The sissy within me The Transformation from boy to Daddies sissy

Slowly over time Justin finds himself being transformed into more of a sissy than he ever dreamed of being. He finds that coming home to his daddy in the evening and having his daddy slowly undress him and bath him to be relaxing as well as erotic.

Daddy over time takes control of Justin and dress’s him for work, Justin finds that he has gone from being a boxer short’s boy to being in diapers 24/7 and being daddies little girl when he is not at work. He Is worried that it has gone to far yet he is afraid of having others find out about his hidden desire and knows he will never find another person to sissy him. Justin decides it isn’t a bad thing having a daddy or being in diapers 24/7 and comes to terms with it and even excepts what daddy has done to him.

Justin tells his new daddy he has to go to a family reunion and will be gone for 4 day’s. Daddy pack’s a bag for him and gives Justin a kiss on the forehead as he tells him he will be so happy to have him back home. Justin look’s at his daddy and say’s I am going to miss you. Daddy gives Justin a giant hug and say’s be a good sissy while gone.

Justin wasn’t gone more than 1/2 hour and daddy got an idea to turn Justin’s room into a nursery and turn the small room in his basement into a small play room for when Justin is a good sissy and they want to play. Justin’s daddy heads to the store and finds all the things he is going to need. Paint, Rollers, new carpet, window shades, and some wall decor for the nursery to make sure it looks like a sissies room. As he walks out he thinks I wonder were I could ever get a crib for my sissy to sleep in.

Over the next 2 days daddy paints the walls and all the trim. then he hangs the wall decor on the walls making it look like a nursery with Whinnie the Pooh on one wall and a Princess and castle on the other to ensure he has captured both sides of his sissy. rather he is acting like a sissy boy or a princess the nursery has it covered.

Daddy then goes to the basement and starts the work on the spare room to transform it into his new play room. As he paints the walls and floor. Once they have dried he hangs some small light’s along the one wall just enough to dimly light the room. Daddy then turns a work bench into a spanking bench/changing table and then moves the shelves back into the room. Once the shelves are in the room daddy stocks them with Diapers, Lube, and all of the things needed for a play room and changing room.

Once done daddy takes a break and surfs the web finding a cute pink cb-6000 that he orders and has shipped over night to ensure it will be there for when his sissy gets home, as well as some cute socks for his sissy and more diapers.

Daddy has plans for the sissy and thinks I know how to do this now, knowing his sissy will never agree to wear the chastity cage.

Late that evening daddy and his sissy skype online and sissy tells daddy how hard he has been thinking about him and the things they normly do in the afternoon, also tells daddy that he has played with it during his diaper change. So daddy tells Justin he can not play with it or he will need to be punished when he gets home. Justin whines to his daddy and begs but daddy said NO and Justin knows he means it. How ever once off line Justin just cant help it. Only one issue Justin forgot to shut off the camera on his lap top so his daddy can see everything he is doing. Now his daddy has a reason to lock him in the cage when he gets home and explain he has been bad and that he has the video to prove it.

After what seams like a life time Justin gets home and is greeted by his daddy. He is taken by the hand and walked to what use to be his bedroom. When they enter Justin’s mouth drops and he say’s what is this? His daddy say’s this is your room from now on and I think it fits you just right. After all you are a sissy boy are you not? Leaving Justin to answer the question he stammers and sort of hangs his head and say’s yes daddy I am a sissy but now everyone will know.

His daddy say’s lets get you unpacked cause I have another treat for you. Justin is sort of shocked to hear that and scared at the same time. As he unpacks his cloths he brings them to the laundry room and place’s them in the hamper. Daddy meets him in the hallway and tells him he has to come to the basement.

Justin slowly goes down the stairs and see’s a shelf stacked high with thick white diapers his heart starts to beat faster as he turns and see’s yet another shelf stacked with more diapers only they are Pink in color. He asks why do you have pink diapers daddy?

His daddy say’s you will soon find out as they walk into the play room. Justin stops in his tracks as he see’s the changing table with the leg and wrist cuffs built into it. He ask’s why are those on the changing table? Daddy says oh don’t worry about those they are for bad boy’s then tells Justin to hop up on the changing table for his diaper change.

once on the table he lay’s back thinking how much he missed having his daddy change his diaper and how nice it is when he sprinkle’s powder all over and rubs it in. As he lay there his daddy asks did you miss this? Justin say’s yes daddy. Next he feels the cuffs being locked onto his wrist and he whines daddy what are you doing?

Daddy tells him to be a good sissy and tells him you have to be locked down for this change. Next the ankle cuffs are locked on then the TV Justin hadn’t noticed comes on in the corner and he see’s a video playing of himself playing with his pee pee. Daddy say’s you remember when I said no touching or playing with your self? Justin say’s yes daddy. But were did you get this video of me from? Daddy say’s that is from you when you were away. You left the camera on and I recorded everything you did and it shows you did not listen to daddy at all did you?

Justin said But daddy I couldn’t help it and it felt so good. I am so so so sorry for not doing as told.

Daddy said yes I know you are and I have a way to help you with this problem as he pulls the pink chastity cage out and shows it to Justin. Then he say’s seance you can’t control yourself I got this to help you. as he slowly placed the ring in place then lubed the cage portion and slid it onto Justin’s limp member.Justin asked what is it daddy? Daddy has gotten you a chastity cage and it will remained locked on you until I think you can control your self from touching daddies property. Justin is almost in tears at hearing this.

Daddy then takes one of the cute pink diapers and places it under his sissy then sprinkles powder on and rubs it in making sure to cover his caged area and slowly strokes his hand over his little sissy balls making Justin hard only he isn’t able to become fully hard. He squirms at the thought and wants his daddy to get him off, he is so excited but daddy just pulls the diaper up and fastens it on him telling him he will remain in the cage for at least one month and he will be in a pink diaper, sissy socks, and pink t-shirt when home no matter who is over.

Justin Starts to cry as his daddy tells him this and whine’s telling daddy he doesn’t want to be dressed in pink. His daddy unlocks the cuffs and cuddles him while softly whispering in Justin’s ear. Saying now now little one it isn’t as bad as you think and daddy will be here for you and change you when you need it. Justin calms down a little bit and his daddy wipe’s the tears from his face as he takes Justin by the hand and walks him to his new nursery. once in the nursery he puts his sissy in bed for a nap with his favorite doll. then he tucks him in and tells him to take a nice nap while daddy makes dinner.

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