The Sphere: Dog for the Day (5/11/16)

[This story is set in the world of The Sphere: A virtual reality collective that allows people to play various games or perform day to day functions including: Got to school, work, and other things.]

When Samantha first saw the ad for one of the recent eroge games at The Sphere Center she worked at, she couldn’t take her eyes off it. It didn’t offer much info about the game itself; it was just a young man gripping the leash of an anthro dog girl -just a typical master and pet simulator. They had been gaining popularity over the years and more and more had been appearing.

What had first captured Samantha’s attention were the master’s bright green eyes that seemed reach into Samantha’s very soul and pull her closer, while his curly dark hair made her go weak in the knees. She didn’t think anything was weird until she found herself imagining one day being on the other end of that leash. You can put a collar on me any day.

“Why don’t you just play it already?” A voice behind her said startling her as she jumped. “Well if that isn’t the sign of a guilty conscious, than I don’t know what is.”

“Don’t sneak up on me like that!” Samantha said trying to catch her breath.

“I would hardly call walking down the hall sneaking up on you.” Tom grined flipping his long blond bangs out of his eyes while carrying a load of boxes in his arms. “I catch you staring at that poster all the time. Why don’t you just play it already?”

“I-I don’t want to play it. I just think he’s kind of cute.” Samantha insisted blushing. She’d never stoop so low as to admit she wanted to play an adult video game.

“Meh, not my type.” Tom said looking him up and down as Samantha rolled her eyes playfully. “I can finish moving these boxes by myself if you want to try.” He said with a grin. She was always scoffing at the types of people that came in to play these kinds of games; it would be ironic if she were secretly into it as well.

“I said I don’t want to!” Samantha insisted.

“I’ll make you a deal.” Tom said. “If you play this game; I’ll take your Saturday shift.”

“I can’t believe I’m doing this.” Samantha said as nervous anticipation filled her stomach. “Please don’t tell anyone.” She whispered as Tom plugged the wires into the back of her neck before fitting the helmet over her head. She closed her eyes as Tom began counting down.

Cheery upbeat music greeted her ears as she opened her eyes to find a menu of options waiting for her to choose from. The first thing for her to decide was whether or not she wanted to be the Master or Pet. A brief thought of walking the guy from the advertisement on a leash flashed through her mind, but she decided against it. Now was her chance, she may never have another opportunity like this. Samantha selected the pet option and a list of different anthropoids to choose from popped up as her avatar, Jen, appeared to the side modeling each option in turn. She quickly selected dog, as a cat would look rather silly being walked on a leash. Next she was prompted to choose a breed. After flicking through different selections she settled on a beagle, as it looked the best with Jen’s appearance.

She hadn’t really known what to expect when she had logged on. She had expected Jen’s appearance to be furrier she supposed, but was pleasantly surprised to find all that changed was dog-ears and a tail. Samantha couldn’t help but think she looked absolutely adorable instead of creepy like she had originally thought. Samantha was also pleasantly surprised to find that she could adjust the masters personality traits as she saw fit. She could change make him anywhere from kind and compassionate to strict and controlling. It was her first time playing something like this after all, she wasn’t ready to get a squirt bottle to the face or smacked with a rolled up newspaper just because she sat on the furniture or something. Finally once everything was set to Samantha’s taste she was ready to start.
When she first came to, Jen found herself staring out into the street, but was blocked by a clear window. She pressed her face against the glass- for some reason- leaving wet nose prints against it. She spun around when she heard several whimpering sounds behind her and found herself face to face with four other identical looking puppy girls in the pet store window with her. She was part of a litter she realized watching her clones barking and jumping all over each other as she sat back and watched unknowingly wagging her tail behind her.

“Hewo?” She said uncertainly. She hadn’t been sure if she was able to talk, but was relieved when the words came out, even if they sounded a bit weird. Her tongue was larger than what she was used to and it wanted to simply hang out her mouth. Her clones quickly turned their heads, tongues out and panting while their tails wagged happily behind them.

“Play with us!” One of them said as the others chanted their agreement and resumed their rough housing. One girl was chewing on the end of another’s shirt while trying to wrestle it off the others head as her face shook back and forth. Suddenly everyone stopped playing as a large shadow was cast down over the cage as a man peeked his head in the window. He was huge; Jen thought until she realized it was just her that was quite small. Her body trembled as she backed up against the far side of the cage in the corner away from the giant. He seemed to be preoccupied though watching the two that had been fighting over their shirt. The man came inside the store and pointed them out to the clerk working there.

With a jingling of keys Jen was surprised she could hear, he opened the cage and plucked the two out with each hand before handing them to the man and closing the door behind him. And then it was just three of them. One of the girls whimpered and pawed at the glass with her hands when the man disappeared with the two of them. Jen frowned watching her clone pitifully cry at the others sudden disappearance, but soon continued playing and chasing her tail in a circle. Jen decided to find a corner to sit in and watch what would happen. This must be where the master finds her she realized. She guessed all she had to do was wait her turn to be adopted, but soon the other two were chosen leaving her and just one other.

“You have to look cute if you want to get chosen.” Her clone said surprising Jen. She wasn’t aware the others were capable of such thought considering they had stood in a line sniffing each other’s butts through their shorts just moments ago. Maybe she had a point, lots of people had come and stared through the window while the others played and she sat by herself in the corner. Jen decided to take her advice for the new crowd that came, but was distracted when a new problem arose.

“Umm, so what do you do if you gotta, umm, go? Do I just call for the store owner and ask for the bathroom or…?” Jen asked as the other puppy cocked her head to the side. She knew lots of games had the use of bodily functions to make the games more realistic, but she had never been in one before. She certainly hadn’t wanted to discover this was one of those games while trapped in a cage with no toilet.

“You’re standing on it.” The other version of herself said scratching her face with her foot. Jen looked down and frowned when she realized she was standing on a pile of newspapers barefoot. She quickly hopped off and frowned thinking she had probably just been standing in pee before realization dawned on her. Wait… was she expected to go on the newspapers? In front of all these people watching?

“I’ll hold it.” She replied. Jen’s mouth nearly dropped when the other simply shrugged before walking over, shimmied her shorts down and squatted over the newspaper in front of the crowd of on-lookers as if it was no big deal. Jen crossed her legs as the tinkling sound echoed throughout the cage as the smell of fresh urine assaulted her nose. How could she just go like that? She wondered as she blushed with embarrassment before sitting in a corner to pass the time. Before long her need had intensified greatly to the point she had to be constantly shifting in order to hold it. She had finally made up her mind to go just as soon as the crowd of people dwindled. But as soon as one person left, it seemed as though another two quickly took their place.

Jen unintentionally let out a whimper as she clutched herself. Time seemed to be greatly sped up in this world. It felt like she had been in here for hours, but in reality she had probably only been here for half of one. Suddenly she felt arms wrapped around her waist and haul her into the air as she was suddenly met with an excited girls eager face before being smooshed forcibly into her chest. She gasped as she felt her lower half growing warm and wet, but her arms were pinned to the side.

“Eww!” The little girl shouted holding Jen at arms length away as she continued to pee herself as the liquid dripped down her legs onto the tiled floor beneath her. Jen’s face burned red as the little girl continued making a commotion. “It peed on me!”

“You don’t want that one, honey, it’s not paper trained. Put it back and get the other one.” The man next to her said as the girl quickly tossed her back in the cage before selecting the other one and leaving her behind.

“You should have used the paper.” The last of her clones called out to her as she was left alone and wet inside the cage.


She didn’t know how much time had passed that she sat alone shivering on display in the pet store. It reminded her of the first line of a book her dad used to read her as a kid. I was the saddest dog you could ever see. Sad 'cause no one wanted me. The pet shop window was my jail, the sign behind me said, “For Sale.”

“I’ll take her.” A voice said from behind her as another pair of arms picked her up and cradled her more gently than the girl before had. His green eyes shone brightly as Jen felt her tongue hanging out the front of her mouth no matter how hard she tried to pull it back in. Her heart beat wildly in her chest as she realized it was the young man from the advertisement. Now here he was gently holding her up to his chest. Her thin tail wagged violently back and forth uncontrollably as he held her up at eye level while she took in the sweet aroma of his cologne. He was everything she had imagined he would be: kind, gentle and caring.

He gently petted and ruffled her hair with his hand as she wrapped her arms around him and tried to resist the bizarre urge to lick his face.

“Are you sure you want that one?” The store clerk asked before adding after a second of thought, “She seems a bit…off.” Jen was surprised when a deep growl escaped her lips. “We have lots of other animals, both regular and anthro, to choose from.”

“No, she’s perfect! Yes you are, yes you are!” He said scratching under Jen’s chin as her head instinctively rolled back to allow him more access. Was it the games doing, or did it really feel this good to have her chin scratched? Her smile faltered though when she saw him pause and sniff the air. “I think someone needs a bath though.” He looked her up and down taking in her wet clothes and skin as she hung her head and whimpered. Her long copper spotted ears fell forward as her eyes fell down to the floor.

“Dumb dog peed herself earlier right on the floor.” The clerk said sounding more than annoyed that he had to clean it up. “And here anthros are supposed to be more intelligent than regular dogs.” Jen growled again. It wasn’t her fault that little girl from earlier had squeezed her so hard. “There’s newspapers in there and everything.” The clerk continued.

“Maybe she’s just to young to understand. I’m sure she doesn’t enjoy being wet and cold so maybe she’ll catch on quick. I’ll just have to work on it with her.” He said patting her head before setting her in an empty cart. “Now what should I call you?”

Jen was a little taken aback when the world around her stood still when he asked that. Other people were completely frozen mid step as if time had stopped she noticed as she looked around feeling a bit confused. An in game message soon appeared asking if she wanted to be called by her avatar name or something different. She thought about it for a moment going back and forth in her mind. Jen didn’t really seem like a very good name for a dog, so she typed Jenny into the prompt before the world returned too normal just as quickly as it had stopped.

“Hmm, how about Jenny?” He said pushing the cart around the store acting as if nothing had happened. “You look like a Jenny to me.”

The clerk walked them around the store pointing out everything he would need to buy in order to own a pet anthropoid dog while Jenny quietly sat in the basket. Her eyes lit up when he put a Frisbee along with a few chew toys in the basket with her. She found it took a surprising amount of will power not to stick them in her mouth right then and there. Next came dog food, new clothes, and to Jenny’s disappointment, puppy training pads. He wasn’t really going to make her use those, was he?

“You know some anthros can even be trained to use the toilet.” The clerk said.

“Oh, really?” Her future owner said sounding bit surprised as he stared at the pads in the basket and then at her. “Do you think I should put these back?”

“She’s quite a ways from that point. You should still get them.” The clerk said talking over her meek, “yes.”

Jen looked up when the basket came to a stop in front of a bin of different colored collars. Her eyes grew wide with excitement. This was what she had been waiting for. She had imagined being on the end of his leash so many times and now her fantasy was finally coming true. She watched eagerly as he dug through the bin looking for one while occasionally holding up one for Jen to see. They were all kind of plain and boring she though until she saw something shiny towards the bottom as she eagerly pointed to it.

“Hm?” He asked trying to see what she was pointing at. “Oh, this one?” Jen nodded her head as he smiled and set it in the basket. She held the purple bedazzled collar in her hand as he pushed the cart to the register and began unloading his purchases. “Sorry, I need that.” He said smiling apologetically as he set it on the counter.

Jen frowned as she watched the puppy pads get scanned, bagged and set next to her. He would let her use the bathroom once he figured out she could, right? The only things that had really changed about her were her ears, nose, tongue and the fact that she now had a tail that seemed to have a mind of its own. Well, that and there was also the strange desire to stick her nose and sniff this man in inappropriate places. Other than that though it seemed the rest of her was the same.

When he had finally paid for everything and they stepped outside, Jen got a full taste of just how much her senses had changed. There were so many different smells that assaulted her nose all at once; it was almost overwhelming. So many trees and bushes nearby gave off peculiar scents. It wasn’t just her sense of smell that had been altered but also her hearing as well. She could swear up and down she could hear people talking from all the way across the huge parking lot as if they were standing just a few feet away.

“Are you going to be a good girl if I set you down?” He asked. Jen nodded her head as he smiled before picking her up out of the basket and setting her down on her bare feet on the pavement beside him. Her eyes widened in surprise, she knew she was smaller now, but she hadn’t realized she had shrunk this much until she stood besides him and only came up to his waist. She felt like a small child standing next to her daddy, but she guessed that’s how the game was supposed to make you feel. She was only a puppy they had said. He dug through the basket for a bit before pulling out the collar before kneeling down until he was at eye level with her. She smiled shyly as her heart beat in her chest with excitement. He gently wrapped it around her neck before cinching it up so that it fit snugly around her neck, but wasn’t too tight. He stuck two of his fingers in the band just to make sure it was comfortable enough for her.

Jen reached up and touched the collar with her hands smiling as she did so. So this was what it felt like to be masters pet. Next he attached a leash to her and held it in his hand. “Sorry, you have to be on a leash at all times outside unless you have a work dog permit.”

“It’s okay.” She said shyly.

“Oh, so you can talk.” He said grinning widely. “I thought you might have been too young. I guess you’re just shy is all.” He lightly rubbed her head before bending down again and tried tugging down her shorts.

“S-stop!” Jen yelled backing up as much as she could before feeling the leash pull her back.

“But I need to get you out of those wet clothes, it’s okay. I’m not going to do anything weird.” He explained as she bit her lip anxiously.

“Not out here.” She mumbled but he had already begun tugging her wet shorts down.

“Go on and step out.” He said calmly as he pulled out a few wet wipes as she whimpered in embarrassment. “That’s it, good girl. Do you want to try going to the bathroom before I get you cleaned up?” Bathroom? He was going to take her to the bathroom? Now was her chance to prove to him she could use a toilet, and now that he had brought it to her attention, she did have to pee a bit ever since she had stepped outside. She slowly nodded her head. “Good girl, let’s go.” He said leading her by the leash as she slowly hobbled along trying to use her shirt to cover her lower half. Her face fell when he stopped in front of a patch of grass. She just stood there looking up at him like he was crazy. “Go on, didn’t you say you had to go?”

“Not here.” She mumbled shyly.

“Oh, right, well, how about you lead and I follow?” He asked thinking that she wanted to sniff around a bit first before finding the perfect spot to do her business. Dogs were funny that way after all. She thought about it for a second before nodding her head in agreement as she tried to walk back into the store and find the bathroom, but was suddenly stopped by the leash. “Where do you think you’re going?” He asked with a smile while gently pulling her back.

“Bathroom.” She mumbled pointing back towards the store. For some reason she couldn’t quite get many words out, or really say more than one word at a time for that matter.

“This is your bathroom now.” He said gesturing to the outside vegetation as she looked up at him with a frown. I’ll hold it.

“I’m fine.” She said in defeat. He seemed disappointed in that answer, but shrugged his shoulders while retrieving something from one of the bags. She could hear the rustling plastic as she tried to peek at what he was getting. I hope it’s a chew toy. She was disappointed again when he pulled out a puppy pad and set it down on the front seat.

“How about I take you to your new home?” He asked picking her up as if she were weightless and setting her in the front seat on the pad.

“Why?” Was all she managed to get out while poking at it with her finger.

“Just in case is all. You seem a bit confused with where you can and can’t go. You were also a bit unsure of whether you had to go.” He said while doing her seatbelt for her. “Don’t want you to get my car seat wet if you have an accident on the way home.”

“I won’t.” She said confidently before he closed her door and got in the other side.

Jen never knew a simple car ride could be so fun! She moved her head back and forth while staring out the closed window as everything whooshed by. She had long given up on trying to keep her tongue in her mouth as she panted happily as she watched the world go by. A quarter of the way through the ride her master had even opened the window for her so she could stick her head out and feel the breeze in her face. She raised herself off the seat as much as she could and tried to stick as much of herself as she could out the window. She was having so much fun she hadn’t even noticed what was happening down below.

“Hey, hey! You’re leaking! Sit back down on the pad.” He said putting a hand on her shoulder and forcefully, but not painfully, pushed her back down on the seat. Her face turned bright red with embarrassment as she realized in all her excitement she had dribbled a bit down her legs.

“I’m sorry!” she cried feeling mortified with herself. Had she really just gotten so excited over a car ride that she had wet herself a little? Just…just like a dog… He rolled the window back up as she hung her head in shame. She got a better smell of the car now that her senses weren’t being overwhelmed, and she had to say, something smelled good. Really good in fact and something deep inside herself wanted to make it hers. She sniffed the air trying to find its location.

“Watcha smell?” He asked.

“Pine?” She said feeling confused as she looked out the window. There were no pine trees around here. Finally she looked down and discovered the source. It was the pad she was sitting on. “It’s this.”

“Oh, they must be scented to make puppies want to use them.” He explained. Almost as if on cue she felt her bladder suddenly give a jolt. Was the smell making her have to pee so suddenly? She kind of had to go when she got in the car, but nowhere at this level. It was as if her body wanted her to pee on the pad just as he had said. This is what dogs must go through when they mark their territory she realized. No way, she had more control of herself than that. “Are you okay?” He asked when she had suddenly gotten very still. “You’re not getting car sick are you?”

“No.” She said quietly jamming her legs together as a small whimper escaped her mouth.

“What’s the matter?”


“Why didn’t you go when I offered?” He asked with a sigh.

“Not bathroom.” She said. “Toilet.” His eyes widened in realization. She was trying to go to the bathrooms inside the store.

“You’re toilet trained?” He asked surprised as she nodded her head. “I thought when you were trying to go back to the store you were trying to get to the newspapers because the clerk mentioned that was supposed to be your bathroom. I’m sorry. I’ll let you use the toilet when we get home.”

“Thank you.” She mumbled as she lightly squirmed in the seat. The once fun drive now felt like torture, not to mention they had managed to get every light red so far. He stole glances at her as she rocked back and forth while clutching herself. She whimpered unintentionally every time she felt little bits leak out between her legs. Once they had pulled up to yet another red light, he asked her if she wanted to hop out and just go on the street, but she refused.

“You’re quite timid, aren’t you?” He asked before fingering the thickness of the pad she was sitting on. Could it save his seat if she couldn’t make it? By the looks of things she wasn’t going to. “Jenny, I know you don’t want to, but you can always just go on the mat you’re sitting on. That’s what it’s there for.” He said.

“Not toilet.” Jen said as she continued her struggle. His offer was so tempting. Her master had just told her it was ok to just empty herself right then and there plus the smell of the pad still called to her.

“But it is.” He said. “They’re portable pads for puppies, and what are you?”

“A puppy.” She mumbled feeling her desire to hold it slowly ebb away.

“There will be lot’s of other times to prove to me that you can use a toilet. It’s okay if you want to let your animal side win.” He said. He reached an arm over and gently rubbed her back. The moment she felt his touch her body relaxed against her will and she slowly began to leak onto the pad, before giving up and allowing her body to relieve itself. “That’s a good girl.” He said softly while continuing to rub her back as she sighed in contentment as a single thought flashed through her mind. Mine.

Re: The Sphere: Dog for the Day

“Welcome to your new home.” He said proudly opening the door to his apartment. Jen let out a bark of excitement before blushing a bit as he chuckled and ruffled her hair. “Let’s get you in the bath.” He said leading her by the hand into the bathroom after he put the rest of his purchases on the kitchen table. His apartment was the typical messy bachelor pad and it smelled strongly of his scent, but she loved it.

Jen couldn’t really understand what was happening, but she was having a harder and harder time controlling herself. Normally, she would be disgusted by the condition of this place, and by this total stranger, but somehow this new side of herself had emerged. She trusted him completely for no good reason, and had even lost all sense of modesty about ten minutes ago. She had even forgotten she was naked from the waist down as she explored the place until he mentioned it was time to get cleaned up.

She stood by the tub a bit awkwardly as he gently pulled her shirt off leaving her standing completely naked in his tiny bathroom. He started the faucet as water poured from the tap with a loud thunderous downpour causing her to slightly flinch. It seemed so much louder to her than it should. She hadn’t quite adjusted to her new senses yet.

“Do you want to show me how grown up you are and use the toilet while we wait for the tub to fill up?” He asked. She blushed while glancing at the porcelain bowl right beside the tub. Did she have to right in front of him? She thought it over for a second glancing nervously from him to the bowl.

“O-okay,” She said softly. Everything in this world seemed much bigger to her as she awkwardly stood in front of the toilet bowl that went up to her chest.

“Up we go!” He said as she let out a squeak of surprise as he lifted her up in the air and set her down on top of the toilet. She wasn’t sure what he thought would happen. She had just gone like five minutes ago. So she sat awkwardly on the seat as he watched expectantly as the tub continued to fill. “Oh well, we’ll try again later.” He said after a few minutes of nothing happening.

He gently lifted Jen in the air and set her in the warm bath water. The bathtub, like the toilet and everything else, was huge compared to her now small body. She could even stretch out completely and not touch the sides. He left for a second while she played in the water for a bit. She had only meant to close her eyes and relax, but there was something strange in water behind her. No matter how many times she tried to turn around and grab it, it moved away. In a burst of speed and curiosity, she swam in circles trying to get it until she heard him return and begin laughing.

“Are you trying to catch your tail?” He asked. A wide grin of amusement stretched across his face as she blushed at the realization of what she had been doing. She calmly reached behind herself and grabbed her tail with a frown. “Well, let’s try to keep the water in the tub.” She looked over the edge and realized in her haste to grab the mysterious swimming object from before, she had managed to knock about a gallon of water on the floor.

“Sorry.” She mumbled hanging her head. A hand reached out and patted her wet hair as she looked up at his smile.

“You’re so cute.” He said kneeling down besides her after toweling the floor off a bit. He retrieved a bottle of dog shampoo before squirting some in her hair and began to rub it in. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensations of his hands rubbing, scratching and massaging her scalp. She knew she could give herself a bath, but it just felt too good to object to his treatment. He gently dumped a cup of the warm water on her head to wash away the suds and began soaping up a washcloth. She had planned to speak up and protest, but as soon as the washcloth came in contact with her skin she was putty in his hands. Every gentle rub felt amazing and she came to the conclusion that her body was much more sensitive in this world. She had completely melted to his touch so much so that she didn’t even put up a fight when he began cleaning her more intimate areas for her. She had been enjoying it so much that she had completely lost track of time and the next thing she knew he was pulling the plug to the bath and picking her up out of the water.

“Did you enjoy your bath?” He asked. He lowered her onto the bathmat before taking a towel and drying her short brown hair while carefully avoiding her large floppy ears so as not to hurt them.

“Yes.” Jen shyly admitted. She stood motionlessly on the bathmat as he slowly went lower and lower with the towel drying every inch of her tiny body including her tail.

“Now stay right here, I’m going to go get you some clothes to wear.” He said bopping her nose as he left. She smiled while rubbing her nose as she waited where she was told. A minute past and then two and then five more. She began to worry when he didn’t return right away. What was taking so long? Wasn’t he just getting clothes? Why has he been gone so long? Was he hurt? Should she go looking for him? But he told her to wait right here… So many possibilities ran through her mind as she debated leaving the bathroom to go search for him.

“Sorry that took so long.” He apologized as she wagged her tail happily at his return. She didn’t understand why she had been so worried, he was just a NPC after all, but in the short amount of time she had spent with him she felt like they had bonded. He helped her into some light green panties with little paw prints all over them, along with a orange shirt and brown shorts. She felt the material with her fingers. They were thicker than normal clothes, and much better quality than the rags she had on at the pet store. The shorts and underwear even had holes for her to put her tail through.

Jen stomach growled loudly in the bathroom as it echoed off the walls. He smiled assuring her that they could start on dinner and led her by the hand to the kitchen. “Do you want some of this?” He asked holding up a bag dog food as she grimaced in disgust. It didn’t even have an anthro dog on the front. She quickly shook her head as he frowned. “The guy at the pet store told me anthro food and dog food were basically the same thing and that regular dog food would be cheaper.” She growled upon hearing this. That clerk clearly had it out for her. She was almost glad she had peed on his floor.

“Gross.” Jen managed to get out.

“Hmm, let me do some research real quick. I don’t want to give you people food and get you sick.” He said. She followed him to his computer as he typed in anthropoid dog care into the browser. He quickly skimmed through the material before finding what he was looking for and reading it aloud. “Anthropoid dogs have the ability to digest both dog and human food safely as long as there is no man made seasoning as anthros have much more sensitive taste buds. Their diets consist largely of meat, poultry, fish and grains. Although Anthros can safely digest both types of food, many dislike dog food due to the taste and texture.” She breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing that. The last thing she wanted to do was to be forced to eat dog food. She doubted he had many salad ingredients, but he should at least have rice. She waited patiently as he continued scrolling through the website on anthro care seemingly lost in thought. She pawed at his leg when he appeared worried about something.

“Oh, I’m sorry, you’re probably hungry aren’t you. I’ll finish reading later, lets have some dinner!” He got up and walked with her into the kitchen as he opened the fridge. So any wonderful aroma’s met her nose as she sniffed the air and began panting. “How does steaks sound?” He said with such enthusiasm that she wagged her tail and nodded. Wait, steaks? She was a vegetarian! Meat is murder!

"I’m a ve- veg- ve-"She stumbled trying to get the word out, before sighing in defeat. No way she could say something that long and complicated in this body. She could barely say things like, “yes” and “no”. He didn’t seemed to have heard her anyway as he hummed and pulled some meat out of the freezer before throwing in on a grill. Her eyes became as wide as saucers and her mouth began to salivate as the smells began to fill the kitchen so much that she couldn’t stand it.

“Almost done.” He said to reassure her as she sat in a chair at the table just staring and quietly whimpering. What was wrong with her? She hadn’t eaten meat in years, yet she had never wanted something as badly as she wanted that steak. After what felt like an eternity he finally set a plate of meat in front of her. “Hold on, let me get you a fork and…never mind.” He chuckled as she picked it up with her hands and sunk her teeth into it. Meat is murder…tasty tasty murder. She had never tasted anything so delicious before! She quickly scarfed it down in a matter of minutes before silently cursing herself as she watched her master with round pleading eyes as he slowly ate his portion. Once all the meat was gone and the plates were licked clean (quite literally in her case) they played together in the living room.

She had stood there resisting the urge to roll her eyes when he produced a tennis ball (how clique could he get?) but as soon as the ball left his hands she took off running after it as fast as she could and stuffed it in her mouth. He playfully tried to fight for it, but she ran away whenever he got close.

“Mine!” She had said suddenly before dropping the ball from her mouth. He picked it up and hid it behind his back as she searched all around for it as he laughed before tossing it. She took off again chasing it before crashing into a bookcase and knocking over a lamp in the process. She whimpered when he told her it was time to settle down and put the ball away. She had been having so much fun, but she had no complaints when he put a movie on and cuddled up on the couch with her with a blanket. She had no idea how much time had actually passed in the real world, but she was aware there was a major time difference between this and reality. It reminded her of that game where you control the families. A full day was really only an hour in real time. She hoped it was like that in this world. She wasn’t ready to go back especially when he said he’d take her to the park tomorrow. If playing with a ball was this fun in his tiny little apartment, she couldn’t imagine how much fun she’d have in an open field.

“Good night, Jenny, welcome home.” He whispered as she drifted off to sleep before he got up and went to his bedroom for the night.

She wasn’t quite sure what time it was when she woke up. All she could tell was it was dark and master was nowhere to be found. She quietly whimpered as she searched the room from her place on the couch, but she was alone. She wondered what had woken her up when a familiar urgent sensation alerted her to her full bladder. She groaned into the arm of the couch, and tried to put it off as long as possible. She was comfy and it was cold, but as she tossed and turned she realized she wouldn’t be able to fall back asleep without taking care of business. She slowly sat back up and rubbed the sleep from her eyes and stretched as a familiar scent of pine greeted her. She searched the room for the source as her eyes spotted one of the puppy pads in the corner of the room spread out for her.

NO! She thought, getting up and walking towards the bathroom. She searched the hallway and frowned when she was met with three closed doors. Which one was it? She turned her head this way and that as she tried to remember which one it was. She was afraid she’d get into trouble if she opened the wrong door and accidently went into master’s room and woke him up. She stood in place for a few minutes debating what to do as she shifted from foot to foot. She’d have to just take a chance she realized as she approached the first door. She opened it and walked inside only to be met with the laundry room. When she turned to grab the handle she misjudged the height and fell with a loud crash and she immediately darted back to the couch in the living room like a startled animal trying to avoid getting in trouble. She hid under her blanket lying perfectly still as she waited and listened to see if she had accidently awoken her master. After a minute of silence she sat up and wiggled on the couch trying her best to hold it, but it was getting more and more difficult. She sighed as looked toward the pad just sitting there waiting for her.

Sure, the car ride had been a little awkward, and she had almost died of embarrassment when her master picked up the used pad she had wet on the seat and checked to see how absorbent it had been. They were both relieved to learn it had held her full wetting, so well in fact, that they could probably even be used more than once. She sat on the couch debating her options. She could try and find the bathroom again and risk waking her master up when flushing the toilet, or she could just go right there on the mat and go back to sleep. She grumbled a bit when she realized the pine smell called out to her again making her need even more urgent. Her human and animal side raged a silent battle inside of her. Her human mind told her to go use the toilet like a normal person. Even if she woke him up flushing, he would know she was indeed toilet trained like she said she was. It was obvious he didn’t trust her yet. Why else would he have laid out a mat on the floor for her? But that smell! Something deep inside of her wanted her to use it instead. It got to the point where she knew an accident was imminent if she didn’t hurry up and make up her mind. Quickly checking to make sure no one was coming, she tugged her short and panties down and squatted over the mat on the floor and sighed in relief as the sound of her pee splattering on the mat echoed throughout the room.

Suddenly the light flipped on when she was still mid stream as she squatted awkwardly in place as her master watched her with mild curiosity.

“Oh, I was wondering what that sound was.” He said before sitting on the couch and waited for her to finish.

She tried to stop it, but it simply kept coming out until she was completely empty. She pulled up her shorts when she was done and sat back on the couch and hung her head in shame letting a small whimper escape her lips.

“Why the long face?” He asked sitting next to her on the couch as she turned away from him. She had just been caught in a moment of weakness. She had wanted to present herself as human, yet here he had just walked in on her relieving herself on the floor like an animal.

“Not toilet.” She said.

“I don’t understand.” He said cocking his head to the side in confusion. “Looks like you found it to me.”

“Not real toilet.” She said shaking her head before pointing to herself. “Not a dog.”

“Oh, I think I understand. Are you confused about how you should act?” She nodded her head. “The website mentioned sometimes Anthros are confused as to whether or not to act like a person or a dog, is that it?” She nodded her head again. “You can act however you’re most comfortable with.” He said gently scratching behind her ears as he leaned into his shoulder. “Jenny, it’s like I said before, it’s okay to let loose and let your animal side out. You don’t have to be embarrassed about every little thing you do out of instinct. It’s just who and what you are. I put a pad out in case you had trouble making it to the toilet. You’re in a new place and thought you might not know where it was, and did you?” Jen shyly shook her head. “See, you didn’t know, so you used the pad like a good girl. It’s much easier to just throw those away instead of cleaning up an accident now, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” She said as he patted her head.
“That’s my girl.” He said. He pressed his forehead against hers for a few seconds before breaking apart. “Just be yourself, Jenny, and have fun. If you feel more like a dog one minute, than be a dog, and if you feel like a human than be a human. It doesn’t matter to me as long as you don’t pee on my furniture.” He said as she giggled. “What’s mine is yours, you don’t need to mark it. Just know you make a very cute dog.” He said before attacking her with tickles and belly rubs. It had happened so fast, but the next thing she knew she was lying on her back kicking her leg and panting happily. “C’mon, let’s go back to bed.” He picked her and her blanket up and carried her to his bedroom.

It was almost as if her ears and awaken before she had the next morning. One of them drifted up of it’s own accord as it listened to a strange but familiar sound coming from a different room. Once the smell hit her nose, he eyes shot open and she sat up in bed as her tail began wagging back and forth. If she thought the kitchen the night before had smelled amazing, it was nothing to waking up to the scent of frying bacon. As she dug in to a plate of bacon, sausage and eggs ten minutes later, she almost cried at the realization of what she had been missing out on for so many years. Did meat really taste this good or was it just her dog senses causing her to crave it? Either way the first thing she planned on doing when she woke up from the game was going to a drive thru and getting a burger.

“Slow down or you’re going to be stuck watching me eat again.” He said with a laugh. “Try eating with a fork, it might help slow you down.” He handed her one as she held it between her fingers. It felt a bit awkward in her hand and she dropped it a few times in her plate, but he was right. It had slowed her down considerably and she was able to savor even more of the amazing flavors and textures in her mouth. After breakfast she went to sit on the toilet just to prove she could, but had a bit of trouble getting on it. She squeaked when she felt a pair of hands help her up and set her down. She smiled a bit shyly as she was able to go this time, although she wasn’t much of a fan of being watched. It didn’t bother her as much as she thought it would though as she was oddly much more comfortable around him than she should be. Maybe it was because she was part animal or maybe because she knew he was only an AI. If it was anyone else but him, she was sure she would probably throw a shoe at them or something.

The rest of the afternoon passed by rather quickly as she watched him attempt to clean up the apartment to make space for her. She helped him do the dishes and laundry, but when the vacuum cleaner got turned on, the loud noise had her running away and cowering in the closet. He eventually had to coax her out with a bit of sandwich meat. Finally it came time for what the both of them had been waiting for. It was time to go to the park. Jen was so excited she could hardly stand still long enough for him to attach her leash and she led the charge out the front door before he even had time to grab more than a few toys and his cell phone.

Even though she didn’t know the way her nose seemed to guide her along. It was slow going with her stopping to smell every little thing, but he was patient with her and allowed her to wander this way and that. He had to yank her back though when she tried to jump someone carrying a hamburger. “Maybe for lunch if you’re good.” He told her before apologizing profusely to the almost mugged man.

Finally they arrived to the Promised Land as Jen panted happily waiting for him to remove her leash. After making sure there were no people with food for her to attack in the vicinity, he let her loose as she ran around in circles making cute yapping sounds. She froze as he took out the ball from earlier from his pocket and tossed it lightly up before catching. After making sure she was paying attention, he threw it as far and fast as he could before she took off after it. She ran barefoot through the grass chasing after the green tennis ball as it soared in the air. She doubted she could actually run this fast in real life, but that made it all the more fun.
She was able to leap in the air and catch it in her hand before stuffing it in her mouth and running back. They repeated this for about an hour until Jen was so tired she couldn’t run around anymore, so he put the leash back on her and they walked along the path for a bit. She frowned when she realized she had to pee as she looked around for the bathroom. She spotted a grey cement building just across the way as she pulled on the leash guiding him to it.

“Toilet.” She answered when he had asked her what was wrong. He took her off the leash when they got there as she insisted she’d be fine by herself. When she stepped into the woman’s bathroom and walked into the first stall she froze in fear at what she saw. There were two other anthro-dogs already in there and they were…doing it. Her eyes went wide as she tried to back out as quickly as she could, but they had already spotted her. They asked her if she wanted to join, but she was already half way out the door.

“All better?” Her master asked as she reappeared by his side. “What’s the matter?” He asked seeing the troubled look on her face. She tried to explain what she saw as best as she could as he nodded in understanding. “It’s pretty common to see in the spring. It’s when all the anthro’s go into heat.”

“Oh.” Was all she could say as he clipped her leash back on and they continued their walk. She whimpered a little as they walked by a group of trees. She could smell all the other dogs that had previously marked them and it only aggravated her need to go. She walked with her knees closer together as they continued down the path. It seemed everywhere she looked there was a dog relieving themselves somewhere in her line of sight. She nearly lost it when she saw another anthro squatting in the bushes. She whimpered again as he caught on to her problem. She hadn’t gone in the bathroom because of the dogs mating he realized, as she seemed to walk slower and more awkwardly. He looked around for a different bathroom for her as they continued down the path, but the only thing he saw was a café and he doubted they would let her in. Even anthros were rarely allowed anywhere when they didn’t have working dog tags.
“I know you don’t want to, but you can just go out here.” He suggested once he caught her grabbing herself. “Even regular humans do it sometimes. No one would even bat an eye seeing an anthro squatting. This is the park.”

“But…” She tried to say squirming in place once they had stopped in front of a tree. Her inward desire to mark her territory wasn’t doing any favors either as she could smell all who were there before her.

“Remember what we talked about? It’s okay, Jenny, I promise. No one will even think twice.” She moaned as she squirmed looking from the tree to her owner as he motioned for her to go ahead. It was a losing battle and she knew it. She didn’t have any other options unless she wanted to walk home in wet shorts, so she went to tug her shorts down but stopped when a jogger stopped in front of them and made small talk with her owner.

“What a cute puppy!” The jogger shouted patting her head. She whimpered hoping the jogger would leave, but she just kept talking. She whimpered and danced in place as the jogger asked what was wrong.

“She still tries to fight her human side. She needs to go, but is a bit shy.” He explained as Jen whimpered, fidgeted and pulled on the leash.

“Oh it’s okay, puppy! Be a good girl and go tinkle!” She said as Jen growled and nearly snapped.

“Jenny!” Her owner said sounding a bit disappointed in her as she whimpered and hung her head. “I’m sorry, could you give her some space? She’s still new to this.” Her owner asked with a grimace as the jogger wished them the best of luck and took off running down the path. Jen whimpered and tried to fight her shorts, but couldn’t seem to undo them. “I got it.” He said pulling her shorts down for her as she squatted in front of the tree and sighed. “See? No one cares. It’s okay, Jenny.” He said as she finished up. Her wiped her with a wet wipe when she stood up making her face turn a bit red, but was glad to have that experience behind her. “Well, since you didn’t actually bite her, I guess we could stop on the way home and get hamburgers.”

“Yay!” She shouted getting her second wind.

Re: The Sphere: Dog for the Day

I like the idea you have going here, but that being said, will there be ABDL elements in this one since its in the board member stories section and not the non-ABDL section your other Sphere story is in? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of pet play and watersports, so I’m digging it, but at the moment I think this story might have the wrong audience here. Also, this story led me to check out your other story (don’t usually check the non-ABDL board here, since its not really why I’m no this forum), and that answered a lot of my initial questions about the Game Sphere, which seems like a cool concept and kind of reminds me of the Ray Bradbury short story “The Veldt”.

Couple of notes and questions. Toward the start that Tom had to help Samantha plug wires into her neck. Does everyone have ports installed in the future for this kind of thing? Kind of like jacking into the matrix? I think your other story made mention of needles. Similarly, is Samantha just laying back in a chair with wires and a helmet the whole time? Is her body in suspended animation? What happens to her real body when she has to pee in the game? Is Tom able to see everything that’s happening to her?

The idea of her suddenly being a pet and everyone else around her already knowing she’s a pet at first glance is kind of fun. It takes out some of the awkwardness the world would have for someone outwardly presenting their fetish and just lets her dive in, awkward as it may be. Looking forward to seeing more, especially as she eases into the role she’s playing in this game. And given your other stories, curious to see if there will be a twist in there.

Re: The Sphere: Dog for the Day

I didn’t realize the other Sphere story was in the non-abdl section.

This is the right audience for this story. Have no fear.

Re: The Sphere: Dog for the Day

I typed up a nice long response to his post and then my phone froze :frowning: I put it in this section because their relationship is more daddy/LG than master/ pet and because she is a “baby dog”

Re: The Sphere: Dog for the Day

Okay, that makes sense with the Daddy/lg, but any chance you can answer the other questions about the world? Sorry your phone was wonky.

Re: The Sphere: Dog for the Day

And like you said, no one reads the non-abdl section :smiley: was hoping to direct some traffic there by posting this side story here.

Hmm , let’s see. Getting the connectors put in the back of your head is an optional procedure that allows you to go into “full dives” where you can feel. vs “partial” which is just the helmet and your more of an observer. Getting them put in is like getting your ears pierced. No big deal etc. The point is you send your consciousness into your avatars that exist in the Sphere and you control them as if they were you.

Nothing happens when you pee in the game, it’s like when you pee in a dream unless you have the “Necrebo sensitivity disorder” (plot of the main story is there’s a drug that’s causing people’s brains to become overly sensitive to stimuli to the point that their physical bodies are sustaining the injuries their avatars are taking because the brain believes it’s happening.)

Tom could if he wants to, I haven’t decided if he’s watching or not. (he’s gay)

Re: The Sphere: Dog for the Day

well, your nefarious plot worked. I read the main side, and found it much more to my liking than this piece. great job you are doing on it, hope it continues on so well as it has so far. Love the dark humor.

Re: The Sphere: Dog for the Day

Don’t say nobody Sasha .I always read from both boards.Although I must note ,after reading The Sphere I’ve noticed that the virtual reality/virtual gaming scene has taken off .Who knows maybe the Sphere could wind up being a reality one day.

Re: The Sphere: Dog for the Day

Meh, this was a request I did, I just involved the sphere into it so I could add it to my nano word count. Glad you’re liking the main story. ^^ my second attempt at writing an original novel

Re: The Sphere: Dog for the Day

This is great. From the context of this story, this must have been heavily inspired by the game Wanko to Kurasou. I am a big fan of the game. I just finished reading The Sphere right before this, and I must say, you have done an excellent job immersing the reader, in both this and the Sphere. Keep it up. I will be watching for updates.

Re: The Sphere: Dog for the Day

Yes, that’s one of my favorite visual novels and you are correct, it heavily influenced this because I noticed I couldn’t find any fanfics of that game. Thank you :smiley: Sorry there hasn’t been updates in a while. I got a new job and it’s wiping me out. I haven’t had the energy to write. I’ll try and write today since I’m off.

Re: The Sphere: Dog for the Day

No problem, take your time. I am patient and am happy if a story is updated once per month. I understand that people have lives to live, and that writers are no exception. I have not written anything for a long while, but your story inspired me to comment, and now I am inspired to write. Thank you.

Re: The Sphere: Dog for the Day

I’m not trying to pester you, I was just wondering if you’re going to update soon?

Re: The Sphere: Dog for the Day

No worries, pester away! It motivates me knowing there’s people that care. It’s been on my mind, (Along with 20 other things.) I have a few commissions to do first, and writing homework for class, but yeah I can keep going if there’s an interest. :smiley:

Re: The Sphere: Dog for the Day

Yes, please

Re: The Sphere: Dog for the Day

Samantha sighed with longing at the display more than ever now. Playing that damn game only made her desire worse, not better. Tom, was of course, utterly delighted with her new fixation. “Sam likes a dirty game, Sam likes a dirty game.” He would chant. At first, she tried to deny it with a shrug or a wave of her hand.

“It wasn’t terrible.” She had admitted when she first came out of the experience. In fact, it hadn’t been terrible in the slightest. It was, heaven forbid, fun. More than just fun. Thrilling even. And so…naughty.

It was a disorienting coming out of it. She felt like she had been in there for days, only to be told she was playing for just few hours. The first thing she had done was pat herself to make sure she was dry. She was, thank god. It had felt so real, she was sure she had… Some people weren’t so lucky. She couldn’t count how many times she had to disinfect the seat after the people who played were a little too sensitive.

“Peeing in a Sphere game is like peeing in a dream.” Tom explained after she had admitted she thought for sure she’d wake up wet. “It’s more common in people who are prone to bedwetting. Sphere dives are like lucid dreams. You know it’s not real, but… might as well make the most of it while you’re there.” She hadn’t thought of it like that before. She supposed they were kind of like dreams. “Nothing wrong with having a dirty dream once in a while.” He said with a wink. She blushed.

Now the guilt was starting to set in. The reason these games were even allowed to exist was for “rehabilitation” purposes. Yet she stood there judging every person who requested them. Not everyone was ready to be with a physical person. Was she even ready? She told herself many times she was. It was her duty after all. Settle down, get married, have a few kids. Repopulate. She thought of being with Tom. She shuddered. Nope, she wasn’t ready.

The Sphere had been created to help people re-adjust to socializing. The world had been silent for so long. No one needed to talk face to face anymore thanks to advances in technology. So humanity simply forgot how. With no face-to-face interaction, birth rates dropped drastically and the human race began to become extinct. So now they struggled to reverse the damage. The younger generation was being raised to speak with one another once again. Avatars were created as a way to teach social skills through games. Eroge video games were one of those tools.
Rumor was humans used to have sex for pleasure, now it was nothing more than an act out of necessity. Could it be a learned behavior? Pleasure? Could humanity learn how to feel pleasure instead of obligation? Could humans learn how to love? Could marriage be something more than just tolerating your partner?

The idea behind eroge games was, if you could awaken arousal in the Sphere for another person, you could awaken it in real life when the time came. The higher the difficulty, the more complex situations you’d find yourself in. She guessed she could see the logic in it. But why a dog? Why did she find interest in being someone’s pet? Tom said it was something called a fetish. Everyone had one apparently; it was just a matter of finding it. Having a fetish was the key to being one step closer to feeling pleasure.

Samantha knew it was important, but she had to laugh sometimes. The way people talked about finding pleasure in sex, it was like they were talking about finding true inner piece. She mentioned it to Tom once. He smirked and said it was about finding inner peace. She just groaned and rolled her eyes.

Maybe it was the way she kept staring at his image, but Tom had her pegged. She wanted to play again. Bad. It had been a week since she last logged in. She had tried to play it at home in a partial dive, but it just wasn’t the same. She wanted to feel his touch. She wanted to feel embarrassed. She wanted to feel that collar cinched tight around her neck. Her heart skipped a beat when he offered to let her play. It was another slow day- most days were since the home console came out. Not many people could afford a full dive.

She tried to play it off, but he could tell she was excited by the glow in her eyes and the way her voice rose a few octanes. She asked about work, to which he replied, “What work?” He motioned towards the empty lobby. She -not so reluctantly- agreed.

The cheery upbeat music played in her head. An image of her avatar Jen appeared with large floppy ears hanging down towards her chin. Her orange copper, colored short hair went down a little past her neck. The system asked if she’d like to change her appearance. She declined. Then it asked if she’d like to change the difficulty setting. She obliged.

She set the game to a more advanced mode. And then a different message popped up.

To get the most out of your preferred settings, we suggest turning on mature content. Would you like to turn on the mature content?

She stared at the message. What would happen if she said yes? She paused for a moment trying to decide. No, no way. She couldn’t do that! She reached her hand out to press no, but at the last second, changed her mind and hit yes. She shuddered a bit, unsure of what to expect, but at the same time filled with a nervous excitement. A new warning message popped up that wasn’t there the last time she played.

Your preferred difficulty settings have enabled chemical manipulation in order to help you get the most out of your experience. Please press okay to continue or info for more information.

Wait, the game was going to drug her? She didn’t like the sound of that. She pressed the info button.

Chemical manipulation is done by sending small electrical currents to your brain via the plug. While no drugs are being administered, chemical manipulation encourages your brain to produce excess hormones to help exaggerate your game play experience.

She supposed that was all right then. She pressed the back button followed by okay.

Thank you for playing Dog for the Day. Please enjoy your gaming experience.

Jen opened her eyes and found herself lying on her back in bed. The sun was beginning to rise and shine through the blinds of the small bedroom. She turned her head and saw her master- the non-playable character she had grown so attached to- sprawled out. She watched as his chest rose and fell with his deep even breathing. He looked so peaceful. How I wish you were real. She shook the thought out of her head. It was because he was only a NPC that she had allowed herself to grow so attached to him. She could never handle sleeping next to another person in bed. Or be touched. Or held. Or be seen peeing.

She blushed as she remembered the last time she had logged in during a full dive. She felt like she now shared a bond with him. A bond she could never share with an actual human being. Jen was beginning to see the appeal of these games. She could never have these feelings for someone in the real world.

She scooted over a little and rested her head on his chest. She scrunched up her face in confusion when she heard a strange rustling noise. She looked to him, but he was still asleep. Where had that come from? Jen shuffled her legs. There it was again. The noise was coming from under her. She lifted the blanket up. That’s when she smelled it. Pee. She flipped the blanket off of her and stared down at herself. She was lying on a puppy pad. A soaked puppy pad.

“Good morning,” a groggy voice said. She looked over at him as he smiled and ruffled her hair. Her tail wagged under her despite her situation. She leaned her head into his hand as cue for him to keep petting her. He obliged- until he saw the mess she was sitting in. He let out a sigh as she whimpered and hung her head down. “Again?”

Again? What did he mean again? This was the first time she had wet the bed in game. Even though she knew it wasn’t real, her cheeks still burned with shame and embarrassment. Her heart beat in her chest as she waited for his reaction. Eventually he just smiled and said, “What am I going to do with you?”

She relaxed, but stared down at her mess. “Sowwry.” She mumbled.

“Well, it’s a good thing I had you sleep on top of those last night.” He said. He patted her head one more time before getting up and walked over to her side of the bed. “This is the third time you’ve wet the bed though.” He pulled down her soaked shorts and panties and bundled them up with the soaked pad. “Maybe I should make you an appointment with the vet today.” She whimpered and shook her head, but her pleas went unanswered. “Well, c’mon, let’s get you in the bath.” He picked her up under her arms and carried her to the bathroom. She hugged him and rested her head on his shoulder. She wished she could stay wrapped in his arms and scent, but all too soon he set her down on the bathmat and started stripping her the rest of the way.

She flinched when the faucet was turned on. She wasn’t sure if she’d ever get used to her heightened hearing in this world. She stood off to the side waiting for the bathtub to fill when the running water made her bladder ache. What? Didn’t she pee enough in bed? She looked to him, but his back was turned, so she looked up at the large porcelain bowl and frowned. The lid was down. She was so short in this world she wondered if she could lift the lid by herself. She felt like the size of a small child and the toilet bowl went a little past her waist.

She tugged on the hem of his shirt. He looked down at her and smiled. “What’s the matter?” She tried to ask for help, but the words wouldn’t come as easily as they had in her last session. She figured it was because she had changed the difficulty setting. She pointed to the lid.

“Toi- toy-” She tried to say.

“Hmm, you want bath toys?” He asked. She shook her head. She was beginning to feel desperate. She chalked it up to the running water. She shuffled her feet and kept pointing. “Do you need to go potty?” She nodded her head and blushed at his infantile language. He hadn’t treated her so young before, had he? She supposed she deserved it after wetting his bed three times in a row apparently.

He lifted the lid for her. He was about to help her up, but she quickly launched herself up and on. “It’s a little big, isn’t it?” He turned his back as he shut off the water.

“Yeah,” she agreed. She breathed a sigh of relief. She almost hadn’t made it in time. She relaxed and leaned back. A big mistake. She yelped and whimpered as she felt herself fall in. He turned back around to find her stuck, legs and elbows the only things keeping her from contact with the water.

He quickly grabbed her and held her in his arms. She whimpered as her body trembled. “Aw, you poor thing. You’re shaking. It’s okay; I’ve got you. Did that scare you?”

“Y-yes.” She whimpered. It was silly, she knew, but her heart hammered inside her chest. It was like she had never felt so scared in her life. So what if her butt got a little wet?

“It’s okay, I get scared when I fall too. Even when I just feel like I’m falling.” He explained as he rubbed her back. “Sometimes right when I’m about to fall asleep, my body will jump and it feels like I’m falling. It’s scary.” She nodded her head. For a NPC, he sure knew a lot about the little things. “I’m going to put you in the water now, okay?”

“Okay,” she squeaked. He set her down in the warm bath water where she finally settled down.

He chuckled when he poured a cup of warm water over her head while she lapped up the water cascading down her face. She regretted doing the same when he rinsed the suds out of her hair. Jen made a displeased face as she tried to scrape the taste out of her mouth.

“We need to go shopping today. I’ll try and find you something to help with the toilet situation. In the mean time, go ahead and use the pads. I don’t want you falling in and getting hurt.” He said. He put a towel on her head and began to dry her hair, but when he lifted the towel away, he was greeted with large orange eyes giving him the puppy dog stare. He chuckled, tapped her on the nose, and got her dressed.

Breakfast was amazing as usual. He made her a whole plate of meat and she didn’t feel the least bit remorseful for the animal critters she was ingesting. Since it wasn’t real, she figured it was okay. Once again, she inhaled her food and was left staring at her owner enjoying his. He shook his head and grinned when he saw her pleading, desperate gaze.

After the dishes were done, and he was showered and dressed, he announced it was time to go. Her tail wagged back and forth in a flurry of excitement at the prospect of riding in the car. Her excitement only grew when he cinched her purple bedazzled collar around her neck. And then she felt…funny. She starred off into space as she ran her finger along the faux leather. He seemed to pick up on her change of attitude.

“You alright?” His large green eyes were full of concern.

“Yeah,” she answered after a moment of hesitation. She snapped herself out of her daze and smiled.

“Just making sure.” He said giving her a pat on her head. There it was again. How strange. He frowned and mumbled something about making an appointment, but all she noticed was his hand on her head. It felt…better than usual. She closed the gap between them and hugged onto his leg. “You’re acting a bit odd, you sure you’re okay?” She nodded her head as he rubbed her back. It felt so good; she wanted to be rubbed more. If she were a cat she’d be purring like an engine. She blushed when a strange yap escaped her lips. She broke apart as her senses returned. Maybe she was enjoying this a little too much.

“If you’re sure you’re okay.” He said. He took a few steps towards the door before stopping to ponder something. “Before you get in my car, please try going potty.”

Her face flushed as she remembered the last time she rode in his car. She had gotten a little too excited and leaked. She nodded her head in agreement and began walking towards the bathroom, but froze when he called after her. “Use the pad until we figure out the toilet situation.” She pouted, but he remained unmoved. She stared at the white mat in the corner of the room in distaste, but the scent of pine beckoned her forward.

She figured she’d compromise and move it behind the coffee table for some privacy, but when she tugged on the mat it wouldn’t budge. There was adhesive on the backside and her little arms couldn’t pull it up.

Her saw her trying to move the mat. “Go, Jenny,” he said.

She scowled. The pine scent was wrecking havoc on her. The animal side of her was coming out. She needed to own that matt. There was only one way to do it. Jen looked down as she felt her shorts growing warm.

She squeaked and crossed her legs. Why? She hadn’t had to go that bad! She grabbed at her crotch and doubled over. He came over to see what the problem was. He moved her hands and quickly pulled her shorts down for her, but the damage was already done. Jen squatted over the matt to finish, but her shorts had caught most of it. He didn’t say anything to her, but she heard him talking on the phone a few minutes later.

When he came back out, he held a wet rag in his hands along with another pair of shorts and undies. He helped her clean up while she hung her head down in shame. “We’re going to make a pit stop on the way to the store.” He didn’t say anything more. He didn’t have to. She knew he was taking her to the vet.

The car ride passed in silence. She didn’t really understand why she felt so anxious. Much more so than she would if she were going to see her regular physician. She chalked it up to fear of the unknown- until she remembered the warning about chemical manipulation. The game was playing with her emotions. She tried to remind herself she could log out any time she wanted to, but she knew she didn’t want to. She wanted to see where this would go.

She smiled when he attached her leash to the collar and walked her inside. Even if it was silly, she felt a little bit of pride being his dog. It was as if she was showing him off on the other end of the leash.
The first thing she noticed when they walked through the door was the smell. The scent of every animal, past and present, that had been here lingered in the lobby. She felt the need to sniff every chair and every person sitting in them before he guided her over to the front desk.
The lobby was loud. She could hear several voices talking amongst themselves. When he finished the paperwork he led towards a group of free chairs. She looked around and that’s when she noticed it. She could hear voices, but the people were silent. What she heard were the animals. How cool, she thought. She hadn’t realized she could speak to the animals in the game.

She glanced around the room taking in the sights, sounds, and smells. Her tongue hung out her mouth as she panted. To her left was a rather large woman with a tiny teacup Chihuahua trembling in her lap. The dog was dressed in the most ridiculous outfit she had ever seen complete with red skirt and beads to match its owner’s outfit. It had a miserable look on its face. “Kill me now.” It grumbled.

She smiled sympathetically as she sat in the plastic chair, kicking her dangling legs in the air as a way of displacing her anxiety. She watched her legs and wondered when the last time she was able to sit in a chair and not touch the ground with her feet. It had to have been 10 to 12 years at least.

Jenny looked up when she heard the front door open. In walked a man who appeared to be in his mid 40’s with a grey newspaper boy hat and thick mustache. He carried in his arms a black crate with many holes in it and sat down beside her after checking in at the front desk. She moved her head a bit closer and peeked into the dark crate through the holes. A small pair of green eyes met her curious glance followed by a hiss. Before she could stop herself, a low growl emanated from deep inside her chest. The man with the box quickly moved the crate to his other side and gave her a sharp glare.

“Be nice,” Jenny’s master said. She hung her head and whimpered. He patted her hair as a way to say all was well. Jenny went back to kicking her legs while stealing occasional glances at the hunched up fur ball inside the crate.

Whimpering filled the room as a lady came in dragging a very distressed German Shepherd by the leash. She appeared to be struggling as tried to pull him in with both hands. The large dog wasn’t having it. He dug his paws into the ground and tried to grab onto anything he could to prevent himself from being pulled in. “No, please! Don’t do it!” The dog begged in a voice only Jenny could understand. “I promise, I’ll never look at another female again! Please don’t chop them off!”

“Jenny and Jeremy.” Another voice called out, stealing Jen’s attention away from the fighting dog.

“That’s us.” He said standing up. She wondered who Jeremy was for a second until she realized that was her master. She remained frozen in her seat. “It’ll be okay; I promise.” He coaxed, but Jenny remained paralyzed. He picked her up and carried her towards the back as she buried her face into his neck.

“Looks like we have a shy one.” The voice from before said. She peeked her head out from the crook of his neck to see a young man in his twenties dressed in green scrubs. The vet tech motioned for Jeremy to set her down on the scale. After he got her weight, he had her stand up as tall as she could against the wall as something came down on top of her head. He marked down her measurements on his tablet before motioning for them to follow him.

He led them into the second examination room while Jeremy set her down on a cold metal table. “Now I just need to get her temperature,” He said. Jenny stretched out her arm so he could scan her chip, but instead he came towards her with a strange looking device. “Open your mouth, please.” She did as he said while he stuck something metal under her tongue.

It felt odd and uncomfortable. She wondered how long she’d have to wait, until finally it beeped. He pulled it out of her mouth and scowled. “Sorry, it didn’t work. I have to do it again.” He put the object back under her tongue and again it displayed an error message. And again. And again. “I’m sorry, it looks like the anthro thermometers broken. Let me go ask the vet what he wants to do. Might have to use the regular dog thermometer.”

“I hope not.” Jeremy said with a frown after the tech left. He turned to her and said, “I’m sorry about this, Jenny. I’ll try and get you out of this, but if worse comes to worse, will you promise to be a brave girl?” She didn’t like the sound if this one bit.

The vet tech came back a few seconds later, apologized, and announced he’d have to use the dog thermometer.

“Can you just not take her temperature?” Jeremy asked. The tech shook his head and explained the vet needed it in order to make a proper diagnosis. She didn’t like how serious her master looked right now. She let out a whine, unsure what was going on.

He positioned her on the table in the doggy down position, with her head and arms down in front of her and her butt high in the air as she sat on her knees. It wasn’t until she felt the back of her shorts getting pulled down did she realize what was going on. That’s when she tried to make a break for it. She hopped off the table while the tech was lubricating the thermometer and made a mad dash out the door.

“WE GOT A RUNNER!” She heard yelled behind her. She tried to run into the lobby, but found her way blocked by the secretary. She turned and tried to hide in one of the rooms when she found her master behind her not looking pleased. He knelt down in front of her. She was about to yell log out, but his words made her stop.

“If you get this over with, we’ll go get a hamburger later.”

Was he seriously trying to bribe her with food? How dumb did he think she was?
“A hamburger with bacon on it. Lot’s of bacon.”

“Now was that so bad?” The vet tech asked as he removed the thermometer from her bottom. She whimpered and nodded her head as she squeezed Jeremy’s hands.

“You did good! It’s all over now!” He said pressing his forehead against hers. “You feel a little warm.”

“She’s running a slight fever.” The tech said while tossing his gloves in the trash. Jeremy made a pouty face at her before giving her a hug. She sniffled and threw her arms around him. “Uh-oh, let me get a rag.” He said. They both looked to find the table covered in urine. She whimpered again in embarrassment. “It’s okay, it happens.” He said. “At least your shorts were off.”

When the vet came in, he introduced himself and began asking Jeremy questions. He tried to explain the situation as best he could. Unknown to Jenny, her character had been having several accidents lately. Daytime and night. Along with seeming out of sorts and distracted, he thought it best to have her get a check up. The vet nodded his head and listened before asking more questions.

“Had she already had all of her shots?” She was relieved to find the answer a yes. “Has she been fixed?”

Jeremy shook his head, before explaining she was too young. She breathed a sigh of relief as she imagined Jeremy pulling her by the leash while she dug into the floor like that German Shepard from earlier. He asked how old she was, to which he replied, “four months.” And then the examination came.

He looked in her ears, and the back of her throat. He listened to her heart and felt her joints. And then he started examining things a little further south. She growled when she felt a hand touch her down below. He then gave her a clean bill of health.

“Then what’s causing the problems?” Jeremy asked.

“All perfectly normal symptoms for a puppy about to go into heat.”

The look on Jeremy’s face explained it all. He hadn’t been expecting it either. “I thought dogs didn’t go into heat until 6 months -especially anthro’s.”

“Smaller breeds can start around 4 months, but yes, she’s an early bloomer. All the signs are there though. Increased urination, spaced out behavior, mild fever, swollen vu-”

“So what do we do about it?” Jeremy asked cutting him off. He seemed about as reluctant to talk about her lady parts as she was.

“Well, if the wettings are persistent, I’d suggest getting some puppy pants. They’re like the pads, but she can wear them underneath her clothes and pull them up and down. They especially help with the discharge. Now it’s important not to breed her with other dogs until at least her third cycle. If symptoms become unmanageable for her until then, you can do one of several options. You can teach her how to relieve herself, you can give her medicine to help temporarily suppress her urges, or you can help relieve her urges yourself.”

And there’s the mature content, Jenny thought with a sigh.

Re: The Sphere: Dog for the Day (4/25/16)

Jeremy must have seen the worried look on her face. He smiled and patted her head. Her? Heat? Didn’t that just mean she’d get a period? What was all this talk about mating her? Was he going to pimp her out? Turn her into some kind of puppy mill? Could she even get pregnant in this game? She had a gut feeling it was high on the list of possibilities.

“How will I know she wants to…?” Jeremy asked. He let his sentence remain unfinished. He looked about as uncomfortable as she felt.

“Ah, well, there’s a few signs you can be on the lookout for- that is if she doesn’t outright come to you for help.” The vet said. She looked at him skeptically. Did he really think she’d just drop her clothes and say, “take me now?” She doubted anything this game could throw at her would make her beg for sex. Sex was dirty. And disgusting. And painful. But wasn’t that the point of these games? To change that line of thinking…

“She’s a shy one.” Jeremy said, “I don’t think she’d tell me if she was ready. She hardly talks at all.”

The vet replied with, “Then I’d work with her on her communication skills. Anthro puppies are more dog than human at this stage. Instincts tend to take the wheel, especially while in heat.”

Jen frowned. This was not what she wanted to hear. It was hard enough controlling the animal within her. Now she was going to be even more of a raging bitch than usual on her period? Given her state, the irony was not lost on her.

“You can expect to see things such as flagging, or grinding against objects.” Jen blushed and tried to picture herself scissoring the leg of a table. Should she buy it dinner first? Should she light some candles? She imagined herself under the table at Jeremy’s apartment, glass of red wine in hand, raising it up in toast to the furniture appendage she was about to know intimately.

“What is flagging?” Jeremy asked.

“Flagging is when a female dog signals with her tail that she wants to mate.” The vet explained. “Instead of hanging down like it is now, he tail will rise up when aroused, much like a female version of an erection.” Wait, seriously? She was going to get a tail boner? “When you see the symptoms, it’s best to take the patted shorts off and let her- or you- relieve her. Anthro dogs who suppress these urges for too long tend to be irritable and violent. I’ve had to put Anthro’s down for attacking children, much like you’d put down a regular dog.”

Jen let out a whimper. So that was the games bad ending. Euthanasia.

“Don’t worry, girl, I won’t let that happen.” Jeremy said. “Is there anything else? Markings just a male thing, right?”

“Not for an anthro in heat. It’s one of the reasons for poor bladder control. They have a habit of becoming possessive of their territory.”

Great, so she was going to become a jealous bitch too.

“As a rule of caution, if you plan to stimulate her, always use your hands.” The vet said.

Maybe it was just the way the vet said it that piqued his curiosity, but Jeremy made the mistake of following up with a, “why?”

“There’s something I need to show you.” He dug in his drawers for a minute before retrieving a book. He handed it to Jeremy, who took one look at the front page and immediately handed it back. The color drained from his face, which left him looking a ghostly pale. One of his hands hovered protectively over his crotch. Whatever he had seen; it wasn’t pretty. “Always remember fingers first. Anthro’s are not personnel sex toys, if they aren’t in the mood or have had enough, they will lash out.”

Jeremy let out a weak laugh, “Wouldn’t mind loosing a finger in comparison.” Jen grimaced. She had a feeling he had seen some, “not in the mood” injuries to some family jewels.

The vet made a list of things he should buy at the pet store and handed it over. “Sorry about the shock, but it gets the point across.” Jeremy nodded. He still didn’t look too good, but he thanked the vet anyway.

“Better than learning the hard way.” He said. The vet then took something out of a bag and handed it to her. She looked it over. It was white and spongy, kind of like the pads. “Need some help?” She looked at Jeremy before shyly nodding. He unfolded the material and slid her legs in one by one though the holes, before pulling them up the rest of the way. She grimaced and yelped at a sharp pain on her backside. He apologized profusely when he realized he had put them on her backwards and had pinched her tail. After getting them on the right way, he stuck his hand in the back and fed her tail through the opening.

“It’s a good idea to remind her to relieve herself out side of the shorts when she can. These are to keep furniture dry in case she gets excited.” He explained. “Being lazy with toileting habits can lead to further weakening of her bladder and will make recovery more difficult when her cycle is over.”

Jen looked away as she rolled her eyes. She was getting annoyed with him talking over her head like she wasn’t even there. Like she’d purposefully use these things anyway- game or not.

She was glad they were leaving. Her mood was less than ideal. She had even slapped Jeremy’s hand away when he tried to help dress her. When the vet brought up obedience training, she briefly considered making him a subject for a new issue of Dick Injury Illustrated, but thought better of it when the word Euthanasia flashed through her head. Sure, she could always restart the game, but she attached to the way things were. She wanted to see how things played out. Not to mention the emotional turmoil being, “put down” would cause.

Jen tried to remind herself to calm down. It was most likely just the game messing with her emotions again. She was irritable and ornery, but who wouldn’t be after getting a thermometer shoved up their ass? Jeremy seemed to sense her mood, as he let her sit quietly in the car.

When they got to the pet store, he opened her door and put on her leash. This was one of the last places she wanted to be. Would she have to face that clerk again? A brief thought flashed through her mind. Was he returning her? Had she gone too far? She shook the thought from her head. She hadn’t even done anything. Calm down. We’re here to get supplies.

“Sorry, I have to take you in with me, it’s illegal to leave anthro’s unattended in cars. Otherwise I’d let you lay down for a bit. I know you’re not feeling yourself right now.” She nodded, appreciative that he wasn’t angry with her. She was feeling off. Her face was flushed. He put a cool hand to her forehead. He frowned. She must still be running a fever. “We’ll be quick, I promise.”

He unbuckled her, carried her into the cool air-conditioned store, and set her in the child seat in the basket. He tied the end of her leash to the handle bar before making his way down the aisle. As soon as the sliding glass doors had opened smells of all kinds assaulted her nose. Dog food, dog urine, dogs, just to name a few. On a normal day she’d be fighting her way out of the seat to investigate, but today she simply rested her head in her hands.

She heard Jeremy ask a question to someone about brands. She lifted her head, relieved to see a different clerk than before standing in the red smock. An NPC girl in her late teens smiled at her. Jen saw her nametag, but the letters made no sense to her. Dogs couldn’t read after all, she figured. She wasn’t really listening to their conversation, she just wanted to go home and take a nap. She debated logging out, but the idea of going back to work seemed even less appealing. She’d just be feeling like crap the next time she logged in. Might as well play it through.

She heard them both laugh. She looked up to see Jeremy smiling. What was he so happy about? She followed his gaze to the clerk. They were chatting about something not even pet related. The sight made her even more irritable. She growled to get his attention.

“Right, sorry.” He said with a sympathetic smile. “She’s feeling off. She’s a little moody right now.” He whispered the last part, but her sensitive ears still heard it clear as day.

“Ah, I think I understand.” The clerk said. “Did you get her here? There’s another anthro puppy in another aisle that looks just like her. Might be a sibling.”

With his interest piqued, Jeremy thanked her and pushed the cart down the aisles in search of the mystery sibling. As bad as she felt, she couldn’t keep her tail from wagging when she made eye contact with one of her clones. It was like looking in a mirror.

“Awe, isn’t that adorable?” The owner of the other anthro said when Jeremy parked his cart next to hers so the puppies could say hello. "What’s her name? This one’s name is Brenda. A gift from my husband. "

“Jenny,” he said. “a gift to myself. I hadn’t planned on getting a dog that day, but when I passed by, she was lying in the window all alone and I knew I had to have her.”

Jen let their owners talk while she checked out her “sibling.” They sniffed each other for a minute before Brenda broke into a grin. “You’re the one who peed on my masters daughter.” Jen blushed. “It’s okay, I don’t like her either.” Jen looked up expecting her to get scolded, but it seemed as if they hadn’t heard her at all. “We speak our own language; it’s ok.” Jen remembered hearing the desperate plea of the German shepherd. Was she speaking dog?

“I had to go to the vet today.” Jen said to test out her voice. She didn’t stutter or stumble at all. In fact, it seemed as if she could speak normally to other dogs. Brenda cringed in sympathy and spoke of her own tale. She said her master had made another appointment to get her, “fixed.” She wondered aloud what about her was broken. Jen didn’t have the heart to break it to her. She looked up and caught the tale end of their masters conversations.

“…Poor things been going through heat.” The lady said. “Once her cycles over I’m getting her fixed. I don’t plan on breeding her and Brenda here’s been humping everything- moving or not.” Jenny caught the deep blush that spread over her siblings face.

“Mommy!” She whined. Jen doubted the credibility of the game. It really sounded like a male problem, but the designer probably thought I’d be a good idea so whatever.

The woman ignored her complaints and kept talking. “What do you plan on doing with Jenny?”

“I was planning on letting her go through a few cycles and see how it goes. She hasn’t gone into heat yet, but when I took her to the vet today he said she was close. She’s running a fever and not quite herself today.” Jeremy explained. Jenny sighed. She supposed she’d have to get used to being talked about instead of to.

“Sounds like it will hit tonight. That’s how Brenda was the day before. She’s been such a handful ever since. If she’s not humping an object she’s peeing on it. We use a squirt bottle whenever we catch her doing one or the other.” Jeremy frowned.

“So then how do you help with her…umm…urges?” He asked out of curiosity,

“We don’t. She’ll live until we get her fixed next week.”

“I should’ve peed on her kid too.” Brenda mumbled. “This is the worst! It’s so hot and ugh! She’s got me in these stupid tape on diapers I can’t take off!”

“What’s it feel like?” Jenny asked.

“The diapers?” Jenny shook her head. “Oh that, it’s like an itch you can’t scratch! And these stupid things only make it worse!” She leaned in closer. “Try the corner of a coffee table when it hits.” Jen cocked her head to the side in confusion, but was startled by the women putting her face in hers.

“Now you be good for your daddy and stay out of trouble.” Daddy? She looked up at Jeremy. She hadn’t thought of him like that before.

She had never known her own father- as a person or a dog. She was the product of “civic responsibility” the politically correct term for rape. She never knew her farther. Didn’t want to. Her relationship with her mother had always been strained as a result of her coming to be. She never made it a secret how Samantha was conceived. She had a feeling she resented her for it. Maybe that’s why she liked the game so much. It felt good to be loved. Jeremy had a parental way about him, and he really did treat her like a daughter, but then again, what did she know about that. Daddy…It had a nice ring to it.

When they got back into the car after loading the bags in the trunk, Jeremy sat in silence deep in thought. “What you saw in there was the exception; not the rule.” He said after a moment of silence. She hadn’t the slightest idea what he was talking about. “Jenny,” he said turning to look her in the eye. “When the time comes, don’t be afraid to do what you need to. I would never expect you- or want you- to suppress it. I don’t care if you hump my leg if that’s what it takes, I would never punish you or squirt you with a water bottle. If your dog side comes out and takes over; that’s ok. It’s part of who you are. I don’t expect you to be one or the other.”

“Your leg?” Jenny asked with a grin. They both giggled before Jen let out a yawn.

“Let’s get you home.”

Re: The Sphere: Dog for the Day (4/26/16)

Samantha blinked in surprise as her senses tried to grasp what had happened. It took her a second to realize where she was. Last she knew Jeremy had laid her down in his bed for a much needed nap. It seemed getting a thermometer shoved up a crevice where no thermometers been before had a way of emotionally and physically draining a person- or dog.

Now she lay on the less than comfortable “cushioned” table at the Sphere center. She could tell where she was even in the darkness. She recognized the unpleasant smell of the helmets- a mixture of sweat, disinfectant, lice remover, and just a dash of teenage hopelessness. The room still spun as her equilibrium tried to catch up- a sign of being manually logged out from the outside.

She felt the wires being pulled from the base of her neck. Not a painful feeling, but an uncomfortable pinch. The helmet was removed as her eyes were met with the blinding glare of the lights above her, instead of a dark room that was supposed to help with the transition. Whoever was unplugging her was breaking every rule. She wanted to groan when Tom’s head came into view, of course it was him. If it was her she’d be written up in the blink of an eye.

“Sorry I had to log you out.” He said. He wore on odd expression. His blue eyes were full of worry. His lips were turned in a tight frown. “Someone from the governments looking for you.”

Her heart froze for a second, before it began to thump at an increased rate. What would they want from her? Nothing good came of surprise visits from government officials-especially as a female. The last inspection had left her in tears. While not illegal for a woman to work, it was frowned upon in the eyes of the government. She didn’t fancy herself a conspiracy theorist by any means, but there was a nagging suspicion in the back of her mind. The purpose of her getting so many “inspections” over the last year was purely to break her spirit. She had come to the conclusion the hard way nothing she did would ever be good enough.

She was under their microscope as they looked for any reason to fire her just so they could replace her with a male counterpart. It had been a great job, until she turned of age. Once she turned 18 a switch had been flipped. Now she was a blip on their radar as they circled overhead like a hawk waiting to swoop in the moment she took one toe out of line. And Tom wondered why she was such a hard ass.
“Why don’t you deal with them?” She hissed. She slowly pushed herself up as the room spun.

“They requested you by name.”

She swore under her breath. “Well, what do they want?”

“I think he’s from the drafting office.”

Her stomach tightened. Acid rose in her throat that wasn’t from the vertigo. The drafting office was every girl’s worst nightmare. It was something parents hung over their heads in an attempt to make them behave. Boys were threatened with the boogieman; girls were threatened with the draft. Panic overtook her in the blink of an eye. Sam had no idea the truth to the rumors, but just the word draft was enough to put her on edge.

The female draft had no affiliation to the military; it was government run matchmaking service. A drafting for marriage. The only “matchmaking” they did was pairing males with females. It didn’t matter if there was a 30 year age difference; it didn’t even matter if you’d never met before. Once you were in the system, you were assigned a partner. No if’s and’s or butt’s. All sales were final. With rumors flying left and right of forced registration of single females over 18- a category she just happened to fit to a T- she’d rather be thrown into a closet with the boogieman than face whoever was out there waiting for her.

She eyed the window and tried to calculate her percentage of a successful escape as she debated making a run for it. She doubted she’d get very far in the snow.

“You’d better go, Sam, he looked pretty serious.” Tom said. There was a hint of sympathy in his eyes.

“What do I do?” she asked. Her voice rose and cracked with fear. Her butt was glued to the table. She could practically hear the wedding bells as an organ played, “Here Comes the Bride.” It was like nails on a chalkboard. She had never been so scared in her life. He seemed lost in thought for a moment, but his eyes suddenly shone. “What? What is it?” Sam begged. She launched herself off the table and gripped his arms. “Tell me you have an idea!”

“Well, it’s not a very good idea, but we could pretend to be getting married.” He said. He shook his head, “No, that’ll never-”

“Yes, please! Would you please? It could work! Pretend to be my fiancé!” she looked up at him with large desperate eyes. Could this slacker- no this man- really be her salvation? Would he of all people really do something so selfless for her? Bless this beautiful man!

“Well, I suppose I could, but you owe me.” He offered his arm to her and she took it. She was glad to have him to lean on as her legs wobbled more and more the closer she got to the lobby, each step taking her closer to her doom.

She took a deep breath as he opened the door revealing a man in the lobby. He wore a grey business suit with matching tie. His appearance was clean-shaven and his posture was so perfect he could balance a glass of water on his head and not spill a drop. Everything from the way he dressed to the way he held himself screamed professional. She knew he was important before he even opened his mouth.

Her nerves got the best of her when his blue eyes gave her an icy cold stare. She blurted out, “Have you met my fiancé, Tom?” She nudged him forward a step. He nodded his head, but his demeanor remained unchanged. Did he not believe her? Could he see past her lie so easily? Her lunch was rising in her throat. She had to do something.

“I’m Agent Cook from the-” She couldn’t do this! He was looking right at her just waiting for her to spill the beans. How much time would she get for lying to an officer? She couldn’t go to jail! She had to convince him! It was now or never! She spun Tom around and nearly knocked him over with a forceful and awkward kiss. She had to make this believable; her life was on the line! Five seconds passed. Now ten seconds. She couldn’t breath. His mouth tasted of day old taco’s. She broke it off when the agent cleared his throat. Poor Tom looked shell shocked.

“He’s my fiancé,” Sam blurted out again.

“Yes, I heard you. Congratulations.” He said, in a deadpan voice. “Now as I told your fiancé, I’m Agent Cook from the Sphere Protection Program. I’m here to walk you through the pod set up for the cadet you’ll be hosting here.” Sam stared at him blankly as her jaw hung slightly ajar.

“You-You’re not from the draft office?” She sputtered out. He shook his head as the corners of his mouth twitched upwards in a slight smirk. She could hear Tom let out a snort of laughter as he covered his mouth with his hand. “Will you excuse us a minute?” She asked with a fake grin plastered on her face. She pushed Tom in the back without another word.

“YOU ASSHOLE!” A loud hollow smack echoed throughout the other wise empty center. “I HOPE YOU ROT IN THE 9TH GATE OF HELL!” The man sat in silence and listened to the crashes of items being thrown before the two returned. Sam held her throbbing palm in her hand as she apologized for the wait. A bright red palm print stretched across Tom’s face as he hung his head in shame.

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Re: The Sphere: Dog for the Day (4/26/16)

Well written. Delightful concepts. Very entertaining. Cannot wait for more.