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Prompt: Write about a dream job you want when you’re older

Disclaimer: Many of my ABDL stories are more or less humiliation BDSM with an ABDL element–basically the protagonist is forced into a humiliating situation involving wearing and using diapers and/or acting like a toddler for the pleasure of the reader. These types of stories are fairly common in the genre, from what I’ve seen, but I guess I thought I might let you know in case you were looking for something else.

This story may contain some diaper usage, so I put it in the ABDL category, but I don’t think the diapers are going to be the main focus of the story. I debated whether or not to put it in the non-ABDL category, but I didn’t want anyone to get confused, so I decided to put it here.

Jacqueline rolled her tongue around in her mouth as she thought about her name. It was an interesting name with many different meanings. She scanned a baby name website and found out that it was feminine for a name derived from “Jacob.” There was clearly nothing better to do.

She had taken a summer internship at a nameless fashion magazine. She thought the work was going to be extremely interesting. Images of people from Mode and Vegas flashed in her head. She was imagining runways and catwalks and cheeky overdressed coworkers, but instead, she got a little gray cubicle in the corner, a list of tasks, and a one-hour lunch break.

She never saw anyone. No one ever even checked on her. All she would do every day was look at the pictures that were sent to her and correct any imaging mistakes using Photoshop and InDesign. It was an extremely easy job. Maybe that was why they decided to give it to an unpaid intern and not a professional editor? She supposed she should be thankful. At least this internship was trying to teach her something, in contrast to the bigger name magazines, which she’d heard used their interns as glorified errand boys.

There were other people in the building where she was working, but they were usually already busily working in their cubicles when she got to work, and she was a very solitary person anyway. She could try to meet people in the cafeteria or at one of the local restaurants during her lunch break, but she decided against it. It was more frugal to bring her lunch to work and enjoy it quietly at her desk, anyway.

After settling into the same routine for a few weeks, she started to get bored. The list of tasks they gave her to complete usually only took about two hours or less. Her shift was over eight hours, however, so she busied herself surfing the internet. At first, her intentions were reasonable. She wanted to find out what the other magazines were up to, but that eventually led to scandalous stories of bullying and dangerously unrealistic expectations of the female form, which in turn led to stories about female gender roles. Somehow that led to articles about the movie “Nasty Chicks,” which led to the “Queen Hornet” book series, which led to searching the term “female relational aggression,” and that somehow led her to find a proxy server that would allow her to go to the social media site “Now Read This.” Why they decided to put filters on their computers she had no idea, but they were fairly easy to bypass.

While she was scanning through “Now Read This” and seeing which non-fact-checked stories were upvoted or downvoted, she came across an interesting set of tales about an older man whose domineering fashionista boss put back in diapers as a condition to keep his job. It was interesting; it had a fun naughty quality to it, but something told her that the story felt more like fantasy than reality. She casually rolled her eyes as she continued scanning for juicy presumably true stories about bullying and abuse in the fashion industry. The story about the man in diapers continued to play in her head, though, and she found herself revisiting the thread called “nrt/ABDL” several times that day. There was something about the titillating tales, even though she was sure they were all made up.

Over the next few days, this became the routine. She would finish her tasks, go on her lunch break at her desk, and spend the rest of her time reading strange dirty stories that involved humiliating people by putting them back in diapers. It became a fun little guilty pastime, and as she delved deeper and deeper, she discovered more and more to do in the community. By Friday, she’d found her way into the roleplay server on the sister site Chaos. That’s when things got interesting.

That night online at her apartment, she met a couple of people who said they worked for Vegas. She doubted that because she’d read that Vegas’s code of conduct required employees to only associate with other employees. Plus, Vegas fashion editors would be extremely busy and wouldn’t have time to play around on adult-themed roleplay servers. Regardless, though, she appreciated their imaginations anyway.

Over the weekend, they introduced her to a fun little text roleplay session, where they played the caregivers and she played the “little.” They explained to her that the “little” was like the submissive in a BDSM relationship. Littles normally occupied the role of babies in the age play fantasies. Adult roleplay was a rather liberating experience for her, and over the course of the story the three players were developing, she shared more and more about herself, eventually even telling the two strangers where she worked. She honestly thought it was harmless at the time. The questions about her background somehow came up organically while they were planning out the story, and she was more interested in her new internet friends than in protecting her privacy. Besides, what would anyone want with an intern from a no-name fashion magazine?

Quite a bit, it turned out.

This is a wonderful set-up. :slight_smile:

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