The Secret Tree House Part 9

Chapter 9 ( A Friday to Remember)

Brinley woke up around 5 in the morning and decided it would be a good time to change out of her wet diaper and get a dry one on so she could sleep in late again. She didn’t bother waking Abbie up though as she figured she should just let her friend sleep.

Soon she was back in bed with a dry diaper taped on as best as she could and figured she wouldn’t wake up again until it was around noon or she peed again. Brinley woke up around 6 am though and could hear Abbie’s little brother Dylan in the bathroom sounding very sick. Brinley felt something churning in her stomach and realized immediately that this diaper was going to come off dry because she was not going to be pooping in a diaper.

She waddled past the bathroom and could hear Abbie’s mom trying to comfort Dylan as he threw up in the toilet. Brinley headed downstairs to the other bathroom the Taylor’s had and much to her dismay heard the shower running.

Mr. Taylor was up and getting ready for work. At this point Brinley started to panic and waddled back up the stairs. She could still hear Abbie’s mother in the bathroom with Dylan. She frantically made her way back into Abbie’s room and woke her up.

“What the heck Brin??” Abbie asked tired and confused.

“I gotta go potty really bad.” Brinley said desperately.

“So go in the bathroom and take your diaper off and go, we have plenty to last you till you go home.” Abbie said annoyed as she rolled over and tried to go back to sleep.

“I can’t, your brother is in one of the bathrooms, and your dad is in the other.” Brinley continued to whine.

“This may seem a little mean, but I mean it with love, JUST GO IN THE DIAPER THEN!!! you do it every night!” Abbie said settling back into the bed.

“I’ve gotta go poop!” Brinley said desperately.

Abbie was out of the bed in a second and banging on the bathroom door. “Mom tell Dylan to get out, Brinley has to go to the bathroom really bad!!!” Abbie shouted in.

“Abigail Elizabeth Taylor! Your brother is really sick right now, I’m afraid Brinley is going to have to go use the other bathroom.” Abbie’s mother shouted out.

“But mom dad is taking a shower, and you know he won’t be out of the bathroom for like another 20 minutes.” Abbie shouted back in.

“Well Brinley is going to either have to be a really big girl and hold it till Dylan is done throwing up, or she’ll have to go in her diaper, it isn’t like it would be the end of the world” her mother yelled back starting to get annoyed.

“But mom, you don’t understand!!” Abbie started to yell back in.

“Abigail Elizabeth Taylor, if I hear another word you are grounded for the weekend!”

Abbie turned around and saw her friend wide eyed and desperate. She had already taken her pajama bottoms off hoping she could rush in the moment Dylan and his mom came out and rip the diaper off and relieve her bowels in the toilet. Both of her hands were desperately holding her butt and she was dancing desperately.

"Come back in my room and maybe you will be able to hold it in better if you sit down. Abbie said leading Brinley back into her room. “Dylan will be out in a second now that my mom knows you have to go, just hang on for a minute Brin.” Abbie said trying to encourage her friend. \

Brinley couldn’t even make it three feet inside of Abbie’s room however before intense pain took over her abdominal area again. Abbie looked on as she saw her friend desperately clenching her butt cheeks closed and holding her butt as she tried to hold on to her dignity.

Abbie heard a hiss and could see the crotch of Brinley’s diaper turning yellow as Brinley poured all her concentration and strength into not pooping. The pee continued to slowly trickle into her diapers and what Abbie saw seconds later would make her jaw drop almost to the floor.

Brinley squealed loudly as she bent over at the waist clutching her stomach in agony. The moment she took her hands off of her butt she let out a loud fart and poop forced its way out of her butt hole and began filling the back of her diaper.

Brinley squirmed desperately and squealed loudly “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Brinley squirmed and screamed more as the poop reached the back of her diapers and began pile up and then squish and smash outward and spread across her butt all while she continued a steady wetting in the front of her diaper. Tears streamed down Brinley’s face as the last of her poop and pee found its way inside of her diaper.

Brinley stood 3 feet inside of Abbie’s room with the nauseating smell of what she had done filling hers and Abbie’s nostrils.

“Oh my gosh, umm ok.” Abbie said not real sure what to say. She quickly gained her composure. “You are gonna be ok.” She said walking over and wrapping her arms around Brinley in a tight hug. Brinley continued to cry as Abbie tried to console her. “I’m not ever gonna tell anyone about this and in just a few minutes you will be out of that diaper and into the shower.” she said trying to downplay the incident as much as possible.

Abbie thought she was going to pass out, the smell was horrendous!!! She felt sick to her stomach just smelling Brinley’s diaper and she could only imagine what Brinley felt like wearing it.

Brinley finally calmed down enough to speak. “Oh my gosh Abbie I want out this diaper, it’s awful, I can feel it every time I move.” She said as she started to cry again.

"I am so sorry Brinley, I feel so bad for you right now, just try to stay really still and I’m gonna see if one of the bathrooms is open. A moment later Abbie was back in the room again. “Ok mom said Dylan will be out in a second.” Abbie said as she went right back to hugging Brinley dirty diaper and all.

A few seconds later Mrs. Taylor shouted that the bathroom was open. Brinley waddled her way to the bathroom trying as best as she could not to spread the mess. Once they were inside Brinley expected Abbie to leave and shut the door but to her surprise, she locked the door once they were inside. She immediately opened up the cabinet under the sink and got some wet wipes out.

“All right it’s gonna be kinda gross for you but I think this would work best if you lay on the floor” Abbie said motioning with her hand where she wanted Brinley to lay down.

“Abbie, you can’t be serious, I mean you have no idea how nasty this is in here.” Brinley said as her face turned red.

“Trust me I know how nasty it is, I can smell it, and besides it’s not like I’ve never babysat before and changed a dirty diaper.” Abbie said.

“You don’t have to do this, I mean I probably poop quite a bit more than a two year old.” Brinley said still standing where she was.

“I know I don’t have to, but I want to, because it will help you get cleaned up faster, and I want that for you cuz you are my best friend, and I love you.” Abbie said motioning again with her hand to the floor where she expected Brinley to lay.

Brinley lay down and groaned as the poop squished between her butt and the diaper. She prayed that Abbie would not pass out or have second thoughts. In truth when Abbie opened Brinley’s diaper she did have second thoughts, but Brinley never would have known it because Abbie immediately went to work with the wet wipes cleaning her up.

Within a couple minutes Abbie had Brinley completely clean and the diaper folded up and put in a trash bag and tied off to be taken outside. She got a towel for Brinley and told her to take her time in the shower and that she would have breakfast for her when she came down stairs if her stomach was feeling better.

Thirty minutes later Brinley came down the stairs and sat down. She didn’t want to admit it, but after pooping so much she was actually pretty hungry, she had certainly cleared out some room. Abbie had cooked some waffles in the toaster and Brinley devoured three of them. Once they had finished up their breakfast the girls headed upstairs to get dressed for the outdoors.

Last night Abbie’s dad had told her the tree house was now safe for them to go in and that they could go and spend the day up in it if they wanted. They put on sweatshirts and sweat pants, brushed their teeth, got their shoes on and headed back out into the woods.

Abbie turned the dial on the lock to the entrance of the tree house which she and Brinley already knew by heart. They climbed the stairs and went up onto the deck of the structure and were pleasantly surprised to find that the deck furniture her dad had promised later in the summer was already there.

When they opened the door to the cabin they were even more astonished to find the table, chairs, couches, tv, dvd player, refrigerator, microwave and bedding all in place. On the table there was a note.

"Dear Abbie, I came home late the last few nights because I was working on the tree house, I wanted to have it ready for you and Brinley to spend the last couple of nights of spring break in, the power is now hooked up and everything is ready, now it is up to you to make it your own. I hope the two of you have a great day decorating, and will enjoy every minute that you get to spend here together. It is a very special thing to have a really close friend. I love you so much, and you do have to come home for dinner, so that I can see you tonight!!! Love

“Oh my gosh!!! this is awesome!!!” Abbie screamed as she began to unload her bag of decorations she had brought with her.

“No freakin way!!!” Brinley said as she opened up the cabinet and found it stuffed with snacks.

Abbie’s face lit up as she went over to the fridge and opened it. “Party tonight Girl!!!” Abbie said as she pulled out a couple cans of Mountain Dew.

“Party right now!!!” Brinley said as she opened her can and hit it together with Abbie’s as they sat down for the first time on their brand new couches. Abbie and Brinley probably would have been out decorating the tree house until lunch, but they were headed back to the house in a hurry about an hour later as they figured out the one thing the tree house did not have was a bathroom.

“Brinley is not going to do real well up here!!!” Abbie thought as her friend burst into the bathroom half pulling her pants down as she went in. A few second later Abbie heard a sigh of relief, Brinley had barely made it. Abbie wondered when, not if, Brinley would wet her pants before she could get to a toilet in the future.

That evening Abbie’s dad walked the girls out to the tree house. Abbie’s mother was not happy about the girls staying out their alone but Mr. Taylor assured his wife that the cabin door had just as good of a lock as the house door, on top of the fact that they would have to find a way into the gate going up the stairs and also somehow have knowledge the tree house was even there.

Just as an extra precaution he left his cell phone with Abbie and made her promise she would call later that night to let them know they were ok, and that she would leave it on in case she or her parents needed to get a hold of one another. After making the girls promise to keep the cabin door locked all night one last time he left and shut and locked the gate at the entrance as he headed back to the house.

When he got back Mrs. Taylor could see something was bothering him. “What’s wrong, you aren’t worried about the girls being safe are you?” she asked very concerned.

“No that isn’t bothering me, but I just realized a slight flaw in the concept of them staying up there all night, what if they have to go to the bathroom?” he said.

Mrs. Taylor smiled, “Oh they’ll be fine Brinley took her bag with her, and she has at least a dozen diapers left.” Mrs. Taylor said smiling.

“That might be good and fine for her, but what about Abbie?” Mr. Taylor said still confused.

“Like I said, there are at least a dozen of them in there.” Mrs. Taylor said laughing this time.

“You don’t think Abbie would do you?” Mr. Taylor asked.

"I guess we’ll find out when we do or don’t get a phone call from her begging you to come out and bring her home to use the toilet tonight. Mrs. Taylor said.

“If she doesn’t, I’m just going to assume she has the world’s biggest bladder.” Mr. Taylor said picking up the paper and beginning to read it.

“Sometimes ignorance is bliss.” Mrs. Taylor said as she headed into the other room to pour herself a drink.

Once Abbie’s dad left, Abbie and Brinley broke the tree house in properly by talking about which boys they thought were cute and which ones were disgusting. They played cards, drank soda, and laughed and laughed as they talked.

Abbie called her mother shortly before 10pm and the girls settled in on the couches to watch a couple of movies they rented.

“Good choice not renting 'Trapped in a Tree House with the living dead” Brinley said sarcastically to Abbie as they put a comedy in first.

“That’s not a real movie even!!!” Abbie said laughing.

“Yeah well if it was I’m sure you would have tried to rent it!!! You’re lucky I even agreed to come up here with you tonight after what you made me watch last week!” Brinley said.

“I would have tried to rent it, and then you would have started peeing your pants about it, and I would have relented like always!” Abbie said laughing.

“Hmm, seems to me like we watched the one last week!” Brinley said.

“Yeah well that was a complete exception to the norm!” Abbie said.

“You are an exception to the Norm!!!” Brinley said laughing.

“I’ll agree with you there!” Abbie said as they settled in for the movie.

About 10 minutes later, Brinley needed to pee. “DIAPERS!!!” Abbie said pointing playfully to Brinley’s bag.

“Umm I’m not in bed yet, so I’m not wearing one!” Brinley retorted back.

“Yeah well my dad can’t be running out her to shuttle us back and forth for potty breaks, so I’m thinking you are gonna have to put one on and just go!!!” Abbie said laughing.

Brinley grumbled as she opened up her bag and brought the diaper over to Abbie. Abbie paused the movie and put the diaper on Brinley as she had quite a bit lately.

A minute later they were back on their separate couches and Brinley was squirming around desperately trying not to wet the diaper. “Just go already, it’s not like you are gonna hold it for the next 12 hours!!!”.

“Yeah well i’m not exactly used to peeing in my diapers on purpose!” Brinley said continuing to squirm.

“Good grief come over here and let me help you.” Abbie said motioning to Brinley.

“Brinley stared at her for a second, I’m not sure what you are thinking of as help and what I am thinking of as help is going to be the same thing.” She said skeptically.

“Are you going to come over here, or am I coming over there to do things the hard way and tickle you till you have an accident?” Abbie asked threateningly while smiling innocently at the same time.

Brinley walked over towards Abbie.

“Good choice!!!” Abbie said as she moved to one side of the couch and beckoned with her hand for Brinley to sit in between her legs and lean back against her.

Brinley sat down and Abbie told her to lean back, spread her legs apart and relax. Brinley complied and Abbie began to gently stroke Brinley’s hair. She put her other hand gently against Brinley’s diaper and gave it a little rub and whispered "It’s ok, you can pee, I’m not going to make fun of you or tell anyone. Brinley was defenseless against Abbie when she stroked her hair and almost fell asleep she became some relaxed and comfortable. She would have nodded off if it wasn’t for the sudden shock of feeling her bladder empty and the warmth of her pee spread into her diaper.

Abbie could hear a hiss and felt warmth spread into the plastic around her hand as Brinley lost control and began wetting her diapers. Pssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. Brinley’s pee hissed into her diapers as she wet uncontrollably. Abbie left her hand on the warm plastic for a few minutes and continued to stroke Brinley’s hair. "Oh well I might as well change you and get you into another diaper for bed don’t you think? she asked as she continued to stroke Brinley’s hair. Brinley only nodded as she felt herself growing very tired. Brinley was soon diapered for bed, and Abbie finished watching the movies while Brinley quickly nodded off and slept comfortably wrapped up in a blanket with Abbie stroking her hair.

At about 3 am, Brinley woke up to Abbie shaking her desperately.

“What the heck Abs???” Brinley asked confused.

“I’ve gotta go pee really bad!!!” Abbie said dancing.

Brinley processed what she said and then a smile crept across her face. “DIAPERS!!!” she said laughing.

“No you aren’t funny, you need to walk me back to my house!!!” Abbie said desperately.

“Umm first of all your dad said no on that, second of all, you would wet yourself on the way walking through the woods in the dark thinking about the movie we watched last week, third, you can’t call your dad, he can’t be running out here all night to shuttle us back and forth for potty breaks!” Brinley said laughing at how she cleverly stole Abbie’s line.

“No, no, there has to be something else we can do!” Abbie said hopefully.

“Are you gonna get a diaper and bring it to me, or am I going to get a diaper and take it to you???” Brinley said playing off Abbie’s other line.

“ohhhhhhhhhhhh” Abbie whined as she dug into Brinley’s bag and took a diaper out. Brinley pointed to the bed where she wanted Abbie to lay. Abbie pulled her pants down and lay down on the bed. Brinley took the diaper and pulled it up between Abbie’s legs and taped it snugly to her. She pulled her pants up and watched as Abbie danced around desperately holding herself.

“Hey why don’t you let me help you.” Brinley said smiling again at the irony of the situation.

Abbie looked over at her and knew she had it coming and didn’t even argue. She danced her way over and lay down in the bed where Brinley motioned for her to. Brinley lay down in the bed next to her and pulled the covers around them and put her arms around her.

She held Abbie close to her and whispered into her ear. “Relax, it isn’t nearly as bad as you might think it is, it isn’t gross or icky, it’s just warm, and the relief you are gonna feel is amazing, and you don’t need to be embarrassed, because I’m never gonna tell anyone, cuz you are my best friend, and I love you.” Brinley said as she pulled Abbie a little closer.

Brinley felt Abbie’s extremely tense body relax and could hear Abbie sigh relief. After a few minutes Abbie got up and changed out of the wet diaper and got back in bed with Brinley. The two girls snuggled close to one another as it was still a little bit chilly out in the evenings. Both girls knew they had something that no one could place a value on. They had each other as best friends and both felt absolutely confident that life would continue to go on just as wonderful as it had been the past week.

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Re: The Secret Tree House Part 9

Fantastic chapter. You are really doing a wonderful job with the story. I would have to point out that a easy solution to the predicament the girls faced in this chapter would have been a simple bucket they could have used and emptied in the morning. It could have even had a lid to eliminate the smell. I see that I had gotten myself behind so I have several more chapters to look forward to reading. Keep up the wonderful job.