The sissy within me

This straight acting boy of the age of 23 has a hidden desire to be a sissy for a dom top guy. He acts straight and leads a normal life. How ever he has a kink that no one knows about, until this one day when he is home alone playing sissy in his pink sissy dress.

We will call this sissy boy Justin.

Justin is home alone in his sissy dress and playing with his favorite doll when all at once there is a knock on his bedroom door and before he can say anything his best friend who he has always had a crush on burst into catch him. His friend was stunned yet sort of curious at the same time. So he asked what the hell are you doing man?

Justin just hung his head in shame and said I have a slight kink that’s all nothing just never mind maybe we shouldn’t hangout today. That’s when his friend said NO I think you had better tell me what is going on and DO NOT make me force it out of you.

Now in tears Justin goes on to tell his friend the things he likes, that he collects and loves Dolls, that he has a desire to be in diapers and cute sissy outfit’s like the one he is wearing, the desire to be used as a sissy by a guy forced to suck and swallow the hot cum as it fills his mouth. All the time he is saying this Justin’s cock begins to harden as well as his friends.

His friend said let me get this right you like or want to dress in diapers? Justin said yes. then his friend said you want to be a sissy? Justin once again said Yes. His friend asked you like to suck cock? Justin just hung his head in shame not saying a word. His friend then takes hold of his chin lifts his head looks him in the eye’s and say’s I asked you a question sissy boy. Justin said Yes I like to suck cock but no one knows and I don’t want to have anyone find out about it.

That’s were his fantasy become a reality as his friend never lets go of his chin and keeps looking him in the eye’s telling him not to worry his secrete is safe with him and he has his back. Justin is told to go get a diaper and bring it back so his friend can see what it is he wants so much.

Justin darts across the room opens his dresser and get’s out a cute diaper with Pink Bears on it. He hands it to his friend and he says Wow I have never in my life seen anything like this and it is big enough to fit you isn’t it Justin? Justin just stammered and said Yes sir. He was then asked do you need to be put in this diaper? Once again Justin said Yes Sir.

Justin was instructed to lay on the floor so he could be placed in the thick diaper by his best friend. As he lay down on the floor his world changed. He found himself being transformed into the sissy he so dreamed of being by his best friend.

Justin’s friend looked down at Justin and said from now on you can call me Sir or Daddy, as he was being told this Justin lifted himself off the floor so the diaper could be slid under him. As his new Daddy slid the diaper under Justin he slowly ran his finger up the underside of his hardening cock and asked does my sissy like the way that feels? Justin just moaned and begged daddy to do it again. Only to feel a cool feeling on his tight boy hole and then he feels a finger slide up and down his boy hole then a slight jab and the finger sinks into his tight hole. His new daddy work’s it in and out slowly making him moan and beg for more. But Daddy say’s No you have to earn it.

Daddy then pulls his finger out of Justin’s tight hole and pulls the diaper up between his legs and fastens the tapes telling Justin to set up like a good sissy. Justin no sooner sets up and his daddy takes hold of his head and say’s time to feed you sissy boy open your mouth and suck daddies cock like a sissy should.

Justin is shy to do it so daddy step’s closer to him and takes hold of his sissy’s head and say’s suck my cock sissy boy you do as daddy say’s or you will be spanked. Justin open’s his mouth and eagerly takes his daddies cock as far down his throat as he can. He begins to choke and gag and tries to pull away, but daddy has a hold of his head and say’s I said suck it sissy boy and snap’s a photo of Justin in his pink dress with his daddies cock in his mouth and say’s I am sure you don’t want all of our friends to see this.

Justin begins to suck like a true cock sucking sissy should as his daddy say’s that’s a good girl suck that cock show me how much you like it and you will be rewarded with a nice warm load of creamy cum. Justin just moans and suck’s even harder. His daddy holding his head fucking his throat as hard as he can until all at once he pulls almost all of the way out and fills the sissies mouth with warm creamy cum.

Justin chokes and gag’s but daddy has a hold of his head and tells his sissy to swallow like a good girl. Justin swallow the entire load and keeps sucking like a true cock sucker should. Daddy was so proud of his sissy he shot yet another load down his throat.

After a half hour Daddy pulls his softening cock for his sissies mouth and lets his sissy stand up, only to walk over to his bed and lay down with his daddy. Daddy and his sissy drifted off to sleep.

Justin woke up thinking he had been dreaming only to find he was cuddled in his best friends arms wearing a thick diaper and his pink sissy dress. Justin was shocked and scared not knowing if it was a dream or if he had rely been turned into a sissy by his friend. As he wondered what had happened he drifted back into a deep sleep.

When the two of them woke it was late in the evening and Justen looked over at his friend and said I can explain. His best friend/daddy said No Need to explain sissy I know everything I need to know about you and I think you will be a good sissy from now on and like what daddy has in store for you. Shocked Justin just lay there. Until he says I have to get up I need to use the bathroom. But daddy tells him No you don’t you are in a diaper and as long as you are my sissy you will wet the diaper like a good girl.

Justin looked at his friend and said I can’t I just wear them for fun. I am getting up now. Daddy reached over and takes a hold of Justin and say’s Daddy said use the diaper and you will do what daddy said understand? Justin said you can’t make me wet my diaper and I am not calling you daddy. That’s when he is shown the photo of himself sucking his best friends cock. only it doesn’t show his friends face so no way to prove it is Justin’s friend.

Justin looked at Daddy and said Yes daddy I will wet my diaper please please don’t show that to anyone. He is told don’t worry sissy boy as long as you do as told no one will ever know.

Over the next 6 month’s Justin is slowly transformed into a sissy by his best friend and finds him self wearing Diapers more and more as well as dressing in sissy clothing and find’s that he not only likes to suck daddies hard cock but also likes it when daddy play’s with his tight hole with the toy’s that Justin had hidden in his closet.

Justin now come’s home each and every night only to be stripped naked showered and then thickly diapered as daddy like his sissy in diapers at all times. when the sissy is bad he gets spanked and finds he has no choice but to do what daddy say’s. Sissy is always rewarded by daddy with a hot creamy load. and finds he enjoys the feel of the toy’s and slowly gets use to waking up with daddies hard cock slowly sliding in and out of his tight boy hole.


A continuation? A review? Anyone know what language? Just out of curiosity, so I can run it through google translate. :slight_smile:

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A quick google check says it’s Dutch, but a lot of the words aren’t translating correctly.

The translation does pretty much catch the gist of it, though. For better or worse…

I like to put on sissy dessous and every now and then I am an ab the story … I met a man on a walk with his dog and asked me to go for a drink with him I thought it was good I cooed thé and got hot my pimmel was fat the man was going to change he came back in a diaper with drawings on it he pulled my clothes off my pimmel stood upright put me on sissy clothes in silk in the pink panties was a hole in he turned me around and poked his 20 cm pimmel in my pooke it hurt and i bleed my lump tore open his pimmel he had pushed into me without moistening i screamed it sprayed me full the white ran out of my poo with some blood there it was the first time there came another friend of his came in who put his pimmel in my mouth and I had to suck it swallow everything 3 hours I sucked my jaw hurt from sucking 4 hours I fucked straight I had not been able to sit on my shit for 14 days every day a diaper I could nothing to hold up my hole was 2 cm open by having such a big pimm in me now i wear sissy dessous pleasant feeling and a diaper this was the story

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Switch to the daughter language of Afrikaans and it makes just slightly more sense.

BabyAnna said the same thing in a PM, but I’m not sure I agree…

I did say slightly. :slight_smile:

And posting the translation really wasn’t necessary.

Just for cross-reference purposes, that’s all.