The Sirens of Southpointe - Chapter 1

Alright, here goes. This would be my first attempt at a complete AB/DL story, and the way I see it, posting it on the board officially obligates me to continue working on it. I hope that I can keep to a schedule, and I certainly hope that you’ll all be patient with me. This story is intended to build slowly, and this chapter exists predominately to flesh out the majority of the characters. I wanted to get a feel for them, so what you see here is a great deal of small-talk, and hopefully some character definition disguised as another day in the lives of the main characters.

This post contains Adult Language, but nothing beyond that. I’ll do my best to stick to the rules of the forum.

With that said, be gentle with me! It is, after all, only my first time.


Mia Rebara grimaced as the doorbell resounded across the walls of the household, tossing from beneath the seductive security of her goose-down comforter. Spring was supposed to be creeping back into the northwest, but the winter refused to die out completely, and the chill brought with it a bone tingling sense of sedation. She wanted nothing more than to drift back into the land of nod, but her curiosity was piqued by the sudden surprise. Had she overslept, or did they have a visitor at this ungodly hour of the morning? She craned her neck to catch a glimpse of her digital alarm clock, but her mind was somewhere else. It took a moment to process the bright red blinking numbers.

Six twenty-nine. Her alarm would sound off in less than a minute, and the thought of being jarred by that soul piercing siren was enough to drive her out of her bed. Her bare feet sent a sharp protest up the base of her spine as soon as she set them atop the cold tile, but the clock was otherwise out of reach. If she could just slide the switch a little to the left…


With a startled shriek, she smacked the devilish box clear across her nightstand and squinted as it rebounded across the bedroom carpet. The insidious noises continued to beat at her eardrums as she scrambled to the ground, and her teeth were chattering before her trembling hands were finally able to snuff them out.

The door swung wide open, and a shapely young woman with large green eyes leaned into the bedroom. She was of average height, with a round full lips. Her vibrant complexion was framed by soft ringlets of honey blonde hair that cascaded just beyond her shoulder blades.

Marilyn blinked as she drank in the sight of her naked roommate. Her eyebrows arched up, and cherry red lips curled quickly into the barest hint of a smirk.

“Would the two of you like a moment alone together?” She asked.

“Sh-sh-shut up!” Mia squeaked, her face flushing.

Mia must have been quite the spectacle, curled up on the floor and cradling an alarm clock. She was slender, and some would say tall, but not taller than most. While her breasts weren’t exactly large, they were shapely and quite proportionate to the gentle curves of her hips. Her natural hair color was a very dark shade of sable brown, but one of her roommates had helped her experiment with coal black, and now that it was long enough to afford her a degree of modesty, the two colors were blending in.

“Right then.” Said Marilyn. “Well, go on and get yourself dressed, love. We got prezzies!”

She stood up quickly and perched herself at the edge of the unmade bed, her head canted at the woman’s last remark. Marilyn was the first full-blooded Australian that Mia had ever met, and even after six months of boarding together, she still couldn’t decipher half of the woman’s peculiar vocabulary.

“We got what?” She asked as she slipped her feet into a pair of soft, silk panties.

“Prezzies! You know, love. The sort you get on Christmas?”

“Oh.” She tugged the panties up between her thighs and stood. Atop her dresser, she’d selected a pair of snug fitting gym pants and a neatly folded sporting top, which she summarily stepped into and tugged on. She was tying the laces of her trousers by the time the words finally registered.

“You mean presents?” She asked.

“Right. Too early for all that isn’t it, love? Hows about I fix you a cup of tea?”

Mia smiled and nodded eagerly as she rummaged through her dresser for a pair of sweat socks and slid her running shoes out from under her bed. By the time she was ready to get up, Marilyn had shut her bedroom door.

She snuck into the restroom to brush her teeth as the other woman began to stir the rest of the household. Phoebe and Sophia were out for their own morning jog, and by the sound of it Anastasia was just getting out of the shower. That left Vanessa, and while Mia knew the woman to be quite the social butterfly in her waking hours, Marilyn would have better luck waking the dead.

“I am up! I get dressed in this position every morning.”

“Don’t be an ass! You promised we’d go running this morning!”

“I changed my mind.” Shouted Vanessa. “Go away!”

Mia spit out a mouthful of foamy toothpaste into the bathroom sink as the two women bantered loudly enough to wake the dead. Given that their household contained six vastly different women with only one common denominator, she was surprised at how well they’d all gotten along. In the six months she had lived here, Vanessa and Marilyn had proven themselves to be the most aggressive, and those two were playful at best. It didn’t help that every one of them had a different ethnic background, although she couldn’t remember the last time it had been the subject of an argument.

“I’m not leaving until you’re up and ready, girl.” Marilyn said threateningly.

“Then you’d best pull up a chair!” Quipped Vanessa.

Mia snatched a bottle of heavily diluted conditioner and sprayed it generously into her hair, working her hands up the ends and running her nails through the simpler knots. Phoebe had been rather fond of the way that the stark black had blended against her natural color, and after Mia had given it a few several swift brush strokes, she couldn’t help but feel a little vain. She didn’t think so much about her eyes, but the other girls had complimented her more than once on their sharp color. Most women with blue eyes boasted more of a turquoise, like phoebe, or a powdery, cream colored blue. Hers were much darker, like well-polished cobalt or shimmering sapphire.

“Are you going get dressed or just lay there and fantasize about what I do in my bedroom?”

She paused after the Australian woman’s statement finally registered. This must have been one of those ‘wrong moments.’

“Both! Now be a dear and lock my door, would you?”

“Well, can’t say I didn’t bloody well try. Good luck finding cosmetics like these on your salary, love. What is it that you get paid again?”

That last statement was unfair, Mia reflected. Vanessa was a Certified Nurses Assistant; a job that left her thankless and penniless.

The six of them had come from an assortment of High Schools throughout the northwest, and all of them granted a scholarship for synchronized swimming. Apparently, it was a big deal in the Northwest. Coach Lockley had high hopes for the six of them, as each and every athlete on their team had shown the potential for fierce competition on the collegiate level.

“Wait – what?!” Cried Vanessa.

Of course, there were several folks who probably wouldn’t consider synchronized swimming to be an athletic event, but Mia didn’t bother to give them the time of day. There wasn’t one girl in her household who wouldn’t hold her breath for anything less than three minutes, and some of them had come very close to five on several occasions. The breathing exercises were more tiring than any she had ever known, but she was quite fond of them all the same. Coach Lockley had not only allowed them to set goals for each other, but the exercises she taught had brought them closer together.

She heard Marilyn giggle, followed by the sound of a door being slammed shut and shouldered open. Chaos ensued. There was banging, shouting, laughing and scuttling that grew fainter as the two women descended the staircase. Without the visuals, it sounded like the sort of brawl and shuffle that existed only in cartoons.

Once her face was fixed up, she started into the living room and found a cup of hot tea waiting for her on the coffee table. Vanessa and Marilyn were laughing together on the couch as she retrieved it, but this was hardly unusual. Phoebe and Sophia were an open couple… But nobody was really sure about Vanessa and Mary.

She glanced at the pair of cardboard boxes with an arched eyebrow. They had all expected an assortment of swimsuits, stage gear, and – as previously mentioned – high-grade cosmetics, but judging by the size and number of the boxes, a great deal more than they desired had been delivered at their doorstep. In all likelihood, the shipping company had simply split the cosmetics and stage gear into separate boxes, but what could they possibly need a third one for?

“Meeeeeeya!” A narrow faced girl with cream colored skin and chocolate brown eyes arched backward against the cushions of the couch. A playful smile crossed her lips as she swung backward over the edge, her neck craned outward in a fashion that tossed her gorgeous brown hair away from her eyes. “Give me kisses!”

Her arms stretched out like a spoiled child, greedily demanding her immediate attention.

Mia leaned in to oblige her and squealed as she was pulled over the couch and into the other girls laps. Vanessa, pinning her arms in what had once been a kindly hug, leaned in to plant a wet kiss atop her forehead.

She shrieked as the two girls wrestled her into a spot between them atop the couch, then wriggled free and planted her head against Vanessa’s shoulder.

“That looks like a lot more than what we ordered.” Said Vanessa.

“Do you suppose we got anything extra?” Asked Mia.

“I don’t see what else they’d give us, love.” Said Marilyn.

“Can I open it?” Asked Mia.

“I’m not your mum.” Marilyn teased.

Of the three of them, the honey blonde Australian woman was the only one dressed in casual wear, and while it was safe to say she preferred casual clothes to pajamas around the house, she also took the earliest classes. Today she sported a simple spaghetti strapped camisole that came surprisingly close to the color of her lipstick, as well as a pair of tight-fitting, low cut jeans that showcased the curves of her legs. Vanessa, on the other hand, was barely awake and didn’t seem to care that she was barely clothed at all. Out in the warmth of the living room, she must have been rather comfortable in nothing but a pink negligee and a pair of matching nylon panties.

“I thought you two were going running?” Asked Mia, suddenly noticing that Marilyn was hardly prepared for such an outing.

Marilyn laughed at this, but Vanessa was hardly amused.

“We’re going tonight.” Said Vanessa. “She was just being an evil bitch.”

“…I’m opening the boxes, now?” Asked Mia.

“Go ahead!” Offered Vanessa.

The two of them watched as Mia cut open the first two boxes, predictably revealing six pairs of matching swimsuits. Unlike a number of synchro suits, there wasn’t anything in the way of twinkling glitter or fluorescent, star spangled colors. They were bold, mostly back suits worked over with gradient shades of cobalt, cerulean, indigo and violet. Under the glow of a black light, the colors would grow bolder and brighter, immersing the audience in the ambience of their art.

They smiled over the new hair pieces and headdresses, the boxes of eyeliners, brushes, foundation, and mascara. There was lipstick and lipgloss in just about every shade of red or pink that any of them could have imagined, and they must have spent the better part of twenty minutes mulling over the assortment of accessories before they even remembered the second box.

Another woman arrived to share the spoils, and just as Mia could have been described as an inch shy of tall, Anastasia was an inch shy of short. She was a petite woman, sleek but undeniably firm and well-toned. Her strawberry blonde hair was pulled tightly along her scalp, twisted into a decorative bun at the nape of her neck. She wore a black, gossamer thin, long sleeved blouse embroidered with floral patterns over a darker, snug-fitting halter-top. Her pants were cut just wide enough at the boot to allow for a pair of leather sandals, and like all sandals Ana wore, they were adorned with high heels.

“Ana!” Mia started to speed toward her, but Vanessa was too quick. Before she knew it, she had been snatched and tugged into her other roommate’s lap, leaving Marilyn the only one free to embrace her.

“Mine!” Vanessa declared, wrapping an arm tightly around her struggling roommate.

“What do we have here?” She asked, her accent thick with Russian overtones.

“Come see, love!” Marilyn declared as she drew her toward the couch.

Out of courtesy, the majority of the apparel and accessories were not divided until the last of the girls had arrived. Phoebe was very tall, with coppery skin and long, dark brown hair that had been drawn back and knotted into a pony tail. She wore a pair of loose-fitting white yoga pants and a matching hoodie with the sleeves rolled just above her elbows. Beneath the hoodie was a snug-fitting black tee-shirt, which worked just well enough to accent the single black stripes on her leggings and the design on her tennis shoes. She held the door open for her lover, who offered her a pop-kiss after wiping her feet on the doormat.

The other girl had bright, powder blue eyes and stood perhaps an inch shorter than Mia. Unlike her partner, she wore very little beyond a black roll-down skirt and a matching, two-tone tee shirt with a hint of white ringing the sleeves and collar. She was about as pale in complexion as Vanessa, but her soft and silky black hair was much darker than any of the other girls in the house. One of her thick fringes was wrapped behind her left ear and woven into the longer hair at the back of her scalp, making it long in the back, with a short topknot hanging just inches above her right ear.

Vanessa released her in time for Mia to give the two of them a hug, and Marilyn was quick to divide their share of the spoils, but with all eyes settled on the third box, their curiosity was piqued.

Once the last of the house was settled, it was Mia who knelt beside the cardboard box. Marilyn handed off her car keys, but Mia tore the sealing tape to shreds to get the box top apart.

That was when she realized who the package was addressed to.
“Uhm…” She stared at the contents of the box, her expression tilting somewhere between amusement and disappointment. “Who’s Xian Lu Due, and why were her baby supplies delivered to our household?”

Mia stifled her amusement as she fished through the rest of the box, pulling out everything from baby wipes that were fortified against diaper rash to some kind of sickeningly sweet smelling Vaseline. It didn’t seem to her that anyone among them would have placed such an order, but just the same, the merchandise prompted a wellspring of questions and conversation.

“I didn’t know they made scented Vaseline…” Remarked Phoebe.
The others huddled in, picking through the stacks of goodies that were packed into the unusually large box without anymore regard to who they truly belonged to. Mia furrowed her thinly plucked eyebrows as she compared the box in front of her to the boxes they had just opened. Why hadn’t it occurred to her that this one was so much larger?

“What’s this stuff?” Vanessa wondered, pulling out a tiny bottle with a dropper.

“Let me see!” Asked Marilyn, squeezing a drop out long before she read the label. Mia couldn’t help but notice that the oil gave off a scent that was remarkably similar to a pack of store bought baby diapers.

“Oh… Cripes!” Exclaimed Marilyn. “Shoulda read the label first eh, love?”

“Ooh! How weird!” Said Sophia, reaching into the box to retrieve a big, plastic package that read Attends.

Still more, the girls rummaged. Even Ana was overcome with curiosity.

“This appears to be some kind of ah… how you say? Comic book!” Anastasia announced, retrieving a trade paperback from beneath a turquoise box of baby wipes.

“I think we should call UPS, guys. This obviously isn’t our package.” Sophia announced at last, looking quizzically at the rest of them. She had to do a double-take when she realized that Phoebe had already torn open the plastic package and removed a rather large disposable diaper.

Mia couldn’t help but find herself enthralled by the variety of accessories, although she couldn’t say what on Earth she’d ever do with them. Phoebe giggled hysterically as she caught Marilyn rubbing her wrists together.

“Are you actually going to wear that?” Asked Mia.

Phoebe had unfolded the thick disposable and was sniffing at the inserts. The beautiful Brazilian women had paused only after she realized that everyone was staring at her, and just as quickly regained her composure.

“Erm… Can I see that scented stuff?” She said.

Marilyn giggled as she obliged the woman, and they watched with amusement as she strategically treated the disposable with a few drops of scented oil.

“So much for that idea.” Said Sophie, suddenly taking on the old ‘If you can’t beat them…’ expression. “You know, it’d probably work better in a spray bottle.”

Anastasia’s eyes widened as she flipped through the pages of the comic book, and she soon took center stage after the rest of the girls watched her quickly close the book and set it back down. Mia couldn’t tell whether the golden haired Russian girl was disgusted, amused, or excited. The way her green eyes twinkled and her lips quirked, she might have been getting ideas just as easily as she pushed ideas away.

The Russian woman slid out of her chair and cleared her throat. “This is ah… How you say? Fucking crazy.

The rest of the girls roared with laughter at her comment, but she didn’t seem to hear the humor in her words.

“We love you, Annie!” Said Phoebe, once she had caught her breath.

“I am afraid I am needed at class. We will talk more of this at the practice meet, yes?”

“Aww,” Mia said at last, “but we’re having fun!”

Ana pursed her pink lips together in the barest hint of a smile and leaned over to plant a kiss on Mia’s cheek. “I am late, my darling. You will fill me in on what happens later, yes?”

Without any more room for protest, she put her sandals back on and started for the door. Phoebe and Sophie wouldn’t let her leave without a hug, but she didn’t encounter the same resistance from everyone.

Eventually the comic book changed hands.

“Eww!!” Shouted Phoebe, who quickly tossed the book to Mia.

Mia tried to share the conglomeration of images with the three pairs of eyes that soon hovered over her shoulders, but there was quite a great deal to see. At first, there didn’t appear to be anything out of the ordinary about the pictures, but soon enough she found out what the other girls had thought to be so disgusting.

Several panels depicted a young man laying flat on his belly. A woman has him pinned to what vaguely resembles a wooden changing table adorned with pillows and padding. Mia couldn’t help but think that the woman in the panels appeared remarkably similar to Betty Paige, although the man appeared to be struggling up. He had no clothes to speak of, save a great big pair of rubber panties with a lump-sized bulge in the backside.

Betty Paige flipped him onto his back with relative ease in the next panel, and beneath that, her hands have tugged the rubber underwear down to his ankles. Now she can see that the young man is wearing a thick disposable diaper, sagging and lumpy. He kicked and squirmed, but there was no victory to be had. She was Betty Paige, after all.

It wasn’t until the next page, where the diaper was wide open and the man’s soiled bottom was being scrubbed with several thick baby wipes, that the reactions emerged.

“How cute!” Exclaimed Sophia.

Phoebe looked at her lover as if she had somehow grown claws and tentacles. Marilyn, on the other hand, laughed hysterically.

“Do people actually buy these books?” Vanessa asked.

“I don’t know…” Answered Mia, flipping the page to look over another depiction of the man being wiped down in the diapering station. There was dialogue, but Mia didn’t bother to read it. The images were too strong. Worse yet, she could feel her nipples hardening, but she didn’t have the same sense of embarrassment as Ana.

The comic book man continued to struggle as Betty Paige one-handedly removed the soiled diaper and wrapped it up. Once he was thoroughly cleaned, she planted her hand into the small of his back and gave his bottom a sound spanking that lasted over the course of several pages.

“You look like you’re getting into it.” Phoebe teased her.

Mia’s face flushed red at the sudden reality check, and she closed the book without further discussion.

“What’s wrong, love?” Asked Marilyn. Her fingers reached up to tickle the young woman’s chin. “You get a little excited…?”

“Maybe…” Mia replied.

“Are you serious?!” Asked Vanessa.

“Yeah.” Phoebe said as she planted her arms against the coffee table. “I’d like to hear this one.”

“You’re all terrible!” Sophia said at last, her arms wrapping protectively around Mia’s shoulders. “You don’t have to say a word,

“No, it’s okay. Really…” Mia said, hesitantly continuing. “I just. I don’t know, I’ve always sort of had this weird fetish…”

“You didn’t order these…?” Marilyn teased.

“Stop it, Mary.” Said Phoebe, just as Sophia said “That’s not funny!”

Mia brushed her off, some of her composure beginning to return.

“God, no.” She said, suddenly finding herself a great deal more comfortable. “I don’t know… I’ve always been fond of that kind of dominance. To have a boy that I could just do anything to, without question.”

At Mia’s words, the room fell silent. She was hesitant to continue.

“Well, not anything.… but think about it. She’s basically taking away this guy’s adulthood. Forcing him to wear diapers. Tying him down to a table… He’s like, completely helpless. And she looks kind of like Betty Paige, which is totally hot.”

Her last comment drew laughter.

“Do you suppose this shan-loo-drey woman is after the same thing?”

That was when it struck her. Of course, just because Mia was Filipina didn’t mean she should have been able to recognize other Asian names off the bat, but this one in particular…

“Actually,” said Mia. "Xian is a boy’s name. "

“Sounds like you two are a match, love.” Quipped Mary.

“Oh, shut up already!” Snapped Vanessa.

“I don’t know. It is strange… Ever since I was a girl, I’ve always had a fascination with baby dolls, but that’s more or less where my headspace is. I’d want a human doll, not necessarily a baby.”

"Really? Phoebe asked, suddenly interested. “You mean like a boy that you could dress up in girls clothes?”

“Well, I suppose that’s part of it. They wouldn’t have to be girls clothes, just so long as I can put him in something that he doesn’t want to wear. I mean, I don’t know… When I was a little girl, I used to make Ken wear diapers, and Barbie wear Ken’s clothes–I’m sorry. This is like, way past creepy.”

“No!” Phoebe said. “I think it’s fascinating!”

“Come now! Listen to who your bloody well talking to.” Marilyn declared.

“Actually, diapers aren’t that bad. I have to deal with them at the nursing home often enough… It’s the cranky old people that I can’t stand.”

“Oh, that’s right! You deal with this stuff often, don’t you love?” Asked Marilyn, suddenly side-tracked.

“So, you’re dominant, then?” Asked Phoebe.

“I guess you could say that. Not with girls, usually, but boys are different.” Mia replied.

“I thought this stuff grossed you out?” Sophia said, her eyebrows suddenly arched at Phoebe.

“Yeah, for real.” Vanessa exclaimed. “You totally freaked out and threw the comic book away. Now you look like you’re butt hungry for Betty Paige.”

Marilyn giggled fiercely at that. Mia did her best to stifle a laugh of her own.

“I don’t like to look at poop. Not even pictures of poop.” Declared Phoebe.

“Not even when Betty Paige is in the pictures?” Asked Sophia.

“What about wet diapers?” Asked Mia.

“I could change a wet diaper.” Phoebe said at last.

Sophia squeezed Mia tightly and nuzzled against her cheek before she slipped away. “We have to get ready, I’m afraid. Promise to talk to us more about it later tonight?”

Mia was hardly enthused.

“At least we got new swimsuits. See you lovebirds in the arvo?” Marilyn asked.

“You bet, honey-bunny.” Sophia said, planting a kiss on the Aussie’s cheek.

Phoebe offered Vanessa the same affections, but shortly thereafter the two lovers were walking arm in arm toward the master bedroom. The door shut behind them, and in short order the shower faucets began to run. The scented disposable diaper was placed atop the coffee table, but Mia paid it no heed. She had to get ready soon, too.

“So,” Vanessa said as she stood up and dragged Mia into the couch again. “Is it just like, any boy? Do you have a specific type?”

Marilyn grinned, hopping into the couch and planting her head in Mia’s lap.

“Does it have to be a boy?” Teased Sophie.

Mia shook her head and took a sip of her tea, lukewarm and almost long forgotten in the midst of all this chaos. She would likely have to repeat these answers for a long time coming, but she wasn’t exactly sure how much she knew about the subject herself. She stroked Marilyn’s hair for a moment before pulling her back into a seated position. “I don’t know, girls. I’m overdue for a jog. Can we have this discussion after practice?”

Reluctantly, Mia’s roommates allowed her to retreat into the brisk morning air, but she knew in her heart that the escape would be short lived.

Something told her it was going to be a long, long day.

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The Sirens of Southpointe - Chapter 1

Intresting start - this story has potential :smiley:

The Sirens of Southpointe - Chapter 1

Quite a diverse cast of characters.

The Sirens of Southpointe - Chapter 1

I would say that the beginning of this is good, but slightly overwritten.

I shall now read chapters 2 and 3.

The Sirens of Southpointe - Chapter 1


Unfortunately, I think you’ll find that the entire story is a little overwritten. It’s one of my fatal flaws, and the only way that it would be liable to change is if I could arrange to have someone beta read my chapters and help me edit out the pieces that are too flowery or unnecessarily descriptive.

I do my best to avoid the hallmark euphemisms that you tend to see in purple prose and cheesy romance novels, (ie: oculars for eyes, pillars for legs, digits for fingers, although I think I slipped up and used the word “tendril” in one of these chapters) but I also spend a considerable amount of time fleshing out things that most readers are likely to find unnecessary. It’s one of those nasty habits that developed in chat-based role-playing, and it’s hard to break.

I’ll try and police it as the story continues, but I don’t think it’s anything I can perfect overnight.

The Sirens of Southpointe - Chapter 1

It’s not even those awkward synonyms that I think are problematic for your story. I think that sometimes you’re alliterating too much, or over describing. Don’t be afraid for some things to be normal!

Can’t promise anything, but by all means PM me anything you’d like beta read. If I don’t get it done in a day or two carry on otherwise. But this is - of course - only if you want it.