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[pre][/pre]Hello friends, critics, and abdl’s alike ;D this is The Sequel to my last story ‘Her Name is Lea’. I am so glad to have made connection once again with this great forum and all who are still participating within it. This is obviously the first chapter so nothing too wild I hope is expected from it. The pov is placed in third person now since i’ve always been curious as to the writing style of it. As always, comments and critisism are greatly appreciated. Now, onto chapter 1.

The Sequel I

"Come on, one more set. " the man’s voice echoed as he held the sparring pad cautiously in front of him.

The young, green eyed girl sighed to catch her breath.
“do I have to…?”

Her father let off a brief chuckle before returning behind the safety of his hand’s mat.
“just… one more.” he replied still smiling.

The girl groaned as she brought herself back to the ever familiar stance that she had been taught since early childhood.
“God; and I continue to follow through these mindless excercises why…?” she silently thought.
One more moments pause, and she brought herself to punch the padding with tremendous force. The blow was followed by another volley of punches and kicks until the entire 30 second excercise had ended. The girl’s chocolate brown curls had turned wet and dark from the numerous repetitions. She resumed a slow panting as her father took off the sparring pad and laughed.
“I got to admit, that last one kind of hurt.”

“good,” she growled.

“well, I guess we’re done for today.”

His daughter exhaled a heavy sigh of relief.

After setting all the equipment away, the two began to head for the door.
“make sure you get cleaned up before coming to breakfast. Don’t want to be smelling you when I’m eating.” her father teased. The young girl simply rolled her eyes and agreed.
“you know what mom’s making?” she asked as her foot caught the first step on the stairway.

“No clue, but I can bet it’ll be good.” he smiled back.

After casually walking for a number of minutes through the hall that connected off the indoor gym she arrived at her destination. It seemed that as she went to open the door to her room, her own trailing stench came around and caught up with her.
“Oh my God, I’ve got to get out of these clothes!” she silently shrieked.

Picking up a thick towel from her closet, she hastily made her way to the nearest bathroom. She shook the doorknob lightly to assure it’s proper locking and grabbed at her sweat drenched sports bra. It came off without difficulty, but she still worried about the condition of her pants and… Frankly, what was kept beneath them as well.

Slowly but patiently, she slid her feet out of the leg holes on her messy attire to reveal a considerably wet huggies size 8 diaper.
“Now, to just get out of this thing…” she thought to herself. Simply seeing the babyish garment taped over her brought back memories of days long past. When her and her mom and dad would laugh and play together; having so much fun in just each other’s company. She longed for the days that her father would spend singing and making stories for her to hear while her mother would be readying to set a batch of cookies for all of them to enjoy. After a cool bottle of milk to accompany the cookies, the three would curl up together and watch the fireplace as the cold New York winter would pass through the night. If there was any solid reason toward why she never took up toilet training -aside from secretly enjoying the attention of still being treated like a baby- it would have to be because it brought her family closer on a more personal level; she felt atleast. Nevertheless, it was a skill she chose to never delve into, much to her parent’s dissaproval.
Every year passing her seventh birthday, she would be sat down for one of their special “talks” toward whether she wanted to learn to use the potty or not. With a gigglish smile, the young girl would shake her head against the idea. Even after their constant apraisal of how the potty was ‘better’ than diapers, she would not budge. Life would return to the regularity of how it was before and the two parents would only have the option of waiting until next year to see if young Lea would change her mind, once and for all. Lately, they have been less hopeful toward their daughter’s chances of becoming toilet trained, and yet things still seemed okay.

Once the shower had been properly dialed to a comfortable 135 degrees, the young, green eyed girl waited in silence for the heat to arrive. She tested the water under her hand and felt a relaxing sensation fall over her.

A foggy smoke covered the entire glass casing of the shower and the young girl closed her eyes. She focused on a happy memory from the first days of meeting her father more than a decade ago. Although remembering past moments in life came easily, actually picturing them in her head was a different story. A few more futile attempts later, she simply gave up and reopened her eyes.

The warm current of water continued to pound against the girl’s skin as she finished lathering her waves of hair. She allowed herself the pleasure of staying in the shower a little while after all her cleansing rituals had been completed.
After a couple more minutes resting her face under the current, she finally dialed the faucet off and took a grab for her towel. The young girl dried her hair and ran the towel briefly over herself as she prepared to exit the door,and for the safety of her own room. She winced for a moment at the coldness of the woodfloors before continuing her awkward waddle straight through the hall. Without warning, the young girl suddenly found herself floating in the air; being carried by some unknown force. She felt her torso go over a mound of muscle and clothing as a seperate force held her down firmly.

She looked briefly about for the culprit responsible for doing this and groaned at the sight of her father; though it didn’t really surprise her. “I can walk just fine dad; can you let me down now?”

"Stop fussing Lea; We’re almost there. " he snapped back.
With a surprising thud, the young Lea hit her bed, butt first.

She crossed her arms as her father stood in front of her, chuckling. “You know that wasn’t necessary…”

He drew his hair back carelessly in response. “Old habits die hard, I guess.”

“You could’ve atleast warned me or something; jeez…”
Lea naturally positioned her back to the bed as she awaited for her father’s diapering to commence.

He chuckled once more. “Yeah; maybe.”

It only took another minute before he had all the necessities for his daughter’s changing. Once she was properly centered on the bed, he flicked the towel out from under her and popped the lid on the baby powder. Young Lea felt a happy shiver pass her as the scent of powder wafted the air. Once more, memories of days long past filled her mind. Her father looked at her as he continued applying all along her diapered area and noticed her vacant stare.

Satisfied with the first task, he took the diaper placed next to his daughter and opened it. Lea kept her eyes closed all throughout the rest of her change. With the sound of the first, then the second tape snapping open and shutting around her waist, she finally allowed herself to open her eyes.

“And… Complete!” her father cheered in overexaggeration at his own accomplishment.

Young Lea chuckled softly. “I’m going to go see what mom’s making.”

Whatever attempt she tried at getting up from the bed was immediately halted by her father.
“Whoaa, hold on there; Not before we get a shirt on you, little girl.”

“I was planning on getting one, duh.” she retorted with another attempt to get up.

Her father’s calm blue eyes returned to the dresser as he picked out a quick in home wardrobe for the persistent teen.

“You don’t have to keep babying me like this.” She said half heartedly. Though she hated to admit it, being babied was something she very dearly enjoyed. The ability that an adult had to be so soft and gentle with their child; and for that child to be the very center of her parent’s lives was just another quality of being babied that she loved to think about.

She quickly returned her thoughts to what her father was saying.
“…nonetheless you get what im saying… Lea?”

She looked around for a moment before finally gave a weak nod in response.

“Great; alright, let’s go see what your mother is up to.” he said, heading to the door. Confused, Lea looked down at herself to see that she was now wearing a white button down and tan shorts. She Shrugged and followed her father out of the room.

It wasn’t long before the two met a familiar scent of boiled vegetables and eggs. Lea ran past her father and was almost immediately greeted by her mother’s presence. She was calmly setting silverware on the breakfast table when the two entered.
“Morning sweetheart; what’s with the rush?” she chuckled.

Young Lea pulled a chair from under the table and sat down.
“No rush,” she smiled cutely. Her mother shook her head as she focused on the food in the sink. Her father stepped lazily into the kitchen mere moments later.
“mornin’ momma Soel,” he said with a sly attempt at a kiss.

“Come on Marshall; not right now, honey.” she smiled at his affectional ways. With a heavy sigh, the dissapointed husband took a seat next to his daughter.
Young Lea watched as her mother set and seperated the food on it’s each respective plate and brought it over to the table.
“It’s not anything too fancy, but it should be bareable; enjoy!”

“Well, it smells amazing; thanks again hon.” Marshall passed a thankful kiss to his wife’'s cheek. Young Lea did not even notice as the majority of her senses were swamped on the dish in front of her.

Both parents conversed among the stresses of tomorrow’s work and general topics regarding the house. The noise their daughter made at her side would at times stop conversation and they would both glance over to her, who seemed to have some unknown fury against the food by how fiercely she attacked the plate. Marshall couldn’t help but laugh at her barbaric method for eating. With a quick chug of the orange juice from her cup, she released a satisfied belch and noticed her parents staring.
“What?” she asked with a slight tone of worry.

“it’s nothing; really.” her father replied, laughing warmly.
Young Lea looked at the two of them and shrugged it off. She took her plate and utensils to set on the sink.
“Thanks again, mom.” she said as her feet began the trek back to her room.

The curly haired teen played with her fingernails until she felt she neared the end of her journey and was closing in on her room’s entrance. She let herself in and made sure the door had closed just before plopping onto her bed. Her cell phone had not been touched since she woke to do her morning excercises, so she wasn’t all that surprised to find a couple of missed calls and texts on her phone’s screen. The full perspective of time had just hit and she remembered that school was tomorrow. Young Lea sighed at the prospect of having to endure another week of boring teachers and useless lessons.

Getting back up from her bed, she began her own mass text message to friends that would be interested in hanging out.

The day was still early, and she intended on using it.

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Good start :slight_smile:

The only tips I can offer is to space your paragraphs a little more often and always capitalize the first letter in every new bit of dialouge.

And, uhhh… isn’t a 135 degrees really really hot?

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Nice story but…I thought she was autistic?! What happened to that?!

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Lol for air, yes. But for water I’ve read is actually pretty average. Thanks again DA^^

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I think it’s safe to assume that, if nearly a decade has passed since the original, Marshall could afford some really good speech therapy. Beyond that, it was noticed in the first story that human interaction (love) brought Lea out of her shell. It was to the point at the end of the first part where she was almost halfway normal.

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I apologize for having finished this chapter about… A month overdue my original date to post this lol either way, here’s chapter II. This will hopefully set things for the next couple of chapters :slight_smile: thanks again to all readers and commenters!

The Sequel II

After a moment’s pause for the text message to arrive, young Lea’s phone started to wildly vibrate. As it appeared, most of her friends already had plans for the day and couldn’t meet for lunch. Lea brushed her hair back and continued down the list of messages.

Asshereachedhermorerecent messages, something caught her eye.
“Whoa, Christina is available for once? That’s surprising…” she quietly chuckled.

Though her relationship with Christina had always been a close one, it was as if she usually chose her errands over time with her friends. Nonetheless, Lea felt moved to at least ask her, even after countless past rejections.

Once the initial surprise of Christina’s availability had worn off, she took notice of another friend’s compliance to meet up. Brianna, a close friend of Lea’s, replied with colorful excitement in her heavily hearted and smiley’d text message.

From a stranger’s perspective, Brianna could easily be considered Lea’s sister by how much they related to one another. It was no surprise to the green eyed teen that her best friend would agree to hang out. She simply smiled as she read the reply and closed her phone.

With new found excitement, Lea hopped off her bed and headed to her closet’s door. She prepared a mental note on what colors or styles she was in the mood to wear and briefly scanned through her walls of clothing for a match.

As she continued down an aisle of shirts, she noticed a dark brown skirt sticking out of place. She swiped it from the group and contemplated on how it could work into an outfit. It was deep brown color with yellow and red designs lining it’s left side.

A few more seconds of thought later, Lea carefully placed the clothing on her bed and proceeded to look for something to match.

The hunt for her day’s outfit ended when she stumbled upon a similar colored vest and a white tank top. The young teen finished the look off with a pair of Tiffany Martin flats that her father had gotten her only a week ago and a yellow and brown stone necklace.

Lea quickly unclothed herself and noticed that her diaper had gotten considerably saggier and worried whether the skirt was a smart choice or not. She opened her drawer and pulled out a fresh diaper.

The sprint for the bathroom was an akward one, with young Lea feeling a cool breeze pass her where she’d rather not have wished gone. Luckily, it was only her and her semi-nude self that inhabited the halls as she quickly grabbed at the bathroom door’s knob.

She sighed and placed the pink and blue padding on the counter. With experience behind the green eyed teen’s rather vexatious process of changing her own diaper, she turned to open the cabinet behind her holding a canister of her powder, as well as a plentiful supply of baby wipes.

Making quick work of the change, young Lea taped her sides shut and rolled the used diaper up to throw away. She couldn’t help but smile as her hands ran past the soft fabric and designs of her diaper’s front.

Lea skipped back to her room happily as her father took a shocked eye at what his daughter was wearing, or rather not. He cautiously walked up the stairs, into the hall, wondering just what she was doing.
“Lea, uh… are you okay?” he asked, perplexed. The young teen felt an immediate surprise to discover she wasn’t alone anymorebutquicklyturnedto see her father’s confused smile.
“I’m fine, dad. Just getting ready to go out.” she sighed.

“Oh… Alright.” the response seemed to clear his confusion. “and with who exactly?” he now added curiously.

Lea rolled her eyes.
“Brianna and Christina…”

A pause followed.

Lea looked about for a moment before finally adding:“Okaayy…?”

Her father lazily slicked his hair back.
“yeah, yeah; have fun!”
He turned back for living room and Lea heard the TV turn on.

With all other distractions aside, the young teen finally re-dressed herself and began to apply a modest amount of make up around her eyes. She never really liked having a “heavy” or “caked on” look so she mainly stuck to only some blush and mascara.

She smiled at her reflection, only to frown once more at the sight of her short teeth; a personalfeature she dissapproved on herself.

A brief spraying of the perfume on her counter and she slammed her room’s door shut.

Young Lea checked her phone’s time and groaned.
“let’s hope at the very least traffic won’t stall me for too long…”

She frantically searched for her car’s keys in the entrance’s lock box. The fact that her father, as well as her mother, rarely ever bothered to organize the box, letting all the different pieces to mesh and fall in one giant pile didn’t help Lea’s cause whatsoever.

After what seemed like an eternity of searching about, the signature silver, tri pointed star of her Car’s logo finally appeared. She immediately snatched it from the pile and bolted out the door.

Lea took the lock off her side’s door and hopped in her year old SLK-600. Music boomed as the engine of her car rumbled awake underneath the petite burnette.

She felt a chuckle pass her as Rihanna’s “shut up and drive” suddenly shuffled on from her music playlist. With the car now in reverse, Lea quickly checked her rearview mirror and burst out of her driveway.

Noon had brought out a brighter and sunnier settingto the morning’s grave darkness and Lea felt finally, after so many trivial inequities, a quiet peace within her.

Everything along the way to the mall told her that things were going to turn out rather interesting, but even with this prospect in mind, she really couldn’t have imagined just what was this day would unfold.

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Sounds good so far :slight_smile:

Can’t wait for more.

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…I’m still irked by the sudden change from ‘autistic’ to ‘normalcy’. I’ve worked with even high-functioning autistic before. Speech therapy or no, Autism generally means they cannot do ‘normal’ things like drive cars, or function at much higher than a really basic social level.

The sequel is good, but this really, REALLY irks me.

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lol thanks for the comment Casper. I understand where you’re coming from and for now I can at least tell you that that part of her life hasn’t been completely altered. Hopefully by the next chapter or so you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Just a little patience my friend :slight_smile:

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ok! Hope there’s a good explanation, cause every time i read this story alarm bells go off blaring ‘PLOTHOLE PLOTHOLE’ :wink:

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a gripping read for all to read, since you have a ton of details, and you make me smile when you post new stories.

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Heya friends :smiley: this is now the third official addition to The Sequel. This chapter doesn’t go too far, but does explain some things to the valuable readers of this story, as well as “start something”. You’ll know what i mean when you read the it. Hopefully those with a more… Pickier critisism on the main character will feel better after reading this chapter also:) cough Casper. cough either way, thanks again for reading.

The Sequel III

Lea quickly switched to second gear as her car’s engine continued to push onto the open street. As she neared the mall’s entrance way, her hand changed it back to first and more slowly brought her sights on a comfortable parking space.

With her handbag swung over her shoulder and her car’s alarm securing a locked chirp, Lea walked to the mall’s doors.

She checked her phone’s time to see just what the damage was.
“Only a couple of minutes… Thank God!”
She sighed.

Young Lea marched on through the aisles of stores until she came upon the dividing point of the public domain: the food court. The sheer number of people shopping and interacting didn’t actually take an effect on Lea until she witnessed how many there really were in front of her.

All throughout her life, a personal disorder she was noted with had held her back from her full potential. Though something not immediately recognized with the green eyed teen, she had been medically diagnosed with autism since age three. It was an afliction that carried a heavy burden.

Lea, with countless hours of speech and communication therapy from dozens of individual teachers finally managed to overcome her disorder. This success, was not at all to say have been done without the help of her parents, whom seemed always encouraging her to be the best she could.

It had taken young Lea more than a decade to complete her speech and communication courses but silently, she still felt an overwhelming anxiety and discomfort around strangers. Her parents, once more had to intervene. Marshall and Amber Soel could not watch as their daughter plunged herself into solitude, so they issued a number of of special social engineering sessions for young Lea.

After about a year of the sessions, she managed to pass the program and was declared “cured”.

“Okay; just breathe Lea… Breathe dammit! They’re just people; nothing out of the ordinary there… Focus on finding Christina or Brianna…”

Though the anxiety had severly lessened over time, her inability to communicate to people she’d meet as well as her social akwardness kept it at an uncomfortable high, nonetheless.

She inhaled and exhaled long breaths with each step of hers closing in on the mass of people nearby. Her left arm shook from the anxiety of not seeing her friends. Suddenly, like a saving grace, she heard someone shout her name.
“Leaaaa! Over here!”

She hastily followed the sound of the voice to someone on the other end of the food court, waving their arm about wildly in her direction.

Without a doubt, it had to be Brianna.

Lea continued sprinting past the crowds of people with only her friend in mind. When she finally arrived, she was panting.
“Oh my god, are you okay sweetie?” Brianna laughed with her hand on lea’s shoulder.

The young teen parted her curls back.
“Yeah; I’m good.”

“alright; I don’t want the first thing I see of you to be dying of exhaustion!” she smiled.

Lea laughed.
“Hey, where’s Christy anyway?”

“I’m really not sure… To be honest, I was surprised enough to find out she was willing to hang out!”

“I know what you mean.” Lea sighed and ran her hand quickly through her hair.

“are you sure you’re okay, L?” Brianna again asked.

“just… You know… The nerves…” she muttered embarrassingly.

“Oh My God, I’m so sorry honey! I completely forgot!” Brianna took her arms around Lea’s torso for a brief hug. The green eyed teen felt pathetic for having such weak control. Ironically enough, of all of her less-than-common personal traits, she always felt her anxiety was much worse than her babyish tendencies. Most of her friends had known of both but always felt her anxiety held her back more so.

Lea brought herself off of Brianna.
“It’s okay Bri: thanks, though.”

The two friends stared at one another smiling until Christina’s distant, and but obvious shouts brought them back to reality.

Christina had been fighting against the crowds of people blocking her from getting to where Brianna and Lea stood. After pushing and ruthlessly shouldering those in her way, she dragged herself to where the two girls where.
“Jesus Christ! Could you guys have been standing around any further?!” she fumed.

Brianna and Lea couldn’t help but laugh as the tall blonde continued venting on how hard it was to meet up with them.

“okay; so you done? I wanna get something to eat!”
Brianna tugged at Lea’s arm to follow.

“Oh you guys are great! …leaving me alone… Can’t believe this…”
Christina grumbled as she sat at the first available table.

Brianna took notice of a deli nearby and decided to drag Lea into it in search of a salad.
“I kind of feel bad.” the green eyed teen admitted.

“bad about what?” Brianna replied as she scanned the cold food section.

“I don’t know; ditching Christina just so we could get food?”

Brianna seemed to be totally unaffected by Lea’s words.
“She’ll be fine- Hey do you guys have salad here?!”

Brianna’s sudden turn to the deli employees caught Lea by surprise.

A young male voice in the back shouted moments later.
“One sec!”

With an almost graceful quality, the male figure pushed the back door out, revealing himself to the two girls.

Brianna felt her mouth drop slightly. She turned to Lea, who was busy analyzing the varieties of chips in stock.

An elbow to her ribs brought her attention back up.
“Ow, what was that fo-” Lea immediately stopped at the sight of the boy.

Her legs felt weak and she attempted to hold onto Brianna who was ready to faint in her own right.

“Sorry about the wait. Just had to reset some machine in the back. How can I help you guys?” the brown haired, silver eyed boy asked, smiling.

For a second, both Lea and Brianna only stood and looked at the boy. His hair seemed to be the perfect hybrid between rock and the highest of elegance. His bangs hung slightly over and around his silver gray eyes. In a way, it reminded young Lea of her father, but the way he stood smiling made her not even care.

His teeth couldn’t have been any more organized or clean if someone tried. Almost as if someone had replaced his normal human teeth with white pearls.

Lea and Brianna continued to dumbly stare at the boy’s features for what felt like hours.

“Uh… Are you guys alright?” he waved his hand cautiously in front of him.

Brianna felt herself get red.
“Oh! Y-yes, I was wondering if you had any um…. Salad?” she flirtfully giggled.

He flashed another one of his radiant smiles.
“I’m sure I can find something in the back.”

He turned and made his way to the back room once more.

Brianna whipped her head back to an astonished Lea.
“He… Is… Gorgeous!” she whispered.

Lea was simply left speechless at the boy’s seemingly otherworldly beauty.

It took another minute before the boy calmly returned with a salad in his hand.

Brianna couldn’t even remember why she was in the deli to begin with.

“Your salad,” He smiled.

Brianna looked at the clear package of food and smiled generously.
“Oh right! Thank you very much; mister…George…?” The young teen’s eyes met with the boy’s name tag. She continued smiling though his name seemed to not even compare to how he looked.

The boy laughed.
“Oh sorry, George is my father. I couldn’t find my apron, so I just had to borrow his.” he embarrassingly laughed at Brianna’s misunderstanding.
“I’m Jason.”

“Brianna; nice to meet you!” she beamed as her hand firmly shook his.

Lea had completely lost all track of what was occuring. Her entire focus had been set on the boy’s face and his unbelievable smile!

“Likewise.” He replied and turned to Lea. His eyes pierced through the teen’s very core and she felt paralyzed at his sight.
“And what’s yours?”

His hand was at a comfortable distance for Lea to shake it.

There was a silence in the room.

Lea stared blankly at him; showing almost no intent to revert to normalcy. Brianna was unsure what to do.


An elbow to the ribs this time around proved unaffective.

“Psst! Don’t just stand there…”

“…say something!”

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hehe thanks SV!!! I guess this does make things a bit clearer, especially after reading the Wikipedia article on Temple Grandin ( I guess the high-functioning autistic children i’ve seen/worked with aren’t that high functioning comparatively.

Looking forward to your next instalment!

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Update! :smiley: (smilies are just cool I gotta say :D)

The Sequel IV

Lea heard her friend’s voice interrupt the seemingly time stopping moment she had staring at the boy’s eyes. His mouth moved, but what he was saying was hardly audible. She felt her mind return to reality.

“…say something!” Brianna whispered anxiously to the green eyes teen. Lea turned back to the boy, who still had his hand out but accompanied it now with a raised eyebrow.

Embarrassment flooded her face.
“I-I’m sorry; I-I kinda zoned out…” she quickly turned away from the boy’s hand.

Lea felt like dying right then and there; having made such a fool of herself in front of quite possibly the most gorgeous guy she had ever laid her eyes on.

The boy laughed warmly.
“Hey, don’t worry about it; Happens too often to me in class.”

She smiled timidly back at him.

Although she had definitely made herself seem odd in front of him just then, he was still being nice!

Filled with new hope, young Lea brought her eyes back to the boy, only to be cut off by Brianna.
“Oh really? You a college boy?” she smiled curiously.

“Not exactly; still got a little more time of high school.” he shrugged.

Lea knew that Brianna held a much more social presence compared to her own, but she had to find a way around it in order to have some form of connection with the boy she was so drawn by.


Both continued to talk and talk. Lea stayed silent.
"OhmyGod,Iknowright?"Briannalightly flirted with the young man.

“alright, so if that is all you’re getting your total is $4.35” the register rung in Brianna’s purchases.

“Wow Jason, not even a friendly discount?” she joked.

“Maybe some other time,” he replied chuckling.

After counting the exact amount out, Brianna handed the money to the boy and thanked him once more. Lea saw him prepare to make his departure for the back room and felt a vicious tug to do something.

“I’ll see you around then?” Brianna asked.

“Definetely; it was nice to meet you.” he smiled, turning.

His silver eyes briefly met Lea’s once more.

Lea pulled away from Brianna’s grip and forced something to break away from her shaky voice.
“I-I’m Lea…” she said, on the verge of tears.

The boy was surprised at first, but couldn’t help but smile as he stared at Lea’s glossy eyes.
“I’m Jason; it’s nice to meet you… Too.” he shook Lea’s sweaty hand.

She smiled back at him, feeling an overwhelming sense of happiness to have said something. The two continued staring even after Lea felt her body being dragged away.

“Did I misinterpret ‘Getting food’ to ‘going on a trip to China’?! What took you?” Christina snapped in response to our extremely late return.

“ha, ha. you’re hilarious.” Brianna let go of Lea and quickly sat next to Christina, who seemed to refuse to look above her phone’s screen.
"youknow,thereisareasonwhywetooksolong…"Brianna said coyly.

Christina looked up.
“…care to elaborate?”

Both girls turned to face one another. Lea silently listened as Brianna unfolded all that had occured in the deli, up until now.
“…So we said our goodbyes and then he told me that ‘we’ll definetely see eachother around.’ Holy shit! Yeah, he totally wanted me…”

“Glad to see your humble side shine through…” Christina laughed.

“Eh, whatever; I just don’t have a clue as to why he’s working in a deli when I know he could be fucking modeling those amazing eyes of his.” Brianna popped open her salad and spread the light dressing sloppily.

“Pssh, maybe…”
The tall blonde turned to Lea, who remained silent.

“Lea, you talked to that guy right? What’d you think of him?”

The green eyed teen felt a wave of heat come over her face.

Before she could redeem herself, Brianna shot back a response.
“Oh I know just what she’s thinking… You should’ve seen what a hot mess she was around him! Wea’s just a wittle shy when it comes to boys.” she said with a playful pinching to Lea’s cheek.

“Ugh, that’s not true. You know that’s just around people I’m not familiar with…” she quickly swatted the teen’s hand from her face.

“Come on, I was just kidding around L. It’s okay to have a crush on someone you just spontaneously met.”

“I-I don’t have a crush on him.” Lea replied nervously.

“Why don’t me and you go see him thenif you’re really not that into him?I really actually wanna see what he looks like…” Christina inquired.

Lea thought about the prospect of meeting up with him again, but ended up declining.
“Aw,you’re no fun…” Christina sighed.

“Just go get a soda or something there and you’ll see what he looks like.” Brianna said with another bite in her salad.

Christina smiled at Lea and then to Brianna. She jumped out of her seat, fixed her skirt, and marched to the deli.

After waiting in silence for an akward bit of minutes, Lea spoke up.
“what’s taking her?”

Brianna was busy texting.
“She’s probably flirting with him; if she’s good at anything, its that.”

Christina returned only seconds later.
“That’s Jason!” she said seriously.

“Yeah… We kind of established that already…”

Christina groaned loudly.
“No! You’re not hearing me; Jason! Jason DeMarco? Sound familiar?”
Her voice was surprisingly forceful. Lea was thankful for not jumping into the conversation.

“…Who?” Brianna shot back.

“there once was a boy in our middle school that was infamous for starting complete, random-ass fights with anyone who would look at him the wrong way. He’d even fight teachers! I heard awhile back that was why he left school in 8th grade. Someone finally managed to put him away…”
Christina explained grimly.

There was a silence among the trio.
“you’re kidding…” Brianna spat.

“Swear to god, and get this: last year someone told me he was back in our school!”

“you’re kidding…” Lea echoed.

“UnFuckingBelievable, right? that guy is a monster!”

“…wait…” Lea had a difficult time processing the information.
“if he’s such a ‘monster’ then what was it you guys talked about?”

“Oh!well not much… Uh, we talked about what grades we were in and ourschools… But! But, that’s how I found out about who he really is!”

“But… Did you really see that ‘monster’ when you guys chatted?” Lea moved in closer to Christina.

“Well… I guess, not really… he was kinda nice actually…” Christina shrugged.

Lea felt a wave of relief come over her. “yeah, alright.” she smiled and slumped back in her seat.

The rest of the day droned on. The three girls shopped all afternoon and
Talked of the up and coming senior prom. Lea continued everything just as normally as ever, but truly felt the thought Jason DeMarco at the back of her mind. She wondered how someone like him was never even noticed during her time in high school.

Her thoughts and questions continued on through the night. She could see his eyes and wondered what he thought of her and if what Christina told her was really true. Young Lea changed herself into a dry diaper and warm pj’s.

The blanket rustled against the material of her pajamas. Just before going sleep, she remembered just what tomorrow was.

Lea sighed and dreamt of Jason’s silver eyes.

Re: The Sequel <12-28-09>

haha another interesting update :). So now there’s a love interest… hmm…

Re: The Sequel <12-28-09>

Whoa, didn’t realize how long it’s been since my last update! Either way, the fifth installation of ‘The Sequel’ is set! Enjoy, and comments are always appreciated!!! :3

The Sequel V

Lea felt her twisted body hit the ground in an attempt to reach for the phone’s alarm. The force of her drop managed to wake her up more than her alarm ever had, ironically enough. Nonetheless, she rubbed her eyes and felt the soggy padding between her legs. Waking up early in the morning never came around well for young Lea, especially while having a limited amount of time to ready herself for school. Her opinion wasn’t of much importance though, so she just straightened herself out and jumped into a quick shower.

As the green eyed teen wiggled out of the bathroom, she noticed her mom was already up and having her morning cup of cofee. Taking advantage of the moment, she let out a childish plea.
“Mom, Can you help me?”

The reserved Amber Soel turned in surprise at the sight of her daughter calling out to her. She hardly thought it necessary to point out, but she always felt her daughter favored her husband to her. She knew it was common, and even expected it after knowing her for so long.

The sudden surprise could still be felt, but Lea’s mother felt happy with it. Whatever chance she had to bond with her daughter was always one she welcomed with open arms.
“is something wrong, honey?”

Lea felt embarrassed shouting her dilemma out loud.
“Can you um… help me get ready?” she replied slowly.

Lea’s mother smiled, knowing just what she meant.
“I’ll be up in a sec. Just get everything ready,okay?”

Lea smiled back.

The young teen’s curls slapped against her back as she bolted back to her room as quickly as possible. Lea played a short video game on her phone as she waited for her mom’s arrival.

Luckily, her mother’s word proved to be true, as her footsteps could be heard only moments later.
“Alrighty, let’s get you changed.” Lea’s mother said while setting her cup down.

Precision and expertise guided Amber Soel’s hand as she gently powdered her daughter’s diaper area. Lea struggled to keep a smile from her face as the change continued.
“Hey sweetie, prom’s what- just a couple of weeks away?” Lea’s mother spoke up.

“Mm, more or less.” The green eyed teen replied.

“you excited about it?”

Lea heard the distinct sound of her diaper’s tapes opening.
“I guess; still don’t see what the big deal is though…” she sighed.

“Yeah, I know what you mean…”
Amber took the second tape and pulled it over to the colored center.
“There ya go; All set.” she smiled.

“thanks, mom.”
Lea noticed her mother had a look of distance in her eyes.
“…is everything okay?”

Amber immediately regained composure and chuckled.
“Oh it’s nothing… I just can’t believe this is your last year of high school…”

Her arms were crossed, and her face showed an expression that was usually reserved for the death of a close relative. Her mother’s words just then hit the young green eyed girl.
“Yeah, I guess it is…” she mumbled.

“right then, better hurry getting ready. I’ll be downstairs if you need anything.”
Amber slowly made her way out of her daughter’s room.

Lea held a similar feeling but knew she had to shake it off. She swiped her stereo’s remote from her counter and turned up the first song that would play. The black eyed peas brought a refreshing sense to the room as she headed over to her closet.

Lea knew the weather was decent and she wanted to take full advantage of the sunny morning. A certain pink and white scarf had caught her attention earlier and she knew finding an outfit to match it would look especially refreshing for the Monday she had ahead of herself.

A white and pink striped polo came upon young Lea as she continued her hunt for the remaining pieces of her wardrobe. Her futile search for shorts or a matching skirt ended up eating most of her time, and as dissapointed as the teen was, she ended up settling with a pair of jeans.

The finished product made Lea happy, especially since her pants practically vanished her slight bulge. She hopped over to her vanity mirror and started up on her make up. A small amount of mascara and blush later, the young teen checked her hair. It was still dark from her earlier shower but she figured the sun would dry The rest of it off. She skimmed her accesory box and pulled a small pink bow from it. It clipped comfortably on the side of her hair and she smiled once more.

With her look practically complete, she briefly sprayed her perfume about and took her bag.

Lea was almost at the door when she noticed her mom sitting in the living room. Her cup of coffee was still in her hand.
“Um… I’m off.” the teen spoke up.

Amber smiled back at her daughter.
“okay sweetie, have a nice day.”

Lea felt the need to say something, but decided not to. She closed the door behind her and walked to her car.

The wind’s unexpected force worried young Lea as to how her hair would cope. She ran and opened her car’s door as quickly as possible.
“just my stupid luck….” she mumbled to herself.
She started up her engine and out Blasted the music, full volume.

It wasn’t a long drive to school since the very street that her house was located under followed off and connected onto the road that led straight to her school. Lea hated this more than anything.

The young teen managed a decent parking space and hastily made it to her first period class.
“well hello, little miss tardy!” Evan, the first person to notice Lea, said. The two were what people could specify as “more than acquaintances, but not exactly close friends”. Regardless, they had known eachother since middle school and although they were rarely seen together, Lea enjoyed thinking of him as just another guy friend.

“hey Ev. How was your weekend?” she smiled.

“it was Fucking boooriiiinnng… God, you have no idea how dull an afternoon with your grandma can really be until you experience it!” he groaned.

Lea chuckled.
“that’s kinda sad if your parents still think you need a babysitter for the weekends.”

“yeah right; I was the one babysitting HER!”

“Ohh, that’s what it was…”
The two enjoyed a quick laugh before Evan checked his phone and took on an expression of shock.
“Damn, gotta go right now, L. I’ll talk to you later.” he said as he stuffed his phone back into his pocket.

“okay, talk to you later.”
Lea made it into the room only a few seconds after the bell had rung. She sighed happily as she watched the rest of her classmates file in after her.

“Come on you ingrates; let’s gooo…. We have another fun week of lessons to commence!” Mr. Chiami hollered to the kids near his door.

He continued watching diligently as each of his students entered and sat at their respective seats. When the last seeming person took their spot, he closed the door.
“Great… Well, I do hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and are just as excited for the next upcoming book we’re reading; MacBeth!” he announced.

The news was immediately followed with the loud groans of mostly all of the students in the classroom. Lea alreay felt like sleeping from just hearing her teacher’s surprise.

“Glad to know you’re taking the news so well…” Mr. Chiami sighed.

“for plain formalities sake, we won’t be reading it today atleast… Now then, for attendance!”
The teacher opened up his desk’s attendance screen and read off each person’s name.
“Thomas Simbult?”


“Lea Soel?”


A loud pounding on the door stopped everything. Lea took her gaze from her phone to see what was happening.

“hmm…? Oh, yes! I almost forgot! One sec.” Mr. Chiamo told the figure outside the doorway. He walked to his desk once more and picked up a small package, which he handed to the figure.

“…yeah…. Oh it’s no problem… ….yup, you too.”
He proceeded to close the door shut.

The figure’s silohuette from the blurred windows gave Lea a sense of familiarity toward who it was. At the same time though, the young teen couldn’t match anyone’s actual features to who she saw, which turned out confusing her ever more. The burning question of who he was it who he atleast reminded her of fogged her mind from the remainder of her first period.

Second period came around almost abruptly, and Lea followed the class of people through the door. Chris and Antonio, two childhood friends, noticed young Lea walking to the cafeteria.
“Ayooo! Lea, where you goin’ son?!” yelled Chris.

“Yo Lea, that’s cold, sweetheart!” added Antonio.

Lea turned and gave them both scolding glare. The two boys got to where the teen was and laced their arms around hers. All three strolled into cafeteria entwined as one. Lea sighed as her thoughts of the figure from First period returned.

“whoa, you look depressed, L. We didn’t mean to make ya that mad…” Chris said cautiously.

“No, it’s…. It’s nothing. Forget it.” she mumbled as all three took a seat at the nearest table.

“we’re gonna get something to eat. Want anything?” Antonio now asked.

Lea could tell that although the two were fairly annoying at times, they cared. Both boys had known eachother even before Lea was introduced into the equation, but regardless they watched over her like a sibling. The green eyed teen was glad there were still some decent people left in the world.

A shruggish “Nah” ended the boy’s mild mannered attempts.

“okay, back in a sec.” Antonio and Chris rushed to the growing line for food.

Around two minutes into her game of tetris, young Lea heard a fumbling thud hit her table. It wasn’t necessarily loud, but it did surprise her. She assumed it was just another snobby student and didn’t even bother looking up.

“Um…” a familiar voice spoke up.
“…is someone sitting here by any chance? I’m not one to just barge onto a table…”

Lea’s mind flickered immediately then on everything she had been thinking of up until that moment.

She looked up and felt a wetness spread throughout the bottom of her diaper.

Re: The Sequel <1-11-10>

Like the way the story is progresssing! :slight_smile:

By the way, if a person is more than acquaintance but not exactly a close friend, then isn’t he just an ordinary friend… :slight_smile: hehe

Don’t be discouraged by the lack of response! It generally means a good thing :smiley:

Re: The Sequel <1-11-10>

Good story so far, keep up the good work

Re: The Sequel <12-18-09>

When you said Lea overcame her autism, did you mean she outgrew it and she doesn’t have it anymore?

They did declared her “cured” but if she still has her struggles, I wouldn’t consider it cured. Perhaps they could change her diagnoses from autism to AS. I have heard of that happening. People are diagnosed young with autism and then their diagnoses gets changed to AS later in life.

Re: The Sequel <1-11-10>

Well although her abilities socially have in a great deal improved, she still can’t officially be deemed cured (her own personal demons and whatnot.) hopefully the upcoming Chapters will explain things better :slight_smile: anywho, speaking of chapters I hadn’t actually posted one in such a long time due to my house’s wifi starting to act up. Idk what’s been going on, but I pray things’ll get better :frowning: oh yes, here’s the chapter update! Enjoy!

The Sequel VI

His face couldn’t have been more than a foot away from touching Lea’s. At that distance, she noticed his eyes had a tiny spark of yellow surrounding his pupil while the rest was a misty grey, and with the lighting giving off a very glowy, shiny effect. It was the beautiful color she had ever seen.

“…Is it okay?” he asked again, nervously.

Lea brought herself back.
“Um, yeah sure!” she smiled, biting her lower lip slightly.

He lowered himself onto a seat and sighed.
“thanks; for some reason my so-called-friends decided to give my seat to some girl they just met…” he laughed.

Lea laughed as well and continued smiling, not that she could help herself.

After another pause, he rose his eyebrow to young Lea.
“Hey… Wait, didn’t I meet you before?” his eyes were concentrated on the teen’s face. She looked down embarrassingly.

“Oh… I don’t know… Maybe…?”

“No, I’m pretty sure I recognize you from somewhere…” he pondered.

Lea was unsure as to come clean of their original encounter, or since it wasn’t exactly one of her ‘golden moments’, to even mention it.

The air was still as the teen thought it over for another couple of seconds before finally giving up.
“Heh, its at the tip of my tongue, but I can’t really remember where.”

Lea quietly watched as he continued talking.
“Um, I hope I didn’t scare you with my crazy thoughts or anything,” he chuckled.

“No, it’s alright; I-I know what you mean.” Lea smiled back.

“I don’t know; out of anything, it has to be your eyes that are so familiar.” he noted.

Lea felt her face get hotter.
“As far as I know, nobody in my immediate family or circle of friends have eyes as, to be honest, as pretty as yours.”

Lea was having a difficult time staying calm. She couldn’t believe that he was actually complimenting her! Even more so, he really did remember her from yesterday!
“Oh, um… Thanks!” was all she uttered back. His eyes and his voice became too much for the young teen to bear and she allowed herself to be enraptured by his unprecedented beauty. Things became quiet and dreamy like the day she first laid on eyes on him.

His lips then stopped moving and a look of surprise took the boy’s face. He started up again with a point towards Lea and a gleam in his eye. The young girl returned to reality once more to listen to what he was now saying.
“…'s where you’re from! Now I remember!” he smiled.

“Wait, what do you mean?” asked a confused Lea.

“Oh, do you remember wh-”

“Yooo! sorry my man, but you kinda dogged mah seat there.” Antonio spoke up suddenly.

Both Chris and Antonio took the liberty of seperating Lea from the silver eyed teen.
“Yup! Much bettah, don’t you agree Tony?”

“you know it brotha!” he laughed cynically.

With the majority of the table completely untouched, Lea suggested the two move. Inside, she was fighting with herself to not completely tear off her friend’s heads for acting so wrecklessly in the middle of her conversation.

“Why would we wanna move? This is nice.” Antonio replied smugly.

“Um, hey Lea I just realized I have to… Get this thing from one of my teachers, so I’ll talk to you later, okay?” the silver eyed teen said as he turned for the opposite direction.

“Oh… Okay, talk to you later…” Lea replied sadly.

He smiled back and was quickly out of sight. Young Lea briefly glared at the two boys for their stupidity before coming to a realization:
“He remembered my name!” she mentally squealed.

She turned to the boy’s original spot and was surprised to find a mysterious box staring back at her. She must’ve not noticed it when she was talking to him. The brown package that Lea eyed at soon caught Antonio and Chris’ sights as well.

“Whoa, what the…” Antonio cautiously held the box with both hands, almost as if he were examining a deadly explosive.

Chris joined in the fun and began to viciously rattle whatever was inside.
“Shit, what’s in here dude…?” he asked looking for an opening.

Antonio swiped the box from Chris before he had the chance to answer his own question.
“don’t mess with it, dude! Sounds… Kinda plasticy…” he replied.

Lea jumped to where the two were arguing and swiftly took the package away. She headed in the direction she last Jason leave and hoped some clue around would help her in identifying where he was. The shouts and whines of the two boys rung back as she made her way out of the cafeteria and into the winding hall.

Going by sheer instinct, the teen took a left and headed into the narrow passage way of doors ahead of her. She slowly made her way through the hall, peeking ever so slightly at the opened doors of the classrooms in case the boy might’ve entered for whatever reason.

Young Lea continued searching at practically every other room, losing more and more hope of talking to the silver eyed boy again.

Lea turned to check a upcoming branching hallway when without warning, she ran into someone, package first. The wrapping on it became crumbled and trashed just as it hit the floor in a loud thud. Lea gasped, and quickly retrieved the box from the ground.
“S-Sorry about that…” she softly spoke, still looking down.

“Heh… No, it’s not your fault…” a voice spoke in just as soft a tone.

Lea looked up, eyes widened with surprise. It was him!The Jason kid!

“Ohh man… My luck is just incredible…” he laughed, looking at the battered package.

“Uh-mm… I-I- you had th- y-your box?” Lea asked, still in shock of what had just occured.

The silver eyed teen was visibly upset.
“yeah… That’s mine…”

Lea felt like just putting the box in his hands and running away from the entire situation. Practically every opportunity she’d had to get to know or get close to the boy had been a terrible failure in some way.
“I-I’m so sorry! My stupid friends took it off the table and started playing with it so I took it from them a-and I knew it was yours because I saw you with it so I-I went to look and give it to-”

“Hey listen; don’t worry about it.” He smiled back at a stammering Lea.

She Stopped talking immediately after and watched him. Although she had clearly destroyed his property, he still kept that same bright smile! Nothing about him had changed in terms of body language or presence. He had every right to as far as she was concerned and the fact that he maintained so casual about-well everything- blew her mind away.

She laughed softly and parted her curls back.
“If anything needs repairing, I’ll be glad to pay for it…” Lea finally said.

The silver eyed teen had torn off some of the worn down wrapping and smiled.
“you know, I think just maybe this thing won’t require much heavy duty reconstruction…”

As more and more of the tan colored paper was pulled away, Lea saw and realized what he meant by his response.

“A teacher of mine set these two little exquisites as payment for something I had helped him out with a little while back.” he explained with the packaged cakes firmly placed under his grip.

Even after the abuse from Antonio and Chris’ shaking, as well the many drops and hits it faced, the cakes themselves were still in decent condition. They definitely looked good enough to eat, she thought.

“whew, good thing too. I actually was worried about them when I saw them drop!” he laughed.

“I-I’m just glad I didn’t end up breaking anything valuable of yours.” Lea admitted, smiling back.

He looked at Lea curiously before chuckling and shaking his head lightly. His lips seemed to be begging to express the words at the core of his thoughts.

“Is something wrong?” Lea asked.

“No, no; Its nothing I guess…” he looked away from the teen’s eyes.

Young Lea couldn’t figure out what to say next. She released dissapointing mental sigh and replied with an “Oh”.

She slowly started to walk away when the boy began to what looked like fidget about.
“Um… It was Lea, right?” he spoke up.

“Yeah.” She turned right back around.

“Well, I… just wanna say I really appreciate you bringing in the box.”

Lea laughed. “Sure; it’s no problem.” she started to turn away once more.

Young Lea had honestly not expected him to continue.
“…I mean, these cakes are good and all, but they fill you up too fast, you know? I doubt I’ll be able to finish one of 'em; let alone the second…” he admitted.

There was another pause as the boy inhaled.
“…you could have the other half if you wanted…?” he spat out finally.

Lea couldn’t believe what he had just said. She wondered for almost a full minute if what she heard was really true. Her face gave no hint of an answer for the boy, rather a blank and empty stare as she processed what had occured. She brought herself back to reality and smiled.

“Well, I don’t know…” she teased.

The silver eyed teen took a look of utter rejection.
“Oh… No, I understand… the counting calories thing sure must suck though…” he mumbled.

Of all the things he had previously said, that was probably the most surprising in Lea’s opinion.
“What? You think I count calories?”

He looked back up at her.
“Uh, you must… I’ve never met a girl that looked so fit.”

The green eyed teen’s face felt hot. She wasn’t sure as to how to react.

“No lie.” he smiled back.

Lea stared at him warily, before glancing back at the cakes he still had in his hand.
“I think I will have one, actually!”
She swiped the two from under him and ran to the cafeteria.

“So I’ll take that as a ‘no’ for you counting calories?” he joked.

Lea turned to him, still pacing toward the lunch room.
“I don’t count calories, but I do actually watch what I eat… Sometimes.” she winked.

The two walked back into the cafeteria beaming and laughing amongst eachother. Jason took a spot on an empty table which Lea also sat down on. Both teens conversed on casual topics; school, music, hobbies, ect. Neat the end of the period though, Lea came to realize how much her and Jason really had in common.

She had a question to ask him, but was unsure how to bring it up.
“Hey, can I ask you something?”

Jason took a small bite of his cake.
“Sure, what’s up?”

She really didn’t want to ruin moment, but her mind was aching for an answer!
“I, um… Just heard this Kuh-Ray-zee story! Um, about you from someone I know…”
she bit her lip from saying anything else.

“Crazy you say? Let’s hear it.” he smiled.

Lea felt a trembling sensation once more, but instead of from public embarrassment it was due to her fear of unacceptance. She continued on with her words, regardless.

“Well… I heard a couple of years ago you maybe… Weren’t the ‘nicest’ guy, let’s say… And, you did some less than… Notable actions…? Toooo… Other people…?”

Lea saw as the once brilliant smile died from his face. He slicked back his hair and looked at the teen gravely.

For the first time, Lea felt legitimate fear as she stared into his eyes.

“Who told you that?” Jason spoke.

She attempted to scrap up some excuse for having such knowledge.
“I-Um-a-a couple of friends were t-talking when you came up in a topic…”

The boy still held a look of anger, but was managing to keep it under control.

Lea didn’t wish to place herself as a ‘snitch’; especially against one of her friends!
“I-I’m not sure…” she muttered.

The silver eyed teen continued staring but later stopped to sigh. He rubbed his neck and groaned.
“you have to understand something…” he spoke up, but this time his voice was much softer.

“everything you heard was true…”

Lea looked down at her feet.

“BUT; and let me assure you, this ‘but’ is big!”

Lea felt the tension between the two slowly ease.
“…that I had honest intentions to do everything I did.”

The young teen raised her eyebrow at him.
“what do you mean?”

Jason took a moment to look up at the clock.
“Shit… Let me see your phone.” he said.

Lea quickly pulled it out and handed it to him. After dialing a sequence of numbers, the boy handed it back to her.
“the period’s about to end, so I put my number in your phone; I’ll explain it all in your next class.” he smiled.

Lea nodded shyly and placed the device back into her pocket. Only a second after did the bell ring, signaling the end of second period.

As the hallway time dwindled, and the remainder of the students entered the class, Lea sat silently wondering what he might say in regards towards his infamy.

She felt a buzzing on her back pocket. Lea checked the message, and as she predicted, it was Jason.

What she really didn’t see coming though was the reason and truth behind all that negativity…