The Shop

As Jason drove down the street in an unfamiliar town, he considered for the fourth or fifth time whether he really wanted to do this. But he knew he did, his gut was driving him forward, and he continued down the busy street until suddenly he came to the address the lady had sent him in the email. Or, at least, he hoped it was a lady, as he remembered the maxim that there are not girls on the internet.

The parking lot was a bit in disrepair, and the building he had come to appeared about the same. Taking a deep breath he checked that nothing was out of place. He’d worn a conservative polo shirt and khakis. His short, wavy brown hair was in place. He looked down at the form in his hand. He double-checked the address numbers on the building. This couldn’t be right, could it?

Whatever. He opened the car door, stepped out and briskly locked it. He couldn’t remember being this apprehensive since he was a kid. “It’ll be fine,” he told himself.

The door to the shop opened and closed quickly and he was through. There were a four or five people milling around checking out the costumes, toys and other knick knacks the shop was selling. For a brief few seconds Jason wondered if he had found the right place, but then he saw it- pacifiers in the glass cabinet display where the clerk was sitting, working on a laptop. Jason walked over, noticing that they were also selling samples of adult diapers in the same case. Never had he expected to walk into a store that sold this stuff. The clerk noticed as Jason got closer, his interest picking up.

“Hi there,” He said cheerily, especially cheerily for a Saturday morning, “Are you Jason?”

“Umm, yeah.” Jason replied, extending his hand to meet the man’s.

“My name’s Allen” He replied shaking Jason’s hand.

Allen stood up, brushing his blue apron off, and glancing at the clock. “You’re here just in time, six right?”

Jason nodded quietly,

“Name’s Lisa?”

Jason took a deep breath and nodded again.

“Wear this for the first day then,” Allen said, going over to one of the shelves and picking out a pink t-shirt with the label “ABsolutely DeLightful” emblazoned on the front.

Suddenly the clock hit nine and Jason heard the door open as two more guys walked in. All of the customers perusing the wares noticed the time and walked to a door that didn’t seem to be part of the store front.

“Quick, put that on and go with them. Slap the name tag on too” Allen replied.

Jason, still being in a state of stress at this whole different experience took off his shirt, which Allen immediately began folding and put behind the case and then Jason replaced it with the pink one, slapping the name tag on and following behind the rest.

As he was the last through the door, the woman who had opened it for him let it close with a thud. His eyes widened at the sight before him. Rainbow-colored chairs sat around a table with blank pages and crayons for coloring, board games he remembered from his childhood sat carefully lodged in shelves, there was a whole area set up with oversized clothes and household items and another with wooden blocks. The other guys had already continued to somewhere else.

“Well hello Lisa,” The woman started, smiling at him, “Don’t think I’m singling you out, it’s just you’re new here and we want to go over the rules.”

Jason stood there, feeling like electricity was rippling through his body, as this woman began explaining the system.

“When we have group activities, everyone participates as a group. Otherwise it’s free play, but we can’t have everyone in one area or it gets too hard to handle.” She held up a colored clothes pin. “This” she said, “Is a marker of which area you chose for free play. You can change locations every fifteen minutes when the eggtimer goes off. Ok?”

Jason was about to respond when suddenly the door behind him, that he’d forgotten about swung open and another guy about Jason’s age walked into the room followed by Allen. He was wearing a light blue shirt, and his name tag said “Derek”

“Sorry Elody,” Allen said, “The other new one was running late. I gave him the clothes pin spiel as I got him the shirt. I’ll go check on the others, okay?”

“Sure,” Elody smiled. Jason turned slightly to find the boy next to him looking as nervous as he was. That was a relief.

“Okay, so I’ll call everyone together for group activities when its time. And remember our strict policy on the potty- anyone who has an accident wears diapers for the rest of the day.” Jason turned to Derek who was staring quiet intently downward. Jason noticed at that point, the buldge in his pants and realized the last rule was meaningless to him.

The others started coming back from the back, decked out differently now. Three of the guys were wearing dresses, the others jeans and blue t-shirts, although one was a darker blue than the others. Each of them wore nametags, though Jason didn’t bother to read them now.

“Hi everyone!” Elody called out to the others returning. The rustle of diapers seemed to emanate from several of them.

“This is Lisa,” Elody said putting her hand on Jason’s shoulder, “she’s six, and this” Elody said putting her hand on Derek’s shoulder, “is Derek, he’s five.”

“Hi Lisa and Derek” The room called in a vastly out of time and sync reply. Jason had to bite his lip to keep from chuckling.

“Lisa and Derek, these are the other kids, starting from the left (Elody made a gesture to help show which was the left): Katie, she’s 5, Samantha is 4, Amanda is 5, Cody and Frank are 3, and Evan is 7.” Elody smiled at everyone, "Well, the first thing is free play, so everyone should get on a clothes pin.

Jason and Derek were left in the dust as the other six rushed over and quickly grabbed some clothes pins, Evan, Amanda and Katie running to one of the side rooms while Cody, Frank and Katie headed over to the table and grabbed coloring books and crayons.

Jason looked down into the little basket with colored clothes pins, next to it was a legend explaining which section they were for.

“Umm, you want to play together?” Derek asked sheepishly, looked at Jason.

“Sure,” Jason replied. Derek reached around in the basket until he found two of the clips for the block section and handed one to Jason. Jason was kind of glad, he knew blocks weren’t that girly, but he hadn’t gotten to play with them in years.

The two hunkered down around the little table in the block section and looked at the piles of different wooden blocks in the shelf. The tension was palatable.

“What do you… wanna build?” Derek asked quietly.

“I dunno,” Jason replied. He glanced up to see Elody walking around the front room, and then talk to Allen briefly as he headed to watch those that had gone off to the back. Elody walked right over and hunkered down next to Derek and Jason in the block section.

“How are you two doing?” She asked

“Okay,” They responded in sequence.

“You two nervous?” She asked. Jason watched Derek nodding and then realized he himself was also doing so involuntarily. “Well, at least you’re both new right?”

The two nodded again.

“I think” Elody started, placing the blocks on the table, “It’s fun to start with something simple. Maybe a tower?” She put a couple together as Jason and Derek nodded.

The two of them started putting blocks together and Elody smiled as she got up to go check on the others. Jason was able to concentrate on the blocks at first, but couldn’t help having his attention drawn as he saw Elody check one of the boy’s diapers at the table – Jason thought it was Frank, and escort him up and out of the room and into the back.

They’d been making a pretty high tower. The egg timer had already gone off one or two times by now and still Derek and Jason had stayed. Jason was pretty pleased with himself. Even if only he knew it, his pink t-shirt and his little girl panties he’d worn from home felt great.

The air had that scent of baby powder, perfume and hints of dirty diaper which he expected would be nigh impossible to erase completely in a place like this. Everyone was having fun, he felt completely at peace. In that thought, as he sat back, he realized he had to pee. After all, he’d drank quite a lot of coffee on his way here. He knew this was okay, even if it was a little extra. Still, the nature of the place suddenly made him feel a little apprehensive. But, he steeled himself and released his bladder as he started to lean forward, trying to non-chalantly continue building the tower.

Jason saw Derek eyes go like a laser beam to Jason’s crotch as the wet patch appeared on his Khakis. Jason felt the hot pee flooding into his panties and dripping onto the carpet. The warmth, combined with the smells of this room was great.

“You peed your pants?” Derek whispered conspiratorially

“Well, you’re wearing diapers.” Jason shot back.

“You could tell?” Derek replied, looking hurt. Jason hoped it was just Derek’s character.

The egg timer went off again and Elody went to the center of the room. "Okay everyone, time for a group game. Let’s all get the chairs and put them in a circle in the room. Jason watched the other kids come out from the back and start getting a chair for themselves. Derek hesitated for a moment, but then went to get his own chair. Jason was fully aware that standing up would make it obvious what he had done, so he just pretended not to hear and continued making the block toward.

“Lisa,” Elody called, “It’s group game time, you want to play with everyone right?”

“No” Jason replied, almost imperceptibly, not looking up.

Elody walked over to the blocks, looking down at Jason as he sat on the floor. “Oh, honey, you had an accident didn’t you?” She said with a sympathetic tone.

Jason just nodded as Elody took his hand and gently lead him up. The other kids were still forming a circle with the chairs behind them as he saw Allen heading over to the block area with a couple of rags and cleaning solution.

Elody led him to a side room where there were some different toys setup and a changing table on one wall. She got Jason to sit up on the changing table while she removed his socks, the had him stand again while she undid the button on the front of his pants. Elody pulled them down revealing his soaked panties.

“You had to go pretty bad didn’t you?” Elody asked as Jason nodded mutely, “Lisa, honey, if you need to go to the potty just ask us, okay. Now, you know the rules.”

Jason heard the sounds of a game starting in the other room, the others laughing as they played.

“We’ll join them in a second. Did your parent or guardian bring a spare change of clothes for you today?” Elody asked. Jason shook his head. “Then, it’s just the diaper.”

“Nooo” Jason started to whine as Elody pulled off his soaked panties and gently pushed him back onto the changing table. She’d already laid out a diaper there, it had cute symbols on it and looked like a baby diaper. Elody ran over Jason quickly with a baby wipe, cleaning him up, then dusted him with baby powder. “I don’t need diapers” Jason whined

“It’s a rule sweetie,” Elody said, smiling, though she was being as sympathetic as she could. She pulled the diaper up and snuggly fastened the tapes. Jason was now diapered on the changing table. He felt very odd now in just a pink t-shirt and a diaper.

“Let’s go play with the others,” Elody said, “We’re playing duck-duck-goose.”

“But they’ll see my diaper.” Jason whined again, trying in vain to pull the pink shirt down so it would completely cover the diaper to no avail.

“It’s fine Lisa, everybody has accidents sometimes. Most of our charges need diapers.” Elody responded calmly. Jason calmed down and let Elody lead him back into the main room where they grabbed a chair and entered the game. Jason was soon having amazing amounts of fun, even if he was just running around clad in a t-shirt and diaper.

Hours later, the day had seen several diaper changes, (including a messy one), nap time, story time, and even some arts and crafts. It was both exhilarating and tiring. Still, as the clock hit 5:45PM Jason wasn’t sure he was ready to leave yet.

“Alright everyone, time to get ready for going home” Elody said, as the participants went back to the locker room. The two that needed a diaper change got their final one as everyone changed back into street appropriate clothes.

“Here’s your bag,” Allen said, handing Jason the spare underwear and pants he had brought for going home. Jason put took off the diaper, tossing it in the trash as he pulled on fresh undies and pants. It felt weird to be going back to adult life now.

He walked past some of the others, changing out their dresses for street clothes, some of them putting their clothes in lockers that were kept on premises. The all slowly filtered out of the back room and into the shop. It was already late evening and Allen went to the till.

“It was great having everyone today!” He said, “Feel free to shop around for a bit if you want, we close in thirty minutes, and hope to see you all again soon.”

“You too Allen,” one of the guys said gruffly and Allen shot him a thumbs up. Jason realized how weird it was having this brief ability to interact with the caretakers with them not in full character. Elody came out from the back room as well and started talking to one of the others, “Samantha” in the back, about some diaper products.

The was an absolutely wonderful place, in all his years, Jason wouldn’t have expected it to ever exist. Sure, the idea was weird, but the day had been absolutely delightful.

If you live in southern California, or are willing to travel, this story doesn’t have to be fiction visit: for more details.

Re: The Shop

Well, that wasn’t the reaction I hoped for, but let’s discuss.

First, it was a story hoped you enjoyed it but, yes also advertising. Second getting a place together that’s totally devoted to the lifestyle isn’t free. I kid you not, we’ve put crazy work into it and we’re still not ready to open yet. Lease, licenses, inventory, legal, it all costs.

Look at the prices charged for babysitting services -and they expect you to provide the space and supplies. I always dreamed of a place like this so I made it. I’m new to this, but the prices are expensive for short terms because I wanted to encourage more regular visitors. Prices drop dramatically for member or vacation deals.

Anyway, I am sorry that you were offended. I thought it was a cute ad that also provided a decent story. The business is very interested in suggestions, I’m sorry you got such a bad impression though. Seriously, I agree the single 2-hour price is expensive, but the per hour price is less than a third of that if you commit to a membership. And if friend online agree to come in at the same time we do group rates for that.

Re: The Shop


You might be able to get a babysitter for $20 on Craigslist, but probably not a good one, and they wouldn’t have supplies. They would also insist on coming to your house. A lot of us are pretty private and don’t want strangers at our houses. Also, a house wouldnt be naturally condusive to an AB gathering. Leases and devoted space isn’t free. I don’t know why you’re so vindictive against a business who never did anything but provide a decent story (imho). But, despite the fact that we’re run by ABs, and tried to do what we thought was fulfilling a market need and providing a valuable service you go off on us. Even if it is emotional fulfillment, psychiatrists charge for their time, and they provide an important service (albeit sometimes with suspect motives).

Well, I am sorry you feel that way and I hope others will give us more constructive feedback than “shut down and go away.” We have real jobs, otherwise we’d never have been able to afford to try this. Still, I am sorry to have angered you, it was not my intent. I can’t feel bad though about making a place I’ve dreamed of for years.

On a side note, I am the author and its been awhile since I’ve written anything. Was the story okay at least? Comments/ Criticism s about that?

Re: The Shop

Dolphins, seriously, WTF?

“Your “clientele” should not exist. They should all get together and ageplay for free. Why pay $100 an hour when you can do something for free?” (etc)

You’re entitled to your opinion. That’s obvious.

But who the hell are you to tell this guy his business is so incredibly wrong?

Get a real job? Looks to me like he has one, in his own home, doing what he loves. How jealous can you get!?

As for the prices, are you completely ignorant as to how much the rich, of which there are PLENTY where he is, are willing to pay for a chance to get away from their wife, go to a safe, clean place, and indulge their fantasy?

Who are YOU to tell him he can’t do that?

Look, obviously it’d be rainbow-farts-from-unicorns-level lovely if this kind of thing were free. But do YOU Have a fully equipped, adult baby room for your friends use? Probably not. What the hell is stopping this guy from doing it and charging whatever he can get for it?

His market is NOT sweet, totally innocent AB/DL’s who are struggling financially. Those people SHOULD do as you suggest and create their own spaces.

But you know where the rich lawyer who wants to do this is going to go? He sure as hell isn’t going to ask his wife or girlfriend to help him out. He’s going to go to Whetoric’s place.

I just think your reaction is insulting and way, WAY over the top, and from a fellow AB, no less. Just because you are a poor struggling student who wishes he had a like-minded friend with a loving, well equipped nursery for free doesn’t mean that those who’d like brief little ‘recesses’ that they can afford shouldn’t have access to it, just because YOU think it’s somehow wrong.


Re: The Shop

Ouch, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone get shut down quite so hard in my time here before.

I thought the story was very nice and well written. An original piece to some degree as well.

That being said, I was a bit disappointed at the end to realize it was an ad, kinda got a “i’ve been used” sort of feeling.

However, after looking at the site for a minute I was pleased that something like that was in the works. Seems a pleasant idea, and I love that anyone has an opportunity to open something like that up. I think it will “main stream” us a little more, and HOPEFULLY (assuming the normies don’t jump to conclusions as they have a habit of doing) help people to understand whats going on with us.

I’ve had my fill of seeing us on Jerry Springer, and hope that we can progress from “freaks” on an awful show, to something people are more comfortable with seeing. I believe opening a shop that caters to us might put a slightly softer skew on the way we are viewed.

That being said, the prices do reach a little to high for this particular star gazer, and I live in alabama so that would make for quite the punch in the gut if I decided to hop a plane and take a day there.

Gonna have to agree with JustMe as well, those are some mighty strong words to drop on a fellow AB/DL…

Re: The Shop

I think you are out of line here, Dolphins. The OP has the freedom to make a business and charge what he likes. If you don’t think the business should exist, then don’t go and don’t give him money. One hundred dollars an hour does sound steep, but not if you are an employee there forced to change wet and messy adult babies. He also has to pay rent and liability insurance. How do you even insure something like this? I wouldn’t necessarily go for something like this, but it is an alternative to inviting some stranger into your home to babysit you. I don’t need a creeper to can blackmail me because they know where my house is.

For me to have a problem with this place, there would have to be a tax abatement or some other form of corporate welfare propping this up. I have no evidence of that. So go for it, OP.

As for using the story boards to sell stuff, please don’t. Post these things in For Sale. I think zorroabdaddy got asked by Kita to put his promo stories in For Sale.

Re: The Shop


Re: The Shop

I don’t happen to live in Southern California, but if it was local, I could afford an occasional visit and I would be willing to pay for the time (probably not the memberships, admittedly, but it takes all sorts of customers to keep a business going).

I actually really liked the story, and the fact that it turned out to be an ad didn’t bother me at all. In fact, I appreciate that some creativity and effort went into the writing, so that I can get some enjoyment out of the narrative, even if I never visit the business. I wish the OP the best with his business plan.

Dolphins, I’m afraid if you get disappointed in a community because they don’t provide the exact things you want for free, you have a lot of disappointment ahead of you. Caring about the community, by attempting to fill a niche or need that he feels isn’t being adequately provided for, is not mutually exclusive with providing for his own livelihood, or at least covering the costs for what he’s creating. You can decide to help others, say, by starting a tutor service for college students about to flunk out of classes, and it doesn’t mean you’re a money-grubbing jerk just because you ask for $20 a session to cover pizza and gas. You’re certainly entitled to disagree about what the proper rate to charge for a service like this is, but “free” is most likely not the right answer.

Barring use of drugs and alcohol is pretty common for professional mommies, I think, and Southern Cal is one of the places most likely to have a critical mass of ABs able and willing to pay for this service. Plus, it’s his establishment, and you’re welcome to set up some competition (for free, obviously). There’s also an issue of standards; it’s a weird quirk of human psychology, but people perceive a product as more worthwhile when they have to pay something for it. A lamp that’s put out by the curb with a “Free” sign will sit for days, but the same lamp at a yard sale with a $5 sign will sell for something, because people assume that it’s worth something because you’re not giving it away. Likewise, there could be a perception that if you’re okay with me drinking or being high while I’m playing, that suggests you as a caregiver might similarly be indulging, and that lowers my trust element with you as the caregiver or proprietor. I also don’t know if any of my fellow ABs that I’m playing with might be drink or high, and that affects my ability to relax and be my little self. Finally, if this is going to be a business with permits and licenses and everything, no alcohol or drugs may very well be a necessary condition for the required permits. I certainly think there are concerns about the viability of the business model, but I don’t think it justified the kind of personal attack you made over it.

Astra: I don’t think the problem was the criticism of the business, but more the tone that was used to attack both the business and the individual on a personal level, since I don’t think “screw you” and “I hope I offend you” is typical and professional language.

Re: The Shop


Re: The Shop

Well, I’ve been busy as heck, but I’m glad people are having a frank discussion. Here was my take:

I always wanted a place like this to exist since I was fifteen or so. I assure you I’m a bit older now. Anyway, volunteer organizations that don’t take in cash donations are falling apart these days. If you’re expecting ABs to make something like this on their own- they won’t, I waited, they didn’t so I stood up and made what I wished for and hoped other people would enjoy it. Mind you, I’d really like other people’s fantasies to come true- we’ll cater to whatever fantasy we can within reason.

Dolphin, you think we’re doing the daycare to save $$$. We’re doing the daycare because kids usually don’t being with only adults (if you remember you childhood). They want a caregiver in the wings, but they don’t want that to be the focus. I think I, at least, could get way more into it if there were other kids. However, being changed by someone else in diapers breaks the fantasy (been there). Thus, to create the fantasy I built my dream daycare and I do not plan to attend- I can’t, if people get used to me as a caregiver, I’ll break their fantasies if I’m in diapers the next day. I can take some vicarious enjoyment from giving others my fantasy, but can’t I at least be compensated for my time, effort, and substantial risk?

We’ll have a caregiver per approx. five littles, what do you think they do? Very little fun stuff, largely changing diapers constantly and designing group games. It’s a pretty substantial job. Let me say this to you though Dolphin- I would love a world where your way worked. It’d be a better place, but if people can charge me for food- which I need to survive, certainly it’s not unreasonable to charge for a luxury. If you’re complaint is that we’ve priced a substantial portion of ABs out of the market, I asked you to discuss that with me. Maybe we can do something with the pricing points for group stuff if there’s a lot of young ABs in the same boat.

Would you have rather I created a non profit co-op? I can assure you anyone who is business savy enough to run this thing knows how to take a salary from a non profit. I was trying to be upfront. However - I will admit marketing is not my strong suit and I think I stupidly put prices upfront that were the highest. If you looked at Single / 1 hour it was $100 an hour, but membership rates go as low as $35/hour. I lowered the price for people who bought in built and could help guarantee we could pay our bills. I thought that was standard and fair.

Anyway, not saying I’m right or wrong, just wanted you to get a glimpse of my train of thought on this stuff. I had no idea it’d be such a hot button issue.

Re: The Shop

raises hand

And yes, the nursery experience tends to be more one-on-one, but I think there is something to be said for meeting other ABs in a moderated, safe environment, with a caregiver that isn’t also trying to participate and be little. I also think you underestimate the costs of renting spaces for this sort of activity, especially when you’re not sure how often you’ll have clients. Professional mommies have this same issue, which is why many of them also offer BDSM services or split space with someone who does, or they rent space on a session-by-session basis, which gets expensive.

As for the ‘progression’ of the fetish… I think that’s a very personal thing. As I said, I’ve been to a couple full nurseries, including Arizona (which I had to fly to for the weekend), and they were (mostly) amazing experiences. I’ve also done shorter sessions with a Mommy closer to home, and I don’t think it’s impacted my enjoyment of AB stuff by myself. Just because you take a trip to Disney World doesn’t mean that it has to ruin every other theme park or entertainment place for you, and I certainly don’t think it’s fair to blame Disney for creating a great experience if you are one of those people who has to continually escalate your experience in order to enjoy it. I would guess there are at least some ABs out there (again, including me) that could attend someplace like this without it crippling the ability to regress on our own.

Re: The Shop

What is wrong with that? When someone criticized Hank Reardon saying, "People think you only care about making money,
he said, “All I care about IS making money.”

Re: The Shop

Who pays to maintain the park you are walking through? At a public park, presumably taxes pay for maintenance of the park. It is not free. At a private or theme park, tickets pay for the cost of the park maintenance. Neither are free. It cost you something to take advantage of.

Except you have to travel to where the snow is, get permission of the property owner to build a snowman on their land, pay for the materials to build said snow man (scarf, old hat, coal, and buttons. Maybe a pipe.) You might have some of the materials, but you paid something for them when you first bought them.

You missed Valentines Day. Couples spend a crapload of money on each other.

Not only values and ethics, but a grasp on reality as well. Nothing in life is free. From wikipedia “…a person or a society cannot get “something for nothing”. Even if something appears to be free, there is always a cost to the person or to society as a whole, although that cost may be hidden or distributed. For example, as Heinlein has one of his characters point out, a bar offering a free lunch will likely charge more for its drinks.”

I don’t pay to watch football games at a stadium. And I’m never going to. And you know what, I’m the winner because I am not paying $100 for a ticket. That doesn’t make the stadium’s price of a ticket illegitimate. I just don’t want to participate in that market and since it is a free market, I don’t have to. Obama isn’t mandating that I go to and pay for football games or that you buy ABDL service, nor do I think he should. (He did mandate everyone buy health insurance, so I suppose he could mandate we buy those things, since the Constitution means nothing now.)

If anything, the business would help by increasing the velocity of money in the state of California, which the California economy really needs. Having something for sale does make it more accessible to everyone. It’s the best way to efficiently allocate the resources necessary to provide a service like the OP is advertising.

As for the loneliness issue, we have to face it that we are really lonely. Why do people join any type of organization?

Most of them fail. But if a business makes it, don’t you think the owner has earned the money he makes?

It mostly is. Most of us sit alone in our houses using our diapers. Most of us don’t have a partner who roleplays with us. I’m a DL and do all my ABDL activity at home by myself, so this is not the service for me, but it might work for others. I just don’t want to make my ABDL activities public (meaning in front of other people, including ABDLs)

Re: The Shop

I think that you may have the wrong number, the sixth reply on that topic is me ha-ha. the reply that you are looking for is on page 4 #93.

Re: The Shop

Then let me propose you do the same as I’ve been doing to the TG and ABDL topic: Unsubscribe from notifications of new replies if you have them on and just stop reading and replying to it.

Re: The Shop

Sometimes it cost more to buy supplies and build something yourself than to just pay some Chinese kid in a factory to build something for you. I can spend lots of money on wood and tools and it takes a whole day to build whatever you are building.

Also, why do you eat in a restaurant? You can make your own food for free in your kitchen. One is DIY and the other is not. Because money is not the point of doing something yourself.

Either are valid options. You are under no obligation to do one or both.

Re: The Shop

The main thing you’re ignoring is the cost of time. You said you were an econmics student, and thus I would expect you to undersrand the free-rider problem. That is why DIY very rarely happens. Who will organize the get together for free? Who will host? Who pays for cleanup? Who provides supplies? Not only do these functions take time and money, but deciding who will do them takes time. And many intelligent persons don’t want to bear the work for only equal enjoyment, thus they say “if someone else organizes it, I’ll attend”. And you keep saying $100 an hour, that’s the worst price, it goes down to around $35 an hour if you’re willing to come more often so we can make sure to meet our fixed costs. You should host, supply and organize an event before claiming it takes the same time as simply setting up an appointment with us.

Re: The Shop

Wow, this has sure turned into a debate drama here. I didn’t read the whole story because I got bored with it and didn’t know what was going on. Now it appears like it was a bunch of adults pretending to be little kids and those were not real children and they were at a AB place to be watched after.

But AB things are always expensive. Adult baby sitters, adult caregivers, and there are these couple in Arizona that run their own nursery and they charge people to stay there and they be their mommy and daddy and that is also expensive because they charge way too much. And this is also expensive too and even AB clothes and furniture are expensive and adult pacifiers. They cost a lot more than real baby items. I am sure even day cares don’t cost that much either the OP is charging for AB daycare. Even baby sitters don’t cost a lot compared to AB baby sitters. The most I have seen for a baby sitter was 25 bucks an hour an the lowest was 8 bucks an hour.

I wouldn’t want to go to the AB daycare either unless I am willing to pay 75 bucks just to be there for an hour. But if someone wants to use their money to be there, their choice. I don’t think the OP is taking advantage if someone is willing to spend that much.

Re: The Shop


Your claim you have something on the line here, while I have actual money on the line, I’m still not going to push that I am correct. I never said I had a superior business strategy or that this would work. I just said I’d dreamed of it, wanted to share my fantasy and was willing to take a risk to do that. You can bad mouth me, demonize me, malign my idea, and if that helps your pride, good for you but it doesn’t change the fact that I went into this trying to make a place ABs would love.

I’ll just offer the best service I can, at a reasonable cost which I can drop if enough people are interested to make it viable at a lower price. If it fails, at least I failed doing something I love, which is how me and my partners decided to go into the investment- we were willing to lose it for a dream we cared about.

I don’t know why you dislike me so much, or decided to align your pride with my failure, but you can have the last word from this point forward because you have no idea how busy this is keeping me trying to open in March. I hope you can handle some of that internal anger in more constructive ways in future, and good luck in all your endeavors, regardless of what you say about mine.


Re: The Shop

I don’t see how simply offering a service for a given price restricts the market for that service, or prohibits people from exactly the same kind of DIY activities you’ve suggested elsewhere in this thread. There are sports cars that retail for over $100,000, but that doesn’t restrict automobile travel or ownership to the super rich. My income was right around $30,000 per year when I took my trip to Phoenix for the weekend, but I had the opportunity to work some overtime and saved up, and it was a major trip, not something I did frequently. I rather assumed the target market for this business was people that were relatively local, within a couple hours driving distance at most. As I said before, SoCal is one of the places where there might be a large enough concentration to have enough casual visitors to make things work, in addition to a smaller number of loyal regulars.

Again, he’s not depriving you of anything. Are you suddenly unable to do the same regressive activities you’ve always enjoyed in your home in Illinois, just because of the knowledge this service exists somewhere else? Regression might be something deeply rooted in our minds, but being able to indulge in it with other people is a luxury. Not everyone has the opportunity, either because there’s nothing nearby, or because they don’t feel they can risk being found out by their significant other or someone else that knows them. Music might be in your heart, but if you can’t afford to see a big arena concert show, then you find other outlets for it, like donation-only house shows, or smaller, less-well-known artists, or cover bands. It would be nonsensical to accuse Bruce Springsteen of depriving you of your love for rock and roll music because his tickets are too expensive.

Sometimes, the reason one voice in the wilderness doesn’t get any support is because that individual is wrong, not because of any grand conspiracy to silence their opinion or because there are a ton of silent majority who just won’t speak up. You’re certainly entitled to your opinion, just as the rest of us are, and adopting the embattled martyr because no one agreed with your pretty personal and emphatic attack on Whetoric’s business idea and his whole view of the AB community (that it could support a business without betraying whatever the bedrock ideals of ageplay and regression are, according to you) doesn’t do much to persuade me at least that you’re any more right than you were at the beginning of this entire conversation. Frankly, I applaud Whetoric for being as reasonable and willing to engage your points as he has been, after the initial posts of “your idea is bad and you should feel bad, screw you”.