The Trio

Chapter 1

It was the last class of the day. “Band Class!” Lizzy thought to herself, rushing to leave her Social Studies class, to get to a class she actually enjoyed.

Elizabeth Dyck, known as “Lizzy” to almost everyone, had moved to town with her mother, two sisters, and brother a few months ago. Lizzy was shorter than most of the girls in her grade, and, because of her shy, introverted nature, she had not yet made many friends at school.

Lizzy’s locker was on the way to band class. Stopping at her locker, she grabbed her music, and her oboe. She was the only oboe player in her band class, and in fact, the school. Back at her old school, Lizzy had tried several instruments, before selecting the oboe to play in band in the next grade. It had a melancholy tone which Lizzy related to. At the time she had chosen the oboe, her parents had just split up, and her Mom was talking about moving away and getting a fresh start. Lizzy, being quiet and shy, hadn’t made many friends at her old school. Her brother, Dustin, had been mercilessly teased and bullied, and, more so than Lizzy, looked forward to the move. Lizzy’s other sisters, Jodi and Katelyn, however, were moving away from their long-time friends, and were upset by the move. Jodi had managed to make friends quickly upon arriving in their new town, but Katelyn, who could be stand-offish, was struggling.

It was December, a few days before the band class would perform in their first Christmas concert. Lizzy’s beginner Grade 7 band class was going to perform five easy Christmas songs to start the concert. Lizzy was nervous, since her band teacher, Mr. Spielman, seated her front and center, between the flutes and clarinets. Being front and center was not in Lizzy’s nature, and gave her anxiety.

Thankfully, the two girls who sat next to her in band class were friendly enough. Corrine Van den Berg was, like Lizzy, shorter and shy for her age. They could relate, in that neither wanted to be front and center, but took comfort they were there together. On Lizzy’s other side, Jerrah King played clarinet. She had learned clarinet from her father, and was well ahead of the class. Lizzy and Corrine looked to her for leadership.

Mr. Spielman liked to start class five minutes after the first bell. This gave the students enough time to assemble their instruments, and warm up a little.

Tap, Tap, Tap , Mr. Spielman rapped on his music stand with his baton. Normally, he would begin class by tuning the band, playing a B-flat on a nearby piano. Today, however, he had planned on something different.

“Bob,” Mr. Spielman said, talking to the tuba player. “Can you play a B-flat for us?”

Bob tried, but the pitch was significantly flat, which Mr. Spielman heard, and saw on his tuner.

“Push your mouthpiece in a bit please, Bob,” Mr. Spielman instructed. Bob did, and as he played the note again, Mr. Spielman turned his tuner around in his hand so Bob could see. Still a bit flat.

“A bit more, Bob,” he encouraged. Bob played the note again, and a clear green light showed at the centre of the tuner.

“Until now, I’ve played B-flat on the piano, so we could try tuning our instruments,” Mr. Spielman explained. “Most bands, as they learn, choose a low-pitched instrument to tune to. Today, we are going to learn to tune our instruments to Bob. I can’t bring the piano into our Christmas concert, so we will spend a few minutes learning this skill every day in class from now on. Bob, play B-flat again.”

Bob played B-Flat continuously, while Mr. Spielman went around the band class, asking each instrument group to try to tune to Bob’s note. He worked from the lower-pitched instruments at the back of the class, then up toward the front row.

“I nearly forgot Lizzy,” Mr. Spielman remarked, kindly, after the flutes and clarinets had been tuned. Lizzy played a slightly sharp note, and was told to pull her reed out a bit. Lizzy didn’t want to go too far, so it took several attempts to adjust the reed so the instrument played in tune. She was embarrassed, hearing her classmates talk about how much time she took.

“You were closer than Bob was to begin with,” Jerrah whispered, encouragingly.

Mr. Spielman, having finished tuning the band, started running through the five Christmas songs they were going to play at the concert. They were all simple songs they all knew from singing them in elementary school. They had spent nearly half the class tuning, and the class itself was only 50 minutes long. After playing the Christmas songs, and with a few minutes left in the class, Mr. Spielman let them start putting away their instruments. It took Lizzy, Corrine, and Jerrah only a minute to put away their small instruments, which gave them some time to talk.

“I wish I wasn’t the only oboe,” Lizzy said, wishfully. “It’s tough playing by yourself.”

“True, but you can’t get annoyed when your sectionmates play wrong notes,” Jerrah explained, rolling her eyes while talking about the other, less adept clarinet players. Jerrah was also one of the smartest people in their grade, which gave her a general sense of confidence. It didn’t, however, help her make friends, since she was also labeled a know-it-all.

“I’m glad I get to play in a large section,” Corrine said. “I’d be nervous if I had to play alone.”

“Tell me about it,” Lizzy replied, acknowledging it was difficult.

The last bell rang, and Lizzy headed back to her locker, before heading home. Jerrah followed Lizzy to her locker.

“So, I was wondering, with you being new to town, if you wanted to come over to my place tonight after supper? I think we live close to each other. I live in the house three doors behind the gift shop, with the hedge,” Jerrah blurted out quickly and nervously.

Lizzy lived in the apartment above a quiet gift shop on main street. Jerrah had probably seen Lizzy going home a few times while going home herself. “I live in the apartment above the gift shop,” Lizzy replied, quietly, not knowing how Jerrah would react. It was a great apartment, but an unusual place to live.

“Neat,” Jerrah replied. “Do you get to play in the store after hours?”

“No,” Lizzy explained. “We have a separate entrance at the back. I like my new home. It’s large, and quiet. No loud neighbors like back in the city.”

“Do you like it here?” Jerrah asked.

“Yah,” Lizzy replied, shyly. “I wasn’t sure how starting over would be, in a small place like this. I just like how I can do my thing, and nobody bugs me. Most people leave me alone, and I’m OK with that.”

“I’m not bugging you, am I?” Jerrah asked. She wanted to be friends with Lizzy, and didn’t want to do something that would discourage Lizzy from becoming her friend.

“No,” Lizzy replied. “I’m glad when I can talk with you and Corrine. It’s been a bit lonely.”

“Well, let me know if you can come over tonight.” Jerrah gave Lizzy her number, and started walking home.

“Can I walk home with you?” Lizzy asked.

“Sure!” Jerrah replied, more certain she was making a new friend.

It was a 10-minute walk from the school to the street the girls lived on. Lizzy and Jerrah talked about Lizzy’s family on the walk home. Jerrah didn’t know that Jodi, in grade 8, was Lizzy’s sister. Lizzy’s other two siblings, Dustin and Katelyn, were still in elementary school. Lizzy’s mother, Helen Dyck, had picked them up from their school, which was farther away, before she needed to go to work at Mario’s Pizza, as a waitress.

“I thought your mom might be the waitress my Uncle Mario hired,” Jerrah answered, smiling.

“Your Uncle’s Mario!” Lizzy exclaimed. “He’s so nice to my family!”

“Well, he said your mom’s had a tough time, and he wanted your family to feel welcome,” Jerrah explained.

“It was tough at first, but we got used to being here,” Lizzy explained. “My Dad made sure we had the support we need, including a great place to live. And Mom makes more money here, since the restaurant is busier, and she makes more tips. Everyone except my sister Katelyn likes this town better.”

“That’s good,” Jerrah said, now in front of her house. “You have my number. Call me. I’m free after 6:00.” Jerrah waved goodbye, and entered her house.

Jerrah had heard her Uncle Mario talk about his new waitress and her family, that had moved to town. “There are four kids,” her uncle explained to Jerrah at Thanksgiving. “Three girls and a boy. The oldest girl is a little older than you. And one girl is younger than you. ‘Hard-headed and stubborn,’ her mother says. The boy is youngest, at 9. He’s already made some good friends who like camping and the outdoors,” her Uncle finished.

“I thought there were three girls, Uncle Mario?” Jerrah asked.

“Oh, right,” Jerrah’s uncle corrected himself. “Helen said Lizzy had just gone into grade 7, like you! She’s very shy, though. As strong as her older sister is, Lizzy is timid. Helen also said Lizzy doesn’t seem to want to grow up. Helen said she had to protect and comfort her, and Lizzy still wants to be comforted, like she was little.”

After her Uncle had described Lizzy, Jerrah knew exactly who he was talking about. Lizzy was a bit strange. At school, she wore less mature clothing with kids designs, occasionally even wearing a dress, like she was going to Sunday School or something. She was shorter than almost all the girls in school, and wore her hair in pigtails or braids, like she better belonged in kindergarten. Jerrah initially thought Lizzy was strange too, but Lizzy’s childlike innocence had grown on Jerrah.

Jerrah had been an only child, until three years ago. Her mother had remarried, and her step-father and mother had a new baby. Both her mother and step-father were kind, and loved Jerrah, but it wasn’t the same now that her little sister Jenny was part of her family. Jerrah hadn’t been expected to take care of the baby, but she did occasionally help feed and diaper Jenny when she wanted. Jerrah loved her little sister, but was a little jealous of the attention her sister was getting. Her parents had always pushed Jerrah to achieve, and being pushed all the time was starting to wear on Jerrah. She envied her sister Jenny, for the carefree life she had. Jenny got to play or watch TV all day. Her parents fed and dressed Jenny, and gave her lots of new toys to keep her busy and help her learn. Jenny was even potty trained now, aside from accidents at night. Jerrah and Jenny shared a room, and Jerrah sometimes helped Jenny get ready for bed. Jerrah would lay her sister on the changing table, and powder and diaper her, before choosing a cute outfit for her to wear to bed. It reminded Jerrah of how her parents had gotten her ready for bed, until she turned eight.

“Trade you places,” Jerrah thought to herself.


Great start. I am glad you have decided to share the story. Will be interesting g to see where this goes. It seems so far the two girls are the main roles in the story so far. Based on the title I am guessing there is a third that will be introduced. That was also a creative way of saying Jerrah wore diapers to bed until she was eight.

Some of this comes off a bit flat—pardon the band pun—and info-dumpy, but I did enjoy it overall. I’m curious about something though: I always thought that, if a band had a oboe, that instrument was the default for tuning. Why isn’t Lizzy playing the starting note?

It depends on the band. I went with how my intro band tuned, for right or wrong. You are right, however, in that most orchestras, and some bands, tune to the oboe. With Lizzy being a beginner, and the oboe a relativly difficult instrument, I played it safe and let Bob do the honours.

Looks promising, thanks for sharing

Interesting start to this. I agree that some of it got a bit dumpy at the beginning. I didn’t register some of the initial information easily because it was all slammed at once. I think the story is off to a good start though, and hope to see another chapter soon! (Band nerds rule by the way! Not enough abdl stories with band in them :grinning: )

I like it so far

Chapter 2

Lizzy was soon at the back door of her family’s apartment. After entering the landing and climbing the stairs, Lizzy opened the door to their living room.

“Hi, Lizzy,” her mother greeter her. “How was your day?”

“Good. Only a little math homework,” she explained.

“How was band?” her mother asked, knowing Lizzy either liked or hated the class, depending on the day.

“Pretty good,” Lizzy began. “We are learning to tune our instruments to the note the Tuba plays,” she explained.

“Would buying you a tuner help?” her mother asked. Jodi played French horn, and had a tuner already.

“Please!” Lizzy replied, knowing it had helped Jodi.

“Alright then. Tomorrow, when I go to the city,” Her Mom replied. There was no music shop in their small town. “I need to be at work soon. Anything else?”

Lizzy remembered Jerrah’s offer to visit her house. “You remember Jerrah, the clarinet player I told you about?” Lizzy said.

“A bit of a know-it-all?” her mother replied.

“A bit,” Lizzy replied, not denying what she had told her mother after first meeting Jerrah. “Well, she’s been nicer to me lately, and asked if I wanted to come over to her house, around 6:00 tonight. Can I, Mom?”

“You know the rule. If you finish your homework, you can play with your new friend,” Mrs. Dyck replied.

“Mom, I’m 13! We don’t play. We ‘hang out’,” Lizzy explained.

“Alright then. Have fun,” her mother said, grabbing her keys. “Bye,” she said, before leaving the house for the short walk to work.

Lizzy’s older sister Jodi had heard the conversation. In one way, she was glad Lizzy would be out of the house. “One less kid to manage,” she thought, even though Lizzy was 13. In another way, Jodi hoped Lizzy might at some point start helping look after her younger siblings, giving Jodi a chance to meet her friends sometimes in the evenings, when their Mom worked.

Lizzy went to her room, and started her homework. Lizzy was good at math, and the algebra questions were quickly solved. Lizzy wanted to look good for when she went over to Jerrah’s house, so she put on her nicest jeans, and a more mature pink top.

Jodi was still working on her homework in her room, and Dustin and Katelyn were playing Super Nintendo. Dustin had saved his allowance, and bought himself a new game, called Mortal Kombat . Lizzy decided she should practice her oboe, and closed the door to her room again. She had only been in band class for a few months, so she only knew a few songs, and a few scales. Her siblings, at least, were happier today since she was in tune, and the oboe wasn’t as loud as Jodi’s French Horn. The giftshop owners below their apartment had asked Jodi not to practice until after they closed, at 5:00, because of the noise. Lizzy was bored of practicing after 15 minutes, and put her instrument away in her backpack.

“I wonder if Jerrah would want me to bring my oboe?” Lizzy thought. Then, Lizzy remembered she should phone Jerrah, and confirm she was coming over.

“Hello?” Jerrah said, answering the phone, after anxiously waiting to see if Lizzy would call.

“Hi Jerrah,” Lizzy said, recognizing Jerrah’s voice. “I can come over at 6:00.”

“Great,” Jerrah replied. “Is it alright if I’m babysitting tonight? My Mom and Dad were asked to help with something at the church, and I need to watch my sister Jenny.”

“I’ve thought about starting to babysit, to make some extra money,” Lizzy said. “How old is Jenny?”

“Three,” Jerrah replied. “I’d love some company. I’m only 12, and this is only the third time I’ve babysat Jenny. Are diapers OK? She’s potty trained, except at night.”

“That’s fine,” Lizzy replied. “It’s part of the job.”

“Great!” Jerrah answered. “See you at 6:00,” she finished, hanging up the phone.

Lizzy was excited to help out with babysitting. She didn’t have a reputation for maturity, but maybe after helping Jerrah a few times, her reputation might improve.

It was 5:00 now, so Jodi set the table and warmed some leftover lasagna in the oven. At 5:20, they sat at the dinner table, said grace, and helped themselves. Lizzy ate quickly, and brushed her teeth in case supper got stuck in her teeth. She wanted to set a good impression.

6:00 came slowly. Normally, Lizzy would be drawing or working on a craft of some type to keep her busy. But, she didn’t want to start anything if she was heading over to Jerrah’s house soon. Eventually, it was near 6:00, and Lizzy said goodbye to her siblings, beginning the short walk to Jerrah’s house.

Right at 6:00, Lizzy rang the doorbell. Mrs. King answered the door.

“Hello, you must be Lizzy?” both asking and greeting Lizzy.

“I’m Lizzy Dyck, ma’am,” Lizzy replied, shyly.

“What a polite young lady. I’m glad to meet you,” Mrs. King continued. “My husband and I are about to leave for the evening, and Jerrah knows how to reach us. You don’t mind that she’s babysitting Jenny?” she asked.

“No ma’am. Jerrah told me,” Lizzy replied.

“Good. Well, I hope you two have fun. Just don’t wake Jenny. We’ll be back before 10:00,” Mrs. King explained.

“We’ll be good,” Jerrah replied.

“I hope so,” her mother said, stepping out of the house, and leaving the two girls in charge.

“Jenny is in the living room, if you want to meet her?” Jerrah asked.

“I’d love to,” Lizzy replied, with enthusiasm.

Jenny was a cute little blonde-haired blue-eyed preschooler, absorbed with watching cartoons on the TV.

“Jenny, this is Lizzy. We’re both going to watch you while Mom and Dad are away,” Jerrah explained.

“Hi Lizzy!” Jenny said, enthusiastically getting out of her chair, walking over, and hugging Lizzy’s waist.

“Hi kiddo!” she said back. “Are you having fun watching cartoons?”

“I like Bugs Bunny!” Jenny replied, eagerly.

“I like Bugs Bunny too! Let’s watch cartoons,” Lizzy answered, encouragingly.

Lizzy sat on the floor, next to Lizzy’s little foam armchair. They were about the same height off the ground. Jerrah sat on an armchair nearby, watching the pair. Lizzy was really playing down to Jenny’s level, and Jenny liked Lizzy.

After a half hour of cartoons, Jenny started making a sucking sound with her lips. “She wants her pacifier,” Jerrah explained, going to Jenny’s drawer to get a selection. Jerrah knew Jenny liked to choose. Jerrah came back into the living room with three pacifiers; blue, green, and pink.

“Green pwease,” Jenny requested, and Jerrah gave her the green pacifier. Jenny stuck it in her mouth, and started sucking. After a few minutes, Jenny looked drowsy, and by 7:00, she was asleep.

“Time for bed,” Jerrah told Lizzy. Jerrah carried her sister to their room, and laid her on the changing table. “I need to get her undressed. Can you gently take off her shirt?” Jerrah asked, while working on the lower half of her sister’s outfit. Soon, Jenny was undressed.

“It’s time for her diaper,” Jerrah said, reaching under the table and bringing out a cloth diaper, plastic pants, and some baby powder. Jerrah powdered her sister, afterward placing and pinning the cloth diaper. The plastic pants were last.

“That went well,” Jerrah said. “Getting her into her pyjamas while she’s asleep is a bit tricky, though.” They were warm, footed pyjamas with a zipper at the back. The girls placed Jenny’s arms and legs in the pyjamas, then Jerrah picked Jenny up, cuddling her, while Lizzy did up her zipper. “If she doesn’t wear these, she tries to take off her diaper at night,” Jerrah explained. “She doesn’t like cloth diapers.”

Jerrah carefully put her sister into her crib, ready for the night. She and Lizzy watched Jenny sleep for a few minutes, before Jerrah spoke. “Some days I wish I could be her; not a care in the world, and looked after and loved in every detail. Do you wish you could be her age?” Jerrah asked Lizzy.

“It would be so nice! Playing all day. No homework. No chores. Just loved and pampered,” Lizzy answered, happily agreeing.

“Well, maybe not Pampered,” Jerrah said. “I don’t really want to be back in diapers.”

“If you got all the love, attention, and freedom Jenny has, and only had to wear a diaper at night, like her, would you make that trade?” Lizzy asked.

“Would you?” Jerrah asked Lizzy.

“I would,” Lizzy replied, matter of factly.

“Yah, right,” Jerrah answered. “Like you would wear a diaper? You’re older than me.”

“Is that a dare,” Lizzy responded.

“OK, it’s a dare,” Jerrah called Lizzy’s bluff.

“Get two diaper pins and a bath towel,” Lizzy doubled down.

Jerrah thought about this for a moment. “This is silly. You can’t wear a diaper. You don’t want to wear a diaper, at your age?”

“I don’t want to,” Lizzy replied. “But what if someone our age needed diapers, like Jenny, for nighttime? What about them?”

“If they need diapers, sure. But who still needs diapers at our age?” Jerrah asked.

“Umm,” Lizzy slowly responded, “I do.”


nice cliff hanger for the end. This is quite an enjoyable story.

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Enjoying so far!

Chapter 3

Jerrah needed a minute to absorb what Lizzy had told her. She tried to respond to what Lizzy had just said, but after a few attempts at replying, only confused gibberish had come out of Jerrah’s mouth so far.

Lizzy was a bedwetter, and had been all her life. It had also taken her until she was nearly 4 to potty train, because of her underdeveloped body. Both Lizzy and her brother, Dustin, still wet the bed. To manage their bedwetting, they wore either cloth or disposable diapers every night, to keep their beds dry.

Lizzy was more than a diaper-wearing bedwetter, though. She took comfort in acting younger than she was, remembering back to when she didn’t have school or other responsibilities. She still liked colouring books, even though her siblings had grown out of them. She liked to wear cute shirts and pants with childish designs on them, like she wore to daycare. When she was upset or stressed, she regressed to an even younger age, sucking on pacifiers, playing with toddler toys, and staying in diapers during the day, if her mother let her. Lizzy’s mother knew Lizzy was timid and sensitive, and regressing to an age she felt comfortable with had helped Lizzy cope with her loneliness and anxiety. Her sister Jodi understood this, and helped Lizzy be little, when Lizzy wanted or needed. Her brother Dustin thought Lizzy was weird, but left her alone. Her sister Katelyn, however, didn’t like that her older sister pretended to be a toddler. Lizzy was older than her, and Katelyn found Lizzy’s behavior embarrassing.

Lizzy patiently waited for Jerrah to form her thoughts. She had not told another girl her age that she wore diapers for bedwetting, since she told her friend Sarah when she was 9. Sarah seemed to accept it at first, but Lizzy also started regressing in front of Sarah, wanting a playmate during her little time. It was too much for Sarah, and she stopped playing with Lizzy. Lizzy hadn’t had a friend as close as Sarah since, and had learned to play alone, or with her siblings.

Jerrah finally managed to form a thought. “You wear diapers? To bed? You wet the bed?” came out in quick succession, perhaps a little loudly. Jenny stirred in her crib.

“We should go back to the living room and let Jenny sleep. I’ll tell you everything there,” Lizzy said, not knowing if telling Jerrah one of her biggest secrets had been a good idea. Jerrah understood, and the girls left Jenny to sleep in her bedroom, and went and sat down on the loveseat in the living room.

They sat for a minute. Lizzy was as nervous as Jerrah had been, and she took a minute before answering Jerrah’s question. Jerrah waited patiently, like Lizzy had with her.

“I still wet the bed. I always have, every night,” Lizzy began, starting to tear up, afraid Jerrah would make fun of her. “I wear diapers, like Jenny, to keep my bed dry.”

“Like, just like Jenny? A cloth diaper and plastic pants?” Jerrah asked, trying to picture what that would look like on Lizzy.

“Sometimes,” Lizzy replied, quietly.

“What about the rest of the time?” Jerrah asked, becoming curious.

“I sometimes wear disposable diapers.” Lizzy explained. “They are made for kids our age, and don’t have baby cartoons on them,” she added, defensively.

“They make diapers for kids our age?” Jerrah wondered out loud. When she still wet the bed four years ago, she had almost outgrown the largest Pampers her mother could buy.

“U huh,” Lizzy confirmed. “And plastic pants, too.”

“But why do you still wear diapers?” Jerrah asked. “Doesn’t your Mom think your too old for them?”

“I wear them because I need them,” Lizzy explained. “It’s not about how old I am. It’s about getting a good night’s sleep, and waking up dry in the morning.”

Jerrah understood what Lizzy was telling her. She had had a few accidents since she stopped wetting the bed, and the wet sheets felt awful. She would get out of bed, and ask her parents to change her sheets, even in the middle of the night.

“So, you don’t mind wearing diapers to bed?” Jerrah asked.

“I don’t,” Lizzy replied. “Mom or my sister Jodi powder and change me into my night diaper every night, which feels nice, and special, and….”

“Your Mom still puts you in diapers!?” Jerrah asked. “Like we just did to Jenny?”

“U huh,” Lizzy answered, meekly. “I’m not very good at putting on my own diaper, and it’s like special time for Mom and I, since she’s always gotten me ready for bed the same way, since I was little.”

Jerrah missed how her parents used to coddle her before Jenny was born. She also didn’t mind being diapered before bedtime, except that the Pampers were becoming embarrassing by the time she was 8.

“Can I tell you a secret?” Jerrah whispered to Lizzy.

“OK?” Lizzy responded, curious about what Jerrah was going to tell her.

“I used to wear diapers to bed until I was 8,” Jerrah admitted.

“Cloth diapers, like Jenny?” Lizzy asked.

“Mom says they used to be mine,” Jerrah acknowledged. “But, when I started going to school, Mom put me in Pampers, so she wouldn’t have to do laundry. It was a little embarrassing,” Jerrah admitted.

“I sometimes wore Pampers or Huggies until I was 9,” Lizzy admitted. She was still relatively small, and bigger diapers hadn’t fit her until she grew a bit. “I didn’t mind, though.”

“You didn’t mind that Pampers were for babies, and had baby designs?” Jerrah asked.

“I don’t mind baby or kid designs,” Lizzy confessed. “I like remembering when I was little, when I could play all day, and Mom and Dad took care of everything. I just got to be me, and was loved for being me.”

“I don’t remember that much about being little,” Jerrah told Lizzy. “But, watching how my Mom and Step-Dad give Jenny most of the attention, and watching Jenny do what she wants all day, makes me jealous. I wish I could just play like her all day, and know someone else would take care of me. My Mom and Step-Dad push me so hard for good grades, it would be nice to just put all my stress and commitments away, and be like Jenny for a while. Three and care-free.”

Lizzy was starting to get excited about the way Jerrah was talking. How badly did Jerrah want to be little and care-free, like Lizzy pretended to be sometimes?

“Would you really want to be and act 3, like Jenny?” Lizzy asked.

“It’s better than being her stressed-out 12-year-old babysitter,” Jerrah complained.

“So, yes?” Lizzy asked.

“Yes,” Jerrah said, resolutely.

“If you want, we could play House,” Lizzy offered. “You could be Jenny, and I could be you. You could see what it’s like, being Jenny.”

Jerrah had wanted to be happy and care-free like Jenny for a long time, but hadn’t thought much about pretending to be her.

“OK, but if I want to stop, we can, right?” Jerrah asked.

“Of course,” Lizzy affirmed.

“Alright,” Jerrah said, still not sure, but a little excited to try.

“I’m your babysitter now,” Lizzy explained. “And I think you’re dressed a bit too grown up, little girl,” Lizzy told Jerrah. “Let’s see what else you have to wear. Just don’t wake Jenny.”

The girls went back into Jenny and Jerrah’s bedroom. Jenny was sound asleep.

“Do you have some old shirts you still fit into, with cartoons on them?” Lizzy asked.

Jerrah started digging at the bottom of her drawer. There was a white Care Bears T shirt at the bottom. She started taking off her shirt.

“I’ll help you dress,” Lizzy said, helping Jerrah have an authentic experience. Once her shirt was off, she unclasped Jerrah’s bra, which unnerved Jerrah a little. “Little girls don’t need bras,” Lizzy whispered to Jerrah. Jerrah still didn’t have much need for a bra, so she put it away in her drawer, and Lizzy helped her put on the Care Bears shirt.

“Do you have anything cuter than those jeans?” Lizzy asked. Jerrah opened her pants drawer, and a pair of white-cuffed yellow shorts screamed ‘cute’ to Lizzy.

“Those!” Lizzy said, grabbing them. “I’ll help you put them on, little girl,” she said encouragingly to Jerrah, who let Lizzy take off her pants. Jerrah seemed a bit uncomfortable, but hadn’t told Lizzy to stop yet. Lizzy considered Jerrah’s panties, but decided not to push Jerrah’s comfort too much. Jerrah stepped out of her jeans, and Lizzy let Jerrah step into her shorts, before Lizzy pulled them up.

“Did you like being dressed, like Jenny?” Lizzy asked.

“It felt a little weird to be dressed, but nice, too,” Jerrah admitted. She walked over to the full-length mirror in her room, and admired her new look.

“Where are Jenny’s toys?” Lizzy asked.

“Most of them are downstairs, in the family room,” Jerrah said, starting off in that direction.

“Let me hold your hand, little girl,” Lizzy teased. She grabbed Jerrah’s hand, and they went downstairs to the family room together.

“What are Jenny’s favourite toys?” Lizzy asked.

“She likes her Magna Doodle, toy horses, and Farmhouse playset,” Jerrah answered.

“Do you want to play farmhouse, with the toy horses?” Lizzy asked.

“OK,” Jerrah said, feeling a bit childish, but willing to try. Both girls sat on the floor, and started interacting with the toys. Soon, Jerrah brought over a separate stable for the horses, to add to their fun.

“I used to like braiding their tails,” Jerrah told Lizzy, starting to braid a purple horse’s silver tail.

“Can I braid your hair, Jerrah?” Lizzy asked. “I think it would look cute.” Jerrah had long, straight, blonde hair cut straight across, at shoulder length.

“OK,” Jerrah confirmed, enjoying the attention and contact Lizzy was giving her. It gave Jerrah a loved feeling.

“How do you want it?” Lizzy asked. “I think a pair of pigtails would look good.”

“Can I have cornrows?” Jerrah requested, always wanting to try them.

“Of course you can,” Lizzy offered, with enthusiasm. Lizzy was an expert at braiding hair, and in the time it took her to do Jerrah’s hair, Jerrah had just finished braiding the tails on all the horses.

“I want to see,” Jerrah said, once Lizzy had finished. Jerrah went to the nearby bathroom, where two mirrors placed across from each other allowed her to see the back of her head. “It’s perfect,” Jerrah squealed, hugging her new friend.

It was now nearly 9:00, which was normally when Lizzy needed to be home. “Jerrah, I’m supposed to be home at 9:00. It’s my curfew,” Lizzy explained.

Jerrah was a bit disappointed, but her curfew was the same when she was at other friend’s houses. “Thanks, Lizzy,” she told her new friend, hugging her. “I liked being little.”

“So do I, when I’m allowed,” Lizzy said. “Can I be little next time?”

Jerrah also liked being little, and proposed a compromise. “Can we both be little together next time?”

“If you want,” Lizzy offered. “Just let me know before I come over. I have some ideas,” Lizzy offered.

“I’ll let you know,” Jerrah said. “My parents want me to be a big sister to Jenny, so it would have to be after she’s in bed, while their away. Next time I babysit?”

“Great!” Lizzy said, accepting the offer. Jerrah led Lizzy to the front door, and said goodbye to her new friend. In about a minute, Lizzy was home, just in time for her curfew.


Liked it overall. I do think cornrows wouldn’t have been as little looking and take a lot of work compared to pigtails

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Chapter 4

“Hi Jodi,” Lizzy said, entering the living room.

“Just before curfew,” Jodi answered, exercising the authority she had, as oldest child in charge while their mother was at work. Then smiling, asked “how did it go.”

“It was great!” Lizzy replied, excited about her new friend. “We babysat Jerrah’s little sister, Jenny, and hung out after she went to bed.”

“Hung out?” Jodi asked, wanting more details. Jodi was the protective older sister, and wanted to make sure Lizzy wasn’t getting into mischief.

“I’ll tell you later,” she said, winking. Dustin and Katelyn were still awake, and Lizzy knew Dustin and Katelyn wouldn’t understand or appreciate how her and Jerrah had played tonight.

“Alright,” Jodi replied. It was 9:00. “Dustin, Katelyn, time for bed!” Jodi’s two youngest siblings started heading to their bedrooms. Katelyn shared a bedroom with Jodi, while Lizzy and Dustin, as bedwetters, shared the other. Katelyn was mean about Dustin and Lizzy’s diapers after she stopped wetting the bed, so it was decided she would share a bedroom with Jodi. No bedroom was large enough for all three girls, so this was the best sleeping arrangement they could come to.

After a minute, Jodi discretely went into Dustin’s bedroom, to help him into his diaper. Jodi had become an expert at diapering Dustin and Lizzy while their mother worked evenings, and in just over a minute, she joined Lizzy on the living room couch, having completed Dustin’s diapering.

“Hung out?” Jodi asked.

“Well…” Lizzy began slowly, “we were babysitting Jerrah’s little sister Jenny, who’s three. We watched cartoons with her until 7:00, when she fell asleep and needed to be helped to bed. We undressed her, and Jerrah diapered her, before we helped Jenny into her pyjamas and tucked her in. Then, Jerrah started talking about how stressed out and lonely she was, with her parents pushing her hard for good grades, and paying most of their attention to Jenny. She then said she wished she could trade places with Jenny, to be care-free and taken care of. I asked her if she really wanted to be three again, and she said yes. I then asked if she wanted to play House, and she could be three, like Jenny. She said yes!” Lizzy said, squeaking with excitement about her new friend.

“You turned Jerrah into a three-year-old?” Jodi asked, not sure how good an idea that was.

“Well, I tried,” Lizzy explained. “We picked out a cute, younger-looking outfit for her, and I put her clothes on for her, like if she was three. Then we went downstairs to play with Jenny’s little-kid toys. We played farmhouse, and I asked Jerrah if I could braid her hair. She wanted cornrows, so I braided her hair, while she braided the tails of Jenny’s toy horses. I finished her hair just before 9:00, and came home.”

“Did Jerrah like acting and being treated younger?” Jodi asked, remembering how Lizzy’s friend Sarah had not liked how little Lizzy acted.

“You bet!” Lizzy confirmed. “She asked if we could play little again sometime.”

“That’s great,” Jodi replied, hugging her sister. “I know you have been lonely, and I’m glad you’re making a friend who wants to play like you play.”

“Thanks, Jodi,” Lizzy said, while she hugged Jodi back.

“Just remember,” Jodi warned, “don’t play littler than Jerrah wants. Only do what she’s comfortable doing, and ask first, if you want to try something new.”

“I know,” Lizzy said, rolling her eyes at her sister.

Lizzy got off the couch, and picked up her colouring book and pencil crayons. She started colouring a picture of Ariel from her Little Mermaid colouring book, but hadn’t gotten much past her red hair before 9:30, which was Lizzy’s bedtime.

At 9:30, Jodi and Lizzy went to their mother’s bedroom, and Jodi laid a large beach towel on the bed, ready to begin diapering Lizzy. They had decided this was the best place to diaper Lizzy, so Dustin wouldn’t be woken up by their activity. Lizzy’s diapers were in a drawer in her mother’s dresser. She picked out a yellow cloth diaper and clear plastic pants tonight, and gave them, plus two diaper pins, to Jodi. Jodi had grabbed the baby powder from on top of the dresser, and began powdering and diapering her sister as soon as Lizzy laid down on the towel. In a minute, they were done. Lizzy waddled back to her bedroom, and put on the My Little Pony pyjamas she had left on her bed earlier, before going to sleep.

After Lizzy had gone home, Jerrah once again admired her corn rows in the mirror. “Lizzy did a great job!” she thought to herself. She went back into the family room, and looked at where her and Lizzy had just been playing. “I had better unbraid the horses,” she thought to herself, so that Jenny wouldn’t be upset at what Jerrah had done to her toys. In a few minutes, the horses were returned to their previous state.

Remembering she was dressed differently than when her parents had left, Jerrah went back to her room, and got redressed in the clothes she had previously been wearing. Jenny was still asleep, and sleeping on her tummy. Once Jerrah was dressed again, she unzipped her pyjamas, and checked her diaper. “Wet,” she confirmed. If the diaper leaked, her parents would tell her to do a better job taking care of her sister. Jerrah wanted to avoid that, so she took Jenny over to the changing table, and began taking off her pyjamas, so she could change Jenny. During the process, Jenny woke up.

“Wet!” Jenny cried, starting to sob.

“I’ll get you dry,” Jerrah replied, reassuringly. Jenny’s pyjamas were off, soon followed by the plastic pants and cloth diaper. Jerrah wiped her sister clean, before placing her in a dry diaper and plastic pants. At least this time Jenny could step into her pyjamas, making it easier to get her ready for bed. Once dressed, Jenny started waddling around the room, before Jerrah could pick Jenny up by the armpits, and put her in her crib.

“Bedtime,” Jerrah said.

“Stowy?” Jenny requested.

“OK,” Jerrah replied, taking Jenny back out of her crib, and seating her on her bed. Jerrah was still enjoying the cared-for feeling Lizzy had provided earlier, so Jerrah chose to read Love you Forever by Robert Munsch. Jenny liked that book too, and joined her sister saying the repeating verse at the end of each page. After her earlier experiences that evening, the story started affecting Jerrah more and more, and by the end, she had happy tears.

“Why are you crying?” Jenny asked her sister.

“I’m happy the mom and son loved each other so much. They’re happy tears,” she explained to Jenny. Jerrah didn’t explain that they were also tears of jealousy and regret, at how she was no longer the centre of attention, and felt pushed around and uncared for a lot of the time.

Jerrah got off the bed, and put the book away. She tucked Jenny back into bed, with care, but without a hug. After the story, and the care Lizzy had shown her, she had become jealous and resentful of her sister. “Everyone cares for her, but who cares for me?” Jerrah thought.

Jerrah started getting into her pyjamas, so she wouldn’t wake Jenny when she went to bed. Her parents expected her to stay up until they got home, to make sure Jenny was OK. Having gotten ready for bed, Jerrah went to the living room to watch TV. There was nothing on, so she decided to try colouring in a colouring book for something different.

It was just after 10:00 when her parents arrived home.

“Hi Jerrah! Sorry we’re late. We and Reverend Drone talked a while after the meeting,” her Step-Father explained.

“Can I go to bed now?” Jerrah replied, crossly, not happy about her parents getting home well past her bedtime.

Her parents took the hint. “We’re sorry we’re late, and kept you up,” her mother apologised. “You can go to bed, while I check on Jenny.”

It hadn’t been half an hour since Jerrah put Jenny to bed the second time, and she was still awake. “You’re awake!” her Mother exclaimed, as Jenny sat up.

“Jerrah wed me a stowy,” Jenny told her mother.

“And you’re still awake?” her Mother asked, eyeing Jerrah suspiciously.

“Jenny was soaked when I checked on her an hour ago,” Jerrah explained. “I thought a story would help her fall back to sleep?”

“Why did she wake up when you changed her?” her mother asked, suggesting some negligence on Jerrah’s part.

“Jenny started crying about being wet while I changed her. The wet diaper woke her,” Jerrah answered, defensively. Her mother was tired, and realized she had been unfair to Jerrah.

“I’m sorry, Jerrah,” she apologized. “It was a long day,” she added, hugging Jerrah, and only then noticing her hair. She gently led Jerrah out of the bedroom, before talking to Jerrah about Lizzy.

“Did you and Lizzy have a good time?” her mother asked.

“You bet,” Jerrah replied, pointing to her new hairstyle. “Lizzy was nice enough to give me cornrows, like I’ve always wanted.”

“I see that,” her mother said, unimpressed. “It’s good you and Lizzy get along. I know you have had trouble making and keeping friends,” she added. “But braided hair is for little girls, and you’re Jenny’s big sister. Can I help you straighten your hair out again?”

“But Mom, Lizzy will think I didn’t like her if I unbraid my hair. It took her over an hour,” Jerrah plead to her mother.

“OK, but just for tomorrow, so you can show your friend you liked what she did for you, and can explain braids aren’t appropriate for you,” her mother finished. Mrs. King wasn’t impressed Lizzy still had braids in Grade 7, but didn’t realize Lizzy was a little older than Jerrah. Still, she was happy Jerrah seemed to be making a friend.

“But Mom…” Jerrah said.

“No more ‘buts’,” her mother said, with finality. “When you get home from school, remove the braids. I want to see your hair back to normal by the time I get home with your sister from the babysitter.”

“Fine,” Jerrah replied, resentfully. “Goodnight, Mom,” she ended, turning, and going to bed without waiting for a hug or ‘goodnight’ back. “It’s not fair!” Jerrah screamed inside her head. It took a long time for her to fall asleep.


Really liked the last chapter. I don’t get where her mom thinks braids are for younger girls since we see adults with braids at times. There are even intricate braids used at weddings!

The last part of the chapter really gave some insight to how her mom treats her.

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I agree about the braids… Pretty common to see girls in high school still with them occasionally. I can’t imagine a mom being offended by them honestly. I do have to question do you mean cornrows or just braided pigtails? Cornrows honestly probably take a lot longer than what you listed if she did her whole head. Personally I think of pigtails as being more juvenile. Cornrows are done fairly often with some adults?


Thank you all for your interest in certain details. I had written a long, drawn-out explanation, but it gave away too much future detail. I’m purposefully delaying the explanation of certain details that make some wonky aspects of the story make a lot more sense. I wanted you all to think Mrs. King’s actions were unreasonable, given what little you know about her as a person, so far. Mission accomplished, it seems.

Also, Lizzy did suggest pig tails, but was flexible with Jerrah’s choice, not wanting to be confrontational with her brand new friend. Jerrah’s Mom would not give her either pig tails or corn rows, so Jerrah went with her personal favourite choice, not so much based on juvenality, but personal want. Besides, if I started with a more juvenile choice, it leaves less room for story progression. I do admit corn rows in under 2 hours may have been ambitious, however.

Hopefully things make more sense, after my explanations.

Chapter 5

Jerrah was even more resentful the next morning. Jenny had woke up just before 6:00AM with a soggy diaper. Sharing a room with Jenny, Jerrah heard her crying first, and was once again woken up before she wanted. Not having gotten enough sleep, she was irritable, but did not take it out on Jenny, who she changed out of her pyjamas and diaper, and dressed for the day, before setting her in front of the TV while Jerrah got dressed. Jerrah and Jenny watched The Mighty Hercules and The Littlest Hobo , before their parents got up at 7:00.

“You’re both up early,” Mr. King announced, entering the living room. “Sleep well?”

“No,” Jerrah said. “Jenny woke up before 6:00 with a wet diaper. I got her dressed and cleaned up.”

“Thanks, Jerrah. I didn’t even hear Jenny from our room,” her Step-Father apologized. Mr. King purposefully tried to be considerate and kind to Jerrah, believing it was the best way for them all to have a happy, combined family. He appreciated that Jerrah had no real choice in being part of their family, especially since her biological father went back to being a deadbeat jazz clarinetist in a traveling band, after separating from her mother.

Mr. Lawrence King, also jokingly referred to by his friends as “Larry King,” was a research scientist at a government research lab near the city. He was glad that Jerrah had accepted he loved, and had married, her Mom, and even more glad that Jerrah was not only a kind, loving child, but also excelled academically. Jerrah hadn’t struggled often at school, but when she did, he was there to help her, and she was a fast learner. He had big hopes for her future, and wanted a bright future for her. That is why he pushed and encouraged Jerrah to excel.

Jerrah’s mother, on the other hand, had had a tough go of it, and wasn’t very sympathetic about other people’s struggles. Maxine King (née Neufeld) was the oldest of four children, raised in an old house across the tracks, on the industrial side of town. Her two youngest siblings were twins, born when she was 14. Her family was poor, and her parents worked long hours, so she was saddled with taking care of her younger sister and the twins after school, so her parents could work. Her grades suffered from the stress and demands put on her, and she started acting out. In Grade 11, she got pregnant with Jerrah, and dropped out of school. Jerrah’s Dad and Mom were both in the school band, and vigorously explored each other during a band trip, with Jerrah being the most lasting result. Jerrah’s biological Dad got to finish high school, and went to University to become a professional clarinet player, while his parents helped support Maxine and Jerrah. Maxine worked as a hair stylist, and had a great reputation in town. She is a strong advocate of what she believed were age-appropriate behaviors (to her mind), in part because she had to grow up so fast, when she was only a little older than Jerrah. To her, Jerrah now helping with childcare on a regular basis, is normal.

Jerrah’s mother was in the shower, so Mr. King started preparing Jenny’s breakfast. Jerrah helped herself to some yogurt and a banana, which was her favourite breakfast. Her day hadn’t started well, so she chose lemon yogurt to cheer herself up, since it was her favourite. After breakfast, she started feeling a bit better, though she was still tired. Jerrah helped Jenny finish breakfast, while her Step-Dad got ready for work. Her mother had just come into the kitchen, to start her breakfast.

“Thanks for helping Jenny,” her mother offered, trying to smooth over last night’s events.

“You’re welcome,” Jerrah answered, showing a bit more cheer than her Mother expected. Jerrah’s Mother sat down at the table, and started eating her cereal. Jenny had finished her porridge, so Jerrah and her started heading to the living room to watch morning cartoons before Jerrah went to school.

Mr. King was now ready for work, and told Jenny it was time to go to Elaine’s, who was her babysitter. Jerrah’s parents agreed it was a good idea for Jenny to be dropped off earlier by her father, to allow Jerrah and her Mom some time to themselves each morning. Jerrah’s Mom joined her in the living room shortly after Jenny and Mr. King left.

“Jerrah, I want you to know I do appreciate you taking care of Jenny. It’s not easy for young ladies to take care of their siblings, but it’s an imposition many young ladies have been expected to handle. We appreciate it, and Jenny loves you very much,” her mother added, encouragingly.

“I know,” Jerrah replied, becoming more sombre at having her mother remind her about responsibility, for what felt like the ten-thousandth time.

After a few moments silence, her Mother tried to lighten the mood. “Does Lizzy seem like she might become a good friend?” she asked.

“I hope so,” Jerrah replied. “I haven’t had that much fun in a long time. She’s so accepting, and kind. She did my hair the way I wanted,” Jerrah finished, starting to become resentful again.

“She did a good job,” her Mother admitted, which was high praise coming from her.

“Can’t I keep my cornrows a little longer?” Jerrah asked.

“Well, OK,” her Mother capitulated, knowing she had been unfairly abrupt last night with Jerrah. “But, I want your hair back straight again before the band concert Friday. I’m taking pictures.”

Jerrah didn’t often get concessions from her Mother, and really appreciated this one. She gave her Mother a big hug to let her know she wasn’t angry with her any more.

Jerrah’s Mother needed to be at work soon, which left Jerrah alone in the house for about half an hour before she went to school each day. Marsupilami was on, so Jerrah watched that before heading to school. After the show, Jerrah started putting on her heavy coat and boots. She could see Lizzy walking to school through her front door window.

“Wait up!” she cried, and Lizzy saw Jerrah quickly getting ready to head to school herself.

“Morning, sunshine!” Lizzy teased, seeing Jerrah beaming a smile at her through the door, before Jerrah had even asked her to wait. “You look chipper.”

“Well, things are alright now,” Jerrah admitted. Jerrah explained to her new friend how her Mother was grumpy and unfair to her last night, and how Jenny had woken her up early. “My Mom now says that I can keep my cornrows until the concert Friday,” Jerrah finished, on a positive note.

“I don’t understand why your Mom hates my cornrows so much,” Lizzy said, a little upset her gift to her friend wasn’t accepted.

“My Mom’s a hairstylist, and she said you did a very good job,” Jerrah consoled her friend. “But, she wants me to look and be grown-up for Jenny. ‘Braids are for younger kids,’ she says.”

“I’m older than you,” Lizzy replied, playfully. “I’m glad I’m not Jodi, and get to be a kid still,” Lizzy admitted.

“I wish,” Jerrah replied. Taking care of Jenny was a lot of responsibility for a twelve-year-old.

“When?” Lizzy asked. “I want another playdate,” Lizzy said, inferring she wanted Jerrah to play little, like last time.

“I’m home alone until 5:30,” Jerrah offered.

“I’ll check and see with my Mom after school, and let you know,” Lizzy responded, excitedly.

The girls were now at school, and went to their home room together.

It had been a perfect day. Two of Jerrah and Lizzy’s classes were just watching educational films. Lizzy was exceling in her Art Class option, while Jerrah did well in her Drama option. It was the last class of the day. Band!

Bob was as slow as yesterday finding B-flat, but the rest of the band tuned up more quickly. Lizzy was last again, but was in tune first try, since Jerrah let her borrow her tuner at the start of class. The class practiced their concert songs. Corrine was struggling today, but Jerrah and Lizzy did better than usual. With five minutes left in class, they started packing up their instruments.

“I sucked,” Corrine commented, very frustrated.

“Just practice more. You’ll get it,” Jerrah encouraged.

“I have a hard time playing the right rhythm,” Corrine admitted. “I know the notes. I just play them at the wrong time. It’s hard to fix by myself. I think I’m right, until I play it with the band.”

“We all need more practice. We’re just beginners,” Jerrah encouraged. “I live near the gift shop, if you want to practice at my place sometime?”

“Really!” Corrine answered, grateful for help. “I live a block away, between there and the school.”

“Do you want to walk home together?” Jerrah asked.

“Sure,” Corrine said.

Like Jerrah, Corrine Van den Berg was 12. Like Lizzy, she was shorter than almost everyone, and had no signs of budding womanhood. All of Corrine’s siblings were much older than her, and her next oldest sibling, John, had just moved away to go to university. However, just as John moved out, her favourite grandmother had moved in. Grandma Jane was still very mentally fit, but she had fallen and broken her hip back in October. Corrine’s Mom didn’t have a job, and cared for her Mother as she slowly regained her health. It was during this time that Corrine learned about adult incontinence. Her Grandma wasn’t able to move and make it to the bathroom very well in the weeks after her hip replacement surgery. Corrine’s Mom had to diaper her, and tried to be discrete about it, for the sake of her Mother’s dignity. Corrine’s Mother had done well, but in the end, Corrine realised her Grandmother was being diapered by her Mom. Corrine’s Mom explained the situation to Corrine, referring back to when Corrine still wet the bed in Grade 1, and she wore Pampers. “Your Grandma can’t help it, until she’s well enough to make it to the toilet.” Her Grandma was doing better, but still wore belted undergarments, in case she had an accident.

When Lizzy and Jerrah asked Corrine about her home life, she talked at length about her Grandma, living with her family, and her recent discovery of her Grandma’s issues. “It’s hard thinking adults need diapers,” Corrine explained. “They were huge!”

“If you need diapers, you need them, I guess,” Jerrah responded. “I wore Pampers to bed until I was 8,” she admitted. “It’s better than a wet bed.”

“I wore Pampers at night until I was 6!” Corrine admitted, until then thinking she was the only kid ever to wear Pampers to bed in Grade School.

Lizzy had more reason to be embarrassed about diapers, and let Jerrah and Corrine get to know each other better as they walked home. “My brothers would make fun of me, so I was glad to not need Pampers any more,” Corrine explained. “Mom let me keep the rest of the diapers for my dolls. I like to pretend I’m a Mom, and feed, dress, and change my dolls. One of my dolls even wets! I hope I can start babysitting soon, but Mom says I’m too young and small still.”

“I’m 12, and have to babysit my baby sister Jenny,” Jerrah told Corrine.

“Is it fun!” Corrine asked, excitedly.

“Sometimes, but it’s also work. I love Jenny, but sharing a room with her, and changing her at night when she’s wet, is a little stressful. She woke me up before 6:00 today, needing a diaper change,” Jerrah explained.

“Good thing she has a loving big sister,” Corrine added, encouragingly. Jerrah smiled.

“That’s my house,” Corrine said, pointing to the opposite corner.

“Here’s my phone number. Call me when you want to practice,” Jerrah offered, giving Corrine her phone number, before Corrine left Jerrah and Lizzy at the corner.

Jerrah’s house was a few doors from the corner, toward Main Street. “I still want to play this afternoon,” she reminded Lizzy.

“I’ll call, when I’ve talked to my Mom,” Lizzy promised.


Chapter 6

“Mom! I’m home!” Lizzy yelled. Mrs. Dyck already had her keys in her hand, ready to go to work.

“Where have you been?” she asked.

“Jerrah and I were talking to Corrine about getting together for some band practice at home,” Lizzy explained. “We walked and talked on the way home. Can I go practice at Jerrah’s house?” she asked, telling a half-truth she knew her Mom couldn’t say no to.

“Alright, but be back before 5:30, so you can eat supper as a family,” Mrs. Dyck explained.

“Thanks Mom!” Lizzy said, giving her a big hug before her Mom hurried off to work.

“Have fun,” Jodi said, happy her sister had somewhere else to go, and would leave Jodi alone more often. Taking care of Katelyn and Dustin was annoying enough.

Lizzy called Jerrah’s house.

“I can play, and I’ll bring over some things,” Lizzy explained.

“See you soon. We need to stop at 5:00, before my Mom comes home,” Jerrah instructed.

“Sounds good. See you soon. Bye!” Lizzy said in quick order, ecstatic to try more little time with Jerrah.

Lizzy went to her drawer, and started bringing things out. “Pacis, rattles…” she thought to herself. “Plastic pants, overalls, short-alls, cute shirts, and……pads, diapers and pins, with a bag.” Lizzy was being very optimistic for a 1-hour playdate, but wanted to be prepared.

Lizzy’s backpack was nearly bursting as she left her house for the short walk to Jerrah’s. Jerrah was excited, and was waiting by the door to let her friend in.

“I have some clothes and toys you might want to play with,” Lizzy explained. “They are closer to Jenny’s age range, if you want to try?”

“Let’s go to my room and see!” Jerrah answered, excitedly, remembering how happy she had been last night, pretending to be Jenny. They went into Jenny’s nursery, and closed the door.

Lizzy took out her oboe first. “I told my Mom we might practice,” she explained. Next was a Muppet Baby T-shirt, Care Bears T-Shirt, and My Little Pony T-Shirt.

“That one,” Jerrah said, pointing to the Muppet Baby shirt.

“I think that would look cute with this,” Lizzy offered, showing Jerrah some embroidered short-alls with a flower on the front. Jerrah squealed with delight, picturing herself wearing them. Lizzy took that as a yes.

“Let’s get you dressed to play,” little girl, Lizzy offered.

“What about you?” Jerrah asked, disappointed.

“After you’re dressed,” Lizzy confirmed.

Like last night, Lizzy started undressing Jerrah, removing her top and bra, before helping Jerrah into her shirt. Next were Jerrah’s pants. After removing the pants, Lizzy could see Jerrah’s panties. “Are those too grown-up for little Jerrah?” Lizzy asked.

“I dunno. Maybe?” Jerrah replied. “What else should I wear?”

“What does Jenny wear for underwear?” Lizzy asked.

“Training panties, or diapers,” Jerrah answered. “I can’t fit into those.”

“Training panties, or diapers,” Lizzy offered.

“You can’t be serious?” Jerrah asked, unbelievingly.

“It’s always your choice, and we can stop if you’re uncomfortable,” Lizzy said, confirming her promise from last night.

“How would that work?” Jerrah asked.

Lizzy reached into her bag. She brought out some cute panties, and thick pads. “Training panties, or just panties, if you want?” she told Jerrah. Jerrah silently watched Lizzy continue. Big plastic pants, pins, and two pink cloth diapers. “If you really want to be taken care of, like Jenny,” Lizzy offered.

Jerrah was speechless, she was so excited. She recovered, and answered “diapers are for bedtime. Training panties, pwease,” doing her best imitation of her sister.

Lizzy caringly removed Jerrah’s panties, and got her training underwear ready. “Step in, little girl,” she instructed, and pulled the thick underwear up between Jerrah’s legs. Jerrah didn’t need pads yet, and reveled in the feeling of her thick underwear. Next, Lizzy helped dress Jerrah in the short-alls. “You are sooo cute,” Lizzy said, encouraging her friend.

Jerrah went to the mirror, and squealed and jumped with excitement, nearly knocking Lizzy over with her excited hug to thank her friend.

“My turn,” Lizzy said. “Pick anything from my bag you like. I can be your big or littler sister, if you want,” Lizzy encouraged.

“I wanna be littler,” Jerrah said. She went through the bag, picking out overalls, and the My Little Pony shirt. “And panties for big sis,” she explained. Lizzy was happy to play along with what her friend wanted.

Jerrah helped Lizzy undress, and dressed her again as she liked. “Done!” Jerrah exclaimed.

“Thanks, little sis,” Lizzy acknowledged, hugging Jerrah, and giving her a small kiss on the cheek. Jerrah was surprised, but remembered Jenny kissed her all the time, and Lizzy was pretending to be Jenny’s age.

“Do you need a drink, little girl?” Lizzy asked her friend.

“Pwease,” Jerrah replied, still wanting to play along.

“What does Jenny drink from?” Lizzy asked.

Jerrah went to the cupboard, which had plastic place-settings, sippy cups, and bottles. “I’ll get you a sippy cup with milk, to make you grow up strong,” Lizzy encouraged.

“Bottle!” Jerrah encouraged her friend, wanting to be fed like a baby by her friend.

“You’re too big for a bottle,” Lizzy responded. “Bottles are for diaper babies.”

“OK,” Jerrah replied, continuing to pretend to be a toddler. She was scared to try diapers, but secretly longed to be even younger than Lizzy was letting her.

Lizzy got milk and sippy cups for both of them. “Toddlers drink at the table,” Lizzy reminded Jerrah, pulling out a chair for her to sit on at the kitchen table. They both greedily gobbled down their milk, and Lizzy washed, dried and placed the cups back where she found them.

Jerrah had started to need to go to the bathroom, and was curious about the pad. “Was it like a diaper?” she thought.

“Lizzy, I need the bathwoom,” she told her friend.

“I’ll take you,” Lizzy offered.

In the bathroom, Lizzy started taking off Jerrah’s short-alls, and was about to pull down her underwear and let Jerrah pee. “Can I try wetting my training pants, like Jenny sometimes does?” Jerrah asked.

“Little girls who wet their training pants get put back in diapers,” Lizzy instructed.

“Can’t I try? We need to grow up soon. It’s quarter to 5:00,” Jerrah plead with her friend.

Lizzy considered, then left the room, bringing back a plastic bag and some wipes. “If you want, little girl. But, playtime is over after you wet yourself, since we’ll need to wash those panties in the sink, and get dressed again.”

Jerrah considered what her friend said. They needed to get dressed soon, anyway, and she wanted to try wetting her pants, like a care-free toddler. She decided. After half a minute, a trickle of urine flowed into the pad. It did not handle the flood that followed. The panties were soaked, and the excess flowed into the toilet Jerrah was sitting on.

Lizzy quietly let her friend experience her wet panties. The pad was squishy and warm, and Jerrah got a tingly feeling when she mashed the squishy pad around. After a minute of watching her friend obviously enjoy the feeling, Lizzy offered to help her clean up before her parents got home. Lizzy took the pad out of Jerrah’s underwear, and placed it in the plastic bag.

“Do you want me to wipe you off,” Lizzy asked, holding the wipes.

“I’ll do it,” Jerrah said. While Lizzy was rinsing out the panties in the sink before she took them home to be laundered, Jerrah wiped herself clean. Jerrah’s gut feelings were telling her she should try Lizzy’s diapers next time.

Once cleaned up, the girls changed back into their normal clothes, except Lizzy kept on her cute panties. “4:57,” Jerrah remarked, relieved they had gotten dressed and packed up before 5:00. The hairdresser closed at 5:00, and Jerrah’s Mom needed to pick up Jenny at Elaine’s. There was plenty of buffer time, in case they needed it.

“So, should we practice?” Jerrah suggested. “You told your Mom we would.”

Lizzy had packed her oboe at the top of her pack, and Jerrah quickly got out her clarinet. They placed their music on the upright piano, and stood while playing. They were both happy and confident after their play date, and played as passionately as the simple songs allowed. At 5:20, Lizzy started getting ready to go home.

“Next time, can I try playing baby?” Jerrah asked.

“We’ll both be babies, if you want?” Lizzy asked. “But, we should have more than an hour, to play it better.”

“OK,” Jerrah confirmed, excited to take their play to the next level at the next opportunity. “Bye.”

Lizzy left Jerrah’s house, and was home five minutes early for supper. She remembered to throw out the used pad in the garbage, before entering her home.

“Hurry up! We’re starving,” Dustin yelled to Lizzy, who put her backpack in her room, before joining her family. After Jodi said grace, they enjoyed a meat pie their mother had prepared, with potatoes and loads of vegetables in a rich brown gravy.

“How was Jerrah’s?” Jodi asked.

“Great! We want to play again soon!” Lizzy excitedly explained.

“That’s great!” her siblings agreed, happy Lizzy had found a friend, and hoping they would see less of Lizzy acting little at home.


Thanks for the update. Enjoying this story as well.

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I really like this! I hope you keep this up :slight_smile: