The Sleepover/Magic Mansion House

Disclaimer: This is a fictitious storyline based on some truths, there are elements of truth although its not meant to be taken totally seriously as there are some aspects that should be taken with a grain of salt.
Saying that however I hope that you enjoy reading it.

The Magic House By: CB.888


Back in 1986, when I was quite small for someone my age I remember that I was dropped off for a sleepover for a couple of nights in other words 3–4 days & nights.

This all happened during a school holiday/break so happily no school for week or so.

This was because my neibours were having a birthday party at a their freinds house and was asked to wear a diaper/nappy because Genene was also my friend’s mom/Stepmom,

had a simple rule that anyone as in children visiting the house and staying there had to be in diapers no matter what age/weather or not you had a disability or were a bed wetter like I was until the age of 12–13 but that’s another story for another day.

This was mostly because she had bispoke/unique one of a kind furniture that couldn’t just be replaced at any store and the fact she owned a very nice house and didn’t want to risk it being irreparably damaged or stained and spoilt by accident prone children/adolescents.

And the furniture was the only thing that reminded her of happier times before she got devorced and her husband died of cancer and this meant that Genene was a widdow or had been for a long time at the time of this story

And all of this meant that she had two children who she had to bring up on her own who were now fully grown up and had left her house years before my visit in 1986,

however she had a younger adopted son who’s birthday party/sleepover I was attending, he was approximately 9 months younger than I was at that time.

However she wasn’t destitute or any worse off for money when it came to her financial situation this was as a result of her legal arrangement she got a nice house and a decent amount of in-heritance from her late father

As a well paid job which she had got straight after leaving medical school/university college and could easily afford a Blue ford sierra car which sat in her garage this car was similar to the one we had at our home in Acomb.

She had two children of her own from her marriage who had long since grown up moved out,
and who were in their 40’s and lives of their own,

one of who coincedencly happed to work as a doctor at the same hospital Genene worked at only in a different department mainly as a part time in the pysciatic ward/out patients department

He was also a fully trained general practitioner in the local medical center, he was single with no family of his own other than his mother Genene.

As for work Genene, well she herself worked as a nurse in the pediatric ward at the local hospital so had easy access to a plentiful supply of diapers/nappies, for people of all ages from babies to adolescents and adults.

And so this fact naturally meant that she literally had a whole cupboard full of them along with all the nessisary supplies which was conviniently located in the guest bedroom/nursary and looking at them made me wish I had one on right ther’e and then,

Well be you could say at this point to be careful what you wish for,

As I got my wish as before I could even formulate let alone contemplate a question as in request to be in diapers

I was undressed until virtually stark nakid exept for my t-shirt and then I was swiftly lifted on top of a changing mat/table wiped down and cleaned up then I was sprinkled with J&J baby powder and baby gell plus & oils plus some Bapanthen baby cream,

And then I was quickly placed/wrapped up into either a Pampers ultra plus XL/Pampers baby dry XXL disposable diaper/nappy or it may very well have been a Huggies one.

Looking back now I am not exactly 100% sure what brand it was as it was a long time ago, and as I mentioned before Genene had many different brands and sizes of diapers in the cupboard.

Although what I do remember is the highly distinctive baby fresh smell those diapers/nappies used to have and how I looked and smelled just like a infant

And I remember how heavenly in-terms of comfort they felt as it was like I was magically instantly transformed from a six year old back into to a toddler again, like the six years previously never happened.

Then I had a small accident or a embarrassing one and soaked my new diaper as it just happened before I even knew I needed to go, I was so embarrassed but then Genene seid no problem I can see your not really ready not to be a big boy lets get you out of those wet diapers/nappies.

Don’t be too embarrassed it’s nothing to be ashamed lots of children your age or older, have the same issue with accidents your still growing and thats precisely why I have plenty of diapers lets get you into something more absorbant so you dont have to worry and with that then Genene.

I remember hef soft reassuring voice made me feel more at ease as if I was under her spell she then proceed to

take off and remove the original diaper from me and put it into a yellow diaper pail then proceed to put me into a pair of thicker clean disposable diapers/nappies, and toss the old wet ones into the diaper pail/bin once she had finished cleaning up both myself and the imidiate area.

I couldn’t help but noticethat I now sported a extremely thick diaper that made me crinkle with every move and waddle like a duck and because they where thicker there was no way of hiding the fact that I was in diapers.

Although I wasn’t at all embarrassed, if anything I actually enjoyed being in diapers as they brought back happy memories and thoughts from earlier in my life and this was like heaven.

Talking about myself at this time in my life I was still the average hight and weight of a 2-3 year old boy so could comfortably and very easily still fit into baby/toddler sized nappies/diapers, Something sadly I have since grown out of, but going back to the story.

Going back to when-ever genene would change my diapers me I distinctly remember her saying was lift your bottom which I did on her comand and the diaper being slid behind my back then beneath my bottom then her saying lay down and then the diaper being brought up through my legs thrn it being tucked in and the sides without tapes or outer wings,

with the the tapes being attached on first the left side of me then the right side then her checking with her finger around my waist and legs for any gaps then saying your all done aren’t you a good baby.

I had the chance to look at myself and I vividly remember to this day,

as I looked like a little fairy in a diaper and it seemed magical like one of those disney cartoons I was acostomed to watching on the tv and I even had the music from Cinderella going through my head as it was one of my favourite cartoons.

talking about that the diaper it was smooth to the touch and shiny like a mirror although all white as it glistened in the light of the bedroom/nursary I remember thinking I am so blissful then am I dreaming?,

And it felt like an eternity almost like time it’s self was stopped or slowing down and nothing mattered at all.

As my mind couldn’t quite get around the fact I was now as helpless as a infant but I had no panic attacks or anxiety just a wonderful feeling of being loved and cared for.

The next thing that I vividly remember was snapping out of that temporary day-dream state of mind which can’t have been more than 2-3 seconds at most, but for me it felt like it was forever.

And then Genene putting me/dressing me into a baby blue coloured footed pajamas/onzie complete with snappy buttons on the base of the croch area or under the diaper and a pair of fitted white baby mittens on my hands.

And I have to admit by this time it did have the effect of making me look cute if not just like a real baby/toddler after that I was given a baby bottle filled with milk/baby cow & gate formula which tasted nice and creamy and similar to carnation milk.

And then kissed and gently lowered or put into the cott/crib for the night this was mostly because I was still so small for my age and couldn’t fit into a regular bed,

then the sides where locked into place and I remember feeling like I was in a cage but i did not feel scared or trapped,

if anything I felt more secure and protected so was very relaxed, genene then turned off the lights and seid good night and left the bedside children’s light on which glowed in a soft almost invisible orange colour as it was dim.

The next day when I awoke the next day and everything in that room looked giant to me and this was even more magical in a certain way as my imagination ran a mock in my head and it seemed magical.

Speaking of sleeping arrangements the cott was very comfortable and extremely relaxing to sleep in and it had that classic baby smell because of the fact that it had J&J baby powder sprinkled lightly on the bed covers

And the fact I myself smelled like a baby having been washed in baby shampoo and then had baby oils applied to my skin prior to all of this.

Speaking of the nursary it’s self in which I spent most of my time at night and some during the day I had a cott/crib all toyself and it came with a 1982 vintage musical baby mobile with multicoloured farmyard animals and moons and suns hanging from it

Also I can remember that it had a 1982 vintage match-box teddy bear activity play toy and even a blue knitted bed cover and pillow

I also had a soft giant teddy bear and pacifier as per supplied by Genene if I needed it and a baby monitor incase I needed anything or had any night terrors as I used to suffer from them and still do to this day,

I found being a baby again was so blissful and happy when compared to my normal routine, as I didn’t have a care in the world and I felt cared for in my little padded caccoon like nothing could hurt me.

Although maybe this had something to do with PTSD issues due to being a victim bullying as mentioned Bellow this being at school, although that’s for another day’s topic.

On the odd occasion when I nedded a real clean up genene would baith me in Baby shampoo and dry me off in a baby sized towl

then she would comb my hair and then put me back into fresh diapers and a new onzie which was in the form of an elephant with baby mittens to match,

I thought it was like being a character in the Jungle Book a story that Inliked her reading to me before bedtime.

The nursary it’s self had a window that overlooked a large and very beautiful garden which I liked looking at during the day as it was so calming mostly because the changing table was right next to the window so I enjoyed looking out at the world outside.

Talking about the rear garden it had a high wooden fence surrounding it for privicy and to provide a buffer from the winds was full of trees and bushes there was a plastic playpen outside with it was yellow red and black in colouration

As well as a wooden climbing frame for older children and a sand pit and plastic paddling pool and a wooden potting shed for the tools although this was always locked for obvious safety reasons.

And I used to imagine myself in a jungle exploring the wild when playing in the bushes and taking a nap in the shade of the trees or just enjoying being in my own world,

Genene’s son had a golden female Labrador puppy who I used to get on well with as the two of us where like soulmate’s and wanted nothing more than to be cuddled and kissed, she was like a vision from heaven in it’s self.

Although nowerdays I can’t remember her name I think she was called Lexi although that’s just a complete guess as looking back to that day as in 1986 to 2022 we’ll it’s been a long time since the events of that day/week.

but going on what I can clearly remember is she had her secret hiding place which only she and I knew of at the bottom of the garden near the trees

And this was some-where where we both would go for a bit of company, when-ever we felt the need just to forget about the outside world, Lexi was a great freind and my first experience of having a soulmate.

As for the garden it’s self there was a large pathway linking the garden to the house flanked on both sides by fruit trees orchid’s as well assome rather expensive and beautiful flower beds.

The garden also featured a large gas fired BBQ at the garden although this seldomly waps used other than for parties or for special occasions this stood pride of place on the raised terrace or varrander and usually was covered with a heavy black tarphaulin cover and bricks, when not in use although in this case as it was in use.

On one day during my stay, one of Genene’s other older son’s was staying with friends nearby and was visiting his mother and so was the one cooking our delicious food mostly burgers and sausages in buns with kechup or brown sauce and fried onions it was so nice although there was also corn on the cob baked potato and vegetable for any vegitarians who visited.

The BBQ smelled of burning Charcoal and cooked meats and this wafted through the air like a heavenly smell as I loved and still do BBQ’s on hot summer days.

Speaking of Genene’s second younger grown up son well He worked as a chef at a local restaurant and pub in the village nearby, although this was his weekend off work at the time of my visit, he also was there and had a few grown up drinks as in beer,

Although he never allowed himself to get drunk as he didnt drink in full view of the children as it would have sent the wrong message.

Again I don’t fully recall his name maybe Alex or Alec?, Again I can’t be 100%sure as it was a long time ago.

Going back to the topic of the nursary in their house as I recall the crib/cott was painted white with treditional side ballastrades and had a clown carved into the headrest it was a had a slight rocking motion the room/nursary which had a Disney print in terms of wall paper along with alphabetical blocks and sailing boats

painted on the walls and glow in the dark stars on the celling arranged in constillations as they would be in the night sky along with galaxies in silver glow in the dark paint so it was very magical even the lamp on the celling had a space feature to it as it had space rockets on it with astronaughts dippicted in a comic book style.

The nursary room also had a set of dark blue and gold curtains with stars on them this was situated over the window with stars and moons on them it featured a soft netted playpen and toys inside or on the shelves and toy storage boxes.

They also had a conservitory with a day nursary which had all the usual nessisary supplies and plenty of additional toys and bed matts with space for 5-6 cotts
or day-beds for children should it be ever needed as an over-spill for a daycare business which Genene also ran from time to time as a means of generating extra source of income not particularly for herself as she was very well off in terms of money,

but to help pay the tax man, and subsidise the price of her 4.3 million pounds worth of property and her inheritance which included the house but that’s for another days conversation.

Going back to my room on the shelve’s where sets of reading books and soft toys along with some extra walm orange light at night and white plastic safety plugs in the other sockets

It had originally been built for Genene’s future grand children although this never happened because of the devorse and subsequent break up of her marriage and then the tragic death of her late husband many years before due to terminal illness as mentioned above.

As of 1986, and as I recall it was in pristine condition so was some what like a time capsule as it sat mostly un-used other than the times when guests where allowed to sleep there or if a child needed his/her diaper changed.

There was also a hospital grade diaper/nappy pail Which was there with a yellow bin liner as previously mentioned that looked like a regular bin with the exeption of it being a little bit wider and taller than a regular ones found in a typical bedroom.

Prior to the week when I visited genene I wasn’t at all the most comfortable with the thought of wearing diapers in full public view as it was embarrassing enough at the best of times,

And at first I have to honourestly admit that I was a little concerned about the fact of being put back into diapers at my age.

Although to be brutally honest this was more of the fact I didn’t want anyone else to see me being put back into diapers/nappies because had the story/rumors gotten out that I was still a baby,

As It would have been very embarrassing so you can understand that’s why I wanted my privacy at that time also as I didn’t like school not because I disliked the education but because of the fact that I was constantly bullied.

But to my great re-assurance nobody saw me and after a few minutes into wearing it I went straight to sleep and Genene put me to bed the next day I remember that I went to bed up dry and comfortable although I when I woke up the next morning I had a extremely wet diaper so was changed again by Genene.

Later the next day I had was put into a highchair and had cerial and orange juice in a sippy cup this was pure heaven for me as it really felt like I was back in the days of my early childhood /youth and could feel the sensation on the bulky diaper/nappy cushioning my chair and it felt nice,

Partially the smooth plastic coating/backing against my skin and the padded frontal and back end of the diaper/nappy which felt like a cushion against the onzie I was wearing and it was soo soothing it was almost hypnotic, which was heavenly although it crincled loudly with every move I made but this didn’t bother me.

After breakfast was over I was taken out of the chair and allowed to walk/crawl again, just like a real child/toddler and I can remember when walking around the diaper which was cumbersome as it made me waddle like a duck I found it actually felt kind of good and I enjoyed being in it even if it made me look like kind of cute even if I looked like a baby/toddler.

and as I recall nearly everyone who attended had to also wear a diaper so you can imagine the fact that a few of us that stayed during that time where wearing diapers so there was no embarrassment or stigmas.

The sad fact was Genene had no children of her own even-though she wanted them as her two children had grown up as previously mentioned had an adopted son but the sad fact was she couldn’t have anymore due to the fact she was un-fertile which meant she could not produce any babies of her own.

And so naturally during my stay there I was almost treated with special regards and I know felt at times to her like her own child and given all the love and respect I would come to accept and appreciate from a mother

And I obviously felt precious to her as I felt protectected and cared for by her so was in my happy place at least psycollogically speaking.

On a more happy note I remember during my stay, because of the fact I was quite small for my age and this had its distinct advantages one of which was I could play hide and seek more easily than other children my age

And the other being that I was able to see the world from a perspective of everything around me being giant.

And this almost felt like magic like I was in the TV Scifi series land of the giants or an my very own version of lost in space two shows I really liked watching even if the originals where in black and white although I had and still do have a vivid sence of imagination.

However speaking of my experience at home not at genene’s I found wearing diapers normal since my brother was still a baby at that time having been born earlier that year I still had easy access to diapers/nappies if I needed them,

This was also because I was a bed wetter as previously mentioned and this meant as a result of this I wore XL or XXL sized pampers diapers/nappies at night anyway so it wasn’t unusual at all to me.

In our house children wearing diapers/Nappies was somewhat normal as mentioned above mostly because my younger brother also wore pampers but on a smaller size as he was premiture so was quite small and he kind of looked like a life-like doll,

Later on he in the years leading up to 1989 he wore them In a regular baby/toddler size until he grew older and stopped wearing diapers at the age of 4, although this meant that I had easy access to diapers as for my younger brother well he used to stay at our house as he was far too young to go for any sleepover’s, however that is another subject for another day.

Going back to the subject of the house the rest of Genene’s house was very regular it featured a sitting room with a large 1970’s panasonic TV which I was allowed to watch a video of cartoons the living room had a dark red and gold coloured pursan carpet, and dark oriental style green porcilline jade coloured lamps, remember that the whole house smelled like autumn as I could make out the subtle sents of Wedgewood, Apples, Cirtus fruits, vanilla essence and pumpkins.

This made it seem more magical than ever like a cartoon pallace from my dreams and the whole house seemed so huge

there was a large ornimental clock that chimed on the hour and a white marble fireplace with a large golden framed polished mirror in the reception area and a large set of golden framed pictures leading up to the second floor from a white marble staircase with red carpets like you would expect at Buckingham palace and this added a to an extra scence of luxury.

As for the main room had an extremly large carpit wiith seemed like it was out of a cartoon as it was shaped like a bear but this was made of fake fur.

There was also a life sized replica of a timber wolf with brown glazed eyes the wolf was set in a hunting pose as if it had been magically frozen in time.

Moving on to the living room on the ground floor, there was a golden chandallere with mock candels with warm light bulbs in it hanging from the high ceiling which was painted in mat white the curtains in the room where in colours marching the carpit and the window-sills had small ornemental desert plants,

there was also a large polished wooden table with luxuriously lavished draws and sorage places on which sat a setbof flowers in a replica oriental style porcilline ming varse and and Pictures of genenes children and the dog when Lexi was still a puppy

The room also had glass ornaments with water/clear oil which had floating multi coloured balls in them with temperatures on them that would rise or fall depending on the room temperature these where from turkey on the fireplace stood a ceramic model of the pyramids of Egypt with a person on cammel back which had been bought on one of Genene’s holidays abroud.

matching coloured cushions on the furniture a dark coloured fire place with a golden fire gaurd and metal tongs the walls where a creamy vanilla colour and there where pictures hanging from the walls depicting the holidays Genene and her husband used to go on with photos of each location.

There was also family a portrait on a picture frame on the coffee table which had Genene standing next to her two son’s and her late husband on a holiday in China when they had the Great wall in the background,

Ajasend to the fire place hung some ornemental Japanese face masks and on the windowsill above the fire place next to the pyramids was a Japanese on a style sword in gold metal and dark blue colour which was on its own stand although it was only a non-cerated letter opener.

There was a large red and black dog bed with a creme dog blanket this was situated in front of the fireplace this was for Genene’s sons Labrador who used to love sleeping in front of the fire place the windows where sash style and painted in brown wood colour and the catches where golden.

Ajasend to the living room was a box standard 1970’s style kitchenette with a fridge freezer and sink rubbish bin and cupboards bellow it and a wardrobe which stored the cutlery plates and bowls and cerial boxes

the connecting door to outside was nearby and on the doorstep was a dark blue plastic milk bottle stand with co op written on it in white ink lettering at the back of the living room was the door to the garden and terrace/varrander

In the living room was the passage to the stairs leading up to the first floor and master bedroom and guestroom/nursary there was a bathroom with a creme coloured bath a toilet and sink and a small window looking out towards the east and in the bathroom was a artificial fur carpet in a wooden floor although near the bath it was tiled with matching colours to the bathtub.

There was also a large cupboard with towels and bath supplies medicine toothpaste and other things as well as a spair box of pampers diapers in XXL size as mentioned before, there was also a potty in yellow although there was also a changing mat and a set of baby wipes.

In this cupboard there was also a box of large 1980’s vintage attends adult sized disposable attends diapers these where for Genene as she had periodic bladder weakness problems from the time she had been pregnant with her two preternatural sons

And as I mentioned there was absolutely no stigmas attached with any one wearing diapers/nappies as mentioned above although just to make that point Genene used to wear a adult sized disposable diaper/nappy herself this was not just because of her incontinence problems but also in a show of support for the children in her care during the sleepovers.

Which I attended in the years from 1986-1989, which coincidentally always happened on the birthday of her youngest adopted son and we used to jokingly reffer to the sleepover’s as diaper parties.

As for the rest of the house had views on all sides with windows facing north, south and west there where 4 bedrooms upstairs with the 4th being used as storage throughout the first floor there where velux style windows in the roof for extra light

and box standard Northumbrian blue stone slates on the roof and a metal gutter painted in black, which ran along the roof line of the house the exterior walls where painted creme with black window edges and door frame.

Although the house had plenty of colurs outside in the form of brightly coloured sun flower plants and roses and tulips of every colour there was also a ivy vine that was made into a ornamental archway outside the main door a brown gravel driveway leading up to the house

with a small outside garden with a set of swings and a small roundabout and trapoline this was surrounded by a hedge and another ornamental ivy archway two very tall yew trees in which one of them there was a tree house with a ladder leading upwerds.

The front garden also had a set of wooden raised plant boxes with verious plants and vegetables growing in them.

On the main door there was your standard letter box and frosted glass window looking into the driveway.

The door it’s self was brown wood colour and was made of oak with a black painted metal framework.

On the front of the house was a brass metal plaque with a engraved with something in latten but it had loong since faded away

I believe it was name of the house written in black ink again I can’t quite remember it as it was a long time ago next to the attached garage where two wheelie bins for garden waste.

There was also an ornemental fountain in the centre of the driveway with a white coloured wooden bird box this was on its own small hill/garden feature with grass surrounding it and a wooden criss crossed fence surrounding that.

I remember that the place felt magical as if time had stopped or was going very slow and this was very relaxing the front garden had a small pond with 8 gold and red coloured Japanese coy carp and had a blue lining this was surrounded by a small oriental style seating pagoda and ornemental plants and stonework.

The house it’s self was originally built in 1896 forca duke that had ordered the mansion style house for himself and his family but never took it on for some unknown reason, it had sat unused and abandoned for many years until genenes father bought it after coming into some money winning a big poker game and he had finished what the original architect’s had invisioned.

As it was now valued at well over £4.3 million pounds by the local reel estate dealers in Hexham, this was partially because if it’s prime location but also because of the gardens and other added surrounding features of the house and because of the pallacial interior decoration

It was a 3 story house not that you would know this by looking at it from the roadside as it had a hidden wine storage area aka cellar/basement, which was always kept locked when visitors where at her house as there where some very expensive and unique almost antique wines and champagne bottles stored down there as well as a small Brewary for personal use,

I think for cider making which would make perfect sense saying the apple scent was throughout the house,

however I did get a privileged glimpse of the cellar when being carried by genene but was never allowed into it for obvious reasons.

As for Genene’s place well it was on a hill over-looking the local town and was situated on the outskirts of Hexham in a rather posh area although, as this was Genene’s dream house she had no intentions of selling up any time soon.

Genene was very modest about that fact saying as she knew that on the event her death her house would be automatically inherited by her two sons or maybe perhaps their grand children if they had any later in life.

I remember most of my time there was spent padded or cladded in diapers/nappies which again was fine because I had the occasional daytime accident so diapers where definitely needed in this regard,

As I mentioned earlier I was in diapers/Nappies right up until I turned 9 or ten years of age this was through no fault or desires of my own.

Although when the time came to go home I was put back into my regular clothes and sent on my way after a kiss from Genene then I was given a goodie bag for being such a good child/kid.

And the fact is I actually enjoyed my time at Genene’s so much because of the reason there was absolutely no stigmas attached in someone beyond the age of 3 wearing them and the fact that I went back a few times untill the age of 10, when I sadly grew out of wearing toddler or child sized diapers/nappies and sleeping in the cott/crib.

However nowerdays as an adult who has disabilities and periodically needs to be in diapers I wish I could go back to those days when all I had to do was go to Genene’s house and yes, I freely admit there are times when I wish I was a baby/child again when everything was more simple and innocent.

And if and when in the future my medical needs or disabilities get worse and I have to start wearing diapers 24/7, like I used to do as a child I would gladly go back to being treated like a baby only this time as an adult, if I could get a carer and a adult sized nursary room however that’s another story for another day.

Going back to the subject at hand Sadly Genene passed away many years ago at the age of 80–90’s some time, back in the early to mid 2000’s and so sadly I never got the chance to say thank you to her for all that she did for me and this was as specialally sad

Because I never got to say goodbye when I moved to another country abroud and as a result kind of lost touch with her before her death, but that’s the way life goes sometimes.

personally if I am honourest there are times in my life nowerdays when I wish I could turn back time and be in that special place again.

However I know I will be back in her house again this time literally in heaven once my time comes, not that I am wishing my life away, also I will be reunited and surrounded by all the dogs I’ve been honoured to know over my years on this earth so it literally will be my slice of heaven.

Finally all that’s left to say is Thanks for all the good memories and fun times we had together and may your soul rest in peace Genene until we meet again.