I have some, Irish blood, too! In me.” she continued, to stay while blushing. That got her going, they talked for a long time.

“I can tell, your sore standing, why don’t we head to the furniture section of the store.”
“okay, besides my feet are killing me. So Jeremy are you single?”
“actually, yes I am.”

“Because, you seem very nice, I think maybe, we should become closer, how about dinner at my place?”

“Wow, I don’t know, what to say.”
Leeanna spoke, “Maybe, you could say yes! Besides, I can tell you are hart broken and who ever broke your hart, she sheer did a number on you my last guy I dated, did the same to me.”

Her words stuck in my heart. Based on how little, I knew of her. From what I could tell was, she looked like they do anything type of person. That meant his plan operation find the perfect girl was in affect. He could reinvent himself, if he wanted, too.
But for some reason, Leeanna felt perfect for him.
“okay, I’ll do it! So where is your place?”

“well let’s rest first, then finish our shopping Jeremy.”

I told her, “oh okay.”

Leeanna, felt great! she snagged herself a man. She was tiered of loosing men, them dumping her. She thought, “I’ll do anything for love anything this time!” She made a pact with herself, if this coming relationship, if it works I’ll do anything. If, He asked me to do something. She wanted love bad as Jeremy did. That was her reason, she acted the way she acted that day.

Jeremy felt great, he was going to get her to fall madly with him! So phase two could commence. He smiled at her, I found her and she will stay mine! Only mine! Good bye Melissa. And hello Leeanna. Sexy pretty Asian an Irish girl, with a hint of French in her blood. He smiled, she was perfect.

Mark got bored, when he noticed he was talking to a girl. So he deiced to go and do what he came here for.

Leeanna noticed, something odd, now. She thought about it, his skin had a slight glow to him. Maybe he’s the one she thought. Momma, always, said, she saw a glow in her daddy, when she meet him. He must be the one.
Ironically, he was the one all right.
He literally changed her world, an came seeking true love with one woman. He was like, a God among men. The control he had, it was like all thanks to the Kasarie bridge bring, them together. Unbeknownst, to her As of yet. The actions of two people would eventually change many peoples lives.

Jeremy, had his bag on his back, he had no need of it yet. It held his clothing for him an some money. He copied, over and over the money from the world, that Melissa was not alive in.

What Jeremy didn’t know, was his skin took on a slight glow, because of the vortex traveling. His cells absorbed the white glowing light, within the vortex. It gave off pure light, without impurities, causing his skin to have a slight, glow from the light of the vortex.

The beginning - life choices
part 2

Chapter 2

Jeremy, had his knife key on his belt. To people it looked like a ordinary rock, just attached to his belt.

Leeanna, felt happier now, she was going to have a date, and they talked while shopping. Leeanna kept looking back as they walked towards the clothing Ill’s.
She couldn’t help but smile at Jeremy. As They were passing the clothing section an into the massive diaper section. From baby to adult there stood 10 Ill’s on diapers, Every brand was there. They passed those Ill’s heading for the furniture section. Did I mention this store was 10 times bigger than any supper wall-mart. It was so big it had its own weather In it. Low level clouds could be seen in some stores.

They had entered the furniture section. where it had furniture galore it even had so many beds. From cribs to double-king sized furniture. And it hand change tables from 2 feet long to 7. Made for the special needs. This store was perfect for all his needs he was now the owner of the store. He bought it up, this world’s mega, mega store chain. He just edited the owner an made him have 68% owner ship.

Little did she know he had even added cars to this world Si-fi in origin all one of a kind. He had all his bases covered. He even made the him of this world, rich. And doing a world change making him like his twin… But only he owned the place he gave the other Jeremy of this world 1% stock in the company.
He raked in several million a year On just only 1%…

Leeanna, was in Awa of this store. It held stuff, she hadn’t dreamed of finding. It, became a internet lover’s dream, without the internet. And a AB/DL’s dream store! and of course it had latex clothing, too.

There was section’s in the store you had to be 21 to even shop in those areas. To keep it clean, an safe from minor’s, young children. It had strict rolls, against corrupting the young. She respected, this store for that. She wondered about Jeremy as He smiled, as much as her. She started, noticing he acted, like he owned the place.

Jeremy, brought her to the furniture section and they sat down talking more.

Mark, had flowed him yet again. He saw them Leeanna and Jeremy talking once again. He noticed, she was having a blast. Then, he saw it.

Hold on, let me get my breath from all this laughter.
“okay Leeanna you do that.” Leeanna was holding her stomach, when she noticed, a young girl coming over. As she came closer, Leeanna noticed, she worked here.

She might be the sales-lady for this section. Leeanna, thought. She, was right.

“Hi may, I help you two?” she asked. “No thanks” he leaned forward, reading her name tag, Candy, It read.
“No thanks Candy, we are fine.”
“Sir, do I know you.” Candy pause trying to think hard, “Have we meet some ware?” She asked.

“No Candy, we have not.” She heard, him say.
“Oh, okay I’ll go now.” As she left, taking a few steps she turned. “Now! I know who you are.!” She said, with happiness, in her voice! “It’s you! Mr. Schultz. !Pleas! Don’t fire me, If! I offended you!”

“Whey, would I do that?” he said, to Candy…

“On thank you, thank you! Can I get you two anything?”
I am fine Candy. But thanks anyways." he responded to her.
She ran off trying not to trip herself.

Mark was stunned, he must be someone important he thought. Mark decided then an their he got up from his spot he was watching them at and followed, Candy. he had caught up with Candy and asked her.

“So who was that man?” he asked, Her.
“Well he is the boss for one. I got to go! I don’t want to be on his bad side.”

Mark, was stunned, he was following the owner of this store chain, no wonder he walked, the way he did. I better, leave him alone, if Candy was right.

Leeanna thought, who is this man, to have that girl fear, yet do things for him. She thought, in her head.

Leeanna asked, “So Jeremy, she acted strange, like you were someone powerful.” She noticed Jeremy smiling as she had spoken to him to him.

“Yes, it’s no big-y… I knew, it would of happen, sooner or later. And I knew it would happen when she came up to talk to us.”

“How come Jeremy?” She asked questionably-like, she was really interested on what he was about to say.

“Do You really want to know?” He responded, to her. “I hope this don’t change, too much and how you see me. Well, Leeanna I kind a own this store.”

Leeanna spoke, with amazement in her voice while she smiled at Jeremy. “O my God! Are you sheer you’re not, pulling my leg, Jeremy?”

“No I am not, Leeanna I was hoping you weren’t a gold digger for one.”

Leeanna shifted some, as she moved her body on the bed they both were sitting on in the store. “So what now? I feel weird, I didn’t know, but I am glad, I didn’t freak out, when I saw you then, If! I knew who you were that-is.”

“Good, I like you, too. Leeanna, I’m glad, greed was not a part of it then.”
“So mister boss man, what do we do Now?”

Leeanna’s hair fell in-fount of her face as she finished talking with me, she was smiling and probably thinking of something girl-like in that head of hers. All the while, she started pulling her hair away from her face and looking with friendship-and maybe the starting of love even.

Jeremy, I started to think heavily yet again as I paid-attention to her face and body. Her dark-blue green eyes made her, unique Considering, how rare dark-blue, green with a specks of yellow really was in my world. It defiantly made her face pop-out. And still…. I wondered, what her natural hair color really was.

“Leeanna, now that I think of it, your eyes are dark blue-green, are you sheer you don’t have some other blood of some other race in you?”
“I don’t know, I never thought of it much.”
“Well, I think they suit you very well.”

“Awa… Thanks! Jeremy, I kind of like them myself, too. So, now that I found out I’m like, practically dating one rich guy.” Leeanna had her mind set, yet she asked her question. “You still mind, coming to my place?”

“I am okay with it. Leeanna, We can go there.”

Leeanna started, to think in her mind. “I just can’t believe my luck! I meet one of the richest guy’s an he’s single! I wonder why?” She paused thinking in her mind to give Jeremy a nice big smile showing him, her white teeth slightly. “He’s definitely cute I’ll give him that.” Leeanna decided to speak after thinking about him. “Okay, Jeremy, You want to take my car or yours?”

Jeremy, smiled and spoke, while he looked into her deeply into her dark-blue and green eyes. “Well mine are in the back and All on locked up.” I told her.

He noticed, the anticipation was building on her face along with child-like happiness, Like when a teen-girls gets a expensive gift. Happy!

“I bet they must, be concerning all things.”
her body, portrayed, her nervous energy to me.
Jeremy smiled, as he had spoke. “Let’s take mine, you will have to show me were your place is at still.”
“So I take it, I don’t have to pay for this?” She had pointed, to her basket full of food by her feet.

“Nope Leeanna, you don’t.”

“Good then, let’s head to my place. Um By the way Jeremy, you will like it very much! The Dinner that is.”

Leeanna’s emotions, were running wildly for she liked this man, This man of mystery, she had just snagged. This guy, he seems genuine. I thought, the man that owns this place would of been wed a long ago, Her mind thought as she, got up flowing him like a long lost puppy dog.

Jeremy, had brought Leeanna, to a employees only area, in they went. She felt giddy, like a school girl going to have some fun.
When A guy spotted them, He said, “Hey! Employees only.”

Leeanna spoke, this time not wanting the mood to be lost. “Hey beat it, before he fires you! Better yet, take my stuff, bag it. Come on move it! he’s your boss now move it!”

He stood, there like a non-moving tree. I joked with him, but he didn’t know it. “You heard the lady move it! While, I am still in a good mood.” I really wasn’t going to fire him anyways.

Candy saw, Jeff the new guy she just hired, she didn’t want him getting her fired so, she came up to him on her break time. “You better move it, he really is the owner of the store, bye! I don’t want to lose my job here.” she whispered, in his ears.

“Oh so sorry sir. Hear let me get those bagged for you.” He ran off getting the bags, then putting them in them. Jeff saw, his boss read his name tag.

“Hey, Jeff let stock know, I was here and my girl here she got some stuff.”

Jeremy, went to the key pad on a door. And he punched in the code for it. As Jeff fallowed, with Leeanna’s food in hand.
“So Leeanna what do you want to ride to your place. Or how about my smart bike, or how about my smart car? You know what, I’ll take out this one my pride an joy.”

The car looked normal, yet it was not the car was painted a dark blueish-gray,.

“It looks so ordinary Jeremy.” she said.

“Well Leeanna, looks can deceiving, this baby is one of a kind.”
“Oh Jeremy there’s stuff in its way how can you drive it, and the cars an stock for your store are in its way”

“Well, just get in it” I told her.
Jeff put the food in the trunk.

“Yes sir, will that be all?”
“Yes don’t forget, to make sheer, the doors are closed on your way-out.”

Jeff noticed, the door had a thumb print on the drivers side of the car plus plus a key lock. He saw him put, his thumb on it and a key in at the same time, "Suddenly, the car spoke, “welcome back Mr. Schultz I’ll get the doors for you two…” the car doors opened up and out in the air, like wings.

Leeanna smiled, as she was let in the car. And to her surprised and shocked what she saw for steering the thing was a customs steering systems, it had not one but two steering apparatuses.

The steering wheel, was sphere-icicle in shape and in the center of them all was a hovering ball, the ball that pulsated a yellow glow… All the while it hummed a gentle Humm.

The sphere on the outer end of it was surrounded by another that rotated slightly, left to right and up and down it rotated. And it was surrounded around that sphere, it was connected to the frame the circular stripes. The strips, connected to that bar as it went into the engine area.

they connected at the spot, where the sphere was held. All the while the circular stripes pulsated away as they held the sterling wheel spheres…

A gentle red glow was seen on the circular strips that were attached to the frame. While active, The sphere’s in and around in the center, they all were in the center area of circular strips, it held them there as they all slightly hovered. And it had two of them controlling the car…

[Illustration] - spot for a coming pic…

“Um! Jeremy, this has no normal steering wheel.”

“It doesn’t need one. Well, Leeanna, you should buckle up it’s going be a bumpy ride!”
Leeanna, buckled-up, As Jeremy pressed a button, in the car. Slowly, A door in the roof opened. The door was 200 feet from the car.

Jeff, had just finished putting the food in the trunk. he deiced to stand back and watch as The engine started of his bosses’ car, he heard the girl speak and then his boss had spoken…

Jeff, noticed it also the door in the roof.

Jeremy raped his hands around each yellow glowing sphere… The sphere changed color to a dark red… Glow.

He put his left feet in in petal that swiveled, then he put his other foot into the right one… And he tilted them towards each other the swiveling pedals 3 times an a wait an 2 more wen suddenly a strap embraced his feet… And at that moment the swiveling pedals glowed yellow.

Leeanna saw, this all while she looked at him wide eyed… He gently pulled his feet back some an tilted his foot then he relaxed it all the while he pulled the sphere’s towards himself… Once yellow sphere now turned red… The bar moved down and closer to himself… As he played with the sphere in both his hands…

The vehicle vibrated as the antigravity car slowly an surely, risen from its resting place.
“whoa!” Leeanna, said. She wasn’t expecting this!

The car risen more and more, she saw Jeremy, he handled it like a pro. the car swayed to the right, then forward, towards the roof door as it shot out of the doors at 56 degree slope.
Out they went as the doors slowly shut behind them. Leaving, Jeff, stunned. Candy, came, back to see Jeff. “I see, he didn’t fire you.” she nicely said.

“Good thing, you told me Candy. Being the new guy an all I almost blew it in front of the corporate boss.”

“Don’t mention it, Jeff. Besides, Jeff, I think you look cute, in a guy sort of way.” she smiled.
He spoke, while he felt full of himself now. “Well we better leave this area an You are right on that one. So Let’s go”

Leeanna, went shooting, out of the door in the roof. The massive steal doors, shut below her. All the while She looked to the left, a small crane was by the doors. And air conditioning units sat on the roof, littering it with, their presence.
“Leeanna, left or right straight?”

“Um… it’s that way!” She pointed, with her hands. Off they went. I didn’t know, they made flying cars, yet.
“They don’t Leeanna.”
“But how, do you have one then?”
“I have more than thought up here.” He was pointing to his head an smiling at Leeanna.

“Your smarts made it?”
“Na… actually, I bought it on another world.” Leeanna, Mistook that for a joke.
But he wasn’t joking. Where did you get it really?
“Oh this really, on a world like this, it just had flying cars and men with laser guns, running like wild men was all.”
“I see, you’re a joker and your joking with me.”

“Are you sheer about that?” He said.
Leeanna’s, feelings were strange, for this whole ordeal made her question, herself. She liked this guy yet something scream to her, about him. Maybe, he wasn’t joking, or he paid people to make this car.
I just don’t know. She, had, thought.

The car was buzzing, above the houses and buildings.

There! That’s my house! She happily said.
“Okay, in we go.”

The house was old, and it is a two story, five bedrooms, three bathrooms house. It’s door was painted green.
And it’s window shutters, were green, too. Leeanna, spoke, it’s not much to look at. And I bet compared to your place, this is a dump.
“Hey it’s fine it’s in the hart that matters! Same with you.” Awe. Thanks."
“Don’t mention it babe. I can call you something else if you like?”
"It is okay Jeremy. It was better than what the men, I caught cheating on me called me.
“How could men cheat on you? Then again, they could of not been mister right.”

“I never thought of it that, way before Jeremy. I guessed wrongly on men.”
“Well it’s like chemistry, you need to match in more ways than one.”

“Okay we are parked Leeanna.”

“Jeremy, That was fast.” She had said to him. Leeanna, unbuckled her seat belt. Jeremy, responded, as he unbuckled his seat belt, an turning off the car. “Ya! flying cars usual are.” Jeremy, watched, Leeanna get out of the car her model like frame was like to die for. She had a hour glass frame body. Hers was a 30 waist or was it 31 he couldn’t tell.

I hoped out the car, shutting my door. And I grabbed two bags of her groceries. She had one. I fallowed, her slowly, into her place. The path winded around trees an shrubs.

Leeanna, put her key in the lock, operating the lock and opening the door. As her emotions an thoughts went flying. “I hope, he likes my place.” It was dark, by now, inside her place. Jeremy, was flowing behind her. And into the dark, that was. her house. “Ware is that dang switch?” she fumbled, with her hands, “found it.” she yelled.

flip! on went the lights, they illuminated her living room. “Watch out…! Jeremy!” There was stuff all over her floor. Clothing, strewn every ware! Book’s lay open on her desk and coffee table, by her couch.
Stuff every ware! I now know whey, either she’s lazy. Maybe, she doesn’t have time to clean up, her place. He thought.

If, she’s is the lazy type, I am surprised, how clean she is. “I hope this stuff doesn’t bug you.” she said.

“Na, no not too much.” He had noticed the kitchen was full of stuff, too. I decided to ask her, “Do you want to wear these bags set on?”
“Oh, set them on the table.” It was a mess. She noticed, my looking at the stuff. “I can’t seam, to have time to clean my place.” she told him.

A cluttered life.

Chapter 3

Leeanna, was just lazy, she had time, yet her feeling on the matter were like whey bother. And yet here, she was keeping her body in shape, an also real clean.
So she seems to have, some motivation, some! And the of maybes an thought’s of staying single, they bugged her greatly. Or her bad habits, they drove guy’s she was with, could be even loved anyways, in the process causing her, to eventually, get cheated on. He just didn’t know.

But he did think, that was a plus for him. Her habits meant, if she ever did phase two that-is. Leeanna, would be perfect to mold to his perfect girl. She had of the personally, he liked in Melissa. But just some habits he wanted to change of her’s.

“So what are we making,” I asked, Leeanna.
“Well I have been thinking, something Asian, since you seam to like that.”

“Okay do you need me to help?”
“Na, Jeremy I can handle it. You can just relax.”
“Okay, I’ll do that Leeanna.”

Jeremy, he left her to do her thing, She went into a frenzy on the diner. And I just looked around.

I was looking in the hallways an dining room I noticed first-off was that they were were spotless no junk, she must be less of a lazy person then I thought originally. And The bathroom’s were spotless too. I noticed, she had several rooms with clutter galore. Now, I’m sensing a pattern here. Leeanna, seams to-be, a pack rat more-so then a lazy person I’m seeing it. Her Being particularly lazy in some area of her personality, I noticed. At the end, of one hall way picture’s hung. It Looks like, Leeanna, never had any brother’s just sisters from the pictures, I looked at of her.
From what, I can tell, about her, Leeanna…
Leeanna, she is the oldest sibling. I could tell Her family, all has the same colored eyes, all but her father.

Leeanna, has her issues, like we all do and her human, nature it was very, apparent to him. She was the one, his future wife, maybe someday. now, He wanted to know her more. Before, he took measures to-make her his wife And him her’s, joined as one, in love. Jeremy, was thinking, that as he headed, back to the kitchen.

Leeanna, had a burette, in her hair now. And She was just, finishing it up as Jeremy walked into the kitchen. “Smells good, what you making?”

"It’s rice with chicken, plus veggies with noodles and some stir-fry. Leeanna Stopped, to smile big before she talked more. “You came, when I was just done.”

“Okay, do you need me to help?”

“I am fine, I can do it.” She instanced, While she was staring at her new boyfriend, Jeremy.

She was determined, to make him food, so he let her do it. Plus, not to get her mad or anything.

She set the food on the clean dining room table, all the while she saw Jeremy waiting patiently, for her.
Once she was done she sat down.

“So, Jeremy, eat up, enjoy!” Leeanna’s face was beaming happiness, she couldn’t help but not smile an blush the whole time. Her demeanor, said it all. She, was determined, very much to make, our time special. She did, and we both had a blast. Later on I finally found out what’s with all the clutter. She is a shopper, writing detailed reports on products for a magazine on shopping. “So let me guess, you buy from more-zoes.”
“Yep! I do Jeremy. Since most of the stuff you sell is found on the Internet new that is my company buys the products and I test and review them and I get to keep the stuff .”

I asked, because my mind was getting, curious. “So, you do it for pleasure or the money-part?”

“Jeremy, It’s both actually.” She was noticing his thinking deeply, on her words. Maybe, I got him stuck on what to ask me next, She thought deeply. Some things there to that question an it’s probably interesting to him. He most have another reason for asking me. I for one can see it, in his eyes.

Jeremy’s thought’s raced. She can be paid, or secretly try stuff, to get her to like it! or do it because, I asked. Her. Humm…, She definitely, is the one, he wanted and He definitely could get her to love, stuff done to her.

Leeanna, could tell! He was looking, wanting something. For it was either sexually or physically, for the signs were there, even though it is, very bold to her mind Leeanna ignored it! For she was determined, for this relationship to work, period.
Her main In the Hopes it would to lead to marriage an maybe, eventually kids. In her hart She felt obligated to make him her man. Even though, she barley knew him, she liked him immensely. She was still fed-up with all the men that left her alone.
All her sisters gave up on her ever getting married. Leeanna felt alone and the whole world was crashing down on her. She was still eating as some drops of tears dropped from her face. She craved love, badly hence, her attaching to the first nice guy to her.

“What’s wrong Leeanna? Your crying.”
“I can’t help it sometimes, the loneliness it gets to you.” She grabbed, a napkin drying her tears.
“But I am here, you’re not along.”
“This is true…” Leeanna said, as she looked at him trying to hold back the tears.

I noticed, she tried to crack a smile at me, while she paused, eating her food. Her body language, was all over her body! So much so I had trouble, reading her body language.

Leeanna, was a woman an had different desires as men do and it showed, sporadically that night.

Jeremy, was kissing, her good night and told her ware to find him. He headed back to the store, after a-fun night out. His mind raced on thoughts in the end he had decided to flat out do, some changes, to the store.
He had this world in his grasps and He could change anything in it. yet, he decided not to, But later he would, the store that was changing things. The roof door to more-zoes, started closing on him, as he slowly landed in his parking spot.

Candy, and many other employees noticed the sounds for their boss was back.

Jeremy, opened the vortex while in more-zoes. He Going back, to his world, the world of Melissa.

The room was starting to get darker as the sun was going down. Jeremy, saved that world, triple backing up all his data. His world with Leeanna.

Jeremy, got fed up with wall-mart being in his world. So he made it go bankrupt in it. Then backing up his world, again. He went to sleep, In his nice, soft bed, trying to forget Melissa. Even though, still there she was, in his dreams. It bugged him, he couldn’t get her, out of his mind. With all his hurts from her.

“Jeremy, this is Melissa pick up the phone…! Answer me… You are worrying me. Are you okay…?” The recording, played back to me, as I listened to it.
Melissa, was concerned for me. Yet she does all those invisible stabbings in my hart. I wish, she either love’s me or hates me, not do both. My hart felt torn. Yet even though, Leeanna lived in a fictional world. A copied world of mine come, alive! Thanks to The Kasarie bridge. My hart’s finally starting to heal. So I want, her to love me, also later she’s coming to my world. Leeanna!

Melissa, was frantic. Jeremy, never not answered, his calls.
She came, rushing over to his place. Nothing, it’s dark with no lights on, it hit her. Maybe, he’s with his relatives, visiting them. She thought, He never gave, her his relatives numbers or address, knowing how she felt about him. So, he never bothered, to give it to her.

Jeremy, let her stew, over missing him. She stabbed his hart, almost to many times.

In he went back into the world. He started enjoying his Leeanna in it. He still had to go over many plans. He thought, he was rested. He had paused, the world as he slept in his. He decided to go back to his world an sleep, more. Once he felt all rested up. And plans on what next. He was ready to face that world.


Chapter 4

Leeanna, woke up to a spring in her step. She defiantly felt he was her one. Her guy, her man her an future lover. She went to work writing detailed reports on the items as she was told to do a report on. The hours stacked on till she finished up her last bit of data. Her mind raced, as she thought, of the many ways. She could win over all his love. So, she just got ready, calling the company, waiting.
Jeremy, had it all ready, making some someone pickup his girl. And even using a threat of bodily harm, if someone hurt her.

Leeanna, came a employ picked up her dropping her off, without harm.

Leeanna, came into the store, surprise was in the air. Something she saw, didn’t make sense. The massive store that was having an Mega-Sale, celebrating wall-mart, it’s competition it hated. Due to its corrupt way of supporting slavery, went bankrupt!
more-zoes was having! A unclutching sale! Store wide! 60% off. It was not what, had gotten her attention. It was the massive, three story tall, support beams going in. Wow! Now, what is Jeremy up to? She, thought.
She never really, noticed it till, now. This place had huge, roof space. You could use flying cars in here, now that, I think of it, I am impressed! Very nice.

Leeanna, grabbed ride on a newly added tram. She never had time, to see the hole store. It was so big it was stretching 10 miles square. The store installed, over night. Some new cutting edge power generators. The store now ran 100% for-ever on magnetic turbine mortars. And wind mills generating power on the roof. She went to the center of the store there stood the remodel plans.

Leeanna, now understood why the extra beams. The support for the wind mills was needed. But what got, her attention, was a device, marked power. Five times bigger, it was not magnetic, it was cubic in shape. And black all the lights an heater’s power came from it. The rest gave, the registers, trams power. It ran on the other power. Oddly enough, it was unmarked.
Areas in the store were being re-molded. She noticed, that the store, was being put, into different areas. The store had not one, but three floors. The hole store was going to be remodeled on-top of two floors added. What shocked, her was the completing time, days not months. She couldn’t find Jeremy anywhere. Yet, she saw massive, cranes three to a post. Raising them into place. She saw a job, a crane unlike anything she ever saw. There were massive beams, coming out of special doors, in the roof. Cranes lowered them, as other cranes moved them in the air!
With lasers beams. Grabbing, the beams, holding them in place. While men on scaffolding, welded them, to the newly added beams. For the second an third floor, plus the roof. My God! Laser beams! What next, men running around, shooting each other, Just like he said!

The store was saving it’s space until, now. The men had put the beams in. In record time. All thanks to the technology. Jeremy, used to get the stuff, there on time. He instated, an technology exchange, with another world. The men all were of this world. The failed wall-mart employees, now. Worked for him, the good guys. And other construction company’s too…

Leeanna noticed, that the blocked off areas were later on. They were the coming the elevator’s, stair’s and moving stairs all going in. And what struck. As odd, there were rooms going up, All over the massive store marked changing rooms. An very few bath rooms, few If any added more. Next to them.
What got her attention, too. Was that there were thee floors. An a new specialty areas coming soon. What shocked, her was the third. what she could make out it was a fetish floor. Now the 21+ clothing area. And stuff adult related, all but the beverages was going there. It took up one forth, the third floor. Rest of it was unknown, coming soon.

The secondary, floor had some food shops. coming in it company, owned. the furniture and incontinent Ill’s took up the rest. Plus, some soon coming cloth diaper section, now selling. And making department section.
The lower area, the electronic area, was expanding. And the food section was, too. Medical moved more into the center first floor. And the second floor section. She noticed on the plans.

Leeanna felt frustrated! Yet, she understood, her boyfriend was a busy man, so she Just decided to watch the work. For nothing was like it. The seed an procession It was done, at marveled, her mind. In mere hours she was there. She saw the basic support frame go into both to all three levels of added weight. Next, she watch thousands of people poured into the place. On scaffolding they went. The floors began to be framed in. All the while people poured into the store, buying up stuff, on the Uncluttering sale. The store was a mess, organized mess.

Leeanna, just stood, watching as hole areas were wiped clean! from shoppers. Waiting, apparently ages for this, rare special sale. She stood stunned and feeling awed watching mothers an fathers fighting, like it was Christmas rush! All the while the store was going to expand up to two extra floors.

Leeanna decided, she’d head to the clothing section an get that dress before it was gone. She could afford the price now because of the sale.
And when she got to area she was shocked, the racks of the dresses were all gone!

“No!” She yelled, as she was still, trying to get her breath. She had collapsed, from running to the section that had the dress she had wanted. She had both hands an knees, on the floor. She decided, to go to the furniture section an lay down on a couch. When she reached one and laid down on it Leeanna dozed off, from her running an disappointment.

Jeremy, had returned, from his sleeping in his world.
Out of the vortex he came, turning off the key.

I decided, to change the store. Seeing how Leeanna was living gave me an ideas on what I’m going to do. I would have that rare UN-cluttering sale, this store does sometimes. I am going to upgrade this store. My plans will work, better this way! But first, I need to lay out some new work, needs and future wants. I will go to work, now. He, smiled, feeling giddy, his plan will work. He thought as he walked, towards the door.

Candy, was the furniture manager and She decided, to get to her job early, she was changing into uniform on once again, at the employ lounge.
As Candy finished up she heard a sound coming from her bosses storage room for his cars it was also where special stuff was stored. Behind both a thumb print scanner an key pad.

The tuck pad made it’s noises. “Beep!” “Beep!” “Boop!” “Beep click!”

She, got up running, to check on the door. Out walked her boss.

Jeremy, he looked into her eyes and spoke nicely with a smile, he told her what was on his mind. “Oh, Hi Candy! Your just the person. I wanted to see.” he pulled out an paper.