The Switch

Crabula pulled at her hair, gritting her teeth in frustration. The little brat just wasn’t listening.

“I don’t wanna!” her twelve year old charge screamed.

“Well you have to! I’m the babysitter, and I said so! Now turn the tv off!” Crabula replied. He wards mother had demanded tv be turned off by 8:00.

“I don’t care if you’re the babysitter! I’m twelve years old! I don’t need a babysitter!”

"Well maybe, but you’re certainly not acting like a twelve year old! Clearly your mother hired me because you weren’t mature eno

ugh to be left on your own all night, and now you are proving her right! You are acting like a baby!" just as she said it, she knew it was the wrong thing to say. Her ward, Jessica, a small blond haired girl wearing jeans and a blue shirt, had been acting up all night. Crabula herself, a medium built brunet in jean shorts and a t-shirt, hadn’t wanted to be cruel to the young girl, no matter how spoiled she acted. However, there was no going back now.

“A baby! I’ll show you!” Jessica tried to grab at Crabula, but Crabula just held onto her wrists.

“That’s it,” Crabula said, “I’ve had enough. Go to bed now!”

“WHAT!? Its only 8:00! Mom said I could stay up until ten.”

“Yes but she also said I should send you to be earlier if you are acting up. Do you want me to have to tell your mother you weren’t listening?”

The girl pouted. “No….”

“Then off to bed,” she said sternly, pointing toward the stairs.

“Fine. But you’ll regret this.”

“Oh I’m SOOO scared…” Crabula said sarcastically.

She watched as the girl walked up the stairs, went into her room, and shut the door. She had to admit, she was a little surprised the girl responded so quickly.
Now finally having time alone, Crabula returned to the living room. There was a large flat screen tv, a black leather couch, and several book shelves. She sat down on the couch and turned on the tv. That rule had been made for Jessica, and since she was in bed, she saw no reason to enforce it for herself. As she watched, she turned on her laptop and ran through her school files, checking if her grades had come in. For the most part, she had done well, and a list of Bs with a few As came up.

A few hours later there was a knock on the door. She got up to answer it, and saw Jessica’s parents standing there. They were a fairly young couple, mid or late thirties, and both tall. The father was brown haired and wore a suit, while the mother was the same blond as her daughter and wore a long green dress.

“Oh! Hello Mr. and Mrs. Smith. How was your night out?”

“It was amazing. Thanks so much for coming in on such short notice for Jessica. I hope she wasn’t too much trouble…?” Mrs. Smith asked.

“Oh it wasn’t a problem to come in” Crabula tried not to sound sarcastic. Getting a call with less than an hours notice was bad enough, and even worse on a Friday night, even if it was summer. “As for Jessica…” she knew she shouldn’t be trying to get revenge on a twelve year old girl, but couldn’t help herself. “To be honest, Mrs. Smith, she was a perfect little brat. She complained about everything, refused to turn off the tv, and generally acted like she was half her age. She even tried to push me! I had to send her to bed early.” She left out the part that Jessica had, in the end, gone to her bed without much of a fight and had been quite all night. She told herself it simply wasn’t important.

"Oh really!? Well, I’m sure we will have to do something about that tomorrow. Thanks again, Crabula Mrs. Smith sounded generally surprised, though this was fairly common with Jessica. Crabula took the money for the night, said goodbye, and left.

As soon as she was out the door, Crabula let out a huge sigh of relief. She got on her bike, a large red Airbourne mountain bike, put on her helmet, switched on the lights and began riding. These nights were getting more and more stressful. Not many of her babysitting charges exactly liked her, and to be honest, the feeling was mutual. Crabula was constantly shocked at how rude and immature they could be. Was she really that bad at their age? She couldn’t have been. Perhaps she was a bit stricter then the other babysitters, and more willing to give punishments, but they needed it, it was how she was raised, and frankly she just couldn’t deal with it all. She only kept going because she REALLY needed the money to save for college. But between babysitting, school work, household chores, and the million other things she needed to do, she was more than worn out. She just wished she could have a break from it all, no responsibilities, no work…

Suddenly her bike jammed and she felt herself flip over her handlebar. She landed with a thud on the ground, and felt her bike land on top of her.

“OOPH!” she said. She began rubbing her shoulder and head where she had landed. Thank god for her helmet.

She looked back at her bike. What had caused her to crash? She saw something on the path, half buried. Her tire must have hit it.

She bent down for a closer look. To her surprise, what she found was metallic. She picked it up, and realized she was looking at a very old lamp.

She almost laughed out loud. It was just like the ones she had seen in old stories and the “Aladdin” movie. It was made of bronze, with a handle, a wide body, and a long, thin neck. Almost as a joke, she began to rub it…

And was surprised to see something come out. A long stream of red and gold smoke poured out of the neck, collecting into a massive cloud. She watched, stunned, as the cloud condensed into a being with red skin a broad gold bars wrapping around it. The world around him seemed to change, with colors flowing randomly, things bending and twisting, and everything feeling as if it was a dream.

“I am Yasafar, the red genie. I am here to grant you three wishes, whatever they may be,” the being spoke in a deep, powerful voice that shook the ground.
Crabula, still sitting on the ground, was to shocked to speak.

“Well?” it said.

“Is… is this real? Did I hit my head in the fall?” Crabula began rubbing her scalp, feeling for any bruises.

“Yes, this is real, and no, you didn’t. If it is your wish, however, I can give you a head injury.” The being began to raise its massive, muscular hand.

“No no, that’s ok. Please don’t.” Crabula sunk down to the ground and raised her hands to protect herself.

“Well then I must insist you come up with something. I have places to be you know,” the genie said.

“What? Aren’t I supposed to be your master or something? What do you mean places to be?”

“He listen lady, I have a life outside of work, ok? Not everything revolves around you.”

“What? What things? What kind of genie are you?” she couldn’t believe it. Even having wishes granted was turning out to be stressful.

“Look, I have a job to do like everyone else, and frankly, you aren’t exactly helping me do it. I happen to be a VERY GOOD Genie. I have many satisfied customers to prove it, so I don’t need your sass. Check my reviews online. So why don’t we just move this along, ok? What do you want?”

“Well… I uh….” Crabula had never really thought about it. Frankly, the idea of a Genie having ratings online had confused her too much to think.

“Oh do hurry up,” the genie said, creating a watch on his wrists so he could glance at it and emphasise his point. “Perhaps thinking is a bit rough for you. Want more brain cells?” He began to raise his hand again.

“Hey, NO! That’s not what I want. Jackass!”

“Hmm. Seems strange that you wouldn’t care about being smart. Says a lot about you.” Crabula’s jaw dropped. “But if you want a Jackass, then I can definitely do that.”
“NO! Jackass is an insult, you dumbass!”

“Oh it is, is it? Well call me a dumbass if you want, at least I could come up with a wish. Now, what do you want?”

"Uhhh… uhhh. Sorry! All out of “uhhh”. I don’t know what “uhhh” is. Anything you want other than “uhhh?”

“Oh an a-hole am I? Not a nice thing to say to someone offering you free stuff.”

Crabula moaned in frustration. Why was everything in her life so stressful?

“Weeelll?” the Genie said.

“Alright alright.” Crabula thought back to all the work she had to do, babysitting spoiled kids, having o pay for things, buying books and clothes for college, studying… "I want to be free from responsibilities. I want everything to be taken care of for me, clothes, food, everything. And I want my babysitting charges, especially the ones who always seem to hate me, to know how it feels to go through what they put me through.

“Alright. To be quite honest, those where pretty lousy wishes. Like, a four out of ten AT BEST. 2 stars. Anything else, maybe a bit smarter, you’d want? Try thinking this time.”

“WHAT!? THOSE WERE EXCELLENT WISHES!! THEY ARE LIKE A 9 OUT OF TEN AT LEAST! I DID THINK ABOUT THEM, AND I’M PLENTY SMART! YOU"RE JUST A DUMBASS!” at this point, Crabula was willing to leave with or without her wishes just to get rid of him. She had put up with FAR too much to deal with this right now, so she definitely wasn’t taking time to reconsider her wishes.

The genie looked a little irritated, but sighed. “Alright, if that’s what you want, your wishes are granted.” He waved his hand.

Crabula heard a doorbell ring. She looked around. It was day time, and she was standing on some’s porch, holding someone else’s hand. Upon looking up, she saw the hand she was holding belonged to her mother, and the porch was the Smith’s. She noticed a bicycle much like hers, a Airbourne mountain bike, except that it was bright pink with tassels on the handles and beads on the wheels, and came equipped with training wheels. She eyed it suspiciously. What was going on?

… (continued)

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Re: The Switch

first part in an art trade for Crabula290e from deviantart.
If you are wondering, it will get into more site-related stuff in the next section.
As always, and comments or criticisms are appreciated.

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Re: The Switch

Part 2:
Crabula heard a doorbell ring. She looked around. It was day time, and she was standing on some’s porch, holding someone else’s hand. Upon looking up, she saw the hand she was holding belonged to her mother, and the porch was the Smith’s. She noticed a bicycle much like hers, a Airbourne mountain bike, except that it was bright pink with tassels on the handles and beads on the wheels, and came equipped with training wheels. She eyed it suspiciously. What was going on?

The door opened. Mrs. Smith greeted them at the door. “Oh hello there! Glad to see you. We were just about ready to go.”

“Good, we are all packed,” her mother replied.

Crabula looked back and forth in confusion. She wanted to know what was going on, but was worried asking would seems suspicious. Instead, she kept her mouth closed and walked in.

Something else was different. She looked down to see her clothes had changed. She still wore the jean shorts, but instead of ending at the belt line, they continued up into a set of overalls decorated with a kitten. Underneath she had on the same cut of t-shirt, except in pink. Why would she be dressed so oddly?

These questions had to wait as she saw someone coming. It took her a moment to recognize Jessica, wearing the same thing she had been the night before. She looked the same but at the same time, somehow different. She seemed larger, for one, and, though Crabula couldn’t really explain why, more mature. Or was she just shorter? She looked around, but couldn’t tell. Everything seemed strange. It was the same as before, but different. She couldn’t really put her finger on what was different, though. What was going on? Where was that Genie? She tried to mentally summon him, but nothing happened.

Crabula’s mother leaned in towards her. “Now, you play nice for Jessica, ok? I don’t want to hear horror stories about your misbehaviour.” She waggled a finger in Crabula’s face.

Crabula’s eyes went wide. Did that mean… that Jessica was babysitting her? Surely it couldn’t be true.

However, she did her best to hide it, and nodded.

“Alright then! Goodbye Crabula! Have fun, and remember to behave!” she kissed Crabula on the cheek, and walked out the door.

Crabula watched as they left, still confused.

“Well well, look who we have here. I can’t say I’m surprised.” She heard Jessica say. She turned to face her, and saw the girl smiling sadistically.

“Wh… what do you mean? What is going on?” Crabula stuttered.

“Awww does the widdle girl really not know? Let me remind you. You, the strictest, meanest babysitter ever. tried to be a big girl, went to university, failed, and got declared a never-grow-up. Now the girl you used to babysit is your babysitter. Does that help?”

“What are…” Crabula’s jaw dropped. Though she knew it was impossible, she did in fact remember. Memories of a completely separate life came flooding in, of her in college, of her stumbling around failing at all the things she tried, throwing tantrums, forgetting to dress properly, forgetting to pay bills, followed by the humiliating process of having her age determined at trial and set to far younger then it should be, having herself dressed as a pre-schooler and sent home. As far as she remembered, they hadn’t yet determined exactly how young she was, and she could still go lower. Even pre-school now was only a possibility, if she behaved.

It all seemed impossible, yet true at the same time. In order to check, she reached down to the waist of her own clothes. She was afraid to do it, but she knew she had to check something. She grabbed at the overalls and pulled, and both saw and felt the Disney princess pull up she wore underneath, all sized perfectly for her.

This wasn’t possible. She knew it couldn’t be. “Alright,” she said, “I don’t care how I’m dressed or what they said, you are still the younger one. You’re almost a decade younger then me! I’m not doing anything you say!”

Jessica only laughed. “Awww is the little girl throwing a tantrum? Maybe you need your pull up checked. Is that why you were looking down there?” She reached out to grab her wrist.

Crabula tried to pull away. However, when just the night before it had been the easiest thing in the world to restrain the little brat, she found herself being overpowered easily. How was this possible? Jessica effortlessly overpowered her. She pulled the embarrassed girl into the living room, undid the buckles on her overalls, and pulled them down. She then sat down on a coach and pulled a still struggling Crabula over her lap, with her bum in the air. “Wow! What a naughty girl! So much trouble over a pull-up check. Given the things you would do to me when I was “naughty,” that can’t be good for you” She gave her a single smack on the bottom, then patted and checked her pull up. Crabula blushed bright red. She couldn’t believe she was being babysat by a twelve year old, not to mention getting spanked by one and having her pull up checked by a twelve year old. Or, at least, someone she remembered as a twelve year old.

“Oh Wow! Still dry and clean! What a good little girl!” she patted Crabula’s head, and Crabula had to stifle a bit of pride and the praise. “Maybe you are thirsty then. That’s fine, I expected it, and came prepared.”

Ignoring Crabula’s complaints and resistance, she sat the girl on her lap. She took grabbed a sippy cup filled with apple juice Crabula just noticed was on the shelves beside the couch, and began to feed her.

At first, Crabula refused to drink. However, Jessica simply spoke quietly in her ear. “You better drink up and behave little girl, I don’t want to give you a REAL spanking, or tell your mommy you were misbehaving. I can remember you doing the to me more then once, and I have to say, it isn’t fun.”

At these words, Crabula began to drink. She really didn’t want to test it and find out what happened if she misbehaved in this world. However, the memories came back to answer her. She did, in fact, remember plenty of spankings when she complained about her new position. In the end, any complaint she made only served to make them think of her as even smaller. Now, here she was, in the hands of a power tripping spoiled brat who had every reason to want revenge. She shuddered, dreading to think what Jessica could think of.

Finally she finished the sippy cup. “Good girl!” Jessica said mockingly. “Now, come with me. I have some people I want you to meet again.”

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Re: The Switch

Just wanted to offer good words. This story is AWESOME so far and I can’t wait for the next chapter.

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Re: The Switch

THank you! It should be up later today :slight_smile:

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Re: The Switch

Part 3:
“What?! Who…?”

“Tsk tsk, no questions now little girl. You will see.”

Jessica lead her by the hand, still only in the shirt and pull up, through the house, up the stairs, and into Jessica’s bedroom. It was still the same bedroom, with pink walls and, bookshelves, a desk with a computer, and a large white bed. It occurred to Crabula that, despite Jessica seeming to be older here, she was still the same person and behaved the same way. This made it all the worse, not only was she being babysat by someone almost a decade younger then herself, but someone who acted like she was a decade younger then herself.

Two things, however, were different in the room. The first, clearly a new addition, was a large, white crib, complete with a mobile hanging over it, and a high chair.
The second, and the reason Crabula knew that the crib was a new addition, was that the room was already full of half a dozen people. Specifically, it was full of the kids Crabula babysat. Even more specifically, it was full of the ones who really, really resented Crabula’s particular style of babysitting, and acted up for it. Some were putting the finishing touches on the high chair, including My Little Pony bedsheets and stuffed animals. It took Crabula a second to realize this was what she had asked for, for the kids who didn’t like her to go through what she put them through. This, of course, was not what she meant at all. Once again, she tried, and failed, to summon the Genie.

The group of young boys and girls looked up and grinned sadistically as Crabula entered. At once they began giggling and pointing at her.
“Nice pull ups, Crabula.”

“Hey there BABYSITTER. Doesn’t seem you were quite as big as you thought you were?”

Crabula squeezed her eyes shut. This could NOT be happening. All of them, all barely teenagers, but somehow still seemed older then herself, when she was an adult… IT DIDN"T MAKE SENSE! Briefly she wished she had in fact hit her head on falling, and this was all a dream.

“Now, little one,” Jessica said mockingly. "As you can see, we have a bit of a different lifestyle for you in the works. She pointed toward the crib.
“What!? You can’t do that! Even with the court I’m not that immature,” Crabula tried to argue within the confines of this new world.

“Ahh yes, but that was still debatable, wasn’t it? You could still go lower, and from what I heard you were bordering on it already. These were even left here in case we needed it this weekend. Got that? In case I decide that YOU need to be a baby instead. They trust my opinion over yourse that much. We all agreed that would be for the best. And with the way you treated us, you don’t really deserve more.” Crabula replied, and the others nodded.

“But… but… theres no way they will let you do this.”

“Oh they will. Are you arguing with your babysitter, little girl? Do you want to be punished?” Crabula shook her head as Jessica spoke. “Then you better do as I say. And the first thing you are going to do is wet that pull up.” She pointed to the childish garment Crabula was wearing.

“WHAT!? NO! I’m not going to!”

“Oh no?” Jessica said, grinning. She looked back at the group of kids. “Grab her!”

“Wai… What!?” Crabula barely got out before she felt all of her limbs grabbed. She was picked up and held on the ground by the kids. Jessica climbed on top of her and began tickling her. She shrieked out in laughter, and struggled pointlessly to get away. The others began to get in too, tickling her ribs, her stomach, her armpits, and worse of all her feet.

Crabula knew what they were doing. By tickling her, they were trying to make her lose control and wet herself, so they would have an excuse to make her even younger. The worse part was, it was almost working. They were really going at it, pressing hard into it, making her squirm and shriek with laughter. She doubted she could last long.

She did everything she could to fight against it, but felt her resolved weaken. The pressure inside her built, and her mussels were harder and harder to control. Finally she felt a warm wetness spread into her pull up.

All at once the tickling stopped. Crabula stopped laughing, but her laughter was replaced by that of the kids pointing at her now soaked pull ups. The picture, which had formally been pink, changed to a dark purple to indicate it was wet. Crabula was on the verge of tears.

“Now then little one, no more arguing?” Jessica asked. Crabula shook her head.

“Good. Then lets get you dressed, and properly this time.” Crabula shuddered at these words, dreading what they could mean.

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Re: The Switch

Great job!

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Re: The Switch

thanks! I’m glad you like it so far :slight_smile:

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Re: The Switch

Part 4:

Carefully, she pulled down Crabula’s pull up. From underneath the crib she pulled out a large diaper bag, and took out wipes. She cleaned Crabula off, then spread baby powder on her. Next, she took out a large, thick diaper, with Sesame Street characters and “Pampers” written across the top.

“What!? You can’t put me in that! Where did you even get that?! Who would make it?!” Crabula couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Even with all that happened before, it didn’t occur to her she would end up in diapers. Furthermore, the existence of that particular diaper shocked her. While of course there would be adult sized diapers, one so thick and with such childish designs was surprising. Even if it was some kind of fetish thing, it wouldn’t have name brand like pampers, why would they… the answer came to her just as Jessica spoke.

“Well of course you are going in diapers, I told you you were going to be a baby, didn’t I? And they make them for big babies like you.” She grinned that awful, sadistic grin again.

Of course it made sense. In a world where people could essentially have their age reduced, companies would have to make diapers for all shapes and sizes. If Jessica had been given a crib, then having this made sense as well. Which would mean… Oh no…

Crabula had turned toward the crib, afraid of what she would see but knowing full well, and looked underneath it. There were piles of clothes prepared for her. Not just any clothes, but baby clothes made in her size. Onesies, plastic pants, bonnets, dresses… everything made for a baby girl, but her size.

“You can’t do this! I never did this to you!” Crabula half moaned and half begged.

“Oh yes, but you did more then enough mean things to deserve it. And what was it you always said? We were too immature and acting like babies? Oh, and no one will argue when I show them your soaked pull up.” She held up the proof of her humiliation to demonstrate. "Even if you try to say we forced you, who are they going to believe? Us, or a little baby like you? Just like all the times you told our parents we misbehaved, they will trust us before you.

Crabula squeezed her eyes shut as she felt her legs being lifted up. Her hips were raised, then lowered onto the thick padding. She felt it pulled up between her legs, and tapped shut. The padding was almost ridiculously thick, as if it was made more for punishment and embarrassment then just practicality. Which, she supposed, it was.
“There! The babies all safe and padded! Let’s get her dressed!”

They grabbed Crabula’s wrists and hoisted her to her feet. She stood awkwardly with her feet spaced apart, thanks to the thickness of her diaper. They had fun with her, taking turns curling her hair and pulling different outfits over her, all while tickling her, patting her diapered bum, and giggling at her expense. Finally, they settled on an outfit, and turned Crabula to see herself in the mirror. She moaned, and almost began to cry.

Her only wish, that whatever she wore would hide her diaper, was quickly squashed. She wore a skirt, but it barely came down to cover the edges of the padding, and the diaper was thick enough to be obvious anyway. The skirt itself belonged to a bright pink silky dress. It had an almost obscene amount of frills, with lace around the edges of the skirt, and no sleeves with big puffy shoulders and more lace around the cuffs, which were secured with bows. There was a belt of more bows and quilt like patterns around the waist and a puffy collar. There was a frilly diaper cover over her padding, which, she was told to her embarrassment, was to prevent leaks. She had long white stockings, again tied in place with pink bows, and bunny shoes secured with Velcro. They put her hands in fingerless baby mittens which seemed to match the dress. Worse of all, they had done her hair into thick sausage curls, which they tied with a big pink bow. A pacifier stuck into her mouth completed the humiliating look.

“There, don’t you just look adorable?” Jessica asked, patting Crabula’s bum. Crabula could only moan in reply. “Now, what do we say we go for a walk to show off our cute little baby?”

The others all laughed and nodded in agreement, and Crabula, defeated and humiliated, allowed herself to be dragged along. They placed a baby harness on her, attached a leash to it, and lead her outside.

They headed down the street. People passed by, snickering and waving at Crabula, and more than a few asking to pat or check her diapers, which of course Jessica allowed.
This was still so hard for Crabula to take in. Here she was, an adult, being led by people she remembered as being twelve years old. She knew they should be kids and she was older than them, but somehow couldn’t see them as such. They were all smaller then her, but at the same time, things happened as if they were bigger, and they dragged her or picked her up effortlessly. Furthermore, everyone just seemed to accept that she was the one being babysat, and this was an appropriate way to babysit. They accepted an adult being babysat by a twelve year old (or at least someone she remembered as a twelve year old) and being paraded around on a leash and in diapers.They knew she had been babysitting them not long ago, and just snickered at her for it and commented how much of a mistake it was. They knew she an adult and had been dressed and treated like an adult not long ago, but accepted this had changed without any clear physical changes to her. They saw her walk around without diapers not even few hours ago, but accepted that she now needed them based on the word of her former babysitting wards.

The effect was, she was an adult being treated as a baby and babysat by people who really shouldn’t have been old enough to babysit anyone, and no one questioned it.

They simply laughed at her. No one questioned someone younger than her making decisions for her, leading her by a leash, feeding her, or even changing her diapers. Even people she knew and grew up with, her friends and boyfriends, just snickered and accepted she was now in diapers as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

Crabula sulked, and waddled along beside Jessica. Suddenly, she realized something. She recognized the road they were on. This was the same path she had taken the night before, when she had suddenly crashed. Maybe if…

Yes! There it was, the lamp she had found. She started running toward it. Jessica, surprised for a moment, let go of the leash and let her fun, but then followed after. They were soon separated from the group, who Jessica had told to stay behind, and a bit out of sight.

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Re: The Switch

Part 5:
“Hey! Bad baby! You come back!” Jessica reached her. She grabbed onto the leash, but Crabula already had the lamp. She began rubbing it, and once again the Genie came out.

“I am… oh, you again. What is it this time?” the Genie asked. Jessica stared at the two in shock.

“Yes, I have some questions for you!” Crabula shouted angrily.

“What are they?”

“Uhhh…” Crabula realized she didn’t really know what to say.

"Once again, “uhh’ isn’t a question any more than it is a wish. Really, I wish you had asked for more brain cells so we could have these little sessions quicker,” the Genie rolled his eyes and folded his arms.

“I mean… this weird world, Jessica a babysitter, THE DIAPERS!?”

“Yes? That isn’t a question dear.”

“Well, my question is, WHAT THE HECK?!” Crabula finally got it out. Jessica still stared in shock, watching the two argue. Meanwhile, the others had yet to show up.

The Genie sighed. “I guess you want to know why this all happened?” Crabula nodded angrily. “Alright. Try to enunciate next time.Verbs tend to help. You are now in a world which suits your wishes. Here, age is not just something you grow into, it is based on how you behave. While it still usually progresses normally, people can be made to be older based on excellent behaviour, or made younger based on poor behaviour. Obviously there are differences between you and a normal baby, like increased punishments and deliberate embarrassment, as you are being disciplined at serving as a warning to others to grow up. This is why you are now being babysat by Jessica. People still remember you as older, and know you have lived the correct number of years, but will treat you as far less,” Jessica giggled at this.

Crabula’s mouth was agape. “But… why am I younger? And why would Jessica be my babysitter?! She was a brat!”

“Well, do you recall asking for no responsibilities and to not have to pay for anything? Doesn’t seem mature to me, seems like you didn’t really grow up. This is what was decided here too. And in the end, this life does fit your wishes. As for Jessica… while it may be odd for her to be a babysitter, you did ask for them all to go through what you put them through, so this seemed appropriate.”

“But… but that’s not what I meant!? I want to undo them! I want more wishes!”

“See? I want I want I want, wanting to undo stuff, not taking responsibility… Not very mature. And no, I can’t give you more wishes or undo them, sorry not sorry about that. And if this isn’t what you have in mind… next time someone offers you wishes, make up your mind faster and don’t call him a dumbass, capiche?”

“No, you can…” Crabula was cut off as the genie pointed at her, making the pacifier fly up into her mouth. She felt compelled to suck, and couldn’t say anything.
“No more complaints from you, baby girl. I think you’d be too young here for wishes anyway.”

“Wait… wait let me get this straight,” Jessica interjected. “She was actually all grown up, in some weird world where age is determined solely by when you were born and not actual maturity, and she accidently wished herself here with me in charge of her?”

“Yes, that is correct.”

“HA!” she laughed “And now she can’t wish herself out?!”

“No, in fact, since you are the only other one here, the wishes go to you. Thank god. You seem much more capable then my last customer.” He indicated Crabula, who simply suckled her pacifier and stared at the ground.

Jessica was positively beaming. “Hahah oh my god. I can’t believe you did that to yourself baby pants.” She patted the back of Crabula’s diaper. “Though it makes sense such an immature little girl would do this. As if you could make it as an adult.” She laughed at the very thought of it. “Why should your age be based on when you were born and not how you act?” Crabula wanted to say the opposite didn’t make sense to her, but couldn’t get the words out. “Now, what should I wish for?”
Crabula, finally finding herself able to speak, began begging. “Please! Please let me go back to my own world! Let me out of these diapers! I promise I will be nice to you there and treat you well! I…” She stopped, seeing the cruel smile come back on Jessica’s mouth, and realized it all came on deaf ears. Jessica placed the pacifier back in her mouth. Crabula stared at her pleadingly.

“First of all, I want Crabula here, as a baby, forever, and for everyone to see here like this. But I don’t want them to get used to it, I kind of like having people laughing at her diapers.”

“DONE! It’s nice to see you can come up with these faster than baby Crabula, and much better wishes. See Crabula? This is how you wish without having unexpected results,” the genie reprimanded as Crabula sulked, tears forming in her eyes.

“Next, I want her parents to keep sending her back to me for babysitting forever. If they get too old to take care of her, I want her. And I want to do WHATEVER I want to her- any amount of spankings, any punishment as much and as bad as I want, changing or not changing when I want, anything, any amount, without anyone stopping me. I want her to really feel them, be embarrassed, get her widdel diaper rashes, feel the spanks, everything.” Crabula moaned
“Done!” the Genie said. “Punish away whenever you want, no one will complain. Oh, and of course, this means you yourself will always be seen as at least old enough to be her babysitter. I’ll through in never being set down in age because I like you.”

“Oh thanks! Finally, there is one more thing…” Jessica giggled, then walked up and whispered in the genie’s ears.

“Hahah yes,” the Genie said “I can do that, and I think it is appropriate for her.” With that, the genie vanished.

Suddenly the others came running behind her. It occurred to Crabula they must have been in some kind of time warp. They weren’t just standing around waiting, time was fleeting, and madness was taking its toll. This was why it all was dreamy, a fantasy which didn’t free here, and they didn’t see her.

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Re: The Switch

Can’t wait for more bud, very intresting and well writen. This is a well developed story you got here, keep up the great work

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Re: The Switch

Thanks! I am glad you think so, and I will :slight_smile: The next part will be up in a few days

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Re: The Switch

Part 6:

“What was that about?” one of them, a young boy named Jerald, asked. “Bad baby! Don’t run off like that!” He spanked her hard, and Jessica yelped. Perhaps in line with Jessica’s wishes, it hurt far more then it should off through the thick diaper.

“Oh nothing, just a baby being a brat. I’ll punish her for it when we get back,” Jessica said, smiling at Crabula.

“Good idea. I know you had the right to punish her anyway you wanted, without anyone stopping you.” Jessica snickered and Crabula’s gasped to hear the words if the wish repeated so clearly, as if to mock her.

“That’s exactly right,” Jessica said. “And I have something in mind for her for the rest of the weekend…” Crabula whined to hear this, wondering what it could be. To everyone there, she was just another baby, whining as usual.

“But… but wait!” Crabula said. Jessica turned toward her, and she leaned in close to whisper. “What was the last wish?”

“Oh, you will see in a few seconds,” Jessica whispered back.
Crabula was confused for a moment, then she heard it.

“Ewww! She’s messing her diapers!” Jerald shouted, laughing.

At first she tried to deny it, she couldn’t be doing that, she would know. But then she felt it. She stared back at herself to see her diaper inflate behind her, filling with warm gooey mush. It poured out of her, much more than it should have with what she had eaten, and filled her padding. The smell was awful, and it surrounded her. She groaned and whimpered as the others laughed and ewwed at her, patting her bottom and daring each other to check her.

To make matters worse, she heard footsteps coming. She turned to see a group of people she recognized all too well. It was her old group of friends, the ones in this world she had once gone to college with, and in the other were still seen as her age. Now, things were completely different. The approached her and began laughing, chuckling or giggling behind hands.

“Well hello little Crabula! Seems you are adjusting to your new life well Ms. Stinky Pants!” Jack, and old boyfriend, said as he squished her diaper.

“Yes. Here I thought you were just made to go back to preschool. I didn’t realize they had you in diapers!” another added.

“Yep!” Jessica said gleefully. “She in permanent diapers, actually. A permanent baby, never grow old, and I am her babysitter!”

They all laughed this, congratulating Jessica on getting the new job. Crabula simply stared at the ground and waited for them to move on. Finally, with a series of kisses on her cheeks and pats on her bum, they left.

Jessica leaned in close to her and whispered again. “You see, my potty pants little baby, I wanted to make sure you could never again argue that you didn’t need diapers, so I took care of it already. In fact, I made sure you’d be the messiest baby anyone has ever seen or smelled. It may not make sense, but that’s magic for you. I guess it is a problem with me, as I’m left with the world’s stinkiest diapers to change, but I am willing to make that sacrifice for your own good.” She laughed at this and patted Crabula’s cheek. “Anyway, I don’t have to change you if I don’t want to stinky pants. Oh, and the visit from your old friends was just to get ideas of returning out of your head. They’ve all seen you in your messy diapers, that’s how they will see you know. Now come on, let’s go home.”

Crabula pulled her leash and led her along. Crabula waddled as best she could, the thick padding slowing her down even more than before with the mess sliding around. She could tell what Jessica had meant already. It felt horrible, she could already fell a rash forming, and the smell followed her everywhere.

Once they arrived back at the house, Jessica turned to the others.

“Alright, my friends, I have to put baby potty pants to bed. Say goodbye baby girl!”

“What!? But it’s barely seven o clock! I haven’t eaten supper yet!” Jessica almost stooped herself at this, realizing supper probably meant baby food and bottles in a high chair.

They all laughed at this. “Oh? Are you saying babysitters can’t send their wards to bed early as punishment? Seems a bit hypocritical, doesn’t it?” Jessica spanked her, and once again it stung far more than it should. “I get to decide how I want to punish you, remember? I decided an early bedtime without a change, locked in a crib with a messy diaper around your waist is a good punishment for your naughtiness today. The rash will do you some good, and I may leave you in there longer.” The others nodded in agreement. “And yes, I’m sending you to bed without supper as well. I don’t think your diapers can take much more anyway.” They all chuckled at this. “Don’t worry, if you behave, I might change you tomorrow. MIGHT. Now wave goodbye!”

Crabula waved, and was led inside to bed. She suckled her pacifier, and promised herself she’d try to behave herself from now on to avoid punishments. She would, she hated to even think it, be a good baby, and maybe at some point Jessica will let up. Silently she wished she would see some ironic twist to Jessica’s wishes that would make it somehow better, but it never came.

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This is a good story your developing, just read this today as im still recovering from breaking my ankle bone

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Re: The Switch

Oh I hope you get better!

Also, thanks :slight_smile: I am glad you like it

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Wondering, when will the update come out for this story?

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Sorry, this was part of an art trade, and the trade was only for one story. Unless they ask for more, I don’t plan on making another section. This was meant to be more of a short story. I do have longer ones, but this wasn’t meant to be long.
Thanks for commenting, and I am glad you appreciate it :slight_smile:

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Ok :slight_smile: thats fine, it was a good fine piece, I’ve also read all your other stories, they were great as well

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[quote=bunnygirl101 link=topic=6479.msg63951#msg63951 date=1437079176]
Ok :slight_smile: thats fine, it was a good fine piece, I’ve also read all your other stories, they were great as well
Well thank you very much! I am glad you think so :slight_smile:

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