The Story of Natalie

This is my first story. I hope everybody likes it! Please tell me what you think of it so far! I will be adding updates as I get time. I’ve had to type everything on my iphone because I don’t get much privacy with a computer. This story is set in the late '90s.

Ch. 1 - Introduction

Natalie is 20 year old girl in her sophomore year of college as a nursing major. Being a nurse has been her dream job since she was in middle school. Her dad died of pancreatic cancer when she was 13. The helpfulness and friendliness of the nurses who worked with her father encouraged her to this career path. She knows it will be a challenging career, but she knows it will be worth it to help people like her father.

Despite the tragic loss of her dad, Natalie remains a pretty average girl.
She’s a funny, bright, and caring girl who usually maintains an upbeat attitude. She played the trumpet in marching band in high school, and while she didn’t continue doing band when she started college, she still considers herself somewhat of a band geek. She has been able to retain a childlike innocence from vulgarity well into her adulthood; she has never done more than hold hands with a guy and most crude jokes would probably be misunderstood by her. Her demeanor around new people is somewhat shy. This may be a result of her cute appearance. Let me take a moment to explain what I mean by “cute”…

Out of the many nice looking girls in the world it easy to categorize them into different degrees of “cute” versus “sexy.” “Sexy” referring to a girl who looks nice in tight revealing clothing with high heels - a girl most guys want to sleep with. “Cute” referring to a girl that looks amazing in just a shirt, jeans, and tennis-shoes. They have an adorable smile and particularly beautiful face. This is the kind of girl that a guy wants to protect and love with all their heart. Natalie definitely falls on the cute side of this scale. Natalie appreciates her cuteness at times, but she also feels like she’s not respected as much because it can make her look less mature. Her insecurity in her looks is revealed through her shyness. She doesn’t feel near as cool or legitimate as the “sexy” looking girls.

Despite her desire to be like one of the “sexy” girls. She still embraces her cuteness; she figures she might as well. She is a typical girly-girl in this respect. She enjoys the color pink and other cute things. Most of her panties are either cotton bikini panties or boy shorts. Also, she still often wears cute ruffled socks with her tennis-shoes.

The last semester of her sophomore year was a tough one, especially her class in organic chemistry. She was so tired of studying and was looking forward to spending her summer back at home…

Ch. 2 - First Morning Back at Home

Natalie awoke in her bed at her mom’s home in Colorado for the first time in a while. She had flown in the previous evening from her university. She was laying on her back with her cute feet spread out and pointing straight up when her eyes just opened. She was wearing a pair of cute blue bikini briefs with some lace on the edges. The panties currently retained a lot of her cute scent, as they had been pressed against her private area all night as she slept. She was wearing no bra, so her breasts were out in the fresh air. They were soft and almost perfect breasts, but maybe a little on the small size. They were perky and a uniform color to the rest of her body (she has an average white complexion) with small small pink areolas. She reached her hands up and cupped her soft smooth breasts as she yawned.

She got up out of bed and prepared to shower. Her panties were a little moist from sweat while she slept mixed with small amounts of pee. (She was usually in a hurry going to the bathroom such that the last drops of pee are absorbed by her panties when she pulls them up).

Next, she reached her hand to the waistband of her panties and slid them down to about mid thigh. She then let go and the panties continued to drop to the top of her feet. She stepped her left foot out of the panties and then used her right foot to flick the panties into her laundry basket, which at this point was filled with a variety of cute socks and panties. She then glanced at her cute bubble butt. A lot of her friends had a flatter butt, she was glad she wasn’t like them.

She grabbed a fresh towel and placed it within reach of the shower. She turned the shower on and once the temperature was acceptable she got in. As she shampooed her hair and rubbed her entire body with soap, she remembered she had forgotten to do laundry. She had no clean pairs of panties left. This was something she’d have to deal with after getting out of the shower.

After getting out of the shower she dried off using her towel. She then hung her tower over her bathroom door and, completely naked, walked over to her panty drawer to double check she was out of clean panties. Her check confirmed her fears. She didn’t think going commando that day would be a proper nor comfortable thing to do, so she decided to rewear the panties she took off this morning.

She reached into her laundry basket and grabbed the cute pair of blue panties she woke up in this morning. She slipped both her feet in the cute laced panty opening and pulled them up tight around her bum and private region. The damp parts of the old panties felt uncomfortably cold against her. After a few moments though, the heat from her private region warmed the panties up and now she was left with just a slightly damp feeling. “I guess this will be acceptable for today”, she thought as she pulled on a pair of tight fitting jeans overtop her dirty panties. She strapped on a matching bra, pulled on a pink t-shirt, and headed downstairs for breakfast.

Natalie’s mom, upon seeing Natalie walking into the kitchen said, “Hey there sleepy head. I hope you slept well last night.”

Natalie responded, “Yeah, it was a good night, but this morning I realized I didn’t have any clean panties to put on.”

“Well what are you wearing right now young lady?”

“My old panties from yesterday.”

Her mom sighed in a disappointed tone and said, “Well, you’re going to be doing your own laundry this year. You’re a big girl now and I can’t be doing everything for you.”

Natalie responded, “No problem mom, I’ve learned how to do my own laundry living at college.”

Natalie’s mom responded, “That’s good to hear. Also, don’t forget about your obligation to babysit for Mr. and Mrs. Penny in a couple hours. They called today and wanted me to tell you to buy a pack of huggies training pants 4T-5T and bring them with you because Todd doesn’t have any left. Obviously, they will reimburse you for the cost of the pull ups.”

Natalie responded, “Yeah, that will be fine.”

This would be the first time Natalie did a babysitting job that lasted this long. Todd’s parents would not be back until the next morning. She wondered how much she would get payed. She was going to be there longer than usual, but most of the time they would both be sleeping anyways. “Who knows”, she thought, but she knew it would probably be fair.

Natalie knew she needed to hurry to get everything done and be on time to babysit Todd within a couple hours. Todd is the 6 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Penny, who are friends with Natalie’s parents.

Natalie immediately began gathering her dirty clothes and started them in the washer. While the clothes were washing she noticed The Simpsons were on tv, and it was episodes from the first 9 seasons back when the show was a lot better. She got caught up in the show and didn’t notice it was time to switch the clothes from the washer to the dryer. When she finally noticed it was time to put the clothes in the dryer she hurried to get it done, but she knew this mistake ate into her already crunched schedule.

Natalie watched a little more tv and when the clothes were finished drying she folded the clothes and placed them in their respective closet/drawer. She then took off her jeans and damp panties and put on a fresh pair of pink bikini panties. She slid her jeans back on and realized she needed to be at the Penny’s house to babysit Todd in 15 minutes. She knew she wouldn’t have time to pick up the pull ups. She wondered how she would deal with this when she got there.

Ch. 3 - Babysitting Todd

Natalie quickly gathered a small bag for her self with bathroom supplies and pajamas to take to Todd’s.

She told her mom, “Bye, I’m off to babysit Todd”, as she walked out the front door.

Her mom responded, “Ok, see you tomorrow Natalie.”

Natalie got into her car and left on her way to Todd’s house. Natalie’s car was a 1986 Toyota Camry. It was nothing flashy, but it was really reliable and she was just thankful her parents had got her a car. Plus, the car was now getting old enough that she could consider it vintage and not just really old. It was in really good shape because her grandparents had bought it new almost 30 years ago and took really good care of it before giving it to her.

Todd’s house was only 10 minutes away, so she was able to arrive on time. She knocked on the front door and Mr. And Mrs. Penny answered. They exchanged greetings and explained they needed to leave quickly to make it on time to attend Mrs. Penny’s niece’s graduation out of town.

Right before leaving they told her they had bagel bites in the freezer for her to make for dinner. Natalie said, “That sounds great!”

Once they had left, Natalie began playing with Todd. Whatever he wanted to do. This is why Natalie had so much repeat business. The kids enjoyed being babysat by Natalie so much, they would beg the parents for her to return.

Natalie asked, “So, what do you want to do today Todd?”

Todd excitedly responded, “N64!”

Todd’s parents limited his time playing video games when they were there, so this was a chance for him to get some extra time playing.

Todd also wanted Natalie to watch him play his N64. Todd was playing Diddy Kong racing. He thought he was pretty good, so he was showing off in a way.

As Natalie watched Todd playing his video games, she couldn’t help but worry about the conflict that she knew was in her future. What was she going to do about the fact that she left Todd’s pull ups at home?

After what seemed like many hours of watching Todd play video games, Natalie got up and said, “It’s time for me to make you some dinner little man.”

Todd was too distracted with his video game to give a response other than a simple, “Ok!”

Natalie got up and put the bagel bites the Penny’s had told her about earlier in the microwave. While she waited on them to cook she started searching the house.

“Maybe he actually does have some extra pull ups somewhere in this house that his parents just couldn’t find”, she thought.

She searched drawers, shelves, boxes in the garage, and pretty much everywhere in the house with no luck…until she looked in a closet next to the living room. On a shelf in the closet she found a bottle of baby powder. She thought, “This might be useful”, as she took the bottle and placed it outside the closet.

Then, underneath a pile of old coats in this closet, she found a package of luvs baby diapers. She wasn’t too relieved, because she doubted they would fit, but then she noticed they were size 6.

She thought, “Maybe these actually will fit. Although, I know he won’t like it even if they do.”

She also was interested in why they had the largest size diaper luvs makes. Not only did Todd need pull ups because he was bedwetting longer than most, but he must have needed diapers longer than most because he was late potty training. After all, the Penny’s had no other kids.

Natalie looked inside the package and immediately smelled the perfumed baby powder smell of luvs diapers. “Todd definitely won’t like this”, thought Natalie in response to the really babyish smell.

Natalie now noticed there was only one diaper left in the package. She was thankful there was at least one left, but she would have to be careful putting it on him because there was no back up plan. If this didn’t work, then Todd would have no protection to wear at night, and when he woke up with a wet bed his parents would know it was her fault for not getting the pull-ups like they asked.

Natalie put the baby powder and luvs diaper up and retrieved Todd from his video game for dinner.

Todd really enjoyed the bagel bites, evident by how he gobbled them up. During dinner Todd talked to Natalie about various things that he thought were cool - including the possible existence of aliens, his friend at school who ate a worm the other day, and his favorite tv shows.

Once dinner was over it was a little past 8pm. Natalie knew it was getting close to Todd’s bedtime and figured she should probably start getting him ready for bed. Natalie felt really bad that she would have to diaper Todd during this process. After all, it was entirely her fault for forgetting to get pull ups for him.

Natalie’s announced to Todd, “Alright little man, it’s time for you to get ready for bed.”

Todd complained, “but I’m not tired yet.”

Natalie responded, “Just get ready for bed now. Once your ready for bed I’ll let you play some more video games before making you go to bed.”

Todd seemed pleased with this arrangement as he scurried upstairs to get ready for bed. By the time Natalie got up there he was already in his pj’s and brushing his teeth.

“Dang, he must be in a hurry to start playing his video game again.”, thought Natalie.

Natalie had the luvs diaper and baby powder in her hands. She figured the baby powder might be necessary, because if he wakes up wet in the middle of the night she won’t be able to change him because she doesn’t have an extra diaper or pull-up. The baby powder will prevent him from getting a rash if he has to stay in the wet luvs diaper for too long.

When Todd saw the diaper in Natalie’s hand he asked, “What’s the diaper for?”

Natalie responded in a sympathetic tone, “it’s for you Todd. I’m sorry, this is just all I could find to help you with your night time problem. You’re out of pull-ups. This diaper is all I could find.”

Todd cried, “But I’m not a baby, I don’t wear diapers anymore.”

Natalie responded, “I know, but it’s all we have. It will just be for tonight. Babies wear diapers because they can’t control their pee. At night you’re the same way, it makes sense for you to wear a diaper. We can’t have you wetting the bed.”

Todd reluctantly agreed. Natalie asked him to remove his pajama pants so she could put the diaper on him. She had him lay down on the floor and she lifted his legs up and slid the diaper under him, just like she did when changing a baby’s diaper.

Natalie then puffed out a lot of baby powder on his diaper area while holding Todd’s legs up by his feet on top of his diaper.

With all the baby powder she used the room now smelt like a nursery. She knew Todd must be completed humiliated, being diapered by a cute girl just like a helpless baby.

Natalie prepared the diaper to be taped shut by ripping open the tapes on the front of the diaper. She did it quick and the sound of the tapes opening mixed with the crinkling of the diaper sounded like a classic baby diaper change. Natalie pulled the front of the diaper over him and taped it shut tight to avoid leaks.

Todd was now taped in the first diaper he had worn in several years. It was really thick and crinkly and everywhere he went smelled like a nursery because of the diaper and baby powder smell.

Natalie thought he looked kind of cute in his diaper, but she was also embarrassed for him. She thought of what it would be like if she still needed diapers at night like a little baby. It would be so humiliating.

For Todd’s sake, Natalie put his pajama shorts back on overtop his diaper. Todd, despite his current humiliated state, rushed downstairs to continue playing video games.

As he left to play video games Natalie realized she had made a big mistake. She hadn’t made Todd go to the bathroom before diapering him. And, sure enough, about 30 minutes into his video gaming Todd complains to Natalie that he needs to go pee.

Natalie knew she couldn’t risk taking the diaper off him to go to the bathroom, because if she undid the tapes they may not retain enough stickiness to be retaped. She simply couldn’t risk Todd not having a diaper to wear as he slept tonight. Her only option was to make him wet the diaper on purpose while awake and hope it wouldn’t leak after the second wetting while he slept tonight. Natalie knew this wouldn’t go over well with Todd.

Natalie said, “I’m sorry Todd you’re going to have to use your diaper. That’s what it is for. You’re in a diaper now not a pull-up. Diapers aren’t design to be used with the potty like pull-ups, if I take the diaper off to let you go potty I won’t be able to get it back on.”

Todd complained, “But I don’t have accidents while I’m awake. I use the potty.”

Natalie responded, “I know Todd, but just for tonight you need to use your diaper. It is what the diaper was designed for, to be wet.”

Todd began to cry, which unfortunately made him seem like even more of a baby. As Todd was crying Natalie heard a hissing noise as Todd wet his diaper.

Todd’s crying slowed to a sniffle as Natalie asked Todd to remove his shorts so she could check for leaks. Todd obliged and removed his shorts. Natalie immediately noticed a yellow tint to the white front part of his diaper that was not present before. She didn’t see any leaks. She put her hand up to the front part of his diaper and gently squeezed it to see how wet it was. It felt like any other baby’s diaper she had checked for wetness. It was warm and mushy, but still seemed like it could hold another wetting.

Natalie was amazed at how similar this 6 year old was to a baby in this respect. Diapers were meant for babies, but here he was with a wet one strapped tight against himself. He was using this absorbent undergarment to take care of his pee rather than going to the potty.

As Todd began to calm down more Natalie asked, “Does it feel ok?”

Todd responded, “I guess. I don’t notice the wetness too much, it mostly just feels warm and bulky.”

Natalie responded, “That’s ok. That’s how a wet diaper should feel.”

Todd, although completely humiliated in a wet diaper, went back to playing video games. He sat down on top if his squishy wet diaper and kept playing. He smelled even more babyish now with the smell of the diaper and baby powder mixing with the smell of his own pee.

After a while Natalie told Todd it was time to go to bed. Todd reluctantly accepted this, and marched upstairs to his bed crinkling the whole way.

As Natalie tucked him into bed she hoped his diaper wouldn’t leak that night. Natalie cut the light off and closed the door as she left Todd in his room in his wet diaper.

Natalie got read for bed herself, putting on her pajamas and brushing her teeth. She got in bed and couldn’t help thinking about everything that had happened today as she fell asleep. She hoped Todd wasn’t too uncomfortable or embarrassed about sleeping in a wet diaper tonight.

She was glad she had never had any issues like that growing up. She never wet the bed or anything. She was really proud when she switched from diapers to big girl panties and never made any steps backwards.

When Natalie awoke the next morning her first thought was to check whether Todd’s diaper had leaked over the night or not. She got up and went into Todd’s room and, without waking him, lifted the covers and checked his diaper. As soon as she lifted the covers she was his by the strong smell of stale pee. “It definitely smelt like a baby’s room in here now”, she thought.

Todd’s diaper was soaking wet and felt extremely squishy, but thankfully it hadn’t leaked. She knew Todd’s parents would be home soon so she needed to act quickly.

She woke Todd up and told him, “Your diaper is soaking wet. I need to take it off you.”

Todd looked disappointed as Natalie saw him reach down and feel his own diaper’s soaking wet state.

Todd sniffled, “Ok.”

Natalie removed Todd’s shorts and with two ripping sounds ripped the tapes on Todd’s diaper removing it from him. She told Todd to get cleaned up and dressed. As Todd left, Natalie rolled up Todd’s diaper and hid it in the bottom of their trash can in the garage.

Once Todd was cleaned up and dressed Natalie told Todd, “Please don’t tell your parents I forgot to bring an extra pull-up here with me and had to diaper you. They wouldn’t let me babysit you anymore. You wouldn’t want that to happen, would you?”

Todd responded, “I definitely wouldn’t want that to happen Natalie, I love you! And I forgive you for making me wear diapers.”

Todd didn’t want his parents finding out about the embarrassing events of last night any more than Natalie.

Natalie responded, “That’s great to hear little guy. I’m sorry about everything again.”

Just then they heard the garage door open. Todd’s parents were back.

Natalie and Todd’s parents exchanged greetings. They thanked Natalie for watching Todd for so long and handed her a $50 bill. This was about the amount Natalie expected and she was appreciative. They all said their goodbyes and Natalie headed out to her car to leave.

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Re: The Story of Natalie

A very good start, its well described, has a pretty believable plot,
and so far i’m liking Natalie and Todd.
Overall i’m interested to see where this go’s, thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

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Re: The Story of Natalie

This story was all plot. Not much was done in the way of giving us insight into the characters or making me care about them in anyway. Their was no reason to share what color her areolii were. She didn’t have an accident, so describing her dirty panties wasn’t necessary either.

Make me care about the story.

Re: The Story of Natalie

:slight_smile: I have to say this is a really cute story

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Re: The Story of Natalie

Ch. 4 - Natalie’s Gamble

On the drive home Natalie began to think more about what she was going to do with her summer off from school. Hanging out with some of her old friends from high school was an obvious option, but most of them were working jobs or internships this summer. Natalie had thought about getting a summer job like most of her friends, but she got so stressed out during her previous semester. She felt kind of burnt out from all the school work and studying. She wanted to just relax this summer.

As Natalie pulled into the driveway of her house, she wondered how she would spend the $50 she had earned. She should probably save it to buy books for college next semester. But that would be no fun, and she was pretty sure her parents would be willing to buy her books for her again next year. She thought about getting some new makeup or maybe a pair of jeans. She was still undecided as she got out of her car hoping her mom was making an early lunch.

As she entered the house she was glad to smell her mom was cooking. Her mom was making tacos. One of her favorite dishes. She liked to pile her taco high with tomatoes, onions, and peppers.

“How was babysitting?”, her mom asked

“It was great and I got $50! But nothing too eventful happened…”, Natalie replied laughing to herself. She knew her response was more than a little deceptive considering all that had happened.

“Well, eat well because you will have to fend for yourself for dinner. I am going to dinner with an old friend tonight.”

“Ok that’s fine, I hope y’all have fun.”, Natalie replied as she enjoyed her tacos.

When Natalie was finished eating she went up to her room and got on her computer.

Like most college kids she could let a lot of time slip away in front of the computer. She would spend time on websites like AOL instant messaging, and before she knew it many hours would have gone by. This case was no exception.

Before long her mom had left to dinner and she had the house all to herself.

A lot of girls might have done something more exciting with the situation of having the house all to theirselves. But not Natalie. She was tired from babysitting Todd and all that time on the computer, so she decided she best get to bed early tonight.

She brushed her teeth and stripped down to her normal sleeping attire - just her bra and panties. She usually tried to sleep with her bra on ever since she heard from some friends at school that sleeping with a bra on at night prevented boobs from sagging when you got older. She didn’t know if this was true or not, but she liked her perky boobs and wanted to keep them that way so she followed the advice anyway.

As she was getting ready for bed, she started heading to the bathroom to pee before bed. She didn’t really feel like she had to pee; it was just part of her bedtime routine. She guessed it was a ritual instilled into her by her parents when she was younger. After all, most parents encourage their younger children to use the potty before bed to prevent potential bedwetting mishaps.

The more she thought about it, the more she questioned why she was heading to the bathroom.

“I do not have to go pee right now. Do I really think I’ll wet the bed if I don’t go right now?”, she thought to herself.

She had never woken in the middle of the night having to pee before.

She wondered, “What if the only reason I haven’t been wetting the bed all these years is because I go to the bathroom right before going to sleep every night?”

“Is this nightly ritual of habit all that separates me from being a bedwetter just like Todd? Surely not”, thought Natalie.

She didn’t like thinking she was potentially so close to being a little bedwetting baby, so she decided to put it to the test. She stopped walking to the bathroom. She was going straight to bed without her nightly potty time.

She thought, “If I’m really not a bedwetter, then one of two things will occur. My bladder will be big enough to last me until morning without needing to go…or a full bladder will wake me up to go potty.”

Natalie knew the other option was obvious. She was a bedwetter. Her bladder would not be big enough to last the night and her full bladder would not wake her up. Instead she would just wet the bed like a little helpless baby. Natalie was almost certain this would not be the result.

“I am a grown up college girl. I am mature and have never struggled with potty training. There is no way using the potty every night before bed is the only thing stopping me from being a bedwetter.”, Natalie thought to reassure herself as she drifted off to sleep.

She awoke the next morning not even remembering the gamble she took last night. But not for long.

She felt uncomfortably cold and damp all across her midsection. She reached down and felt her panties and surrounding bedding. They were soaked. She hoped maybe it was just sweat, but then the smell hit her. She could smell pee - her pee. And it was all over her bed and panties. She felt like such a baby.

“Just the other day I made Todd wear diapers, and now look at me. I should be wearing diapers at night just like Todd”, she thought as she looked at the wetness all around her.

She was so embarrassed with herself. Her gamble definitely did not pay off. She was not going to skip going to the potty before bed ever again. She couldn’t believable she had uncontrollably wet herself while she slept, just like a baby. She was older than a baby, she was supposed to have better control over her pee. But she clearly didn’t.

She really didn’t want to deal with the humiliation of her mom finding out she wet her bed, but she didn’t know how to prevent them finding out. She decided she would try to do laundry and hope her mom didn’t notice her washing her sheets. It would be obvious something was up if she saw that, because the sheets were fresh and had only been slept on a couple nights. Her mom would definitely ask her why she was washing the sheets and Natalie would have no good answer other than to admit she wet the bed.

Natalie got out of bed and shivered as the moist pee all over her midsection touched the cold air. She removed her bra to reveal her semi-erect nipples from being cold because of her wet bed. She then removed her soaking wet panties and dropped them into her laundry basket along with her bra. Her cotton panties were a lot heavier than she was used to because of all the pee they had absorbed, and they made a loud plopping sound as they hit the bottom of the laundry basket, similar to the sound of a soaking wet diaper hitting the ground.

Natalie got in the shower and rinsed all of her pee off of herself. She scrubbed all over with soap and washer her hair. She got out of the shower and dried off.

She looked at herself in the mirror totally naked and couldn’t help but laugh to herself. She looked like a mature cute girl, but she had just wet her bed like a little baby. She looked no different than a naked girl who hadn’t committed such an infantile act. I guess it just surprised her. She felt like such a baby, that it was a surprise to see a college girl in the mirror instead of the bedwetting baby that she felt like.

Natalie hoped she had showered good enough so she didn’t still smell like pee. She sniffed and definitely still smelt her pee. She couldn’t tell if the smell was coming from herself or from her soaking wet bed in the next room.

She took her fingers and placed them between her legs. She rubbed her fingers around in her neatly trimmed pubic hair. She then lifted her fingers to her nose and sniffed. She smelt a strong urine smell.

Natalie sighed. Even after her shower she still smelt like pee. Just like a baby. She knew it made sense though. Her soaking wet panties were between her legs for who knows how long. Her skin around her private area and pubic hair was wet with her pee that entire time. Her pubic hair probably absorbed the smell of her pee such that she could not get rid of it with one shower.

She cringed at the thought of how long she slept surrounded by a pool of her own pee. She just hoped her fresh clothes would cover up the smell of her pee enough so that nobody would smell it.

She put on fresh panties, a bra, socks, jeans, a t-shirt, and tennis shoes. She removed all the wet sheets off her bed and put them in the laundry basket. She then noticed a large wet spot on her mattress.

“Maybe I’ve ruined my mattress”, she worried. She knew they made plastic mattress protectors for bedwetters, but her mattress didn’t have one. She didn’t ever plan on wetting the bed. She wasn’t a baby. She just hoped that she could flip the mattress over when she got her sheets washed and it would be ok.

She walked downstairs with her laundry basket on her way to the laundry room. Her mom spotted her.

“Crap!”, thought Natalie.

“Good morning”, said Natalie’s mom

“Good morning”, responded Natalie as she hurried her pace hoping her mom wouldn’t notice the wet sheets in her laundry basket. But it was to no avail.

“Why are your bed sheets in there?”, her mom asked.

Natalie was caught and she knew there was no point trying to avoid it anymore. She would have to admit to her mom the babyish thing she had done.

“I need to wash them since I wet my bed last night”, Natalie said.

Natalie’s mom was clearly surprised to hear this. Her daughter had never had potty training and bedwetting issues before.

“That is odd. Why do you think this happened? Are you feeling ok?”, Natalie’s mom asked.

“I feel fine mom. I don’t know why it happened.”

“Have you been having accidents at college too?”

“No mom, this is the first time.”

“Well be sure to let me know if it happens again. We might need to take you to the doctor. It is not normal for a girl your age to suddenly being wetting the bed again.”

“Ok mom, I’ll let you know, but I don’t think we have anything to worry about.”, Natalie responded. She wasn’t worried about continuing to wet the bed. She could stop it as easily as she started it. She would just have to keep making sure she went potty before going to bed.

Natalie put her sheets in the washer, then the dryer. She watched tv while she waited between cycles. She walked her sheets up to her room and flipped her mattress over. Fortunately the wetness hadn’t made its way to the other side. She made her bed up with the fresh sheets and headed back downstairs.

Natalie spent most of the rest of the day watching tv. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful for Natalie except for one commercial she saw on tv. It was a commercial for Goodnites. Goodnites are basically a diaper for older kids who still wet the bed. They are made with cute designs specifically for girls and for boys and designed to pull up and on, just like huggies pull ups training pants.

The commercial caught her off guard. She had seen the commercial before, but now she feared the commercial was made for her. The girl in the commercial looked to be no older than a middle schooler for sure. Natalie was a college girl.

“This commercial is not directed towards me. I only wet the bed once, plus they probably wouldn’t even fit me.”, Natalie consoled herself.

But as Natalie saw the smile on the girls face, excited to have a dry bed despite wetting herself overnight, she knew those same undergarments would have been useful for her last night too. She didn’t worry too much about it though, she knew her bedwetting was just a one time thing.

Before long is was time for bed again. She walked upstairs and opened the door to her room and instantly was hit with a strong odor. It was the smell of her pee again. But this time it was really stale and had a much stronger odor. It smelt just like bedwetter’s room or a baby who had gone too long without a diaper change.

She knew it was probably the mattress she had simply flipped over and left wet. She thought that might have been a mistake. She knew she would probably end up having to get a new mattress to get rid of the smell, but there was nothing she could do about it now. She was going to have to sleep with that smell constantly reminding her she had wet her bed like a baby.

She went to the potty and made sure to pee as much as she could.

“My bedwetting days are over”, she thought to herself as she peed. Thankfully into the potty this time and not into her panties and bed.

She brushed her teeth and stripped down to just her bra and panties. She got into bed and started to get comfortable. Just then a new worry struck her.

“What if I trained my body to wet while I sleep with my little gamble last night? It is possible that now my body will start peeing while I sleep even without a full bladder, since I forced it to do so by getting a full bladder last night.”, worried Natalie.

She convinced herself that she was just being paranoid.

“Surely it would take more than one night of wetting the bed to make your body think it was ok wet while you slept again…”, Natalie reassured herself as she fell asleep.


Re: The Story of Natalie

Not bad you tend to reuse words alot like cute and baby, but its o.k.
Since i’m not sure how eles a person who just wet the bed would
describe themselves, and Natalie has a funny thought process anyway.

Maybe its just me but i think it definitely felt less wooden than the first bit.
So a good improvement there, my only question is didn’t her dad die?.

Overall i enjoyed it and i didn’t mind the retcon, thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

Re: The Story of Natalie

Thanks for the comments. Glad you are liking it! I am slowing getting the hang of this whole writing thing… Haha

And you are right about Natalie’s dad. I’ll edit the story to fix that error. Thanks!


Re: The Story of Natalie

Ch. 5 - A Solution to Natalie’s Bedwetting

Natalie awoke suddenly to somebody nudging her.

“Natalie, wake up sweety. You’ve had another accident”, said Natalie’s mom as Natalie stirred awake.

It took a little bit for her mom’s comments to register with her in her recently awoken state. But then she felt the cold wetness around her and smelt her pee. She had wet the bed again.

“Get out of that cold wet bed honey. It’s ok. I know it was just an accident”, said Natalie’s mom.

Natalie was so embarrassed by what she did that she didn’t even respond. She got out of bed and headed straight to her bathroom to shower.

While showering she couldn’t help but feel insulted by what her mom said.

“Consoling me for wetting the bed like a little toddler. Telling me that she knew it was an accident…well duh! No way I would be wetting the bed on purpose. It is so humiliating”, thought Natalie.

As she was getting out of the shower she thought, “Well, what else was my mom supposed to say? I had wet the bed. It’s not like she could have just ignored it.”

She dried off and, despite her best attempts, her pubic area still smelled like her pee. She was sure her fresh panties and jeans would cover the smell up ok though.

She walked out of her bathroom back into her room and was relieved to find her mom had gone back downstairs. She didn’t want to talk to anybody right now.

Suddenly she noticed her bed was messed up. The mattress was missing.

“Where did it go?”, thought Natalie.

She went downstairs to find her mom and ask if she knew what happened to her mattress.

Natalie found her mom in the living room downstairs and asked her, “What happened to my mattress? It’s gone.”

Her mom replied, “It was ruined. Both sides of it were soaked with pee and it smelled like an old wet diaper. I put it out on the curb to be picked up by the trash tomorrow.”

Natalie replied, “Mom! All our neighbors are going to see. They’ll know I’ve been wetting the bed.”

Natalie’s mom replied, “Well, you have been wetting the bed dear. What is so bad about them knowing the truth? It is nothing to be ashamed about. You simply can’t help what happens while you sleep.”

Natalie, visibly upset, said, “Well I still don’t want anyone to know! It makes me feel like a baby to wet the bed. It certainly doesn’t make me feel like a mature college girl. I don’t want people recognizing me as the girl who wets the bed, ok?”

Her mom replied, “Well, ok. I will try to be more discreet about these issues in the future, but the mattress is already outside so we might as well leave it out there to get picked up in the morning.”

Natalie begrudgingly accepted this replying, “Ok, but what am I going to sleep on now?”

Her mom replied, “We’ll have to get you a new mattress at the store today.”

Natalie responded, “Ok, well let me know when you decide to leave to the store. I want to go with you. I decided I want to buy the new backstreet boys CD with some of my babysitting money.”

After this embarassing conversation with her mother, Natalie went to her room and got on her computer. She started surfing the web randomly and was getting tired. Her bedwetting had caused her to get up earlier than she was used to the last couple nights, cutting her sleep short. This caused her to fall asleep at her desk while on her computer.

She woke up a short while later and was mad at herself. She didn’t mean to take a nap. She always struggled to keep her sleep schedule normal. She always seemed to go to sleep and wake up later and later as time went on. It was a struggle to keep herself from becoming nocturnal. She knew this nap would cause her to have trouble going to sleep tonight at a decent hour, pushing her sleep cycle back even further.

But suddenly something much more pressing caught her attention. Her computer chair was wet.

“Did I spill a drink on me or something? No, that makes no sense. I wasn’t even drinking anything”, thought Natalie.

She felt around trying to determine the source of the wetness. She noticed it seemed centralized between her legs. It was then that she realized she had wet herself again.

She sat up from the chair and saw a big puddle in the chair. Fortunately, the computer chair was made of leather and not some absorbent type of fabric, so it would be easy to clean. Her bottom was soaked. Her jeans and panties clung to her skin with wetness. Her pee had dripped all the way down her jeans, leaving a wet streak from her soaked bottom all the way to her shoes on the back of her jeans. Even her socks inside her shoes were wet. When she stood up her feet got wetter because the pee that had absorbed into her socks and the inside of her shoe got pressed out from the weight of her standing.

She looked at the clock on her computer and realized she couldn’t have been asleep for more than 15 minutes. Natalie was genuinely getting scared now.

“Am I going to wet myself every time I go to sleep now? It was just a short nap and I didn’t even have to go to the bathroom before I fell asleep. What if this happened when I fell asleep in class or at a friend’s house? What am I going to do?”, said Natalie as she began to cry.

Tears slowly rolled down her face as she thought about her current predicament. She felt so infantile to be dealing with so many wetting accidents. The fact that she was now crying about it didn’t help her, but she couldn’t help it. She was upset about all this. She was really fearful that this wetting was a new part of who she was, something that wasn’t going away. She didn’t want to be a bedwetter. This is an issue babies and younger kids have. Not her. She was a college girl.

Suddenly her mom walked in her room and said, “I’m about ready to leave to the store, are you ready?”

This is when Natalie’s mom noticed Natalie crying.

Natalie’s mom asked, “What’s wrong dear?”

Natalie just continued softly crying to herself as her mom noticed what happened. Natalie’s mom saw that she was wet all around her midsection down to her shoes.

Natalie’s mom was concerned. It seemed like she was looking at a toddler crying after having some setbacks with potty training. But she knew that wasn’t what she was looking at. This was her grown daughter.

Natalie’s mom said, “It’s ok honey, accidents happen. How did it happen? Could you just not make it to the potty in time?”

Natalie was insulted her mom thought this happened while she was awake, so she said,“No mom. I fell asleep while on the computer. That is when it happened. I don’t have accidents while I’m awake, only when I’m asleep and I can’t help it. Gosh.”

“I’m sorry baby, I just didn’t think that maybe you had taken a nap. It is the middle of the day. But I’m still really concerned about all these accidents you’ve been having. This is the 3rd one in two days. It’s not normal for a girl your age. You’re going to need to see a doctor for a checkup to see if anything is wrong. Maybe they can even fix your bedwetting for you”, her mom replied.

Natalie replied," I really don’t want to though. This is a really embarrassing issue to go to the doctor for. "

“I know honey, but you really need to. Who knows what could be causing this, it could be something serious. Now go get cleaned up and we’ll head out to the store”, Natalie’s mom replied.

“Ok”, Natalie replied as she started removing her shirt and sliding out of her soaking wet jeans.

She headed to the shower and got cleaned up, dressed, and ready to go to the store.

Before heading downstairs she gave herself another smell check. She hated the idea of smelling like pee, it would be a dead giveaway to everyone about her little issue. When she checked, the smell of pee coming from her pubic area was even stronger. It seemed to get worse every time she wet herself. She still felt like her fresh jeans and panties would cover the smell up ok.

She found her mom downstairs and told her she was ready to go now.

They both got in her mom’s car, a white 2003 Toyota Sequoia, and they left on the way to Walmart.

On the car ride over Natalie’s mom was a bit uncomfortable. There was something she needed to tell her daughter, that she knew she wouldn’t want to hear.

Finally, Natalie’s mom spoke up and said, “Natalie, this has been your third accident in two days. Your room is beginning to smell like pee, we’re already having to get you a new mattress, and we can’t keep running the washing machine and dryer all the time. Don’t you think we should do something to fix this?”

Natalie replied, “Yeah, I’m going to try to drink less at night and I hope it doesn’t last too much longer. I don’t know anyone else my age who struggles with this, so why should it last much longer? Maybe the last couple days have just been a fluke.”

“I don’t think so honey, three accidents in two days is a lot. You did better than that some days when I was just starting your potty training.” Natalie’s mom said.

Natalie was really embarrassed to hear this. She hated to hear her recent spell of accidents compared to her potty training when she was a toddler. But as far as being able to keep her bed dry at night, she was acting more like her toddler self than her adult self.

Natalie’s mom continued, “I think you need to buy yourself some nighttime protection while we are at the store. You need to at least be mature in how you handle your nighttime accidents, and wearing protection is the smart thing to do.”

Natalie yelled, “You want me to wear diapers?!”

Natalie’s mom responded, “Calm down. You don’t have to buy diapers, they make plenty of absorbent nighttime pants that pull up and down like underwear.”

Natalie sarcastically replied, “You mean like Huggies Pull Ups? I’m a big kid now alright.”

Natalie’s mom said, “No, they make stuff like that for adults too. Not just babies struggle with keeping their pee in. Sometimes it happens to adults too, as you found out.”

They pulled up to the store and parked in the parking lot. They walked up to the front of the store and Natalie’s mom said, “ok, I am going to get you a new mattress. You take care of what you need to, ok?”

“Ok”, Natalie replied upset because she knew part of that meant getting diapers for herself.

Natalie first went to the CD section and found the new Backstreet Boys CD. She took one off the shelf to buy. She got the CD first because he wanted to make sure the diapers were the last thing she picked up. She didn’t want to have to walk around the store carrying her diapers any longer than she had to.

From all the times she went to this store to buy pads for her periods, she knew where to find the adult diapers. They were right next to the feminine pads and products.

She made it to the aisle already embarrassed. She saw so many different brands and types. She didn’t know which kind to get. Some looked just like a baby diaper with tapes and everything. Some looked more like underwear that just pulled up. She definitely wanted to get the type that looked the least like a diaper, even though they all were really diapers.

She found a size small pack of depends pull ons that looked ok, but she couldn’t bring herself to pick them up. She could barely even stay in the aisle that long. She knew everyone would know these diapers would be for her when she walked through the store with them and checked out. She wished there was another way.

Suddenly she remembered the Goodnites commercial she saw the other day. The one with the middle school looking girl smiling happily because she had a wet diaper on instead of a wet bed.

“The commercial said the L/XL size would fit for 125+ lbs, so they would technically fit me. There is a much lower chance people in the store would think those were for me. They would assume I was getting them for a younger sibling or something”, she thought to herself.

But she knew it was a sort of trade off. Getting the Goodnites would make her less embarrassed while at the store, but when she got home and had wear them it would be more embarrassing to have to wear a bedwetting product made for little girls than one made for adults. What was she to do?

She tried one last time to grab the small depends pull ons, but she just couldn’t. She left that aisle on her way to the baby aisle.

She arrived at the baby aisle more comfortable since she didn’t have to assume everyone knew she was shopping for herself here. There were baby diapers everywhere. The aisle smelt like diapers and had that baby powder perfume smell. She was ashamed to be needing something from this aisle.

Towards the end of the aisle were the Huggies Pull-Ups and next to them were the Goodnites. Natalie found a package of L/XL girls Goodnites. They had the same smiling girl from the commercial on the package. They had cute flower and heart designs on them, clearly to appeal to the younger girls who might be using this product, not someone as old as her.

She felt weird buying something from this baby diaper aisle meant for herself. It wasn’t normal. Then again, her bedwetting at this age wasn’t normal either. She grabbed the package of Goodnites and left to checkout.

She arrived at the register and noticed the cashier was a cute guy around her age. Fortunately she didn’t recognize him, but it still made the purchase a little more nervous.

When it was her turn in line she avoided eye contact and plopped the bag of Goodnites on the counter along with her Backstreet Boys CD. She handed over her $50 from babysitting Todd, collected her change and receipt, and headed for the door.

She waited on a bench outside with her CD and Goodnites in the Walmart bag. Finally her mom showed up ready to leave also. Her mom was carrying her new mattress. It looked different than her old one. It was the same size, but it look like it was covered in plastic or something.

“What’s up with that mattress?”, asked Natalie

“It’s a plastic covered mattress. It protects the mattress in case somebody has an accident on it. I can’t keep buying new mattresses honey”, replied Natalie’s mom.

Natalie responded, “But I’m going to be wearing….protection now right? So the mattress should be fine either way. I could have gotten a regular mattress, not a bedwetting mattress.”

Natalie’s mom replied, “You know better than that. You can never trust a diap….nighttime protection 100%. Leaks happen dear. You have to prepare for that.”

Natalie was going to complain to her mom that she almost called her new bedtime underwear a diaper, but decided to just ignore it. Natalie replied,“Ok, I guess you’re right.”

They put their stuff in the back of the SUV and drove home. As they pulled up to their house Natalie noticed her soiled mattress still sitting on the curb. She was mortified. She wanted to get inside as quick as possible. Once parked Natalie went directly inside.

Natalie’s mom yelled to her, “Are you not going to help unload the car?”

Natalie replied, “Sorry, I forgot. I’ll come help.”

Natalie’s mom responded, “No, it’s ok. I actually think I can get it all.”

A few moments later Natalie’s mom walked in the door with the new pee-proof mattress, Natalie’s Goodnites, and her Backstreet Boys CD.

Natalie watched as her mom pulled the Goodnites package out of the Walmart bag and examined it. Natalie cringed as she watched. She felt ashamed for having bought the protection intended for little girls. She hated thinking about what her mom thought about the purchase. It humiliated her.

Natalie’s mom seemed confused and she asked,“Why did you buy these?”

Natalie nonchalantly replied, “You told me to buy protection.”

Natalie’s mom responded, “Yeah, but I assumed you would buy something for adults. These are made for preteen girls and younger. The designs are pretty cute, but I didn’t think you’d want to wear these for your bedwetting.”

Natalie didn’t to admit to her mom that she was too embarrassed to buy the adult pull ups, so she made up other reasons.

“These were cheaper and according to the weight limits they should fit me just fine. I don’t see the problem with them.”, replied Natalie.

“Ok, if that’s what you want honey. You can wear whatever you want to help with your accidents.”, Natalie’s mom replied.

Natalie’s mom was confused. She knew the bedwetting likely made her daughter insecure about her maturity, so why would she chose protection made for little girls instead of for adults? Wouldn’t that make her feel even more immature? Natalie’s mom was beginning to question her daughter’s adulthood. She was starting to see her as someone who was helpless and needed her constant protection and love again, just like she was when she was first being potty trained. After remembering finding her crying and wet in her computer chair earlier today she couldn’t help but feel that way.

Natalie took her plastic covered mattress upstairs to her room and placed it on her bed. Natalie examined the mattress. It was definitely coated in a water proof plastic like material. The mattress crinkled some when she pushed in on it.

“I hope this won’t be noticeable once I put my sheets on it. I don’t want anybody who goes in my room to immediately be aware that I am a bedwetter. Wait. Did I just refer to myself as a ‘bedwetter’ in my thoughts? It’s only been couple days. I could still snap out of it soon, right? I am not an official bedwetter yet. Surely not.”, Natalie thought to herself.

Natalie got her sheets and made her bed overtop the new mattress. She was happy that the sheets concealed the mattress completely, as well as most of the crinkling.

Natalie spent most of the rest of the day on her computer and listening to her new Backstreet Boys CD. She talked to an old high school friend, Amy, on AIM a lot. Amy was Natalie’s best friend in high school. She played the clarinet in marching band with her. She didn’t mention anything about her recent bedwetting to her. She was a really true and good friend, but she was just too ashamed to tell her. Maybe she would have helped her feel better about it or offered good advice, but Natalie couldn’t bring herself to mention it to her. Besides, she was still holding onto the idea that these past couple of days were just a very temporary setback in her bedtime potty training, instead of a more chronic issue she should learn to live with.

Amy and Natalie mainly talked about how their previous college semester went. They were really disappointed to have not ended up at the same college together, but each girl had to go to the school they got the best scholarship for. Amy and Natalie often stayed in contact with each other on AIM like this.

Before long Natalie’s mom called her down for dinner. Her mom had made some type of potato casserole. It was pretty good. Natalie ate it quick and started to head back upstairs.

Before Natalie could leave Natalie’s mom said, “Don’t forget to wear your protection tonight.”

Natalie hated that her mom reminded her of this. “I wasn’t going to forget mom”, Natalie sternly replied.

“Ok honey, I just wanted to make sure. I didn’t want us to have another incident to clean up in the morning”, replied Natalie’s mom.

Natalie was upset that her mom reminded her to wear her protection. It made her feel so little. Like a potty training kid being reminded to use the potty.

“I don’t need to be reminded about things like this. I can handle it. I probably won’t even wet tonight anyways. Just because I started wetting the bed again doesn’t give her the right to treat me like a little kid who can’t be trusted to do anything for themselves”, Natalie thought to herself.

On her way to go back upstairs she spotted the Walmart bag with the Goodnites package sill in it. She grabbed the bag and headed upstairs with it. “Might as well go ahead and take this upstairs”, she thought.

She spent another couple hours on her computer listening to her new CD before she got tired and ready to go to bed. She stripped down to her bra and panties before going to the bathroom to brush her teeth. She then pulled down her panties and sat down on the potty to pee before going to bed. Once she was done she got off the toilet and pulled her panties back up.

“Oh, I guess I just need to take these right back off”, Natalie said while she removed her panties.

She walked over to the Walmart bag and removed the package of Goodnites. She examined the package again. She noticed the smiling girl on the package who was a lot younger than her, almost taunting her by pointing out she was too old for this issue. She read on the package that these undergarments had protection specific to “where girls need it most”, as well as statistics on the prevalence of bedwetting in younger kids.

The package itself was almost identical to how a package of baby diapers is. She had opened many packages of baby diapers while babysitting. She found a perforated spot on the Goodnite package to tear an opening, just like most baby diaper packaged. She opened the package there and met a familiar sight. Really tightly packed diapers, well, in this case, pull-ups. She wedged her fingers in and with some effort slid one Goodnite out of the package.

The designs on it were too cute. They made her feel immature and like a little girl. It was a lot thicker than she expected. She squeezed it between her fingers and felt a lot of bulk. She also heard a loud crinkle.

“Wow, these are not near as discrete as I expected.” Natalie thought.

She opened it up and looked inside. It was white like most diapers and had the standard leak guards. She felt the inside and noticed it was really soft.

“This thing really is really just a diaper with permanent sides instead of tapes”, Natalie thought.

She took it up to her nose and smelled it. It smelt like a Huggies diaper. No obvious perfume or scent added to it, it just smelt like a diaper. It didn’t surprise her that it smelt specifically like a Huggies diaper since she knew Huggies also made Goodnites.

“Well I might as well get this over with”, Natalie said as she opened up the Goodnite.

She stepped her legs through the openings one at a time. Once both her feet were through the Goodnite she pulled it up over her calves, up over her smooth white thighs, and finally around her cute little bubble butt and tight against her private area.

It felt weird around her. She wasn’t used to feeling bulk between her legs. It was really soft though. Whenever she moved it felt weirdly good to feel all the softness moving against her private region. She still felt really infantile to be wearing it.

She looked in the mirror at herself. She had nothing on but her bra and Goodnite. She looked pretty ridiculous, but also really cute. She squeezed the Goodnite between her legs to feel the bulk and hear the crinkle. It was really obvious what she was wearing. She was just glad she only had to wear it at night when nobody would be around to notice.

She got into her bed and under the sheets. The mattress crinkled a little through the sheets as she laid down. Her Goodnite crinkled too.

“This will take some getting used to. But hopefully I won’t ever have to get used to it. I really hope I don’t wet tonight. I really don’t want to find out what this thing feels like wet.”, thought Natalie.

She hadn’t been in a wet diaper since she was a baby. And since she couldn’t remember back when she was a baby, she had no idea what it felt like to be in a wet diaper. She imagined it would feel really wet and slimy like seaweed or something. She didn’t want to ever find out.

As she rolled around in bed trying to get comfortable enough to fall asleep, there was no ignoring what was between her legs. For all functional purposes it was a diaper. It was necessary because she seemed to no longer have the ability to hold her pee while she slept.

Natalie finally fell asleep with high hopes for a dry morning.


Re: The Story of Natalie

Awww! The stuff with her mom unintentionally treating her like a baby
was just adorable, i hope her “mommy instincts” only get stronger.

Your writing has been much improved over a pretty short period of time.
You don’t repeat yourself anymore, and the characters feel more real.
Way to go! :smiley: i’m really looking forward to more, thank you for sharing :).


Re: The Story of Natalie

I agree with the comment above mine! I REALLY a love where this story is headed, you’re doing an amazing job! Please continue <3

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Re: The Story of Natalie

Im really starting to get into this story I actually feel like the characters are real

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Re: The Story of Natalie

Please continue this story it’s definately one of the best one’s i’ve read ;D


Re: The Story of Natalie

Thank you so much for the kind words everyone. Hearing that the story is being enjoyed is my main motivation to keep writing more. I apologize for the long delay, but the next chapter is finally here. Enjoy!

Ch. 6 - A Bad Day For Natalie

Natalie woke up really thirsty and with a headache. She could tell she was pretty dehydrated. This was because had been restricting her fluid intake with the hope that it would help her stop bedwetting. Natalie was glad that her dehydrated state at least paid off. She felt completely dry! She felt that the sheets all around her were dry too.

Then she put her hand down to her Goodnite. It felt different. She could immediately tell it was wet. It felt really squishy and it was a lot bulkier than it was when she put it on last night. She was disgusted at the thought that she was wearing an undergarment that trapped her pee right up against her all night long.

She could not even tell she had wet when she first woke up. The Goodnite did a good job wicking the wetness away from her skin. She was warm and comfortable. Waking up in a wet bed had been a cold and miserable experience. This, on the other hand, was something she could get used to.

“This is way better than waking up in a wet bed”, thought Natalie, although, she could now tell her private area felt at least a little damp.

Natalie continued to examine the thick and wet Goodnite between her legs. The Goodnite had swollen up so much that she could feel it between her legs pushing outward against both of her thighs. She squeezed the Goodnite with her hand to feel the squishiness again.

“This feels just like a baby’s wet diaper”, thought Natalie.

She had checked babies for wet diapers many times in her past. This squishy feeling was what let her know the baby needed a diaper change. Now the tables had turned. She was the one in the wet diaper. It was a really humiliating realization to come to.

“I am not a complete baby though. I don’t need someone to check me to see if I’m wet. I found out on my own. I don’t need someone to help clean me up after an accident. I was still fully capable of doing that on my own. And most importantly, I don’t wet myself during the day. This was only a nighttime occurrence. Also, I still think that this will be a very temporary nighttime issue, not a chronic one”, thought Natalie.

Just then her mom walked into her room.

“Are you up yet honey?”, asked Natalie’s mom.

“Yeah, I just woke up”, replied Natalie.

“Ok, well go ahead and get out of bed then. I have breakfast ready”, replied Natalie’s mom.

Natalie stuttered, “o…ok”

Natalie’s mom, looking concerned, asked, “Is something wrong dear?”

“Not really, it is just I wet the bed again”, Natalie ashamedly admitted.

“You didn’t wear your Goodnite?!”, Natalie’s mom replied in a confused tone.

“Yeah, I did, but the Goodnite is wet”, Natalie replied.

Relieved, Natalie’s mom replied, “Well, that is ok Natalie. That is what the Goodnite was for. You did not wet the bed. You wet your di…your goodnite. Now go ahead and get out of bed and eat breakfast.”

Natalie didn’t like how nonchalant her mom was being about all this. She was lying in bed with a wet Goodnite on! Why was she pretending it was ok. She knew her mom was just trying to spare her feelings, but she really shouldn’t be wetting herself in her sleep at this age. It is not normal at all.

“ok”, replied Natalie as she stood up out of bed.

Standing up Natalie began to notice the increased weight of the Goodnite between her legs. It sagged heavily between her legs.

“Great, now I look just like a baby with a saggy diaper between their legs”, thought Natalie sarcastically.

Natalie was walking to open her dresser drawer when all of a sudden she got dizzy. Natalie blacked out.

Natalie woke up confused about her surroundings. It took her a few moments to even figure out where she was. Based on all the medical equipment in the room and the IV sticking out of her arm, she concluded she was in the hospital.

The last thing she could remember was waking up in her bed and finding out she had wet her goodnite, and now she was here. She was worried about why she was in the hospital, but almost equally she was worried about being embarrassed.

“Everyone here probably saw my wet goodnite. There is no way my mom changed me into my panties before bringing me here. They probably rushed me here and just left me in my wet goodnite. This is so humiliating”, thought Natalie as she checked her private area to see if her assumptions were true.

It was worse than she feared. She was in a bulky white plastic backed diaper. It had three tapes tightly securing it around her. Proportionally to her size it made her feel like she was really a baby wearing a diaper. And worst of all, it was wet. Soaking wet.

Just then a nurse walked into the room. She desperately wanted to talk to the nurse and figure out what in the world was going on. She had so many questions. Why did she end up here? When could she leave? Where was here mom? She was too ashamed of her current predicament to speak though.

She was so humiliated she just couldn’t face it. She did the only thing should could think of to separate herself from this embarrassing situation. She pretended she was asleep.

With one of her eyes slightly open Natalie could see this nurse was an attractive woman. She looked to be about 25 and very mature. Blonde hair and wearing cute pink scrubs that hugged her figure nicely.

“She’s everything I’m not. Every guy would go crazy for a girl like her. And here I am lying in a wet diaper, pretending to be asleep because I am too much of a baby to deal with this situation”, thought Natalie.

Suddenly the nurse walked over to her bedside. Natalie immediately closed her eyes. She heard the nurse checking a few things on her IV, then she felt the covers lifted off her bed. This startled Natalie a little and almost caused her to lose her fight of pretending to be asleep. She felt horrible knowing her wet diaper was now on full display to the nurse in the room.

Natalie then felt pressure being applied to her diaper. For a short period of time the damp mushiness of her diaper was being pushed against her skin. She then heard the nurse mumble, “She’s definitely wet.”

“This is too much. I’ve just had my diaper checked just like an infant”, thought Natalie as she squinted her eyes open slightly to see exactly what was going on.

She saw the nurse looking down at her with an empathetic smile shaking her head. She clearly felt really bad for Natalie in her current diapered state.

Just then the nurse called out, “Sarah! Get in here. I need your help with something.”

Natalie caught a glimpse of what looked to be a nursing student entering the room.

“I need your help with a diaper change”, said the nurse

“Oh crap…I am about to have my diapered changed by these nurses now”, thought Natalie.

She then closed her eyes completely. She didn’t even want to see what was about to happen.

“Why is she in diapers”, asked the nursing student.

“I don’t know. I just started this shift. Let’s just get this diaper changed and over with”, replied the nurse.

Natalie heard the nurses getting supplies out from a nearby cabinet.

She felt tugging at her diaper as she heard the tapes ripping off, three times on each side in quick succession. Her wet diaper was no longer tightly taped around her, it just loosely sat on her untapped.

She felt herself being rolled over onto her side and she heard the sound of another diaper being “aired” out and spread out next to her

She then felt herself rolled back on her back, but now on top of the new diaper. She felt her wet diaper get removed and heard it plop down into a bin close by.

She felt cold sensations in her private region as she was being wiped and cleaned up.

She then felt a soothing pleasant sensation as she felt something sprinkled on her. Then she smelt it. It was baby powder.

She felt the front of the diaper pulled up over her front side and it being tightly taped up.

“There. Freshly diapered”, Natalie heard the nurse say as she felt a couple of pats on the top of her diaper.

The nurse and the nursing student promptly left the room after that.

Natalie felt a little guilty. Because of her inability to deal with this shameful situation, she had made these nurses change her diaper, when she could have done it herself. She just needed to take off the wet diaper too, she didn’t need a new diaper. She wasn’t sleeping anymore, but the nurses didn’t know that because of her deception.

Natalie regretted it. She gained nothing from it but the extra embarrassing experience of getting her diaper changed. She was going to have to let people know she was awake eventually. She was only prolonging the agony in a way.

Her private area felt a lot better now though. She was actually happy to be rid of that damp feeling down there. And the baby powder, although humiliating, felt pretty soothing.

Natalie stayed in the hospital bed and started to try work up the courage to let people know she was awake.

Eventually she heard someone enter the room. She opened her eyes slightly and noticed it was her mom. Natalie figured now was as good a time as any to “wake up”.

Natalie rubbed her eyes and pretended to be groggy as she said, “Mom?”

“Hey precious, I am glad to see you up. You have been asleep for several hours now”, her mom replied.

“Really? What happened?”, Natalie asked.

“Well, you passed out when you got out of bed this morning. I had no idea what had happened. I just rushed you to the hospital as quickly as possible. The doctors said it was just because of dehydration. You are going to need to start drinking more fluids honey”, replied Natalie’s mom.

“Wow. Was I really that dehydrated? I had been trying to drink less to try to stop bedwetting, but I didn’t think I had been drinking that little”, replied Natalie.

Natalie’s mom replied, “It’s ok honey. The doctors have said that everything is ok now. The IV has gotten your hydration back to appropriate levels and you are ok to go home now. Are you ready to go?”

Natalie didn’t know how to respond. She was ready to go, but she didn’t want to have to get out of bed in nothing but her diaper and hospital gown.

“Does my mom even know they have me diapered?”, thought Natalie.

Natalie hesitantly replied, “Yeah, I guess.”

Natalie’s mom noticed the hesitance in her voice and replied, “What’s the matter dear?”

Natalie replied sheepishly, “Well…I am wearing a diaper right now.”

Natalie’s mom looked relieved and responded, “That’s perfectly fine dear. I already knew that. I told them to diaper you. It would have been irresponsible of me to let you wet their hospital bed when I know you have a bedwetting problem. Anyhow, I brought you clothes to wear out of here. I brought you a top and a skirt. Just get out of bed, take off your gown, and put these clothes on.”

Natalie cringed when her mom referred to her as a bedwetter. Natalie was still in denial about this. She was also annoyed when she didn’t notice and fresh panties to change into.

“You didn’t bring me any panties?”, asked Natalie.

“Ah, no. I forgot that you didn’t have any here. You were wearing your wet goodnite from this morning when you got here. I am so sorry honey. Obviously the wet goodnite was thrown away. You wouldn’t have wanted to wear an old wet goodnite instead of a dry diaper anyways, right? You will just have to wear the diaper home I guess. The skirt I brought should fit over the hospital diaper fine though”, replied Natalie’s mom.

Natalie sighed and responded, “ok”, as she got out of the bed.

Natalie’s diaper crinkled loudly as she got up. She dropped her gown and quickly grabbed the clothes her mother brought for her. She didn’t want to be in nothing but a diaper and her bra for longer than she had to.

She put the top on and slid the skirt up around her diapered bottom. The skirt was kind of short and she knew she’d have to be careful to make sure nobody saw her diaper.

Natalie was really frustrated she was still having to wear this thing.

“I might have been wetting the bed at night, but wearing this in the day feels ridiculous. I really wish my mom didn’t forget to bring my panties”, thought Natalie.

“I’m so glad everything is fine now. It is so relieving to know you were just dehydrated and nothing is really wrong with my little girl. Are you ready to go now?”, asked Natalie’s mom.

“Yeah”, replied Natalie.

Natalie followed her mom to the car, crinkling the whole way. She felt a little weird walking. The diaper was thick between her legs, making her waddle a little bit. She felt so infantile.

As Natalie got in the car with her mom, Natalie’s mom said, “I need to do some errands on the way home. Is that ok dear?”

“Sure”, replied Natalie.

Soon enough they arrived at the parking lot of a K-mart.

“Do you want to go in or are you going to wait in the car?”, asked Natalie’s mom.

“I’ll just wait in the car”, replied Natalie.

“Ok, I’ll be back shortly”, replied Natalie’s mom.

Natalie sat and waited in the car for longer than she expected. Eventually she started to feel a twinge in her bladder. She was starting to need to pee.

It wasn’t anything too urgent though, so she wasn’t that worried. It was just slightly uncomfortable at this point. She considered leaving the car to use the restroom, but she didn’t want to go back out in public with a diaper on.

Finally her mom arrived back to the car with a bag of miscellaneous items and a case of bottled water.

“Sorry that took so long. There was a long line”, said Natalie’s mom.

“That’s ok”, replied Natalie.

“I got you a case of bottled waters to make sure you start drinking more fluids, ok?”, said Natalie’s mom.

“Ok, thanks for that”, replied Natalie.

Natalie’s mom started the car and pulled out of the parking lot.

Natalie knew now that she could easily hold her bladder for the short ride home. Then her mom took an unexpected turn.

“Our house is to the left. Why did you take a right?”, asked Natalie.

“Oh I’m sorry baby. I still need to stop by the bank”, replied Natalie’s mom.

Natalie didn’t respond. She was annoyed at having to sit through so many errands. She wished she could be at home already on her computer and out of this diaper. Not to mention she needed to use the bathroom still.

By the time they arrived at the bank Natalie’s urge to pee was growing stronger.

“There’s no way I’m going inside the bank with my diaper on to use the bathroom. Even once I got in the bathroom I’d have to take off the diaper to go and the tapes ripping off would be so loud. Anyone in the bathroom would know I was removing a diaper”, thought Natalie.

Natalie’s mom went through the teller drive thru line and requested money withdrawn from her account. The teller was friendly and sent the money over in one of those vacuum tubes. Inside the canister, along with her money, was a red sucker.

“Say thanks to the nice lady for the treat Natalie”, requested Natalie’s mom.

Natalie just buried her head in shame and Natalie’s mom drove off.

“Why were you so rude back there Natalie?”, asked Natalie’s mom.

“It was belittling mom. I’m a grown woman. I shouldn’t be given lollipops. She must have thought I looked like a kid or something”, relied Natalie.

“You definitely have a cute look to you, but that’s nothing to be ashamed of. You’re still beautiful”, replied Natalie’s mom.

Natalie didn’t respond. She appreciated her mom’s attempt to make her feel better. But it just didn’t help. She was tired of being seen as a kid. And sitting in the car with a big diaper on certainly didn’t help things.

Suddenly Natalie’s need to pee grew even more urgent. She still felt like she’d make it home alright, so she kept quiet. The last thing she wanted was to let her mom know she had gotten herself into a situation where she was desperate to use the potty.

She squeezed her legs together as best she could with the thick diaper on and began to squirm in her seat a little as the pressure in her bladder continued to grow.

Natalie looked out the window and noticed traffic had slowed to a stop.

“What’s going on?”, asked Natalie.

“I think there was a wreck or something. It looks like we won’t be home for a while”, replied Natalie’s mom.

Natalie knew she was in trouble now. She didn’t know what to do. The stress of this, combined with all that had already happened to her today, was just too much.

Natalie began to cry.

“Honey, what’s wrong?”, asked Natalie’s mom.

Natalie tried her best to stop her crying. She didn’t want to tell her mom she needed the potty while crying. She would sound just like a toddler.

Through stifled crying Natalie said, “I…i…really have to go.”

“You have to pee? Well Natalie, why didn’t you go at the bank or at the store earlier?”, asked Natalie’s mom.

“I didn’t think it would take so long to get home”, replied Natalie.

Frustrated, Natalie’s mom replied, “Well I don’t know what to do for you. I can’t get us home any faster.”

Natalie’s mom watched as her daughter squirmed and struggled helplessly in the backseat when she remembered what she was wearing.

Relieved, Natalie’s mom said, “You’re wearing your diaper honey. Just use it. It’s what it’s made for baby.”

“That’s disgusting. There’s no way I can do that mom”, replied Natalie.

Natalie was absolutely mortified at the suggestion. Her mom referred to her diaper and said she should use it. There was no way this was going to happen if she could stop it.

“I’m sorry honey. There’s no other option if you can’t hold it until we get home. You should’ve been more responsible and went to the bathroom earlier. Am I going to have to start reminding you to use the bathroom again like when you were a little kid?”, asked Natalie’s mom.

“No mom. Really. I just didn’t expect there would be traffic. Gosh”, replied Natalie defensively.

Natalie continued struggling in the back seat against the pressure growing in her bladder. She squirmed even more in the backseat causing even louder crinkling from her diaper.

Suddenly it became too much. She peed a little. She pushed her hand even harder onto her diaper trying to stop the flow, but it was no use. Her warm pee rapidly flowed into her awaiting diaper. Natalie just had to sit there helplessly as she wet her diaper.

Once her bladder was about 2/3rds empty Natalie probably could have stopped the flow. But what was the point? Her diaper was already soaked. In defeat, she continued to wet her diaper.

Once it was all over Natalie couldn’t believe it. She was in the car in a now wet diaper. The diaper was really warm around her. She wasn’t used to a diaper feeling this warm. All the other times she wet while she was asleep, and by the time she woke up the diaper had cooled down from the original wetting. This was a freshly wet diaper with all the warmth that came with it.

It felt really weird, this warm mushy mass wrapped around her bottom. She put her hand up under her skirt to feel the wet mushiness. It felt very similar to the wet goodnite, just bigger and without the outer cloth layer.

Natalie’s mom began to feel bad for her daughter’s predicament even though it was her fault.

Natalie’s mom said, “there’s a gas station ahead I think I can pull into if you still need to go.”

Natalie ashamedly replied, “It’s fine. I….I…already went.”

Natalie’s mom knew exactly what that meant. She had wet her diaper.

“It’s ok baby. That’s what the diaper is for. The car seat won’t be wet or anything. It’s perfectly ok to wet your diaper”, replied Natalie’s mom.

Natalie didn’t even reply. She just sat quietly in the car in her wet diaper.

Natalie knew her mom was just trying not to make her feel worse, but she hated that her mom was acting like her wetting her diaper was ok. It made her feel almost like she was expected to wet her diaper.

“I wasn’t supposed to wet this diaper. I am not a baby”, thought Natalie.

Natalie didn’t think she could take much more humiliation today. She just wanted to get home and go to bed. She wanted to begin to start trying to forget everything that had happened today.

Natalie’s mom finally pulled into their driveway and parked. Natalie immediately got out of the car with her case of waters and waddled into the house.

Without saying anything to her mom, Natalie ran up to her room with the waters and locked herself in her bathroom. She removed her skirt and bra and looked at herself in the mirror in nothing but her wet diaper.

“I look pathetic. I just had an accident in the day time now. What is happening to me? Surely this accident was just a one time thing. I mean it was just a fluke that traffic was that bad. Right?”, Natalie thought to herself.

She could see a definite yellow tint to the diaper where she had wet it. It sagged down between her lags with the heaviness of her pee. It had cooled down some since she had first wet it and was now beginning to feel a little cold and clammy.

Natalie ripped the tapes off the diaper and let it hit the floor with a loud plop. The smell of her pee mixed with the baby powder from the diaper below her wafted up to her nose. It was an incriminatingly babyish scent.

Natalie took a long shower trying her best to get all the pee off of her. The last thing she wanted was to start smelling like pee-pee.

When she got out of the shower it was late enough that she decided she could go ahead and go to sleep and begin to forget this horrible day. Unfortunately, that meant she still wasn’t going to get to wear any panties.

She went over to her drawer of Goodnites and took one out. She stretched it out in her hands before placing her feet through the holes and pulling it up securely around her bottom.

“I never thought I’d be glad to be in one of these again”, thought Natalie as she appreciated the discretion of these versus her previous diaper.

Natalie put a bra back on and brushed her teeth in her Goodnite.

Natalie was heading to cut the lights off in her room when she looked at the case of bottled waters in her room.

“This definitely won’t help my fight to stop bedwetting, but I definitely can’t risk passing out from dehydration again”, thought Natalie as she grabbed a bottle of water.

Natalie drank the entire bottle of water quickly before getting in her bed.

“There. That should be enough fluids”, thought Natalie.

She got in her bed and rolled over and prepared to drift to sleep. She was starting to get used to the thickness of the Goodnite between her legs while she was falling asleep.

“I hope mom never mentions my wetting incident in the car again. I bet I never live that one down. I hope she believes me that it was just because of the traffic.”, Natalie thought to herself.

Natalie honestly didn’t hold up much hope that she would not wet the bed while she slept tonight. After drinking that entire bottle of water she felt she had no chance of waking up dry. Natalie was still resistant to the idea of identifying herself as a bedwetter though. She still liked to think of herself as someone who just had occasional nighttime accidents, even though these accidents have been occurring with remarkable consistency. Natalie tried to think comforting and reassuring thoughts as she fell asleep protected from a wet bed by her goodnite.


Re: The Story of Natalie

I’m sooooooo glad that this is finally back!, it just keeps getting cuter and cuter.
I hope to see more soon thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

Re: The Story of Natalie

Im glad you still like it PUP-E! Sorry it always takes me so long to write new chapters. I have a lot more planned for Natalie. This story is not ending anytime soon. Hopefully everyone enjoys this chapter!

Ch 7- Leaking Problems

Natalie groggily woke up from her sleep. She was still pretty sleepy. She noticed it was still dark outside because no light was coming through her window. She also felt really uncomfortable. She was cold and wet.

She was immediately concerned. The last time she felt like this was when she had wet her bed without wearing her goodnite. She felt around her, and sure enough, the bed and sheets around her were damp with her pee.

Then she noticed the state of her goodnite. It was absolutely soaked. She was basically floating in her own pee at this point. This cold wet feeling all around her was really unpleasant.

“Why did I leak so bad? The other nights everything was fine. Was this just a defective goodnite or something?”, thought Natalie.

Then she noticed the empty water bottle laying next to her bed.

“Ah, it was all the extra water I drank, duh”, thought Natalie in a moment of realization.

Now, Natalie had to figure out what she was going to do about her current predicament. She obviously couldn’t go back to sleep in her current state. She didn’t know what to do.

“I guess I’ll just try to find a spare pair of sheets to replace the wet ones on my bed and change into a dry goodnite”, thought Natalie.

Natalie, with her goodnite squishing between her legs with every step, looked every possible place in her room for a spare pair of sheets, but she couldn’t find any. She didn’t want to go look outside her room, because then she risked getting caught by her mom in her leaking goodnite.

Then Natalie remembered the lesson she had learned from her hospital stay. There is no good that comes from trying to postpone her embarrassment. Her mom was going to find out about this incident eventually no matter what. What does delaying that matter?

“I am just going to have to tell my mom what happened and ask her if she has any spare sheets”, thought Natalie.

Natalie really did not want to have to wait for her sheets to be washed and dried to go back to sleep, or worse yet, have to sleep on the couch.

Natalie left her room and slowly entered her mom’s room. It was dark, and as she approached her mom’s bed she couldn’t help but feel ridiculous. She felt like a little toddler having to wake her mother up in the middle of the night because of a nighttime accident in her bed.

She nudged her mother awake.

“Yes dear, what’s the matter? What time is it?”

Natalie looked at the clock on her mom’s night stand and replied, “2:00AM, and my sheets are wet. My goodnite leaked.”

Natalie was surprised that it wasn’t later.

“I’m so sorry baby. You must be so cold and uncomfortable. I’ve got a fresh pair of sheets ready in my closet. I’ll get you fixed up and back nice and dry in your bed shortly”, Natalie’s mom replied as if talking to a toddler that was expected to wet the bed.

Natalie didn’t appreciate being talked to like this, but at the same time she knew she didn’t want to say anything about it. How could she argue against it? With all her accidents recently, maybe she did deserve to be talked to like that.

“Ok, thanks mom”, replied Natalie as her mom began to sniff something.

“Natalie, you smell like pee honey. Why haven’t you already changed out of that wet thing? You go do that while I get your bed ready”, said Natalie’s mom.

“Ok”, replied Natalie as she left to do as she was told.

Natalie was quite the sight right now. A college aged girl in nothing but her bra and a soaked goodnite. She looked oddly cute, in a helpless innocent sort of way.

“I have no idea why I left this wet thing on. I just didn’t think to change it I guess”, thought Natalie.

When Natalie arrived to her room she slid the leaky goodnite down her legs. It was so wet that it left a trail of wetness all the way down her legs as she slid it down. She threw the wet goodnite into the trash can in her room.

Natalie needed to get this pee off of her before changing into a dry goodnite, but she didn’t want to shower.

“If I shower then my hair will take a long time to dry, and I really want to go back to sleep soon. Also, there’s not too much point in cleaning up too good. I’m about to be putting on another goodnite and I can just shower in the morning”, thought Natalie.

She decided that she would just wet a rag in her sink and clean up briefly. She grabbed the rag, wet it, and began to rub it up and down her legs and on her private area. Once she had removed a sufficient amount of pee she threw the rag into her dirty clothes hamper.

Natalie gabbed a fresh goodnite from her drawer and began to slide it up her legs as her mom walked into the room.

Her mom was carrying her spare sheets. Natalie finished pulling up her goodnite and waited as her mom made her bed with the fresh sheets.

“Good thing we put this plastic mattress protector on your bed. It looks like it did its job and I won’t be having to buy you another mattress”, Natalie’s mom said.

This is when Natalie noticed her mom had brought something else into the room with her.

It was a diaper. This was not just any diaper. It was a baby diaper, a pampers baby diaper. It was plastic backed and vintage looking.

“What’s that thing you brought with you mom?”, asked Natalie.

“Well, clearly your goodnites aren’t enough to keep you dry at night while you’re staying hydrated. It’s too late to go to the store and get something better, so I’m just having to make do with what we have. I managed to find some of your diapers from when you were a baby. You can line this inside your goodnite and hopefully it will stop you from leaking again tonight”, Natalie’s mom replied.

Natalie was repulsed at the idea of wearing, and potentially wetting, the diapers from her youth. Having to return to wetting one of those diapers would be so symbolic of her setbacks in potty training. It would be awful.

“But I am probably not even going to wet again tonight. I don’t think I ever wet twice in one night”, argued Natalie.

“I would rethink that Natalie. You are about to drink a whole bottle of water, so you will probably have another accident tonight, most likely another big one”, Natalie’s mom said.

“But I already drank a bottle of water earlier tonight”, Natalie replied.

“I don’t care. You’re drinking another one. You don’t need to be getting dehydrated again. If you passed out again who knows what might happen. I might not be there next time”, replied Natalie’s mother in a stern tone.

Natalie’s mom said," Now line this up in the inside of your goodnite. It should pretty much double the absorbency of it for tonight", as she handed Natalie the diaper.

Natalie noticed the diaper had been modified. The wings and tapes had been cut off. Also, there were a bunch of slits cut into the plastic on the front. She understood why this was done. It allowed the pee to flow through this diaper and into the goodnite once it was full.

Dejectedly, Natalie pushed down her goodnite slightly and shoved the baby diaper into it. She spent a few moments lining it up nicely and making sure the leak guards were situated correctly. Now that she knew she was going to have to drink another bottle of water she was trying hard to make sure she didn’t have to wake up cold and wet again.

She pulled the goodnite back up. It felt a lot bulkier and fit tighter against her now. It was also super soft. It felt kind of good. The soft inner lining of the pampers diaper was sitting right against her skin.

She noticed the diaper felt a lot more noticeable between her legs. She also noticed the pampers diaper made the goodnite even crinklier.

Suddenly she felt the waistband of her goodnite being stretched out. It was her mom.

“Mom! What are you doing?”, Natalie yelled.

“Sorry, sorry. I was just checking to make sure you lined the diaper up correctly inside. I don’t have another spare pair of sheets”, Natalie’s mom replied.

“That’s fine mom, but I don’t need someone checking my diaper in the same way a baby gets there diaper checked. You could have just asked me”, said Natalie.

“You’re right honey, I’m sorry. But I think you’re good to go now. I’m going back to bed. I’ll see you in the morning. This will work for tonight, but tomorrow we’ll have to get you something more absorbent to wear at night”, replied Natalie’s mom.

“Ok, bye mom”, said Natalie.

Once her mom left the room, Natalie spent some time inspecting her modified goodnite.

She checked her butt out in the mirror.

“You know, I bet these would actually make my butt look even cuter with some jeans on or something”, Natalie thought as she smirked a little.

She squeezed the front of it in her hands trying to get a feel of how much thicker it was. She patted her bottom and the underside of her diaper some. This caused a rush of hot air to leave the back of the diaper and shoot up her back. She started to smell some of that pampers baby diaper scent.

“I can’t believe I’m back wearing the same diapers from when I was a baby. There’s no point beating around the bush though. I need them just like a baby does. They serve the same purpose for me. I am no different in this respect”, thought Natalie.

It was a humbling thought. Natalie still didn’t view herself as a true bedwetter though. She assumed this was just a very short phase.

Natalie opened a bottle of water and drank the entire thing quickly before getting into her bed.

“It feels nice to be in warm dry bed again. And I wish I didn’t need them, but this diaper feels cozy. Almost secure in a way. It protects me from discomfort, from the cold and wetness” thought Natalie.

Despite her potty training setbacks and the humiliation of wearing a diaper from her babyhood, Natalie felt good tonight. For the first time in a long time Natalie fell asleep comfortable and relaxed with no anxieties or worries.

It was morning now. Natalie was laying on her side. She had tossed and turned during the night and partly uncovered herself from the covers on her bed. One of her cute feet was hanging out the end of the covers.

Her diapered butt was also visible. The goodnite appeared ready to burst. The pampers diaper was thoroughly soaked and had leaked through to the goodnite, leaving the goodnite damp.

She was laying on her side with her legs together. This left part of her goodnite squished between the upper part of her thighs.

Her tight sexy body seemed a bit out of place wrapped in a pee filled diaper. Her beautiful face, supple breasts, soft skin, cute feet, long legs, and sexy thighs just sprawled out on her bed. She would have easily made most men weak with the desire to kiss her, to touch her, to feel her soft skin again their own. And yet the sexiest part of her was tightly bound up holding a bunch of pee against her. It was an odd sight indeed.

Natalie woke up and for a moment she felt like a normal girl. She hadn’t yet remembered all the setbacks in her nighttime potty training she had suffered recently. She just stayed in her bed, relaxed and comfortable. Then she felt the dampness.

“Oh crap. Another wet night”, thought Natalie with disappointment.

She wasn’t completely surprised though. But she was surprised at how squishy the goodnite and pampers diaper felt between her legs. That pamper was saturated and was really soft and squishy. Way more squishy than the goodnite ever got. The goodnite was close to capacity as well.

“Well it’s definitely a good thing I lined this goodnite with the pampers. I would have leaked again for sure”, thought Natalie.

She felt the bed around her for leaks, and sure enough, the pampers/goodnite combo had held up to her nighttime accident. She was relieved. Dealing with wet absorbent undergarments was much easier than dealing with wet sheets.

Natalie looked at the digital clock on her night stand. It was a little past 10am, she had slept in way later than she usually did.

Natalie got out of bed as the smell of her stale pee wafted out from under her covers. She sat on the edge of her bed for a few moments, squishing her goodnite/pampers tightly against her bottom.

She stood up and slid the wet diaper down her legs. She picked it up and examined it more closely. She wanted a better look at what had spent the night pressed against the most intimate places of her body. This part of her body is private. It is almost always shielded from the outside elements, whether it be a pair of panties or a pull-up diaper.

She felt what would have been directly touching her all night, the inside padding of the pampers diaper. It was soft and yellow stained. It was a little damp, but for how saturated the diaper was with her pee it was doing a great job.

She took it up to her nose and sniffed it. She smelt her girlish scent on it along with the smell of her pee. It smelled stale, but still had not completely broken down into an unpleasant ammonia smell.

Natalie felt weird for having sniffed it, but she was just curious. She felt a little unsanitary for having worn this wet thing all night. She was just familiarizing herself with it so it didn’t seem so gross anymore. It helped.

“So what if my pee spent some time next to my skin instead of in my bladder last night. It’s my own pee. What does it matter?”, Natalie reassured herself.

She threw it in the trash and went to take a long shower. Once she was out of the shower she dried off and began to get ready for the day. She walked over to her panty drawer and opened it up. She saw the stack of goodnites on the left side of the drawer and all of her panties next to it. She was glad to finally be putting on a pair of panties.

She picked out one of her cutest pairs. It was a pair of bikini panties. They were light blue with a pink border. She pulled them up between her legs and they almost felt weird. They were so thin and clearly offered no protection. She felt a little insecure in them.

“What’s wrong with me? I’m perfectly fine in these panties. I’m grown girl. I’ve just had a few accidents at night recently, but I’ve only had one during the day time. And that wasn’t even my fault. I’m going to be fine”, thought Natalie.

She finished getting dressed into her socks, shoes, bra, shirt, and tight jeans. She checked her bottom out in the mirror. For a moment she almost regretted not putting a goodnite on, maybe two! She liked her butt looking cute, and that extra padding really did the trick. She felt powerful when she saw men looking at her bottom. She liked knowing she had something they wanted. She liked flaunting it.

“No, I’m not going to start wearing pull-ups during the day just to make my butt look cuter. That would be ridiculous”, Natalie said as she came to her senses.

Natalie walked downstairs to see what her mom was up to, conscious the entire time of the absence of bulk between her legs now.

Natalie saw her mom sitting on the couch watching tv. She looked like she was ready to leave to somewhere soon though.

“Hey, what’s up mom”, said Natalie.

“Nothing much dear. Did you sleep well? It’s late in the morning honey”, replied Natalie’s mom.

“Yeah, I overslept just a bit. But yeah, I slept fine”, Natalie replied.

Natalie wasn’t going to voluntarily tell her mom she had wet again at night if she wasn’t going to ask. Natalie hoped she didn’t ask.

“Ok, that’s good. I actually just looked up the address of a local medical supply store. I figured we could go stop by there and find something absorbent enough for your nighttime accidents. Does that sound good?”, said Natalie’s mom.

“Yeah, I guess”, replied Natalie.

“I didn’t make breakfast this morning. You can make yourself a bowl of cereal if you want, but if you’re not hungry, then we can go ahead and leave”, said Natalie’s mom.

“I’m not really hungry. We can go ahead and leave”, replied Natalie.

Natalie and her mom left in the car and before long had parked at the medical supply store and were walking inside.

Walking up to the building Natalie began to panic a little bit. It was not fun to have to go out with your mom to buy products for such an embarrassing issue. She was using an infantile product to solve an infantile issue.

They entered the store and walked to the front desk and spoke to an employee. She was a heavier set older lady with short brown hair.

“What can I do for y’all today?”, asked the employee.

“We are looking to buy some high absorbency diapers”, said Natalie’s mom.

“Do you know what brand you’d like?”, inquired the employee.

“Ummm….I’m not really sure. The general hospital down the road from here had diapers that seemed to work fine. Do you know anything about those?”, asked Natalie’s mom.

“Actually, yes. We supply those diapers to that hospital. They’re an uncommon brand specific to one of our suppliers. We were happy to be able to convince them to start buying these higher quality diapers from us. Most hospitals use horribly cheap adult diapers”, replied the store employee.

“That’s great. That’s what we want for sure then”, replied Natalie’s mom.

“Ok, are you certain? They are a great overall diaper. Very comfortable and really high absorbency. The downside is that it is really bulky. It is impossible to conceal under clothes or anything like that. Also, the tapes on it are not refastenable. Will any of that be an issue?”, asked the employee.

“Thanks for letting us know, but it really shouldn’t be an issue. They’re only going to be used at night, so none of that really matters. As long as they are comfortable and absorbent, that’s all that matters”, Natalie’s mom replied.

“Well great. These diapers seem like the perfect choice then. How many should I get for you and in what size?”, asked the employee.

“Well…ummm….what size do you think she is?”, replied Natalie’s mom as she pointed to her daughter.

Natalie cringed inside. Now the employee knew for certain these diapers were for her.

“Diapers are for old people and baby’s, not girls in their 20s. This lady must think I am so weird”, thought Natalie as she tried to contain her embarrassment.

“She definitely looks to be a size small. 22 come in each case. How many cases would you like?”, asked the employee.

“Four cases for now”, replied Natalie’s mom.

The employee promptly left to retrieve the diapers for them.

While the employee was gone Natalie said, “Mom…why are you getting so many? I really think 22 should be more than enough. Isn’t almost 100 diapers over doing it? I really don’t think I’ll be having accidents for much longer.”

“Baby, it’s time that you accept this”, said Natalie’s mom.

Natalie was confused.

“What do you mean?”, asked Natalie.

“You’ve wet the bed every single night for the past several days. You had an accident on the car ride home the other day. We need to stop pretending this is just a phase now honey. You are no longer potty trained at night. You’re a bedwetter now, plain and simple. Maybe in the future you’ll be able to repotty train at night, but let’s stop pretending that’s right around the corner. For the far foreseeable future you’re going to need to wear diapers when you sleep, or face waking up cold and wet with a ruined bed”, Natalie’s mom said.

This hit Natalie like a ton of bricks. Her mom was right. She didn’t want to talk about it with her mom anymore though.

Natalie just replied,“ok”, and the conversation was over.

“I guess she’s right. I am a bedwetter. This is part of who I am now. I never thought that one night of not going potty before bed would have done this to me, but it did. Diapers are something I need now. Letting me go to sleep without a diaper would be as stupid as letting a baby sleep without one”, thought Natalie.

The employee got back carrying the 4 cases of diapers, rang them up, and her mom began to pay.

“Wow, that’s so many diapers. It’s hard to imagine I’m going to end up peeling through all of those”, thought Natalie.

“Thank you so much for all your help”, Natalie’s mom said to the store employee as they they left the store with the diapers.

Natalie was quiet on the ride home. She was still stunned by the sudden realization that she was going to be dealing with this bedwetting issue for the long haul. At this point, it was clearly something that wasn’t going to go away overnight - pardon the pun.

They arrived at the house and went inside, carrying 2 cases of diapers each. Natalie hurried inside to limit exposure to any potential neighbors looking. Natalie’s mom took her time, which annoyed Natalie.

They both walked up to Natalie’s room. Natalie placed the 2 packages of diapers she was carry in her closet, and Natalie’s mom did the same thing with 1 of the packages she was carrying. Natalie’s mom took the other package, placed it on Natalie’s bed and ripped it open.

“What are you doing?”, asked Natalie.

“I am going to unpack these diapers and place them in you drawer. The diapers will work better and be more comfortable if you don’t leave them compressed in the package. It’s a tip the lady at the medical supply store gave me before we left”, replied Natalie’s mom.

“Ah, ok”, replied Natalie.

Natalie’s mom began stacking the diapers in Natalie’s panty drawer next to her goodnites, leaving even less rooms for her panties. Her panties now had to be crammed in the right side of her drawer, no longer neatly stacked.

“Also, Natalie, when you get ready for bed tonight I want you to remember something. The tapes on these diapers won’t refasten, so you can’t take them off and put it back on. Once you put that diaper on, it has to stay on for the rest of the night. We can’t afford to use up more than one diaper per night, they aren’t cheap. Ok honey?”, said Natalie’s mom.

“That’s fine mom”, replied Natalie.

Natalie didn’t really care. She didn’t imagine she’d ever need to take the diaper off in the middle of the night anyways.

Natalie’s mom left the room, leaving Natalie alone with her thoughts…and her diapers. Natalie’s room smelled like diapers now. Diapers were becoming a big part of her life, and it seemed it would continue to be that way for the foreseeable future.

Natalie wanted to do something to get her mind off her diapers and bedwetting.

“I know! I’ll get on my computer and see if Ashely is signed onto AIM. I haven’t instant messaged with her for a few days”, thought Natalie.

Natalie sat down at her computer with some water. She booted her computer and started up AOL. She saw that Ashley was signed on and started up a chat with her.

Natalie: Hey Ashley, sup?

Ashley: hey nm….u?

Natalie: I just got done with a crazy experience.

Ashley: What happened?

Natalie: I had to go to the hospital!

Ashley: Woah! You’re freaking me out now. You ok?

Natalie: Yeah, I’m fine. I had just fainted because of dehydration.

Ashley: That’s weird, why were you dehydrated?

Natalie thought for a while about his to respond to this question. She couldn’t tell her that she had been restricting her fluid intake to try to stop bedwetting. She didn’t want to bring anything up about her bedwetting or her diapers. She just wasn’t ready for her friend to know about that yet.

Natalie: I don’t know, I must have just not been drinking enough.

Ashley: That’s crazy

Natalie: Yeah, I know, right?

Ashley: lol yeah, so how’s home?

Natalie: it’s good, it’s been relaxing I guess.

Ashley: bored?

Natalie: yeah haha

The chat continued like this for hours. They talked about their favorite tv show on MTV, Daria. They messaged each other their favorite MP4 songs. Ashely even went on a long rant about her ex boyfriend at one point. Eventually the chat ended when Ashley had to leave to go to a midnight premiere of some movie coming out.

By this point Natalie had finished two bottles of water, but she realized she hadn’t eaten anything all day. Natalie started to feel pretty hungry, but she didn’t want to go out and get anything. She also knew her mom wasn’t making anything to eat. Her mom never cooked on Fridays. Natalie checked the drawer next to her computer dress.

“Yes!”, Natalie exclaimed as she pulled out a slim fast bar.

Natalie was glad she had a slim fast bar left. She wasn’t trying to lose weight, nor did she need to. The slim fast bar was just a really convenient way to curb her hunger when she didn’t want the hassle of eating a full meal.

Natalie ate the slim fast bar and it really hit the spot. With food in her stomach, Natalie started getting a little tired. Also, the embarrassing experience of going out and buying those diapers had her worn out.

“I guess I’ll get ready for bed and call it a night”, thought Natalie.

Natalie quick did all the tasks she usually did to prepare for bed, but eventually she was left with one last thing to do to prepare herself for bed. It was a routine she had still not gotten used to as necessary. She needed to diaper herself.

Natalie removed her clothes until she was wearing nothing but her socks and panties. She looked at herself in the mirror. She felt pretty good about herself today. She had to admit, she looked great in nothing but her cute socks and panties. Most guys would be crazy about her if they saw her like this. She worried things changed when she was wearing a diaper.

“Will guys still think I’m cute or sexy while I’m wearing a diaper? If I never stop bedwetting, then will I ever find a boyfriend or husband? What guy wants to sleep with a girl in a wet diaper at night?”, thought Natalie.

Natalie wanted to have a boyfriend eventually. She wanted a guy that loved her. A guy that loved her personality, her body, her lame jokes. She wanted someone to cuddle with after a long stressful day, someone to care for her, someone to make her glad when she was sad. Natalie knew needing to wear diapers wouldn’t help her find this special someone in her life.

Natalie didn’t want to think about that issue anymore. She just wanted to go to bed, but she couldn’t yet because she was still in just her panties and socks. A normal girl would be able to go to bed just like that, in nothing but thin panties. But not Natalie, not anymore. She needed to wear protection at night. She need something soft and absorbent wrapped around her midsection to catch her inevitable nightly pee-pee accidents. She needed diapers.

She went to the drawer that used to exclusively hold her panties, but now was filled with goodnites and diapers.

Natalie looked in the drawer and thought, “What am I ever going to do with all these goodnites? It seems like they’re just wasting space in here since I wear these other diapers now.”

Natalie picked up one of her new diapers off the top of the stack in her drawer and examined it in her hand. She had worn one already during her hospital stay, but she didn’t really get a chance to examine the diaper closely until now.

The plastic of the diaper was soft and crinkly in her hand. The outside of the diaper was white with a yellow wetness indicator on the crotch. The tapes were blue.

She opened the diaper up. It crinkled loudly as she did this. She placed the opened diaper on her bed. She noticed it had large leak guards in it just like a baby diaper. She rubbed her hand on the inside of the diaper and felt it’s softness.

“This thing really is very soft. I honestly wish they made panties this soft”, thought Natalie.

The main thing that stuck out about the diaper was its size. It was huge.

She was no longer dealing with a diaper designed for the dimensions of a baby or a pull-up made for a pre-teen. This diaper was sized for her to wear. It had the capacity to deal with accidents from older girls, like herself. It had the dimensions to fit her comfortably and snugly.

“Porportionally, this must be what baby diapers are like for babies to wear”, thought Natalie as she stared at the bulky diaper.

Natalie had examined the diaper enough now and decided it was time to put it on. Natalie removed her panties and carelessly left them on the floor.

She picked the diaper up off the bed and attempted to hold it between her legs and get things in place. This proved to be a difficult and awkward task.

Natalie, now wearing nothing but her socks, thought for a bit about how she was going to put the diaper on. The obvious decision was to do it lying on the bed, but that seemed too babyish to her. It would be like she was using a changing table.

“Babies get their diapers changed while they lay down. I don’t want to be like that”, thought Natalie.

Natalie thought for a little while longer, but she couldn’t think of a better option. Natalie resigned herself to the idea of diapering herself while lying on her bed.

Natalie spread the diaper out on her bed. She then sat up on her bed, position her bottom on top of the middle portion of the diaper.

“Wow, that’s soft”, thought Natalie as she felt her bottom being cradled by the inner padding of the diaper.

Natalie reached behind her and grabbed the backside of her diaper. She noticed there were two tapes on each side of the diaper. She ripped the top tape on the left side of her diaper. It made a ripping sound as she undid the tape, just like a baby diaper.

She held the opened tape in her left hand while she held the front of the diaper against her with her right hand. She then stretched the tape to the front of the diaper. She did the same thing for the other 3 tapes. She followed the advice from the lady at the medical supply store, taping the diaper up tightly to prevent leaks.

With her diaper securely on, Natalie cut the lights off to her room off. She got under her covers and began trying to go to sleep. She tried to get used to the thick diaper she was wearing. The diaper made her feel kind of hot, so she threw the covers off of herself.

She looked absolutely beautiful trying to fall asleep in her diaper. Her toes occasionally twitching as her cute feet lay at the end of her bed. Her smooth legs leading up to her diapered bottom. The diaper was very thick diaper. She was laying on her side, but the thick diaper kept her thighs pushed apart. Whenever she rolled around the diaper crinkled noticeably. It was like sounds coming directly out of a baby’s crib.

Natalie had a cute smile naturally on her kissable soft lips as she tried to sleep. Her cleavage was very visible through her bra. Her sexy toned stomach led to the waistband of her diaper. Her diaper rode high on her extending halfway to her belly button. It was an interesting sight. A beautiful, sexy, mature woman wearing a diaper.

Natalie thought she was mentally prepared to put this diaper on after wearing goodnites for so many nights now, but she was wrong. This was very different from the goodnites.

“I guess when I was wearing the pull-ups, it felt like they were a “just in case” precaution. This diaper makes me feel different”, thought Natalie.

These were diapers. Legitimate diapers. There was no way to use the potty with these on. They weren’t designed to pull up and down like pull-ups. The diaper was held tight against her with the tapes.

It was not designed with a successful trip to the potty in mind. It’s made to be worn until it’s wet. If you’re wearing one of these, then you need the protection, period.They don’t fuss around with cute designs to make it easy to use the potty while wearing it. It’s a simple diaper, meant to be wet by the wearer. Pull-ups, on the other hand, are just a precaution. It has absorbency in case of an accident, but it is still intended that the wearer use the potty when they can.

But this same idea that embarrassed her, also made her feel an odd sense of comfort.

“These diapers signify that I am now expected to wet. It’s comforting to know that at least I’ll no longer be disappointing my mom by wetting at night”, thought Natalie.

It was true. She was expected to wet at night now. A wet night would no longer surprise anyone. In fact, a dry night would be the surprise at this point. Even if she did have a dry night now, then it would just be a waste of the diaper she wore that night.

On this comforting thought Natalie went to sleep.


Natalie awoke suddenly to the sound of thunder. As she stirred awake, she heard her diaper crinkling from beneath the covers. There was a strong thunderstorm outside. Natalie cracked open her eyes and looked at the digital clock on her night stand. It was 2:36 am.

Natalie wasn’t too frustrated from being woken by the storm. She usually can fall back to sleep easily. Tonight might be different though. Natalie noticed she had a strong urge to pee. Natalie felt the outside of her diaper. It still felt dry. She slipped her hand down the front of her diaper and felt the inside padding with the back of her hand.

“Yup, still dry. The thunder must have woken me up before I peed the bed…err…peed my diaper”, thought Natalie.

She wasn’t sure what she should do now. She wanted to take the diaper off to use the bathroom before going back to sleep, but she remembered what her mom had said. The tapes won’t restick to allow her to put it back on, and they can’t afford for her to use multiple diapers per night. Natalie was in a dilemma.

She decided to just fall back to sleep with a full bladder and let nature take its course. She knew she would wet while she slept. It was sort of convenient in a way. Other people get woken up when they have a full bladder, but not her, at least not anymore.

Natalie closed her eyes and attempted to fall asleep. Natalie soon realized it was going to be a struggle to get back to sleep. She shifted around in her bed trying to get in a comfortable position. Her diaper crinkled whenever she moved. The diaper trapped her heat against her. Her private area was getting moist from her sweat. Also, it was still raining hard outside and thundering occasionally. But worst of all, her bladder was annoyingly full. Her full bladder was all she could think about. It wouldn’t let her fall asleep.

Eventually Natalie came to realize she wasn’t going to be able to go to sleep this way. She was going to have to relieve her full bladder, and since she couldn’t take her diaper off, she had only one option. She was going to have to wet her diaper on purpose.

Natalie figured it would be easier to fall asleep in a wet diaper than it would be to fall asleep with a full bladder. Afterall, the diaper is designed to make the wearer feel dry and comfortable even after peeing in it.

She really didn’t want to go through with it though. Ever since she was a little girl she had been taught that peeing while she was in the bed was wrong. You’re only supposed to pee in the potty. But here she was, about to purposely pee herself while laying in her bed.

“I shouldn’t feel bad about this. I mean this is what diapers are for, right? I can’t just stay awake all night”, thought Natalie.

Natalie tried to let herself pee, but nothing came out. Her potty training was too strong. She tried to relax herself down there, and eventually she started peeing. She heard it hissing into her diaper. Even though she purposely let go, she still felt like a helpless little girl losing control of her pee before getting to the potty. She was embarrassed about it, but it also made her feel kind of cute. It was weird.

She felt her diaper become warm as her pee continued to empty into her diaper. Once she was finished, she felt relieved to finally be rid of that nagging feeling of pressure in her bladder, and she didn’t even have to get out of bed!

Natalie felt her diaper. It was squishy with her pee.

“I have to fall asleep wearing this now”, thought Natalie.

Although it was a bit unsettling to think about falling asleep while wearing a bag filled with her pee strapped to her bottom, she didn’t actually feel that uncomfortable. The diaper was warm, and now that it was wet, it actually fit her better.

As Natalie rolled around in her bed about to fall asleep, she felt so innocent. Some girls her age were out partying right now, doing drugs, and having unprotected sex. But not her. She was about to fall asleep in her mom’s house wearing a wet diaper. Part of her was upset with herself for being such a baby. Another part of her was perfectly ok with it.


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